Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 216 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 216: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Wai-, You Raised Too Many Flags!

Part 1

The bodies of the berserkers who were surrounding from four directions were slowly collapsing like a blooming flower.

The figure that appeared from behind the tough meat wall that lost their head, was the lord whose body was wrapped in black outfit and two jet black short swords held in reverse grip. The one-lens type sunglasses was reflecting light even under the cloudy sky, it glittered with a sparkle. Surely it was an optional feature.


It was a dissonant sound of many overlapping roars. The roars of berserkers shook the air.

Lord Abyssgate who was cool at any time with his body kneeling on one knee and his short swords readied to the front and back, he wasn’t perturbed by that shriek that stimulated human fear. He stood up silently while putting away one short sword to the back.

And then, he took a half-body stance toward the berserkers who were tightening their encirclement and thrust one hand forward, his palm was facing up――*kui kui* he moved his fingertip. It was as though he was telling them ‘come at me’.

「Let me tell you, this lord isn’t so soft that the like of mindless beasts can possibly win.」

It was as though that whisper become the signal, the berserkers roared and began charging from three directions. The vibration of their steps made it felt like the ground was shaking. Normal people would surely lose strength from their waist and felt their groin going cold from feeling that pressure. Just like Emily-chan the other day. Just like Emily-chan!

In contrast the lord――vanished.

It happened in an instant. The berserkers that came from three directions were blown away all at once. They went back the path they advanced through with a fierce momentum as though they just got hit by a dump truck. Naturally the berserkers approaching from behind also got grandly dragged into it.

At the spot where the berserkers were just at, there was the lord in an unmoving pose――three of them.

「Abyss-style Assassination Martial Art - Phantom Attack Form――”Roukyouka”」(Note: Haze Frenzy Flower)

It seemed the lord was pleased with the naming of Abyss-style. He looked pleased that he could unveil the numerous naming (centered on existing techniques, especially the martial art moves that weren’t named before this) he had thought up through the whole night last night. The smile on his mouth indicated that.

By the way, what he did was only making clone bodies and simultaneously blew away the enemies that were coming from three directions using palm heel. The ability of the lord’s lovely fingerless glove produced unrealistic power that could make huge body in the middle of charging forward to double back. Of course, the lord properly transmitted the impact to the brain, so he didn’t fail at dealing the fatal blow.


Three berserkers swung down their stout arms like a hammer from behind the three lords. The next moment, the clones easily vanished along with a comical sound. The attack from two berserkers ended up striking the ground in vain.

And then, the true body of the lord――

The enlarged fist the berserker was attacking with was already larger than the lord’s head. That fist hid the figure of the lord and without stopping it squashed toward the ground without compromise.

That was how it looked, but there wasn’t any remain of the lord in the small crater. The lord that was supposed to be the real body shouldn’t be vanishing like a phantom. The berserker who lost his target moved his bloodshot eyes everywhere in search of the target.

「If you lost your reasoning power, then at least sense using instinct.」

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A voice came. From below the berserker.

The berserker looked down on his own feet in shock. His figure that was peering into his own feet with his body leaning forward looked as though he was bowing. He looked really comical acting like that with his large build and the mad atmosphere he was giving off.

A short sword that stretched out from the ground attacked the berserker that was peering at his own feet. The short sword flew out as though it was growing out from the ground, it then pierced the eye of the berserker, destroyed his brain, split the skull and flew out from the back of his head.

Light left the eyes of the berserker that received a lethal attack, his body tilted unsteadily, and at the same time the other hand that was reaching out similarly like the short sword grasped at the berserker’s hair and pulled into the ground.

Using that recoil, the lord flew out beside the berserker that was buried into the ground as though its upper body was prostrating. Of course, the lord flew out in a pose of a wild eagle!


The approaching berserker leaped at the lord midair. Using their charging momentum, they threw their body to the air like a cannon ball to shoot down the lord.

「How unfortunate. That’s an illusion.」

The body of the berserker passed through the lord’s body without hindrance. The one jumping was the clone body of the lord that didn’t have substance.

Then, where was the real body?

Of course, the lord was normally right beside you with his painfully thin presence. Even now he was closely nestling beside the berserker-san. However,

「Be embraced by the dark hell fire――”Katon - Enryuuga(Annihilating all creation - The abyss’s world-destroying conflagration)”」(Note: Fire Escape - Flame Dragon Fang)

*von* A unique sound resounded. The true shape of that sound was at the body of the lord that was dancing midair beside the berserker, the flaming short sword that was in the lord’s hand without anyone noticing――it was the sound of “Heaven Destroying Sword of Lightning Flame” cutting through the wind.

