Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 200 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 200: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Wai-, It’s Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding I Told You-

Inside the room that was merely old rather than retro, was illuminated by orange light of fluorescent lamp. The wall was wooden and looked thin, only the synthetic leather sofa with fading coloration and the bed looked excessively big, but the sheets and curtain with the same color gave worn out impression vaguely.

「As expected from a cheap hotel. It really gives the atmosphere like hotel in movie where fugitive will take refuge in.」

The floor was creaking. Kousuke who threw his body on the bed was smiling wryly while speaking to himself a sentence that sounded like a flag. The spring of the ancient bed was making creaking sounds as though to protest to the one treating it roughly.

Because Kousuke had a need to stay for one night due to his plane’s schedule, he rented a hotel room like this. And why was he intentionally choosing this kind of dilapidated hotel when he had just received a considerable amount of request fee from Hajime that someone with social status of a student wouldn’t be able to normally obtain? That was merely because of Kousuke’s poor person’s mentality.

Even if he stayed in a high class hotel without any particular necessity just because he had much money, Kousuke would definitely be unable to calm down coupled with the gaudiness of the room. Staying in a capsule hotel……isn’t it strangely calming? Those were the words that Kousuke once said to his parents when they were going in a family trip.

The parents of Kyousuke at that time was as expected a little bit solemn at their son’s sense that was somewhat too small as a person, at the very least he should be demanding for business hotel or pension.

「But well, I at least splurged a little and rented the upper floor. This is nice scenery.」

The reason Kousuke picked this hotel was because this hotel had fifteen floors relatively to its oldness. The higher the floor, the more expensive the cost for just a smidgen, but after thoroughly worrying, Kousuke finally decided「A, around floor ten, this is a rare chance so it should be fine……」so that he could enjoy the scenery. If his classmates or his family knew that, surely they would be looking at him with a lukewarm gaze.

When he opened the worn-out curtain, there the lighting of the city was like stars that were spread on the ground, they were sparkling with glitters. It was quite a night scenery that he could be satisfied with, just like what he expected and hoped for.

「……Next time let’s look at this with Rana for sure, yup.」

Kousuke spoke to himself once more. Inside his mind, the imagination of him doing romantic this and that with his older rabbit ear lover were rushing about. ……If Juugo and Kentarou were at his side, they would surely give a retort that before things like night scenery and so on, he should at least raise the hotel’s grade a little bit higher.

He was enjoying the night scenery for a while having a wild delusion inside his brain about rendezvousing with Rana, during that time he took out his smartphone and smiled cheerfully while looking at his photo with Rana that they took the last time the gate was opened to Tortus, he repeated those kind of things for several hours.

Kousuke headed toward the bathroom, thinking that he should take a shower soon and retire to bed.

The bathroom also had antique structure, There was a shower nozzle that could be directly taken on the wall and several handles below it. For the time being he would first ascertain the knack of the old shower, when he rotated the handle which played *kiko-kiko* sound, water gushed out rapidly. While saying「Na?ve-, you think I’ll get my head drenched just like the cliché huh!」by himself futilely, he adjusted the handle *kiko-kiko* so that the warmth would be the optimum temperature.

He ascertained the warmth with his hand while whispering ‘This temperature is enough I guess’, it was at that time――

Noisy hustle and bustle and fierce shaking came from upper floor. The troubling thing was that dust fluttered down in sprinkles from the ceiling.

「Kehoh. What’s this, don’t make a racket in this kind of worn-out hotel you there. ……The ceiling won’t be thin like the wall right?」

He had finished confirming the thinness of the wall. He wanted to believe that this building wouldn’t go as far as having even its ceiling selling a fight right from the front toward the law regarding construction standard. Kousuke’s expression was turning slightly anxious while he was looking up at the ceiling that was energetically spraying down dust.

There was no way, that the people at upper floor was intensely making love, where the excessive intensity would cause the ceiling to came off and fell down, where Kousuke would face the couple――ain’t no way such thing would……while Kousuke was having wild delusion that would make him red faced if his acquaintance asked him about it, for some reason a bad premonition was welling up inside his chest, then he shook his head like dog in order to shake off the dust raining down on his head.

Instantly, *pan-pan-pan* bursting sound that he was familiar with struck Kousuke’s eardrum.

