Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 199 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 199: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Foreign Country is Scaryyyy


It was past noon where warm sunlight was showering down. In a corner of a certain city, at a lovely café with wooden entrance and terrace, a groan of a zombie was resounding. Although, people who got startled from that groan that sounded like it was reverberating from the realm of the dead was nonexistent.

Whether it was the couple that was feeding each other with cute cake at the terrace, or the male customer with businessman appearance operating his tablet alone, or the old man walking his dog who just passed through in front of the terrace, none of them showed any sign of being bothered by that groan. Or rather, they didn’t even look like they noticed the groan.


The groan resounded once more. As expected no one noticed, but the owner of the groan who wasn’t paid attention to, he also seemed to get used of not being paid attention to, so he groaned without any reservation regardless of him being in public space.

To say more while in this topic, that zombie imitation had his face pressed down on the café’s table, with both his hands holding his head. He looked like, someone who had made a mistake that couldn’t be taken back and lamented his very life.

Just to make sure, this wasn’t a zombie that escaped a research place somewhere and slipped into the street, as made evident by the glass with the logo of the café filled with beverage put in front of him, and the sandwich that still wasn’t touched but had already been properly ordered.

But, at that time, the smartphone that was placed on top of the table of the zombie imitation was starting to play the BGM of a certain epic RPG’s demon king battle. That ringtone caused the zombie imitation to twitch in reaction, his hand crawled with his face still pressed on the table and picked up the smartphone.

And then, he put the phone on his ear and took the call still with his face pressed on the table.


『What’s with that voice? That voice sounds like you are going to drop dead anytime.』

「Yeah, I feel dying. I caused my shame to overflow……」

『……I guessed it already. So you done it again huh, Endo.』

「I done it……I really done it, Nagumo. Perhaps, I’m no good already.」


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From the other side of the phone receiver, the conversation partner――the one who requested for the annihilation of the occult fanatic group Hydra, Nagumo Hajime guessed the mental damage of Kousuke and seemed to be exasperated, or perhaps it was sympathy in his voice that called Kousuke’s name.

And then,

『Well, that doesn’t matter――』

「It matter! Don’t put it aside that simply! Give me more sympathy here! Have some more care! You are my kindred-spirit who know the same pain like me right!?」

Having his problem simply put aside like that, the excessive sadness caused Kousuke to succeed in coming back from zombie back to human. *Gabacho!* His face that was pressed on the table flew up and he raised the scream of his soul as though willing it to reach the other side of the sea.

『Even if you say that. In my case, I have a strong position as the victim of Hauria, but in your case, recently it came from yourself right? Not long ago you was still okay if it was just a little scuffle. Or else, was the case this time that difficult?』

「Uguu. Stabbing me right where it hurt…… That’s, it wasn’t really that bad yeah but……when I entered battle, unconsciously…… Maybe this is because before I asked you to open the gate and I spent a while with Hauria. Somehow, it feels like the more time I spend with them the more easily I “become” that……」

『Becoming Lord Abyssgate, huh.』

「Don’t say that nameee!」

*gon-* Kousuke’s face pressed down on the table once more along with that painful sounding sound.

――Endo Kousuke

The one with the scout role at the former hero party, at the legendary decisive battle which was carved at the history of the other world Tortus, he was the strongest assassin that boasted peerless performance against the apostles of god. ……Though such thing couldn’t be imagined at all from the figure writhing in shame while groaning with his face pressed on a café’s table.

The reason for such him who casually had a status of strongest to be turning into a hopeless person like this at a café in the middle of day, was needless to say because of the battle last night. Yes, that thing which was manifested at the battle, that chuuni conduct which was just too painful to look and listen to.

Just why he was performing that kind of chuuni in full drive even understanding that later on he would receive mental damage like this where it felt like he wanted to bash his head at the corner of a block of tofu and die? There were unavoidable reasons there.

One of the reasons was this.


