Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 208 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 208: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

「Do it!」

Chief Magdanese’s command that unusually sounded like a shriek was handed down. The elites lurking in the shadow showed their loyalty without even the slightest lag even though they were agitated from having their existence discovered.

Storm of death swept from all directions along with thunderous roar. Muzzle flashes flickered in the darkness of night as though to color the victim’s journey to the next world. Bullets cut through the air mercilessly and arrived at their target through the shortest distance.


Emily’s shriek resounded along with the thunderous roar. In her eyes were reflected the figure of Kousuke whose body was rocked by overwhelming violence like a badly made marionette. His body was pierced countless time, and when the body was going to fall down, the storm of lead from the opposite direction would strike and made it stood up.

There was not the slightest ground for doubt, Kousuke was definitely pierced by several hundred bullets in front of everyone at that place.


「He, doesn’t fall?」

「Aha, haha, this is really a harsh joke. ……Why, is there no blood flowing?」

Vanessa murmured in astonishment, while Allen had his expression twitching grandly. Just as they said, Kousuke was still standing in the middle of ground that had been desolated and pierced by bullets.

The shooting was finished. Was it stopped because the loaded bullets ran out? Or else, was it because the elites who shouldered the country’s safety shrank back from the manifested bizarreness? In any case, silence filled the area, as though all living things were holding their breath.

A beat later,

「It’s over already? Then, next is my turn.」

The mutter that came from Kousuke who was hanging his head destroyed the silence. And then, the moment everyone opened their eyes wide thinking「Impossible」, an even further irrationality assaulted their brain nerves and common sense.

*pon-* Such light voice that could be called as stupid sounded, and Kousuke’s figure vanished along with slight smoke!

「Where are you looking at?」


Everyone in that place directed their gaze toward the direction of those words and the shocked voice raised by Allen that was mixed with pain.

There, they saw Allen who without anyone noticing was lying on his face, his body stepped on by Kousuke above him. One of his hands was inside his pocket with his upper body slightly turning away, while the middle finger of his other hand was pinning down on the sunglasses that had been on his face without anyone noticing when he was putting it. Sunglasses, even though it was night! Sunglasses, even though it was night!

「What coolness!」

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A shout of joy that sounded out of place was spontaneously raised. The side tail-san beside the voice owner goggled in surprise!


Perhaps it should be said that it was just as expected from the real Mr. K. Even in this situation, the shadow of the country that was bestowed with license of killing still showed a movement that would make anyone who saw to have a chill on their back. He pulled out a small gun hidden inside his sleeve with his wrist’s motion and fired at Kousuke while still lying face down.

What was terrifying was that the fired bullet was soaring toward Kousuke’s head accurately even though it was shot from that kind of posture. Normally, if someone was abruptly fired at from that close, that person would immediately travel into the next world, but……

「Oops, you are really energetic there.」

Kousuke smoothly tilted his head while saying those words and the bullet rushed through toward the sky in vain. Allen didn’t show even the slightest bit of agitation of having his attack evaded and wasted no time to pull his trigger in succession.

However, the bullets didn’t even graze Kousuke. He only tilted his upper body slightly and evaded all the bullets with paper-thin difference. His figure that even looked blurred in double and triple layers was just like the agent in Matr○x!

「Don’t tell me, your sight can follow the bullets!?」

「Naturally. As long as this “Heavenly Eye” given by my friend is with me, any kind of attack won’t be able to escape from my perception.」

*kaclick-* That kind of sound rang from the trigger. Allen’s bullet ran out. Kousuke sharply pushed up the sunglass artifact that was enchanted with “Lightspeed” and “Foresight”.

……By the way, the creator of this artifact didn’t give it a name like “Heavenly Eye” or anything.

The agent and Chief Magdanese returned to their senses and fired toward Kousuke. Kousuke maginificently danced in the air. Using a somersault with form that could even be called as beautiful, the bullets from the two passed through below Kousuke in vain.

