Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 184 — Arifureta After - The Happy Road of a Certain Muscle Brain

Chapter 184: Arifureta After - The Happy Road of a Certain Muscle Brain

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That place where tranquility was drifting as though separated from outside world, was a graveyard in a certain outskirts. A main building of a temple could be seen at slight distance away, and several gravestones lining up regularly at the surrounding.

In such graveyard that was characteristically quiet, in addition of it being a holiday, unusually there was a figure of a young girl there. She was standing alone by herself. Her hair that was reaching until her back was fluttering from the breeze, she wasn’t stirring even for a bit as though her thought was running around in her head, staring fixedly at the family name engraved on the gravestone.

But, at that timing, a rough voice resounded along with heavy footsteps that broke the tranquility.

「Ou, Suzu. What a coincidence. So you also came here huh.」


The girl――Suzu turned back in surprise. Ryutaro who just arrived stamped his feet loudly on the gravel path of the graveyard while raising his hand and greeted「Yo」really nonchalantly.

「Ryutaro-kun. Why are you here……wait, there is only one thing to do here huh.」

「Yeah, today is the day everyone is gathering. ……So, for some reason, yeah. If we are not coming here, then no one will be at here.」

「That’s not true you know? At least, there was already an offering when I came here.」

「Hm? Aa, by any chance, Kaori and Shizuku perhaps?」


In front of the grave stone, there were indeed some flowers decorating it there. There were also flowers decorating the spot other than the flowers that Suzu brought. Suzu was giving his agreement to Ryutaro’s guess while opening her mouth with wry smile.

「……Although, there is not really anything of Eri inside here.」

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Saying that, Suzu returned her gaze to the gravestone. There, the name of “Nakamura Eri” was engraved. Yes, the friend of Suzu that met her end at another world――Nakamura Eri’s family tomb was located here. Of course, Eri had self-exploded at the [Holy Precincts], so, let alone her remains, there wasn’t anything of her in this grave. There was nothing to prove that Eri was sleeping in here.

Even so, when she wished to lament over her best friend who devoted herself to evil due to her unstoppable madness and feeling, Suzu’s feet would naturally bring herself to this place. After they returned from the another world, she had only visited this place once. In this day after a year passed, when the members who had went through unique experience would gather, before the promised time Suzu and also Ryutaro without even any planning beforehand……including Kaori and Shizuku who came here beforehand, their feelings were as one.

For a while, the two stayed silent, they only continued to stare at the gravestone without any word, while recalling the Eri of before at the other side.

It was unknown how much time passed, but before long Suzu stretched her body with a groan ‘uu~n’, she floated a soft smile as though she had sorted out her feeling while asking Ryutaro.

「Come to think of it, as expected, Kouki won’t come to the gathering today isn’t he?」

「Yeah. Especially because I didn’t hear anything from Nagumo about opening the gate. Guess he won’t participate. Well, even though we finally got a special class prepared for our sake after much effort, he went as far as leaving high school, going to Tortus saying “I’m going to atone”. Something like the gathering for celebrating the one year of our return, even if that guy is in this side he absolutely won’t attend it yeah.」

「I guess. Kouki-kun would say something like, 『I don’t have any qualification for that』, right?」

Ryutaro and Suzu smiled wryly at each other.

Exactly as they said, currently Kouki was at Tortus. Kouki had returned home to earth once together with Hajime and others, but he was unable to make himself to go through normal high school life. It wasn’t like anyone was saying anything harsh to him, but it was his own heart, his guilty feeling, his will that wished for atonement, that rejected to spend his time with carefree feeling in school life even if it was just for one or two years.

Even with the disappearance of Ehitorujue who was toying around with people with his war game, it didn’t mean that the threat of monster had decreased. Among the monsters that came out from【Holy Precincts】, there should be some of them that succeeded in escaping. It seemed that removing those threats even for a bit was one kind of atonement for Kouki.

Naturally, it was widely known that Kouki who should have been summoned as hero didn’t participate at the decisive battle, there was also Kouki’s personal declaration which made it highly known throughout Tortus how Kouki was at the enemy’s side. Therefore, that equally meant that there was no place for Kouki at that world.

But, even so, as a single adventurer, Kouki silently moved himself busily to be assistance for someone.

