Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 183 — Arifureta After - Downtown Date? Part 2

Chapter 183: Arifureta After - Downtown Date? Part 2

At the street that was slightly distanced from the downtown main street, in the fast-food restaurant that was facing the street. At the window-side seat in that restaurant’s second floor, the figures of three young men who seemed to be high school student could be seen slacking up listlessly on the chair, as though to say that they had too much free time to spare.

Above the tray that was put on the table in front of the three, burger wrapping that had been crumpled up into a round shape and empty French fries container were scattered about carelessly.


While scowling at the juice which had became thin due to the melting ice, one of the high school students was discharging out a strange groan. Hearing that, the remaining two students directed an annoyed gaze and an understanding gaze at the first student.

「I know that we got nothing to do, but don’t make that kind of voice. It’s embarrassing.」

「You are saying something like that huh. In this precious holiday, three men are jabbering like this……haaa~. On top of having nothing to do, this is just empty……」

「Don’t say that. That’ll just make you feel emptier.」

These three who had been friends since middle school were currently first year high school students. Harboring a faint hope, that if they advanced to high school then it would be an exciting springtime of their life that didn’t exist in middle school……that something would happen, but in actuality there wasn’t really anything particular that happened, they were spending normal days that had no difference with their middle school period.

Actually, the school they were enrolled into, was the high school where the world-shaking occult case happened a year ago, and among the current third year there were also the seniors who were directly related with that case. That too became the primary cause that inflated the hope they were harboring that “something” might happen in their high school life (they received fierce opposition from their parents that they chose this school as the first choice but they persuaded their parents) but……there wasn’t really anything happened.

Of course, there was also decisively different point before and after the occult case, and that was something that undoubtedly made them delighted from the bottom of their heart that they enrolled into their current high school. That point was……

「Aa, I want to have a date with Yue-senpai.」

「I want to marry Shia-senpai.」

「Shirasaki-senpai……is great isn’t she」

The three were facing up the ceiling while leaking out their wild delusion, that rather than with these male friends with whom they had a stuffily undesirable but inseparable relationship, they would rather walk around the city in holiday with the senior they yearned for. And then hearing each other’s words, they exchanged glances among them. And then, they spoke words to each other at the same time.

「「「Don’t say something like that. It feels empty.」」」

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The three simultaneously sighed so deeply to the degree that it would surely let out all the happiness that they possessed. While the image of the senior they yearned for was floating at the back of their mind, at the same time they lamented the fact of how the gaze of their yearned person was directed only at a single person, furthermore that person was the same person for the three different girls they yearned for, and that fact was known not only in school, but even the whole neighborhood had already knew of that fact. (Note: In Japan there is the saying that sighing will cause your happiness to get away from you.)

In addition to that, it didn’t stop with just that three seniors, something like that was just……

「Sheet, even though in this world, there are many people in love poverty like us, that sheetty bastard-」

「O, oi. Stop that. Did you forget already, about the guys that were turned like that after speaking ill of that “you know who” behind his back?」

「……Are you talking about the captain of the karate club, how he got transfigured into a big sis the next day?」

「There is also that, but there also people like the ace of soccer club who got planted with phobia of female, or the math teacher who even though he was always acting sarcastically, but one day he was suddenly using polite language at “you know who” like a military……」

「Bu, but, those were lies right? Those were just like urban legend right? Look, those guys, they are the ‘returnee’. Those kind of story were created a lot half for fun……in fact, there aren’t any seniors or teacher like in those rumor.」

「That’s, you’re right but……」

Stories that sounded like urban legend――but speaking about that, even the story about “real harem” also “sounded like urban legend” in that case……in the end, that was what the three of them came to think but they didn’t say it out loud. It was the truth that students and teacher that became the basis of the rumors couldn’t be found in the school, but at the same time, there were also rumors that those rumored guys had transferred school or changed job.

It was unknown what was the truth and what was the lie. And that also granted uneasy feeling that they couldn’t describe. Especially because the new first year didn’t know about the returnee――the people who returned back from being spirited away in mass were called like that by the society and like that the naming stuck――’s school life right after they returned from the occult case.

Naturally, there were also a lot of first year students who were ignorant of the ways of the world and get carried away, they attempted to go in offense toward the beautiful seniors and foreign students that were among those returnee group but……most of them were turned into ash after being shown the relationship of those beauties with “that person”, or they were stopped by the male seniors of the returnee group with kind gaze when they attempted to take malicious action from jealousy, and after a few months passed those kind of people eventually became a little bit adult from understanding in their heart that “it’s just how it is”.

