Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 181 — Arifureta After - Morning at the Nagumo House Part 2

Chapter 181: Arifureta After - Morning at the Nagumo House Part 2

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A year after a whole class of a certain high school was spirited away which made a stir in the world.

At first, the impossibleness of a group kidnapping in the middle of day inside a school within an instant without any other class noticing, and the unlikeliness of it being a group disappearance from the half-eaten lunch, the unfinished homework, the kicked down chairs, etc., all of those heated up the media excessively toward this modern time Mary Celeste case that happened in a school.

However, what was called as the flow of the society was quiet callous, even the interest toward such occult major incident didn’t continue for long. After half a year passed with the news that there was no concrete progress within that short time, there were only impertinent commentator or self-alleged occult researcher harboring ulterior motive trying to use this case as their chance to make it big who kept trying to attract attention to this topic from various kind of view point, while the media was sprinkled with new topics one after another like some celebrity spouses divorcing or getting into affair, or some big shot politician having their dirty laundry aired.

Like that, the heated mass media calmed down and the interest of people began to move to other topics, even so at that time the family of the students who still disappeared without any information and the police were still frantically searching for their whereabouts. However, unable to even obtain a single clue, every one of them was beginning to be encroached by fatigue and resignation.

Shuu and Sumire were also the same, they became exhausted from continuing to search of the whereabouts of their vanished son. While desperately believing that Hajime was safe, and he would definitely return home, even so they could definitely heard the flow of time that was heartlessly flowing away and the sound of despair that was gradually approaching them

So that Hajime could come home anytime, they never missed to clean up Hajime’s room for even a single day. And then, each time they cleaned the room, the coldness of the room that had lost its owner chilled their body coldly. Even when they were in the living room, or when they were taking a meal, what was echoing inside their ear was the voice of their son. While understanding that it was only their hallucination, many times they still suddenly looked around at their surrounding in surprise. It was already uncounted how many times they dashed to the front door every time they heard small sound from there.

Even the 「family association」that was formed together with all the families of the disappeared students only seemed to infect Shuu and Sumire with chilliness into their heart from looking at the face of the parents who were losing expression day by day.

And then, soon it would be one year since Hajime disappeared. For the two of them that meant that the shadow of despair would only become thicker.

The tic-tac sound of the clock was echoing excessively clearly, Shuu who was looking at his PC display suddenly opened his mouth without turning away or stopping his hand that was clicking on the mouse.

「Sumire, how about going to sleep soon? Yesterday you already stayed until late right?」

「It’s no problem. If you are saying that, then you yourself, isn’t it better for you to sleep? Yesterday at work you got a lot of problem right? You almost had no time to sleep at all.」

Late at night, Shuu and Sumire who had gotten thin due to their anxiety were checking the bulletin board in PC and producing the flyer that called for information with a movement that was like a programmed machine. They were both exchanging words without even lifting up their face to look at each other.

「There is no problem with work. After all my guys are all reliable. Even when the president is not there, it really doesn’t matter for them. Rather, I would just be a bother for them if I go to work with a face that look like a ghost like that, they would even chase me out. Besides, doesn’t Sumire has it worse than me? You missed your deadline again right?」

「……Yes. But, that was only one time. My assistant is also excellent after all.」

Both Shuu and Sumire, in this one year they often took day off in this one year in their respective work of managing the game company or the manga serialization. Everything was for the sake of finding their son. Normally that kind of consecutive day off would make them lost the social trust from the people around them, but their coworker and subordinate who knew about the circumstance of the two showed their understanding and even proactively cooperated with them, thanks to that they didn’t end up unemployed.

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That was really an appreciated consideration, so that in case that Hajime came home, there would be no complicated situation like him witnessing both his parents became jobless altogether. There was also the factor that both of their work environment was special and also how Hajime often shown his face at both workplaces so that the people there held favorable impression to him, so the people at Hajime’s parents workplace was also really worrying for Hajime from the bottom of their heart that Hajime got disappeared after getting involved with a sudden occult situation.

But, even those people’s gaze was gradually changing into a gaze that was filled with a lot of pity, as though they were looking at something painful. Surely resignation had already grown thick inside them. There was no way they could say anything to the parents whose son’s whereabouts became unknown, but everyone had began to think 「It’s possible, that Hajime is already……」

There was also no way that Shuu and Sumire wouldn’t notice such atmosphere, it also became a factor that cornered their mind needlessly, but they could take time to search for Hajime like this now was also thanks to those people, so there was no way they could do something like exploding in anger to them.