「Don’t just stare stupidly like that! Finish him off quickly!」

Chief Magdanese’s order released the squad members from their petrified mind. They attacked Kousuke from all directions once more with barrage of bullet that was like a heavy rain.

「Fuh. Nice killing intent. But, it’s not enough. It’s not enough at all to catch this abyss without form!」

Kousuke said such thing while speedily evading the approaching bullets smoothly. He then finally took out a weapon. Before anyone noticed his hand was holding a jet black short sword that was unknown just from where he took it out from.

「Don’t take your eyes off, from mine power of abyss! ――Purr, “Demon Sword of Destroyer Calamity Crawling the Earth”.」

Kousuke called out some kind of chuuni name while leisurely caressing the blade of his short sword. When he did that, black light that could be mistaken as the night was starting to envelop the jet black short sword! And then Kousuke stabbed that short sword into the ground.

In a moment, the ground instantly bulged out and covered Kousuke completely. The surrounding ground became an omni-directional protection that blocked the bullet.

「――”Doton - Saryuu no Shiro(There is No Hope of Touching the Abyss)”」(Note: Earth Escape - Castle of Sand Bump)

Kousuke’s words resounded the moment the ground bulge completely closed. Those words had no meaning, This was important so it needed to be said twice, those words had no meaning. If it had to be said further, the name of the short sword and the gesture of caressing the blade were also meaningless. So far as it went, the magic circle of the short sword artifact wouldn’t activate without chanting, so it was necessary to say something, but if the user had to chanted the name of the short sword and the skill name each time, they would be turned into swiss cheese by the enemy.

And so, the ground was already started bulging by the time Kousuke said “Pu” from the “Purr!”.

Then, why did Kousuke chanted the meaningless skill name……

Of course, because it was cool!

「Do, Do Do Do Do, Doctor Grant! Did you hear!? Just now, he said “Doton” you heard that!? What to do!?」

「What to do is my line there! That’s not what you should be surprised with! The ground was suddenly moving you know!?」

「That was Doton skill so the ground moving is only natural isn’t it!? Just what are you talking about! Rather than that, Kousuke-san was using “Tonjutsu” (Note: Ninja art of escape)! Aa, how can this be! He is, he is――a Japanese ninja!」

「I don’t get what you mean!」

Vanessa was so excited that it seemed her character was breaking down, and Emily was desperately making retorts back. The members of the special squad were giving them a glance while losing their patience of how bullet wasn’t working. They then took out grenade.

The grenade directly hit the mass of rock while at the same time making stupid sound *poshu*. Fierce thunderous roar resounded and the mass of rock was instantly pulverized, its fragments were scattering everywhere showily.

「He isn’t there!?」

「Watch out at your surroundings. This is a trick! That guy is using trick! Don’t get lead astray!」

The person who seemed to be the captain of the special squad spoke loudly and gave words of warning. The squad members whose mind was painted out white by the supernatural phenomenon that was happening repeatedly were recovering their calmness from the word「trick」the captain said as temporary explanation.

Although, when they collected themselves, it didn’t change that what happened before their eyes wasn’t any trick or mechanism, it was a genuine “mystery” where any explanation was futile. Therefore,



One of the troops hiding at the third floor near the window whirled in the air. It was as though he was ran over by a truck from behind, he cleared through the window and was blown away to outside. That was how it seemed, but at the next moment, from the fourth floor of the opposite building, the troop that threw the grenade just now shot out like a human bullet in spiraling motion, and crashed into the opposite troop whirling in the air with graphic sound.

The two crashed at each other midair and fell toward the ground. Right underneath them was the figure of Allen who was pulling himself back together. Allen tried to dodge right away. But,

「From the bottom of earth, the dead captures――”Doton - Naraku no Jigoku(The abyss seize thee)”」(Note: Naraku no Jigoku = Prison of hell.)


