Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 193 — Arifureta After - Nagumo Family’s Bride Riot

Chapter 193: Arifureta After - Nagumo Family’s Bride Riot

The after story is written as the author pleased (the main story was also haphazard though), so the chronological order is also all over the place. Perhaps it’s hard to read but, please treat it well.

「I wonder……what to do about the marriage ceremony?」

At the living room that was illuminated by bright sunlight, Sumire who was drooping limply on the sofa whispered to herself.

This day was a holiday for the society, however, Sumire who was a famous manga artist from the beginning didn’t have holiday. In order to sail across the time of judgment with the name of the deadline that was approaching her today too, she class changed into zombie and headed to her workplace but……in the end, Sumire who ran out of material couldn’t advance, and instead of sulking in bed she was sulking in her house acting sluggishly.

At present Hajime and Shuu weren’t at home, there were only the female camp of Yue and others here. What was unusual that despite Hajime going out but he left behind Yue and others.

Hajime and Shuu were going to a meeting regarding the new game that was being created at Shuu’s company, but putting aside Hajime who was recognized as an important battle strength even while he was still a student, for Yue and others who only had meager knowledge about game, they couldn’t participate in the meeting just with the reason of wanting to be together with their lover, that was the surface reason.

In addition, today Myuu was also going out. It appeared she was taking along her friends(underlings) in the kindergarten to make clear of their position with the kindergarteners from the neighboring town. When Myuu got out from the house entrance, Myuu said「Today is the decisive battle nano. Myuu will teach those pretentious kids, just where is their place in society nano」with a fearless smile, just who she was taking after……such question didn’t even need to be asked.

Because of that, Kaori and Shizuku were also invited into the house, and they spent a laid back holiday with only the females but……

That silent explosive which Sumire threw brought about a ripple that by no meant was small among the females. Above their head, there was the “!?” mark floating like a certain soldier who loved cardboard box when he was discovered by enemy soldier, and they turned their gaze at Sumire with a momentum that seemed to give off the sound *bat-*. It was only Yue who was drinking black tea while directing a gaze at Sumire as though she was looking at a somewhat good-for-nothing person.

「E, err, Kaa-sama? What do you mean by just now?」

Shia represented everyone and asked the true meaning of Sumire’s whisper. In respond to that, Sumire sluggishly raised her face that was buried on the sofa and opened her mouth with a really uneasy expression.

「There is no deeper meaning to it, Shia-chan. Sooner or later, we intend to grandly hold a wedding ceremony of Hajime with Shia-chan and others, but as expected, it’s impossible for all of you to do it right? See, in this Japan, a country with a constitutional government, polygamy is prohibited by law.」

「Ce, certainly……」

Shia nodded up and down. Kaori and Shizuku went「Hm?」and tilted their head, they were about to open their mouth to say something, but Sumire’s words continued to forestall them.

「Everyone’s parents should absolutely want to see their daughter in wedding dress too. But, how sad, based on the law of Japan, there can only be one bride in the wedding ceremony……that is to say, there is only one person among you that can wear wedding dress!」

*zugaaan!* While lighting was roaring behind her back, Sumire loudly yelled the shocking truth(?). Shia and Tio, and also Kaori and the rest made a face that seemed to say「What did you say――!!」. Shizuku was about to make a retort at what Sumire pointed out but……

「Shizuku-chan……don’t you want to wear a wedding dress?」

「Wh? N, no, Sumire-san. That is, that, of course I want to wear it, but……」

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Sumire firmly grasped Shizuku’s shoulder and asked that question to her while peering at her face from really close. Hearing that question, Shizuku’s body leaned back from the pressure and expressed her honest feeling. As though taking advantage of that opening, Sumire’s verbal attack was not stopping!

