Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 182 — Arifureta After - Downtown Date? Part 1

Chapter 182: Arifureta After - Downtown Date? Part 1

It’s short but, please have mercy.

At the station plaza several block away from the neighborhood of Hajime’s house, there was quite a splendid fountain that was installed there, many people were bustling there in this holiday.

Naturally, there were a lot of young males and females in that spot who seemed to have rendezvous appointment, their gaze often moved alternately toward their watch and the direction that the person they were waiting for would come from, or they were playing around with their smartphone to kill time.

Amidst those young people, there was the figure of Hajime. What seemed to be different from him compared to other people, was that he never particularly looked at his watch or played with smartphone, he kept sitting on the bench beside the fountain while staring absentmindedly at empty air, like a father who was taking his children out to play at holiday while slackening from the fatigue of his everyday work.

Yet, regardless of his slackening atmosphere, there was a vague presence from him as though his back was standing straight, perhaps it was because of the abnormal experience a normal youth of the same age would never encounter that Hajime had piled up.

While Hajime’s body was in a really relaxed posture, the attention of the surrounding was naturally attracted to him because of that presence he exuded. Despite the strange sense of security that his calm atmosphere caused, there was also the slight aroma of danger that came from him.

Due to that, perhaps it could be said as only natural that sometimes there were group of girls who kept glancing toward Hajime. There were also girls whispering to each other with slightly reddened cheeks among those groups, who were in the verge of doing reverse picking up. (Note: Gyaku nanpa: Instead of man calling out to woman on the street, it was the woman who called on man in reverse.)

It was a popularity that was unthinkable for Hajime before he got summoned to the alternate world Tortus.

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「……Should I use presence isolation like this?」

Naturally for Hajime who possessed monstrous specs, those movements of the surrounding were leaked into his ear, he muttered such thing while his posture and gaze stayed unmoving still.

Like that, a group of girl with courage(?) finally approached timidly in order to call out to Hajime, at that time when the surrounding girls and boys were observing carefully, an energetic calling voice that caused them to open their eyes wide in shock resounded.

「Ah, you are there nano~. Papaa~~~~!」

*sutetetetete―* The one who dashed from the street of the station was Myuu, her emerald blond hair was lightly fluttering while a full smile was pasted on her face. That lovely figure of a foreigner beautiful little girl running with her all caused the gaze of all the people at the station plaza to move at her.

As though to say ‘who cares about those gazes!’, Myuu didn’t show any reaction at all and keeping her momentum she dived at Hajime who was slacking up on the bench.

Like a bullet, Myuu leaped in full power without a single shred of reservation or mercy. Normally, Hajime would match the timing and swayed back to perfectly kill the impact and gently caught her, but right now he was sitting on the bench, so he couldn’t do that.

And so, one of Hajime’s hands gently scooped the jumping Myuu’s shoulder and he skillfully converted the charging momentum into rotation. So to speak, it was something like Aikido. Just before Myuu impacted the stomach of Hajime in midair, she was twirled in a rotation and like that she was dropped down to sit on the lap of Hajime.

「Oy, Myuu. I told you many times already, don’t jump because it’s dangerous,.」

「Ehehe~, I’m sorry nano~」

Myuu blinked for a moment because she didn’t understand what happened, but seeing Hajime who was warning her with a wry smile, she immediately grinned loosely and leaned back snugly at Hajime’s chest.

Hajime made a troubled smile seeing the state of his beloved daughter who didn’t seem to reflect on her action at all, he then used his hand to change the way he held her and then he stood up.

From the surrounding,「E, eee? Papa? Just now, that girl called him papa?」or 「Lies, he has a child!?」, or 「Oi oi, how old is that guy……if that kid is his child, then just when were she born……」, or 「Rather than that, just now is amazing isn’t it? That kid is rotated in full circle you know?」, the topic was spreading with an amazing momentum in the plaza.

But, the entrance of Myuu was still only the beginning. All of them would witness even more shocking scene after this.

