Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 211 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 211: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

「Hold on! Get a hold of yourself, Kousuke!」

Emily’s tragic call that didn’t suit the warehouse district at night echoed. Kousuke sat on the floor while hugging his knees, he was staring at empty air with eyes of a dead fish, and a dry smile was pasted on his lips. Emily was holding the collar of such Kousuke while desperately jolting his body back and forth.

Everyone of Grant family was staring at such situation with a bewildered feeling in wonder of what was going on, also, Vanessa too was throwing doubtful gaze at Kousuke who suddenly became useless, even so she was running her gaze at the surrounding vigilantly in his place.

And then, at the end of her gaze were several bureau staffs and the surviving troops.

Yes, currently there were many bureau staffs in this place. When Chief Magdanese finished her talk with Lord Abyssgate, Kousuke suddenly turned into a state as though he was a stain on the wall. After that Chief Magdanese called in bureau staffs for cleaning up the aftermath.

After all the phrase of heaps of corpse all around perfectly suited this place right now. They couldn’t just leave the corpse like that, and the cars Kimberly and his group were riding to this place needed to be confiscated too. They needed extra hands for dealing with all those.

In addition, they needed to share information between the two sides regarding the organization behind Kimberly and also interrogating him. It was for that reason that Chief Magdanese and her group, and also Kousuke and others were remaining here.

Both Kimberly and Allen now looked as though their former handsome look was only an illusion. Their caved-in face was too tragic to look at, and they were still unconscious without even a twitch and the white of their eyes exposed. Several troops were watching over Kimberly, but he looked so atrocious that they questioned「Is this really need to be guarded?」.

And so, they were still unable to hold interrogation. Or rather, Kousuke’s heart was hurled to far beyond as though he was in the verge of being swallowed into abyss, so currently they couldn’t even exchange information with Chief Magdanese. Emily was doing her best so Kousuke would return to his sanity but……the damage on Kousuke-san was deep.

Chief Magdanese received treatment of her arm that was drilled by rifle bullet beside a car that was equipped with first-aid facilities, mixed among the injured troops. She was narrowing her eyes at Kousuke who was in such state.

Although they had reconciled, or rather formed cease-fire agreement for the moment, but the other party was the great woman who carried both good and evil in her method. With Kousuke’s state where he was currently murmuring broken language「I’m, fine. I’m, working hard. I’m, fine」, Vanessa also needed to endure various things and kept watchful eye to the other side.

However, she wished that Kousuke would return to his sanity soon already. And so, looking at Emily who was desperately calling at Kousuke while her arms were circling on his head as though she was going to embrace him, Emily who was starting to reduce the sense of distance into one where it was hard to claim that they were just mere friend, Vanessa gave her advice.

「Doctor Grant. Can I say one thing?」

「Whaaat. Right now I have no free time to look after mere otaku heree!」

「That’s impolite to call me a mere otaku. I’m not just an otaku. Even if I’m an otaku, but I’m otaku that is an agent――no, I’m the SOUSAKAN.」(Note: Sousakan means investigator in Japanese. All this time when I refer some people from security bureau as agent, the raw was actually calling them as sousakan or investigator. I changed them to agent in the translation though.)

「I don’t get it!」

For some reason, Vanessa and Emily pulled a smooth funny man and straight man routine a little bit like a comedy duo. Emily went ‘fusha―’ like a cat while her gaze insisted「Be quiet a little!」. Of course, Vanessa-san was unstoppable.

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「About my god, it appear that his state that was overflowing with awesomeness not long ago, for some reason that I don’t understand it put a burden on his mental state. And so, how about trying something that will make my god’s feeling to lighten up? Something that will make him happy.」

「That’s a good advice you have there……but you see, let me point out at just one thing! What’s with that “my god”!」

Emily Grant didn’t fail to notice that opening to be the straight man.

Vanessa showed a really irritating face that seemed to question「Just now, is it really something important?」, even so she explained with the sense of values of good old Japan.

「Doctor Grant. The origin of why I call Kousuke-san as my god come from the tradition and culture of Japan, that is the correct way for displaying respect, because that is a title of honor.」

「Wha, what do you mean?」

「At Japan, people who displayed transcendental skill, producing result that cannot be matched by any other and ought to be given high praise, they would be called “~is god” (Note: Kami in Japan can mean god, but can also mean incredible or fantastic) in praise. Therefore, I’m praising “Kousuke-san is god!”, or “Kousuke-san’s awesome style is seriously godly!!” is something that is really natural and par for the course!」

「I, I didn’t know that……」

Vanessa’s finger snapped out powerfully and pointed to emphasis her claim. Emily’s expression changed just like when she received new knowledge from university lecturer. ……She didn’t even notice how inside her arms, Kousuke was shot by Vanessa’s word bullets and he convulsed *twitch twitch twitch*.

