Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 222 — Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Chapter 222: Arifureta Extra Compilation - From Abyssgate Lord of The World

Part 1

A sound of deep sigh leaked out in a room that boasted of its excellent soundproofing. The wooden desk and leather chair that were overflowing with high class aura were originally to add at the dignity of the owner, but right now the owner of the sigh was enveloped in a tired atmosphere that made such thing to be meaningless.

「Aa~, chief? Are you okay?」

The room owner――the state security bureau’s chief Sharon Magdanese was addressed by Allen while he was smiling wryly.

Chief Magdanese was putting both her elbows on the desk with both her hands joined and supported the forehead of her hanging down head. She lifted her face slightly and replied with a slightly exasperated expression.

「Isn’t that my line instead? Allen, are you really okay?」

「Ahaha, I’m really fine. I more or less received “healing”, so my health is not as bad as my appearance.」

「……A “healing” that cure both arms that had the bones pulverized in less than a day until they become usable, is it. Haa~~~」

She once more sighed not just deeply, but dee~ply. Allen’s wry smile deepened in proportion of that.

Chief Magdanese felt the gaze of Allen that seemed to say that he understood her feeling, while her face turned toward the large display hanging on the wall with an expression that didn’t even try to hide her sullenness.

What that display projected was the manifestation of mystic. An unimaginably abnormal spectacle.

She wondered just how wonderful it would be if the image was just a scene that was cut from a movie.

「The devilish hand of the demon king that is fired from the sky……I wonder, since when this world is eroded by the fantasy?」

「Oh maaan, chief. That’s a really poetic expression there. It’s just like Aby-san――buberah!?」

Chief Magdanese’s paper weight bullet burst out. Allen pleaded「I’m, an injured person! An injured person! Be gentler to me please!」with teary eyes.

Chief Magdanese easily ignored that and her eyes fell toward the display on her hand. She read up the analysis result that was written there with a powerless voice.

「A satellite that is able to fire a laser of converged sunlight……the point it, that it was just a simple thing that merely focused heat. It more or less theoretically possible to be constructed using the present-day science, it said.」

「However, it’s impossible to make it in the size of the silhouette that we captured for an instant. If we try to make it then the result will be in a really big scale. What’s more this one was able to not only blast away a whole facility, its power was even able to change the topography. Considering it, such thing is――」

「It’s impossible for such thing to not be noticed by our nation……no, by all the nations on earth when it was in the satellite orbit. In addition, for it to fly to the position for a pinpoint sniping at that timing, that is even more impossible.」

*gii* The high class chair raised an unpleasant sound. That must be because it was pressed with weight from an unnatural stance added with the body’s stirring. Chief Magdanese noticed how she had tensed unconsciously and took a breath.

It wasn’t unreasonable. The image of the light of sky that was captured by the aircraft monitoring the operation area. It was launched suddenly from the satellite orbit by an orbital weapon that appeared without any advance notice, and as soon as it blew up the surface, it then abruptly vanished without any trace.

If that was the joker of the unfathomable power that was possessed by Abyssgate, then Chief Magdanese would instead feel her stomachache softened because she could believe that she had confirmed the bottom of his strength.

But, that was a weapon. Certainly it was overflowing with mystical aspect like how it was ignoring technological problem or how elusive it was. But, even so, that thing was without a doubt a weapon that was created by human hand.

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It wasn’t something unfathomable and unique that could be recognized to be owned just by a person, but a weapon that could be used by anyone if they wanted to.

That fact, even while it possessed fantasy aspect in it, but the cold reality that was contained within that fact was causing Chief Magdanese’s blood to run cold. She felt a blunt terror that was far closer to herself more than when she witnessed the mystery of Lord Abyssgate.

「……His majesty the demon king, is it. I knew that around him there must be people with the same power assembling but……」

「To think that Aby-san is really just someone in underling position. Hahah, there is nothing to do but laughing here. Even though I cannot see the future where we will be able to stand a chance against even just him alone, there is still a demon king-sama waiting behind him who can go *kaboom* just with a phone call, what the hell.」

「If we believe his talk as it is, it’s the best he can do to scratch the demon king even fighting with his whole body and soul. Furthermore, he also said that it’s unclear whether he can even match the wives or not.」

「Chief. The instant I saw that light in the sky, I understood just why the person who exterminate a demon king in a tale is called as a hero. Indeed, that person must be a hero. For that person to be able to challenge something like that」

‘Certainly that’s so’, Chief Magdanese nodded deeply. At the very least, she who shouldered a part of the national defense really couldn’t fan up any thinking of trying to stand against that.

Chief Magdanese sighed out deeply for who knew how many times already while she suddenly took out a USB memory from her breast pocket. She toyed with that using her fingers while leaning on her elbow.