―― Katon - Enryuuga(Annihilating all creation - The abyss’s world-destroying conflagration)

The highest class of fire element magic “Azure Sky”――that magic in a compressed state was enveloping the short sword. The sword that was clad in super hot blue fire cut and melted the target. It made unique sound *von* when it was swung. Because it was a sword that was filled with magic power, it could repel magic attack.

Yes, it was a peerless sword that melted and cut every obstacle while leaving a beautiful trail of light behind in midair――so to speak, it was a lig○ saber!

When this ability was first unveiled, it went without saying how the creator and the lord wordlessly exchanged high-five. And then, unable to contain themselves, the two did make-believe of a certain knight. It was a little bit of black history for the two of them how they received a lukewarm gaze from the two rabbit-ears witnessing their act.

The berserker whose neck was melted and cut by the light sword rolled on the ground right after. Berserkers were attacking the landing lord one after another.

「It’s hard to move with that large body right? I’ll make it lighter for you――”Demolish Yoke”」

The lord made a sonorous finger snap. Right after that, the surrounding berserkers were blown away to the sky.

――Gravity magic Demolish Yoke

The magic that Miledy Raisen once used at the legendary decisive battle, a magic that forcefully liberated the target from the wedge of gravity. The berserkers who lost the shackle of gravity were thrown to the air helplessly due to a reason that couldn’t be resolved using physical strength.

And then, if someone looked at far above the sky, there were two lords standing back to back in bilateral symmetry, as though looking at the mirror reflection. They both were taking stance of half their body shifted to the back, each of them were holding kunais between their five fingers and displayed a throwing stance.

「「Thy art judged by the dark god――”Juuton - Saika no Seitsui(Inescapable Judgment of Abyss)”」」(Note: Gravity Escape - Star Fall of Calamity Judgment)

What was launched was a downpour of kunai that multiplied weight until the territory of several tons.

The dozens of berserkers became helpless due to the restriction that was zero gravity in midair. The only thing that they could do was only using their hand instinctually to cover their head. Even so, perhaps they could possibly defend using those thick arms that looked like a log.

Although, in the first place, Juuton - Saika no Seitsui(Inescapable Judgment of Abyss) wasn’t a technique for piercing the target. This was an attack that was labeled as judgment. And then, from time to time judgment was carried on by reaping the head.

The result,

「At least, have a peaceful life at the next world.」

At the surrounding at the lord on the ground, a sudden squall poured on the berserkers, where their head was separated from their torso like a joke.

The cause was one thing. The rain of kunai was something to reap the head from the beginning. The super heavy kunais falling to the ground had super-fine steel string tied to each other. Yes, so to speak, the steel string was like a guillotine falling down from the sky.

White smokes were raising from here and there. The ability of Berserk was trying to keep the berserkers alive by repeating super-regeneration, but there was no way it could regenerate the whole body from the head, and it was also impossible to regenerate the brain from the torso. Before long the bodies reached their limit and withered as though in resignation.

The rising white smokes looked like the soul of the people that were liberated from Berserk transformation.

The lord standing in the middle of those white smokes shifted his sunglasses slightly and offered a silent prayer to the white smokes, and then his eyes narrowed quietly toward the remaining berserkers.

Around him were kunais that were connected with steel string floating. *step* The two clones landed down at both sides of the lord. The lord swung the short sword clad in azure flame while making *von* sound, and then the clones were also swinging a similar sword of azure flame.

「Now then, let’s end this quickly. ……This futile fighting.」

The lord muttered, at the same time his presence got thinner drastically. Even though he was right in front of them, the berserkers’ gaze looked around in puzzlement.

Right after that, the lord rushed out.

Five minutes.

That was the time the mindless beasts who were given the name of legendary mad warrior were able to survive in front of the abyss lord.

Part 2

「……Impossible. What the hell is that……just what in the world is happening……」

A man’s voice that sounded shaken was resounding in a dim monitor room located in a corner of the research facility. What that person clad in a lab coat looking like a researcher was looking fixedly at with intense concentration, was the image from the security camera that was facing toward the heliport.