Even so, as expected there was no way the yearning toward the seniors who were so beautiful that even celebrity couldn’t win against them would disappear, and that went even truer with the jealousy toward that “you know who” who was literally monopolizing those beautiful seniors like a joke, grumble or cursing would sometimes leak out suddenly toward that you-know-who like this.

「Haa……hm? O, oi, that」



One of the male students for some reason turned his gaze outside the window, and then he noticed of that group and raised his voice. The other two got curious and moved their gaze following him, and there, in an unbelievable timing, the rumored group was walking on the street at the other side.

It was that “you know who” ――Nagumo Hajime, and his wives.

「Oi oi, just why are those people here?」

「That is, no matter how you see it, this must be a date.」

「As always, what amazing line up huh……wait, that child riding on “that person’s” shoulder, is that the rumored daughter? So it’s true that he have a child? Isn’t that bad……」

*bita-!* The three mob clung on the window glass, staring hungrily at Hajime who was walking nonchalantly while being surrounded by extraordinarily beautiful girls and women in enjoyment. Seeing from the view point of the people inside the restaurant, the figures of those three were like geckos that were clinging on window, it was relatively a strange sight. It almost caused the 0 yen smile of the restaurant waitress to crumble. (Note: 0 yen smile=a free smile, a business smile)

「Yue-senpai, Shia-senpai……also Shirasaki-senpai and Yaegashi-senpai are there too. Next are the black haired beauty and the blond beauty that were sometimes seen at the school festival or after school……」

「Just what kind of perfect lineup this is. Dammit it all-」

「Aa, also that child……she is super cute. There is even a beautiful little girl……how envious.」




The last statement caused the three to spontaneously leak out stupid sound while they faced each other. Or rather, two of them were making「Eh, this guy is seriously, that kind of guy?」look at the last one while drawing back. That last person seeing that tried to solve the misunderstanding in panic then.

「Ah, those senpai are getting farther see.」

「Yosh, we got nothing to do anyway, let’s try following them yeah. What kind of date a realy harem man is having, this can be used for future reference.」

「Hey, you guys are misunderstanding okay? I’m not like that okay?」

「But, will it be okay? From the rumor, those people for some reason are really sharp I heard. Won’t it be bad if we got found out?」

「This is in the middle of city, there are also a lot of people so there won’t be any problem. Besides, this is that group of beauties we are talking about. There is high chance some punks going to pick a fight with them. At that time, what kind of action “that person” will take……perhaps we are going to understand a bit, whether those rumors about the senpai that got turned into big sis or the teacher that got turned itno pseudo military are the truth or not, don’t you think so? You are curious right?」

「He, heey, listen to me. I really, don’t have any interest for little kid at all. I was just simply……」

「Indeed……wait, this is bad, They are seriously getting farther. For now let’s go first.」

「Yoosh. Well, even just paying respect at the figure of Yue-senpai and the others in casual clothing at holiday is already the best anyway.」


「Oy wait! Don’t ignore me here! You guys are seriously mistaken! No, really!」

Until the end the noisy three students didn’t notice the previous waitress whose eyes weren’t smiling anymore even though the lips were still smiling. They exited the restaurant with noisy footsteps. And then, from the entrance downstairs, a yell of「Rather, I am someone that get excited from adult woman, like female teacher, or widow heree-」that would cause headache could be heard……the waitresses sighed deeply hearing that.

「Heeey, you guys are really mistaken okay?」

「Geez, we got it already.」

「You like female teacher or widow. That was what you were saying right? Rather than that, don’t make so much noise. We are going to get found out here.」

「Even though I was on the brink of getting treated like a pervert lolicon just now, you guys……」

By the time he did a coming out with his outrageous fetish at the fastfood restaurant, he was already definitely a pervert, but no one there made such retort. Rather than that, it was more important to observe carefully the party of Hajime and others who were currently enjoying window shopping at the end of their gaze.

While they were observing, Hajime’s group entered a large three storey store that was fairly famous for its ladies fashion. From across the glass window, the trio could see how the shop employees and other customers were taken aback for a moment. But the shop employees were immediately recovering their usual attitude like a pro, while the other female customers were sending their gaze as though they had encountered celebrity, and the male camp who were taken along with the female customers were staring in fascination in a daze.