「Shizuku-chan. Also, Remia-chan who is acting ‘my my ufufu’ over there, and also Yue-chan who for some reason is staring at me with a lukewarm gaze as though I am a good-for-nothing person. Everyone too also want to wear wedding dress aren’t you? You want to walk along with Hajime on the wedding aisle wrapped in the ceremonial dress aren’t you?」


「……Nn. Of course, Okaa-sama.」

「I also feel the same here, Okaa-san.」

Sumire nodded with ‘yep yep’, however, immediately after she looked up above with a gesture that was excessively dramatical.

「Isn’t that right. But, only one person can do that. And then, about the marriage registration, that is the notification for the sake of being seen by the people outside as Hajime’s wife, it’s also only one person who can have that……in this Japan, it’s only one person that can be formally recognized as Hajime’s wife.」

After saying that Sumire ran her gaze at Yue and others with a sad expression. And then, Shia and others, when they heard the words「There is only one person among these people here who will be Hajime’s formal wife」they sent each other gaze containing slight nervousness at each other. Amidst such atmosphere, Sumire released those words that would push down Nagumo family into chaos in this day.

「Now, I wonder, who among these women is truly worthy to be Hajime’s wife? I wonder, as his mother, who should I choose? Hey, all of you, Hajime’s “self-proclaimed” wives?」


Shock ran through the body of Shia and others!

Self-proclaimed――that word deeply, truly deeply pierced their chest. Indeed, they hadn’t submit any marriage registration or even holding the ceremony. No matter how they insisted that they were husband and wife, but seen from the eye of the society there was no proof of that. The word “self-proclaimed”, for some unknown reason it caused a violent discomfort welling up that they couldn’t negate!

「Ka, Kaa-sama-! What, what should I do desu!?」

「Ah, Shia, that’s unfair! Okaa-san! I will do my best for Hajime-kun’s sake! That’s why!」

「E, ee, me too, I’ll do my best so……」

「Hmmm, I too, perhaps it wouldth be soon the time to show mine seriousness.」

Shia, Kaori, Shizuku, and Tio who got all flustered and shook up gathered to their mother in law and begged for her teaching. Even Yue and Remia who had somehow guessed Sumire’s ulterior motive only slightly exchanged glances and troubled smile before closing to Sumire’s side.

Sumire was smiling complacently inside her heart looking at her obedient(?) daughters-in-law, however, she didn’t show even a speck of the inside of her heart, and then with a force that seemed to make sound *zubishi-* she thrust up her finger. And then, she proclaimed.

「Yue-chan, Shia-chan, Tio-chan, Kaori-chan, Remia-chan, Shizuku-chan! Do all of you want, to wear wedding costume at Hajime-sideee――!」

Naturally, the wives replied back「Oo~~~」in high spirits.

「Do you waaant, to be seen as Hajime’s wife by the neighbooors――!!」

Naturally, the wives replied back「Gung ho, gung ho, gung ho!!」in high spirits.

「Do you waaant~, to have your name written in the marriage registratiooon―――!!」

Naturally, the wives replied back「Uu~raaraaraaraa―――」in high spirits.

The trivial things already didn’t matter.

After that, with Sumire’s incitement, Yue and others progressed the preparation for the sake of「The deciding match of who is the most worthy as wife in Nagumo Family!」.

At evening, Hajime and Shuu finished their work and went home. They were passing through the house entrance while talking about this and that regarding the meeting today about the new game production, and they put their hand on the entryway’s door. And then,

「I’m home~」

「We’re back~」

They said the returning home greeting while opening the door……

「……Nn. Welcome home, dear, Otou-sama.」

「Welcome home desu!」

They were welcomed, by Yue and Shia who was only wearing frilly pure white small apron. Shuu spoke「O, oo!?」from the side, but at the next instant, 「pugeh」such scream was raised and he crumbled down. The swift inescapable attack from his son sent his consciousness flying.

「What are, you doing, Yue, Shia.」

Those figures of pure white tight beautiful legs and slender arms and shoulders, and then, the breasts that were bared by more than half which was too lascivious caused Hajime’s cheeks to cramp while asking.

