Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 209 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 209: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

*kii kii* Such small sound resounded. That was the sound of wheel. At the same time, multiple footsteps also echoed.

The sound came from the building behind where the car of Chief Magdanese was parked. Everyone focused at the steel door of that building.

And then,

「Fumu, Mr. Carl. About the wheelchair of Syla-dono, don’t you think it needs maintenance? It’s making this kind of sound each time it moved. It’s causing various anxieties hearing it.」

「A, aa, no, I planned to bring it to give it maintenance just today you know? I, isn’t that right, honey?」

「Yes, tha, that’s right. But, just when we were about to go out, the people of security bureau came so……」

「I see. That’s impolite of me. I have acted impertinently there.」

The people that came out from the opened door while making normal talk were a middle-aged man and woman who were making twitching expression. There was also a woman who was definitely passed seventy sitting in a wheelchair that was pushed by the man. It went without saying that these were Emily’s family. And then, a man wearing sunglasses and black outfit was walking in the lead of them.

「Father! Mother! Grandma!」

「-, Emily!?」


Hearing the shout of Emily that was filled with joy, the father Carl and the mother Sophie called back the name of their beloved daughter without being unable to hide their happiness. It seemed that the grandma Syla was sound asleep. Perhaps Kousuke had done something to her. Surely he had judged that this hectic situation would be harmful for her who was afflicted with Alzheimer.

The two parents had been told about their daughter’s current situation to a certain degree. And so, they were about to rush toward Emily driven by their worry and the joy of reunion.

But, because of the pressure of the armed men that was standing between them and their daughter, and the ominous sound *kaclick* that came at the same time with the gun muzzles moving toward them immediately, they stumbled and came to a stop. And then, blood was leaving their expression when they saw the scene of the men that really resembled mafia, the personnel of security bureau who looked cornered at near the wall, and then, the collapsed person who their daughter was holding in her arms.

They now painfully understood the situation. The terrifying situation their daughter was confronting, it was different from the explanation of the security bureau that was a mix of truth and falsehood. They grasped just how dangerous the situation their only beloved daughter had been placed in.

It was in the middle of that, a dumbfounded voice resounded.

「Thi, this is a joke right? He, should have been sniped……」

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It was Kimberly. At the same time, what he spoke represented what was in the mind of everyone there.

But, the right-hand of demon king exaggeratedly shrugged his shoulders saying「Good grief」to the crowd that was a hindrance to the family reunion, completely unconcerned with that kind of question of bewilderment. And then, he suddenly formed a handseal with both his hands. Yes, he formed a handseal! As though, just like a NINJA! Just like a NINJA!

It was unknown just where was the expression that was worried for Kousuke just now had gone, the female investigator that might be beyond hope already yelled「Handseals come-―――!!」while she desperately tried to copy it. It seemed that she was trying to memorize the handseals. But, the girl lacked a certain bloodline eye, on top of that Kousuke’s handseals that were super complicated and super fast due to its lack of meaning weren’t something that could be copied just from a glance.

‘Your level is insufficient!’The handseals didn’t really have any meaning, but with a glance those words were whispered toward Vanessa-san who was grinding her teeth.

「To disturb the family reunion like this, what a really boorish bunches. ――”Kuuton - Banji Saikuu(I exist, in the desired spot)”」(Note: Air Escape - Air Reside in the Whole Earth)

Something like black mist instantly whirled around Kousuke, but right at the next instant, Kousuke disappeared, and not just him, but the whole Grant family too. In their place, the corpse of Kousuke that was inside Emily’s arms until just now appeared! And then, right after that, the corpse vanished with *pon-* sound as though it had accomplished its role!