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「E, ee? Wai-, just now was that gunshot? Isn’t that too intense for love making!?」

Kousuke looked up at the ceiling again from being startled. Even during that time the gunshot continued to sound without pause. No matter how he thought about it, the guest at the upper floor was doing a fierce gunfight with someone else. Moreover, *papapapapa* from how even consecutive bursting sound like that could be heard, one of the sides, or possibly both sides were even coming there equipped with machine gun type.

「I, I just witnessed a car chase at the afternoon you know? Just how dangerous foreign country can be huh. Or else, is it Japan that is too peaceful!?」

Thinking that it would be unbearable if bullets pierced the ceiling and rained down at him, Kousuke made his body smaller while exiting the bathroom. And then, just to be sure he should look at the situation of his own room’s floor whether it was safe or not, so he quietly opened the room toward the corridor. His face peeked out a bit and he ran his gaze to the left and right of the corridor, but for now it seemed there was no one at the corridor.

Kousuke went「Who can stay longer than this in a hotel that have guys having gunfight like that!」, he was raising a weird flag while deciding to start to run away.

But, before he could do that, from the direction of the window there was a flash that was too intense bursting out. It appeared that the guest upstair was even using flashbang. Right after that,

「Doctor Grant-, hold on! We are jumping!」

「We, we’ll really do it!? Ya, wait, wait I told youuuuuuu~~~」

Just when he heard such loud voice and scream coming from the window, right after that, *pan-pan-pan* the window of Kousuke’s room had several holes opened on it and it cracked in spider web shape, right at the next instant, *gashaaan-* the window glass was blown away inside along with that pulverization sound.

――Along with a woman in black suits, and a blonde haired side tail girl that was being held by that woman.

「Are you injured, Doctor Grant?」

「Uu, I’m fine here Vanessa. But, my life span is shrinking.」

The tall woman wearing black suits――an agent of state security bureau Vanessa Paradis helped the blonde haired side tail girl wearing lab coat――Emily Grant to stand up.

Emily was making a pale face while shaking her head around, Vanessa was giving that a glance while quickly replacing the magazine of the automatic gun she was holding with her gaze moving at the entrance.

「Let’s hurry Doctor Grant. We will be surrounded soon.」

「Yes, I understand. Even so, I’m glad that there is no one in the room below.」

「Yes. Thinking of their method, they will be willing to involve even civilian after all……」

Both of them was jumping down with comparatively reckless method of using bed sheet as extempore rope to leap down from upper floor to lower floor, but they stroke down their chest in relieved sigh that there was no one in that lower floor room.

Whether it was with the car chase at the afternoon and also the attack before that, the pursuer of Emily and Vanessa was gradually growing to not choose their method. If there was civilian not at a public place but in a inconspicuous place like this room of a dilapidated hotel, those guys would undoubtedly remove that person without any second thought.

(……No, well, this happen every time, so it’s not like I’m bothered. But I entered your field of vision right in front of you here, and it’s not like I’m putting on invisibility or anything you know?)

The sudden situation caused a certain someone with thin shadow somewhere who stiffened while half opening the door’s room to slip out grumble while his cheeks were convulsing. And then, he thought that instead it was better like this that he wasn’t noticed by this two females who were intensely smelling of troublesome thing, perhaps he ought to plan to flee right away without delay.

However, Kousuke’s luggage――although there was nothing really valuable in it, but he couldn’t leave behind his passport and wallet that were in there.


(……These two, aren’t they the two at the car chase this afternoon?)

Yes, Kousuke remembered. These two were the females who witnessed his beautiful midair sandwich catch and ginger ale catch, and then they exposed silliness of getting dazed with mouth wide open regardless that they were in the middle of a car chase.

They gave intense smell of troublesome thing, one of them was obviously not a person with a respectable position, while the other one, even though she was around the same age with Kousuke yet she was wearing a worn-out lab coat. But even so, for some reason Kousuke was paying attention to these two who were in a desperate situation.

That was perhaps because he had seen the figure of these two feeling relieved that no unrelated person was getting dragged into their situation even while they were confronting an outrageous situation like gunfight in an intense action movie.

(But, I won’t be moved. Even though this is a coincident that looks like there is even some kind of compelling force working in it, but a coincidence is a coincidence. These two look like they are good people, and they are beauty, they are beauty! But me who am a riajuu and have Rana as lover won’t be swayed! I will also have summer cram school short course the day after tomorrow. And so, I’m going home!)

