Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 176 — The Beloved Vampire Princess

Chapter 176: The Beloved Vampire Princess

A thunderous roar.

Scattering metal fragments.

Those fragments that rained down in pieces raised metallic sounds while falling on the ground, by that time a groaning voice resounded from a corner of the tiered stand where the throne was on. At the center of the crumbling chalk white stand that was crumbling down with clatters, there was the figure of Hajime buried from his back with his face distorted in pain.

That figure became bloodstained as though the healing by the god water previously was nonexistent, it didn’t stop there, even his artificial left arm became gone and now he looked really tragic just from a glance.

“Guh, gahah”

While vomiting blood by a lot, Hajime tried to aim Donner to the front. The blood dripping down from his forehead entered his eye, dyeing his sight bright red as though the warning of red alert was turned on in his field of vision.

Inside that red field of vision, Ehitorujue who rose up lightly without feeling the gravity was making the gesture of snapping his fingers.

At that moment, a fierce impact hit the right hand holding Donner. Hajime mostly wasn’t feeling pain because his sense of pain was paralyzed when he was blown away by the impact, but he understood what was being done to him. At the corner of his sight, the five fingers of his right hand were bending to the wrong direction because his partner that he should be holding was pulverized into pieces.

The fragments of the broken Donner fell on the ground, at the same time the ‘Treasure Warehouse II’ that Hajime fitted on the middle finger of his right hand was also rolling on the ground *roll roll* with a cute sound that felt out of place. It seemed that the artifact slipped off when his right hand was impacted.

“Splendid, it was splendid, irregular. For your trump card to strike this me, that is worthy of praise. Although, if a question of whether a trump card will always be worthy to be called as a trump card is asked, then the answer can only be no.”


Ehitorujue walked closer with a composed and thin smile. Normally his footsteps wouldn’t make any sound at all, but this time *step step* the footsteps echoed likely like the countdown to Hajime’s death.

Furthermore, a step, each time Ehitorujue advanced by a step, the artificial arm and Donner, and then Schlag that fell on a slightly distant place were wrapped by platinum light. The artifacts of Hajime was shaking *shake shake* in resistance, but before long they became unable to endure and their shape broke down, at the end, they were completely annihilated not even leaving dust behind.

With the artifacts separated from the hand of their master Hajime, if they were continuously bathed in a focused light of destruction then even the countermeasure Hajime applied wouldn’t hold.

“Are you wondering why? Certainly the bullet filled with the concept of ‘godslaying’ gouged my heart, yet why, I can be calm and composed like this. Ku-ku-ku-“


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Ehitorujue watched Hajime with amusement, or perhaps with ridiculing while soaking in joy. Hajime didn’t answer. Perhaps he didn’t even have any leeway left to talk, Hajime only kept leaning on the broken stand limply with his eyes closed. Only his right eye with the eye patch covering it sliding off was slightly opened, but the magic eye stone wasn’t created to obtain normal vision, so in reality Hajime was unable to see Ehitorujue’s expression.

But, without even paying attention to such Hajime, Ehitorujue’s tongue moved smoothly. The unsightly figure of Hajime whose plan to recover from the hopeless situation, to overturn the table with one attack had been crushed, was greatly pleasing for him.

“Indeed, if it was the me of the thousand years ago, perhaps I could possibly be destroyed by that. But, during all that time the secret technique to convert faith into strength to sublimate my soul has been continuing until now you know? Naturally, the status of my existence is also rising up. Something that is only like the concept created by a human at best means nothing against me. Furthermore, right now I have the body of this vampire princess. This flesh body itself becomes the protective wall that protects the soul taking root in it.”


Hajime’s artifacts that scattered at the surrounding were completely annihilated. All the artifacts were thoroughly annihilated with care, including the Schlagen AA and Cross Velts that had been crushed previously, the bullet cartridges, and even the fragments of the grenades.

Undoubtedly Ehitorujue was intending to cut off all the hope of Hajime with thoroughness. Although, Hajime already looked dead already with how he kept lying down without even any twitch but…perhaps this was only a simple entertainment for Ehitorujue without any regard to anything else.

“Although, even I didn’t have the conviction that I will really end up safe from that, so I had no intention to get hit with it. Therefore, the attack just now made me a little uneasy. Truly that is a brilliant achievement, to do something like making a god feel uneasy. You can be proud, irregular.”