「My my, Myuu. Mama told you that it’s no good for you to run off alone right? After all it’s easy to get lost in this world……」

「Mamaa. But, Papa is here so……」

「Ufufu, Myuu really is a papa-girl. Dear……thank you for waiting.」

With her sandal making cute sounds *patapata* from each step, wearing a long skirt and elegant cardigan, also swaying emerald green hair that was braided with hair tie, Remia finally arrived.

Seeing the entrance of an older, or rather a foreigner onee-san who had plenty of sex appeal of a widow, *gulp* the sound of someone gulping their saliva could be heard from somewhere. Several men were already sending piercing gaze of envy toward Hajime who had beauties as his wife and daughter.

But, still not yet. It still wasn’t over yet with this!

「Hajime-saa~n, thank you for waiting~

「My apologize for making you to wait, Goshujin-sama.」

The ones who were saying that with their arrival were Shia with her faint bluish white long strait hair swaying, wearing miniskirt from where her white slender beautiful legs were generously exposed, and Tio who wasn’t wearing her usual kimono, and instead wore loose trousers and V-shirts, and also a long cardigan.

Both of them were owner of good looks that could make idol or actress to run away barefooted in shame. Such two girls were approaching toward Hajime who seemed to already have a child and wife with obvious good will coloring their whole face.

The gaze of the people at the station plaza was already in a glued state toward Hajime without being unable to take off their gaze. Their curiosity kept rising over the limit.

While completely ignoring those people, Hajime shrugged with him still carrying Myuu.

「You all wanted to try having a rendezvous right? I don’t really mind. Spending time not doing anything, only staring absentmindedly at nothing is not bad sometimes.」

Yes, it was just as Hajime said, if it was asked for what reason these people who were living at the same house were meeting at the station plaza in an appointed time, that was because of the request of the female camp. Hajime thought in his heart that it was better to go together, but if he was requested for something like this then he couldn’t reject it. It was a cute request for him.

「So, what about Yue? You all come together right?」

Hajime tilted his head seeing that there was only one of his lovers who hadn’t yet appeared in this place.

「Aa, I think Yue-san will arrive soon. There were some guys picking up women in the train, so Yue-san was taking care of them while telling us to go ahead.」

「Taking care……don’t tell me, she isn’t going to smash them right? Spare me from that. If the monster of clothing store will be overflowing even until this world……I’m prepared to even wage war you know?」

「Even though Goshujin-sama is a godslayer, thou art still not very good against Christabel and others huh.」

Hajime’s expression cramped from listening to Shia’s explanation. Tio was being somewhat exasperated seeing that state of Hajime, but when she thought from the point of view of Hajime whose ass kept getting stared feverishly each time by those manly women of another world, her gaze was changing into sympathy thinking that it might be something that couldn’t be helped.

By the way, according to Shia’s additional explanation, it seemed that Yue would only toy with the guys’ memory and mind using soul magic, and she wouldn’t use the crotch smash. For the time being, Yue and others had also learned of the proper method of dealing with trouble at Japan which had strict law to maintain order compared to the other world.

While they were talking like that, Hajime suddenly felt a restless sign from the direction of the station street, so Hajime turned his gaze there.

Sure enough, from there he could see a figure of a beautiful girl with crimson eyes and golden hair that looked as though she came out right from the screen, walking with calm air majestically, and also with elegance and gracefulness at the same time, as though she was a queen walking on a red carpet.

Yue wasn’t in her girl mode that was normally in the appearance of twelve years old. She had transformed her appearance similar with Hajime, into an age of around seventeen years old. There was no need to mention her bewitching air, the faint smile that was pasted on her lips might be from her feeling toward her beloved that was in the end of her sight. That smile also exposed out tenderness, which was magnifying the charm of her perfect beauty by several times over.

Yue who should be called as a peerless beauty from just a glance was exuding out adult charm, but the clothes that she came wearing were a loose parka and lacy skirt that were honestly seemed to be rough yet cute, that style of clothing pushed aside the difficult to approach aura that was characteristic in a beautiful person which further boosted up her charm.