Amidst those, the aforementioned Hajime’s group didn’t look particularly bothered with all the attention and they only looked around inside the store, sometimes the female camp would ask for Hajime’s opinion and tried some clothes. To that, Hajime changed Myuu’s position from on top his shoulder into carrying her with one hand, and then he seemed to say one or two sentence back regarding his impressions to the clothes. Just from looking it could clearly be seen that Yue and others were swinging from joy and nervousness when they were listening to what Hajime was saying.

「……By any chance, that man is giving back different impressions to all of them respectively?」

「If he is just saying “that suits you”, then at the very least it will be said six times from only one round you know. That will make him look like a broken machine in that case.」

「Based from the expressions of all those girls, it seems that man is saying different impression each time without fail. ……Is this, the true power of a harem man……」

The trio were continuing to observe by hiding at a shadow of merchandise even while being seen suspiciously by other customers and employees. Their expression changed into shudder. If it was them who were asked for impression by that many women changing clothes multiple times like that……without a doubt in their case they would be turned into a broken speaker saying the same thing.

But, after that, after the group was feeling satisfied walking around inside the store, the three mediocre high school students (first year) were made to taste further the dreadfulness of a real harem man’s deed.

「Wa, wait-. Don’t tell me, he is planning to pay for that many clothes!?」

「That’s a lie right-. This store, it’s really expensive you know! Even if each of them only buy one clothes, there will be six pieces……is that guy’s financial strength a monster!?」

Ahead of the gaze of the trembling trio, were six clothes that were put on the register. Yue, Shia, Tio, and Remia looked happy, while Kaori and Shizuku looked a bit apologetic, even so they were staring with undisguised happiness at the back of Hajime who was speaking with the clerk.

Hajime handed a card at the clerk and finished the bill, then he wrote the address for the mailing destination and turned back. He only shrugged toward the thanks that were said to him by the female camp before urging them to continue the date. And then there was Myuu who repeatedly hit lightly at Hajime’s cheek in protestation because it was only her who wasn’t bought some clothes due to the lack of size that matched her body, but as though to say that he got it, Hajime turned a gentle gaze at her and nodded before leaving the store.

The customers who were accompanied with lover or friend, and the employers who were left behind then let out deep sigh that was filled with various thought.

「Come to think of it, once, I heard a rumor. “That person’s” parents, seems to be the president of a game company, or a popular manga author. Also, it seems the person himself also did some part time work, and it was said that he earned quite a lot.」

「Aa. I also heard something like that. In addition, there was also some joking rumor that the person himself was starting up a company related to jewelry. They said that black haired beauty and that blond beauty are the company director or the secretary or something.」

While following behind Hajime and group, the trio was laughing dryly after conversing of the rumors that sounded like a joke, but now those rumors seemed to have some truth in it after what they witnessed.

In fact, that rumor hit the bull’s eye. When Hajime just came back to this world, he got really busy with taking care of large problems like the forgery of everything that was related with government administration including family register, etc., and also countermeasure against the mass media. By the time all of those calmed down, he was faced with the problem about providing for Yue and others, although he was still a student, but as expected it was unacceptable for a man to keep relying on his parents for that. In order to raise his dependability status, he pondered for a way to earn money.

One of his ideas was starting up a jewelry shop. If he was asked why a jewelry shop, of course, it was because he was a transmutation master, and through that he possessed an unfair method regarding processing technology of jewel. Depending on the situation, even without any raw ore, as long as he had Structural Component skill he could possibly create precious stone from scratch.

As for design, he left it to Remia who unexpectedly displayed good sense in her idea, Hajime only transmuted following her design. Furthermore, just by wearing these accessories that Hajime created, it would improve the physical condition of the wearer, or improving the skin, or raising the memorizing ability, anyway the accessories had miraculous effects.

At present the business was done in a small office with their sales mainly from internet, but even so, Tio who in this one year was learning economy and management carried out the administration of the business, so he could work while also going to school. Rather, through word of mouth the good design sense and the miraculous effects were promoted further and the business produced quite an earning.

Furthermore, Remia and Tio who weren’t attending school respectively showed their interest on the various design style or economic system of earth, so this jewelry shop that Hajime established wasn’t just killing two birds with one stone, it was already killing three birds with one stone where Remia and Tio also could pursue their interest. Hajime himself was also stretching his hand toward various trades in his own way.