It had been anticipated that someday the security bureau or the army would come to assault this place, therefore, the distant place that could be landed by helicopter and the path that could be passed through by car were all monitored. Therefore, when a communication came from the lumbering site, the people here only thought「Aa, they are coming here really early huh」.

As long as they had groups of berserker, they didn’t need to fear most armed group. It wasn’t like they needed to hold the place and carried out do-or-die resistance. The berserker group was simply for buying time. While the attacker was spending their time dealing with the monsters, they would carry the research data and escaped using the prepared method. After that they would continue research at another research facility.

If they kept repeating that later, they wouldn’t be able to be captured that easily. That was what they were thinking.

Yet despite so,

「Impossible. This is impossible-. Just what is that brat-. This is ridiculous! It’s like a poorly made American comic-. Who can accept that such thing exist in reality-」


Beside the man, an armed man with an air that seemed used to battle punched down on the desk loudly while shouting.

The armed man――his name was Weiss Ingram. He was a guard that Kaysis put in charge of the security for this research facility. Narcotic smuggling, human trafficking, inducing war, arms trade, and so on, he was a leader of a mercenary group that would do anything as long as it produced him money.

Weiss had a large scar running from his cheek until his right ear. His face was distorting as though that scar was twitching while he gave some kind of instruction to his subordinate through wireless device. And then, his gaze turned toward the man in lab coat.

「Oi, what the hell are you doing staring idly like that. Finish your preparation to skedaddle right away. I don’t wanna die fighting that kind of incomprehensible American comic bastard here. We are going to use all the remaining berserkers and “that” to buy time. We are going to leave this place in five minutes.」

「A, aa, got it. No, wait a second. You are going to use “that” too?」

「Aa? Isn’t that obvious? We cannot bring that kind of thing with us anyway. We only need the data of the result of the experiment, there won’t be any problem releasing that to send it to those guys.」

「That’s……certainly, you are right. Got it, I’ll prepare――」

The man in lab coat was nodding while he was going to say「I’ll prepare right away」, but his words stopped in the middle. Weiss turned dubious and his gaze moved to the man, where he saw the man in lab coat had his gaze fixed on the monitor.

In the monitor was reflected the picture of the helicopter landing on the heliport that had been safely secured, the troops of the security bureau’s special force quickly getting down from the helicopter, and then a girl with blonde hair tied into a side-tail getting down with the help from the man who annihilated the berserker group using supernatural skill.

The man in lab coat opened his eyes wide while muttering「Why, in this place……」. Weiss got irritated seeing the man in lab coat acting like that and called「Oi-」with a rough voice. The man in lab coat seemed to come to his senses from that, with ‘hah’ he took off his gaze from the monitor and shook his head once before saying「I’ll prepare myself」while exiting the room.

Weiss’s gaze returned to the monitor and he narrowed his eyes, staring at the girl who for some reason seemed to embrace the young man, or rather she somehow looked like she was clinging on the young man.

「A girl in the battlefield, huh. Well, she is wearing lab coat, might means that she is someone like that.」

Weiss pondered something before a wide grin that looked disgusting appeared on his face. He then followed after the man in lab coat and exited the room. He did that while giving instruction to his subordinate through a wireless device.

Part 3

The research facility had white outer wall. The Alpha squad was lining up along that wall with orderly formation. Bernard who was in the lead had his gaze fixed at the door that his subordinate was trying to break.

The other squads, Beta squad and Gamma squad were trying to infiltrate from other entrances. Each of those squads was accompanied by a clone of Kousuke.

Kousuke was vigilantly sensing his surrounding at the back of that formation while being aware of Emily who kept glancing at him with a complicated look.

「……Emily. I’m really not bothered, so Emily too don’t get bothered by it. Rather than that, focus your mind for now. Even though we are protecting you, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to not be careful okay?」

「Ye, yes. I’m sorry Kousuke.」

Actually, Emily was thinking that because she almost called Kousuke as Abyssgate just before he was about to jump from the helicopter, Kousuke accidentally fell down from the helicopter. Because of that she was a little down thinking that she had held the other back right away from the beginning.

Emily apologized right away when she got down from the helicopter, but Kousuke who had offhand knowledge that it was the easiest to get aimed at the moment when a helicopter was taking off or landing down was being busy acting vigilant at the surrounding, so he only replied「Aa, yeah, it’s fine」that sounded really curt.