「……Of course, toward the husband who had just worked hard and returned home――」

「The wife welcomed him with her all desuu.」

「With naked apron?」

「「With naked apron.」」

Yue and Shia twirled on the spot. Their naked back and jiggling butts were shown to Hajime.

「You aren’t happy?」

「Is this a failure desu?」

Yue and Shia tilted their head while confirming to Hajime. Naturally, Hajime bowed his head saying「Thank you very much」. It was the sad nature of man. Seeing such Hajime, Yue and Shia asked him something strange「From 1 to 10, what is our score?」. Even while feeling suspicious, Hajime answered「Full score」without hesitation.

Yue and Shia took a guts pose「Yosh-」, then they too off Hajime’s coat and baggage before vanishing inside the room with their lovely butts exposed to him throughout.

「What is going on……」

While feeling as though he was watching a waking dream, Hajime shouldered his fainted father and opened the door to the living room.

There, this time it was,

「You guys too!?」

「uu, we, welcome, home, Hajime-kun.」

「We, we, welco――impossibleee, as expected I cannot endure this!!」

「My my, fufu. Welcome home, dear.」

「Yes, welcome home, Goshujin-sama.」

Kaori and Shizuku, also Remia and Tio were wearing naked apron as expected while welcoming him home with a bow with their three fingers of each hand pressing on the floor. Hajime’s spontaneous retorted caused Shizuku’s face to turn bright red from shame while she was rushing to inside the room. However, it didn’t change the fact that she was wearing naked apron, so it went without saying her captivating jiggling butts were exposed to him.

「Uu, what, suddenly an impact hit my jaw……hah!? What is this place, is this Shangri-la abeshih-」

Shuu who Hajime discarded on the sofa appeared to open his eyes, but as expected he received a swift unavoidable attack that made him collapsed with the white of his eyes exposed.

While glancing at such Shuu, as expected a question of「The score?」from the wives came at him. Hajime livelily told the point「2 point」only at Tio before he said to Kaori and Remia「Full point」. Ignoring Tio who twitched before starting to pant, Kaori and Remia made a guts pose and as expected they disappeared into the kitchen with their butts exposed to him.

「So, Kaa-san. What are you making them do this time?」

Hajime was sighing while asking at Sumire who was grinning broadly while making a cool pose for some reason at the corner of the room.

「My, what’s with that. You make me sounds like I am a problem child. I am merely accompanying everyone in their homemaking training you know?」

「This is the first time I heard that naked apron is a bride training.」

「Welcoming the husband home is also one of the creditable bride training. You see, Yue-chan and others, right now they are competing with each other you know, about who is the worthiest as the bride of Nagumo family. As their husband, you have to properly watch them. The conclusion won’t be reached if everyone get full point, so you have to grade properly! Okay!?」


Hajime was sending the most reproachful gaze he could make to Sumire. Before the girls had done training for housework, laundry, and cooking as bride training. And now they were competing with each other after this late with abnormal way like naked apron, no matter how he thought about it this must be a prank. And the mastermind of this prank could only be one person in this place.

Hajime was about to question Sumire further, but at that timing Yue approached him with small steps. Her clothing was still the same.

「……Hajime, the preparation for the dinner and bath is finished.」

「O, ou, I see.」

「……Nn. So……」

Yue tightly clutched the fringe of her apron while fidgeting. If she did something like that, than the apron that had already been in a risky length from the beginning would be further rolled up and became something dangerous. Naturally Hajime’s gaze was pulled into that territory like a monster who was being sucked into the mouth of thunder dragon.

Toward such Hajime, Yue mouthed that template speech.

「……Will you not take the bath, and do me? Or will you not take the dinner, and do me? Or else, will you do me, or do me?」

「……In the end there is no option for me though……」

It was off by a bit from the template! As expected of Yue quality. But, however, the matchless vampire princess wasn’t finished with just this level!