「What’s the matter, chief?」

「……No, nothing really. It’s just, I’m thinking, that perhaps this thing is a Pandora box.」

「Aah. Certainly, that’s a perfectly fitting phrase. By the way, is Aby faction the calamity? Or else the hope?」

Chief Magdanese floated a vague smile as her answer to Allen’s question. Even Allen didn’t understand what she really meant.

However, the one thing that was definite, was that the inside of that USB memory――the research data of Berserk, if they tried to use that for evil, then a calamity would descend without a doubt. That didn’t merely refer to the fact that berserkers would be created once again, but in the meaning that they would enrage the bearer of mystery by doing that and turned them into enemy.

「Oh man~. Even so, if it’s known by Aby-san that the security bureau is hiding Berserk, it will absolutely be a bad news won’t it? All the data and drug from every facility were completely destroyed, and in some places they were destroyed along with the facility……that is a bomb in a sense you know? I think it’s better to destroy it right away though……」

Allen didn’t even hide his disgusted expression and said such thing at Chief Magdanese who was still toying the USB memory with her fingertips.

After that infiltration into the clean water facility, Kousuke who was greatly exhausted took a rest at a facility the security bureau prepared but, ……after a rest for half-day, he temporarily disappeared accompanied by Emily and Vanessa. They borrowed without permission the pilot and the helicopter that were with them at the mission.

The security bureau fell into uproar from that, but because they guessed the reason that Kousuke vanished, they waited until they were contacted.

As the result, it became an uproar how all the Berserk that was recovered from the facilities that were stormed by other special forces (including the army’s special forces) were wholly destroyed by someone unknown. Like that, it became clear what Kousuke and co were doing.

The feat of complete destruction of the data and drug by easily breaking through the strict security of the army caused the members of the security bureau to make a dry laugh altogether.

After that, after they were taking independent action for a while, there was a contact that came through Vanessa in order to confirm whether the Berserk that was recovered by the army had really been destroyed with nothing left. Chief Magdanese offered her full cooperation and she exchanged various information with Vanessa.

If it was known that Chief Magdanese was in fact shrewdly collecting the research data of Berserk that remained from the university’s research building……

Allen couldn’t stop his trembling.

Chief Magdanese made an exasperated expression at such Allen.

「Please don’t say anything thoughtless. I’m not hiding this or anything.」

「Eh? But, the fact is chief is carrying that right now though.」

「Look here, after Paradis and Doctor Grant escaped from the research building, just who do you think cleaned up there?」

「That’s of course, us the security bureau……there was also the matter about Hughes-san and others there.」

「Yes, that’s right. And then, Doctor Grant and Vanessa who barely escaped from the research building with their life didn’t have the time to bring the research data with them. They and also Abyssgate understand that.」

In other words, it was clear as day that the security bureau who went there for cleaning up would recover the extremely dangerous drug and data.

Although, even Allen understood that much. In short, Allen was thinking that exactly because everyone understood that, Kousuke and co should be thinking that the Berserk possessed by the security bureau was destroyed already, but contrary to that they were still possessing the data. Wouldn’t that be bad for them, he wondered.

Chief Magdanese who guessed Allen’s unexpressed fear shook her head and answered.

「There is no way that person will swallow what I say as it is. I destroyed the data, ok thanks, you think it will be like that?」

「That, well…… Then, chief will destroy it. But, then why are you still carrying it like that?」

「For caution’s sake, I want to destroy it in front of his eyes, so that he won’t be able to just vanish then if I destroy it at a distant place from him.」

From Chief Magdanese’s viewpoint, she was thinking that Kousuke might just return home to his country without even showing his figure anymore in front of them. If it was with his profoundly mysterious power, then doing something like sneaking into the security bureau without anyone noticing and destroyed the data before disappearing should be a piece of cake.

But, Chief Magdanese wanted to talk with Kousuke eye-to-eye no matter what. It would be unbearable if she let Kousuke went home when their relationship with Kousuke who was able to do that much and the demon king faction behind him was still vague like now. Chief Magdanese who had self-awareness that she was already really old didn’t want to have her stomachache got worse than this.

And so, even if with roundabout mean, a conversation was indispensable. She hadn’t destroyed the USB memory yet and walked around carrying it was also a move for that, she wanted to destroy it in front of Kousuke’s eyes to help in building a relationship of trust between them.

Surely, perhaps, there wouldn’t be that much effect that could be expected from doing that, but it was Chief Magdanese’s principle to not make light of even the small move.

Allen nodded with a look of ‘I see’. Chief Magdanese sent a sidelong glance at Allen with her fingertips holding the USB memory before she suddenly threw her gaze at empty air and opened her mouth.