「So, there is still a little bit of time until the time, but what will Suzu do?」

「Hmm~. I don’t really have any plan though. Maybe just strolling around aimlessly, or meeting up with Kaorin and others……no, I won’t meet up with them I guess. It’s impossible to spend my time normally inside that pink atmosphere. It would be absolutely tiresome.」

「Aa~, yeah. I guess so. Then, how about you kill time aimlessly. Together with me.」

「Yep. Let’s talk about various things, mixed with flashback scene too for the readers.」


Suzu was receiving a bit of wave signal while the two of them stared at the gravestone one more time, and then they left that place. (Note: What it means by the signal here is how Suzu is breaking the fourth wall a bit.)

The pair who were walking around aimlessly while making small talks before long reached a cosy park. Without any particular confirmation at each other’s thinking or any previous agreement, the pair naturally sat down on a bench. There they stared at the figures of children who were playing in the public park.

「Aa~, it’s so peacefuul~」

「Oi oi, what are you doing speaking like that. Are you a grandma?」

「That’s cruel. You really are a muscle brain without delicacy like usual, good grief. Even Ryutaro-kun, you would also impulsively think like that sometimes since we returned here right? About how peaceful it is here. To think that until a year ago we were fighting battle where it wouldn’t be strange to die anytime, this is a bit unbelievable even for myself.」

「……Yeah. When we just returned here we were busy with things, so at first I didn’t feel anything like that though. But indeed, recently, now that I have calmed down I often got thought like that.」

「……Isn’t that right.」

A year ago Hajime created a gate that connected the another world Tortus and earth and the surviving classmates stepped their feet in this birthplace of their once more.

They landed on the rooftop of the school, then they looked around and raised a loud joyful voice at the moonlight night. Among them there were people who were overcame with emotion and broke out crying, there were also those who were consoling those people while crying in sympathy, at that time it was quiet a hectic situation.

At that time, Hajime and others also investigated the possibility, whether in the end it would be possible to once again open the gate to Tortus, the another world from here or not. Hajime had consumed immense magic power, but he used the magic crystal where he stocked reserve magic power and whipped up his tired body to immediately attempt it, and the result was that they confirmed that at the very least even in earth they were able to use magic and artifact.

Hearing that, the happiness of the classmates who realized that it was possible to once more meet with the close people they had created at the another world rose to a great extent. All of the classmates swooped down on Hajime and they even did the customary practice of tossing him to the air even though it was at the middle of night.

After that, the calming down classmates rejoiced in each other’s survival and return before setting out to return to their home. In the end, what happened with their house and family……such anxiety was by no meant nonexistence in their heart, but even so, all of them were dashing through their school route with light footsteps and nostalgia,

……with a super speed that would make Olympic athlete went pale.「You guys-, stop jumping over the rooftops!」like that it went without saying that the angry voice of a certain worrier ponytail-san echoed in the middle of night.

By the way, regarding of how they should explain to their family and other people regarding the events during their disappearance, during the month after the decisive battle they all discussed it, and the conclusion they reached was to “tell it honestly”.

Even if they made lies that sounded realistic, surely if it got investigated by the police and so forth, the contradiction and the suspiciousness of their lies would be exposed. It was easily imaginable how popular the topic of a group disappearance in midday would become and how earnest the police would investigate it. There was no way those investigating polices wouldn’t be able to see through their half-baked lies. To say nothing of how there were students who couldn’t come back. They couldn’t do this half-baked.

Having said that, if they tried to pretend to have amnesia, it would look like they really had something to hide and the police and mass media would surely not leave them alone. A blank period that the disappeared students were obstinately refusing to speak about……something like that was just the favorite of mass media. Combined with the not returning students, there would be many sides that made a fuss greatly with mixture of fact and truth.

If the situation would be like that, then wouldn’t it be better if the offered by themselves that kind of information instead, something that would make the surrounding spontaneously drew away in revulsion, or possibly made other people looked at them with pitying gaze while secretly distancing themselves.

The information they offered would be,

――We fought monster and evil god, at a fantasy world of sword and magic!

Like that.

Of course, this was an idea from Hajime. There was not a single lie in that information, that was why they could just act boldly saying that no matter how much they were pressed for information. In this way even the classmates who weren’t as shameless as Hajime could weather the storm without amassing too much anxiety. And no matter what other people said to them, they could just speak back with “it’s depend on you whether you believe it or not”.