It seemed that the SOUSAKAN’s mood became pleased looking at Emily’s attitude. Her tongue moved even more fluently.

「Doctor Grant. This is a digression, but at Japan, everyday new gods are being born.」

「Li, lies……in Japan, there are a lot of people like Kousuke!?」

Emily showed a frightened expression. Her side-tail stood on end. Beside her, the expression of everyone of Grant Family was grandly twitching. The eyes of Chief Magdanese narrowed so thin it looked like string now, and the troops expression turned grim as though to say「Despair!」.

……It seemed the people of the security bureau were also pricking up their ears and listened really attentively.

Whether she actually knew that or not, Vanessa shrugged her shoulders with over reaction that looked like a certain someone somewhere and said「No no, how can that be」and denied Emily’s words.

「As expected, even Japan(the country of fantasy) won’t have anyone that is in the level of my god. However, it’s the fact that gods endowed with technique and zeal which shaken the soul exist there. ……Doctor Grant. Even you should at least hear about it before. The other popular name of that country. Bringing forth gods into existence day after day, this alias display that essence!」

「I, I don’t know, I don’t know what it is, Vanessa!」

It seemed that the strange switch inside Emily-chan was turned on. Or perhaps, she was simply someone that got easily swept away by the place’s atmosphere. Speaking in term of story tale, then she was definitely in the category of easy heroine. (Note: Easy heroine is those heroine in the story that easily fall to the main character just because of a bit of kind words or gesture, or sometimes without any clear reason at all)

Vanessa who obtained amazingly excellent audience was showered by the support light that was the moonlight while she raised one hand to her chest, her other hand was spread widely, and with an air as though she was an actress on stage, she made the alias of the country she would forever love to resound.

「People, call that country like this. ――The country where eight million gods are born.」

「That’s not it-. Apologize to the sense of values of the good old Japan! You representative of misunderstood foreigner!」

That statement of Vanessa was really too much this time, which caused Kousuke to flew out from the bottom of the abyss like a launched missile. He reflexively stood up while roaring angrily. Emily also got carried up to standing position by his momentum, she said「Standing! Kousuke is standing!」which sounded like a joke material while revealing her joy.

「Congratulations of your revival, my go――」

Vanessa immediately fell on her knee with a thud and bowed like a retainer revering her lord, but her words were cut off in the middle. By *hyu-* the sound of cutting wind and the wind pressure grazing her cheek.

「Oi, Danessa. The next time you call me “my god” again……I won’t miss.」(Note: Danessa, in the raw, the katakana of ‘Va’ here is replaced with the kanji of ‘da’ which could mean, worthless, hopeless, useless, etc. Sorry, but I cannot think up any fitting translation to English for this)

A cold sweat smoothly trickled down Vanessa’s temple while she quietly looked across her shoulder. There, she could see a jet black kunai stabbed deeply on the ground. But, she wouldn’t get discouraged by something of that level. Such thing didn’t fit for this SOUSAKAN!

「……Then, I’ll call you master.」

「Why!? Isn’t it fine if you keep calling me “Kousuke-san” the same as always!?」

「No, there is no way I can do that. As a person begging for teaching, I wish to take up an attitude that adequately express that!」

「Somehow I’m feeling amazing spirit from you though. Somehow it feels a bit scary though. Or rather, begging for teaching?」

「Yes. Please accept me as pupil by any means!」

「This development, is unexpected!」

The spirit of Danessa-san was full to the brim. After a total of five minutes explanation that hit Kousuke like surging wave……in short, she was awfully moved by Kousuke’s strength, so please accept me as a pupil by any means, something like that it seemed.

To expand further, Vanessa was giving her explanation with enthusiasm that was at the peak of the peak, so it went without saying that a lethal wound was dealt once more on Kousuke’s shame.

She said how magnificent the pose of Lord Abyssgate while reproducing it with a perfectly copied motion, she also chuckled ‘fuh’ while saying「The moon tonight is wonderful!」…… Kousuke was covering his face with both hands while shaking his head screaming「Stooop! Please, stop it alreadyyy!」.