「Then, will you take a bath while doing me? Or else, will you have dinner while doing me?」

「What does that mean!?」

「……As expected, it will be embarrassing, doing it in front of Otou-sama and Okaa-sama. But, if Hajime wished for it」

「I don’t wish that! There is a limit even at being abnormal!」

「Myy, Hajime you! This pervert son!」

「Kaa-san shut up a bit there!」

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Hajime’s retort gushed out. On this occasion he left alone Yue who was blushing while fidgeting with both her hands on her cheeks. For the time being, he should make her wore some clothes and recover the order in Nagumo household. Hajime was about to act with that objective.

But, before he could do that,

「I, I cannot let, only Yue taking the spotlight! Ha, Hajime-kun!」

「Ka, Kaori?」

Still in naked apron, Kaori who peeked out from the cover of the kitchen leaped out as though she had been waiting for her turn. And then, while she was fidgeting pigeon-toed looking embarrassed, she yelled with an expression that was filled with resolve.

「Won’t you eat me as dinner!?」

「What are you saying!?」

「What seasoning that you wanttt!?」

「Calm down-, what you are saying is just too lacking in common sense!」

「Myy, Hajime you! This Mr. gourmet master-」

「I’m going to throw you out from the house, Kaa-san!」

After that, Shia and others who leaped out after that were saying similar things which Hajime retorted back at severely, Sumire who watched that stirred up the place, Shuu who recovered his consciousness with a ‘hah’ was made to sleep with a swift unavoidable attack, and in the end, it was one hour later before they could have dinner normally.

By the way, as expected everyone was wearing clothes when taking dinner. For some reason everyone was wearing risqué cosplay appearance though……

In the middle, a delivery service young man was making delivery, but he was startled by the blonde miniskirt police woman that came out from the house, and then he stepped back seeing the miniskirt nurse that came out from behind the police woman saying「You forget the stamp heree」, next he sweated coldly due to the miniskirt shrine maiden that came in panic saying「What are you two doing going out with that appearance!」, in the end the young man expressed his gratitude「Tank ou hery much-―――」that was filled with various meanings with red face and also panic, such thing happened but……

At any rate, the cooking showdown had everyone made one dish which got judged by Hajime, and it went mostly peacefully.


「Nmyu? What’s the matter papa?」

At the bath, Hajime was washing the hair of Myuu who was going home before the dinner while unintentionally making a tired sigh. Myuu was tilting her head that was covered all over with bubbles.

「Myuu……grow up into a normal girl for me okay.」


「No, it doesn’t matter. Just forget it.」

Looking at his beloved daughter that was tilting her head in incomprehension, Hajime was smiling wryly thinking ‘just what I’m saying’ before rinsing off the bubbles on Myuu’s hair.

But, at that time, Hajime’s senses detected the presence of several people approaching the bathroom!

「Wait, Kaori and also Shizuku, those two haven’t go home yet?」

Before Hajime entered the bath, he had told the two of them that they should go back home soon. But regardless of that, Hajime could sense the presence of Kaori and Shizuku among the presences that were approaching, it made Hajime to be at his wits’ end. Immediately after, the door of the bathroom was opened loudly. Just as he expected, there were the stark naked figures of Yue and others boldly standing imperiously! Not even a single string was covering their body, it was to the degree that Hajime wanted to tell them to at least use towel to cover their front. (For the moment, it was only Shizuku who was using towel to hide her body.)

「……Nn. Now-」

「Charge desuu」

「I won’t lose! The one who is the most skilled at washing Hajime-kun’s body, is meee!」

「Ufufu, today is the day I’m washing the front.」

「Haa haa, Goshujin-sama, haa haa」

「……Pardon me.」

It appeared this was a competition about who could wash the body of the husband the best. Hajime’s eyes were twitching while he quickly headed to the bathtub and urged Myuu to follow. It was as though he was asking her if she could accompany him.


「I won’t let you!」

Along with those words, *whoosh* Yue instantly appeared before Hajime’s eyes.

