Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 177 — Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (The World’s Strongest By Common Job)

Chapter 177: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (The World’s Strongest By Common Job)

*creak, crack* The barrier that Yue deployed was cracking.

The bombardment of light was unceasingly increasing in power in order to annihilate anything and everything.

{This place is Holy Precincts. Despite my body is being only a soul right now, just overwhelming the exhausted you two is not a difficult matter-! I’ll blast away irregular before the eyes of the vampire princess, and then, I’ll plunder that body once more!}

Ehitorujue’s voice echoed through the whole space.

Seeing how Ehitorujue didn’t use both penetrating attacks like the divine sword or divine flame, or space crossing attack like lightning divine spear that used Heaven Existence, the damage from the conflict against Yue’s soul and Bullet of Blood Pledge seemed to make Ehitorujue considerably exhausted.

But, even so the light bombardment was still tremendous. That was surely the original magic power light of Ehitorujue. From a glance, the light was radiant in a display of its divinity. But, it continued endlessly just like a bombardment, loud laughter that contained rage and madness were making the divine aura of the light to end in vain.

{Come, stop your useless resistance and repent. Now that your last hope has been severed, there is already no meaning in anything that you do!}

The light swelled up. The cracks on ‘Holy Severance’ were gradually getting larger.

It seemed that Ehitorujue’s pride was greatly wounded from being done in by Hajime and Yue, to the degree that he didn’t give careful consideration for Yue’s body state with his attack. He was surely thinking that he could just use ‘Automatic Regeneration’ after he repossessed the body. Rather than that, he put more importance in creating a spectacle where Hajime got erased away in front of Yue’s eyes without her being unable to do anything.

It appeared that Ehitorujue was convinced that such tragic future would come true. Hajime who was wounded all over with his two trump cards, the concept magic used up couldn’t possibly have any reserve power anymore, he thought. Even the liberators where they had seven members before could only create three concept magic.

Hajime creating two concept magic could even be said as a miracle due to the strength of his feeling toward Yue.

For that reason,

“It’s the end with this, just who was saying that’s the case huh?”

{Still bluffi――}

Ehitorujue’s words stopped midway.

That was because behind the barrier, he saw the figure of Hajime floating a diabolical smile, his lips splitting widely like a crescent moon. Even though Ehitorujue didn’t have a flesh body, yet that expression made a chill to rush through his body.


“…Nn. Leave it to me.”

The two were on the same page. Even without knowing at all regarding the detail about the card that Hajime had, Yue clearly understood what it was that Hajime wanted just like the back of her own hand. That was why, excessive word was unnecessary. With the resoluteness that this would be the last, Yue roared her magic power and poured strength into ‘Holy Severance’.

Metal particles converged on Hajime’s hand. What he was transmuting was a single bullet. There was nothing special in it at all, it was just a mere bullet.

However, there Hajime gritted his teeth audibly. And then with a ‘puih’ he spat out something, the last concept magic that he crammed and hid in one of his teeth――Reject All Existences(Anything and Everything, Just Disappear)

That concept magic which was thought to be lost together with the breaking down of the chain where it was enchanted in, Hajime somehow managed to use Convergence Transmutation to secure some of it even though he could only gather about the amount of his pinky finger, he then processed it and put it at the back of his teeth beforehand. It was for the sake of this time.

Hajime himself was surprised that the concept still remained when he gathered it even after the chain turned into very small pieces, but surely that showed just how extreme the emotion of emptiness that he felt when Yue was taken away. It was a terrifyingly deep emotion.

To the very end, the Blade of Blood Pledge and the Bullet of Blood Pledge were for the sake of rescuing Yue. Therefore, since the start, the finishing blow was intended to be carried out by this bullet of concept, filled with the pure wish of destruction. The tooth was small, but nevertheless it was emitting a definite presence, using transmutation the bullet was then got coating by it.


“The reason Aruvheit died wasn’t because he was a god. He was merely got dragged into my rampage when I snapped because you all laid your hand on Yue, that’s all. Something like the concept of godslaying, there is no way I can create something like that don’t you think?”

{You, you basta――}

Hajime corrected the misunderstanding that Ehitorujue had.

That whether it was Ehitorujue, or whether it was Aruvheit, Hajime didn’t oppose them because they were ‘god’ that acted tyrannically in this world.

They incurred the wrath of Nagumo Hajime.

That was all there was to it, the reason that Ehitorujue and his conspirators got ruined.

Being informed that implicitly, Ehitorujue lost his words. Because he noticed, that for Hajime, there was not that much difference between him the god and the random monster that attacked Hajime.

Regardless of the overwhelming gap in power between them, but Hajime’s attitude against Ehitorujue was exactly the same like how he treated all the opponents that came to crush him until now. That was, ‘you are the enemy so I’ll kill you’. Truly there was nothing special or anything in how Hajime acted against this god.

{Do, don’t screw, you bastard-}

Ehitorujue talked with babbling words. The humiliation he felt was too great, and not only that, the concept that was now aimed at him was too atrocious, the black purpose that wanted to destroy Hajime right now without delay and his instinct that wanted to run away right now were struggling inside him.

That hesitation became fatal for him.

“This is checkmate, small fry.”

With fearlessly crooked lips, Hajime loaded the bullet he held in his mouth into the derringer pistol, and then he pulled the trigger without hesitation along with some sharp words. The loaded Existence Rejection bullet became a crimson flash that was fired. Yue made the barrier to be able to be passed through with a superb timing, regardless of the bombardment of light, the attack of destruction was annihilating what it touched from the outset.

Although it was too late, Ehitorujue chose the option to evade which displayed his unease but…

“I command under the name of Yue-, ‘Don’t move’!”


After having her body taken over, Yue felt the flow of power inside the body many times over, she watched and listened to its result. For the genius of magic that was counted as a part of the strongest people in a war-torn era when she was merely a ten years old, there was no reason that she would be unable to do that.

Her magic power had already reached the very bottom. But, so what, she scolded her mind that was blacking out with her strength of will, she forcefully twisted her body that was pleading to her that it was the limit and squeezed out magic power, she also circulated the magic power that she was consuming for ‘Holy Severance’ and activated the magic――Divine Statement.

Surely Ehitorujue never thought that his own magic would be used back on him even in his wildest dream. Compared to the Divine Statement that Ehitorujue used, what Yue used was somewhat of a shoddy quality, however, it still splendidly restrained the target.

{I am-, I am the god!! Irregulaaaaaar!!!}

A shriek.

The crimson flash of ruin approached. Even though there was no face, but it was clear to see. Ehitorujue right now was showing an expression of terror. The impossible scene, the unbelievable reality, the sound of his path that he believed, without a doubt, would continue for eternity was crumbling fragilely resounded.

However, no matter how much he was denying reality, no matter how godly he was, even though he yelled how absolute he was…emotionlessly, heartlessly, irrationally, the murderous roar that the monster raised destroyed anything and everything in this world.

That was the reality.


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The crimson flash pierced through the torrent of light, erased the shriek, smashed the gruesome future――and penetrated the mad god’s chests.

Soundlessly, the crimson flash disappeared toward the faraway white space.

The torrent of light dispersed, Ehitorujue trailed his hand on the hole gaping wide open in his chest. And then, he raised a wordless scream while his hands moved as though tearing off his chest, or possibly desperately attempting to plug off the hole, exposing a state that even made anyone felt pity to him.