Endo Kousuke 17 Years Old Male Level:92

Vocation: Assassin

Physical Strength: 800

Stamina: 940

Endurance: 450

Agility: 1700

Magic Power: 560

Magic Resistance: 560

Skill: Assassination Technique [+Dagger Art] [+Concealment] [+Tracking] [+Throwing Art] [+Hidden Weapon Art] [+Transmission Wave] [+Escape Art] [+Abyss Lord] - Presence Manipulation [+Presence Isolation] [+Phantom Step] [+Dream Illusion III] [+Clarity Phantom] [+Minimum Mind] - Shadow Dance [+Water Dance] [+Leave Dance] - Gravity Magic - Language Comprehension


As for the detail of those skills, [+Dagger Art] until [+Hidden Weapon Art] had the meaning exactly as the name implied, [+Transmission Wave] was an ability to strain one’s ear to pick the vibration in the air or in the wall to listen at the conversation from some place in a distance, [+Escape Art] was a skill that gave aptitude correction to magic if it was used for escape.

[+Phantom Step] was a skill that left behind presence with afterimage piled up on oneself to blur one’s own figure, [+Dream Illusion III] was a skill that produce illusion clone of oneself with the limit of three illusion, and then [+Clarity Phantom] was a skill that gave substance to the clone. [+Minimum Mind] was an invisibility assistance skill, when the user was being invisible, this skill would make the user’s breathing, heartbeat, presence, and so on, and even the fluctuation of the mind to be in a flat state.

“Shadow Dance” was a skill to run on the wall that Kousuke often used. It couldn’t let him stand still on wall, but as long as he had momentum he could continue to run of wall. Its derivation [+Water Dance] was the water version, [+Leaf Dance] was a skill that let him to use things like leaf dancing in the air as instant footstep for jumping.

Now then, have you all noticed? Nonchalantly there was a skill of a different disposition that could be seen just from its name mixing in among all those skills. Probably, that skill was exactly the one that awakened at that legendary decisive battle as the end derivation of assassination skill, the cause that made Kousuke’s shame went into Mach speed.

――Abyss Lord (Abyssgate Lord)

The explanation from the status plate was like this.

Effect: In the middle of bloody battle, Abyssgate Lord arrived from dark bottom that is even darker than darkness. Now, o veil of darkness, o the dead of darkness, offer thy strength to the abyss! That is, the infinite power at dream……

The moment Kousuke saw this explanation, needless to say he threw his status plate on the ground with all his strength. It was also needless to say that he also grinded the plate with his foot while he was at it.

First the effect explanation was something cryptic that didn’t become explanation, in the first place a nickname (?) that was given to him by chance at a battlefield becoming skill name just like that was also cryptic. Or rather the explanation text was just too painful. He didn’t want to believe that this was really the final secret skill of his vocation.

However, just because of that didn’t mean that he could neglect a power that he finally obtained without knowing its effect, and above all, there was a reason why Kousuke had to know it no matter what, and so he ascertained the effect while his SAN (Note: sanity) value was being shaved off grindingly. And the result that he understood, it appeared that this skill had the effect of a gradual Limit Break. It didn’t raise his strength explosively like Limit Break, but a skill that strengthened all his specs little by little while that skill was in activation.

Furthermore, different from Limit Break, this skill didn’t have the side effect of strong lethargy after use. It could really be said as an extraordinary ability.

Although, if it was asked whether it really had no demerit at all……the world wasn’t that sweet.

The demerit of [+Abyss Lord]. That was……

While it was activated, the user’s speech and conduct would be forcefully made to be a flawless chuuni(Abyssgate Lord)!

Furthermore what was troubling, the activation of the skill was basically possible to be done by the user’s discretionary, but there was time when this skill activated before one knew it even when the user had no intention of activating it. Perhaps the cause of that was merely because of Kousuke’s inexperience in handling this skill, or possibly there was other factor……

Just like Kousuke said himself, it seemed that the ratio of the forced activation was increasing in proportion with the time he spent with the members of Hauria clan, so most likely the cause was due to the latter……perhaps.

『I had recommended this to you before but, skill sealing artifact. Do you really not need it?』

「Uu. Tha, that’s……I want it, but」

Hearing Hajime’s words, Kousuke’s expression turned bitter while his speech sounded hesitant.

