Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 218 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 218: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

I Wanted, to Have a Date……

He was running without making any sound, while paying the greatest caution to the surrounding, yet his running speed was still top speed. The agent of a nonexistent organization――Allen, was chasing after the escaping Weiss with an astounding speed.

It seemed that Weiss was heading toward the installation of this facility’s power generator, Allen could see various pipes and electronics, big and small through the corridor.

But, at that time, Allen’s gaze suddenly caught something that he ought to be careful against. It was a very fine wire that was set up on the corridor inconspicuously. A simple trap.

Allen’s face didn’t change, his running speed didn’t decrease, he went to the wall and jumped. And then, by kicking on the wall he climbed until near the ceiling, his hands caught one of the pipes and he flew over the wire like a pendulum.

That jump looked excessive just for jumping over a single wire, but actually that wire was a bluff, there was an infrared-type trap set up ahead of that wire, so Allen’s action was correct looking at the result. It was an instantaneous judgment based from Allen’s experience of many years.

「This will be easier if I can run on the ceiling like him though!!」

「Chih. You bastard are also monstrous enough to be able to react to that-」

Weiss who was hiding behind a cover aimed at the moment Allen landed and fired. However, Allen also read that ahead, he got down looking as though he was clinging on the floor the moment he landed, so the bullet futilely passed through above his head.

Still lying down on the floor, Allen pulled his gun trigger without any time lag. His bullet counterattacked Weiss. Weiss leaked out「Uoh-!」voice, even so he managed to dodge by hiding his body with the agility that was in the level of a cockroach.

「Eat this too!」

「Are you idiot, doing that in this kind of place!?」

Weiss threw a hand grenade while roaring angrily. It was a cramped place like this, furthermore the place was packed full with pipes that were unknown what their function were. ‘Just what the hell he is thinking throwing explosive here!’ Allen sprang to his feet even while cursing and he aimed in kneeling posture using both his hands.

Like that, the bullet he fired accurately shot through the midair grenade, and it exploded right in the middle between Weiss and Allen. Allen rolled to the passage’s wall at the same time with his firing and then he covered his whole body with his coat that possessed the function of bullet-proof, knife-proof, and impact resistance. Even so he gritted his teeth from the impact that made him felt enough pain while trying to snipe Weiss, at that time,


「Light is with you, I guess?」

Allen’s cheeks twitched from looking at “that” rolling below him. Right after that, *kat-* intense light surged out.

Weiss who in a sense believed at Allen’s skill had predicted that Allen would shoot down the hand grenade, so he also threw a flashbang at almost the same time.

With this, he ran out of grenade and flashbang. The double layered trap and the hand grenade was a preparation to steal Allen’s sight in this moment.

At the same time when the light was starting to settle down, Weiss sent machine gun bullets at the spot where Allen was. His tactics was flowing smoothly without any hesitation and mercy, brought about by his overwhelming battle experience. He became the target of JD Agency because he was using this skill of his to accomplish immorality and turned the table at the many polices and agents coming to capture him.

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He was even able to escape once from an agent of that JD Agency, his skill was something authentic in contrast with his frivolous attitude.

Although, if it was asked whether that skill could work that easily against the man who was named to work directly beside the chief of the state security bureau even from among the JD Agency,

*tan- tan-*

「Tsua!? Son of a b*tch-」

Two gunshots echoed, at the same time Weiss’s machinegun was blown away. It was merely luck that his fingers didn’t get blown up too.

Weiss immediately drew out his handgun to fire back. But, he whispered「That just ain’t possible」with a displeased expression seeing what appeared at the space where the flash had settled down.

「It’s the standard for a spy to have seven tools right? My organization is a nonexistent one, but the guys affiliated with it are all comparatively a believer of romance you know?」

Allen said so with his hand holding that――a coat that hardened like shield and blocked the bullets. He waved it lightly. Inside his heart he was going「That was dangerous just now!」while sweating coldly, but he was hiding it with his usual foolish smile.

「Spare me from a real ○07. Don’t tell me, that the developer of that thing is named Q or something, that’s not it yeah?」

「……No comment.」

「So it’s really Q huh!? Your organization is screwing around too much!」

「No, no comment.」

Both of them were acting the funny man and the straight man like television performers while at the same time they pulled their gun trigger. They were trying to take each other’s life smoothly while talking jokingly. It was a black communication between a veteran mercenary and a first-class assassin.