「Why a pupil huh. I don’t get how your thought process is working anymore.」

「I think that if anyone witness that numerous techniques which look like Japanese ninja, it’s only natural that they will want to receive teaching though……」

「Have some self-awareness. The natural that Vanessa is saying is generally unnatural you know. Or rather, you are an agent of security bureau right? What are you going to do about that huh?」

Kousuke averted his face looking unpleasant after seeing Vanessa’s fierily sparkling gaze while gently giving his refusal.

Vanessa glanced at Chief Magdanese before for some reason she went「fuh」with a smile that looked really irritating. Chief Magdanese’s eyes twitched in reaction.

「In the first place, I entered security bureau because I thought that『Isn’t something like an agent that fight against evil really cool?』」

「That motive is like elementary student huh……」

「Even after I safely became an agent, my heart was throbbing from thinking『Won’t I get dragged into national conspiracy I wonder?』while I went through the days.」

「Your way of thinking is seriously like an elementary student.」

Chief Magdanese covered her eyes with one hand. Her emotion could be easily guessed. There were several of the troops averted their eyes a bit and others that sent Vanessa lukewarm gaze. Surely they were the same kind with this Danessa.

「I was moved when I met with the chief the first time. She is the living legend that handed down swift yet cool-headed judgment, when I actually met her and felt her atmosphere on my skin, I thought『Eh, what, isn’t this a real-life M!』. I instantly decided then. 『Yosh, I’ll become a real ○07』」

「Oo~i, chief-sa~n! It seems that this otaku SOUSAKAN wanted to become your 0○7!」

Chief Magdanese whispered「……The Paradis that I knew, was just an illusion」with a tired expression. And then, when she averted her gaze away as though to say that she couldn’t bear to see any more than this, ahead of her gaze she witnessed the troops and bureau staffs who were giving out air that said「Yep yep, I get that~」. Her cheeks were twitching grandly.

「However, yes, However! I had seen it! I had known it! That there are things in this world that not ought to be known! Yes, it’s you!」

「Guhah. I, I let my guard down. It all came back at once.」

「Compared to master’s awesomeness, this M wannabe chief is just too shabby. What I should aim for is right here! Master, I beg you. Please, accept me as your pupil.」

Saying that, Danessa-san bowed her head. As for the chief-san, after getting arbitrarily treated as fictional character, getting expectation arbitrarily put on her, and in the end she was called as shabby, she pulled out her handgun with gaze that was like tundra. Seeing that, the squad captain beside her held her from behind while saying「Ca, calm down-, chieef!」to stop her.

While sending a glance to that commotion, Kousuke who was given petition from someone to be his pupil for the first time on his life sighed loudly while saying a word.


He cut down the request resolutely.

However, it seemed that Vanessa had predicted that from the beginning. She nodded once without looking particularly losing her composure. And then, she spoke a request that she seemed to have prepared beforehand, or rather this one seemed to be her heart’s actual desire.

「Then, please sleep with me.」

「Your crypticness just know no bound there! What are you saying!? Just what the hell you are saying!?」

「Vanessa!? Wha wha wha wha, what is your intention!?」

Kousuke was greatly shaken, while Emily who was previously in a daze from the exchange between Vanessa and Kousuke was revived in one shot.

Vanessa was explaining with her gaze staring at Kousuke without any trace of shame in it, rather her gaze was like a hunter aiming at a prey. According to her explanation, the point was if it was impossible for her to become a pupil then ‘I will become your woman!’, something like that. If she received the privilege to stay at his side like that, later she would steal his technique by herself, she said.

「Impure! That’s impure-, Vanessa! So, something like that, if it’s not properly between two people who love each other――」

「No, Doctor Grant. I wish that you won’t misunderstand me like that. I won’t offer this body just for the sake of my objective whatever it is. I have fallen in love normally. Or rather, I have gotten wet.」

「W, we, weeet――」

Emily-chan buried her face on Kousuke’s shoulder. Her face when bright red until not only her ears, but even until her neck. And then, the confession that was too much of a straight ball caused Kousuke to forget the hopelessness of his talking partner temporarily and he unconsciously turned red.

「Please don’t worry, Kousuke-san. Perhaps I don’t look like it, but actually I’m a devoted woman.」

「N, no, even if you appeal at me like that. In the first place, you see, I actually――」

「Tha, that’s right! For Kousuke and Vanessa, such thing is……no good! It’s absolutely no good!」

Kousuke was about to say「have a lover」, but Emily-chan who was on her absolute limit pulled tightly on Kousuke. She embraced him as though to cover him, or possibly to claim that she wouldn’t let him get taken away, while her almond-shaped eyes glared really threateningly.