Kousuke proclaimed such thing inside his heart while using stealthy footsteps, stealthy footsteps, sloo~wly and quii~etly he returned inside the room. It wasn’t like he had a callous sense of value who would cast away everything unrelated to him like Hajime when he was at Tortus.

However, Kousuke who was at earth was a man of valor at supernatural level who could annihilate the main base of a secret society that possessed history of several hundred years by his lonesome. Someone who possessed such power could do almost anything. And then, in this world, everywhere there were troubled people asking for help, and someone like Kousuke who was traveling around here and there would witness that to a “frequent” degree whether he wanted it or not.

If he moved just because of his emotion to all of those with only the reason of “because they are in trouble”, then there wouldn’t be an end to it. Something like pursuing his own dream would become secondary or tertiary.

And above all, Kousuke also wasn’t someone like Hajime who possessed strength to a degree that was almost almighty. In addition, he didn’t happen to have a sense of value of relying upon others just for his own objective that would let him say「Something that can make me almighty」and request artifact to Hajime.

There were several times until now where he had bad aftertaste from turning a blind eye or feeling ashamed due to his action, but, even so, what was the thing that ought to be prioritized, and where he should draw the line……the importance of those had been carved into his heart by his days at the other world, the way of the demon king that guided them, and the time that he spent with Rana and family of Hauria.

Like that, Kousuke decided to not get involved with Emily and Vanessa. Right at that time the two females were being on guard while moving toward the entrance――in other words, toward Kousuke’s direction, the two sides passed each other, and it was at that time, a situation arose as though to ridicule that decision of Kousuke.



An angry voice was thrown toward Vanessa. The origin of that voice was the window with nice ventilation that Vanessa and Emily had just jumped through. Seeing at that direction, there was a man who was wrapping his hand with bed sheet as rope replacement similarly like Vanessa, using centrifugal force to leap into the room.

Vanessa reflexively aimed her gun to shot the man. But, the gun muzzle of the handgun that the man’s other hand was holding was aimed not at herself but toward Emily, seeing that Vanessa immediately jumped and pushed Emily down.

The man grinned widely at that reaction of Vanessa, in the end he didn’t pull the trigger and like that he rushed into the room agilely, with a forward roll he killed his momentum while his gun was thrust out with a flowing motion right toward Vanessa who had just lifted her face.

「……Tsk. So you are faster even in this situation. As always, it’s only your technique that is first class.」

The man dropped his gaze toward his own chest along with a click of his tongue. There he found Vanessa’s gun silently propped.

「That word “only” is saying too much, Kimberly. I’m also planning to have the sincerity to not betray my comrade unlike you.」

「Hah. That is not called “sincerity”. That’s called “naivety”. Just like how you covered that missy just now even while you understood that I wouldn’t shot.」

The man called Kimberly lambasted like that at Vanessa with a tone that sounded as though spit would spittle out. Brown short hair and toned body that was obvious even behind the suits he wore. Eyes that looked like bird of prey and lips with their corner raised cynically. Seeing objectively, he had a well-ordered feature of wild type that could even pass off as actor.

Judging from their way of speaking, it was obvious that Vanessa and Kimberly knew each other, no, that they were coworker. At the same time, Kimberly who seemed to be the pursuer of Emily and Vanessa could also be seen to have a turbulent background of having betrayed Vanessa.

(Waiiit! What the hell keep happening one after another here! Is this a movie-, am I in the middle of action movie that excited the whole America huh-! Are you two aiming for this scene where you point gun at each other while cracking jokes huh! Aren’t you two cool huh!)

Vanessa and Kimberly both slowly stood up while aiming their gun at each other. Right around the middle of them was a man with thin shadow who were furiously making retort even though he didn’t say it out loud. He should be inside their field of vision normally but……

「Give up already Vanessa. Hand over the doctor. You too, come with me. You can get lot of money that will still have change left even if you used them for playing your whole life you know? That’s far better than eating lead bullet in this kind of place right?」

「Did you kill everyone in the team for that kind of reason? Just because of money? There is no way I’ll be swayed by that kind of vulgar reason. I’ll accomplish my duty. I won’t let you lay your hand on the doctor.」

Kimberly clicked his tongue once again in irritation. Behind Vanessa, Emily whose face was stiffened in nervousness was directing her gaze at Vanessa with face that looked like wanting to cry.

「Uhah, this woman is so cool…… If this is a movie filming then you must be the protagonist for sure, yep.」

Someone somewhere spontaneously let out his impression.

Kimberly glanced at Emily while continuing his words with mocking tone.