「Wai-, don’t use “Heaven Existence” in this kind of place!」

「Level X-」

「Maximum body reinforcement!? Ah, idiot, let go, this pervert rabbit!」

「Even me-, Limit Break-」

「What kind of limit are you planning to break huh!?」

Hajime was completely surrounded by the vampire princess and the bug rabbit and the angel mode maiden! Using that opening, Remia secured Myuu, while Tio used wind magic to form a barrier and shut out the voice from leaking outside by laying out a veil of air.

Like that, at the next moment, the bathroom was turned into a battlefield. A battlefield of carnivore maidens.

「Kuh, who can stay in this kind of place where there is only beast! I’m going back to my room!」

While standing up a strange flag, Hajime slapped Tio severely that made her panting while rushing out from the bathroom. There Yue who teleported and Kaori who activated her God Speed leaped to his back, while Shia clung on his waist with her greatest body reinforcement. Because of his wet feet and the polished floor, Hajime slipped and fell down.

There Yue and others jumped further at that chance, even the revived Tio also got on top of Hajime.

At the corridor of Nagumo household, there was the figure of Hajime who was lying upside down while being covered with beautiful women and girls.

At the same time,

There was the figure of Sumire, cackling loudly while rolling on the corridor holding her stomach from seeing that situation.

Somewhere, *snap* the sound of something snapping resounded.

Right after that, Yue and others raised「Aahn」coquettish voice. Their weak spot was fondled by Hajime. Strength reflexively left their body~, using that opening Hajime stood up. Kaori was saying something foolish「Hau, Hajime-kun’s Hajime-kun is in front of my eyes」, but he ignored that.

「Kaa-san, it seem that a family meeting is necessary between us. Also, it has to be an extraordinarily harsh meeting.」

「My, Hajime. I don’t think that such meeting is necessary though?」

「No, it’s necessary. ……The meeting for the sake of making Kaa-san reflect on yourself!」

Hajime’s store of patience had run out from his mother’s prank that was too much. He took a step forward. He intended to even wrap his mother in a bamboo mat then hung her up for a night so she could reflect a little.

But, it seemed that Sumire had already predicted that action of Hajime. While saying「I’ve thought that this will happen!」with a triumphant look, she took out a vacuum cleaner that was leaning at the shadow of the corridor.

――Cleaning Artifact “Sniper Mark II”

By any chance, do you have the experience of sucking even the thing that must not be sucked carelessly when cleaning using vacuum cleaner? It can become a cause that broke the vacuum, but opening the lid to fish it out every single time is troublesome isn’t it? In that kind of time, use this. The next generation vacuum cleaner “Sniper Mark II”.

If you have this, you can select the target that you want to suck and the target that you don’t want to suck! Furthermore! If you put this to practical use, it’s even possible to suck the soy sauce or the remote control that is far away into your hand, just with a single push of button! The next generation vacuum cleaner is already not limited for just cleaning in its utility!

The absorption force will never fall. The era from here on, is the era of multiple absorption force that suck only the prey you aimed for!

The vacuum cleaner (exclusive for Nagumo household) that Hajime developed with such catchphrase, was held in Sumire’s hand.

In front of the suspicious eyes of Hajime, Sumire took out the degraded version Crystal Key from her breast pocket. It was handed over to her so in the case that something happened to his parents because of the matter of Hajime and others, they could immediately teleport away.

Before Hajime could say「What are you」, Sumire stabbed the degraded crystal key to the front. Immediately the space distorted, and a gate materialized. At the same time, Sumire pushed the max mode button on the vacuum cleaner. Naturally, the powerful absorption force pulled on the target from inside the gate.

「Wha, wha, what!? What is going on!? Nooo――, I’m being pulleeeeeeed-」

Like that, a familiar scream could be heard, then from the other side of the gate a petite female figure in suits tumbled out. Sumire turned off the switch at the same time when that figure came out, but following the law of inertia, the female that leaped out from the gate rolled on the corridor of Nagumo house, the figure finally stopped when her face crashed *munyu!* on the obstacle in front of her.