Of course, he was also really didn’t mind, so his words sounded light coupled with that factor too, but from Emily’s viewpoint she felt that Kousuke’s words had different nuance. So to speak, for her it sounded like「Emily is the same with the other guys huh? Well, it doesn’t really matter though」.

As the result, Emily leaped at Kousuke. Kousuke was startled and he drew back, but Emily kept clinging at him while yelling things like「You are misunderstanding Kousuke! The bad one is the idiot troops of the security bureau! I just got unconsciously carried away by them, I actually wanted to call your name properly! Please, believe me Kousuke!」

In a site of a battle where a curbstomp play had just been performed, in a situation where they were surrounded by the special force troops around them, furthermore in a time where they were going to march into the enemy base after this, Emily-chan clung while imploring「Don’t hate me!」unashamedly. It seemed that her nerve had unexpectedly become thick and sturdy through the case this time.

「Oi, Aby. We are going to charge in. Keep your flirting with your girlfriend for later.」

Bernard warned with an exasperated voice seeing the love comedy of the two that was completely lacking in tension (seen from the side) just before they broke in.

「Oi, captain-san. The way you call me get even friendlier huh. If you want to get along with me that much, it’s fine to call me Kousuke you know?」

「Is that so? Then you can also call me with my name you know, Aby.」

「……I absolutely not going to.」

The ignoring phenomenon occurred really naturally. It wasn’t like it was caused because of sarcasm, ill will, or teasing. Bernard was calling Kousuke as Aby with so much naturalness like a leaf that would fly if it was blown by the wind.

Beside Kousuke who was making a sour look, Emily who was called as “girlfriend” had red cheeks while her mouth was smiling broadly, she was also throwing a gaze that was mixed with slight jealousy to Bernard who called Kousuke with pet name Aby, even though it was Kousuke’s alias. She was busy with various things.

「……How envious. How jealous. Flirting with a cute girl in this kind of situation……damn Abyssgate.」

「Who do you think you are addressing without any honorific just now? I’m going to get rid of you while dressing it up as accident you know?」

Allen had a handkerchief that he took out from somewhere and bit on it while going ‘mukii!’. It seemed that he was considerably broken. In respond to such Allen, Vanessa was giving a warning with a voice that didn’t sound like a joke……as for her, surely she was already at a point of no return.

The troops including the captain who were emitting nervousness from preparing themselves with the possibility that they themselves might get infected with Berserk exchanged gaze at each other with wry smile seeing the exchanges of Kousuke and co.

「Captain, we can proceed.」

Bernard received the report from the troop that succeeded in unlocking the door and he used his radio. Both Beta squad and Gamma squad also returned affirmative signal for their breaking-in preparation.

Bernard started counting. Inside the tightly tensed atmosphere, the count――turned into zero.


The troops were invading into the facility with fluentness like a flowing water from Bernard’s signal.

Emily was desperately following at the middle of the troops while being surrounded from three directions by Kousuke, Vanessa, and also Allen.

The safety confirmation「Clear」reported back through the radio from each squad.

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The corridor was dim. It seemed that the place was only installed with fluorescence lamp for emergency use. The existence of Kousuke and co was known from the battle at the helicopter. Therefore the facility personnel must had already turned off the facility’s function and starting to escape.

The squad’s objective ranged from capturing to erasing the essential personnel that were important even among the staffs of this facility. And then, their most important duty was to not let the water supply got polluted by Berserk no matter what happened. There wouldn’t be any advantage for the enemy to spill the current version of Berserk, but the possibility of what these cornered people might do……it couldn’t be viewed optimistically.

Therefore, now that they had been detected, they had to suppress the whole facility swiftly. The troops were confirming their current position with a device in hand while advancing without hesitation inside the ominous facility without any human presence.

They could see the end of the corridor ahead. It seemed that the path became T-junction there.

It was at that time,

「Enemy-. At the front, they’re armed!」

「Spread out!」

Kousuke’s yell reverberated. Bernard gave instruction swiftly in a flash. The troops parted to left and right in a second and took cover behind pillar or room entrance. Kousuke also hugged Emily and dived behind a pillar.

Almost at the same time with that, *dadadadadada-* Consecutive gunshots were reverberating. Muzzle flashes blinked at the corridor ahead, at the next moment impacts ran on the wall and pillar where Kousuke and others were hiding and smashed up the surface.