「Duty is it. Hah, do you seriously think that something like that is still valid?」

「……What do you mean?」

「Who knows? Just what does that mean I wonder? Won’t you get it if you return to the headquarter?」

「Don’t tell me……」

Vanessa whose expression was scarce in variation even through all these chain of events opened her eyes slightly wider at this point. The words of Kimberly gave light to the possibility that perhaps they were already falling into a hopeless and isolated situation. Even though it was already hopeless to break through the current situation, to lose even her backing would be the same as being placed in a check for real.

Were Kimberly’s words the truth? Who was her ally and who was her enemy? Who could she believe?

In contrast with Vanessa’s scarce expression, inside she was wracking her brain. It was at that time sounds of footsteps running from corridor reverberated like time limit ticking down. While Kimberly was obstructing them here, the other pursuers were using the stair to come here.


「This is the end Vanessa. I understand you know? Normally, you wouldn’t follow along with this kind of pointless task and would try to suppress me swiftly. You didn’t do that because you are injured somewhere aren’t you? My surprise attack at the research lab――seems like you didn’t manage to deal with that completely huh. Your driving at the afternoon too, you were continuously making mistakes that is unlike you.」

Kimberly quickly ran his gaze all over Vanessa’s body, then he said「Is it your side?」while laughing. Vanessa didn’t show any reaction, but in exchange Emily’s sorrowful expression completely exposed the truth in Kimberly’s words.

「Aa, then that accident at the afternoon, so that wasn’t simply because she is unskillful in driving huh.」

Inside that strained situation, a certain someone with thin shadow who was sneakily and quietly collecting his luggage was whispering such thing with small voice. As expected, surely someone would noti……

「Even so you aren’t pulling the trigger, is that because you don’t think that you will for sure even against the wounded me?」

「……I wish you’d say that I’m careful instead. There is no need for me to intentionally brave more danger even though it will be checkmate already soon.」

「No, that attitude of yours isn’t what is called “careful”, but “cowardice”.」

Perhaps that was her payback for before. Kimberly who ate a splendid word counter narrowed his eyes looking daunted. 「That’s really an excellent payback. You’re doing great, do it more! Get humiliated, you handsome!」Such small voice that cheered Vanessa and cursed Kimberly resounded, but the voice was normally passing into right ear and came out from the left ear unnoticed.

Right after that, six armed men rushed into the room with noisy footsteps. Vanessa frowned and Emily turned pale while huddling close to Vanessa, Kimberly’s expression became completely filled with joy, and the young man with thin shadow had shouldered his baggage unnoticed while looking back from nearby the door with an awkward expression.

「Now then, this is the end of the road of your meaningless escape drama. Sorry, but I won’t ask you already whether you will join me or not. I’ll kill you here and take away the missy. You had spat at your last chance just now. You stupid woman.」


「tsu, Doctor-」

When Kimberly signaled with his eyes, a man with solid built wearing leather jacket caught Emily’s arm and tore her away from Vanessa. Vanessa gritted her teeth and then she took a deep breath as though resolving herself before,

「Doctor Grant, my apologize. It seems that I cannot protect you until the end. But, that doesn’t mean I have run out card. Please don’t give up.」

Saying that, she smiled faintly while taking off her gaze completely from Kimberly, she defenselessly turned around toward Emily. She casually slid out something from her pocket while――

「Do you think, how many times I have teamed up with you?」

「tsk, guh」

Instantly a gunshot echoed, at the same time Kimberly’s kick stabbed onto Vanessa’s flank. The gunshot came from Vanessa. She pretended to avert her attention toward Emily while firing at Kimberly, then she tried to use her last flashbang.

But, Kimberly appeared to have predicted that, he brushed off Vanessa’s gun with his gun that he pointed at her and simultaneously he launched a fierce kick at her flank.

Vanessa fell on her knee due to the intense pain and red stain seeped out on her flank. At her side *clonk* a small flashbang with its pin still attached rolled. Vanessa was drenched in sweat, even so she tried to aim her gun muzzle toward Kimberly but her arm was kicked once again and her arm let go of the gun.

And then, Kimberly’s gun muzzle pushed grindingly at Vanessa’s forehead, as though to show that it was checkmate for sure this time.

「I got no carelessness and opening. That’s my respect to you.」


Kimberly looked down at Vanessa with a gaze that contained no more emotion. Emily was being pinioned from behind while desperately raising her voice to stop him, but Kimberly didn’t even spare a glance at her. His unwavering gaze that informed the checkmate glared at Vanessa’s long slit eyes that reflected no despair which also glared back at him.