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「Magic merchandise is selling like magic huh.」Seeing Hajime who was making a really crooked smile while saying that, caused Shuu and Sumire to avert their eyes at the same time, while it went without saying that Yue and others were enraptured with that Hajime.

「O, oi, it’s finally the development just as we thought! As expected from those seniors. The predator that snapped at the bait is nothing half-assed.」

「Wait, is this, going to be okay? From their appearance, they feel like college students, they are absurdly huge.」

「Le, let’s at least, prepare so that we can contact the police.」

Ahead of the gaze of the trio who was hiding on the nearby signboard while seeing the situation, Hajime and group who were going to enter into a children clothing shop were being approached by five men with great body build that seemed to be college students. The five college students were approaching with smile on their mouth. Dyed hair, rough clothing, rough expression, rough atmosphere, from all those it was obvious that they were the type of people you wouldn’t want to get involved with.

The people at the surrounding were also somehow sensing the trouble that would happen, uneasy air could be felt from them.

The approach of those fellows caused Hajime to look back and narrowed his eyes. And then, the five men arrived before Hajime and group, the sound of someone gulping could be heard from somewhere, immediately following,

「Hajime-san, also all the girlfriends, greetings ―su-!」

「「「「Greetings ―su-!」」」」

The five scary guys bowed their head simultaneously. Voices and expressions of「Eee――!!」were overflowing from the surrounding. The unexpected development also caused the trio to go「Whyyyy!?」with their body leaning out from the signboard. Amidst those, Hajime was,

「……Aa? Who are you guys?」

He returned a suspicious stare at the scary guys. Getting flustered and a bit shocked from that reply, a man with dyed blonde hair and piercing opened his mouth in panicked rush.

「I, it’s me, me. Don’t you remember me?」

「Hmph? So this is a “It’s me, me” fraud right to the face……you are quiet a novel guy huh.」(Note: “It’s me, me” fraud, when someone unknown called your phone and suddenly said “it’s me, me” without saying any name and in a panicked tone. They would claim that your friend or family just got into accident and rushed you to transfer money to them.) 「Tha, that’s not it! Half a year ago, I picked a fight with Hajime-san together with twenty of my friends, I am Hide that got beaten up black and blue at that time! After that Hajime-san gave me introduction to my current workplace, and from that I work together with Hajime-san a few times as information dealer don’t you remembeer-」

「……Aah, yep. Hide huh. Hide. Yep. I remember you now.」

「Do, do you really remember mee-」

Hajime obviously didn’t seem to remember, but it would be scary later if this Hide kept asking doggedly (half a year ago, he had tasted “true fear”) so he stopped insisting. That scary face changed into a pathetic look like a puppy that was thrown away.

「So, beaten up information dealer Hide, what’s your business with me?」

「That name feels like it’s going to catch up as my nickname, so please spare me from that. Eeerr, I don’t really have any business, but I just caught sight of Hajime-san by chance, so I only came to give a greeting, that’s all.」

「I see. What a honest guy huh. Aa, somehow I recalled you. If I remember correctly, you guys are that bunch who got cold shoulder from Yue and others, and then you tried to take Myuu hostage as revenge, and in the end you guys did dogeza while crying to me right?」

「……Please don’t say anything about that anymore. That is a past that I really want to erase……」

The eyes of Hide and his friends turned empty altogether while their body was shivering. One of them looked like they could burst crying anytime.

After that, Hide and others who talked a bit with Hajime said that if it was children clothing then they knew of a shop of an acquaintance nearby that was little-known yet had good merchandise, receiving that information Hajime and others headed there. Seeing the five scary guys who was like a well trained soldier from how they continued to lower their head until the figure of Hajime’s group disappeared from view, it went without saying that it caused the gaze of the surrounding to become wordless.

「Somehow, it was different from expectation……」

「What we expected had already happened, and it was settled by “that person”, and this is the result huh.」

「……”Settlement” that made dangerous looking older bunch to act like loyal dogs huh……those guys, did you two see they were trembling……」


For some reason the body of the trio shuddered suddenly. And then at that time when they were pondering whether to continue tailing or to just stop it already, they witnessed the spectacle of Hajime and group exiting the children clothing shop, and the delinquent bunches who caught sight of that once more bowing their head to Hajime just like before.