It seemed that it was an ambush by human.

The reaction of the troops was also swift. They aimed toward the spot where muzzle flash was visible and began firing with polished accuracy.

「We cannot waste time in this kind of place! Jazz-, grenade!」

「Yes sir―!」

The troop called Jazz pointed the grenade launcher attached under his rifle muzzle and fired deep into the corridor. Right after that, heat wave blew through along with a fierce roaring sound.

「Go-, Go-, Go-!!」

Bernard’s command resounded while the wave of the explosion hadn’t ended yet. The troops were firing simultaneously while rushing deeper into the corridor. Their gun point was directed ahead at where the corridor was divided to left and right. In a moment they could see the figure of a man running away toward the corridor turn.

The following troops saw men collapsing on the ground, perhaps they were late to escape from the grenade explosion and crouched down. The men were groaning in pain, but right after that, they started to convulse. At that moment,


Gunshots echoed. The troops drilled the head of the men without hesitation.



The troops reported the confirmation of safety with calm voice. And then, as though nothing happened, the troops advanced forward once more with flowing movement toward the direction where they saw men escaping just before.

(……As expected, the real deal special force is amazing huh.)

Kousuke reflexively sent praise with a small voice. Vanessa beside him showed her affirmation with an expression that looked slightly proud.

(Naturally. They aren’t anything overwhelming like Kousuke-san, but the assault special force of security bureau is unmistakably elites. As long as their opponent isn’t a mass of absurdity, they wouldn’t fall behind that easily.)

As though to proof those words of Vanessa, the Alpha squad led by Bernard was exterminating the armed group lurking everywhere inside the facility to buy time, as though they were facing children. The squad kept advancing without stopping.

It seemed that the other squads were also the same from the report coming through the radio. There wasn’t also any report of someone injured. Kousuke who was sharing information through his clone bodies also understood how his clone bodies didn’t really need to do anything, so he once again felt for real the strength of the special force.

While they were advancing like that, Kousuke and co arrived into a spacious room. According to Kaysis’s data that they had downloaded before, this room should be the main research room.

As though to show that, there were several machineries that seemed for research use, incomprehensible items left around on a desk, and several personal computers here and there.


「Aa, I know.」

Kousuke called with a small voice, to which Bernard nodded. He already finished giving out hand signs and the troops also aimed their gun to cover all blind spots.

「Yoo yoo, ain’t this the great elites of security bureau. Just what are you doing, standing around silently in this kind of place?」

The one who was saying such thing with joking mood was a frivolous man with a large scar on his cheek as his peculiarity, Weiss. Perhaps as the expression of his composure, he didn’t even touch the light machine gun hanging on his shoulder by a strap. Both his hands were raised up as though to show his surrender.

「……Weiss Ingram. I never thought that you are in this kind of place.」

Allen sighed with his gun pointed. When Vanessa asked with her gaze「Who?」, Allen said that he was an inhuman mercenary who some time ago was failed to be caught by Agent L from JD Agency and then went missing after that.

Hearing that, Bernard’s motivation to leave the man alive turned zero, and then was about to give erasure order in a snap.

「O, oi oi, wait a second. If you kill me, something disastrous will――」


Weiss was about to say something, but Bernard was merciless. He signaled the men to fire without compromise. Weiss jumped to the side without delay and countless bullets passed through the spot where he was just at a few moments ago.

Weiss hid behind a desk while cursing「This is why I hate the spoiled elites-」and sent instruction through his radio. The subordinates of Weiss who were hiding everywhere inside the room pulled their trigger toward the troops right away.

The troops immediately scattered to position where they could cover each other and began firing back to every directions. Kousuke was also starting his half Abyssgate transformation in the little chance some stray bullet would go to Emily while suppressing the enemy force.

「Sheet-. That Kaysis bastard. The pay is not worth it at all for something like this! Oi-, old man! Not yet!? We cannot hold on any longer here!」


Weiss threw an angry yell while firing back with his light machine gun. Right after that, a man was crawling out on all fours from the shadow of a desk located deeper in the room. It seemed that the man was crouching because he couldn’t move due to the intensity of the gunfight.

Weiss who saw that clicked his tongue and took out a smartphone from his breast pocket, and without hesitation he pushed on one of the buttons lighting the screen. When he did that, a scream immediately surged.