「Thi, thi thi thi thi, this iiis!? Mikawari no Jutsu!? Isn’t this Mikawari no Jutsu, Kousuke-san!」(Note: Mikawari no Jutsu = Kawarimi no Jutsu/Substitute Technique)

「It’s a little bit different. Naturally I can also use Mikawari no Jutsu, but Banji Saikuu is something that is not limited to just myself. It designate things within a certain range around me and replace them all with my clone body along with the space. Fufu, this is a more advanced technique.」

In response to the yell of Vanessa who was in a state of ‘Excitement Climax!’, Kousuke answered while brushing up his hair with ‘fuh’. Kimberly and the bureau staffs come back to their senses from hearing the exchange of the two, and when they turned their gaze at that direction, there were the figures of Kousuke and Grant family that had teleported at Emily’s side unnoticed.

「Wha wha wha, what happened thank god Emily! You are safe!」

「Emily, you are not hurt just what happened!?」

「Ca ca, calm down mother, father! You two are safe I am also confused here!」

Grant family was in a state of ‘Bewilderment Climax!’. The parents and daughter hugged each other while showing quite the skill where they were rejoicing with their reunion while acting bewildered at the same time. The grandma opened her eyes a tiny bit saying「My? Is it morning already?」, but she soon went ‘munya munya’ and went to sleep again. What a grandma.

「Impossible, what kind of trick is that. Is that thing just now a puppet!?」

Kimberly raised an angry voice in half-panic, trying to find an explanation that his understanding could accept.

Toward such Kimberly, and then also toward the armed men and Chief Magdanese’s group, Kousuke suddenly lifted up his right hand to the sky and opened his mouth.

「Puppet? Ku-ku-ku-. Certainly, you can call it that. Isn’t that right――right me?」

Kousuke waved his lifted up right hand elegantly as though he was an orchestra conductor while making a finger snap *pachin-* and pointed at the right building. There,

「Or, you can also say that it is a dream, or an illusion, or even darkness. ――Front me」

At the window in the right building’s second floor, a man in exactly the same appearance appeared as though he was oozing out from the darkness. The Kousuke that was called as “right me” then stepped out to the empty air without any hesitation, and walked down on the air while spreading ripples that looked like black miasma.

「At the same time, it’s a reality, a counterfeit, and also a real thing. Right, ――left me.」

Kimberly and others turned unbelieving gaze at the right building, but right after that the same voice resounded from behind them this time. When they turned around in panic, as expected, there was also the figure of man in sunglasses and black outfit showing his appearance, oozing out from the darkness of the building over there, as though he was born from the darkness itself.

「Although, there is no need for you all to understand. After all, understanding the true abyss with human body, is something that cannot be done.」

The same voice entered their ears once more. When Kimberly and others turned to the left as though they were being toyed around, there, on the roof of a car that was parked horizontally to block the path, was the same man standing elegantly with his arms crossed and one of his feet drawn back slightly. Leaving aside a female investigator who was greatly being noisy「Real clone! Real clone!」in high spirit, everyone was lost for words feeling dumbfounded and astonished.

「Ko, Kousuke is, Kousuke is, four people……」

Emily’s whisper echoed faintly at the place where silence had descended. Right after that, the four Kousuke smoothly unsheathed their jet black short sword and made cross shape with their arms.「Camera-, where is the camera-」Leaving aside the female investigator looking around with a desperate look who was surely beyond hope already, the right-hand man of the demon king chuckled at the words of the girl who he had promised to protect while he called out to her.


「Ye, yhesh」

Emily’s voice spontaneously squeaked because she didn’t think that she would be addressed here. Seeing the girl like that, the nearest Kousuke chuckled while asking her.

「I’m not an ally of justice. If those who doesn’t balk from harming others for the sake of their own will are called evil, then without a doubt, I am extraordinarily evil.」

「E, err……」

Emily-san was bewildered. She didn’t understand the meaning of those words, and she also totally didn’t understand Kousuke’s speech and behavior! But, Kousuke didn’t pay that any attention. Because, the one who was here wasn’t Kousuke anymore.