*gyarit* Ehitorujue’s foot trod on the ‘Treasure Warehouse II’ that was rolling on the floor. And then, he stepped down forcefully while purposefully making a sound. A beam of light leaked out from the stepped spot. As expected, the artifact was surely annihilated into nothing there.

With this, now the only artifact Hajime possessed was only his magic eye stone. It was unclear what was reflected in the eye of blue crystal peeking out from the faintly opened eyelid. Even though it couldn’t show normal sight, naturally the eye artifact was able to distinguish the existence and the flow of magic power, so Hajime should be able to see how all his partners, the artifacts were annihilated.

However, even in front of that scene, where one of his important thing, and then one more important thing was hinted to be lost, Hajime’s expression was still unmoving. The effect of the god water had gone, his left arm was lost, his right hand was broken, even his internal organs were beaten up so badly, lacerations were carved inside his body, and he couldn’t even twitch his finger, it was unclear whether it was a dying figure or a figure that had given up on everything in despair.

At the very least, what Ehitorujue was seeing was that finally Hajime’s heart had broken, that he had fallen into the abyss of despair. Like a demon whose meaning of existence was making people fall, his expression distorted into a chuckle.

And then, Ehitorujue who had walked before Hajime’s eyes bent his knee in front of him, he matched his gaze to the same height with Hajime’s and suddenly he swept his hand horizontally.


At that moment, a pebble of light star pierced Hajime’s both legs. Hajime’s femurs were pulverized. Wind holes were literally opened there.

One more of Hajime’s power to resist was stolen, then Ehitorujue’s slender and beautiful fingertip softly caressed Hajime’s chin. And then, he lifted Hajime’s head forcibly.

Toward Hajime whose left eye was opened slightly, Ehitorujue smiled composedly and brought his face closer to a kissing distance. And then, toyingly he changed the path of his lips just before it came into contact with Hajime and then he sweetly, repulsively, muddily, and stickily whispered into Hajime’s ear while gluing close to him in half-embracing posture.

“I’ll break everything important to you. Your comrades that stepped into Holy Precincts together with you, your compatriots that continue to resist on the surface, the family of your birthplace, I’ll trample all of them underfoot, toy them, and let them raise agonizing cries.”


Hajime didn’t reply. He was merely staring, straight ahead at somewhere, there was no expression of emotion that could be seen from his body. He was really like an empty shell, as though his heart wasn’t in his body anymore.

Ehitorujue stared at the side face of such Hajime with an expression of ecstasy.

“But, you can rest assured. I will treat only this amazing body of the vampire princess courteously. Because this is my important vessel, I’ll handle it courteously, to every nook and cranny, to my heart’s content, okay?”

His beloved woman was used by another as he pleased. Those words that were really hard to endure…made Hajime reacted. Suddenly his broken right hand moved, that hand reached searchingly toward Ehitorujue, no, toward Yue’s chest.

“…Finally…I found you.”


A small, small whisper. Furthermore it sounded hoarse, that Ehitorujue who was right nearby missed it.

For Ehitorujue, Hajime was already an existence that solely existed to torment. A toy whose every hope had been crushed to nothing. There was no way he could do anything from here on, and so Ehito thought that small whisper was nothing more than Hajime’s last lamentation, or possibly his pitiful cry that called on his beloved who didn’t exist anymore.

Like that, intending to taste the nectar that was the last despair of human, Ehito brought his ear closer to Hajime’s lips.

Hajime slowly opened his mouth. That was originally a chant that he didn’t need to recite anymore. Be that as it may, it was Hajime’s greatest weapon that was his lifeline until now, the word that showed his only talent.


Instantly, Ehitorujue was about to say “what are you” with a scrutinizing suspicious look, but he was unable to do that.

The reason was,

“――Gaah, gahah!?”

Suddenly, countless blade flew out from Ehitorujue’s chest.

Metal blades grew out like a mountain of blade soaked in blood, biting and tearing flesh from inside. That happened not only in Ehito’s chest, but within an instant everywhere on Ehito’s body there were blades flying out, furthermore the metals that were adjoining each other would be glued together using metal fragments from that came from somewhere unknown as an intermediary, restraining Ehitorujue’s body gruesomely.

The strange phenomenon of blades flying out from inside the body caused Ehitorujue’s thought to halt completely for a moment. That was just how shocking this surprise attack was combined with the conviction in his victory.