Previously, when Hajime saw Kousuke who because of his speech and conduct that was too much looked like he was really going to sink into abyss, he said「I cannot watch this anymore……」and offered to Kousuke that he would manufacture a skill sealing artifact for him. Just seeing him made even Hajime felt like his chest was struck with pile bunker.

Kousuke’s eyes turned bright right after he heard that offer, but his expression immediately changed as though he had recalled something, and then he refused the offer with an expression that was oozing out bitterness. The reason of that was,

「……Rana, she will be dejected then.」

『Really someone like you is……』


Rana――Rapid Shadow, Ranainferna Hauria (Real name: Rana, just Rana. This is important so I’ll say it for the third time, it’s just Rana).

At the legendary decisive battle, Kousuke used his ability――including his skill and also his nonexistent presence that he had by nature――with all his power, and with all his seriousness to stay invisible, yet regardless of that this rabbit ear lady of Hauria clan found him normally. She was the woman who stole Kousuke’s heart. And then, she was also the perpetrator who brought forth Abyssgate Lord to this world.

Above all else, Kousuke feared that if he sealed Abyssgate Lord, then she would fall out of love with him.

『Well, you went many hardships to go out with her . No, that’s already crossed over the level of hardship. I think that you are the most amazing guy among our classmates you know, in various meanings. Or rather, I can even say that I’m holding respect for you.』

「I, is that so? It’s not really something that much……」

『Don’t be ridiculous. Just what is this guy who conquer【Raisen Great Labyrinth】by himself only for the sake of getting recognized by the woman he fell in love with is saying huh.』

「A, hahaha……yeah. I thought I was going to die that time. No, if I didn’t use Abyssgate Lord state 24 hour that time, enduring that black history that made me dying in shame, I’d die normally there.」

Yes, just as shown by that skill which was casually written on the status plate, actually Kousuke had conquered【Raisen Great Labyrinth】. Furthermore he did it alone. At the battle against occult group Hydra, he was standing normally on ceiling wasn’t because of his skill to wall run or because of Hajime’s artifact, but by using his own gravity magic.

Even though the master of【Raisen Great Labyrinth】, Miledy Raisen was already gone, even though there was nothing but the half-automatic type interceptor golem that she left behind, but the labyrinth’s trap and the situation where magic was unusable there were still going strong. Also, even though the golem was half-automatic type, they only lost the tactical capability like when Miledy controlled them, but their battle ability didn’t decline even for a bit.

And Kousuke conquered such labyrinth by himself in a week and he returned alive. Because he was always in a state of Abyssgate Lord, his physical ability and will power, and then his chuuni speech and conduct, in various meanings they all broke the limit even more than Limit Break, and because he challenged his limit like that, his body and his heart, especially his heart! were all tattered, but even so he returned alive with all his limbs intact. It was only natural that Hajime and others were shocked by that.

『Really, you did well to survive. That was a savage condition that made even princess Kaguya look cute. You, just how much you loved that woman huh?』

「That’s, so much that I’d challenge even Nagumo?」

『That’s so huh……』

Yes, Kousuke was challenging the great labyrinth with even more preparedness for death than at the decisive battle when it was already completely the epilogue scene if it was a story where the final battle had ended, that was because the lovely rabbit ear onee-san Ranainfe……Rana gave a condition to Kousuke.

Since that day of the decisive battle, during the one month before they returned to earth, Kousuke was making his approach to Rana with great vigor.

However, Ranai……Rana was a Hauria clan, and all members of Hauria clan worshipped Hajime without a single exception. It was to the degree that if Hajime wished it, then any female of Hauria would instantly offer their body to him.

Of course, Hajime had the strongest hitting type bug character Shia Hauria who was the same Hauria clan like them, so there was no hero among them who would proactively try from themselves to obtain Hajime’s affection. But, even so they made their “Boss” Hajime, the “demon king-sama that slaughter even god” as their standard for men so……to speak the unvarnished truth, their ideal was absurdly high.

And so, naturally, Kousuke’s approach also didn’t sway Rana.