Allen’s ankle was caught. The hand thrusting out suddenly from the ground was seizing Allen. The abnormal situation that was like a horror movie caused him to feel shaken, even so he immediately attempted to shake off the hand, but he only felt pain from being caught tightly as though by a vise and the hand didn’t even twitch.

And then, right after that, Allen was dragged into the ground just like the words of the resounding voice. The ground wasn’t paved by asphalt or anything, but it was a hard ground that couldn’t be easily dug by human strength, yet regardless of that, he was buried from his waist below into the ground without any resistance, as though he was swallowed into a smooth quicksand.

「Sheet-, what is this――gueh!?」

Allen thought that his whole body might be completely swallowed under the ground like this, but unexpectedly he was dragged only until his waist before the pulling strength was gone. At the same time, the surrounding ground also recovered its former hardness. Allen struggled and hit the ground, but the next moment, he was crushed under the falling two fully armed men and he shrieked like a flattened frog.

「Serves you right! Mr. K, serves you right! Doton rulez!」

「I beg you, please come back Vanessa! I really like the usual cool you!」

Vanessa turned toward Allen who vanished from view due to being squashed by the two troops that appeared to have fainted, then she pointed while going ‘hyahhaa―’. While Emily was making retort with teary eyes, chaos and scream resounded from inside the buildings surrounding the open space from four directions.

「Sheet, what is going on!?」

「Just where is he aiming from!」

「Be careful of friendly fire――gua!?」

The troops of the special squad were cursing while their gun muzzle was wandering in doubt. But, they were unable to catch sight of their formless enemy(Kousuke). They sometimes caught something like black shadow at the corner of their eyes and at the nook of their mind, but the moment they turned their gaze there, the splash of their comrade’s blood would fly from completely another direction or they would get blown away like a joke.

「The stillness of the dark night is splendid. Don’t you think that something like the sound of explosives is boorish for it?」


*hyuu-* Wind blew, right after that a troop got the tendon of his hands and feet cut and he collapsed.

「You feel it don’t you? The cold yet gentle arm of darkness.」


The smooth sensation of caress on the nape caused a troop to have gooseflesh through his spine. He cursed while drawing out handgun without delay and shot behind him, but what he felt was hot touch caressing his four limbs instantly.

「Don’t you know, there are things in this world that you ought to not know. Do you know what I mean? Yes, it’s me.」

「This-, monster――」

There should be his partner beside him shooting his gun desperately. Yet, what was standing there was only a black shadow. Where did his partner go? Why, didn’t his comrade back him up? Without even any time to speak out such doubt, one more troop had his consciousness fell into the bottom of darkness together with hot touch that he felt on his limbs.

「What is this……just, what is happening……」

Chief Magdanese muttered in blank amazement. The thunderous sound of shooting in full-auto, consecutive muzzle flashes, and then scream and angry roar reverberated from all the surrounding buildings. Her gaze ran through the buildings around her as though she was a country bumpkin looking up at a skyscraper. She took back steps with shaky footsteps.

This was impossible. Even if Kousuke was skilled, this was strange.

How could troops get blown away from her right and behind at the same time when a troop was thrown out from the building at her left? Was enemy removal being carried out in all the four buildings surrounding this place?

Kousuke was alone. The enemy should be one person. Even if the enemy possessed strange fighting technique using trick, but it was only this fact that should be certain.

「Who in the world you all are fighting!? The enemy number!? All teams-, report!」

Chief Magdanese raised an angry voice. Normally there should be concise and swift reply coming back to her.

The moonlight was hidden behind a small cloud and darkness swept the area. The headlight illuminated her as though she was an actress standing alone in the stage. Replies returned at Chief Magdanese who was sweating coldly.