「But, I plan to at least bear in mind the moral code that I should stick to. Therefore, I will protect you. I will protect my promise to protect you. That’s why, will you believe in me, and let me protect you?」

「……Ye, yes. I believe you, Kousuke.」

It didn’t seem like that she wasn’t a little bit creeped out, even so the cheeks of Emily reddened when she was told “I’ll protect you”. She joined her hands in front of her chest, and returned back her trust as though in prayer. Toward her who was like that, Kousuke went「fuh」for who knew how many times today, and then lastly he spoke.

「Emily. And then, everyone here in this place. Listen-」

Each of the four Kousuke displayed diverse chuuni pose’s variation from their original arm-cross pose that even left behind afterimage, while he raised a voice that echoed in the dark night!

And then, Kimberly and his group went ‘twitch!’ from witnessing that somehow amazing movement while they came back to their senses and aimed their gun toward the four Kousuke. Toward them, Kousuke declared! With a voice that was loud, proud, and echoed from the bottom of the abyss.

「I, am the shadow! The right-hand man of the godslaying demon king that was born from the bottom of the abyss! I came from the deep abyss, from the darkness that is deeper than even darkness! Now, engrave into your soul, this taboo name!」

The jet black short sword was swept, and the empty-handed left hand spread open its five fingers while covering the right eye. The left eye that sharply glared over everything, emitted penetrating light!

Kimberly gave his order「Fire! I don’t really get it but, anyway, fire!」. The armed group broke out of the bizarre atmosphere that restrained them, and they pulled their trigger simultaneously. In the space that was blanketed with thunderous roar and muzzle flash, “his” introduction rang out clearly.

「――Rapid Fang Shadow Claw, Kousuke E Abyssgate. I have arrived!」

The bullets that were fired without thinking of leaving behind any reserve, all of them cut through empty air in vain. *shu-* Together with such sound, Kousuke――no, Lord Abyssgate’s figure vanished!

Right after that,

「Crawl on the ground. Embrace the infinite hell fire! ――”Katon - Kouen no Ryuu(The flame of abyss extinguish all creation)!”」(Note: Fire Escape - Prominence Dragon)

Lord Abyssgate appeared behind the armed group and stabbed his short sword on the ground while saying such thing. Instantly, vividly crimson blaze *gou-* was spreading in radial shape like great snake crawling on the ground.

「Uwah-, what!?」

「Hot!? Sheet-, the fire, the fire is coiling around me-」

The flame was crawling below the armed group coiled on the men and twined around them burning them mercilessly.

――Short sword “Heaven Destroying Sword of Brilliant Lightning Flame”

It was one of the treasures bestowed to him from the demon king. Originally it would create flame snake that randomly ran around to make the area fall into chaos, it was an item that was enchanted with a sublimated flame element magic circle to assist in escape. Just as the name showed, it was also possible to do the lightning version of the attack, not just flame element. It was possible to instantly activate two elements magic for escaping or assisting in battle.

By the way, he thought up the naming himself. Together with a rabbit-eared woman of another world.

Some of the men were about to rush out reflexively, perhaps to help their comrades to put out the fire. But a black shadow slowly appeared right beside them and they turned their gun there with great reflex. However,

「The surge of darkness, corrode everything――”Rasetsu no Mashu(It is beyond your mean to touch the abyss)”」(Note: Rakshasa’s Evil Hand)


*ton* Lord Abyssgate’s palm lightly touched the man’s chest, at that moment the man was blown away like a joke, as though he had been hit by a truck.

――Fingerless glove “Rakshasa Black Hand of Second Advent and Rejection”

This artifact was inserted with “Magic Shockwave” that converted magic power into shockwave――”Rasetsu no Mashu(It is beyond your mean to touch the abyss)”, and regeneration magic “Daten no Ote(There is no end to the abyss)” that could regenerate what it touched to a certain degree. (Note: Daten no Ote = August Hand of Fallen Heaven)

By the way, the chief of rabbit-ear thought and groaned for three days to come up with the naming.

