Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 213 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 213: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Become……A Splendid Villager

Part 1

With magnificent night sky as the background, a young man in black clothes was sitting on the president chair.

Such a sight made even Kaysis to be struck dumb and lost for word. The guards at the surrounding too, they were guards that were under the direct control of the president, usually no matter what the situation was they wouldn’t be shaken and able to react swiftly, but it was only at this time that they exposed a stupid expression without being able to aim their gun.

「Emily, over here.」


Kousuke beckoned with his hand and Emily rushed toward him with an excited voice. Even though her external appearance was like a haughty cat, but dog ears and dog tail could be hallucinated to be attached on her. That energetically shaking ears and tail truly made her fit to be doggy Emily-chan……

Emily circled around the large desk with cute sound of footsteps *pata-pata* and without stopping she stopped still right beside Kousuke.

After that, ‘Don’t leave me behind!’ with such feel, Woody followed behind in hurry while his footsteps were loudly resounding. And then he came to a stop at the opposite side of Emily and slightly behind.

……Someone sitting snugly on the president chair, waited on by a beautiful girl beside him and a scary-looking man standing by behind him.

No matter how anyone looked, it was Kousuke that looked like a mastermind. Perhaps it should be said that it was just as expected from the right-hand man of the demon king.

「……What are you? Where did you enter from?」

Kaysis recovered quickly from his agitation, and then he asked toward Kousuke who was sitting on his chair while staring angrily.

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That question was only natural to be asked. The elevator that Emily and Woody were riding was the only route that could lead to this president office. Naturally that elevator was installed with security cameras which could be watched from the president office. There were countless security cameras existing between the elevator until the president office, and naturally there was also a security camera in front of the door of the president office.

Naturally Kaysis himself checked on all those cameras, and the guards who now finally moved their gun muzzle, they should have also checked the monitors at the observation room located at the other side of the hidden door of the president room.

But, there wasn’t even a single one among them who detected Kousuke’s existence.

To enter this room located at the highest floor, it could only by getting through the front door that could only be opened by Kaysis from inside. If that door was closed, the room would completely become a closed room. The air duct’s size couldn’t be entered by human and it would be absurd for someone to enter from the window.

From the point of view of Kaysis and others, in this situation there was no other way to describe it other than this young man suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Although, the answer of Kousuke was simple.

「Even if you ask me from where, wasn’t it you who invited me in? From that door over there.」

「Impossible. I don’t know someone like you……」

「Well, that’s because I’m just a little bit inconspicuous. I won’t be bothered even if you overlooked me, not at all. I’m speaking the truth you know?」

Kousuke shrugged. This time he was following Emily from behind using full power invisibility while making use of the blind spot of the security cameras, so it was justified that they didn’t notice him, and he was also really not bothered by it. It was his habit, of making excuse「I’m not bothered okay? I’m really not hurt okay?」when other people couldn’t notice him.

Kaysis naturally couldn’t believe Kousuke’s answer, and he guessed that Kousuke didn’t plan to disclose the trick. So he straightened up his collar and took a pompous attitude before changing the topic.

「……Well, no matter. By the way, you, the one sitting there in my chair as though it is your own. Who are you? You seem to be Japanese, and I cannot believe that you are from security bureau but……even so, you infiltrate to this place by yourself. By any chance, there is even a Japanese young man among the agents of “JD Agency”?」

Kaysis’s expression was clearly displeased seeing his chair occupied by someone else while he spoke his prediction. But indeed, that prediction was the most possible one.

「Hee, that JD Agency is supposed to be a “non-existent organization” but……it’s normally known like this.」

「It’s not normally known. But, that’s a common knowledge among the highly positioned people of this side of the world. They are paying the maximum caution to the security bureau chief and intelligent department chief, and toward the “erasure organization” these two are leading.」

「Well, if you are the top of underworld organization, I guess you would have them getting in your way many times and dealt you a hard blow. That kind of people should be able to grasp their existence from the piling up facts……but, won’t it be a problem that the name of the organization is exposed?」

Chief Magdanese was grasping the situation at this place through a device that was attached on Kousuke. She was shrugging inside a surveillance car that was slight distance away from the building.