Their gloomy hearts, while both understood that there was no way they could rest, they still exchanged barefaced words like recommending each other to rest.

After a while, Shuu and Sumire still continued to exchange dialogue that was really empty, but before long, after looking at the information board in internet that was not only lacking in plausible information, but filled with obviously fake information or inconsiderate writing instead, Shuu finally took off his gaze from the monitor screen.

And then, while sighing deeply, he put both his elbows on the table and his head hung down with both his hands covering his eyes.

「……Hajime. Just where he is right now……」


Even though Shuu was still at the early half of his forty, but right now he looked like a tired old man. Sumire who saw him like that also stopped her working hand and lifted her face.

「As expected, how about we rest a bit?」

「……You know that’s impossible right? I won’t be able to sleep soundly anyway.」

「That might be true but……」

Sumire’s words were caught up in her throat. What Shuu was saying was wholly correct, she herself was also like that. No matter how exhausted their body and mind had became, but day by day the fire of uneasiness in their heart only kept broiling stronger. Such thing stole their ability to have quiet sleep.

「It will be fine. It’s still only a year. Even if it would take several years, we will find him without fail. No way I’m going to collapse until then.」

「……You’re right. It’s just as you say.」

Her husband lifted his face with a wry smile, even so there was a dark shadow that couldn’t be hidden there. Sumire smiled at him even while feeling concern, and then she stood up from her chair to nestle close to him.

But, just before she could do that, suddenly *pin poo―n* there was a chime sounding from the entrance.

Naturally, at this time when the day had already changed date, there was no way there would be anyone who would visit, if it was a relative then they should have contacted them beforehand, so the two of them faced each other suspiciously. That they were unable to reach ‘that possibility’ immediately, showed how exhausted the state of their heart.

Shuu slowly raised his heavy waist, then he took the receiver of the intercom. When he did that, naturally the figure of the visitor was projected at the display……

『……Aa, that, what to say……this is, me here.』

The state of the sudden visitor who was unable to smoothly decide what word to use while his gaze was wandering incessantly, if the people who knew of this person in this one year saw this attitude, they would surely stared in amazement reflexively.

Even from across the display, they knew.

This person’s air, look, and even height were different from the one in their memory.

Even so, they knew.

Shuu perfectly, and instantly knew. That person, who was looking awkward somehow with a frowning face that looked troubled was……the one who they had continued to search, the one they believed would surely come home……

――it was their beloved son.

With smacking sound, Shuu threw away the receiver phone and threw open the door of the living room with a force as though he was kicking it open, without even hiding his impatience he roughly opened the lock of the front door, and then, he threw the door open.

And then,

「Aa……that…………I’m home, Tou-san.」


Shuu’s voice overlapped with Sumire who had chased after him unnoticed, they called the name of their son with a volume that might rip open their throat. At the same time, they tackled at the son who was scratching his cheek awkwardly in front of the house’s gate.

「Hajime-, you, this stupid bastard! Where the hell you have been running around until now-」

「This stupid son-. Do you know how much you made us worry!」

Father and mother embraced their son altogether strongly, strongly that it made it hard to breathe. Right now, in this time, they were confirming that this son was really existing before their eyes. So that he wouldn’t disappear for the second time. They strongly, strongly embraced him.

The dim street light, and the lighting leaking out from inside the house, and then the perfectly round moon in the sky, were gently illuminating the family who became one once more, amidst that Hajime was stiffening in a banzai posture while being hugged tightly by the two. (Note: Banzai posture, if you screamed banzai in celebration, usually you will also raise both your hands in cheers right?)

Hajime thought that his parents must be worrying about him. He was convinced that they were believing that he would return home.

But, even so, the figure and atmosphere of the current him, even though his hair color, his artificial hair, and his artificial hand were returned to his former appearance as much as possible, but the him right now should be really different from how he once was.

That was why, he thought that they would surely feeling confused. He even resolved himself for them to say doubting words like 「Are you really Hajime?」in suspicion. Depending on the situation, there might even be a need to spend time to reach understanding, that was what Hajime was thinking in the corner of his heart.