『This is Beta 2. The enemy’s identity is unclear. The shadow, the shadow is attacki――』

『This is Delta 4! I don’t know! I don’t know anything! Sheet-, my partners are disappearing!』

『Alpha 3-. The enemy is a Japanese young man! That guy is a monster-! The bullets-, the bullets cannot hit-. I can see him-, yet it’s not hitting!』

Reports were screamed from the communication device. *DADADADDADADA-* The voice of the troops that were dyed with panic mixed in the interval between the unceasing sounds of gunshot. Not a single one gave a clear report that Chief Magdanese could comprehend.

『All troops, get outside! For a circle!』

A harsh voice that was tinged with dominating aura resounded from the communication device. That was the command from the captain of the special squad. The troops obeyed that voice as though it was their lifeline. They all jumped out from the window simultaneously without even a glance, without even thinking of the consequence, wishing only to take distance as far as possible from the terrifying something that was lurking in the darkness inside the room.

The troops that jumped out from the second floor took skillful landing posture that was as expected from trained operative, they sprang up to their feet and rushed to Chief Magdanese’s side. The people who were at third floor and higher descended down to the ground by using stair’s handrail, window frame, and so on to decrease their speed, but the dread filling their chest threw out their limbs out of kilter and more than half of them struck the ground and writhed there.

Even so, they were dragged by their comrades to gather around Chief Magdanese and the formed a circle formation around her. They aimed their gun at the surrounding buildings with desperate look. They strained their eyes toward the window they jumped through just a moment ago while desperately holding down their rough breathing that was unrelated with the exhaustion of their stamina.

Inside the window was dark as though all light was being sucked in. Surely even if they were told that it was a hole that connected to the realm of the dead, the troops would easily believe it right now. Their gun muzzles were busily wandering around, searching for the enemy, which displayed the state of their heart. Surely in their heart, there was also the ashamed feeling that they had left behind inside that darkness many of their comrades with whom they had shared joys and sorrows with.

The personnel of the special squad that was at first more than thirty people were already decreased until seventeen people, including Allen who somehow managed to crawl out from the ground and the agent that was standing by beside Chief Magdanese.

It hadn’t been even five minutes since Kousuke vanished. In just that much time, a platoon of the special assault squad owned by the state’s organization was pushed into a partially destructed state.

The sound of breathing that couldn’t be pushed down resounded. The sound of rustling clothes from roughly wiping out the sweat that was flowing from reason other than heat resounded. No one was making any voice. Even Allen who often joked around was desperately searching for the enemy position with his wandering eyes. Even Chief Magdanese was also feeling cold sweat trickling from the tip of her jaw while her gaze looked around from the center of the circular formation.

There, a strange sound resounded.

――clop, clop

It was footsteps. Footsteps were echoing in the world of night that was ruled by silence.

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――clop, clop

But, there wasn’t anyone that could react to those footsteps. No, to be more accurate they were reacting. However, aiming their gun when they learned the enemy’s position by hearing――wasn’t the reaction they made.

――clop, clop

The expression of everyone was twitching. Because the sound of footsteps resounding in their ears right now was coming from an impossible place. Their gun muzzle was clattering. It wasn’t because they didn’t understand who they should aim at. The assaulting terror finally caused the tough elite squad troops to be unable to repress the trembling of their fingertips.

――clop, clop

Slowly, teasingly, the footsteps reverberated in the dark night. *gulp-* Sound of swallowing saliva pierced the ears clearly.

Chief Magdanese sighed deeply. And then, she slowly lifted up her face toward the place where those footsteps resounded from, to the place where the owner of the footsteps seemed to be at.


That mutter where it felt like the soul of the speaker also came out at the same time with it, made the other troops, and Allen, and then Vanessa and Emily to lift up their gaze too.

「Once again, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t you think that tonight is a really good night?」

There, a man in black was standing.

That black outfit was darker than even the darkness of night, as though it gave anyone who saw it a hallucination that the black of night was melting into the outfit. A mask hid the mouth, completed with a sunglasses of one-lens type. In one hand was a mysterious black short sword that gave anyone chills.