Anyone who caught sight of Yue, regardless of their age or gender, they would have their gaze drawn in without exception. The sounds of *gon-*, or *gashan-*, or *bachikon-* that could be heard from here and there, were the sounds of disaster that were played by the victim of Yue. In a sense she could be called as a walking disaster.

A youth crashed into a telephone pole because he was walking while watching Yue, a group of boy that seemed to be students were stampeding over a store’s signboard, a girlfriend who came back to her sense visited her slap at the boyfriend beside her to drag him back into reality.

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However, Yue didn’t pay attention to those at all. She walked forward dashingly, and before long, amidst the gathered attention, she had approached until Hajime’s side.

「……Nn. Hajime, thank you, for letting us to have “rendezvous”.」

Saying that, Yue put her lips on top of Hajime’s. That act was really natural, as though doing that was only a matter of course, like how if the wind blew then the leaves would sway.

Yue put her hand gently on Hajime’s chest with her feet standing on her tiptoes to make herself a little taller in order to kiss Hajime. Seeing such Yue caused the surrounding to be shaken.

「Geez, Yue-oneechan is unfair nano! Myuu is going to do ‘chuu’ too!」

「My my, then I too……」

「Uu, it’s a little embarrassing in front of a crowd like this desu but……」

「Art that so? Rather, this makes me a little excited though?」

Right after Yue separated from Hajime, Hajime nonchalantly evaded the octopus kiss of Myuu who aimed at his lips and redirected it on his cheek, after that he accepted Remia and Shia’s kiss while gifting a slap at Tio. At the end there were the female camp whose cheeks were blushing, and one pervert who was going ‘haa haa’ while holding her slapped cheek.

The scene of a real harem, where one man with a child was exchanging kisses with multiple beautiful girls and women caused the tension of the people at the area to break through the limit. 「What the hell is that!? What is going on!? Is this a shooting of some show!?」some panicked,「Tha, that man, what kind of person he is!? Is he the son of a financial conglomerate somewhere?」some was imagining the true identity of Hajime,「Thi, this is Japan right?」and some was doubting their own whereabouts, the crowd were all getting really busy with their thought.

At last, some people with smartphone camera appeared, deciding that there was no way they were going to let go of this rare scene.

But, without a single exception,

「E, eh? Wai-, the screen light vanished suddenly!?」

「What’s this, it got noises all over!?」

「No way, is it broken!? Spare me from that!」

Like that, all the smartphones were suddenly became out of form and the people couldn’t take picture using their phone. The cause of this was naturally, Hajime. By performing a minute adjustment to his characteristic magic “Lightning Clad”, he emitted out electromagnetic wave that disrupted the electronic. Of course, if the electronic got away from Hajime then they would return to normal.

「……Nn. It becomes noisy. Hajime, let’s go soon?」

「No no, what are you trying to do attempting to depart naturally like that. There are still members who haven’t arrived yet here.」

「……? Hajime, you are feeling tired right now.」

「You think I’m Agent Mu**er. Don’t try to avert the topic with X-Fi*e make-believe.」(Note: X-File series, FBI agent Fox William Mulder. Don’t know what this refer too though, never watch X-File)

Even while knowing that there were members who hadn’t arrived yet, Yue urged them to depart with a really natural gesture. To that, Hajime smiled wryly while making retort.

「……It’s fine, there is no problem. Those two has severe constipation and cannot co――」

「Yuee~~~~! What are you saying~~!」

「Wait a second, no matter what, that lie is just too cruel don’t you think!」

Yue’s deceiving words that were too cruel to be targeted to a maiden were cut off by Kaori who was running to here wearing a feminine one piece dress, with her body returned to her original body, and Shizuku whose trademark ponytail was swaying behind her.

The further addition of beautiful girls caused the surrounding to become hectic, Kaori only gave that a glance before glaring sharply at Yue right away. And then she immediately turned her gaze at Hajime and smiled gently.