「Die-, die-, this damned monster-」

Several men who fell into panic were brandishing their gun indiscriminately. The bullets that flew out randomly were something dangerous that might drag Emily and others who originally they should secure into danger instead.

「How could you guys appeal to Emily and others while ignoring me. I feel lonely――”Zekkou Senjin - Shin’en no Kaina”」(Note: Light Severance Thousand Blades - Abyss’s Arm)

Lord Abyssgate had jumped to the sky unnoticed by anyone, and in midair he swept his arm in large movement. With that, four kunais appeared from empty air. Those kunais flew as though they had their own will, three of them stabbed on the ground around Emily and others *ka-ka-ka-*, while the remaining one came to a stop still above them.

And, just before the astray bullets reached Emily and others, they were obstructed by invisible wall that manifested at the space slightly ahead.

――Offense and defense dual use gravity control kunai “Zekkou Senjin”

This artifact’s ability was almost the same like the demon king’s bit weapon. It would lay out space isolation defensive wall by making each other as fulcrum. It flew freely using gravity control, and could accomplish space teleportation by replacing their position with the user.

By the way, Kousuke didn’t have a thousand of this kunai. He had twelve. The one who named it as thousand blades was the rabbit eared sniper boy. It seemed that the naming reason was「Heheh, stylish right?」

「Don’t screw around-」

Kimberly howled. Lord Abyssgate was about to land on the ground with several kunais orbiting around him like satellites. Kimberly aimed the moment he would land and pulled the trigger. It was a superb timing. Even while he was in panic and confusion, that was still an amazing judgment and technique. Furthermore, foreseeing that as a chance, even Allen also gave support fire to make it so there was no place of escape. Perhaps this was the so called the enemy of my enemy if friend.

Lord Abyssgate smiled wryly. He fired a single kunai to the ground while falling and his body made a single rotation midair.

「Invite to the abyss――”Doton - Shin’en Ryuusa”」(Note: Abyss Quicksand)

Instantly, the ground undulated like a whirlpool, Lord Abyssgate slipped through the bullets and then smoothly dived into the ground. 「The true worth of Doton, IT COMES-―――――!!」The frenzied voice of the female investigator who was beyond hope already, it startled Kimberly. At the same time,「CALM DOWN VANESSAAAA-」everyone of Grant family was also startled from their beloved daughter’s shriek.

That became an opening where Kimberly was made to pay a painful compensation.

――Bulge, breaking wave. “Doton - Raiton Combination Art - Raika Hourai” (Note: Raiton = Lightning Escape, Raika Hourai = Lightning Flower Phoenix Arrival)

Such words were propagated from the whole darkness of night. Right after that, the ground underneath Kimberly bulged up with explosive momentum. And then, roaring lightning attack burst out, like a roaring dragon climbing up to the sky.

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「-, gah!?」

Kimberly was hit hard by hard rocks that came like buckshot while intense lightning attack showered him. Kimberly who couldn’t even make a proper scream was launched to the sky like in a cartoon.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed to that sight. In the middle of that,

「Be aware of your own sinfulness, o shadow of the country.」

「Wha-, the ground is again――」

Before he could finish speaking, Allen turned his head from the fright that attacked his spine. There, he saw the figure of Kousuke who flew out from the ground with a momentum as though he was launched out. His figure with both his hands spread and his legs lightly folded, was truly the pose of a savage eagle!

But, Allen also didn’t lose. Even while his eyes opened wide in surprise, he aimed the gun in his right hand with amazing reflex and he pulled the trigger.

But, Lord Abyssgate who floated midair, with his body that could be said to be exposed to death, he went「fuh」that he had done a lot today, and then he dodged the bullet with a stylish midair spin.

And then, he kicked flying Allen’s gun with a midair spinning kick fully filled with centrifugal force. In the next instant, Allen’s left arm moved. Of all things, a hidden gun came out from his left sleeve too.