「Please don’t worry, Doctor Grant. I’m completely okay even just as a mistress.」

「Thi, this is not that kind of problem!」

Vanessa-san’s freedom was unstoppable. The bureau staffs who were working hard at dealing with the corpses laying all over the place without getting any late night overtime pay already stopped still. They were gazing fixedly at the conversation of Kousuke and co. With bloodshot eyes, and shaking fist, and then, curses that were leaking out unintelligibly.

「E, excuse me. Can I interrupt a little?」

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In the middle of the growing pandemonium, a timid voice called at them. Looking toward that voice, Emily’s father Carl was staring at Kousuke, Emily, and Vanessa with a really complicated expression feeling unsure of what to say.

「That, Abyssgate-san, should I call you that?」

「It’s Kousuke. Are you listening? My name is Kousuke.」

Father Carl’s natural mentioning of Abyssgate caused the mini Kousuke inside his heart to vomit out blood. Even while he was plainly eating damage, Kousuke vigorously pressed on to correct Carl. Father Carl nodded obediently at that even while he was feeling creeped out.

「Err, Kousuke-san. First, let me say my gratitude. You are the benefactor of Grant family. If it’s something that I can possibly do, then please ask anything from me so I can express my thanks to you. I won’t inquire about that mysterious power of yours. Surely there are various circumstances about that…… But, there is one thing that I want you to tell me no matter what. ……Just what is your relationship with my daughter? You two look really intimate with each other……」

Color of awkwardness was residing inside the gaze of father Carl. That gaze was seeing the figure of his beloved daughter who was hugging Kousuke firmly even now.

There, it seemed that Emily finally noticed how she was clinging all over Kousuke. She raised her voice「Awah!?」while backing away with her hands going banzai. (Note: Like when people yell banzai, they will raise their hands high)

「Aa~, no, it’s not, our relationship is not like what Carl-san is thinking. I am just her bodyguard, just a friend.」

「Friend, is it……」

Carl’s gaze was directed to his daughter once again. He could see the vision of dark cloud with sound effect *doyoo~n* behind Emily. She was obviously feeling down when she heard “just a friend” said so easily. Even if he wasn’t her father, it was completely clear that Emily wasn’t thinking of Kousuke as just a mere friend anymore.

Father Carl made a complicated expression at that condition of his beloved daughter. And then the one that threw a stone and caused ripples there, was obviously this person.

「Kousuke-san. The way you are saying that is just too much. Even though Doctor Grant had already offered her precious thing(peeing)……」

「Offering her precious thing!? E, Emily! What is the meaning of this!? Explain it to your father!」

「Yo, you are wrong, father! That, isn’t something like that……that was because Kousuke was mean to me, it couldn’t be helped at all!」

「Wha-. You are saying that your precious thing was stolen because you got bullied!? Su, such thing……」

Emily’s cheeks were dyed red from shame and she turned small. It was her usual style, but right now, in this place, it also could be seen as a girl who crouched down because she got hurt. Actually even Emily’s mama Sophia went「Emily! Aa, you are trembling like this, how pitiful!」and hugged her tightly with tragic expression.

As for Kousuke,「”Being mean” and “bullying” has really different nuance there!」he made a retort inside his heart, but it was the fact that he acted mean and shamed Emily because of that, so he was hesitating of what to say. He absolutely didn’t do atrocious thing like what Carl and Sophia were imagining but…… Or rather, it was him who got dirtied that time……

The gaze of father Carl who was desperately holding down his rage was cornering mini Kousuke inside his heart.

「Abyssgate-san. You are my family’s benefactor. My words that I want to repay you with anything that I can possibly do aren’t a lie. But, but-, please spare just my daughter! Like this-! Please, I beg you don’t shame my daughter more than this-!」(Note: The word shame here can also mean rape or violate in Japanese)

「You are wrong! It’s a misunderstanding! I’m telling you I’m not that kind of brute!」

Starting from Chief Magdanese, the bureau staffs were all giving Kousuke cold gaze. It was as though they were looking at a criminal.

After that, the misunderstanding was resolved somehow by Kousuke’s desperate justification, and the flustered words of Emily who noticed that an outrageous misunderstanding had been generated.