『This is what you called an open secret. Having it be known to a certain degree will also become a deterrence.』

Kousuke nodded「I see」to the words transmitted to him through the device. Kaysis guessed from that, that Kousuke was communicating with outside and he became convinced that Kousuke was a member of security bureau.

Though in truth he was the vanguard of a more dangerous group……

「Fumu, should I say that it’s just as expected from the chief of the security bureau. To be able to subvert an enemy at that kind of situation and then sending in a skilled agent…… Yet, I cannot help but say that you are a little bit too rash.」

Kaysis said that and took out a smartphone from his breast pocket. Then his finger suddenly slid through its display.

「Aa, that again. That’s a switch for【Berserk】activation right?」

「Fufu, so you understand. Once I pushed this button, a lot of berserkers would rampage at the middle of several dozen cities. Aah, let me correct one thing. This is certainly an “activation” button, but this smartphone is originally used for “cancellation”.」

「……I see. I had been thinking about it even before entering this room, but you are really a wary person huh. If a password isn’t entered into that smartphone in regular interval to cancel the activation state, then the drug will activate on their own accord. Is it something like that?」

「You have a good understanding. Exactly. Therefore, even if you steal this from me, even if you kill me, it would be meaningless. Rather, that will become the opening curtain of an unprecedented disaster. It’s not something that can be risked by you people who are shouldering the security of this country isn’t it?」

Kaysis talked with a broad grin and snake-like gaze. Surely the cancellation password wasn’t known by anyone except Kaysis. And it didn’t seem like he would talk even if he was captured, and if he was killed then a great disaster would definitely occur.

Kaysis believed without doubt that he was in an overwhelmingly superior position. It seemed his selling point was this craftiness of him. He lifted the smartphone that was his lifeline in one hand while his other hand moved forward in inviting gesture.

「Now then, Emily. Come to my side. That is if you don’t want a great number of sacrifice to be created in this country because of something that you created.」

「-, this low-life」

Emily’s skin felt goosebumps from the gaze of Kaysis who was immersed in joy. She cursed him without even hiding her feeling of disgust. But Kaysis’s smile was deepening. It seemed that even that disgust felt pleasant for him.

「That’s right. It’s already inevitable that you will become mine, but a punishment is needed after you dragged this uninvited person here isn’t it? How about you give me a kiss of oath after you come here.」

「Wha, what are――」

「Fufu, it seems that young agent-kun over there is a special existence for you. Then, it will be a lovely punishment if I make you offer that body to other man in front of his eyes as the proof of parting. Don’t you think so?」

Surely when someone talked about the height of low-life, it would refer to a person like this. Making other people submit, and smeared them with humiliation and shame were the greatest happiness for this man. The unhappiness of other people was exactly the nourishment for his life. His smoothly moving tongue moved even smoother from imagining the future that was smeared with unhappiness.

「Aa, while we are at it, perhaps it will also be good to torture him in front of you who are crying pleadingly. And then, after he become unable to endure the pain, I will make him say this. ――『Please, just do whatever you like to Emily, spare me already』like that. When I imagine the face of Emily at that time――」

「So it’s true that a third-class villain like to prattle on and on.」

A calm voice reached Kaysis who was continuing to talk with expression of ecstasy. That voice sounded exasperated, as though it was directed to a worthless existence, an apathetic voice that was really lacking in emotion.

Kaysis stared suspiciously at Kousuke who wasn’t showing even a speck of unease at this situation.

「You are saying, that I’m a third-class villain?」

「Yeah. I don’t know if it’s because you have prepared an absolute superiority(trump card) or because you are like this from the start, but you who can play around in this situation, is without a doubt a third-class.」


Kaysis fell silent. He wracked his brain and reconfirmed whether there was anything that could shake his superiority, but he was holding a switch that could instantly open the curtain of tragedy if it was pressed, and if something happened to him then the tragedy would act on its own anyway in less than an hour. Such card was something that wouldn’t become a worthless card that easily.

Kaysis reached a conclusion that this might be a bluff. But Kousuke suddenly stood up while speaking.