The blades piercing the body and the sparking crimson metal fragments which came from somewhere were physically obstructing Ehitorujue’s movement together, the sealing stone component that seemed to be included in the metal hindered him from using magic, furthermore the very strangeness itself was halting his thought. The opening that was made from those lasted only for a few seconds.

But, that opening was invaluable. This moment was exactly the timing that Hajime had waited eagerly for, the true critical moment that he was aiming for.


Once more Hajime yelled his own talent.

This magic was merely processing metal, that was all it could do. Right now, at a glance the metal that existed in this place was only the blades that flew out from Ehitorujue’s body, no matter how there was no way this magic could work on an opponent who overcame even the ‘godslaying’.

However, the broken right arm of Hajime――using direct operation of magic power he forcefully moved that broken hand to touch a spot…his own abdomen.

Immediately, crimson spark surged and at the same time blood soaked blade flew out from Hajime’s stomach.


Ehitorujue gazed in astonishment. His astonishment didn’t come from the fact that Hajime was hiding metal lump inside his stomach, or because that lump was now piercing open his own stomach.

He was astonished because he sensed the abnormal presence filling the flying out blade. His spine was having goosebumps, his instinct was ringing the alarm bell noisily. This presence was undoubtedly the same presence like what he felt previously――a presence of concept magic.

In a world of instantaneous moment, Ehitorujue immediately tried to use Heaven Existence. However, the clusters of micro blades stirring up inside his body(blood vessel) obstructed his thinking and magic usage, even his automatic regeneration was slowed down. In addition, the metal shackle that had sewed through both his legs before he noticed prevented him from physically jumping away.

That opening which was exposed for less than a second was enough for Hajime’s blade to reach. It was hard to understand because of all the blood, but the small knife that looked like toy contained god crystal, its transparent blade was clad in a deep crimson light which was thrust toward Ehito…and then, accurately the knife plunged into Ehitorujue’s body.

Instantly the deep crimson magic power swelled up. At the center was Ehitorujue’s body. At the same time Ehitorujue’s scream resounded.


A scream of uneasiness and agony that was impossible to come from merely getting stabbed by a small knife resounded. The blades that came out from inside his body were annihilated by platinum light and the restrain was undid, Ehitorujue then stepped back in staggers while holding his head and his body writhing in agony.

Ehitorujue’s body began to *dokun, dokun!* pulsate.

That was the beacon of the awakening. The yell of determination that original owner of the writhing body was raising.

“Impossible-, the vampire princess should have been annihilated completely!”

Indeed, Ehitorujue had felt the soul vanishing in annihilation. Ehitorujue’s face warped from the torrent of power welling up inside his body trying to push him out while he yelled the question that expressed his bewilderment.

The one who answered that was Hajime. While his body was unable to even wake up, his mouth was showing a fierce smile.

“Yue was a cut above you, that’s all there is to it isn’t that right?”


Ehitorujue guessed from those words. That was to say, Yue’s annihilation was actually a feign that she intentionally showed to him. She feigned using up all of her strength before vanishing, and then she concealed her own soul and lurked at the deepest depth of the body.

She believed that in time help would surely come.

By any chance the scream that Ehitorujue heard might also be Yue’s acting performance.

“But, but-, why-!?”

Ehitorujue writhed, and finally he fell on his knee while holding his head before unconsciously whispering his indescribable question.

To that, Hajime pushed out his hand and he answered while running spark on his hand.

“The bullet of ‘godslaying’ shook your soul and awoke Yue’s soul. The ‘Blade of Blood Pledge’ severed your invading thought and granted strength to Yue.”

“What do you――, don’t tell me-“

Ehitorujue almost leaked out words of bewilderment for a moment there because he didn’t understand what Hajime meant, but he immediately made a shocked expression in understanding.

Hajime who saw that lifted the corner of his mouth further.

Concept magic ‘Godslaying’――that was a magic that exterminated only the soul with divinity without giving any influence at Yue’s body. However, Hajime followed the warning of Miledy who gifted him with that power and didn’t rely on it.

Therefore, he used it only for its special characteristic with the objective of supplementing his true trump card. That was to say the godslaying bullet gave a not small effect to Ehitorujue’s soul even though it didn’t become a lethal damage, which created an opening and woke Yue up, and then it also further gave the opening for Yue herself to wield her strength.