「Fuh, I am a shadow that is serving “that person”. A shadow doesn’t need love……」

Like that,

「You too have strange taste aren’t you. Know that you won’t get away with just scald if you touch me, for you to pursue a dangerous woman like me……」

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Or like that,

「Stop it already. A resolve to continue to walk together with me, in the bottom of darkness that is even deeper than abyss, there is none of that inside you am I right?」

Or like that, those sentences were told to Kousuke with fearless, or possibly bewitching smile on her face.

No matter how many times he confessed, Kousuke was shot down with speech that was undeniably excessive. Such Kousuke was seen by Hajime with a gaze as though he was witnessing a hero, while Shia was staring with intensely reproachful eyes (at Rana).

Even so Kousuke didn’t get discouraged, he kept approaching her repeatedly, seeing that as expected even Rana seemed to be moved just a little by his persistence, that in the end it became like this.

「……Uu, do, do you want me that much? Not that, cough-. If you wish for this cursed body to that degree…… But, I belong to boss……not that, cough-. It’s unfortunate, however my body already belong to “that person”. That’s why, okay? Give up……not that, cough-. Shadow live in shadow, and light in light, that is the law. Bu, but, well, if you conquer a great labyrinth or something like boss……or maybe, if you can make even a scratch on boss……it’s not like I won’t think about it, maybe? Not that-, cough-. Fuh, if you still wish for this body even then, then try to challenge the king of abyss and splendidly exert yourself and win.」

The beautiful rabbit ear onee-san said such thing while fidgeting and looking restless. It went without saying that seeing that caused the inside of Kousuke’s chest to contain explosive heat that was equivalent with the eruption of【Guryuen Grand Volcano】before.

Yes, the condition that Rana gave him was to conquer a great labyrinth as well as landing an attack at the demon king Hajime……

Just as Hajime said, it was a savage condition that might made even princess Kaguya to go「Wai-, you-」.

However, Kousuke who was blazing with the pathos of feverish love that could burn him to ash didn’t even listen to the voices of the surrounding that tried to stop him, his figure vanished while no one noticed, he picked【Raisen Great Labyrinth】because it had the highest possibility for him to conquer and also because the age of god magic that he could obtain from there suited him the most, and then he jumped right into it.

After that, a week later. As expected Nagayama Juugo and Nomura Kentarou were anxious because Kousuke didn’t go back. They discussed it with Hajime and others, the person concerned Rana was also acting ‘perhaps I have said a little bit too much……’ with her gaze swimming around, so Shia who was already familiar with conquering that dungeon was about to go out for searching (by no means that they finally noticed that Kousuke wasn’t there only after a week passed), it was at that time,

Kousuke returned.

He was tattered all over, but he properly obtained age of god magic――the gravity magic. And then, while making the surrounding dumbfounded with his incomprehensible behavior of obtaining new power after the final battle for some reason, Kousuke made a declaration. He pointed his finger with a snap, and then boldly, with a fearless smile on his face,

「Demon king Nagumo Hajime-. Fight me!」

He said.

Naturally, Juugo yelled「Kousukeee, come back to your sanityyy! Stop doing something like suicideee!」, Kentarou begged「Shirasaki-san-, Ayakoo, anyone is fine! Quickly a recovery magic-. I beg you treat his head carefully!」, Aiko-sensei clung at Hajime while pleading「Hajime-kun, don’t be hasty-. Endo-kun is, that, he is just a little tired! His head is-」, and then Kouki, Ryutaro, and Suzu stood in the way between Endo and Hajime, they were trying to buy time for Kousuke to escape while getting drenched in cold sweat with the preparedness of death.

All those caused Hajime to say「You guys, just what do you think I am……」with his cheeks cramping, but he was reaping what he sow, so no one consoled him.

In that place that was filled with chaos, Kousuke completely ignored his friends who were stopping him, his gaze turned toward Rana and then he proclaimed with a loud voice, willing it to reach into her heart.