「According to the demon king, it seems that what is called a trump card is something mass produced……what about you I wonder?」

「What? Demon king? Just what are you talking a――」

Kaysis talked in suspicion, but instantly, he opened wide his eyes and his word cut off.

That was because without any advance sign, Kousuke was right in front of him.

Kaysis immediately tried to draw back his body, but the next moment, his field of vision was reversed and he was falling into confusion. But, he immediately felt an intense impact hitting his back and his voice got caught in his throat.

His gaze was wandering while he was filled with pain and confusion of what in the world had happened to him. And then what entered his sight was only the ceiling and the LED lighting. From that he understood that he had been thrown on the floor.

「Yo, you bastard, do you not care, what will happen to the city――」

「Well, that will be for later.」

His mind was flooded with pain, however Kaysis made use of his astonishment to wring out words from his mouth. But the reply he got was a casual sentence along with the back of a shoe that filled his field of vision. Simultaneously an intense impact assaulted him and his consciousness was cut off with a snap.

Inside his hearing that was rapidly getting farther away, he felt like he could hear gunshots and angry yells, and also screams……but Kaysis was swallowed by darkness without even being able to process that.

Part 2

「Bubeh!? Hah, wha, what!? What happe――hih!?」

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The pain and impact suddenly running on his cheek made Kaysis woke up. His face grimaced from the dull pain he felt on his back and forehead, but even in such state he tried to rally his confused mind somehow.

However, the moment his hazy visual field became clear, he raised a shriek that he had never made until now.

Although, no one would be able to laugh at him from doing such thing. After all the cause that made Kaysis scream was a sight that was just that bizarre.

「Wha, what!? You guys, just what the hell you are doing!?」

Kaysis called out with an obviously shocked voice. Ahead of his gaze, there were his subordinates that he was familiar with.

……However, each of his subordinate was perfectly making chuni pose.

They were the guards under Kaysis’s direct supervision who were inside the room with him just now. One of them had a pose where one of his legs was lifted with both his hands extended straight to both sides. It was a magnificent pose, as though he was a savage eagle that would fly away anytime.

Another person was standing in low stance with his legs spread apart widely, one of his hands was on his hip while his other hand was held crossing his chest diagonally. That pose looked as though the man was going to transform into a masked warrior in any second now.

And another pose was taking pose where his body tilted slightly forward while his right shoulder was lifted slightly, his right arm extended to below and his left hand was covering his face with his five fingers spread wide open. The angle of his waist was extremely sexy. That pose looked as though something would come out anytime now from his back.

The other too, the guards who were inside the room just before Kaysis lost consciousness, all of them were lined up with everyone taking some kind of chuuni pose. So to speak it was like a museum of posing statue. The gallery was using the whole spacious president office.

Those people didn’t answer even when Kaysis was yelling in extreme panic. Everyone of them was wearing sunglasses so their eyes couldn’t be seen, but perhaps they were unconscious seeing how they weren’t reacting at all. When Kaysis strained his eyes to the limit, those posing guards had their body and four limbs entangled in very fine strings, and he could see that they were being hung up like marionettes.

At the same time, Kaysis noticed that he was being restrained on his chair. His four limbs were being restrained by a similar super-fine string.

「Hey, Kousuke. Is it necessary to do this?」

「……If you ask whether there is any necessity, then the answer is definitely negative. This is bad, the damned Lord Abyssgate is easily showing out his face. Perhaps, it’s hopeless already for me.」

Hearing that casual conversation in this bizarre space caused Kaysis to return to his sense in surprise. When he turned his gaze toward the voices’ direction, he confirmed that there were several people right beside him.

Three of them were Kousuke, Emily, and Woody who were inside the room before this. But, in addition of them, there were further three more people.

「As expected from Kousuke-san. You don’t forget this thing called “beauty” even in the middle of battle. I have underestimated you.」

「……Indeed, you suppressed the enemies in less than a minute, and during just the few minutes from you contacting us, you created this kind of artwork. This can be said as terrific. Though now I’m completely filled with the desire to go home.」

「Ahahaha, it’s great that I can move now after having something unknown done to me but……this case that made even the chief to be haggard is really a heavy burden huh. I wish I could keep losing consciousness without waking up……」

Vanessa who for some reason looked dejected even though her expression was enraptured, praised Kousuke. Chief Magdanese was having a faraway look while his gaze wouldn’t move toward the posing men no matter what. And then, Allen who was made to drink restorative medicine made in another world and healed until a point where he could at least move.