「My bad. Die for my sake a bit.」

The button Weiss pushed was the detonator for the【Berserk】that he made his subordinates drunk.

Naturally, Weiss’s subordinates knew the true nature of the thing they were made to drink. They knew yet they drunk that kind of thing. If they were asked why, it wasn’t because of loyalty but because of fear. Simply because if they didn’t drink it then they would be killed by their boss Weiss. That fear allowed them to take the drug even knowing the true identity of the drug.

Because in Weiss’s mind he didn’t think that he would be able to escape while leading all his subordinates, he made this inhumanly ruthless decision. He made everyone except his close aides and useful subordinates to take in the drug.

「Chih. All troops, concentrate at the berserkers! Don’t get hit by any splash!」

Bernard’s order was given, at the same time Kousuke began to deal with the berserkers. He didn’t neglect guarding Emily, but there were Vanessa and Allen beside her. It was Danessa-san who recently only showed her unfortunate side, but her strength was an authentic one.

After all, by herself she protected Emily from the dozens of pursuer led by Kimberly while being isolated and helpless, she was a formidable fighter that could overcome even a berserker if it was one-on-one with leeway to spare.

As for Allen, it went without saying. he was a murder specialist that could take on at the same time several berserkers that were the primary source of infection who got dashed with the undiluted solution of【Berserk】. Even now he wasn’t letting any enemy getting nearby by means of martial arts that looked like Gun-Kata using two handguns resembling a certain demon king.

But, even so, in this kind of situation where they were surrounded by berserkers from all directions, and it was at a range this close, it couldn’t help that the attention would be directed to that way……


Emily unconsciously raised her voice. Ahead of her gaze there was Weiss who was trying to get out of the room quickly where right now he was opening the door, and a man in lab coat who got his collar grabbed by Weiss before he got thrown into the place behind the door.

Kousuke lopped off the head of a berserker, and then he was about to set forth to capture Weiss――just before he could do that,

「Then, sayonara everyone. Please enjoy your welcoming party until the end no matter what.」

Saying that, Weiss pushed the smartphone button and the solid door closed loudly.

It was unclear just what his reason of pushing the button was. But that reason was immediately turned clear.


A low growling voice resounded between the gunshots.

「Captain-san! The door deeper inside!」

「-, oi oi, what’s that……」

Kousuke was pointing ahead. There, the door that was at the wall on the opposite side of the door Weiss and others went through was being opened before they knew it. And then, Bernard stiffened reflexively when he saw the thing coming out from there.

The thing coming out from there, was a large body that might reach two meters in length――a beast. Its appearance looked like a cat. It had lean limbs and a tail swaying relaxedly. However, it had a large body that couldn’t be found anywhere on earth. Its eyes were bloodshot, and saliva was dripping down from its mouth.

From behind that beast, there were also things that weren’t cat, but they were also enlarged beasts that looked hungry without any sanity. There were dogs, mouses, and also monkeys. Every one of them was literally a monster.

「I see. There is no reason to not use Berserk on animal. And this place is a research facility. It will be stranger instead if there is no animal as guinea pig……」

Bernard muttered that with a disgusted expression. He then gave instruction to his subordinates and they rearranged their formation. But, at the same time there were angry yells resounding from the radio. It came from Beta squad and Gamma squad. It seemed that at their side they also encountered berserk animals.

Thanks to Kousuke’s clone, currently there wasn’t any troop who became unable to fight, but they didn’t seem to be in the situation where they could link up with each other soon.

「It can’t be helped. We don’t know how many of this things there are, but I’ll clear――」

「No, Aby. You go chase Ingram and others together with Doctor Grant.」

Kousuke who was in Abyssgate transformation once more was about to take on the berserk animals――the Berserk Beasts. But Bernard stopped him.

Kousuke reflexively turned an expression of disbelief「Are you sane?」to Bernard. Bernard gave a glance to such Kousuke before throwing a flashbang and tear-gas grenade. If they were animal, then even if they were turned mad, they might falter a bit in front of objects that intensely stimulated their sight and smell. That was Bernard’s thinking but……

Unexpectedly, it seemed that his thinking was right on the mark, The Berserk Beasts didn’t falter, but they leaped back greatly.

Bernard was including that useful information into the tactic inside his head while he spoke to Kousuke using the time he bought.