And then, regarding the people who would still pursue the matter deeply even then, or when some kind of problem occurred, Yue-san’s magic would be liberally used to get those problematic people to be “Dear me, what am I doing again just now?”

Also, the people who got applied with “Dear me, what am I doing again just now?” weren’t just the mass media whose tenacity status was at MAX count and the excessively sharp government official or police. There were also suspicious organization that seemed to be related with religion, or ree-ally suspicious people that seemed to be related with government, or the absurdly suspicious sorcery――occultist group.

While the majority of their classmates were enjoying television or internet while nibbling at potato chips after so long, behind the scene Hajime and others (+ a person with thin shadow) were doing this and that against the bunches who seemed to be living at behind the scene of earth but……that was another story.

「At the beginning it was really hectic wasn’t it. Especially the mass media people, they were really persistent huh.」

「Yeah, many calls were coming asking me to come out in a special program in television, or something like that. The times when I were asked about Eri or Hiyama, “why is it only you all who came home”, or “don’t you feel any responsibility”, I seriously wanted to send them flying y’know.」

「About that huh. When Nakano-kun and Saitou-kun normally punched the reporter, they got article『As expected, is there any disorder in their mind!?』in the news without any reservation at all you remember?」

「The delicacy of the reporter is also questionable though.」

Recalling the large wave in society at that time, Suzu and Ryutaro smiled wryly at each other. At that time, not only the mass media and police, even some of their acquaintances visited them to pry about just what really happened.

Especially the family of Hiyama, Kondo, and Shimizu. They were doggedly hounding the matter until the end.

The truth was also conveyed without anything hidden toward the families of the students who couldn’t return. The ones who were doing the explanation were Aiko and Hajime. Actually Aiko tried to go to talk to those families by herself, but the topic about Hajime would be unavoidable anyway if the truth was going to be spoken, and above all, Hajime didn’t have the least bit of intention to bother Aiko or make Aiko bear the full brunt regarding the matter of Hiyama and others, so Hajime forcefully accompanied Aiko in the end.

Naturally, after those families were made to believe the story of another world by showing them magic, the families of Hiyama and others cursed and insulted at Hajime and Aiko in unconcealed rage and hatred, some were even trying to act violent, but……

Giving a glance at Aiko who resigned herself to accept those anger and hatred from her feeling of responsibility of being unable to bring those students home or reforming their conduct, Hajime who was the perpetrator that put the bullet in those students kept a cold expression and repelled straight from the front all of those anger and hatred.

Even if the families of those killed students were virtuous, no matter how much those families were looking forward to the return of their children, those things weren’t something that could erase the fact that they had bared their fang toward Hajime and Hajime’s important people. For the feeling of a parent wouldn’t, something like what their child did and Hajime’s circumstance were irrelevant. But similar like that, for Hajime, something like the feeling of his enemy’s parent was also something that had nothing to do with him.

――I don’t have regret in what I did. I don’t even think that what I did was wrong. Therefore, I won’t even apologize. You can think of me however you like, but if you turn your hand at my relatives because of this case then you better prepare yourself.

Those were the words that Hajime spoke to those families. For Hajime who was skilled in subtle deception and speech, to the degree that he was said to possess talent as an agitator, those were really straight words that could even be said tactless. To put it bluntly, those words could only be think of something rubbed the nerves of the other party the wrong way.

But, Aiko who was beside him was able to understand that for Hajime those words were his greatest sincerity, those were his resolve. He didn’t deceive the other party, and he was resolved that if the hatred that he caused would try to lay their wicked hand on his relatives, then he would face it anywhere anytime and eliminate them.

As the result, Hiyama’s family acted rashly trying to get revenge from Hajime and others. Hajime personally broke their heart. The other families who knew of that state of Hiyama family then protected their silence. Seeing from the side, it was really a result that left bad aftertaste in mouth, but Hajime didn’t care of it at all.

Now then, including those commotions too, there were also things like the raging journalism battle and whatever that were perpetrated regarding the returnee but……one day, all of those suddenly died down like a drawing back sea wave. And it didn’t stop there, all of the news were quietly dying down so unnaturally until it was like nothing had happened at all.