As expected it seemed they had predicted each other’s movement, the bullets grazed the cheek of the two who were in a stance of half-body. (Note: This half-body stance is like karate stance, where you directed one side of your body toward diagonally behind, so to make your body a smaller target)

Allen made his coat as substitute for a shield and charged forward in a dash. The passage wasn’t that wide, so when the shield of the hardened coat that was spread widely launched a shield bash, it was impossible to dodge.

Weiss got a future vision where he got pushed down――and he instead stepped forward. If here he showed his back, he would undoubtedly get shot on the back and died. He judged that his path of survival only existed at the front.

Weiss slid the moment just before he came into contact with Allen. Perhaps he was trying to slip through between Allen’s legs, but there was no way Allen would allow that and he swung down the shield――right before that, Weiss fired repeatedly toward the ceiling.


The fired bullets hit a pipe at the ceiling and it came back toward the ground by a complicated ricochet. Allen immediately lifted his coat as shield and blocked the ricochet. At that moment, Weiss was sliding on the floor while passing through……during that time he unsheathed a knife to mow Allen’s foot.

Allen blocked that knife using his shoe that was inserted with a metal plate, he discarded his coat and at the same time used one hand as fulcrum and kicked with a reversed foot. The shoe of that reversed foot had a mechanical knife flying out from its tip.

Weiss blocked that using his gun barrel while retreating from the kick’s range using the momentum of his sliding. He rotated once and then aimed toward Allen from a kneeling stance. Allen also aimed his gun from a kneeling stance too.

「Just die quickly, dog of the state.」

「Please die quickly, mercenary.」

A beat.

*tan- tan- tan-*

Bullets showered to each other from point-blank range. Although, the firing line of Allen’s gun was slightly shifted by Weiss’s knife, while Weiss’s gun also had its firing line shifted by a retractable baton that Allen took out unnoticed. It finished with only their cheek grazed.

*jako-* Their bullet ran out at the same time with that sound. Weiss pretended to retract the knife in his left hand and in the middle he threw that knife to his right hand. His left hand caught Allen’s baton without pause, while the knife landed on the right hand’s grip as though it was absorbed to there and approached to carve Allen’s throat.

Allen easily abandoned the baton and stepped in so low he looked like he was crawling on the ground. He dodged Weiss’s murderous blade while he grasped his collar. And then he turned around. He threw up Weiss with his waist’s motion.

Weiss that was flung away with a so called shoulder throw then had his back struck the floor.「Gahah」Air was driven out from his lung.

「Yep, the end.」

「Well, not yet actually.」

Allen pulled out his spare gun and he pressed the gun muzzle on Weiss’s forehead. At the same time, Weiss also talked lightly even with his face grimacing and he pressed a button on his wristwatch.

The next instant, a thunderous roar and an explosion blast blew violently from behind Allen. Allen’s gun muzzle shifted slightly due to that and because Weiss’s head swung aside, the bullet veered away.

Weiss jumped to his feet and dashed fiercely toward the nearest door. Allen immediately fired, but Weiss stepped on Allen’s coat while passing through and sent it flying to block the bullet. Even so he couldn’t avoid all the bullets and he got his shoulder shot, but he didn’t pay it any attention and opened the door with a tackle and jumped inside.

「Good grief, what obstinacy. I can understand how J can let him get away.」

Allen made a bitter expression at his failure of letting Weiss slipped away while he immediately move to chase behind.

He clung on the door and his face slowly peeked in. Right after that, storm of bullets rained down like a hail. It seemed that Weiss had a spare machinegun. Most likely Weiss was someone wary, so he had put weapons here and there through his escape route.

Allen took out the magazine from his gun and confirmed his remaining bullet. He only had few bullets left. There was one more magazine on his waist holster.

「Haa, I used up too much on the berserkers at the first half of this mission.」

Allen smiled bitterly while exchanging his magazine with the new one and put away the half-used magazine. And then, he pulled out a pin from his wristwatch and dropped it on the floor. Immediately, small legs like insect flew out from the pin.