His voice resounded with echo that conveyed night of night, and darkness of darkness. Absolute confidence and domineering aura dwelled inside it, however, at the same time, it contained dread that tightly held the entrails of heart.

At midair, footsteps echoed on invisible stair, like a ruler that was descending from his throne. Behind his back, was a beautiful crescent moon that looked like the sneer of the devil. A step, a step, that figure that descended from the night sky to the lower world while making darkness colored ripple under his feet, was truly an existence of myth.

「I like the crescent moon better than the full moon. It’s not so bright that it will drive away the darkness of night, however, it garnish this wonderful darkness with color. Its shape that draws an arc looks like the smile of the goddess of night.」

He――Kousuke was looking down on everything, with an exaggerated gesture like a stage actor, he spread his hand as though to embrace the whole night, however, seeing no one replying back he shrugged his shoulders. And then, he slowly made a rotation, he turned his hand that was holding the short sword to behind, and his other hand propped up his sunglasses, he drew back his left foot a bit.

By the way, that rotation, and also his chuuni pose, of course, they were all meaningless.

「You……you, just what in the world, are you?」

As expected from the chief of the security bureau. Chief Magdanese asked Kousuke’s true identity while everyone were at lost of words and fell into stupor seeing the impossible situation. The situation was too abnormal to be dismissed as trick. In the end, was it really okay to classify the man that was making pose midair even now as mankind……

That question came from such doubt.

In regard to that, Kousuke’s answer was,

「”What are you”――I believe that question ought to be asked to all of you instead.」

「What, do you mean by that?」

Chief Magdanese returned a sharp gaze even while feeling perplexity. To that, Kousuke twirled in a rotation once more, and then, he pushed up his sunglasses with one hand while at the same time he threw his head back a bit with the tip of his short sword pointed in sharp motion.

「O guardian of the country. It’s exactly as you said before, there are few things that can be protected using beautiful ideal. Without the resolve to dirty oneself, what is waiting ahead will be a trampling down.」

The eyes of Chief Magdanese turned round from Kousuke’s words. She didn’t even imagine that he would make a statement that affirmed her own words. It seemed that Vanessa and Emily were also similarly shocked from that. Emily was still wholly shook up without being able to get back on her feet from her agitation, and Vanessa opened her eyes widely from the shock that she received.

「Just feeling is insufficient. Nothing can be done without resolve. Trying to resist fate without dirtying one’s self, something like that cannot even become a funny story.」

Those were heavy words. Even though they didn’t know anything about this young man, they understood that he had gone through tremendous experience. They understood, how it had been engraved into his flesh and bones.

「One has to choose what they ought to protect. One has to persist in carrying their own will, surpassing the distinction of good and evil. To wish for everything, that is only possible for someone who transcend the extremity of that will.」

To protect the great ship that was the country from the ill will and hostility that lurked all over the world, was impossible with just law. It was impossible to resist with only right conduct and beautiful ideal. By the point of time someone cursed that the other was cowardly or the worst, what they lost wouldn’t come back.

To “protect”, was a next to impossible undertaking more than human could imagine.

Therefore, Kousuke didn’t deny. The hidden face of this country. The act of the non-existent organization that was called JD Agency. If there was things that couldn’t be protected without such existence, then that was inevitable.

However, still, however.

「Even so, there are things that one mustn’t throw away.」

Yes, that was why Kousuke was here. He was here, with his blade unsheathed. He unleashed the technique and strength, that he obtained at the end of deadly combats, along with bitter experience, at another world.

「The humanity and justice in one’s soul.」

Those must not be forgotten. Even if the body was dirtied with necessary evil, the soul must not get rotten together with it. If not, then the necessary evil would someday be degraded into mere evil.

「The faith in one’s heart.」

The people had faith in them. That they would protect the safety of this country. That faith must not be betrayed. If that was betrayed, than the whole foundation would be shaken.

「The sincerity in one’s resolve.」

Their established resolve, their oath, those must be carried on faithfully. The moment they made compromise, that resolve would run wild, and bared its fang even toward those that it ought to protect.