「About that, there is no doubt that was something Nagumo-kun and others did isn’t it?」

「For sure. Problems like the family register of Yue-san and others, or the recognition of the surrounding, those kinds of problem were also all easily cleared. It wasn’t something strange at all if they actually did something somehow regarding the awareness of the society while they were at it yeah. Not to mention how Ai-chan-sensei was made to bear the full brunt of the critic because she was the only adult involved. Ain’t no way that Nagumo was gonna just left that going on.」

Actually what happened was exactly like that. 「When magic is mixed with information society……something like the world become simple huh」, if it was asked who was the one that was saying such extremely terrifying thing……it should be rather left unsaid.

「Well, there were a lot of troubles, but if there is a small mercy from all that, is that no one got rejected by their family I think. My Otou-san and Okaa-san, also Taeko-san(the caretaker) too, right after I finished giving them explanation, their face turned grim and they tried to bring me to hospital, but after I actually showed them magic and explained several times they somehow could accept it.」

「Yeah, me too. But, at my case, I showed them my Mode Werewolf so……they became really panicked at that time. My mother fainted, while my old man took out a bat that he swung around wildly, big sis wet himself, and Karashio(pet dog) howled like crazy, and my neighbor old man Fujii said things like『It’s waaar~』while shooting out fire extinguisher……」

「I don’t know about that old man you mentioned last, but most of it was Ryutaro-kun’s own fault wasn’t it? Rather, your father who tried to face his son that suddenly transformed into werewolf using a bat, I really respected him from the heart now.」

Receiving Suzu’s exasperated gaze that came from the bottom of her heart, Ryutaro said「That was accident, accident」while averting his gaze in embarrassment. By the way, Ryutaro who thought that he wouldn’t be able to calm the situation by himself at that time made his family and the neighbor old man Fujii to faint for the time being, and then by going all out with the instant movement of werewolf, he intruded into the house of Kouki who were similarly in the middle of explaining the circumstance.

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When a brutal werewolf of fantasy world suddenly leaped into their house, Kouki’s father fainted, while the mother took out kitchen knife and went into rampage, and Kouki’s little sister peed herself. Kouki who immediately guessed the true identity of the werewolf and that his objective was to ask for help, at that time he suppressed his mother for the time being and made his little sister to sleep.

And then he punched Ryutaro, after that even while sighing deeply, thinking that it was just the right timing with all the chaos that had happened, he held a double family meeting along with Ryutaro’s family that had been wakened up and somehow obtained the understanding from both families.

By the way, at Shizuku’s home there was also an emergency call that came from Shirasaki family. At that time the first voice that came from Kaori’s parent that was filled with confusion was『Shizuku-chan! As I thought, you have came home too then, I’m glad! By the way, my daughter is an angel now, do you know anything about it!?』, like that. It seemed that Kaori showed her parents her angel mode but……listening to it normally, that call could only be heard as a doting parent suddenly calling at the middle of night for boasting about his daughter.

At the other side of the phone, the voice of Kaori that said「Geez-, Otou-san! Don’t make embarrassing call like that!」could be heard, then next came the voice「But, but Kaoriii. Tha, that angel look……that’s just too lovely!」, such hectic conversation of parent and child could be heard noisily……Shizuku silently put down the phone. While Inside her heart, 「I’m also busy explaining over here, idiooot!」she was cursing.

Like that, the classmates who accomplished returning home each went through different twist and turn to persuade their family, however in the end they were able to make their family to believe the story about another world, and together with their family they dealt with the mass media as planned.

Although, it wasn’t like everything went as planned, or everything was still the same like before……

「Eh? Suzu-chan? Also Sakagami? What are you two doing in this kind of place?」

「Oh, it’s true. Suzu-chan, long time no see~! Wait, don’t tell me, this is a date!?」

「Eh? Lies!? With Sakagami!? Suzu-chan, are you being threatened!?」

Suddenly noisy voices called at Ryutaro and Suzu who were talking on a park bench. When they looked, there were their former classmates standing there. They were three girls who at that day when they were summoned went to a different place at the lunch break, because of that they didn’t get dragged into the summoning. They were friends of Suzu who were relatively close to her.

The three of them saw Suzu spending time with only Ryutaro. It stirred up a bit of curiosity about the relationship of the two and great wariness toward Ryutaro inside their mind, but when Suzu replied that they had plan to join up with everyone else after this and currently they were killing time until the planned time, the expression of the three girls loosened in disappointment and relieve.

They talked noncommittally a bit about their recent condition, and then after exchanging the speech of let’s contact each other again next time~, they parted way.