Allen rotated the rotatable bezel of the watch halfway round. Right after that, the windbreak part of the watch turned into a display that projected the image on the floor level.

「This is the prided article of a real life Q. Just watch it thoroughly to your heart’s content.」

The small metallic bug moved its legs with rattling sound and advanced toward the location of Weiss who was shooting his machinegun while talking provocatively. Allen was watching his watch’s display while controlling the small insect using the bezel’s rotation.

Like that the feet of Weiss were visible inside the display. Allen grinned widely, but as expected the one over there was Weiss whose obstinacy was in the level of a cockroach. Just before Allen could press the button, Weiss suddenly noticed below him. He discovered the metallic thing with strange legs crawling below him and his cheeks twitched grandly.

The next moment, *DOOON-* an explosive sound echoed and the gunshot stopped.

Allen rushed into the room with gun readied and his guard up. It was a large room. It was an atrium with height until around two floors, and there was also the second floor with wire-net type floor. It was a room that had a lot of power generator machines put there.

When Allen intruded deeper, he could see a crushed machine and a pipe that snapped in the middle and spouted out white smoke. Allen was instantly alerted in wonder if it was a poisonous gas, but there wasn’t any warning from the air composition that was displayed in his watch.

Guessing that it was just vapor, Allen circled around the white smoke while he aimed his gun in a snap toward a cover that had human presence.

「Yoo, doggy. That thing, ain’t it a foul?」

「That is a power I have exactly because I’m a dog of the country. That’s not wrong isn’t it?」

「Don’t screw with me. This is why……I hate, the elite young master.」

Weiss talked frivolously. Allen talked frivolously back with his gun aimed at Weiss once more. But, although there wasn’t any carelessness in Allen’s eyes, but there also wasn’t any great cautiousness in it. That was understandable. Weiss had his side largely gouged, he was already fatally wounded. Allen guessed that he would only have a few more minutes to live.

Weiss vomited out a glob of blood while sitting limply leaning on the wall. He took out a cigarette with a trembling hand. Allen was about to pull the trigger without caring about it but,

「Hey, doggy. You want……Hydra’s, information right?」

「……No, not really?」

「Is that so? The case, this time, is from that bastard Kaysis’s arbitrary……action. Hydra, has their own, different……plan. There won’t be any harm……in knowing it right?」

Indeed, 【Berserk Case】was something Kaysis done on his own authority in order to triumph against Hydra’s leadership. And then, Kaysis’s data didn’t include the big plan of Hydra that would be carried out soon. If Hydra had a different plan in progress, than it was something that the security bureau ought to know.

Therefore, Allen’s finger slackened slightly from pulling the trigger. Weiss grinned smugly while his hand carried the cigarette toward his blood soaked lips. His figure enjoying the cigarette smoke didn’t look like someone who would die with certainty.

「Why are you going to talk?」

「Just, for harassment. Because they gave me……this job that’s not worth it, yeah.」

Allen showed a slight hesitation, and a beat later, he urged Weiss to continue with his gaze.

The light in Weiss’s eyes were dimming already, his voice was small. His voice was whispering in a subdued tone, making it really hard to be heard in this room where there was the echoing sound of vapor jetting out. Without any other choice, Allen got closer to Weiss.

Of course, Allen anticipated that this might be a trap and the moment he got closer, Weiss would pull out a knife or a gun. Even so Allen had confidence in his reflex and he judged that he would undoubtedly be the faster one in this situation, so he got closer while putting up the maximum caution.

「So……after this, Hydra……」

「Please give it your all if you are going to die anyway. I cannot hear anything here.」

「This guy, how harsh…… But see, if you, get this close……that’s enough yeah?」

Weiss’s both hands sprang up right after that. He caught both wrists of Allen instantly with a speed that was unthinkable coming from a half-dead man. Although, Allen was calm. He was late slightly in his reaction because he was mostly being cautious against gun or knife, but it wasn’t any problem at all just getting caught like this.

Allen made the knife inside his shoe to jump out and he kicked on Weiss’s stomach. Weiss’s vomited out blood with his body lifted in the air.