「Rana-san-. I love you! The condition that you gave me――if you can put even a wound at boss, then it’s not like I won’t think about it, those words, I believe in them! In front of Rana-san’s eyes, I’ll put a wound at Nagumo, clearly and distinctly-!!!」

Hearing that proclamation, the classmates who didn’t know that Rana’s condition was just her hiding her embarrassment finally guessed the reason of Kousuke conquering a great labyrinth and his war declaration to Hajime which could only be thought as suicide wish, and they thought.

――So it’s Hauria again-!!!!!

Everyone simultaneously directed criticizing gaze of「What the hell you have said to him!」to Rana. Rana who received those gazes were drenched in cold sweat while her gaze was swimming around as expected. Her cheeks reddened a bit from Kousuke’s declaration while the Hauria females at the surrounding were giving her broad grin and teasing.

Now then, Hajime who received the challenge because of all those felt somewhat of a sympathy at the scenario of a boy challenging a powerful enemy for the sake of the woman he loved and he accepted that challenge.

Of course, he had no plan to get done in that easily. Even he had women that he loved, doing something like an unsightly fight in front of those women, was something that wouldn’t do no matter what kind of circumstances it was, and above all, Kousuke himself would ask to be excused from “being gifted a mercy win”.

And so, Hajime and Kousuke carried out a duel, and the result was――

The fact that currently Rana was accepting Kousuke’s feeling was the clearest proof there was. The strongest assassin character, + full power Abyssgate Lord state, the combination of those weren’t just for show.

It was a grand battle in various meanings but……that would be told in another chance.

Kousuke who accomplished the great feat of conquering【Raisen Great Labyrinth】solo, as well as dealing a blow at the godslaying demon king, he splendidly shot down Rana’s heart with that challenge that put his life at stake.

But, naturally, although Rana had entrusted her to Kousuke, the fact that Rana was a Hauria didn’t change, the time that he spent together with her, and also the time when he was welcomed by Kam and others as family, all of those times were basically spent as chuni. Naturally, because of that his Abyssgate Lord time was also increasing……

「Nagumoo, perhaps, I cannot go back anymore…… Perhaps, I should just go until the very end just like this instead.」

『You are really driven to the wall huuh. But, even if you stop being Abys――chuuni, I don’t think that girl Rana will fall out of love from you though? The fact is that you broke through that girl’s savage condition right from the front. That is something that nobody else will be able to do. No matter even if you are chuuni or not, but there is no way she will abandon you who have gone that far for her sake after this late.』

「Perhaps, that’s so. But try to think from the opposite. From here on too I’ll spend time together with Hauria clan as relative. If I act normally among them by myself……won’t the away game feeling get bad like that? See, it will be like a guy that cannot read the mood who will make a realistic retort like『This kind of thing is impossible in real world』when you are playing fantasy game.」

『Wha, what a difficult guy…… Well, that’s an example that is easy to understand though. Indeed, doing that will dampen the mood.』

「Right? This guy, he can’t read the mood huh, or what a boring guy, or he is not fun huh……if Rana think of me like that, I don’t have the confidence that I can keep living even then.」

『Don’t assert so surely like that geez. Rather, you cannot be helped anymore, in the end Endo, you have already found the answer inside yourself right? That’s why, I too just tried to casually put it aside……』

「Listen to me here! I too know that I’m just complaining! But I want someone to listen to me still! Recently when I talked this to Juugo or Kentarou, both of them would just act ‘saying this again huh~’ and won’t listen to me at all! You are my kindred-spirit that know the same pain aren’t you!?」

『Aa, got it, got it. That’s why don’t scream like that to the phone.』

In the end, it seemed that Kousuke had the resolve to shoulder by himself (?) his shame or his metal damage, the point was that he just wanted Hajime to listen to him grumbling. Because Hajime understood that, that at first he tried to put it aside, but it seemed that Kousuke wanted him to keep him company in him letting out his stress.

Hajime who was faithfully keeping company with such Kousuke was also completely different from the time when he was at Tortus, perhaps it should be said that he had mellowed. Though perhaps there was also the feeling of sympathy in him as a comrade who knew the same pain of heart just like Kousuke said.