{aaAA, ridiculous…such thing…impossible}

Although he leaked out words that denied the reality, his body of light was still crumbling with the hole on his chest as the center of the breaking down.

And then, at the end, with one more whisper of “…impossible”, the light humanoid form that was Ehitorujue melted into empty air and vanished.

The radiance of ‘Holy Severance’ melted into the empty air at the same time before Yue limply fell down and sat on the ground femininely.

Hajime slowly lowered down the small gun.

Silence wrapped the area.

Other than the slightly rough breathing of Hajime and Yue, there was no sound at all.

Yue earnestly lifted up her eyelids that were trying to close even now while slowly looking back over her shoulder with a smile.

Toward that, Hajime too returned a smile…it was at that moment,



Hajime’s impatient voice resounded in warning.

To that Yue held her breath, at the same time a weird shrike that sounded unthinkable to come from this world resounded.


At the same time, an invisible violent impact became a storm that attacked the two.

Unable to even resist Yue was sent flying, sending her on Hajime’s chest with her back to him. Haijme immediately circled his hand around Yue and twisted his body, covering her from the shockwave with his own body.

Thunderous sound.

That was the sound of the tiered gallery Hajime was half buried into getting pulverized into small pieces. It was lucky that he wasn’t pressed by the impact onto the chalk white wall, but it didn’t change that the abnormal shockwave was showering on him.

Hajime kept covering Yue in his embrace while he got blown away like a leaf toyed by a storm along with the wreckages of the tiered gallery, he then got bounced on the ground many times before he finally stopped.

“Guh, gahah, Yue-…”

“…Nnh, Ha, jime…”

Hajime called to Yue while vomiting blood everywhere. Yue only got a little damage because Hajime covered for her, but even so she seemed to be injured to the degree that she was unable to properly move.

Both of them linked their hand together and somehow stood up by supporting each other. And then, they observed the surrounding while sweating coldly.

“Oi oi, what the hell is that…”

“Haa haa…looks like…the Holy Precincts itself, get affected.”

Exactly as Yue said, here and there cracks entered the white space, there were also spots that looked twisted like jelly, showing that the space was clearly getting unstable. At the distorted spots, sights of unknown worlds, familiar worlds, and the scene of the surface were projected and disappeared, the sceneries were repeatedly projected and vanished.

And then, the source of the weird shriek and tremendous shockwave was…

“…Actually, the last boss, still has two transformations left…is this something like that? Well, in a sense, this is a normal template though.”

“…Nn. He is, already, just a monster…”

At the place where Hajime and Yue’s gaze were directed, clad in muddy black miasma that was being spouted out from the distorted space, or possibly it was absorbing the miasma, even now the thing that was Ehitorujue was raising a strange shrieking voice.

{uuu, AA, aa-――}

As though getting attracted by that extremely unpleasant groan which rubbed the mind of the listener the wrong way, miasma was gathering endlessly from the distorted space at the surrounding, from inside the miasma they could perceive figures that seemed to be monster or apostle. But, all those figures were being sucked into Ehitorujue without showing any resistance at all while staring blankly into empty air.

And then, there was more unpleasant sound resounding. *beki-, gokyu, gucha, boki-* Just like the sound of bone and bone grinding at each other, or like flesh and flesh crushing each other, graphic sounds were echoing from inside the miasma.

At the same time, intermittent words were spreading with echoes.

――Don’t want…to die-, don’t want, to…di…e

――Why…eno, ugh…you, said…I don’t, understand…don’t, want…to, die-

――Etern, nal……ly…everything…

――Go, d…I, be…come…god, already…ye, t…why…

――Mis…taken, no……such, thing, I, am the…

――O, bey…everything……break…sma, sh…

――Cho…ke, ye…ll…lament…gri, ef…

――Don’t, want…don’t, wanna…di, e-

Those words were an obsession to life, a deep resentment toward others, a childish self-righteousness, a vulgar self-conceit, merely an inexcusable outburst of anger.

But, whether it was the feeling of not wanting to die, or even the feeling of wanting to become alone and destroy anything and everything…it was something that he really didn’t want to acknowledge that he felt disgusted from the bottom of his heart but, Hajime could understand those feelings completely.

His heart changed at the bottom of the abyss thinking that other people were worthless, he pawed on the ground to survive even by slurping blood and flesh. When Yue was stolen, he rampaged wildly and even created a concept that brought about extreme destruction from his empty feeling.

“…That is, by some chance, if I…wasn’t able to meet Yue and others…that――”

Might be me. The lips of Hajime that were going to murmur that were blocked by the slender index finger of Yue.

And then, she silently shook her head and gently denied it with a whispering voice.

“…Hajime is different from that. …Even that thing, surely had people who thought of him, someone that he ought to reach out to, and also someone that reached out to him. The result of not looking back on those, is that.”

Yue’s crimson eyes gently squinted.

“…The path, Hajime has walked until now. That is Hajime’s everything.”

Even when his heart changed, the scream that was raised at the bottom of the abyss reached him. Even while saying that the matter of this world was inconsequential, in the end, he saved a lot of people. The path that he had walked like that stopped Hajime’s rampage.

That was why, even though the two might look similar, but the two of them were completely different.

That was why, Yue said, don’t look down on my Hajime.

She told that. Conveyed that to him.

“…If that’s what Yue said, then that must be so.”


Hajime made a wry smile from basking in sentimentality in the middle of this absolute great crisis of all place, and also from being scolded at this very late hour. Toward such Hajime, Yue also smiled gently.

Even while they were doing that, the thing that was Ehitorujue continued to spout out his selfish emotion that was unbearable to listen on, on the contrary, its soul was absorbing the miasma and the ruins of monsters and apostles with terrific momentum.

Ehitorujue was obviously losing sanity. Thinking from how the space was getting unstable, the cause wasn’t only because of the previous shockwave, obviously the cause was from Ehitorujue’s abnormality. In other words, that meant that the bullet of Existence Denial had certainly granted a lethal damage to Ehitorujue.

Even so he didn’t vanish, in his rejection he took in the miasma and the monsters into himself to compensate for his vanishing existence, this was surely Ehitorujue’s earnest desire of survival and the strength of his obsession for control.

Ehitorujue that could vanish anytime was holding out only with his tenacity, however, Hajime and Yue didn’t have any way to give him the finishing blow.

Their magic power had dried up, they were wounded all over and unable to even stand up properly.

The trump cards that Hajime prepared had been all used up. Hajime could do nothing but smiling bitterly toward that fact. Truly, this world’s difficulty level was a bit too hard to be expressed with the word of fantasy which was packed with dream and hope.

But, at that time, the miasma that was covering the area around Ehitorujue ruptured and blew off.

The thing that was Ehitorujue was still enveloped in whirling black mist, but now his full figure could be seen clearly.

“That is seriously a monster huh.”

“…Nn. Rather that looks pitiful.”

The impression of the two was frank.

What was there was a lump of meat. Flesh, bone, and skin of several races were haphazardly combined with limbs jutting out from the wriggling meat lump. Several tentacles were undulating, looking extremely grotesque. That figure would make people lost their sanity and felt like vomiting just by its appearance.

The thing that was Ehitorujue which was reduced into that meat lump suddenly shrieked.