It was just like how Hajime’s false image pointed in one of the seven great labyrinths――at the【Ice and Snow Cave of Shuune Snowfield】before this, that in the depth of Hajime’s heart, he had the fear that himself who had been acknowledged by both himself and other people as monster couldn’t be accepted by his parents, that was the cause of this emotion of Hajime that couldn’t be varnished over, which was both like himself but also unlike himself.

But, now that he had tried to open the lid, this was how it turned out. Shuu and also Sumire didn’t even give any attention at Hajime’s change, they gave him a tight hug that was overflowing with conviction and anger, and also a helplessly great relieve.

Inside Hajime’s body, a hot, yet silently strong emotion that was unfathomably deep was rising up. Every grand experiences that he had experienced in another world, were passing through his brain as though he was experiencing a revolving lantern.

And then, there was only one thing that he was thinking.

――Aa, finally, I came home.

Hajime’s two arms silently held the back of his two parents. And then, with a trembling voice, he spoke it one more time in a small, but clear voice.

「Tou-san, Kaa-san――I’m home.」

Shuu and Sumire, with their eyes still overflowing with tears, separated themselves from Hajime slightly, and with a firm straight gaze, they gave him those words together with the escaping smile――surely for Hajime, these words were the mark that informed him of the end of his long and dangerous journey in the true meaning.

「「Welcome home, Hajime.」」

After that, Hajime and others who noticed that the neighbors were stealing peek at the situation from the gap between the curtains, excitedly returned inside the house.

It was a home that he left only for a year. Even so, Hajime narrowed his eyes in nostalgia, he couldn’t help himself to slightly caressed his hand on the railing and the ornaments.

Entering the living room, Hajime saw the large amount of the scattered leaflets on the table. He took one of them into his hand and stared at it closely, after that he also discovered the PC that was left opened displaying the site that asked for information of missing person.

「……This one year after you were gone, we tried everything we can to look for clue. But, in the end, we couldn’t obtain even one clue. ……Hajime, you, no, all of you, just where in the world you all have gone?」

「Also, Hajime. A year ago in that day, just what in the world happened?」

「……About that. Explaining it is simple, but also difficult. There are a lot of things that must be talked.」

The deep gaze of their son that already couldn’t be called as young at all, made Shuu and Sumire to gulp. And then they guessed. That Hajime had gone through a tremendous experience that they couldn’t even imagine.

「I see. Then, let me straighten up the table quickly, we are going to talk a lot after that. Wait a second. I’m going to brew a delicious milk tea now.」

「Yeah. Thank you, Kaa-san.」

「Fufu, somehow you completely feel like an adult.」

Like that, while drinking the sweet and warm milk tea that Sumire prepared, Hajime said the truth of the group disappearance to the two. Hajime’s experience was too dense to have everything said in one sitting. Therefore, he talked only about the summary of every important point, but even so the summoning to another world, survival in the abyss, the separation with his classmates, the conquer of the great labyrinths, the legendary decisive battle……by the time Hajime finished talking about those, the sky was already starting to grow light.

Hajime who finished talking about the general event emptied his cup that had been refilled several times, and then he sighed. Shuu and Sumire were also sighing tiredly. Shuu was rubbing on his eye with his finger while Sumire was dropping her gaze at the empty cup, they were being silent from feeling lost at how to respond.

「As I thought, is that hard to believe?」

Hajime asked while smiling wryly.

「That’s, obviously. Tou-san and also Kaa-san, due to our work we have plenty of knowledge about something like that but……thinking, that it happen for real……」

「That’s right. But, thinking about the extremely unnatural group disappearance, we cannot really reject that it might be true. There is also no reason for Hajime to lie in this situation. That’s why, our worry is, the possibility that someone is making Hajime to believe such thing.」

「Haha, indeed, that way of thinking is way more realistic. Me too, if I am in the position of Tou-san and Kaa-san, surely I will also think that at first.」

Being kidnapped by unknown people, and then the group was then brainwashed and had the memory of fantastical nonsense inserted into their brain……indeed, rather than believing that he was going to another world and fought against monster and god there, that explanation sounded more plausible. Rather than they weren’t believing the words of their son, it was more that they were thinking realistically with worry that if such thing was really done to their son then they would need to get him treatment quickly.

Hajime’s wry smile deepened to the two who were worrying about him, then he opened his mouth because there was something that he had to confirm no matter what.