「Got you-」

「No, that’s your illusion.」

Lord Abyssgate’s other leg cut through the air. Using the centrifugal force of the midair spinning kick, it was a second leg attack that wasn’t unlike a second sword. Allen’s hidden card was sent flying too quickly. Even so, the movement of the shadow of the country didn’t stop, he fluttered the sleeve of his coat and his right hand that should be snapped away reached toward his waist. There, a revolver for quick draw was stored.

Although, that out of norm movement was already a step late in front of Lord Abyssgate.


「Wha!? Gah」

A third kick attack. By twisting the upper body after the second spinning kick, it further connected to the third spinning midair kick. The right kick that returned to its original position after a rotation cleaved through the wind *gou-* while hitting hard the haw of Allen who immediately tried to pull back.

Allen’s body was blown away, his body danced midair while making triple spin. The white of his eyes was exposed and he bounced on the ground, at the same time Lord Abyssgate’s feet also touched the ground.

「…………Abyss-style assassination martial art - kicking form………”Hien Renkyaku(The bird of abyss chirped three times)”」(Note: Flying Abyss Tempered Leg)

That unnaturally long pause was of course, because he only thought up that name just now!

Putting aside the former investiga――the mere otaku who said「Aa, not just ninja art, but even martial art……it’s lovely」and the father-daughter who conversed「Emily, i, is this person alright?」「No, it’s too late already for her, father」, the battlefield where the abyss lord had descended was filled with scream of chaos and despair where everything was merely trampled helplessly by the darkness that he brought about.

「I didn’t hear anything about this! What the hell is that guy-」

「Damn it-, don’t come here!」

Barrage of bullets surged along with thunderous sounds. But, Lord Abyssgate that was the target wasn’t even grazed. No, to be more accurate, the bullets actually hit. To the double or triple layers of afterimage following him every time he moved. It was as though the bullets were sucked in, they shifted slightly from Lord Abyssgate’s body and drifted toward the afterimages.

「――”Juuton - Keishi no Kage”. No one is able to seize the abyss.」(Note: Gravity Escape - Shadow of Unusual Death)

The combination technique from skill “Phantom Step” and gravity magic――”Keishi no Kage”. While generating afterimages behind using “Phantom Step”, those afterimages were enchanted with gravity magic that averted every attack.

「……This is like, a B-class movie.」

Kimberly cursed like that while somehow raising up his body that was finally freed from the numbness. He vomited blood ‘gahah’. He looked at his surrounding while on all fours and made a dry smile.

The incarnation of death boasting overwhelming force that surpassed the speed of sound couldn’t even graze the existence before his eyes. Even though they were able to see him, even though they could perceive him, but they were unable to grasp his real state. Even though they were fully observing him like this, yet when they noticed they would suddenly lose sight of his existence, and the next time they noticed would be when they were on the verge of having their consciousness swallowed into darkness along with intense pain. And only the back figure of the lord that was in unrelaxed alertness.

Flame crawled on the ground, lightning flew wildly about, wind blade raised up blood splash, and the ground swallowed everything. The shadow ran whether it was on the ground or the sky, vanishing and disappearing, cloned itself into several bodies and kunais were rushing through the sky by ignoring gravity.

「Aa, sheet. I really cannot go along with this-」

「That too, is the consequence of your choice isn’t it?」


Kimberly whispered once more while somehow crawling toward the nearest car, but right after that, a cool voice replied to him from right behind him.

When Kimberly looked back, there was the figure of Lord Abyssgate looking down on him. At the same time, *dosha-* a body of his comrade fell with raw sound beside Kimberly. That body’s neck was clearly twisted into a direction that a neck mustn’t go.