Although, because of the fault of Danessa who put in timely interruption with mistaken good intentions, the misunderstanding that Japan was overflowing with boys who hungered for “reward” from beautiful girl permeated not just Grant family, but even until the bureau staffs. In the end, Emily’s blunder of wetting her pants became known far and wide and her soul embarked on a journey. When Kousuke consoled her, seeing that and thinking that the two would go into a relationship by themselves, Danessa casually added in her mistress application. Kousuke was flustered by himself with「This isn’t affair! This isn’t an affair at all!」……

Through this and that kind of ruckus, the cleaning up of the site somehow was finished, and finally, really finally the discussion between Kousuke and co with Chief Magdanese’s group could start. It was at that time, one of the bureau staff that was holding a communication device rushed toward Chief Magdanese.

From the condition of that staff who had tense expression on his face, it seemed that some kind of uncommon situation was occurring.

The staff handed over the communication device that seemed to be connected to somewhere, to Chief Magdanese who was looking doubtful.

「Chief. This is the smartphone recovered from Kimberly. ……The caller said to hand it over to you.」

「……I see. The preparation?」

「All okay. But, it’s likely the other side is taking countermeasures. Please prolong the talk as much as possible.」

「I know. Everyone, don’t make any sound. I’ll put it into speaker.」

Chief Magdanese accepted the smartphone that was put on hold and quickly gave instruction. Nervousness spread between the staffs and troops. From the situation, it seemed that the organization behind Kimberly was attempting to contact them. The call was put on speaker so that Kousuke and others could grasp the situation too.

The one at the other side of the call most likely was the organization that was the ringleader of everything. Perhaps they finally contacted the phone because there was no result report from Kimberly or because he failed to make contact regularly.

Emily’s expression vanished, Danessa returned into Vanessa, and Kousuke’s eyes quietly narrowed.

Inside the back of the car that was loaded with specialized equipment, one of the staffs wearing a headphone made OK sign. Chief Magdanese nodded once and pushed the call button.

「This is Sharon Magdanese, the chief of national security bureau. You are?」

『How do you do, chief-done. Although it’s only through a phone, it’s an honor that I can talk with a living legend like you. I, let’s see……can I ask you to call me Odin?』

「……Pretending to be the chief god of Norse Mythology? It’s really painful listening to you trying to match your theme with Berserk’s naming like that.」

For some reason Kousuke pressed on his chest. Vanessa’s lips grinned broadly just for an instant. But, right now was a serious time, so everyone cordially ignored them.

『How biting. As expected from the iron woman who has shouldered the country’s safety for many years until now. Even though I granted Kimberly-kun quite a lot of man power, but as expected it seems that it’s too heavy of a burden for him to be your opponent.』

「Enough with the idle talk. Get straight to the point.」

『It’s really sad that you are lacking in playfulness……well, I guess it’s fine. I only have one demand. Hand over Emily Grant that the security bureau is sheltering.』

Emily’s shoulders shook from shock. Seeing that, Carl and Sophie nestled close to her and gave her a hug to support her.

「Do you think, that I’ll comply with that demand?」

『You have no choice but to comply. If not, berserkers will raise the first cry of their birth in the middle of city. Just like this』

Right after that,


A shriek resounded in the warehouse district at night. Everyone was startled and their gaze moved toward the source of the roar.

Over there, there was the figure of Kimberly convulsing fiercely with the white of his eyes still exposed. The handcuff restraining his hand on his back was raising creaking sound, displaying how great the pressure that was being put to it.

「Get back! Everyone get back! Take distance and surround him in half-circle!」

The chief’s order resounded and the troops moved simultaneously. The staffs were also moving quickly even with uneasy look emerging on their face so that they wouldn’t be a hindrance for the special squad.

Everyone understood. The abnormal state of Kimberly was the symptom of him transforming into berserker. But, their expression was overflowing with bewilderment and doubt. That couldn’t be helped. Kimberly wasn’t seen consuming the drug of【Berserk】. If someone was dashed with the drug, then they would turn into berserker in a matter of seconds. The question was how could Kimberly who was in restrain was now displaying the symptom in this timing.

Kousuke and Vanessa shifted their position to protect Emily and Grant family while taking wait-and-see stance. During that time, Kimberly finally tore off the metallic shackle using his enlarged body and reinforced muscle.


Kimberly whose looks now had overreached a little bit too much from being wild-type, glared at the surrounding with bloodshot eyes. No one understood how Kimberly suddenly turned into berserker, even so it didn’t change the situation that there was a threat before them.

Therefore, the captain was about to give the shooting order.