A storm immediately blew violently. Black miasma whirled, invisible shockwaves that centered on the meat lump blew away the chalk white ground.

The shockwave was emitted radially without any direction, even so it hid a force to the degree that even Hajime and Yue who were already thrown to considerable distance were blown away even further.

Hajime and Yue were blown away while leaking out agonized voice, even then their linked hands didn’t let go no matter what while they struck the ground. Hajime shrugged in exasperation even while his expression distorted from pain and he gave instruction to Yue.

“Yue, suck my blood.”

“…-, but”

“It’s fine.”

Hajime’s words made Yue hesitated. Hajime said that it was fine, but there was no way that was true. He was already bleeding to the degree until one of his feet was already inside the grave, or possibly it had already surpassed even that. The wound on his stomach and also the wounds on both his legs weren’t treated yet or anything. Hajime had tightened his muscles and held back his bleeding, but he was in a state that it wouldn’t be strange for his heart to stop anytime from bleeding too much.

He was holding on to his consciousness, and even now he was wracking his mind in order to survive, to kill his enemy, he was able to do those thanks to his tough body that could be earnestly titled as a monster. Even so his condition was really on the brink. If here Yue sucked his blood, that might really become the finishing blow for him.

At far away, Ehitorujue was raising a roar that shaved on sanity once more. The space fiercely distorted each time with the shockwave destroying the chalk white world. Furthermore, the undulating tentacles could also be seen wandering searching for prey. At this rate, it was clear they would die without doing anything. Even so, Yue was still hesitating, to that Hajime showed her a smile.

That smile, was the bold and fearless smile that always made Yue’s chest to tighten. His canine was bared, his eyes gleamed fiercely, the ally gave immense trust to that smile, and the enemy was granted with a traumatic shudder by that smile, the smile of the demon that made the vampire princess as its slave.

“Didn’t I tell you? This is the template. Do you think, that I didn’t foresee this kind of situation?”


“Indeed, all my trump cards are used up. However, there is still the prepared finished product, see?”

Yue already didn’t have any word. Aa, truly, this person that I loved…was really diabolical. Such feeling throbbed loudly in her chest, Yue leaked out a feverish breath and she nodded briskly.

And then, while she felt the sensation of Hajime’s arm that was embracing her tightly, she put her teeth on his neck. The flowing in blood recovered Yue’s magic power for just slightly――no, at the next moment, a terrific pulsation came. *dokun dokun*, a really slight amount of blood that normally wouldn’t do anything for her was now restoring Yue with a momentum that was far surpassing the effect of ‘Blood Pledge Contract’ or anything else.

The reason for that was one.

――Yue exclusive artifact Nagumo Hajime

Blood that had the effects to sublimate Yue’s ‘Blood Pledge Contract’ by several levels, to make the skill ‘Limit Break’ be possible, and then with the iron content of the blood abundantly bestowed with the ingredient of cheatmate, such blood liquid was flowing inside Hajime’s body.

By assuming a situation where he lost all his artifacts, where the taken back Yue was in exhaustion, and in addition the Bullet of Denial Existence was unable to kill the opponent, Hajime prepared himself to be the exclusive artifact of Yue. Exactly like the naming, this artifact was a secret treasure class artifact that brought about power and recovery which surpassed even the god water limited only for Yue.


Feeling the extremely sweet and burning pleasure from inside her body, Yue unintentionally leaked out a heavy gasp. But as though sensing that recovery of Yue, countless tentacles shot out with a blur from Ehitorujue. The tips of those tentacles were sharp, what they touched would surely get pierced in one attack.

Yue separated her mouth from Hajime’s neck and she directed one of her hands like a shield toward the approaching tentacles. Immediately, the space before her eyes distorted.

The tentacles rushed there.

But, all of them didn’t reach the two. It was because the distorted space swallowed everything. No, more accurately the tentacles were dismissed into another space.

In order to build a reliable defense using little magic power, Yue made use of the unstable space. Yue didn’t have the power to create a gate using space magic from zero that shut out the space, and so, in that case she just needed to create a gate to a different world using the space that was already shaking. If it was only expanding a hole in space that was already open, then it wouldn’t consume that much strength.

After Yue confirmed that the barrier of space dismissal had displayed a reliable effect, she moved her gaze to Hajime once more.

Hajime’s eyes were beginning to lose focus slightly. As expected, his limit was coming just by sucking the slight amount of blood just now. His face was growing pale, even now his consciousness looked like it would fell off anytime along with his eyelids. He was in a state that was barely clinging on consciousness by concentrating on the pain of his wound.

To Yue who was supporting his body, Hajime talked to her with a hoarse voice, nevertheless strength could be felt from that voice without any sign of giving up.

“Yue…you can, recover me…to a certain degree, right?”


“I have…no card left. But…if there, is none――”

“…it just needs to be made.”

Understanding Hajime’s intention, Yue manipulated the space while continuing his sentence. To that Hajime made a faint smile and continued.

“…Destroy, that guy――”

“The concept, will be created right now. But, with only the magic power of me alone, it’s still insufficient.”

“With metamorphosis…magic. Make me――”

“-…subordination. Because there is blood in me”

Hajime grinned widely. This plan that made her wondered just how far he had predicted, and then the great recklessness in it, yet with his tremendous faith to her as the premise of the plan right from the start, made Yue unable to say anything anymore.

“…The material?”

“My, eye.”

Obeying Hajime’s instruction, Yue’s slender fingers were held aloft above Hajime’s right eye, and then, the fingers plunged in all at once. A groan slightly leaked from Hajime, but Yue unhesitatingly pulled out her fingers while her lips tightened into a straight line.

On her palm was a small bluish-white crystal. The magic eye stone.

“Yue…plea, se.”

“…Nn. Leave it to me.”

Like that the rite of metamorphosis began.

In order to obtain the necessary magic power, Yue sucked Hajime’s blood further which weakened him more and more. Hajime looked really frail that it wouldn’t be strange for his heartbeat to stop anytime.

But, the moment Yue’s hand touched Hajime’s chest, fierce heartbeat sound resounded as though an electric shock had just been applied there. *dokun, dokun!* Pulsating heartbeat was increasing in strength second by second.

That was a magic that transformed Hajime into a vampire just like Yue. It had the same principle like how Tio transformed another monster into her underling. If a frail and delicate human that was different from monster was used, normally that human wouldn’t come out of it safely, not to mention if it was a metamorphosis magic that changed a human’s race, the difficulty was of the highest degree.

From how Tio who was an expert of characteristic magic dragonification which had the origin from metamorphosis magic needed the black slave whip for assisting her success, it was clear to see just how difficult this grand magic was. And now Yue who wasn’t particularly skilled at metamorphosis magic was using something like that to a human target without any training beforehand.

Yue was a rare genius, but this magic had the possibility of success existed only because the target was Hajime who possessed inhuman toughness in body and mind. No, surely from the beginning Hajime who proposed this method was convinced that this would succeed. It was because of his trust from the bottom of his heart toward Yue.

The meat lump of Ehitorujue could be felt approaching lumpingly from far away. That was surely the countdown toward their death.

Because Yue split her strength for the metamorphosis magic, her control of the space became lax and several tentacles began to graze their body.

But, even in such an extreme situation, her beloved monstrous partner perfectly responded and bewitched her.