「This, monster」

「You who prey on human, who doesn’t feel any hesitation at involving unrelated people, and slaughter your comrades for money, aren’t you the monster?」

It was a scathing reply. Kimberly faced Lord Abyssgate with his body falling on his backside. When he noticed, he couldn’t hear any gunshot anymore. When he looked around with just his gaze, there was already no one standing in this battlefield.

No, there were barely some people. The troops of the special squad. With their back facing the wall, they formed a half-circle to become the shield of Chief Magdanese. They were standing even while trickling cold sweat. Beside them was a clone body of Lord Abyssgate, they weren’t allowed to run away, even so they didn’t seem like fighting each other.

On the other hand, the organization member that Kimberly led here seemed to have passed on already without even any time to feel pain. There wasn’t anyone with showy wound. A single stab on the heart, or internal organ destruction using impact, stopping heart with electricity, or severing artery using wind blade. Even the people that were enveloped in flame had their life severed by a single attack of flying kunai before they died by fire.

「Oi oi, what the hell. You overlook them, but slaughter us all? Just what is the difference between those guys and us huh?」

Kimberly cracked jokes even with his cheeks twitching while his body was sweating from pain and unease. Lord Abyssgate changed his hold on his short sword into reverse grip while shrugging his shoulders at such Kimberly.

「Evil with conviction, and a mere fiend. Is it fine to consider that both will meet the same end as the result? The answer, is no. ……Well, there is also the difference at the level of troublesomeness for the cleaning up afterward though.」

Lord Abyssgate was Lord Abyssgate. He wasn’t that demon king. A method of annihilating anything and everything when hostility was directed to oneself, was a method that he couldn’t take based from his sense of value and also his lack of means to clean up afterward, nor did he want to take it. Not to mention how this was at earth.

But, he the experience that he had gone through was also not so sweet, that he would let alive fiends scattering around malice for their own selfish desires, for their own pleasure. Therefore, he made his choice. That was all there was to it.

From the slight movement of Kimberly’s gaze, Lord Abyssgate guessed that he was wracking his brain for some kind of solution to escape from this situation. He unhurriedly walked toward Kimberly. And then, he violently grasped Kimberly’s collar and lifted him up with one hand easily.

「Uoh. Wait-, just wait! What happened wasn’t my real intention-. Even I have a circumstance, I cannot help it! Listen to me!」

Kimberly desperately beat at the arm of Lord Abyssgate that lifted him up from behind while speaking excuse that would overshadow even the word unsightly. Lord Abyssgate lifted up him who was like that, like a criminal that was crucified on a cross.

At the same time,

「Uh. I, I was……aa, if I’m not mistaken, I fainted!? Why am I lifted up!?」

Allen who fainted until now with the white of his eyes showing was lifted up similarly like Kimberly by a clone body and carried near.

The special squad troops starting from Chief Magdanese, and then Vanessa who was sending Kousuke a strangely sparkling gaze, Emily who was completely creeped up by such Vanessa, and Grant husband and wife who was turning pale from the surrounding situations in a silent panic where they couldn’t even hide their bewilderment, they all were paying full attention.

Amidst that, the lord drew back and recovered the kunais protecting Emily and others while raising his voice.

「Emily Grant! Vanessa Paradis!」

「Fua, fhyes!」

「Yes, what is it my god?」

Emily who was suddenly called in her full name responded with shaken stutter. As for Vanessa at her side, for some reason she wasn’t shaken at all, instead she fell on one of her knees *sucha-!* right away, and replied with reverence as though she was kneeling before her lord. The end of her sentence caused Emily to goggle at her in shock.

But, even that no-good investigator Vanessa who wrecked the serious atmosphere like that immediately corrected her expression from the next words.

「I have captured the perpetrator that snatched away your precious family, your precious comrades.」

Yes. Kimberly snatched them away. Her esteemed superior Hughes. And also the life of her colleagues.

Yes. Allen snatched them away. Even indirectly, the lives of her substitute father, of her big brothers and big sisters.