The female that rolled out from the gate and plunged into a certain thing with her face――Hatayama Aiko-sensei, wordlessly, slowly, pulled away her face from that place where her face was buried into. And then, looking at that thing dangling in front of her eyes that seemed to be familiar, she tilted her head while saying……


「Aiko, can you spare me from you calling my name while looking at my crotch?」

「Hah!? Awawawawawa, I, I’m sorry~」

Yes, the rolling out Aiko, due to the momentum, her face landed on the son of Hajime that was currently standing imposingly stark naked.

Aiko instantly blushed hard while her mind was in chaos thinking ‘I don’t understand the situation!’. Looking from her suited figure, perhaps she had work regardless of the holiday and she only just came home. Despite so, she was suddenly made to teleport, and on top of that she dived face first at the crotch of her lover that was hidden from society except to some people……it was only natural for her to be astonished.

「Yo, you are wanting me using this kind of forceful method!?」, or「No, it’s not like I hate it but……waiting naked like this is a bit……」, or「Pe, perhaps I cannot go home tonight……」, it also couldn’t be helped if she was talking to herself like that, perhaps.

Anyway, after Hajime wrapped a towel on his waist he ran his gaze around once more, but Sumire’s figure had already gone, he could only see the door of the entrance that was closing and a piece of paper fluttering midair. It seemed her plan was to make Aiko as distraction while she escaped. It was a splendid escape.

Hajime picked up the memo paper that fell at his feet and his gaze fell on it. There,

『I received enough material. Thank you, very much. Mama is going back to her work now!』

Such thing was written.

「Haa, I thought it was something like this……Yue, you noticed it already right?」

Hajime was sighing to his mother’s deed while questioning Yue who was standing at his side unnoticed. In respond Yue nodded. Hearing hat, Shia who had similarly recovered tilted her head and asked what Hajime meant.

「Look here, whether the wedding ceremony will be done one by one, or with everyone all at once, either is fine, but there is no rule that only one person can do it. Besides, if need be we can also just do the ceremony at Tortus.」

「Aa~, now that Hajime-san mentioned it that’s true isn’t it.」

「Besides, even the marriage registration, I have already faked the official papers about you all itself, so fussing about the marriage registration for everyone right now is meaningless isn’t it. Something like consistency of the data or whatever, it can be taken care of later as we pleased.」

「Now that you mentioned it, that’s true. Then, why did Okaa-san did something like Bride deciding battle……」

「That’s obviously for her material collection. Just why do you think she was slackening in the house from the afternoon?」

In short, Sumire said whatever sounded appropriate to incite Shia and others, and then the uproar that was caused due to that would be turned into the material for her manga that currently was reaching the limits. That was Sumire’s scheme.

Shia and others thought. It was also their own fault that they got caught into the provocation thoroughly like that, but Sumire’s capability of letting out flowing speech just by adlibbing like an agitator, it was just as expected from the mother of Hajime.

And then, Yue who noticed the intention of such Sumire still participated without really objecting was because,

「Today too, is a fun day.」

「I see.」

That seemed to be the reason. For Yue, this kind of stupid uproar was also included in her lovely ordinary days. Something like boorish fair argument could be just tossed into the trash can. The satisfied expression of Yue made Hajime to shrug「Well, then, it’s fine」.

「Say~, I really don’t understand what are you all taking about though……」

Aiko called timidly at Hajime and others that were feeling warm and fluffy by themselves. Hajime glanced at such Aiko and,

「My body got completely cold now……let’s enter the bath again. With everyone this time.」

Saying that, Hajime carried up Aiko in a princess carry. 「Eh? Eh?」Giving a glance at Aiko who was in confusion, Yue and others raised「Oo~」in harmony and returned to the large bathroom of the reconstructed Nagumo house.

After that, including Aiko who was stripped by Hajime’s hand, Hajime and the wives relaxed and enjoyed the bath without particularly any competition.

……There was no one, who paid any attention at Shuu who was still fainting at the living room.

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