But, here an unexpected situation occurred. Weiss should have no more physical strength with his dying body and he should be blown away from Allen’s finishing blow, but instead his grip strength was increasing further. He didn’t let go of Allen’s hands like a magnet.

「-, so this is what they called the great strength when at the death’s door!」

「Hihih, this is a desperate grab for fellow traveler to hell.」

Allen kicked repeatedly. He broke Weiss’s ribcage, his mechanical knife hacked Weiss’s stomach into shreds, and furthermore he also stabbed Weiss’s heart. But, Weiss didn’t die. The pressure on his captured wrists, was increasing!

「Don’t tell me-, the cigarette just now-」

「Spot on-! I’m not gonna let you aim at the head y’knoww」

With both his hands caught, Allen had no way to destroy the head. Being too close like this sealed his legs from destroying the head.

Allen twirled his gun using his fingertip like a sleight of hand. His pinky held the trigger and he aimed at Weiss’s head with the gun in a reversed position, but Weiss’s arm strength that was increasing further didn’t allow Allen to aim accurately. Allen was continuously landing strong knife-attached kicks, but the created wounds were smoking white and gradually began to regenerate.

「Hahah, I’m easy to get lonely see. At least accompany me a little at my journey to that world ‘kayy」

「You-. Release me already-」

Weiss laughed ghastly while getting drenched in blood. The cigarette that was crammed with【Berserk】had its content soaked with the drug. Weiss was pretending to smoke while actually he was biting off the cigarette and swallowed it. That was why Weiss was transforming bit by bit.

Because his transformation was slow, there was a merit that he didn’t change into a berserker right away and could still think, at the same time there was also a demerit that it would be the end if his head was shot in halfway stage before he completely transformed into a berserker.

That was why Weiss was sealing Allen’s both hands.

As expected, Allen was losing patience while he unleashed kicks like a storm at Weiss that was starting to rapidly change before his eyes. However, Weiss’s regeneration ability was also gathering speed and the first stab wound was already completely healed.


「Then, let’s meet at the other side yeah, doggy.」

Weiss’s insane words stabbed at Allen who groaned from feeling both his arms gripped so hard they were on the verge of snapping from the pressure. Right after that, a roar rose from Weiss. His muscles enlarged and his wound closed with a tremendous speed.


Allen pulled up both his arms together with a loud yell that was rarely coming from him while he struck Weiss’s stomach with a fierce kick. Weiss’s body was lifted up before it fell down right away, but before that Allen made his body slid to the floor and he put Weiss’s body on his lifted leg. And then he pulled both his hands while his leg struck up with all his strength.

The body of Weiss that was in the middle of transformation got turned over with an overhead throw. He was sent flying face up to the opposite side. Even so Weiss’s hands didn’t let go of Allen, but Weiss that was turned over was on Allen’s line of fire.

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Allen twirled his gun once more with just his fingertip and he pulled the trigger repeatedly. He didn’t manage to aim at the head, but it was enough to strike at the shoulder. Perhaps the bullet hit a good spot, because one of Allen’s hands was released.

Allen quickly got up and aimed at the other hand that was growing like a log holding his hand, and he fired. The moment his hand was released, he rolled away to take distance while firing toward Weiss’s head.

But, here there was further unexpected situation occiring.

「Wha!? He dodged!?」


Yes, he dodged. A berserker dodged. It detected the approaching bullet and leaped aside.

A berserker was a lump of instinct. It would at least cover its weakness the head with its arms, but fundamentally a berserker would only charge forward like a boar. It could do nothing but charging forward relying on its body and super regeneration. Until now, there wasn’t a single berserker that had ever taken “evasive action”.

「Chih, a troublesome guy even after becoming a berserker huuh!」

Allen took out a throwing knife and threw it toward Weiss’s eye. Allen thought to fire at the head the moment Weiss dodged. But, as expected, this berserker――Berserker Weiss didn’t seem like a normal one.

The throwing knife was struck down this time without dodging. Furthermore, it didn’t keep charging without pause, but it dripped its waist deeply like a beast while groaning「uUUUUU-」and glared at Allen.

Yes, as though it was observing Allen’s move.