「Tou-san, Kaa-san. Whether what I’m saying is the truth or not, there is a method to proof that. That’s why, assuming for now that what I’m saying is the truth, I want to ask something. ……Regarding the things that I had done, what do you two think? No, what do you think about the current me?」

That was the question that Hajime feared the most from the depth of his heart. If his parents held disappointment and fear, avoidance and disgust toward him then……as expected, that would be hard for him. Surely if that happened, Hajime would exit the house, and then he would leap into the chest of his beloved lover.

But, in contrast with the anxiety and nervousness inside Hajime’s heart, as though they had guessed the concern in Hajime’s heart, Shuu and Sumire showed a smile that looked troubled, or possibly exasperated.

「Now see here, Hajime. I and also Sumire, we aren’t a saint you know?」


Shuu and Sumire stood up from their seat and approached close to the side of Hajime who was perplexed.

「Rather than other people’s death, our son’s safety is far more important. Perhaps you think of that as cold-hearted, but that is what is called parent. Good grief, for you to feel that nervous……I wonder if you are thinking of something like, perhaps I’m going to be chased out from home? Really, what a big idiot you are.」

「However……Kaa-san. Indeed, I killed because it was necessary, but I didn’t even hesitate in killing. That was how much I changed. A guy who is not even holding any avoidance or disgust for killing, can you accept someone like that?」

What a hopeless kid, Sumire who was brushing his head as though to say that was replied back by Hajime with an expression that was lost for words. Hearing that reply, Shuu opened his mouth in exasperation for real this time.

「It’s not about accepting or not, we are family you know? Something like stopping being family doesn’t exist in Nagumo family. Don’t you know? There is nothing that can make you stop being my son. The end result is, 『You cannot run away from Otou-sama!』」(Note: Might be reference to something.)

「No, don’t make any quote at a time like this……」

「Hahaha, well, putting that aside. Hajime is my son, and I am a father. As long as that hold true, then me and also Sumire will be your ally anytime. There is no way anyone can worry about other people while their son’s survival is being threatened. Also, if you are feeling guilty, if you say that you want to atone at the family of the deceased then I’ll atone for it together with you, and even if you become a psychopath killer then I’ll stake my body and life to stop you.」

Most likely, if it was thought from the view point of common sense then the way of Shuu and Sumire were doing thing was mistaken. As parent, no matter what kind of circumstance there was, they had to question about the right and wrong of the killer. And if it was something unforgivable then they had to admonish the person. As parent, they had to reprimand their child about their wrongdoing.

And surely Shuu and Sumire also understood that. But even with that understanding, they were still undoubtedly happy that their son returned home alive even by killing someone else. If Hajime had came to term with it then that was fine, if for example he wanted to atone for his sin then they as parent would accompany him, and if he ended up as a fiend, then they would stake their life to take him back to the right path. They declared that clearly to Hajime.

「Hajime, do you regret what you have done until now?」

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「No, I have not even a bit of regret. I don’t even think that I’m mistaken. I decided to do what I did with the resolve against everything.」

「Yep. That’s how it has to be. But Hajime, that way of doing thing won’t work in Japan you know?」

「I know. The journey that I started with the determination to kill all the guys antagonizing me is over already. That’s why, I too have to change my way of living. Well, I might at least do something like planting trauma to those who stand in my way though.」

「I see, then that’s fine. Even if Hajime’s heart has grown to be not reluctant in killing people, reasoning and emotion are pro~perly existing inside Hajime. Then, that’s fine. It’s just as Shuu said, if Hajime actually step on the wrong path, we are going to take you back even if we have to spank you, and take the responsibility together with you.」


Hajime thought, even when he had obtained the power to slaughter even god, but as expected, he was still no match against his father and mother. And then, he recalled his beloved daughter that he obtained in the another world, and he keenly felt of how he was still lacking as a father.

Shuu and Sumire gently patted Hajime who was closing his eyes quietly. If they actually saw Hajime murdering someone with their own eyes, there was no way they wouldn’t be shaken. Perhaps it would become a trauma for them. Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to give him their words unhesitatingly like this.

Even so, one thing that they could say with certainty was, that they getting scared against Hajime, their son, and then they distancing themselves due to that, was the only thing that they would never do.

That feeling was certainly conveyed to Hajime. Therefore, Hajime could only say one thing.

「……Thank you. Tou-san, Kaa-san.」

The eyes of Shuu and Sumire squinted gently.