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And then, Hajime’s second blade(the true trump card) separated Ehitorujue and Yue’s soul with certainty. Hajime was faintly opening the magic eye in his right eye was in order to ascertain that. The words “I found you” that he whispered faintly was because he had caught sight of Yue’s soul that lurked in the deepest part of the body.

Artifact Blade of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Rezvie)――that artifact which Hajime hid inside his stomach in round ore shape was enchanted with the concept of [Thy art forbidden to touch(Don’t touch my woman)]. That was to say, this concept magic forbade interference to Yue’s soul and severed the intervention that was already there.

The weakness of this magic was the point where it couldn’t display its true worth if it didn’t directly hit Yue’s soul, because of that Hajime had to make the ‘godslaying’ hit with certainty no matter what, and so he had to go through that much hardships to reach this point…

Anyway, with this Yue’s soul that was completely cut loose from Ehitorujue’s influence was now in a state that was protected by a barrier, and so she could wield her power completely. Furthermore, this Blade of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Rezvie) was intentionally made to have a hollow blade, using capillary phenomenon the blade was filled with a lot of Hajime’s blood.

Yue’s skill――the ‘Blood Pledge Contract’ drastically amplified the effect of blood sucking only from the sole partner that she designated. Using that skill, Hajime directly poured his blood through Blade of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Rezvie) and strengthened Yue’s soul.

“You are saying, you are aiming for this-, right from the start!?”

“If I can overcome you using overwhelming resources, then that’s great. But, what is at stake here is the life of my beloved. Isn’t it obvious that I’m going to prepare two or three tricks for this?”

The power of Yue’s soul was increasing in force second by second. It raged to chase away the foreign contamination from inside herself. This is my body, the only one who can touch it is just Hajime, the soul screamed. The platinum magic power that whirled violently flickered and the color of the radiance was changing to golden, that light was pulsating as though to display its determination and hit Ehitorujue’s soul hard.

Ehitorujue was hallucinating. A pair of eyes slowly opened, and those crimson eyes of the beautiful figure of the vampire princess pierced him. the immense trust toward her beloved partner was dwelling in those eyes, that look eloquently told of how she had been waiting for this moment.

That meant that both Yue and also Hajime had the same feeling. Without using any will communication skill or artifact, they mutually understood what each other would do.

Ehitorujue thought. At that time, although he succeeded in hijacking Yue’s body but he overlooked Hajime and let him gotten away after receiving resistance from Yue. He wondered if since that time by any chance he was dancing above the palm that was the bond of these two.

A tremendous humiliation and indescribable displeasure jarred Ehitorujue’s mind. Ehitorujue then yelled with that raging heart.

“Don’t underestimate me-, vampire princess-. This body is mine! I won’t let any seed of anxiety in the future get left behind! I’ll pinch and crush your soul for sure this time-. Then next it will be you-, irregular! Hahah, in front of my power a concept of just this level will――”

In actuality, even after being stabbed with Blade of Blood Pledge, the conflict between Ehitorujue and Yue’s soul for the leadership of the body was in a stalemate. That was just how immense the soul of god that had been sublimated using the secret technique of faith conversion.


“I thought you’d say that.”

Ehitorujue’s words were cut off by a single sentence, by a light tone as though everything was already within expectation.

“――Wha, t?”

Ehitorujue’s eyes snapped wide open. That wasn’t because his words were cut off.

It was because ahead of his gaze, there was the figure of Hajime still leaning on the tiered platform with his trembling right hand aimed at Ehitorujue.

And then, what was hard to believe for him, what he didn’t want to believe, was that from the bullet clutched by that hand――there was a presence of a new concept magic that was emitted out.

Just from where in the world Hajime took out that bullet from? Looking from how the bullet was soaked in blood, perhaps it was hidden inside his body as expected.

“So, something like that, after this late! You don’t even have artifact!”

Ehitorujue couldn’t move his body from his struggle against Yue’s soul, but even with unease oozing out on his expression he still yelled mockingly.

Indeed, even if Hajime possessed a bullet but without Donner or Schlag then he wouldn’t be able to shot it. Hajime’s legs were drilled through, looking from how those wounds were still not healed yet, he also shouldn’t be able to directly strike it to Ehito.

But, Hajme was only too aware of such thing.

Hajime, for the third time, chanted his greatest magic.


Vivid crimson spread. It was spreading to the surrounding space and gradually the color was changing to thick deep crimson. At the same time, the held out bullet was glittering brightly in the hand clutching it and wind gathered. It was gradually forming a shape of something small.