The trio somehow missed their chance to speak of stopping their observation. And while that trio was still watching attentively, they saw Hajime and others who asked for a good café this time before they walked away, and the delinquents who as expected bowed their head for seeing them off.

Even during the walk until the café, the scene of young bunches who obviously had preference of living in back alley standing up in panic to give greeting while bowing their head when they happened to catch sight of Hajime, entered their sight many time.

Even when they returned back to main street the same thing happened, bunch of guys who seemed to be of that kind would suddenly lower their head with gaze that was filled with terror and respect when they crossed over Hajime’s path.

And the clincher of all that, was when a black foreign car stopped nearby Hajime and group who was having pleasant chat at an open terrace café. From that car, bunch of men wearing suits and clad in dangerous atmosphere that would blow away the likes of the delinquents until now were getting off, and as expected even these dangerous men were also greeting while bowing their head to Hajime. Naturally, the atmosphere of the café froze due to this.

And then, the last man got off from the car, an old man around sixty years old wearing hakama……no matter how anyone looked at him, that man couldn’t be seen as anything other than a yakuza boss. That man’s villainous face distorted even more villainous when he talked to Hajime.

「As always, you are in a nice position eh. Having women serving you in this kind of open place in the middle of day, even though you are just a brat. I want to see the face of the parent of someone like you.」

「If it’s the face of my parents than you know them already right? After all when you tried to take revenge at me who crushed your idiotic dealing, you thoroughly investigated my surrounding. Rather, just what business you have with me here huh? Just as you can see, I’m in the middle of date now. If you intentionally stopped your car just for saying sarcasm at me, then I’m going to crush you underfoot again you know?」

「Ka ka-, don’t say something scary like that. As the side that actually got done in, I cannot take that as joke here.」

“Don’t run off your mouth like that against a yakuza you!” The guests and café employees around, and also the trio were screaming like that inside their heart, but when they heard the continuing words of the yakuza boss, this time they froze from different significance. They thought「Just now, what did the boss said?」

「It’s great that this is Japan, and I’m a virtuous Japanese huh. If that’s not the case, by this time you guys will already all become dust and dance at the world sky.」

「……Do you have the self-awareness, that your speech is more yakuza than the actual yakuza? Haa, well that’s fine. About why I called at you like this……」

It seemed that the reason for the yakuza boss calling out at Hajime was, once in the past various things happened and one group of this boss’s yakuza got annihilated by Hajime (all members of the group were sent to hospital half-dead while its young leader had no hope of recovery), now this group was revived back, and the replacement of the former young leader of this group had been formally decided, so this boss came to Hajime in order to make the new young leader gave his greeting. (Note: In Japan, the big boss of the yakuza (called oyabun) stand at the top of the organization. The yakuza organization itself is divided into several groups where each group is led by young leader (wakagashira) that answered directly to the oyabun.)

It seemed that it had become a new common sense, that if you wanted to survive at the area around the city where Hajime was living, then you must not forget about Hajime’s existence. Due to that, the new young leader who knew about the hell scenery of that time now carried out the inauguration greeting to Hajime expressionlessly, while being unable to hide the cold sweat that was dripping from his face.

There was no way Hajime would come if he was called to attend the inauguration event, and it was unknown what kind of punishment they would receive if they intruded on Hajime’s house or school. However, if the new young leader didn’t show his face to Hajime, then they wouldn’t be able to calm down no matter what when thinking about the future. While the yakuza boss was at his wits end about what to do, while traveling by car he caught sight of Hajime’s group by accident, thinking「This is the chance-! Let’s take care of the unpleasant matter all at once! There is no way we are going to get assaulted at public place, that’s unthinkable!」, he called at Hajime like this to give the greeting.

……It was really unclear which side was the yakuza.

「I see. Well, as long as you guys doesn’t do anything that involved the people at my surrounding, you can do whatever you want. However, previously there was still some extenuating circumstances that I took into consideration, so your guys got off with only being half-dead, but there is no next time. If in the future, even if only indirectly something happen……I’ll present you guys with a really lovely second life. Forcefully, got that?」

Saying that, Hajime’s mouth split into a crescent moon shape.