Like that, in a moment Kimberly narrowed his eyes in displeasure and his finger on the trigger tightened. There was no more margin between on and off of the trigger. With a click, the internal mechanism’s operating sound rang.

「Stooop! Vanessa! Run away-!」

Emily’s scream reverberated. ‘No matter what happened’, the woman who had said that to her and protected her just as those words meant, was going to have her head blown up in front of her eyes. Even though she had already had a lot of her important people died, yet fate was still going to expose another tragedy in front of her eyes again. Emily’s heart creaked.

「See ya, Vanessa.」

「Fall to hell, ugly man.」

A betrayer, and a knight of a girl, they exchanged the last words.

Someone, anyone is fine. Anyone is fine so. She is expressionless, blunt, but this really good natured and sincere woman, please save her. Just like how this person saved me, please save her-!

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Emily screamed. She wished for salvation. That her wish would reach a miracle, that surely should exist somewhere in this world.

「Someone-, save――――!!」

「Aaa, geez-. Come one, don’t say something like that!」

Instantly, a single gunshot echoed. It was small embodiment of death that scattered human’s life easily, however, the room wasn’t dyed red.

Sprinkle of woodchips fell from the ceiling.



「Wha, what is……」

Vanessa leaked out a stupid voice that was unlike the clever beauty that she was, Kimberly raised an astonished voice that was unable to understand the situation, while Emily unconsciously slipped out a question. The man who was restraining Emily, and the other men too, they were dumbfounded still, with their eyes turned into dot at the strangeness that suddenly happened inside this room.

「Haah, I did it. But, a man, or rather a human that doesn’t react in this situation, they are just no good huh.」

「tsu, yo, you-. Just where in the world, did you come from――」

Kimberly stepped back. But he couldn’t step back further than that. The reason was, because while everyone in that room was focusing their attention, he――Kousuke who suddenly appeared and grasped his arm that was holding the gun and moved it to aim at the ceiling.

Just where in the world did you come from, those words that expressed the agitation of Kimberly caused Kousuke to smile wryly.

「From where you ask? This place is my room. I am here right from the start. Can you spare me from using other person’s room for a Hollywood scene as you please?」

「Chih, so you hid somewhere-」

Kimberly tried to shake off Kousuke’s hand, but even though he had the appearance like a Japanese boy who wasn’t even a young man yet, the trained arm of Kimberly felt like it was being constricted tightly by a vise that he couldn’t move even for a bit.

The other men who returned to their senses with ‘hah’ aimed their gun at Kousuke in panic, but at that time Kousuke smoothly moved behind Kimberly and turned him into a shield. With that the men hesitated to pull their trigger.

Using that opening, Kousuke twisted Kimberly’s wrist and restrained his hand to the back. Kimberly grimaced from the pain at his wrist while raising his voice to ask the identity of this intruder.

「You-, who are you! Your movement just now……you aren’t a civilian huh!?」

「No no, I am a normal student that you can found anywhere――」

Kousuke took Kimberly hostage for the time being while his gaze urged Vanessa to take Emily and escape quickly.

However, the Vanessa in question, right after she received Kousuke’s gaze, her expressionless face crumbled for some reason to be replaced with relieve. And then, she cut off Kousuke’s words and said something like this.

「Fuh. So it seems you made it in time aren’t you, Mr. K.」

Her way of speaking was as though she knew from the start that support would arrive. Now that she mentioned it, just now she said something like she still hadn’t run out of card yet, however, there was no way she was referring to Kousuke. Kousuke being her was a coincidence, there should be no way for her to recognize Kousuke’s existence, in various meanings.

For some reason there was this unpleasant coincidence where she called him with just his initial even though it was the correct one……

「Eh? No no, you are absolutely mistaking――」

「What-!? Mr. K, you said!? You are that person!?」

Kousuke’s words were cut off once more, by Kimberly who was shocked and got taken aback for some reason.

「Wait a second! You guys are absolutely misunderstanding here! Indeed, my initial is K but――」

「Just as I thought, you are really Mr. K!? It’s no wonder that I got taken by surprise…… This way of killing your presence, I have never seen something like this before. Sheet-, Vanessa. I detected you making contact somewhere while you were fleeing this afternoon but, who’d ever think that you are bringing in a support like this man-」

Unstoppable misunderstanding. Kousuke’s words was easily treated like passing wind similar with how thin his presence was. Inside his heart he went「Or rather, just who is this Mr. K!?」, screaming at the situation that was showing him with this unexpected development.