“Yu, e-“

“…Nn. Come here, Hajime.”

Hajime exposed his canine tooth with his pupil dyed crimson like Yue’s, and he bit at Yue’s smooth nape that looked so slender it felt like it would break when touched. And then, Hajime converted the blood into strength using the special trait of the vampire.


Each time Hajime’s throat sounded, a sweet feverish breath escaped Yue’s mouth.

Even though she understood that strength was leaving her body, and even though she understood that now wasn’t the time for that, “more”, yet she was thinking of something like that.

Amidst the resounding sweet gasping voice, Hajime’s magic power was recovering in the proportion of the amount of blood flowing out.

However, Yue thought while feeling impatience.

(Not enough…)

Yes, it wasn’t enough. It really wasn’t enough to create a concept magic no matter what. With an amount of magic power that was even far from enough for Hajime’s complete recovery, it wouldn’t be sufficient to create a concept for finishing off the monster of the Holy Precincts which was getting close to them even now.

The limit of the blood flowing inside her would reach the limit soon. She was also grasping the amount of Hajime’s recovery. At this rate, they would have no other choice than putting a stake of sink or swim with their insufficient magic power. In addition that stake would be one with a considerably bad odd.

“It’s fine. Do you think, that the artifact(me) which is dedicated to you is only at this level?”

Perhaps looking at the impatience displayed on her face, Hajime who separated from Yue’s neck was saying such thing while he leaned forward to plunder Yue’s lips this time. And then, “nnu” Yue’s lip that was leaking small voice was wounded by Hajime’s canine tooth, at the same time, Hajime’s own lip also got cut.

Like that, while they were kissing each other repeatedly, it came.


Magic power swelled up with terrific force.

The magic power that should be a step from drying up burst out from Yue and whirled in gold color. At the same time, a tremendous magic power that was unimaginable coming from the recovery amount just now also burst up from Hajime. With the two as the center, a torrent of magic power climbed as though piercing the heaven, no, it was actually piercing the space of Holy Precincts and pierced toward the heaven with violent blowing.

Golden and crimson entangled with each other, as though expressing the relationship between the two people, they mixed with each other, forming a complete harmony that raged violently.

――Particle style artifact ‘Vow of Entwined Branch’

Hajime’s blood that was turned into an artifact, and the metal particle that Yue took into her body. This metal particle was actually an artifact that activated only when under the prescribed condition. The effect and activation condition of this artifact was, the two who had tied the contract of blood pledge could then convert blood into power in a chain reaction with the two of them turned into artifact for each other and they exchanged blood with each other. The strengthening effect would continue endlessly until they stopped exchanging blood(kissing).


The swelling power, and the happiness of intermingling with her beloved, it caused Yue to moan while her body was trembling. Hajime was also in the same state. The vampire princess in his embrace was so hopelessly lovely that he slightly repeated the blood tasted kiss.

The former shadow of Ehitorujue had arrived until right nearby them. It emitted an immense shockwave along with its tentacles.


Toward that, Yue canceled the distorted space without even directing her eyes there.

She did that because she understood that such thing wasn’t necessary anymore. To display that, the golden and crimson magic power towered high like a protective wall. And then, at the next moment, the magic power released a tremendous shockwave that neutralized all shockwaves from the meat lump. It was the ‘Impact Conversion’ by Hajime.

Even during that time, the two were still gluing earnestly close with each other.

The figure of the Holy Precincts monster that was left alone, to be frank was pitiful.

Unable to forgive that, Ehitorujue increasingly emitted an extremely unpleasant strange sound while unleashing severe attacks.

While repelling all of those with magic power impact, Hajime and Yue who were accompanied by the tremendous magic power that already swelled up to the degree that it might destroy the white space, slowly separated their lips. The silver bridge hanging down between the two looked really captivating.

The sweet atmosphere of the two already far surpassed the territory of being out of place, however, people who could obstruct them didn’t exist anywhere in this world.

Both of them kept hugging, their hands softly overlapped. Between them there was the magic eye stone that was partly made from god crystal, and the tiny gun that Hajime didn’t let go at all even when they were sent flying.

And then, Hajime’s trump card(commonness) was chanted.


Right after that, golden and crimson melted into each other, and light so bright as though a sun was created manifested.

That beautiful and powerful radiance made the Ehitorujue monster to writhe and draw back. It was as though it hated that warm light.

The light was converging.

At its other side, there was the figure of Hajime pushing out his hand toward Ehitorujue with fierce eyes that glared sharply. A small gun was clutched in that hand.

The terrible exhaustion was causing the worn-out right hand to tremble all over, unable to fix the aim. That hand was scooped out from below softly and supported by a graceful hand. It was Yue’s hand.

While snuggling close to each other, both of them readied a single small gun. The running sparks were crimson and golden. The sure-kill bullet that would end everything was buzzing, impatiently waiting to be fired.

What was filled into that bullet was unmistakably a concept magic.


Ehitorujue madly unleashed its tentacles. It instinctually comprehended the mighty power that was aimed at it.

But, there was no way such random attack could go through the golden and crimson the two were clad in, all of those were easily swept away by the impact of magic power.

And then,

“Giving victory to a man with a kiss, that’s really heroine-like huh, Yue.”

“…Nn. Hajime plucking off the victory at the end without fail, is just like a hero.”

Both of them were talking frivolously while aiming the brilliantly shining gun right at the middle of Ehitorujue.

“Well, putting that aside, there is one thing I want to say to that.”


For a moment, both of their eyes met. The fearless smile was floating on their respective face.

The spoken words were the concept of the newborn concept, the words that returned the favor toward the repeated calamities that were wretchedly forced on them. And then, surely, these words also represented the feeling of the people that were toyed around by Ehitorujue in the past.

“ “――The Scattered Pains Right Back Toward You(now you really have done it you sheetty bastard-)” “

Soundlessly, a streak of light cut through the air.

That stabbed right in the middle of Ehitorujue without the slightest deviation.

Concept magic The Scattered Pains Right Back Toward You――this magic returned all the pain and wounds that the target had given to other people until now.

Just like the holy man that was once pierced by a holy spear on the hill of Golgotha, the thing that was once a god spurted out blood in a large amount from the wound opening. Although, the flowing out blood wasn’t something holy like that holy man, but something muddy black which looked sticky and unpleasant.

While the lump of meat was crumbling, the agglutinated mere shadow of Ehitorujue a beat later was,


It raised a hair-rising shriek.

And then at the next moment, flesh and blood exploded to everywhere, silver magic power mixed with muddy black miasma climbed to the sky.

That was undoubtedly the scream of the death agony of the mad god. The repeated inhumanity that it had piled up for a few thousand years, or possibly tens of thousands of years were all returned to its own body. Although it had been reduced to a monster without any reasoning, it surely felt the pain of tens of thousands of years within an instant where even the torment of hell would feel lukewarm in comparison.

The flash that contained a shriek within pulverized the space, and it came out to the familiar dark red space at the other side.

Without any doubt, that must be the last scenery of Ehitorujue, the god of this world.



Hajime and Yue had no word.

They were merely staring at the last light of Ehitorujue that was vanishing toward the empty space that was gradually getting smaller. The gun their hand was holding couldn’t endure the burden and crumble into pieces.