「Wa, wa wa wait……this is different from what I heard! A berserker that can “fight” is not a joke-」

Allen was complaining greatly. He fired at the same time. The moment Allen aimed his gun, the berserker charged forward with a terrific step in. Although, that charge wasn’t a bull rush like every berserker before this, but a counter rush that was accompanied with the evasion of the bullet by lowering its stance instantly.

「Seriously spare me-」

This time Allen jumped to the side. Berserker Weiss rushed through the place he was at just now and created a crater on the concrete floor.

Allen jumped to the side while doing handstand with one hand and fired further. The bullet approached the head with terrifying accuracy, but Berserker Weiss lifted its hand as expected as though it had predicted it from the start, and the bullet was blocked by that hand.

Berserker Weiss raised a war cry while grabbing the nearby broken pipe. It tore it off with brute strength and threw it toward Allen.


Allen screamed pathetically while clinging to the floor and rolled away. He somehow managed to dodge. However, the fact that the berserker was using tool caused Allen’s expression to shudder with fear.

But, at that time, a light machine gun on the floor was reflected at the corner of Allen’s sight. Most likely it was the weapon that Weiss used before and it got sent flying to there due to the insect explosive. Allen leaped so close to the floor as though he was hugging the ground and he pulled the trigger toward Berserker Weiss that was bending down in preparation for a charge.

*dadadadadada-* A rhythmical sound resounded and a swarm of bullets assaulted Berserker Weiss.


「He dodged as expected! Aa, geez-」

Berserker Weiss dashed to the side at the same time when Allen pulled the trigger. And then, it sometimes used obstacles for cover while running in circle around Allen.

*gachin-* That sound echoed, showing that the light machinegun ran out of bullet. Allen’s face paled.

With timing as though it had aimed for the moment the bullet ran out, Berserker Weiss turned into offensive. Its step-in made *DON-* sound as though a cannon had been fired and it approached Allen.

「Shi, sheet-」

Allen took out a small cylinder from his belt’s buckle and fired it at the pillar of the second floor. A wire stretched out and its tip then clung tightly and got fixed on the pillar. Allen pushed his belt’s buckler at the same time and the wire got reeled in quickly, pulling Allen to the air.

Below him, Berserker Weiss passed through just within a hair’s breadth, while smashing some kind of machinery into pieces overenthusiastically.

「This isn’t a joke. Just what part of it is a lump of instinct! A berserker that is this used to battle is just……」

Allen was drenched in cold sweat while taking refuge in the air and suddenly a conjecture welled up inside from his own words. The berserkers that he faced until now were basically just civilian or fellows that more or less were used to some scuffle. That was why charging like a bull was only natural for them if they followed their instinct.

But, if, it was a first class fighter whose body moved in subconscious level to predict the chance to attack and took the optimum evasive action when in battle, what would happen if that kind of person was turned into a berserker? A person with combat skill in the level that it was engraved into their subconscious, would they become a monster that only charged forward like civilian in the end?

By any chance, the answer to that might be this Berserker Weiss before his eyes. A skilled mercenary that could battle a top-ranking agent equally was transformed into a berserker resulted into this. Of course, it was nothing more than a conjecture, perhaps there was another factor contributing to this.

「Hahah, perhaps this will be seriously bad if this is turned into weapon.」

Allen reflexively muttered such thing, but his face tensed right away. Berserker Weiss was tearing apart the fixing implement of a machine that was almost as big as a car so that it could lift it up.

It was obvious what was its reason of doing that.

「Crap crap crap crap-」

Allen manipulated his buckle to cut the wire and he fell on the ground. After that, the car-sized machine came flying at the same time. The pillar Allen fixed his wire at was pulverized with a thunderous sound and then the second floor’s path was also destroyed by the machine.

Allen landed with ukemi technique, but naturally Berserker Weiss didn’t overlook that opening. The rock-like fist was already approaching by the time Allen was recovering his stance.


Allen could only guard by crossing his arms while taking a back-step with all his strength to lower the impact as much as possible. He was blown away horizontally above the ground and his back crashed on a machine behind him. He couldn’t even scream with how intense the impact was and like that his body slipped down slowly to sit on the floor.

‘Kahah’ Blood was mixed in the breath that he finally could spit out. It seemed that his internal organ was injured. Both his arms limply hung down with their direction facing to a strange angle.