「The freelance hit man that won’t show his figure no matter what…… He will accept a hit for anyone depending on the reward. Honestly, I hesitated until the end whether to request assistance or not from someone that has been blacklisted by the security bureau. But, to protect Doctor Grant, this is unavoidable. ……Although, I never thought that Mr. K is a Japanese and he is someone this young, it shocked me.」

Kousuke thought. Thank you for the explanation, like that.

It appeared this Mr. K was a hit man that was put in the blacklist of government.

For Vanessa who wouldn’t desert Emily no matter what, this was a really difficult situation that she would even rely on this option although it pained her. Most likely she was thinking that this person who would kill anyone depending on the reward, someone who absolutely wouldn’t betray his client, and would accomplish the request without fail, would be someone that was relatively easier to request from compared to other characters that were put in the blacklist.

「Oi, notice already the inconsistency inside your own words. You said that this Mr. K won’t show his figure, but here he is showing himself normally see. A Japanese this young, this kind of Japanese youngster, I don’t know from which organization he came from but there is no way he is a hit man that is put inside black――」

「I, I remember! He, at the café that Vanessa crashed into this afternoon, he is the person who caught sandwiches and drink from midair!」

「From the afternoon, you say? Sheet, so even the escaping route was predicted and you were observing us! We were planning to pursue, but actually we are the one that is being pursued here huh.」

The misunderstanding was accelerating. Emily-chan, what an exquisite interruption in unbelievable timing. Kimberly gritted his teeth and Kousuke’s cheeks were grandly convulsing.

「Excuse me, I beg you please listen to my sto――」

「Kimberly. I requested Mr. K to murder the attackers who come in the middle of Doctor Grant’s protection. You understand what is the meaning of that aren’t you? Although he is a young hit man that rose to prominence in this two, three years, it’s already proven that his skill is the real deal. In front of this cruel and heartless person, I cannot recommend you to do anything rash.」

Kousuke, was a cruel and heartless young hit man…… Something shiny was starting to gather faintly at the corner of Kousuke’s eyes. The hand that was restraining Kimberly was shaking as though expressing the inside of his heart.

Seeing that, the armed men went「Kuh, this is bad. That guy, he is desperately holding back his urge to kill」etc., they were making expression that shuddered with fear and whispered to each other. Kimberly too, the shaking that he felt was starting to make him flustered while saying「Kuh, what a crazy guy-」.

「Vanessa. Just what is different between you and me? You are insane, using this kind of fiend for the sake of your objective. In the end, you are going to do anything if it’s for your objective aren’t you?」

「Wai-, calling me fiend is rud――」

「Indeed, perhaps that is so. But, I plan to at least discern the line that shouldn’t be crossed. If, he is really a fiend in the true meaning, and he directed that killing intent to Doctor Grant or people who are not related at all, at that time I’ll stake my life to stop him.」

「Listen here, can you stop so naturally calling me fiend, fiend like――」

「Don’t lump Vanessa together with someone like you! Someone like you after all is just a wretched petty scoundrel whose eyes are blinded by money! That devilish homicide, -san over there is still better than you!」

「Oy you, I’m going to cry here. Do you think that if you add “-san” it’s okay to call other people devilish homici――」

「Hmph, those are words of a kid who doesn’t know the value of money. But, do you forget? The one who create that devil medicine is no other than you missy. If you are talking about fiend, then it’s you yourself who――」

Beautifully ignoring a certain someone somewhere. Kimberly’s words became an unseen blade that hurt Emily. Emily’s expression distorted in pain and guilt and her hand unconsciously gripped on her chest……but, at that time, suddenly Kimberly’s words stopped and in exchange a scream of「Ouchh-」was raised.

Finally everyone noticed with that scream, the figure of Kousuke behind Kimberly with his eyes getting teary, while his hand was carrying a glittery object that he was holding before anyone noticed.