Just like the current situation.

「O guardian. Is Emily Grant not someone that you also ought to protect?」


Chief Magdanese didn’t answer. Or possibly, she couldn’t answer.

「She was born in this country, raised in this country, live in this country. A girl like her, isn’t she someone that you ought to protect? Necessary evil――I won’t reject that. But, in the end, is Emily someone that ought to have such thing pointed at her? Cornering someone who is desperately doing her best, a girl who wish to create a remedy of an incurable disease, is that the national safety you are talking about?」

Hearing Kousuke’s question, there were people who made complicated expression among the special squad troops, there were even people who were obviously looking guilty. The expression of Chief Magdanese didn’t change. Right now, she was staring straight at Kousuke without any discomposure.

Kousuke also stared back at Chief Magdanese as though to wait for her answer. Still in his chuuni pose.

Just how long they were like that. Before long, Chief Magdanese sighed, and quietly opened her mouth.

「I too, am the dog of my country. I feel no self-depreciation or regret of that. Not to mention hesitation, I have none of that. ……I have, made my determination already.」

That was her answer.

Allen sent a sharp gaze that only lasted for a moment at the captain of the special squad and the agent. The captain of the special squad tensed his jaw slightly, at the same time, the agent slightly moved back.

Kousuke sensed it. They were planning to make Allen and the special squad into disposable pawn, in order to evacuate Chief Magdanese from this place. The agent intended to rush until the car to bring Chief Magdanese to escape.

Should that be admired, or be exasperated at? What made Kousuke hesitated in making conclusion, was how lacking Allen and the special squads troops in hesitation. In order to let their boss got away, they accepted their end without even a moment of hesitation.

「Is that the resolve and sincerity of you guys?」

They would coerce a girl of their own country, in order to protect the people of the country. Despite Kousuke’s opinion that it was putting the cart before the horse, that was the answer of the security bureau. They knew only too well of that, even so, if that was what their homeland decided, then they wouldn’t hesitate. For that, they had made the resolve to put their life on the line since a long time ago.

Chief Magdanese spoke.

「About the research building, that was a sorrowful miss on our part. We were also unable to detect the betrayal of Kimberly, and also how the students of Down classroom were going to raise a commotion. ……It was my misjudgment to make Allen infiltrate by himself.」

She had never expected that the bodyguards safeguarding Berserk had been replaced by Kmberly’s accomplice. At that time Allen caused the alarm to sound because the reaction of the bodyguards that was different from the usual trained agent, and he completely got taken by surprise by the unexpected conduct of the fake bodyguard agents.

「I have no excuse for that.」

「Such thing, even if you say that-」

Emily was enraged hearing that apology which was directed at her. She questioned whether this woman planned to beg for forgiveness only with that one sentence. Did she know understand just how great what had been lost due to her action.

But, it seemed that in contrast with her sentence, Chief Magdanese didn’t have even a speck of intention to ask for forgiveness. Her eyes were still cold even while receiving Emily’s rage right from the front.

「All of you, this is an order. Carry out your duty.」

「「「「「Yes, Ma’am-!!」」」」」

Chief Magdanese drew back. At the same time, Ellen rushed out from the circle toward Emily while the agent turned around toward the car. The eyes of the troops shined with their last killing intent and they were about to pull the trigger at Kousuke midair.

It happened at that moment.

*tan-, tan-*

Two gunshot sounds resounded faintly.



Those didn’t come from the special squad. It also didn’t come from Allen.

One shot splendidly drilled on Kousuke’s flesh, and the other shot pierced through one of the troops while gouging Chief Magdanese’s left shoulder.

Chief Magdanese collapsed from the impact with splash of blood scattering. And the, Kousuke fell to the ground in an arc trajectory.



Emily and Vanessa screamed loudly.