「Both Ingram and that man he took away are both preys that cannot be allowed to escape. We don’t know what kind of escape method they has prepared, on top of that we cannot let they buy any time. Besides, there won’t be any meaning of you taking the girl here if they get away isn’t it?」

Bernard said that with a smile. His gaze turned toward Emily who was desperately looking at the situation around even while he was turning small with both her hands holding her head.

It was exactly as Bernard said. The reason they picked this place from among the places that should be suppressed was for Emily’s sake. Emily herself knew that she was asking for something selfish, even so she earnestly requested and arrived here. It wasn’t for the sake of the world or even for the sake of the security bureau. It was for the sake of Emily that he came here. It was none other than Kousuke who declared that.

Kousuke looked at Bernard once again. The berserkers around had mostly been dealt by the troops, even so if they had to face the Berserk Beasts then it would be a struggle between life and death for them.

But, the gaze that Bernard returned to Kousuke contained not even a shred of hesitation or fear. He would give his all for the sake of doing what must be done. There was only the resolve as a professional in his gaze.

「I’ll send my clones here quickly when they finish taking care the guys at the other places. Don’t be reckless and focus on buying time.」

「That’s really reassuring. If it’s just buying time it will be too simple that I might let my guard down unconsciously.」

Bernard smiled fearlessly. Kousuke also returned back a fearless smile while he helped Emily stood up.

「Bernard. You are a good guy.」

「You notice it this late? You are unexpectedly slow huh, Aby.」

Saying that, Kousuke and Bernard thrust their fist at each other. For some reason Vanessa’s eyes were sparkling at the exchange of manly smile between the two, but they ignored it for now.

Kousuke pulled at Emily’s hand and broke into a run right away. Vanessa and Allen were also following behind.

At the same time, the Berserk Beasts might instinctually hate letting their prey got away more than feeling disgusted toward the tear gas. They all rushed off toward the four.

「Don’t let them hinder Aby and others-!」

The troops laid out a barrage following Bernard’s order. The berserk beasts were blown away to the side and made to be unable to stop the charge of Kousuke and co.

Using that opening, Kousuke was able to reach the door where Weiss went into. Kousuke opened the door while he looked at Bernard and the troops who were facing the berserk beasts who had changed target.

Seeing Kousuke and others stopped moving and looking here, Bernard yelled angrily.

「Don’t mind us, just go quickly-! Heh, no need to worry, we are going to catch up with you guys soon.」

「Wai-, stupid-! Just why did you say that just now!?」

The speech of Bernard that was said with a fearless smile caused Kousuke to make a retort. Just how could Bernard say that kind of lovely speech in this critical hour? There was no way Bernard who wasn’t an otaku was running a joke here, which made that speech sounded excessively ominous.

But, in a perfect form Bernard added more lovely flag as though he was being possessed in this critical hour.

「Aby! Let’s get some beer when this case is over!」

「Stop it already! In the battlefield,『When I go home~』type of speech is something that mustn’t be said the most!」

Of course, Kousuke’s words were ignored so naturally it was unnatural like usual.

「Doctor Grant! There is one thing I want to say to you along with my subordinates if we can meet again later! Will you hear it then!?」

「Eh? Ye, yes! It’s a promise!」

「That’s why stop ittt! Emily too don’t reply back! It’s seriously not funny at allll!」

‘As expected, perhaps it was better that I remain here.’ Kousuke thought so, but right after that, one of the berserk beasts approached Kousuke and co. But because Allen pulled in the other three into the door’s other side while saying「Please hurry!」, the beast didn’t manage to get near.

The solid door was closed, and in the end the sight of Bernard giving them a thumb up with a nice smile was seared into their brain.

The door was dented then from the tackle of the berserk beast, after that the sound of gunshot resounded *gan gan gan*.

「Now, let’ stop standing idly here and proceed!」

Vanessa and Emily stood up from Allen’s words. Kousuke also stood up with a speechless expression.

Like that, Kousuke and co started running deeper into the corridor. Vanessa suddenly whispered.

「What a sorrowful affair.」

「You are annoying!」

Kousuke’s retort exploded toward that extremely imprudent line. *bachikon* Vanessa’s head was struck with such sound while Emily and Allen were bewildered at that incomprehensible act of the two. Kousuke then prayed.

「Bernard. I’ll send help there as soon as possible so seriously, don’t die.」

For some reason, the figure of Bernard giving a thumb up with a nice smile couldn’t vanish from Kousuke’s mind.

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