「As usual, your communication prowess is high eh.」

「I guess.」

Ryutaro’s words that were mixed with praise was accepted by Suzu with a shrug, not looking like she was being humble or joking. As expected, it seemed that the decisive battle against Eri that Suzu went through caused a great change, or perhaps a great growth in Suzu’s mind.

Group disappearance――that fact also gave a not a little, no, rather it gave a big impact to the other students of the same school. The students’ attitude and atmosphere toward the returnee group were as though they were tumor that must not be touched and a group that they didn’t really want to have anything to do with, but in reverse they were also lacking in delicacy with their curiosity.

Also, when the returnees were attending to the school once more, there were a lot of families that contacted the school and voiced their anxiety about them.

During that one year of disappearance, there was no contact at all from the disappearing group, other people didn’t understand where they were and what they were doing or what were done to them. The returnees themselves only gave story that didn’t sound realistic at all. Furthermore, there were also students who didn’t come back with them……sure enough, the families were concerned whether their child would be okay going to the same school together with such mysterious group.

As the result, regardless of the return of the directly related people, the truth of the case was still not clear, there were also the matter of the students whose whereabouts were still unknown, so finally the school administration moved.

In order to reduce situations where Hajime and others got exposed to the inquisitive eyes of society were reduced, an exclusive curriculum was prepared in order for the returnees to recover their falling behind in their studies, at the same time psychologist were stationed inside the school for supporting the smooth school life of the returnees……with those official stance, a special class that was separated from other students in order to avoid troublesome problem was prepared.

Because of that, currently the returnees weren’t studying in their original classroom, now they were put in a fixed class until their graduation that was located at the top floor of the school, furthermore it was at the corner in an unused room.

Actually a talk of changing the school of the returnees itself was strongly raised but……with the opinion of someone that said「It’s troublesome to change school」along with profoundly mysterious phenomenon, the creation of this special class was pushed through. The class was formed unnoticed, very naturally. To the degree that it was unnatural……

Anyway, like that a physical sense of distance between the returnees and other students was created, naturally a sense of distance was also spreading between the returnees and the students of different class who they were friends with before the summoning, however there were also a lot among them who managed to remade their friendly relationship but……even amidst those people, Suzu was the one who were the most able in building back a relationship with the friends she already had before the summoning into a relationship that was the same like before, no, rather that relationship became even more intimate than before.

That relationship was to the degree that when Suzu met those friends accidentally in a holiday like this, those friends would call to her proactively. It was to the degree that they even glared at Ryutaro with gleaming eyes that were unbecoming for girl, as though to say ‘if you do something strange to Suzu, don’t expect it to end well for you’.

「Haah, good grief, someone like you really is…… If Nagumo is excluded, surely the one who changed the most by going to another world is Suzu. It’s an honor to be seen as a boyfriend even though it was only for a moment yeah.」

「Fu-fu-fu. Isn’t that right, isn’t that right. For Ryutaro-kun to be suspected of having relationship with a beautiful woman like this, you happy man you~」


「……Oi, try to say the reason why you averted your eyes when I said the words beautiful woman. If you have an objection to my words then how about saying it loudly. Hmm?」

Taniguchi Suzu. Looking from her braided hair that stretched long and the atmosphere she was clad in, she was a girl that looked really adult. However the sad thing was……that her height didn’t stretch up for even a millimeter. And then, her breast was also…… No matter how one looked at her, it was hard to call her as beautiful woman. However, surely she was a beautiful girl. Perhaps, undoubtedly.

Seeing Suzu who was indignant at his attitude, Ryutaro lifted up both his hands and showed a pose of surrendering. And then, seeing Suzu who expressed her displeasure with a huff, Ryutaro was thinking of what to do, what should he do in hesitation, where in the end he showed an embarrassed gesture and averted his gaze quickly while opening his mouth.

「No, well, that’s……you are, charming enough y’know? No, really, I’m serious.」

「Thank you very much, for the faked follow up. Hmph, I’m not a super beauty like Yue-san and others anyway.」

Suzu went「keh」with her lips pouted looking somewhat timid in inferiority complex. But, Ryutaro’s words after that which were said with shockingly serious voice to her, caused her to leak out a dumbfounded voice unintentionally.

「……That ain’t mere follow up. Suzu is a good woman, who won’t lose to anyone.」


When Suzu reflexively turned her gaze at Ryutaro, Ryutaro who was supposedly looking away until just now was staring straight at Suzu. The small sound of her heart jumping inside her chest resounded. Suzu understood how her neck, and her face was turning feverish.