「-, protect the chief!」

The sprinting Allen made a turn that disregarded human’s body structure while raising a voice that exposed his agitation and uneasiness for the first time. With the command of the captain of the special squad, several of the troops used their body to cover Chief Magdanese as shield and dragged her body toward the wall.

Emily and Vanessa dashed toward where Kousuke was falling. Emily embraced Kousuke with an expression that could break into tears anytime, and together with Vanessa she pulled his body to the cover of car.

The second wave of attack didn’t come. It seemed that the sniper became unable to take a line of fire. Even so, everyone there stayed still while staying on guard to the surrounding. Kousuke’s body was limp without any movement.

It was unclear how long time passed. Perhaps it was about a few dozen seconds. The captain of the special squad gave a glance and saw that the first-aid to Chief Magdanese was finished, and he was about to order them to move out, but several lights cut through the area.

Those were lights from car headlight. And they didn’t come from merely one or two car. More than ten cars were rushing at them with fierce speed.

Several of the cars arrived with a drift before stopping and took position that encircled the people of the security bureau and Emily’s group. The cars were all stopped horizontally and blocked any path of escape.

Vanessa and Chief Magdanese scowled their face from having a certain person coming to their mind from seeing this method that was repulsive yet cunning.

It seemed that their expectation was right on the mark.

「Yoo, honored chief Magdanese. How envious for you to have a clandestine meeting outside the city at night. Let me join in too, okay.」


The one who got down from one of the cars was Kimberly who was sporting a really disgusting smile. With that as the start, dozens of armed men also got down from the other cars. They didn’t look trained like the special squad troops. They looked more degenerate and violent, if it had to be said they were fellows that looked like mafia members.

Allen and Vanessa tried to move nonchalantly. But, as expected Kimberly gave no opening and sharply noticed them.

「Whoops, both of you, don’t move from there. Especially the analyst-kun. You are bad news after all. Just try it if you move even for just a bit. I’ll slaughter everyone without mercy.」

Kimberly commanded his men to release their weapon’s safety. Although, the people who had resolved to die just now wouldn’t obey that instruction that easily, both of them glared with their gun muzzles raised even with that overwhelming difference in battle strength.

「Well, guess so. There is no way the chief will comply that simply. No matter what you are the “cornerstone of Britain’s protection” or “the iron woman that married Britain” huh. What’s more you also got strong bad luck.」

Kimberly shrugged while watching Chief Magdanese’s left arm that was oozing blood. And then, he turned his gaze at the reason why he didn’t kill Chief Magdanese and everyone else here right away.

「So, chief-sama. Just what the hell is that?」

At the end of his gaze was the limp Kousuke who only looked like unmoving corpse even now, and the figure of Emily who was embracing such Kousuke.

「The elites of security bureau assault section was half-destroyed under a few minutes. What’s more, he unveiled amazing technique like floating in the air. When I heard the sniper’s report and watched the recorded video, I thought my eyes gonna popped out of their socket y’know.」

Kimberly’s gaze left Kousuke and wandered to the air. 「Well, there must be wire or something put in the air」It seemed that he thought what Kousuke did was a trick from those words that he said.

Although, even though he was a traitor but he was formerly a member of security bureau, because of that Kimberly knew how powerful the assault section was. It seemed he wanted to know the reason how a group like them could be cornered into devastation helplessly like that. That was the reason why he let the troops stayed alive even now.

Chief Magdanese distorted her expression cynically at such Kimberly.

「There is no way I know what that is. That is……yes, it’s “something” that human knowledge doesn’t reach. According to that thing’s words――he is the right-hand man of the demon king, something like that.」

「Demon King’s, what? Just what kind of joke that is huh. That’s――」

――Calling me “that”, “that” from some time ago, that’s a little bit impolite isn’t it?

A voice suddenly reverberated echoingly. Kimberly and his groups were taken aback and they looked around the surrounding. Chief Magdanese shook her head with an expression that looked a bit tired while saying「Aa, just as I thought」.

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