“…Metal, particle?”

Ehitorujue whispered dumbfoundedly. That whisper was entirely spot on.

“I order to take back Yue with certainty, I estimated that at the very least three stages of a process are necessary. …I told you already. That I swore I’ll certainly take her back.”

“Don’t tell me, in the middle of that fight…then, you also aimed for this since the start…”

Why, in the middle of an instantaneous battle that he was forced to do, Hajime frequently used weapons with time lag like grenades and the like until he used them all up? Why, did the Grim Reapers and Cross Velts would explode everywhere even when they got hit by slashing attack? Just what was the metal that flew out from Ehitorujue’s body?

The answer was this――the metal particle.

The metal particles that were unseen by eyes and floated in the air made by disintegrating metal very finely were filled into all the grenades, Cross Velts, and the Grim Reapers. And then they were exploded and scattered everywhere through the whole area. Among the grenades there were also those that were filled with nothing but metal particles, among the eagle model Grim Reapers there were also individuals that were only scattering particles all the time.

In the middle of that battle, when Hajime judged that he couldn’t overcome Ehito in a battle of resource, he made a Cross Velt to be shot down above Ehitorujue’s head which caused metal particles to be scattered, Ehitorujue sucked in the particles and after Hajime confirmed that he didn’t notice that, Hajime moved on to the second stage of the plan.

That plan was to give Ehito the impression that he was fighting desperately just to make his only trump card the ‘godslaying’ hit Ehito, but in fact he was sprinkling the metal particles that would become his transmutation material to the surrounding, for the sake of attacking and restraining Ehitorujue from inside his body. That was the second stage of the plan.

And then, the reason that the transmutation which should be unusable without touching the target could now transmute by gathering metal from wide range was because of the final derivative skill of transmutation, ‘Convergence Transmutation’. This was one of the two things that Hajime obtained at the same time when he obtained the innermost secret of transmutation, the ‘Imagination Composition’ that Hajime was awakened to at that devil king castle.

The effect of this skill was simple. It would gather the metal at the surrounding and the user could transmute without touching it, that was all. It had a plainness that was fitting for a common job.

But, what would happen if it was used with the metal that was taken inside the body? Ehitorujue’s lung and stomach that had absorbed a lot of the metal floating in the air were surely smeared with metal particles inside.

And then, that restraining using the artificial arm. Even the spikes that flew out from the artificial hand and stabbed Ehitorujue to bind him in place dissolved metal particles and poured it into his body. If those metal particles flowed into the bloodstream and then turned into splinters, it was self-evident that Ehitorujue would be hacked into pieces from inside.

“I got overwhelmed in the battle of resource. You showed me the gap between us at close quarter combat. I used all my trump cards, and went further than that. All of my hands(artifacts) were crushed. That was why…”

――you thought you had win right?

Hajime’s mouth that split like a crescent moon diabolically and his words, proofed that Ehitorujue’s conjecture was correct. Exactly because he was convinced of his victory, exactly because he had endured the trump card and became convinced that there was an overwhelming gap between him and Hajime, that Ehitorujue glued close to Hajime’s body so defenselessly like that. He was convinced of victory and showed an opening.

Having that opening which was actually Hajime’s true aim taken advantage of, and then taught that Hajime had been laying down preparations all the time in the middle of that breathtaking battle, and furthermore witnessing Hajime’s mercilessness of hacking to pieces his body from the inside even though it was the body of his lover regardless of the possession, all of those factors greatly shaken Ehitorujue’s mind with agitation. And what made it unbearable for Ehito was that agitation was then taken advantage of by the vampire princess.

While Ehitorujue was agitated and his mind split to handle Yue’s attack, finally the converged metal particles took shape and became a tiny gun of a single shot. It had really small and simple make that couldn’t be compared at all with Donner or Schlag.

Nevertheless, the bullet that was loaded into it was a lethal fang.

Hajime’s fingers that should be broken were forcefully moved using magic power operation and fixed on the trigger.

Ehitorujue was roaring while annihilating the blades flying out from his body and the metal shackle coiling around his body, while also trying to move his body, possibly he was trying to teleport away. But, immediately the pulsation became a level fiercer and obstructed all of his efforts. Even the automatic regeneration’s activation was stopped completely.

It was as though the pulsation was covering for Hajime’s attack.

Surely, that wasn’t just the imagination.