「I don’t know the circumstances of you all? I am an outsider? That’s why, I was thinking to let these two escape without harming both sides with my all, yet? For some reason I am got normally leave behind? No, it’s not like I’m bothered though. I am used to it. I am not bothered at all. I’m totally fine. But, because I think that communication is important, I say that ignoring someone is no good, yep.」

「Mr, Mr. K?」

「tsu, calm down Mr. K. We doesn’t mean to make light of――」

Somehow feeling the atmosphere that seemed to be dangerous, Vanessa spoke with halted words while Kimberly was spinning his words with cold sweat trickling from his body. The gaze of these two was looking at the same direction with Emily and the armed me, all their attentions were poured at the thing that was being carried by Kousuke while he was trembling all over as though to display the emotion inside his heart.

Amidst the running nervousness, the lips of Kousuke who finally obtained everyone’s attention burst out in a smile looking just a smidgen happy. Seeing that, Kimberly and others showed a faint relieved express――

「And so, eat this-! The insane lethal weapon that produced fire ash――Ashtray Assault!」

「What do you mean ‘and so’, wai-, wait a-――goheeh!?」

The sparkling object――the excessively heavy glass ashtray that for some reason was put inside the room even though this was a worn out hotel, it was swung down by Kousuke whose expression was still smiling broadly toward Kimberly’s head.

*gochin-* Such painful sound echoed, at the same time stars floated in front of Kimberly’s eyes. Like that Kimberly powerlessly slumped down hard to the floor powerlessly. Seeing how the white of his eyes were fully exposed, it seemed that everyone’s beloved lethal weapon of Tuesday had properly accomplished its role. (Note: The Tuesday is some kind of word play I think. Tuesday in Japan is written with the kanji of fire, maybe that’s why it was related with ashtray here.)

The gazes of the armed men were lured toward Kimberly, right after that, they re-aimed their gun nuzzle with the intention of turning the intruder who had lost his shield into swiss cheese for sure this time.

But, a small object lightly danced at the height of their gaze.

「You two-, we are running away now!」

The moment Kousuke yelled that, the object midair exploded with a flash. Intense flash that burned the retina trampled the inside of the room. Yes, that was the brightness of flash hand grenade. That thing which Kousuke nonchalantly picked up was tossed at the same time when he gave a blow to Kimberly.

The armed men screamed「Not again-」while covering their eyes, during that time *goin-* a painful sounding sound and「buberah」a short scream became audible once more. Kousuke’s Tuesday lethal weapon sent the men who were nearby Emily flying.

「Mr. K! Take Doctor Grant-」

「Yes yes, I know. Also, don’t call me Mr. K.」

「Fuwah, wh, who!? Mr. K!?」


While light was trampling the room’s inside, it seemed Emily was flinching from having her eyesight stolen because her eyes got done in by the flashbang that was thrown without any advance arrangement at this second time, so she made her body as small as possible by squatting with both her hands holding her head. Somehow it was a defensive posture that made anyone looking at her felt a charisma without reason.

Kousuke cursed while carrying her on his shoulder. The truth was he yelled at them with a plan of having the two protect their eyes from the flash just like they had done the first time, using that opening he would quickly mask their whereabouts, but it seemed that his plan couldn’t proceed that well.

Vanessa also had her eyesight robbed, but it appeared that she had memorized the position of all the people inside the room and their distances from her accurately using the measurement of the number of her steps, that she was able to quickly move even while having her eyesight crushed, it was just as to be expected from her.

The armed men, even while being unable to see they immediately aimed their gun toward the direction of the voice, but there would be no meaning if they didn’t capture Emily alive. Therefore they could only move about in confusion without pulling their trigger. Seeing how they were unable to immediately chase these two to this room from upper floor like Kimberly, and how their eyesight was easily crushed for the second time like this, it appeared that they weren’t at the level where they could introduce themselves as agent.

「To outside. There is a car at the street one block from here.」

「Roger. Or rather, you can run really well huh. Aren’t you still unable to see?」

「E, excuse me, M, Mr. K-. Can you, stop your shoulder-, from bumping my stomaaach!? M, mhy schomach is-, heguh」

「I can see a little, and I have grasped the approximate number of step. Please guide me in the case I make a mistake.」

「Got it.」

「Tha, that, that’s why-, my schomach is-, heguu. Before, I missed, going to toileeet-. I’m in a bad situation hereee」

It seemed that Emily’s stomach was in a pinch, but in the case they encountered enemy, Vanessa who wasn’t carrying gun couldn’t really be counted as battle strength nor did Kousuke wanted to, so there was a need for him to keep one of his hands empty. And so, he couldn’t carry Emily on his back when she could slip off anytime or carrying her in his arms which would make both his hands full.