This time, it was Suzu who was looking aside. For some reason she couldn’t let out any word. She could only barely let out sound「H, hm~m」that sounded ambiguous even for herself.

A strangely stained atmosphere that Suzu had never really experienced before was flowing, she couldn’t say anything. Both of them were wordless, only the sound of leaves rustling from the wind that were entering their ear excessively clearly.

Stealing a glance, Suzu tried to peep at Ryutaro’s state, there he was looking really nervous, and yet his face was really serious and seemed to be troubled of something. That also caused Suzu’s nervous meter to climb up without stopping.

Before long, with a calm voice as though he had resolved himself, Ryutaro opened his mouth.

「About the matter after we graduated high school……」

「He!? Ah, um……」

「I, am thinking to go to Tortus again.」

「That’s……you mean not in the capacity of going there to play together with Nagumo-kun and others?」

「Yeah. I’m thinking, of living at the world there.」


Suzu felt like she understood the reason of Ryutaro deciding that. In this one year, they had spend much time together, during that time they talked about various things that made her think whether he would do something like that.

「I want to help Kouki there, I also want to become help for guys in need. I have the power for that, ain’t no way after this late I can become salary man or something with all this.」

「Didn’t you, also think about being police officer before this?」

「Yeah. But see, as I thought, my nature suit the world over there more.」

「I see.」

It appeared that Ryutaro had genuinely decided his future path. Suzu felt like she was going to get left behind somehow, that her feeling turned a bit lonely.

Toward such Suzu, Ryutaro suddenly stood up, he then moved in front of Suzu and got down on his one knee. With this stance now the large built Ryutaro was looking up at her. This was as though……

Suzu’s body temperature was rising. Her heart jumped from Ryutaro’s serious expression.

「Ryu, Ryutaro-kun……」

‘What are you doing?’ Suzu was about to voiced that but, Ryutaro conferred all his feeling with his words faster than Suzu.

「Suzu. Won’t you, come together with me?」

「Tha, that is, are you asking me to form a party with you sometimes――」

「That ain’t it. You got what I meant right? What I am saying is, for “the whole life”.」


Suzu gulped. That was exactly, a love confession. For the first time in her life, a confession with seriousness to the highest degree, was right now said to her. The winding of great emotion that was welling up inside her made her voice got caught in her throat that she couldn’t say anything. Ryutaro spoke his words further to such Suzu.

「I love Suzu. Rather than a future in this world, pick a future that is together with me. It won’t be a calm future but, I will treasure you with all my power. Let’s go, together. Forever.」

Inside Suzu’s heart, something like「That’s too straight!」, or「Even though you had come to a clean break, but even temporarily you once fell in love with Yue-san, do you have preference with small girl!? You lolicon!」, or「While saying you love me, you are asking me to fight together in another world, just what are you saying you muscle brain!」, those abusive languages were lining up inside Suzu’s stormy heart but……

When she noticed, a reply of――

「……Mm. That’s fine.」

Like that that sentence came out naturally. The words came out so smoothly that it surprised even herself. Like that, she became aware.

「Even myself is surprised, but I too, seem to really like Ryutaro-kun.」

Suzu’s face was already looked like a ripe apple. The time they ran around at another world, this one year since they came home, the things that she had piled up between her and Ryutaro seemed to have grown bigger that what Suzu was aware of.

Like that, Ryutaro who received a confession acceptance for the first time in his life, and obtained the word “like” form a girl was……


He howled grandly like that. The children who played in some distance jumped from shock and the looked at Ryutaro while shaking.

「Wai-, you are noisy, Ryutaro-kun! The small kids are making face like a villager that is encountering an ogre there!」

「A-ha-ha-ha, then how about I use Mode Ogre then! If it’s now then I’ll give special service yeah!」

「Don’t do that! A Monster Appeared in Park at Broad Daylight! The front page of evening paper today will be like that! Or rather, how happy you are? Your tension is too high!」

「Obviously I’m happy! It’s about my first girlfriend in life! Furthermore, it’s Suzu! This is the best!」

「-, uu, idiottt~~」

After that, a muscle brain’s greatest happiness cheer was booming in the small public park for a while, together with the remonstrating voice of Suzu who even then couldn’t hide the happiness inside herself.

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