In Allen’s case, Emily wished that he would exit the stage with his face still disfigured like before, but Chief Magdanese said「This idiot who kept making mistake cannot be allowed to rest more than this. He has to be made to work like a cart-horse」. And so without any other choice, he was healed.

Even so, he was still far from being fully healed, for the time being his swelling was suppressed and his broken jaw repaired so he could talk. His broken teeth and lacerated nose and cheek were left alone. His face was wrapped with bandage all over like a mummy, making Allen’s figure looked really painful, but there wasn’t anyone who cared about that.

By the way, regarding the restorative medicine made in another world that healed Allen (the highest class of product sold for the general public), Kousuke skillfully hid it and explained that Allen was healed using his ability, so it was currently ignored by everyone thinking that Kousuke also had that kind of power.

Though it seemed that Emily was really bothered with a power that could heal bone fracture in the blink of eye but…… Naturally there was no power that could heal people turned into berserker, so Kousuke told her that while saying that he would explain to her later. Hearing that caused Emily to obediently withdraw.

「……My word, for the chief-sama of the state security bureau to be personally here. What an honor. However, you have made an extremely poor move. As expected, even a living legend has finally gone senile hasn’t it?」

Kaysis implicitly conveyed that at this rate berserkers would be released in the middle of city with his sarcastic and obstinate words. His expression was also sneering at Chief Magdanese.

In a glance he looked composed, but if observed carefully, it could be seen that his eyes were twitching faintly and his voice was slightly shaking. The cause of that went without saying.

Because, there were his subordinates making chuuni pose within his view after all!

「Mister Abyssgate. I’ll leave this to you…」

「That’s why I told you that my name is Kousuke」

Chief Magdanese didn’t show any particular concern to Kaysis’s words and her gaze moved at Kousuke. Kousuke punctually said his request for correction before sighing. Then he put down a chair in front of Kaysis roughly.

Kousuke put the chair so the back of the chair was facing Kaysis and he sat down on it. He put his arms on the top of the chair’s back and he gazed straight at Kaysis.

「Mister Abyssgate…… So that’s your codename inside the agency. Fufu, I’ll remember that. I will surely investigate your background. And then, your important people will――UBAoAa!?」

「Just who do you think you are talking to? Hold down that tongue.」

Right in the middle of Kaysis’s curse toward Kousuke, immediately after that, he directly received a kick on his crotch from Vanessa who had been reduced into a believer of Lord Abyssgate, and he raised a weird scream. Actually he wanted to writhe around, but he couldn’t do so because he was tied on the chair and he could only twitch repeatedly while desperately enduring the pain.

「Aa~, Vanessa. Let me do it, okay?」

「Forgive me. Against my better judgment, it annoyed me seeing his attitude that is making light of Kousuke-san.」

Just where had the Vanessa-san who was always calm, cool, and collected gone at? Even though she absolutely wasn’t someone who would instantly make ‘Direct Attack!’ to the crotch because of provocation……

Allen and Woody similarly turned pigeon-toed while drawing away from being creeped out. Kousuke faced toward the writhing Kaysis once more while they were like that.

「Now then, Kaysis. I’ll have you spit out everything. Not just the cancellation code, but also how this case started, your plan from here on, and then the location of all the【Berserk】that you stole.」

「Do, do you seriously believe, I’ll talk――」

「You will. I said it right? The one who doesn’t understand the situation is you. Why do you think you who is holding the trump card is getting captured like this without question? Why did Woody change side? Didn’t you think about that?」


Of course Kaysis noticed about those abnormalities. No matter how, it was unthinkable that his subordinate would get lured away by salmon sandwich, he didn’t want to think about it. Also, it was unthinkable that the security bureau would make a gamble that could involve a lot of people’s life using a baseless method like torture, because there was no way he would easily confess just from that.