That was why, even though Emily who were attacked just on the verge of her going to toilet now had her bladder screaming, there was no way he could listen to her request. In no way at all that because his words were ignored or Emily brought up the subject of him at the café this afternoon with miraculous timing that he was doing this for a meager revenge. If he said it was not then it was not.

「Muh, just as I thought there are some more. Eat this-, sure kill, Tuesday’s unpredictable attaaack!」

While Emily-chan was in the middle of a desperate battle which concerned the protection of her dignity, Kousuke threw the lethal weapon of Tuesday toward the armed man that appeared from the door that connected to the stair. The Tues――ashtray that soared while displaying splendid rotation like a boomerang splendidly made a clean hit at the nose of the man who had just peeked out his face.

*docha-* The ashtray fell beside the man who was collapsing in a heat with blood spurting out grandly from his nose. The ashtray was already dyed red from absorbing the blood of several people. It was worrying whether that would cause it to become like a cursed katana or rather a cursed ashtray.

Vanessa casually stepped on the crotch of the collapsed man and approached the stair. For an instant Kousuke thought of giving a warning toward the woman whose eyesight was declining, but Vanessa was descending down the stair with lightness that made him doubted whether she was really being unable to see.

「M, Mr. K? I vaguely gussed it. I’m begging you here please let me do――」

「I’m not Mr. K.」

「Do, don’t! The stair is no good I told youuu! I beg younyaaAAAAAAAAA-」

Kousuke ran down the stairs by skipping steps. That movement was truly nimble, chasing Vanessa from behind gallantly as though he was performing dance steps. It must be remembered that he was rushing like this only to match Vanessa’s pace, he had no ulterior motive, not in the least.

Even though hearing Emily-chan’s sorrowful voice like「Stoooop-~」, or「Fo, forgive me alreadyyyy~」, or「My schomach, stop tapping thereeee~」, or「It’s comiiiing, it’s coming alreadyyyyy-」, or「Mr. Kee, I’ll kill you after thiiiiiis」, or「Ah, that’s a lie, I’m not seriouuuss! I’m sorryyyyy-」caused his heart to flutter for a bit, but he had no ulterior motive at all and that was that!

「Doctor Grant, please lower your voice a little. Perhaps there is still enemy around.」

「Tha, that’s what you are saying, in this kind of situation!?」

「It’s okay. The situation is like this so……there is nothing to be ashamed of at all.」

「Right now, I understand! I have, no ally at all hereeee~~~」

Emily-chan’s sorrowful voice knew no end. This was concerning the dignity of a girl. Although right now was an emergency situation, but in a sense this was a critical moment for the inexperienced Emily.

As expected, even for Kousuke it would be unbearable if Emily really did that while she was still on his shoulder, so he was thinking of changing the posture into carrying her under his arm soon. Kousuke was very much a normal person. Although Emily was a beautiful girl, he didn’t happen to have a fetish of feeling happy if she was *peep*-ing on him at all.

However, regardless of Kousuke having ulterior motive or not, that decision of his seemed to be just a bit late.

「Hm? Wait a second lab coat miss? Can you release me? I’ll carry you under my arm now okay.」

「I, impossible……if I move……it will come out.」

「Wait wait wait, there is no shaking anymore right? I’m properly descending the stair softly here.」

「Impossible……I, I’m sorry, father, mother……Emily is……a bad daughter.」

Emily was clinging on Kousuke tiiiiiightly while staying unmoving without even a twitch. Seeing from Kousuke’s view point, her eyes were empty, while her lips were making a dry smile.

Emily who was suddenly whispering repentance to her parents caused Kousuke to make a flustered expression that said「Sheet, I overdid it!?」. He had even used his skill so that no vibration was transmitted to Emily in the middle, but it seemed that Emily had been comparatively in her limit from the beginning.

「Do, do your best lab coat miss! Don’t give up-, if you give up, that will be the end of your dignity!」

「……(shiver shiver)」

「You cannot even speak anymore!? Wait the person in suits over there! This child is seriously at her limit here! Stop for a bit! Let’s stop at the corner over――」

「There is no time for that. Mr. K. If you are a man, then please shut up and accept it like one.」

「You, what are you saying!? Eei, lab coat miss! I’ll put you down right now so――」



Escape drama that happened late at night in a worn-out hotel.

Kousuke and others who splendidly escaped was pursued by Kimberly and others who regained their consciousness.

……while following the water trail that stood out with its pungent smell.

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