「……As expected, you are more yakuza than yakuza.」

The people at the surrounding heavily sympathized「It’s exactly as you said, Oyabin-san!」inside their heart. And then, the yakuza boss was attacked with the impulse of wanting to ask, “just what kind of experience it was that produced a brat like you” based on his knowledge that Hajime was one of that “returnee”, but his instinct from his long life experience was raising a piercing alarm, so with effort he swallowed back his words.

Before long, the yakuza bunch bowed their head simultaneously at Hajime before also speaking in chorus at Yue and others「All of you Nee-san, pardon us for bothering at the middle of your enjoyment」, leaving behind that bizarre scene they finally drew back and left.

「Now then, it will be time soon, let’s go.」

Yue and other stood from their chair hearing Hajime’s words. When Hajime asked for the bill at the clerk, the girl clerk around the same age with Hajime who had watched the exchange just now faced the register while saying「Hyess! The bhill ishn’t hit! Thank you very mhucch!」in a state that was really like the template it made him wondered if she was actually aiming for it.

However, the fact that this act wasn’t something intentional was made clear by the clerks finger barrage at the register buttons which looked like a certain kenpou master going「Aa~tatatatatatata-」striking the secret points of human body. It was like a clichéd template so much that she looked pitiful. (Note: I guess this is a reference to Hokuto no Ken)

The girl clerk was looking for help at her coworkers and manager with a face that almost burst crying, but they only clenched their fist to convey「Do your best!」without any sign of lending a hand. The other guests and the trio were as expected only giving support of「Fight on!」inside their heart without any indication of giving assistance.



Seeing that state of the clerk, Hajime sighed thinking whether this was his fault. Hearing that the clerk twitched and her body trembled, the girl clerk’s secret point strike (register machine only) was increasingly reaching further height.

Thereupon, on the hand of the girl clerk that was striking the secret point(register button) a lot, a small hand was piled up there. The clerk spontaneously screamed「hih」, but when she understood that the hand came from the little girl Hajime was carrying she stared blankly in puzzlement.

Myuu smiled widely at that clerk.

「Clerk-san, it’s fine nano~」

「A, yes, my, my apologize.」

As expected from Myuu. It was with just one hit. The girl clerk who recovered her calm safely finished her divine fist training and typed on the register correctly.

Hajime who in a sense got his ass wiped up for him patted on Myuu’s head with gratitude, admiration, and praise. Myuu was smiling “ehehe~” while embracing Hajime.

Settling the bill, the clerk prepared the change from the register and watched Myuu and Hajime who were like that, her gaze was attracted at Hajime’s unexpectedly gentle expression and gaze. And then, when Hajime whispered「My bad for scaring you」with slightly troubled face while receiving the receipt, the clerk swung her head left and right energetically in denial.

Hajime exited the café while feeling the reproachful glare of the female camp on his back for some reason. The energetic voice of the clerk「W, we are waiting, fo, for your next coming――!」and the voice of the café manager that were trying to stop her from saying that echoed behind him.

「Hey, let’s go home already……I’m already, really at my limit in various meaning.」

「Yeah, me too. I want to go home.」

「The rumors were all true. I am convinced now. “That person” really had become a harem king to the greatest degree……」

A while after Hajime and group exited the café, the trio exited the café with a somewhat exhausted state. Their observation of Hajime’s group forced them into exhaustion in various meaning. At the same time, they also wordlessly convinced that it would be real bad if they stalked Hajime’s group more than this.

And then, they turned back at the opposite direction from where Hajime and group were walking……in that moment,


The face of one of the male student got covered by a paper that was carried by the wind with a plop. That male student cursed「What the hell」while taking that paper into his hand, he then dropped his gaze to that paper inadvertently……

――That young man stiffened as though he was frozen solid.

「Oi, what’s wrong?」

「What are you stiffening for……」

The other two felt dubious while they were peeking from both sides at the flying paper the stiffened young man kept holding, and there on the paper,

――Not a bad moment that you choose to quit. From now on too, be moderate with your inquisitiveness, okay? From senpai

Naturally the other two also stiffened. Since when they were noticed? When did this written? Rather, how did it arrive here? Eh, in the first place, just now, the wind is blowing right……

Various questions circulated in their brain instantly, then the three moved their head *gigigi* with crude movements like machine that was forgotten to be oiled and faced each other. And then, a beat later,


Screaming like a girl, the trio dashed on the path toward their home like a startled rabbit.

At the following week, it went without saying that additional anecdote was added into the urban legend of that “you know who”.

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