『Kimberly-kun. Thank you for the great demonstration. ……You can die already now.』

「Gih, gah!?」

The voice of the man who introduced himself as Odin streamed out from the phone speaker. It was a death sentence that sounded really light. The next moment, Kimberly who even now was deciding of which prey to attack suddenly twitched and convulsed, and then it began to writhe in agony while raising anguished voice.

While everyone was feeling baffled, white smoke was raising from the whole body of Kimberly and his body was enlarged even further while unpleasant sound *book book* could be heard. And then, the next moment when his body height reached three meter, he dried up and shriveled all at once like a balloon that was leaking out air.

「……This is……Berserk overdose?」

Emily whispered in a daze. The symptom occurring in Kimberly’s body was exactly as Emily diagnosed. It was indeed due to Berserk overdose.

「What, did you do?」

With an expressionless gaze, Chief Magdanese was staring at her former subordinate who was meeting his end in an excessively gruesome fashion while she threw a question at the smartphone she was holding.

『You can guess can’t you? It’s not something that is especially difficult. A capsule filled with normal dose of Berserk, and another capsule made from concentrated Berserk that is three times the amount for overdose, those capsules were set so they would broke using remote control, then I made Kimberly-kun swallowed them. Even without antidote, I can dispose him using overdose, that’s how it is.』

Odin’s words caused most people to be speechless. Even calling this man as inhuman still felt lacking. This act should be called as fiendish among the fiendish. But, Odin continued his speech as though to say that there was no need to even pay attention to something like that.

『Now then, I think you understand already, but if you refuse to hand over Emily Grant, perhaps a berserker will suddenly appear in a city somewhere. You know, I have faith that you who is shouldering the safety of this country will not commit any foolish action that will lead to that.』

「No negotiation with terrorist. That is the international practice.」

『Terrorist? Let’s not make a joke. I am a businessman. I’m merely doing the best I can for the sake of profit. This is a transaction. I think it’s only common sense for the side that makes the proposal to obtain advantage in the negotiation.』


Chief Magdanese fell silent. This man didn’t think of anything about murder. No matter how many sacrifice would result, if it was for his own profit then he would surely discard everything. Her abundant experience told her that Odin’s warped and broken sense of values was the real thing.

She felt a slight hesitation. The figure of Kousuke was reflected in Chief Magdanese’s quietly opened eyes. He was staring straight back at Chief Magdanese.

Next, Chief Magdanese looked at Grant family. Carl and Sophia who were hugging Emily close were looking so pale they looked like they could faint anytime, their expression was a grievous one. But, as for the daughter in question Emily,



There was no word. For a moment, Emily’s gaze moved away from Chief Magdanese toward Kousuke at her side. And then, within a moment, a small smile emerged on her lips. Like that, flame was blazing within the eyes that returned toward Chief Magdanese. It was flame of rage and resolve. That passion was certainly conveyed toward Chief Magdanese.

「Fine. I’ll hand over Emily Grant.」

Carl and Sophia were about to protest loudly with despairing expression, but Emily herself stopped them.

『That’s a heroic decision, chief-dono.』

Odin’s voice turned slightly lively. His superiority complex oozed out from being put on an overwhelmingly dominant position.

After that, Odin told them the delivery place and the method of delivery before cutting off the communication.

「How is it?」

「……I’m sorry. We were led astray by dummy.」

Chief Magdanese returned a brief「I see」to the vexed staff. It seemed she really didn’t expect much from that venue. In exchange, her gaze captured Kousuke.

「And? What will you do?」

Kousuke shrugged. He looked back across his shoulder at Emily. No word was exchanged between the two. But, when Kousuke nodded with a grin, Emily smiled softly without even a speck of unease there.

Kousuke who turned toward Chief Magdanese again then smiled fearlessly while saying.

「The other side expressly showed their tail to us. There is no reason to stay quiet isn’t it? This is where both sides alternate the offense and defense turn. I am the hunting dog, and they are the prey. It’s time to punish them grandly.」

Chief Magdanese sent a brief glance at the shivering Vanessa before making a deep sigh, and then she whispered with a faint smile.

「Hunting dog? Call yourself Fenrir instead. I’m feeling like going along with that god make-believe, just for a bit.」

The troops who seemed to catch that whisper were smiling wryly while nodding. Vanessa-san was sending Chief Magdanese a gaze that seemed to say「Even the chief can also speak a really excellent line huh」.

……For some reason, Chief Magdanese felt like she wanted to go home very much.

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