After that, for a while Kousuke spoke his grumbling at length, between times he also asked for love consultation (?) like a way to progress his relationship with Rana, before finally Kousuke’s mind was recovered, it was at that time that Hajime finally spoke the main topic of why he called――the detailed story of the occult group Hydra.

『So? I don’t think that you will make any miss but, was the treatment to those guys went well?』

「Yeah, no problem with that. Hydra has become a charity group inside those guys. I think they will direct the funds of their society to unfortunate children from here on. I don’t do anything to the bunches that weren’t at that place though.」

『I don’t mind that. After all they are a big organization. It seems that they have members everywhere, I’ll deal with those. Well, perhaps I’ll ask you to do something like this again if you happen to be nearby the target location while you are in your private business like this time.』

「No, I wasn’t really close with this place. I was at North America you know? You, aren’t your sense of distance getting weird because you can use gate?」

Kousuke glared with reproachful eyes while understanding that Hajime couldn’t see him. Which wasn’t surprising. In the first place Kousuke left Japan wasn’t to purposefully respond to Hajime’s request. If that was the case then no matter how extremely busy Hajime was, it would be faster if he opened a gate and directly marched into the enemy base.

This time Hajime requested Kousuke to deal with antagonistic organization was because the timing was just right when Kousuke was overseas in a private business using his winter vacation. And then, the private business of Kousuke was to boldly observe battlefield medical treatment in practice. Therefore, the destination of Kousuke was a country with inadequate medical system, there he learned directly in the spot, and by the time he thought ‘well, perhaps I should go back soon?’, an imperial command came down from the demon king-sama to him.

By the way, for the moment Kousuke was a student preparing for examinations to enter the medical university he wished for, but perhaps it was a present for doing his best at another world, his skill “Language Comprehension” also could be used for all languages on earth, he was already like a native speaker right from the start at the foreign language subject, the other students preparing for examination were in the state of teary eyes in that subject, so Kousuke had relatively more leeway there.

Also, Kousuke wanted to enter medical university not because he wanted doctor license or that he wanted to become an elite doctor, but only because he wanted knowledge and technique that could be put to use at Tortus someday, so there was no need for him to enter into a university with that high of a standard, like that sometimes he was going around like this relaxing while also observing real practice of medical treatment.

The base of occult group Hydra that was Allgrey residence was located at Britain, so thinking with common sense, it couldn’t be said that it was a place that was close with the place that Kousuke visited this time. It wasn’t like Kousuke had a gate so he normally made use of commercial airplane (he had quite a lot of request fee transferred to his account from Hajime though) to travel until here which made it even farther.

『I told you before that if it’s you I’ll at least make a degraded crystal key for you didn’t I?』

「……I’ll refrain from that. Nagumo’s artifact is too convenient. If I grow to rely it like it’s only natural, then it feels like I’ll think of normal life as inconvenient, that’s scary. If I’m traveling then I’ll limit myself to my own feet and public transportation.」

『You, even though you have thin shadow but something you say something with depth huh.』

「You don’t need to add about the thin shadow-. Just the request fee you transferred is enough. About this much is just right for a timid person like me.」

Kousuke could feel Hajime smiling wryly at the other side of the phone from his words. Kousuke who didn’t receive really high assessment from the surrounding because of the thinness of his shadow fundamentally had low self-esteem. Even though he always produced an outrageous result “when he noticed”, he wasn’t evaluated by other, that was why it didn’t become an awareness of him that what he had done was amazing.

『Well, anyway, you saved me the trouble there. I planned to crush them sooner or later, but recently I’m seriously busy. If those guys start to move all out it will be really troublesome, but now their heads are crushed before that happen, so I guess they won’t move for a while. Now I can devote myself to what I want to do with this spare time.』

「That’s great. If I remember right, you are doing various things like making it easier to open the gate to Tortus right? If that works then I’ll be able to meet with Rana more casually.」

Leaving aside Kousuke’s low self-esteem, their talk came to a finish after Hajime heard about what he wanted to ask. Kousuke earnestly reminded Hajime that he would cooperate with this kind of odd jobs, so he should hurry with establishing a way to make it easier to come and go to Tortus, after that he was about to hang up the phone.