「Can you two stay quiet?」

There was no way they could. Their heart that had been paralyzed by the serial unusual situations started to move again. The scorching rage they had been holding all this time started to blaze again like fire that was put into fireplace.

Emily stood up. The figure of her family floated around her mind. Because it was command? He didn’t directly do it? So what. It was beyond doubt, that what was scattered by the man in front of her eyes, had snatched away the life of her important people.

Vanessa stood up. What filled her mind, was the figure of the superior that she should aimed at. And then, the figures of the comrades with whom she entrusted her life to and vice versa. Who was the one that shot at them from behind with a reason like “for the sake of money”? Who was the one who snorted at the offered trust while trampling on it? It was, the sheetty bastard before her eyes.

「O, oi, Vanessa. Wait, just calm down! I――」


Vanessa slowly stepped forward.

「A, aa~, young miss? That, it was my bad that I blundered――」

「Shut up.」

Emily stomped forward loudly.

Both of them, the two woman who had survived to this point, walked forward side by side. Their expression couldn’t be seen from the shadow covering their face. But, their lips that were tightly pursed into a line spoke of their emotion more eloquently than anything.

They clenched their fist. Both of them broke into run. The two men who became the origin of calamity imagined the future that would befall them and sighed. In their action, there was contempt that could be seen, after all what they faced were just female, furthermore one of them was nothing more than a girl. Getting punched wasn’t really a big deal.

But, that contempt too disappeared right after that.

――There is no end to abyss. The deep darkness envelop everything.(Now, beloved children. Let’s bestow the protection of abyss to you.)

The moment that whisper was uttered, the night suddenly coiled about on the greatly clenched fist of the two. The blackly whirling light that gave such illusion was increasing in strength with pulses each time the two took a step forward! Yes, it was as though, the abyss lord was increasing that strength with each passing of time!

Unease ran through the expression of Kimberly and Allen. Both of them didn’t understand what phenomenon that was. But, their soul understood this much. ‘That’s bad news-!’ Following that impulse, they raised their voice to stop the two.



「「No more discussion-」」

But, at that time the two were already right in front of them. Their hidden expression became exposed. What was there was wicked look that even resembled evil Rakshasa.

*ZUDAN-* Impossibly loud footstep resounded. Cracks in the shape of spider web ran through the ground! And then, it was unleashed. It was like cannon ball that blasted through the air, the fist clad in the abyss!



Emily’s fist at Allen, and Vanessa’s fist at Kimberly. Both of them put their whole feeling, and their billions of rage, they spitted out everything, and struck!


*GOU-!!* The thunderous sound of hitting flesh and,「GUPEE!?」「GEHAH!?」such screams resounded. On the eyes of the lord that had the perception ability raised by “Heavenly Eye”, the sight of Kimberly and Allen’s cheeks getting ran through by fist, their cheekbones broken, their teeth pulverized, and their flesh squashed in undulation, was projected.

When the lord timely released his hand, Kimberly and Allen were blown away in tailspin as though to prove that might and they bounced together on the ground. And then without any lessening in their momentum, they crashed on the car behind. Both of them cordially plunged through the front glass head first together and in the end there was only their butt sticking out without even a twitch.

The sound of someone gulping their saliva *gulp* echoed. The troops of the special squad were making expression that was shuddering in fear as though to say「Those fists really a damned bad news」.

Amidst that atmosphere, Emily and Vanessa who were standing still with their fist still outstretched slowly relaxed their tension. And then, they lifted their face and gazed at the lord.

There on their face, floated a smile. Looking at their smile, it could be clearly understood that even though it wasn’t wholly, but at least their expression had cleared up a bit.

「Both of you. ……That attack felt like it would make me fall in love.」

The lord gave words of praise while once more going「fuh」that he had lavishly displayed throughout this day.

Emily and Vanessa looked at each other’s face, and then, they turned their face at the lord one more time. Wordlessly, they both fixed a thumb up resolutely.

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