The palms that weren’t holding anything now naturally held each other, their faces looked at each other. The magic power was already dispersing and the area around the two was quiet. Both of them had used up their stamina and magic power and everything else, they supported each other’s body leaning to one another and embraced the other party closely. And then, they smiled softly.

Perhaps because the creator of the place was gone, the white space began to rumble. The unstable space was gradually getting stormy, here and there breaking down was starting. Hajime ascertained the state of the surrounding and themselves and then he opened his mouth with a bitter expression.

“This is, bad. This doesn’t seem, to be the time, for looking…melancholic.”

“…Nn. Hajime, you can stand?”

“…Chih, my legs…not just that, my whole body, cannot move satisfactorily. Yue, you?”

“…Just sitting…take my all”

Both of them looked at each other and smiled wryly. It appeared that the true pinch only came after they consigned the god to oblivion.

“My bad, Yue. …The truth is, after killing Ehito, I planned, to wait for recover…and then used the particles…for creating gate key but…”

“…Nn. Doesn’t seem we will have that much time. There is, not even a drop of blood left to exchange.”

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“Yeah. Besides…the particles themselves, are swallowed…by the unstable space, there is none remaining. At the worst case, I expected to use…the bone of the arm, or the leg…to make one-time use artifact…but…”

The crumbling of Holy Precincts was too fast that they wouldn’t make it in time if they wait for recovery, that caused Hajime’s expression to turn sour as though he had bitten a bitter bug. It wasn’t like he hadn’t imagined it, but Ehitorujue’s excessive obstinacy was to the degree that made Hajime had no extra leeway, that he had to pour all his strength to defeat him. Because of that, the composure to spare some recovery medicine, and also the blood for magic power conversion had run out already.

At the very end, Hajime curse inside his heart to himself “I’m an idiot”, however, there was not even a bit of despair in himself.

“To end…after coming this far…is unacceptable. We are going home, even if we need to crawl-“


They lent each other their shoulder and advanced bit by bit literally by crawling on the crumbling white world. They were walking slowly without any progress, but there wasn’t even a drop of the color of resignation in their eyes.

Even so, the reality was always callous, the crumbling of the surrounding was getting increasingly intense, approaching to swallow them altogether with their determination. Ahead of Hajime’s gaze, there was a veil of light that appeared unnoticed. That was the exit and entrance of this space.

The crumbling was approaching. Death was sneaking near. They desperately advance toward the veil of light.

But, the veil of light collapsed before their eyes.



Witnessing the path of their escape vanishing into sands, a curse leaked out spontaneously from Hajime’s mouth. The hand of Yue that was grasping Hajime’s hand clutched tightly to soothe him that was like that.

“…We are blocked from every direction. What’s left, is only…to gamble.”

“…Nn. Leap into, the crumbling space.”

There was already no other choice but that. Just like what Shia and others almost did, Hajime and Yue would also aim for the scenery of the surface that became visible sometimes and leaped right toward the crumbling space itself in a desperate gamble.

But, no matter how it was unthinkable that they would have future by doing that. It was a mad attempt that wouldn’t even be a gamble. If an example had to be made, it was something like someone who was holding a bomb was trying to skillfully use the explosion so they might be able to be sent flying to far away. Even before thinking about being sent flying, there was no assurance that they wouldn’t be turned into small pieces beforehand.

But, even so they didn’t have the slightest intention to give up.



“I love you.”

“Nn-, me too…I love you.”

With a calm condition that was unthinkable to come from people who were in front of a crumbling space, both of them expressed their feeling to each other. At last, the safe spot also became gone. The crack was also entering into the spot where the two were at.

Like that, *creak* an unpleasant sound resounded below them, both of them resolved themselves and they were going to leap into the space where the surface was visible, it was at that moment

{Choa―――! Appearing at a miraculous timiiing, the beautiful warrior, Miledy Raisen-tan☆ Has arrived! The one who is calling for me is you two isn’t ittt? Isn’t ittt?}

Something came out.

“ “…” “

Hajime and Yue’s eyes turned into dot spontaneously.

However, without paying any mind to such pair, the intruder opened her mouth with jetting up tension.

{What’s with thiiiisss, even though I have come with great pain to save you two from something like a piiinchhh, just where is the reactiooonn. Miledy-chan is going to cry here! I’m going to go hics hics, glance glance you knooow?}


“…Nn. This is certainly Miledy.”

The staggering annoyingness finally lets the two to accept the spectacle in front of their eyes as reality. And then when they looked around, it seemed that the crumbling had been held back before they realized it.

“This is…your doing?”

{Fufun, I guess. Something this much is really easy for the liberator Miledy-chaaannn. Although I say that, it won’t last for more than several minutes though☆}

“…By any chance, you can, escape?”

{But of courseee! I came here after tossing away Rabbit-chan and others to the surface already see☆ What’s left is only you two pyon! As expected, me! What an able woman-! Yes, applause applause!}

The smiley mask was sparkling with some kind of mechanism while saying that kind of thing, putting aside how annoying the words were, the two of them were seriously feeling admiration and gratitude to Miledy. But at the same time, Hajime and Yue also became endlessly vexed.

But, Miledy’s next words broke the half-smiling face of the two.

{Hoi, this is the Degraded Arrow of World Crossing, the last one of it. It’s a defective product that is usable only in this kind of unstable space, but it should be enough for escaping. Next, a healing medicine for service! This should recover you to the degree that you can activate the arrow’s ability pyon! After you two drink that quickly gooo from here! Gooo! Leave the rest to Onee-san okaaayyy☆}

“…And you? You aren’t, going to get out with us?”

Glancing at the thrown Degraded Arrow of World Crossing which Yue caught, Hajime threw his question at Miledy. Because from her speech it was as though Miledy was going to stay behind in this crumbling space.

That guess appeared to be correct.

{Yep, I’m staying hereeee. If this kind of codswallop space is left alone, the surface will also get swallowed and cause a chaining crumbling after all. I’m going to straighten this up.}

“…From how, you speak…it’s like you are going to die here.”

Thanks to the healing medicine, Hajime had recovered to a degree that he could indeed activate the artifact, he then asked with a tone that had turned somewhat smoother.

Miledy answered to that question frankly.

{Yep. My, the plan is for my Super Secret☆Magic to guide the crumbling of Holy Precincts and compress it pon pon. The space is on the verge of breaking down, if this body of mine and my soul are used as a medium to magnify my magic power then it will be enough. That’s why, I’ll end here.}

“Self-sacrifice? That doesn’t suit you. Rather than that――”

Hajime whose nerves were rubbed the wrong way by the resigned speech was going to argue vehemently, but then a blonde beautiful girl around fourteen, fifteen years old appeared overlapping the Miledy-golem. It seemed to be the projection of soul, this must be the original appearance of Miledy.

In contrast with her joking around tone, that girl figure of Miledy was putting an extremely satisfied and also gentle expression toward Hajime and Yue.

{This is juuust self-satisfaction. My promise with my comrades, with my important people――’Let’s destroy the evil god and save the world!’ reaalllly, that sounds like a fairy tale and it looks stupid, but we exchanged that promise seriously, I want to fulfill it, that’s all pyon.}


{At that time, we couldn’t do anything and lost, everyone became scattered, but thinking ‘even so’, we created the great labyrinths…right now, in this time, in this place, is where I’ll use my whole strength for the sake of people, this is exactly the reason that I survive for this long mon.}

Hajime and Yue listened quietly to Miledy’s words that sounded like a monolog. The reason Miledy wanted to do this wasn’t because she wanted to bask in the joy of cheap self-satisfaction, they comprehended that right now in this time, Miledy was going to realize the feeling that she had continued to hold in her heart from so far in the past that they couldn’t even imagine.