But, even so, there should be nothing that could shake his absolutely superior position with him taking hostage of this country’s people, as long as he didn’t confess anything, then there was nothing the security bureau could do except doing whatever Kaysis told them. It was undeniable that such believe was curbing down his feeling of danger toward the abnormalities. It was when he was thinking like that,

「I also told you this didn’t I? That’s why you are a third-rate. Honestly, regarding the mastermind of this case, well, I have no doubt that it’s really you but, I think there is high possibility that there is still another existence behind you. The existence that granted you the seat as president of this large company……something like that.」

Kaysis’s expression didn’t change. There wasn’t even any turmoil inside his eyes. His breathing was also not shaken at all. But, there also wasn’t any sarcasm coming from him right away. Kousuke was convinced just from that.

Surely there was another person that knew about the existence of【Berserk】and stole it the very first. After all an impetus was necessary for Kaysis to know about the existence of【Berserk】.

At the same time, there was no doubt that this man was cunning, merciless, and excellent, but, no matter how, Kousuke couldn’t believe that Kaysis had the status that counterbalanced with the organizational power Kousuke expected, so surely his conjecture that this【Gamma Pharmaceutical】wasn’t at the deepest bottom of everything was correct.

While thinking so, Kousuke suddenly took out from his breast pocket a string that was attached with something that looked like five-yen coin. The size was about the same with five-yen coin, but the material looked like an amber crystal. There was a round hole at the center, and the string was tied there.

Once Chief Magdanese and others saw that item, they made a really complicated expression.

「……I don’t know what you are planning to do, but if you don’t release me, a lot of people will die you know? After all no matter what you are going to do to me, I absolutely won’t speak.」

「You know, the world is overflowing with irrationality. Do you forget that just because you are at the side that is scattering around irrationality?」

Saying that, Kousuke then dangled the string. The crystal shaped like a five-yen coin swung back and forth in front of Kaysis’s eye.

Kousuke coughed once *gohon* for a moment and he straightened up his sitting posture, before he suddenly opened his mouth.

「You are gradually becoming stra~ngee~, you are gradually becoming straa~ngee~」

「??? Just what are you saying…… Is your head having a screw looseee-hee~」

The crystal five-yen coin systematically swaying like a pendulum in front of Kaysis’s eyes. At the other side of the coin was a suspicious incantation (?) that sounded strangely stupid. Kaysis’s was doubting Kousuke’s sanity that matched Kousuke’s expression that looked complicatedly embarrassed.

But, right after that, the end of Kaysis’s sentence crumbled. Light slipped off from his eyes, and his snake-like atmosphere dispersed as though it was just a lie, where now he seemed like a mere simple man.

「You are gradually wanting to taa~lkk~. You want to talk about everything, everyy~thii~ng」

「I, I want to taa~lkk~. I want to talk about everything, everyy~thii~ng」

「If you are asked you will want to anss~werr~. You will be unable to not anss~werr~」

「I will want to anss~werr~. I become unable to not anss~werr~」

「You will be happy by telll~ingg~. You will be wanting to tell everyy~thii~ng」

「Will will wiilll~」

The slow and stupid voices resounded inside the room. Kaysis was completely transformed into a repeating machine. At the same time, light of expectation was starting to grow inside those eyes. His atmosphere was like a Villager A who was called out by a hero party, who for some reason knew about a local legend and would tell it to the hero party without leaving anything out.

――Soul magic enchanted-type brainwashing artifact “Staking the Pride of a Villager”

The villager in RPG would tell everything they knew if they were talked to. If they were addressed by hero party, ordinarily they would obediently listen. They also wouldn’t say even a single complain when their house was entered by a hero party as they pleased, and even if their home was rummaged and in the end their possession got taken away without permission.

This artifact would turn the targeted human into such lovely villager. This was an artifact for dealing with the aftermath of an incident, bestowed by the demon king to the abyss lord for his personal use.

A minute later, the president of a large company that could be counted as one of the top five even in Britain finished his job-change into a splendid Villager A. He happily spouted out everything that he knew.

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