「Then, later. Nagu――」

It was at that time.

Suddenly, *gyagyagyagya-!!* such sound of something slipping fiercely resounded.

「Wha, what is!?」

『Oi, Endo, what――』

The shocked Endo turned his gaze toward the street where the sound of slipping and scream of people were reverberating from, right after that a thunderous sound that drowned the words of Hajime came, a car was drifting through the street corner rushing out toward here.

The thunderous roar was the sound of that car running wild coming into contact with the car parked on the street. The parked car that was hit had its mirror blown away and its tail lamp popping off. However, while it clearly caused such incident, the car that made its entrance with a drift didn’t show any sign of stopping at all, far from that it accelerated further.

Toward the café where Kousuke was.

「Wha-, wa-――!?」

The couple, businessman, and then the beautiful waitress who were also at the terrace screamed while tumbling over trying to escape inside the café. The next moment, the black car that looked tough pulled its emergency brake just before it charged into the terrace and its rear part mowed the terrace heartily.

Wreckage of terrace danced midair, and then tableware and cooking……

「Uoh. That’s a waste!」

Kousuke was evading the wreckages of the terrace before jumping to the air and with *hyupapapa-* caught the sandwich that he still hadn’t touched! In his hand was a plate that he secured unnoticed while the sandwich was put on it before it was blown away still beautifully untouched due to Kousuke’s exquisite skill. While he was at it, he had put away his smartphone into his pocket unnoticed and in exchange used his hand to use the glass that he had secured to skillfully secure the blown away beverage to a certain degree.

And then, he caught midair the last piece of sandwich with his mouth and lightly landed on top of the café’s signboard that was placed on the walkway.

「Mugumuguh, puhah. Good grief, a car suddenly came charging, just what in the world――」

Kousuke swallowed the sandwich that he caught in his mouth and he spoke his complain with his two hands holding plate and glass, there his gaze suddenly met someone.

The black car that was temporarily stopping after crashing into the terrace. From the window of that car’s passenger seat, there was a blond haired girl with his mouth opened wide looking as though ‘I had seen something unbelievable!’, her gaze staring fixedly at Kyousuke.

Beside the girl who had pretty blonde hair that was tied into side tail and almond-shaped eyes with unyielding spirit that reminded one of cat, there was also a beauty with crisp appearance and very short hair style who was the perpetrator of this reckless driving. That very short hair lady was also staring fixedly at Kousuke.

「A, aa~, he, hello? Are you two, injured?」

Kousuke was making a bit awkward expression from the stares of the two that was too straightforward while he tried to say such thing for the moment. Perhaps reacting to that, the cat eye side-tail girl was opening her mouth to say something but,

「Eh, wai-, again!?」

A fierce slipping sound that suddenly could be heard made Kousuke’s cheeks convulsed and he turned his gaze there. Ahead of his gaze, there were the scene of similar black cars, two, three of them drifting while rushing out from the street corner.

The woman with very short hair also seemed to notice that, she recovered her time that stopped from witnessing Kousuke’s absurd movement. She immediately moved the steering wheel, stepped on the accelerator and rapidly took off right away. The cat eye side-tail girl passionately kissed「Mugyuu-!?」the side glass due to the centrifugal force.

The black car boarded by two females seemed to, no, they were really running away from the black cars that came from behind, their car was driving dangerously once more while vanishing at the other side of the road. After that, the three black cars passed through in pursuit.

It was a scene that happened out of nowhere. In a hair’s breadth, the couple and businessman that had escaped from the terrace into the café fearfully peaked outside, while Kousuke was drinking up his beverage with *zugo-――* sound.

『Oo~i, Endo. What happened?』

Actually the call was still connected all this time, the voice of Hajime resounded from the smartphone.

Kousuke jumped down from the signboard and gently put down the glass that he had just drained on that signboard. His gaze was moving to the other side of the road where the cars were disappearing while he took out his smartphone, and then he responded to Hajime seriously.

「Nagumo, as expected, foreign country is scaryyy.」

『……You, what are you saying?』

Hajime’s retort drifted lightly into the blowing wind and vanished completely.

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