While feeling the warmth of these parents, Hajime opened his eyes and showed a wide and mischievous grin to them. His heart was perfectly cleared. Hajime recovered his usual self due to the acceptance of his parents of his changed self.

In this case, what was left was the report that in a sense was the most important report that he had to tell them. It would also become a proof about the another world that he told them just now, so it would be two bird with one stone.

「Tou-san, Kaa-san. Do you remember, in the past……about the stupid talk of what am I going to do if I am summoned into another world?」

「Hm? Aa, I remember. If you are a man, then in a world of sword and magic you will surely want to defeat the demon king and build a harem, that was what I said, while Hajime, I think you said 『If it’s me, it doesn’t feel like I can defeat the demon king at all. What I can do, at best is to return home. And then if I find someone important for me there, then I’ll return together with them』, right?」

「Tou-san remember that well huh. Well, that’s how it is. I think I mentioned it a bit in my explanation before but……I found important people there. I want to introduce them to you, so is it fine right now?」

「Right now? It’s already dawn you know? Or rather, you made a girlfriend there!? Furthermore from another world? No, wait, I still don’t know whether the story of another world summoning is true or not……」

「Tha, that’s right isn’t it? By any chance, that person might be the one who planted false memory in Hajime…… And then, that person will say something like 『If you want your son to return to normal, then please buy this holy vase. Don’t worry, if you buy it right now, I’ll give you special fifty percent discount for this million yen vase you know?』!」(Note: In Japan there were case of fraud where a salesman is selling vase/pot that they claimed as holy possessing various effect with crazy price)

Shuu who heard the full blown wild delusion of the frankly wary Sumire instantly went 「Sumire, are you a genious!?」in agreement. While smiling wryly from witnessing his beloved being considered as a crooked salesman, Hajime’s gaze wandered at empty air.

「……Yue, can you hear me? It’s me.」

「Oi, Sumire! For some reason Hajime is talking to empty air see! Is this that? What is called as air girlfriend!? What should I do as a father like this!?」

「Calm down dear. We were careless……surely they had set up listening device at our house! After this the woman who will sell us the holy vase will arrive after getting called by Hajime you know!」

「What, the? Bastard, making my son as the stooge of your vase selling……don’t think that this is going to end up well for you. With my marvelous haggling technique, I’m going to beat down the price until below fifty thousand yen!」

Shuu and Sumire who couldn’t possibly understand that Hajime who was suddenly talking to empty air was using “telepathy” were greatly shaken up. Sumire was strangely speaking up a realistic assumption while Shuu became slightly panicked and hardened a slightly off determination. And then, before Hajime knew it Yue had become a holy vase seller girl.

Hajime continued his telepathy while giving a sidelong glance at such parents.

「Yeah, it’s fine already. ……Yeah, I already talked about the gist of the events. I want to quickly introduce all of you quickly. ……That’s right. You know the coordinate right? Yeah, then open a gate and come here directly. It’s at……let’s see, open it around a meter from my east.」

Actually, right now Yue was at the school building that Hajime attended before. When they returned to earth from Tortus, Hajime made the rooftop of the school building as the place where the gate was opened. From that place it was easy for him to imagine his home’s position, and even if they arrived at afternoon, normally that rooftop was locked and people were forbid to enter there, the location was also outside of public gaze. That spot was convenient to use.

And then, after the classmates returned to their own home one after another, Yue and others proposed to stay at the school. It was so they wouldn’t hinder Hajime’s reunion with his parents.

Naturally, Shuu and Sumire who didn’t know about that circumstance could only face each other in wonderment about their son who continued to talk toward empty air――they stiffened right after that.

With a distortion, the space right beside Hajime suddenly formed a vortex, and then it formed an ellipse shape right after that, and then a moment later a familiar scenery――a place that seemed to be a classroom of a school could be seen.

「A, Any**ere, Door?」(Note: Reference to anywhere door from Doraemon)

「E, eh? Wai-, this is just too fantasy so suddenly!」

While Shuu and Sumire were greatly flustered, Yue’s face peeked out with a plop from inside the gate. Those crimson eyes were wandering through the room with deep interest, and then those eyes narrowed joyfully when they captured Shuu and Sumire, at the end those eyes turned at Hajime and wordlessly inquired 「It’s fine to enter?」

「Welcome, to Nagumo household. Come in without reservation.」


With Hajime’s welcoming words, Yue slowly stepped into Nagumo house. The space hole that suddenly opened inside the room, and the beautiful girl who was like an awakened bisque doll that appeared from there caused Shuu and Sumire to open and close their mouth wordlessly in obvious turmoil.