Looking at such pair, Miledy narrowed her eyes with even more and more gentleness.

{Thank you, Nagumo Hajime-kun, Yue-chan. For granting our dearest wish. For using our magic correctly.}

“…Nn. Miledy. Your magic is the most useful.”

{Kufufu, naturally! After all it’s me! What I said before was also like that right? ‘As long as you keep being you, you will achieve godslaying without fail’, I said.}

“…’You can just live following your wish. After all, your choice will surely be the best for this world’, you also said that. Was my choice the best for this world?”

{Of course! Presently, after all, that sheetty bastard has been blown away until beyond that world, and I am right here! And then this dreg of a life can be used now for the sake of people following my oath. …Finally, I can head to where everyone is in peace.}

Surely if this was a flesh body than glittering things would be overflowing from the corner of Miledy’s eyes. That was just how intense the flood of emotions that Miledy’s words were filled with, which made them thought that.

{Nooow, both of you. Soon it will be the limit for me to hold back the crumbling pyon. You two need to return back to the place of the people waiting for you. I too, will head toward the place where there are people waiting for me.}

The stagnating space was beginning to rumble once more.

Even while staggering, Hajime and Yue stood up somehow thanks to the healing medicine, the two of them activated the Degraded Arrow of World Crossing that was clutched by Yue’s hand while staring back straight at Miledy.

“…Miledy Raisen. My greatest respect to you. Many months and years have elapsed, yet, there is not a single scratch on that strength of will. That determination is the best article under the heaven beyond any doubt. Oscar Orcus. Naiz Guryuen. Mail Meljine. Laus Vaan. Ryuteris Haltina. Vandour Shune. I will never forget, you and your important people.”

“…Nn. There wasn’t a single thing, of the path of the struggles of you all that was pointless. We will impart it to the next generation, without fail.”

{Both of you…wha, what’s with you twoooo. Like that, I, cannot say anything at all! If you said something like that! Come on, this is really the limit! Just get lost already, get lost!}

Her expression looked embarrassed somehow, and yet it also seemed to be almost overwhelmed with emotion. Miledy faced away with a huff and she waved her hand to shoo them off.

The rumbling was getting fiercer and fiercer, the crumbling was beginning to approach once more.

Hajime and Yue displayed a faint smile at Miledy who wouldn’t meet their eyes while advancing to the edge of the crumbling chalk white surface. And then, they nodded at each other.

“Good bye, protector of the world.”


Saying that the two leaped down toward the crumbling space that looked like an abyss.

Miledy that was left behind sighed “Fuuuu”.

{Protector of the world, is it. Thaaat feels itchy. Saying that at the very end, is just foul. …Should I think of it, like a payback or something.}

While talking to herself, a black whirling sphere was created with her body as the center. While the sphere was sparking with something like black thunder, Miledy quietly lifted her gaze to the center of the black star of calamity.

Before she knew it, there, she could see the figures of her important people that didn’t lose color no matter who many months and years passed.


There was no word that came back. Perhaps this was the revolving lantern before one’s death, or just her hallucinating.

But, such thing was inconsequential.

{What, so you all came to pick me up. Ehehe, then, perhaps I should say it. Finally, I guess I can say it!}

The star of calamity was swallowing anything and everything at the surrounding. Other magic like ‘Severance Calamity’ or whatever couldn’t compare with this. It swallowed everything and pulverized them inside, yes, so to speak this was a black hole.

While the golem artifact which was used as the medium was vanishing without a trace, Miledy’s soul yelled with a voice and expression that were the very picture of innocence.

{Everyoneee, I’m homeee――!!}

At the next moment, the white space was soundlessly annihilated along with all light.

Part 2

The silver angels were falling down to the ground one after another like falling star, the dark red world was rumbling unceasingly, above where the sky should be visible originally, reversed other worlds could be seen wobbling dangerously. Those reversed many worlds could be seen starting to crumble from a glance.

The end of the world.

Such words passed through the brain of the people of the allied force. Even though the apostles who wielded furious might had stopped functioning, but they honestly couldn’t feel happy because of the scream that the world raised which they felt.

“Aa, god…”

Someone whispered so.

In front of the collapse of the world, the sword in their hand felt really tiny. Everyone was merely staring at the shaking above worlds in a daze without being able to do anything else.

At that time, a dignified voice resounded. It wasn’t someone like a god that couldn’t be seen or anything. But it was someone who was right on their side, the ‘Goddess of Harvest’ that had struggled through the line of death together with them――the voice of Hatayama Aiko.

{Everyone, there is no need to despair! That person is over there! Right now, even in this moment, he should be fighting that evil god! The apostles falling, the worlds in the sky breaking, they all are the proof of the evil god’s suffering! That’s why-, let’s pray! For the victory of that person! For the victory of mankind-! Now, match your voice! Let’s show our will!}

The battlefield fell as silent as grave.

Aiko’s words weren’t something that came from the speech compilation Hajime gave her. The proof of that could be seen from how she was calling Hajime as ‘that person’ rather than ‘my sword’. It was undoubtedly a yell that came from Aiko’s own heart. Those words displayed Aiko’s will that believed on the safety of Hajime and others, and also of their victory.

The one who responded first was Liliana.

{To victory-!}

The lovely voice which was amplified with artifact echoed on the battlefield.

And then, the one who hailed at that voice with a blood soaked figure yet powerful yell was Gahard.

{To victory-!!}

Continuing after him, Karm, Adol, and Alfrerick yelled.

{To victory-!!!}

In that situation, the people’s heart was connecting to each other naturally.

――To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-!

A Loud chorus of victory resounded in the battlefield. It swallowed the rumbling of the space, numbed the ground, and reached to the heaven, the will of ‘human’ swept the darkness and rose up like the light of the sun.

Human, demi-human, human from another world, those classifications were irrelevant, yells for their victory, and then yells of their faith for the people fighting at the heavens, they were all repeated with impossibly beautiful harmony.

Amidst those, one person didn’t join the chorus and stared wholeheartedly to the sky, a black angel. It was Kaori who was looking forward to the return of Hajime and others believing in Miledy. She kept floating midair and continued to stare at the collapsing Holy Precincts as though she could see nothing else.

And, at that time, Kaori’s senses was caught by something.

The place was, around the sky at the collapsed God Mountain.

She returned to her senses in surprise and turned her gaze there. The space about eight kilometers above the God Mountain distorted like jelly, right after that an elliptical hole opened with a pop. It was a distance that normal human couldn’t perceive, the hole itself was also only as big as several people could go through it so nobody other than Kaori noticed it.

Driven by her premonition, Kaori flapped her jet black wings. At the same time, with *hyupo-!* silhouette of people flew out from that hole.



White and black shadows. Even from afar she understood that those were her comrades’ figures.

“Shia-, Tio!”

Kaori accelerated in one go. For some reason Shia and Tio were falling straight toward the ground without any sign of slowing down. Kaori became a black silver meteor that rushed through the sky.