The blood soaked Hajime, with a fearless grin even now made the gun that looked like a small derringer pistol sparked with deep crimson electricity.

And then,

“I’m having her back. That woman, every single drop of her blood, every single strand of her hair, and even every single piece of her soul, everything is mine.”

The crimson flash pierced Ehitorujue who was screaming with a desperate face.

What was fired was the artifact Bullet of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Bullet). The concept filled in it was [The Knitted Bond Into This Hand(I’m No Good Without You)]――this concept magic made the souls of Yue and Hajime that seek each other to resonance, it explosively strengthened Yue’s soul, at the same time it would forcefully tear off the joining of the foreign substance(soul) rooting inside the body, while at the same time granting horrific agony toward the intruder that felt like the nerves getting directly broiled.


A soundless scream. It was unclear whether in the end it was the scream that Ehitorujue raised, or else the loud scream of fighting spirit that Yue raised.

Right after that, a golden light exploded.

That color was far warmer and more vivid than the platinum radiance of before. It illuminated as though enveloping Hajime, making him feeling hopelessly heartrending. It was the light of his beloved without a doubt.

Right after that, two eyes opened as though awakening from the sleep. The striking rubies caught her beloved straight ahead.

And then, like a flower bud that was blooming proudly in its full glory, or possibly like the sun that showed its face by driving away the dark cloud, she displayed a bewitching smile that emitted glorious radiance.

Yue’s body floated gently.

She was blood-soaked, but such thing did nothing except promoting her glamor instead. With her figure that gave and adult charm, her abundant golden threads fluttering softly, both her hands spread wide open as though in welcome, or possibly it was her desire to welcome, she leaped forward, such figure, just what kind of words in the world that could possibly be used to express it?

Like a goddess――such words felt so hopelessly clichéd for this.

Hajime was merely, with an earnestly affectionate expression, he gently narrowed his eyes while his hand reached slowly in order to grant the wish of his lover.

Yue leaped to there. She dropped her waist above Hajime softly just like silk floss, without letting him felt anything like weight, without stopping her face rubbed on his chest. Her arms that circled around him tiiiiiiightly constrained Hajime, wordlessly, as though she was pleading for the two of them to melt together into one.

Hajime too circled his arm around Yue and embraced her tightly. Thing like the pain at his arm or stomach, was so small like a hair strand compared to the pain of his heart when he was separated from her.

Before long, Yue lifted her face that was buried on his chest. Those eyes were moist in a display of the emotion filling inside her, the breath leaking out from that lovely pink lips was so hot that it felt scalding.

Hajime softly put his hand on the cheek of Yue that was dyed in rose color, while he gifted her with words overflowing with affectionate tone.

“I came to pick you up, my vampire princess.”

“…Nn, I have faith. My demon king-sama.”

Hearing the joking names they called each other with, both of them let out a chuckle smilingly.

The kiss happened naturally. Their lips were merely touching each other, yet it was a gentle kiss that carried their whole feeling. The taste of blood was entertaining. Yue’s small tongue swiped out and licked the clotted blood pasted on Hajime’s lips.

But, at that time, as though trying to tear apart once again the two who were gluing at each other, a tremendous killing intent along with an immense torrent of light assaulted them.

Immediately, Yue turned behind with only her upper body while pushing out her hand. Instantly a barrier of light was deployed.

There, a shockwave that creaked the space along with a bombardment of light crashed.


Yue slightly leaked out her voice. Her eyebrows frowned mightily.

Yue herself was also quite spent after chasing out Ehitorujue’s soul, but this bombardment was filled with a force even more than that that made Yue’s barrier creaked along with the space.

She didn’t have any spare strength to use age of god magic. While Haijme was wounded all over his body and couldn’t move.

Therefore they were determined. With that will, Yue continued to hold up the ‘Holy Severance’, and Hajime leaned close to her. There, words that sounded like curse filled with madness were resounding.

{Kill-, kill-, kill-, I’m going to kill you-, irregularrrr!}

At the other side of the barrier, at the origin of the light bombardment. Over there, a human form made from light itself was floating. At the spot that seemed to be the head of that floating light human form, the mouth was irregularly distorted in an expression of rage.

Even thought that figure was blurred, but they understood well who it was. Even though the voice was different, even with rage coloring the look, that oozing out vulgarity couldn’t possibly be mistaken.

That lump of light was undoubtedly Ehitorujue.

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