Hajime stood beside Yue, and while grinning mischievously like a kid who succeeded in his prank, he introduced his beloved lover.

「Tou-san, Kaa-san. Her name is Yue. She is my special person. By the way, she is a person of another world, a vampire, and a former princess.」

「「-, Template attribute!?」」(Note: I think what they mean here is how Yue has so many clichéd character attribute.)

Shuu and Sumire splendidly returned a response that was impossible for run-of-the-mill people. Inside her heart Yue was feeling warm and fluffy thinking「Aa, they are really Hajime’s parent」while at the same time, feeling a bit nervous in this important event where she was greeting at her lover’s parent, she pinched at the edge of her skirt, and showed a courtesy gesture that was overflowing with elegance and beauty.

「……How do you do, Hajime’s Otou-sama, Okaa-sama. Please call me Yue. Please take care of me for many years to come.」

「E, o, ou. No, I need to be polite here. Please take care of me too desu?」

「Ple, please take care of me, desuwa?」(Note: Both of the parents also used extremely polite language here)

The shock from witnessing the blond haired crimson eyed beautiful girl that looked like she came out from a picture book, and also this being the introduction to their son’s lover for the first time in their life, caused the end of their sentence to actually turned strange. The figure of his parents lowering their head repeatedly and incoherently deepened Hajime’s grin, however, as though to say that 「It won’t end with just this much yeah!」he opened his mouth once more.

「Shia, it’s okay now!」

「Hai desuu! Tou-sama, Kaa-sama, I am called Shia! Please take care of me desuu!」(Note: The Kaa-sama and Tou-sama here used the kanji for in-law)

「「Rabbit eaaar, it cameee―!?」」

Shia leaped out from the gate with a wide smile while her rabbit ears were flopping around. Shuu and Sumire showed a splendid harmonious reaction to the appearance of this second beautiful girl. Without even any composure to reply, their eyes became nailed at the rabbit ears that were moving around.

「Tio, come!」

「Uh huh. This art our first meeting, Chichiue-dono, Hahaue-dono. I am Tio Clarce of the dragon race, a mistress of Goshujin-sama, and also his sex slave. Please take care of me forever from here on.」

「「Sex slave!?」」

With twin hills that looked like they were going to spill out anytime, and dragon wings spread and flapped behind her in order to expose her true form, Tio made that greeting that was relatively no good. Hearing that caused Shuu and Sumire to spontaneously staggered. It appeared that the consecutive shocking development made their feet unsteady.

「Remia, Myuu!」

「Yes dear. Nice to meet you, I am called Remia. Please take care of me, together with my daughter.」

「E, err, err……I, I am Papa’s daughter Myuu desu! Ojii-chan, Obaa-chan, please take care of me nano!」(Note: Ojii-chan=grandfather, obaa-chan=grandmother)

「O, Ojii-chan!?」

「Da, daughteeer!?」

The beauty who lowered her head politely with graceful appearance, and the small Myuu who give her all in greeting. Shuu and Sumire were finally paralyzed from the astonishing words of Myuu. And then, *gigigi* their gaze moved toward Hajime like a machine that got forgotten to be oiled.

Their eyes were speaking their feeling more eloquently than anything. That was to say, 「Explain what is the meaning of this!」

Therefore, Hajime answered concisely.

「Myuu is my daughter, and all of the others are my wives. Well, please take care of them okay.」

「「So casual!?」」

「Ah, by the way, there are four more wives, so I’ll have them give their greeting at another day.」

「「Real cheat hareeem!?」」

As expected, the two of them splendidly synchronized in a splendid reaction.

And then, the parental heart that was unshakeable even when their son confessed to be a killer went 「You, are you really my son!?(Shuu)」and 「You, are you really that son of mine!?(Sumire)」in great agitation and fluster, and then Shuu suddenly went ‘I revealed the trick!’ and yelled 「No, wait, Sumire! There is no way girls this cute are real! Everything is CG! Don’t get tricked!」, hearing that Sumire yelled「Dear, you are a genious! Hajime, open your eyes! Even if 2D girl is converted into 3D, in the end they are just false image. It will only end in vain!」with a sorrowful expression……

Anyway, the room already descended into a grand pandemonium.