Midway, Shizuku and others flew out in panic riding their skyboard from the hole Shia and Tio fell off from, but for now Kaori didn’t stop accelerating and rapidly approached the screaming two people.

And then, Kaori splendidly caught the two altogether a few dozen meters near the ground. Looking closer, near the ground there was a shining barrier deployed that seemed to come from Suzu so it really wasn’t that big of a matter.

“Shia, Tio! Welcome back-!”

“Fue, a, Kaori-san! I’m back desu!”

“Thou saved us, Kaori. Also, I’m back.”

Shia and Tio clung at Kaori’s arms midair while sighing in relieve. Kaori flapped her wings and landed gently on the ground, she then gently put down the two on the ground where they sat with a flop.

There, Shizuku, Suzu, Ryutaro, and Kouki landed down from the sky.



Shizuku got off the skyboard and leaped toward Kaori. Kaori too caught Shizuku.

“Kaoriiiin! I’m back!”

“Suzu-chan. Welcome back!”

“Yo-, looks like you are also safe huh.”

“Ryutaro-kun too, welcome back.”

Still hugging Shizuku, Kaori then welcomed Suzu and replied to Ryutaro’s words smilingly. And then, she abruptly showed a soft smile at Kaori who was looking a bit awkward.

“Kouki-kun, welcome back.”

“…Yeah, I’m back. Really, sorry, for everything. Truly, sorry. Also…thank you.”

He had attacked Kaori at the devil king castle, because of that Kouki had resolved himself to not receive words of greeting. But now tears were gathering at the corner of his eyes and his head looked down. He was absolutely grateful that Kaori didn’t forsake him just like Shizuku. Of course, he wouldn’t make misunderstanding anymore.

After nodding once at such Kouki, Kaori looked up to the sky. And then, her gaze moved around searching for something. It was obvious who she was searching for.

“Kaori-san……Hajime-san and Yue-san are not together with us.”


“Don’t fret, Kaori. We only separated in the middle because it was necessary. Goshujin-sama and also Yue, they will cometh back without fail.”


Tio called at Kaori who was looking uneasy admonishingly.

After Miledy came for them, Shia and others received Degraded Arrow of World Crossing from her which opened a hole in space and they leaped into it.

Naturally when they heard that Miledy would go to Hajime and Yue right after, everyone said that they would go together with her. Shia, Tio, and Shizuku were especially determined, their blazing eyes told that it was impossible for them to escape ahead.

However, Degraded Arrow of World Crossing was necessary to cross space, there was no spare for them to go to Hajime and Yue’s position. Although there were several arrows that were created because they were failed work, but different from the real thing these degraded versions could only be used once before breaking and on top of that it could only open the hole for a few seconds.

In addition, the size of the hole that could be opened by the arrow was limited. It was unthinkable that they would have the leeway to pass through the hole in turn under a few second in a world that was collapsing with increasing momentum. Thinking that Haijme and Yue would be added for their return home, in the worst case the situation might turn into one where they would need to choose who would escape and who would be left behind.

In the end, Shia and others had to escape first. They were really reluctant though. They could do nothing but understand when they were told that perhaps not all of them could go back if they accompanied Miledy. Besides, “I swear I’ll send Hajime and Yue back without fail” the state of Miledy when she promised that was unusually filled with determination, that was also a factor that pushed their back to escape first.

Even so, there was no way their worry toward Hajime and Yue who were still in the collapsing Holy Precincts could vanish, Shia and Tio also looked up wordlessly to the sky. Shizuku and others were also similarly praying while looking up to the sky.

At the battlefield, the people of the allied force were still resounding their prayer powerfully.

It was unclear how much time passed. It felt like an eternity, but surely not even dozens of minutes had passed.

It was at that time, that happened.


The one who spontaneously raised that voice was Kaori.

Shia and others, and then the allied force too, ahead of their gaze a pillar of light that was a mix of golden and crimson suddenly pierced the space and stabbed at the sky.

That torrent of magic power which couldn’t be expressed enough even with the word tremendous, and then, the undulation of the overwhelming will that was filled in it, caused the war cry of the battlefield to stop unconsciously. Everyone without exception gazed in enchantment at the dichromatic magic power which ascended to the sky in spiraling motion.

“Hajime-san! Yue-san!”

Shia yelled, with a voice that overflowed with joy.

Right after that, the golden and crimson magic power began to converge back like in a playback.

And then,

A scream of death agony reverberated in the world. Immediately after, although the volume wasn’t to the degree that tore the eardrum, but, that voice of the end was certainly heard by everyone throughout the world. Without any reason, anyone thought, that it was the blood flowing out from the god.

Before long, a muddy silver light was dispersing toward the empty sky, and silence returned to the world.

What happened now, in the middle of everyone thinking that with their breath caught, the distortion of space covering the sky and the collapsing world of heavens that was visible in it, suddenly, they were all shrinking toward one point. It was as though something was sucking them all, or possibly it was like they were all being compressed.

The next moment, the world of heavens that was gathered into a point scattered.

There was no sound.

There was merely several layers of ripples with a vibrant color like the blue sky, radiating silently. Unnoticed, the rumble(scream) that shook the world stopped, the scared trembling of the ground also stopped.

Ripples were spreading through the world.

Not only the color of the blue sky, the color of the evening or possibly sunrise, the color of the midday sun, the clear color of the moon, the color of vivacious plants, the color of powerful earth, the color of enveloping night, they all laid on top of each other.

The beautiful ripples of seven colors spread to the end of the earth, before long, cracks began to enter the dark red world. That change wasn’t something violent that gave the impression like the crumbling just now, but a gentle change that quietly repainted the world…


Someone whispered. That wasn’t a prayer that wished for salvation anymore. But merely something that came from the deep emotion filling the chest.

The world was recovering its color. It was a truly a splendorous scene that should be called as a legend.

The dark red world was shining sparklingly while becoming broken fragments.

The ripples of the sky were gradually weakening in intensity, however, they didn’t vanish, as though watching over the people who were silently shedding tears drops by drops, it became a rainbow aurora drifting in the air.


Amidst those, a voice that leaked out from between the clenched teeth resounded. Kaori clenched her hand so tightly it was bleeding while glaring at the annihilated Holy Precincts.



“Sheet-, what’s going on-, that idiot-“


Shizuku, Suzu, Ryutaro, Kouki, they gritted their teeth while facing the sky with a grim gaze. Tio too was looking up at the sky with narrowed gaze without averting her eyes even for a moment.

The dark red world vanished.

The sun began to illuminate the world with its natural radiance.

They waited for a long time, but the figure of the people they waited for couldn’t be seen.

Before long, that fact became unbearable and Suzu whispered.

“…This is a lie, right”

Ryutaro gritted his teeth hard.


Kouki opened his mouth in a daze.

“Don’t tell me…both of them…really, won’t co――”

And then, when that worst assumption was going to be said half unconsciously…

“It’s alright desu-!!”

Such electrifying loud voice interrupted.

Kouki and others returned to their senses suddenly and moved their gaze there. Over there, was the figure of Shia, her rabbit ears standing straight while she looked straight to the sky.

Shia didn’t avert her eyes from the sky and spoke with a voice that was full of conviction.