「Sorry, Hajime-kun. You’ve waited long?」

Hajime was going to open his mouth, but before that happened,

「……Nn. He waited feeling bored to death. As punishment, Kaori is to go home right away. Now, quickly go home. Now, now」

「I won’t go home! Yue you bully-. Yue who is saying something like that is the one that has to go home!」

Yue kept pushing away on Kaori, to that Kaori reacted honestly and pushed back at Yue. This was what was called as “Hand Four” in pro-wrestling. The two girls were grappling with each other putting all their strength in it. Both of their foreheads pushed at each other without any side taking a single step back. (Note: Don’t know if that’s the correct name, Yue and Kaori here were pushing at each other with their hands grasping the other’s hands and also their forehead coming into contact.)

By the way, Kaori was able to face Yue equally despite not being in a body of apostle was because Kaori’s original body itself was inserted with the factor of apostle flesh and changed into a specially made body.

It was a body reconstruction for the sake of clearing the problem of the difference in lifespan between her and Hajime and others, but that wasn’t all, she was also able to activate “Apostle Mode”, in that case her hair would change to silver and she could let out wings from her back. Of course, she could also do disintegration ability and twin sword art without any problem. ……Though those were something extremely unneeded in this peaceful Japan life.

Yue and Kaori were always quarreling about something, but the one who took the lead in the body reconstruction of Kaori was none other than Yue. Perhaps due to the influence when she was taken over by Ehito, Yue somehow understood the method to create apostle, so by using all age of god magic and with the help of Hajime and Tio, the apostlefication of Kaori succeeded splendidly. Their closeness was as great as how much they were quarreling……perhaps this phrase existed to describe these two.

「Err, Hajime. I think we come right on time but……I wonder if we made you wait?」

Even while looking troubled at the quarrel of the two, Shizuku asked timidly at Hajime. Of course, Hajime said no to the question. Shizuku sighed in relieve hearing that, and then after she looked around feeling a bit embarrassed, she asked Hajime with reservation.

「Say……I wonder if I look strange?」

That question was naturally referring to the fashion she was wearing. Shizuku before she was summoned to another world and even while she was in another world was basically kept wearing pants, but today her appearance was wrapped in a flare skirt and no-sleeve shirt. Although looking from the length of her skirt that reached around above the knee, and the properly fastened buttons on her skirt, this appearance was also really like Shizuku.

「Yeah, I think you look cute. Or rather, before this too, I told you already that you don’t need to get that shy just from wearing a skirt right? After all, it really suited you.」

「Is, is that so? Fufu, thank you.」

The appearance of Shizuku who was shyly fiddling around with her skirt, if the self-alleged little sisters who idolized her as Onee-sama saw this then they would surely fainted without doubt. That was just how lovely the figure of Shizuku who was letting out her natural girlishness in front of Hajime.

And then, Yue and Kaori whose hands were still grappling each other with only their head turned toward that exchange between Hajime and Shizuku were,

「……So nonchalantly, taking the delicious part like that. Shizuku, what a terrifying child.」

「Shizuku-chan……recently, you are not stopping me even when I was quarreling with Yue aren’t you……」

Even those whispers of the two didn’t reach at all to the ear of the swordswoman-sama whose maiden power was in full throttle right now.

After that, Kaori who noticed that Yue and others had kissed Hajime pressed Hajime for a kiss as expected, while Shizuku whose face became bright red thinking ‘such thing is impossible in front of the crowd!’ got a little depressed that it would be only her who didn’t get a kiss, but Hajime who was unable to be indifferent to that state of Shizuku forcefully kissed her which caused her to faint, it went without saying that the station plaza became a pandemonium after that.

Like that, seeing that the commotion was also getting larger, Hajime and others set out to the city for a date until five o’clock, when the dinner party with the summoned classmates would start.

「I have……seen something amazing.」

After that someone among the people who were left behind whispered like that, that sentence was exactly something that represented the feeling of everyone in the station plaza.

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