However, even that pandemonium didn’t continue for long.

It was because Myuu who sensed that they weren’t welcomed from the state of the two parents got depressed, then she asked「Ojii-chan, Obaa-chan……is Myuu no good?」. The result from that went without saying.

「How do you do, I am Myuu’s Ojii-chan you know?」

「How do you do, I am Myuu-chan’s Obaa-chan you know?」

They splendidly got back on their feet within an instant. Their figure that was knocked out helplessly by Myuu’s sly loveliness was exactly the same like Hajime as expected.

Like that, after they managed to get back on their feet, seeing the fantasy phenomenon that happened in front of their eyes and the beautiful girls who were not human, the two people who right from the start had high resistance to this kind of thing due to their nature of work immediately confirmed the truth of Hajime’s words.

After that there was a great commotion of ‘hip hip hurray’. The too real this and that which their son experienced, and the real harem of beautiful girls……their otaku soul ate it up energetically before they threw barrage of questions at Hajime and others with eyes shining bright.

When Tio used regeneration magic to get out the image recording of Hajime’s battle that she recorded, strange voice resounded through the residential area at the morning. 「UoOOOOOO-, AWESOOOOMEE! Did you know, did you know huuuh!? That’s, that’s my son! Thank you very much!」or, 「KyaAAAA-, you heard that!? Just now, he said something amazing you know! This is bad! This child, is seriously demon king-sama! And then, demon king-sama is my son desu! Thank you very much!」and so on, perhaps because the two were also staying all night without sleeping, their tension kept raising and raising up, in the end, the two of them continued to make commotion until Hajime who became unable to endure the shame made them went ‘abababa’ using Lightning Clad. (Note: That abababa expressed cartoonish electric shock, where the person that got shocked exposed their skeleton and ended up with only smoking body and curled up hair.)

「……Nn. As expected, from Hajime’s Otou-sama and Okaa-sama. They are completely out of ordinary.」

「Certainly, it feels like that they are really Hajime-san’s parent like this desu.」

「It can even be said, that this is only natural for Goshujin-sama’s Chichiue-dono and Hahaue-dono.」

「Ufufu, they resembled Haijme-san, what a unique personage.」

「Yep-, Papa, really resembled Ojii-chan and Obaa-chan nano!」

Yue and others spoke their impression while lukewarmly staring at Shuu and Sumire who fainted with great smile.

To those impressions, Hajime said a sentence.

「What the hell do you guys mean with that?」

Hajime’s expression turned speechless.

Shuu and Sumire who returned from their reminiscence called with wide grin at their son’s family who was flirting and frolicking in a sense at the morning dining table.

「Which remind me, Hajime. You are going to meet with Kaori-chan and others today right? You are not going to be late?」

「Aa~, it will be at past noon, so there is no problem.」

「Shizuku-chan will also come right? What about Ai-chan?」

「It seems that Shizuku will come together with Kaori, but Aiko, I think she can come, but perhaps she will be late. She has her work and also her position after all.」

Hajime shrugged, while Sumire lowered her eyebrow in sympathy thinking 「Ai-chan also has it hard eh.」

Today Hajime had the plan of having dinner with everyone, including Kaori and others too. The classmates would also participate, so it would be something like the class reunion of the people who got summoned to the alternate world. Although currently all of them were still active students, so the nuance was a bit different.

「Oi, Hajime. Tell Kaori-chan and others to show their face here more often. About beautiful daughter in law, the more the better.」

「That’s right. Or rather, if the house reconstruction is finished, it’s okay for them to live here instead you know? Isn’t it the best when the house is lively and merry?」

「……The girls themselves doesn’t really mind that……rather, they seem to want normally come, but their family doesn’t seem to approve. Well, that’s the sensible decision.」

At the corner of his mind, Hajime recalled the time when he met the family of Kaori and Shizuku while shrugging.

「H~mm, there is that. Well, just tell them that Kaa-san will welcome them anytime. Also……fufu. I won’t mind if you are going to stay over tonight you know?」

「Debauch party eh! What a terrifying child even as my son.」

「You are noisy. I told you already I’m going to come home normally. Really, Tou-san and Kaa-san are……」

Hajime’s expression turned somewhat tired right from the morning. The wives from another world watched over that exchange between parent and child smilingly.

What was unfolding before their eyes, was certainly a peaceful and gentle, normal everyday of a family.

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