“Right now, Hajime-san and Yue-san are together desu. That entangled golden and crimson magic power is the proof. As long as they are together, they are invincible!”

That was why, they would blow away a mere difficult situation like this and came back with a smile. Those words which contained Shia’s immense faith became a power of words that resounded in the world. (Note: Power of words or soul of language. Called kotodama in Japan, some kind of believe that words which were said have some kind of power in them.)

Mysteriously, the heart of the people who were driven by unease became light.

“……Yep. That’s right. With those two together, I cannot imagine any difficult that cannot be smashed through.”

Kaori was in agreement. It wasn’t a voice that was blurred with unease like before, but a powerful voice filled with conviction like Shia.

“Truly. Surely if those two become serious, the word ‘fail’ will be erased from dictionary. Rather, perhaps they art busy flirting right now that they art late to come back.”

Tio jokingly said such thing. And as expected, the grimness in her face was taken away and changed into conviction.

“Isn’t that right. They might, no, they are absolutely flirting right now. This is their emotional reunion after all. Perhaps the matter of us is already thrown to the beyond by them.”

While smiling wryly, Shizuku nodded thinking that it was probably the case. The way they talked also softened the expression of Suzu and others.

Right after that, as though to proof that the words of Shia and others were correct…

“Ah…fufu, see-“

Shia pointed her finger.

Over there was naturally…

Part 3

The rainbow aurora hanging in the sky. A small hole was opened between the veil.



A silhouette of two people glued close to each other flew out from there along with shocked voice. It went without saying, they were Hajime and Yue.

Hajime firmly held Yue tightly with his one arm, Yue too also circled her hands around Hajime’s neck, clinging to him.

Like that, *gou-gou* while feeling the howling of wind on their ear, the two of them began freefalling leaving it to the gravity.

Based on the height it would be thirty seconds until the ground.

Hajime who was falling with his face up saw the mystical aurora they were rapidly distanced from and the distance to the ground that he confirmed by looking across his shoulder and instantly calculated. It seemed that the place they were going to impact was a spot slightly distanced from the allied force.

“Yue, can you fly?”

“…Impossible. Magic power was used up from the arrow’s activation.”

“Well, I guess that’s true. It’s going to be a bit rough, so hold on tight.”

“…Nn. I catch you. I absolutely won’t let go.”


While experiencing a skydiving without a parachute, Hajime and Yue conversed filled with composure like that. Listening and seeing Yue’s bewitching voice and gaze from very near like this, it couldn’t be helped that Hajime’s words got caught in his throat.

While being exposed against awful wind pressure midair, Hajime ignored his slightly ringing eardrum to the best of his ability and then rolled his stance while still holding Yue. And then, his body became clad in faint crimson magic power. With that he somehow controlled his badly balanced one armed body that was toyed around by the wind.

Although he had drunk recovery medicine, but the healed amount was insignificant. In the first place there was the effect from the depth of the damage he received and the creation of the concept magic that caused his magic power recovery to be slow. There was also a limit to the number of times he could use ‘Air Force’.

While he was controlling his posture, he had to land down on the ground by perfectly dropping his speed. Honestly speaking, the ‘Air Force’ could only be used for ten-odd times more, furthermore, in his current condition that could only use ‘Air Force’ which couldn’t be said to be displaying its complete effect, making a skydiving from altitude of several kilometers to succeed was nothing but a superhuman feat but…

“So the end is me skydiving with Yue huh…it’s not bad.”

Hajime said such thing. Something of this degree wasn’t even a danger.

Hajime gently straightened up his body. Immediately a crimson ripple spread below his feet, it collapsed instantly. However, he was definitely decelerating. He repeated that.

The people of the allied force also noticed them. Crimson ripples were spreading and scattering many times from between the aurora, and silhouette of people was descending like a comet.

At that moment, a deeply emotional voice resounded. The voice of the goddess.

{Thi, this is our, victory-!}

A beat.


At the battlefield, no, at the new world the people raised shouts of joy that sounded like an explosion.

As though to reply to that cry of triumph that was like the first cry of a newborn raised by the world, glittering light particles were raining down from the rainbow aurora covering the sky. The light of the sun that recovered its radiance shined, making the world to gleam like a diamond. Surely that was the blessing toward the new world.

Amidst the raining shower of light, Hajime kicked on the last ripple and splendidly reduced his speed, he kept embracing Yue and landed on the ground. Even so, the wounds on his both legs still weren’t healed, using ‘Air Force’ also finally exhausted the magic power for his recovery, so like that he collapsed limply on the ground with his face up.

“Haha-, the finishing is totally messed up.”

Hajime wryly smiled while lying down with his body unable to even twitch. His expression somehow looked refreshed.

Yue who was embraced all that time then straddled Hajime and flopped down on top of him in a tight embrace, and then with a really close distance where it looked like their face could touch each other anytime, Yue shook her small head while staring at Hajime.

“…Not messed up. It was the coolest.”

“Is that so?”

“…Nn. Hajime, thank you. I love you.”

Like that, with bewitching and melting smile, Yue pushed those soft and sweet lips on Hajime’s.

Yue enjoyed to her heart’s content Hajime who could only lie spread-eagled without being able to move, where he could only let Yue do whatever she wanted to him. Although, even if he was able to move, but if this was what Yue wished for then there was no way for Hajime to resist.

Yue’s appearance was still in her adult form. Although the charm that was brought about from the gap between her external appearance and her mental age had gone, now she was emitting sensual pheromone from her whole body, perhaps the brutality of her sex appeal had increased instead with this.

Her adult appearance was most likely due to metamorphosis magic. In that case, perhaps when her magic power recovered she would be able to change between woman and girl appearance freely. It felt like he could see the future where he was toyed around by Yue’s demand. Although, Yue’s heart was also captured by Hajime to the same degree with his heart captured by her though.

The endless kiss erased even the cheering of the allied force, forming a world of only the two of them.

But, a voice that the two couldn’t ignore reverberated into that world.

“Aa――! As expected you two are flirting! You two don’t even care about other people’s feeling! No rather than that, Yue-san is…”

“She is turning aduuuuult! Yue is attacking Hajime-kun with adult charm!’

“Humm. Just as expected. No, the adult appearance art outside expectation though…let see, how about I join too.”

“Uu-, what amazing sensuality…bu, but there is no option for retreating! A maiden can only charge ahead!”

Shia, Kaori, Tio, and Shizuku, those four people. Behind them Suzu, Ryutaro, and Kouki also rushed to here.

With a lively state that was unthinkable for a deeply moving reunion, Shia and others leaped at Hajime. Yue who separated her lips saying “I’m back” got dragged into it, and Hajime became piled with beautiful women and beautiful girls.

And then, hearing the words “welcome back” filled with a flood of emotions from their mouths, Hajime also spoke “I’m back” like Yue.

Diamond dust rained down from the sky, making the world to sparkle. Around him were the important people with teary eyes and joyful smiling like blooming flower. From afar, he could feel many existences that dashed toward here while calling his name.

The warm enveloping him, the welling up senses of accomplishment, and then the content feeling, caused Hajime to smile. It was a mysterious smile where fearlessness and gentleness were entwined tightly…

While that smile of ‘Nagumo Hajime’ caused a tightening to happen inside the girls’ chest, Hajime entrusted his body to a pleasant fatigue and slowly closed his eyes.

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