But, even so he was alive. What’s more he was conscious and he was able to watch the Berserker Weiss slowly approaching him. Surely that was thanks to his miraculous impact neutralization and ukemi technique.

「Aa……gehoh. This is really, not a laughing matter. ……Haven’t I, buy enough time already? Ayssgate-sa~n, it’s fine if you rush here……gohoh, anytime noww」

Allen smiled bitterly at his body that couldn’t even twitch from the impact while calling for help with a listless voice. But, even Allen understood. This was checkmate.

Berserker Weiss had arrived until right before him. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but it somehow looked like the berserker was sneering at him.

Allen was always side-by-side with death in his duty. Therefore he didn’t feel fear. However, if he had a regret then that would be……

「Before the end, just once. I wanted to have a date……with super beautiful woman or girl.」

‘Even though I’m also an agent, but why is Jame○ Bond that popular while I’m not? Regret……’ Allen whispered.

Berserker Weiss’s fist was lifted up. And then just before it was swung down,


A command. A storm of bullets assaulted Berserker Weiss. It was a concentrated fire from four directions above. Berserker Weiss couldn’t endure and threw its body between the machineries in evasion.

「Chih. It wasn’t finished off from the first attack. Its instinct is really something. Oi, Allen, what’s with that berserker?」

The one saying that while jumping down from the second floor using other machine as foothold was,

「Be, Bernard-san!」

「Ou, you really got done in huh, Allen. You don’t get splashed by any liquid right?」

Yes, the one firing from the second floor was the person who had displayed an outrageous skill of raising death flags in high speed, that Bernard!

It appeared that he had struggled through that deathly battlefield and came here as reinforcement. Allen who was saved in a hair’s breadth like a heroine in some tale felt an emotion welling up inside his heart. Driven by that feeling he spoke to Bernard who was making a fearless smile.

「Anyway, I request a change.」

「How regretful. He is infected with Berserk already.」

*click* Bernard’s gun muzzle locked on at Allen’s forehead. Allen made justification「I’m lying, lying! You aren’t a beautiful girl, but I’m really happy that you come to save me!」in panic.

Bernard made an exasperated face at the agent whose talkativeness didn’t decrease even when wounded all over like this while helping him to stand up.

「Err, you saved me Bernard-san. But, that guy, he is really a bit of bad news.」

「No, it will be fine.」

Allen suggested caution against the out of norm Berserker Weiss, but Bernard was indifferent. Bernard opened his mouth with a wry smile toward Allen who looked dubious.

「We are here. So there is no way he isn’t here too right?」

「A. Aa, that’s right. Hahah, really I’m saved……」

Right after that, *GOBA-aAAA-* Berserker Weiss flew out from the cover along with a terrific impact sound. However, it flew out not its own action, with a black whirling sphere settled on a hand palm, that palm was thrust forward in a palm attack stance by Kousuke――no, Lord Abyssgate, which blown away the berserker.

「I received the information from my real body. It looks like you have acted really inhumanly. ――Don’t think that you can die easily.」

The lord that was walking out calmly had his eyes filled with rage, his hands unsheathing two short swords. One sword was clad in azure flame, and the other sword was clad in glimmers that looked like diamond dust. Melting and severing sword of super heat “Enryuuga”, and the ice sword of absolute zero that formed its counterpart, “Touryuuga”. (Note: Enryuuga = Flame Dragon Fang, Touryuuga = Frozen Dragon Fang)

Berserker Weiss made a war cry while standing up, then it threw pipes and machine parts toward the lord.

The lord stepped in. Right after that, he jumped and rotated midair while stepping lightly on the pipe. And then, without stopping he stepped on the machine parts and splinters flying at him one after another and charged toward Berserker Weiss in a straight line.

Berserker might felt a threat because it then tried to dodge to the side. But,

「Where are you going?」

Such sentence reached the berserker. From right beside at the position where it was going to dodge to. At the same time, the figure of the lord approaching from in front of it flickered and vanished. The lord had already switched with an illusion in the middle of jumping by using skill “Leaf Dance”.

Berserker Weiss wasted no time to swing its fist. The arm that was thick like a log charged like a cannon to flatten the enemy. And then, something flew in the air. An arm severed from the elbow was rotating midair.

Berserker Weiss that didn’t feel pain launched a deadly attack with its other arm without delay, but the figure of the target had already gone. And then, the berserker fell on its knee with a jerk. Because one of its legs was cut flying encased in ice.

The lord slipped to the blind spot behind the Berserker Weiss at the same time after he cut the arm. And then he swung “Touryuuga” while passing through. The blade of ice that was formed to an extreme thinness had a slimness of a single molecule already. And then the chill coating the blade froze the target instantly.


「Who said that you can howl?」

Berserker Weiss launched a backhand blow even while on its knee, but its body was slowly tilting in contrast with its will. What was flying midair was the arm that was launching the backhand blow. What was rolling on the ground was its other leg.

Berserker Weiss that lost its four limbs was starting to regenerate its hands and feet by activating its super regeneration. But, the two short swords were swung again right after the limbs were starting to grow and sent them flying.

After that it was a routine work. The regenerating part was chopped off before it could be restored to normal and the berserker couldn’t escape its state of limbs shortage. It tried to take some distance by prancing up its upper body, even so it was pressured down by a whirling black sphere and it couldn’t hope to move because of the suppression of the super gravity.

「You can regenerate however much you want? Fine then. I’ll keep you company until you die in that case. Regenerate as much as you like, squirm as much as you like. Until that time when the end arrive.」

The lord’s arms went hazy. Each time the limbs of Berserker Weiss danced midair. In the first place, the amount of【Berserk】that was crammed into the cigarette didn’t amount that much.

Berserker Weiss writhed, the state of its instinct was different from other berserkers, and before long something other than madness was starting to enter its eyes, welcoming that time. The speed of its regeneration dropped down drastically and the vigor of the rising white smoke was decreasing.

The limit of the regeneration had come.

Its flesh body was gradually shrinking. Due to that, the withered Weiss who was on the verge of death recovered back his awareness.

「Son of a b*tch-. Damn it, if you ain’t gonna, accompanying me then just diee」

Weiss didn’t stop his cursing and frivolous talk even at this kind of time. In his eyes there was a disgusting color, that he wouldn’t grant them the reaction they wanted from him no matter how much he got tortured.

After all he would die in less than a few seconds. In that case he would rather spit out words of curse even if just by one more. Weiss opened his mouth with that kind of intention, but the lord firmly grasped his head. And then, he took out a five yen coin crystal that was tied with string.

「Just an instant is enough to grant you regret and despair.」

「What are, you planning――hih, ah, aAAAAAAAAAAAH」

A shriek that was unbearable to listen at was reverberating. That was undoubtedly a voice of regret and despair. Weiss was screaming while his body was completely withering and rotted away.

「Sca, scaryy. Aby, just what did you do?」

「Hahah. I don’t want to know though……」

Bernard accompanied with his subordinates arrived while lending Allen his shoulder and he asked. His expression along with his subordinates were all twitching extremely. Allen was going ‘no no’ in refusal to hear, but he couldn’t move properly and on top of that both of his arms were broken, so he couldn’t even block his ears.

The lord spoke with an expression that seemed sickened toward Bernard and others.

「I just showed him a nightmare. A nightmare where he is eaten alive by the dead. For now, I set it so his mind experienced it for a hundred times in a moment.」


It would be better if he didn’t ask. Bernard and others were wordlessly holding the same thought inside their heart.

Then, the lord suddenly raised his head. Bernard and others asked the lord what happened with their gaze, to which the lord spoke.

「It seems it’s necessary for me to head for my real body’s reinforcement. Bernard. I’ll leave the rest to you.」

「Roger. I don’t know what is going on, but leave this place to me. I won’t let even a single one of the remaining staff here to get away.」

The lord nodded at Bernard’s words before his figure became smoke *bofun-* and vanished.

Right after that, an intense shaking attacked the facility. It was clear that the vibration came from a distant place.

「He is really going at it flashily huh, that Abys. The vibration just now was intense.」

「I think Bernard-san who is calling him with pet name is also amazing you know?」

Bernard was staring in puzzlement at Allen’s words before he pulled himself together and began giving order to his subordinates.

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