「That’s how it is, so if you want to destroy it then do as you please, Abyssgate.」

「Eh? Chief?」

*pachin-* The chief put the USB memory on the desk with a sound like a shogi player putting the piece on the board. Allen’s eyes turned into dot. For a moment he thought「Is she finally turn senile?」, but he got a gaze of absolute zero turned at him instantly so he straightened his posture in panic.

Right after that,

「……How surprising. To think that you are able to feel my presence.」

「Oou!? Aby-san!?」

Allen jumped to his feet reflexively from hearing the voice that resounded from the room’s corner.

When Allen turned his gaze in fluster, there he saw the figure of Kousuke leaning on the wall with his arms folded. His expression was displaying a clear emotion of admiration.

「A, Aby-san, since when you are there? Or rather, how did you enter……」

「I have been shadowing right behind you all that time you know? I entered this room together with you.」

「I, I didn’t notice at all……」

Kousuke turned his gaze at Chief Magdanese while putting aside Allen who was plainly shocked. His gaze was filled with admiration and question of since when she noticed him, and also a little bit of happiness mixed there.

Chief Magdanese displayed a wry smile at Kousuke’s gaze while she shook her head.

「I didn’t notice you or anything. However, thinking of the number of the operating forces, their affiliation, the base’s location, the information sharing with Paradis, and so on, I thought that you will be coming soon. I’m glad you are really here. If not, then I would be a pitiful person who is talking to empty air there.」

「……As expected from the chief. You’ve got me completely there.」

Kousuke smiled wryly while his back moved from the wall. Surely his face looked very slightly regretful was because his hope of「By any chance, the number of people noticing me increased!?」had crumbled away.

Kousuke walked until in front of the desk and he took the USB memory. And then, he crushed it inside his fist without confirming its content.

「Is this all the data?」

「Yes, that’s right. With this, it means that the data of Berserk only remain inside Doctor Grant’s head.」

「You are sure?」

「You can just make sure can’t you? I believe you have the method to know with certainty whether the data and drug of Berserk still remain or not in this world if you feel like it. I don’t plan to be an idiot that make a bluff to that kind of opponent.」

Indeed, if Kousuke hypnotized the authorized people and asked them the information, he would be able to ascertain the truth. Also, Chief Magdanese didn’t know, but if he relied on that person to have him use the “Compass of Crossing Guidance”, then the truth would be ascertained in an instant.

Chief Magdanese seemed to be resolved even if she got hypnotized, so she stared straight at Kousuke. Kousuke who received that gaze shrugged and shook his head.

「I’ll believe your words chief. Besides, I don’t want to do something really cruel to the side that will protect my friend and her family from here on.」

It felt like a threat was mixed into it just for a bit. Chief Magdanese scowled while asking back.

「……You are telling us to protect Grant family?」

「Even if the chief advocate that Berserk is unnecessary to the VIPs, there surely will be those who question the uproar this time. If Grant family is aimed and Emily meet misfortune then……yeah? This too is for the sake of the national defense isn’t it?」

「Because if that happen then what we will face won’t be the people of that side, or even the very Berserk itself, but the “abyss lord” huh. Indeed, this is the most important matter that concern the national defense.」

‘If something happen to Grant family then it not gonna end well’――Chief Magdanese made a slightly tired expression at that veiled warning, even so she promised that she would protect Grant family from the stupid bunches.

Surely within a few days there would be pairs of lovers or spouses with a lot of friends moving to the neighborhood of Grant family. Those people would watch over the Grant family with handgun hidden in their pocket while rousing up themselves with「Whether the lord will rampage or not is hanging on our shoulder!」.

「Well, I’ll agree to the matter of the protection. However, I have one condition――no, a request.」

「……I don’t think that this is a situation where there will be a condition attached normally. Just as I thought, as expected from the chief.」

「It’s an honor to receive the praise. It’s not like I plan to ask for anything excessive. Just, if you are going to do something in this country, or if by chance someone related to this country is going to do something, I wish you will contact us beforehand.」

This was the promise that Chief Magdanese wanted to extract from Kousuke by talking to him. It was too dangerous to leave him without supervision. But, it was impossible to attach a collar or anything to him. Then at the very least she wished to know what he would do and where. She wasn’t telling him to ask for permission, but at least she wanted him to keep them informed.

「Depending on the situation, surely there will be time where it will be better for me to be one that take care of it. I believe that you are able to take care of most things, but surely it won’t be troubling to have a connection to the authority.」

「Hm~m. Well, as long as that authority doesn’t reach out their hand to us. There would be nothing more depressing then having someone move to try to get our information even if just non~chalantly.」

「The consideration of that area would be something we wish for you to trust us with.」

Seeing Kousuke hesitated with ‘h~m’, Chief Magdanese muttered a few words.

「……The cleaning up was really difficult this time.」


「We got severely criticized by the intelligence bureau, and then the water supply for that aream and also the information control…… After this we have to falsify the written report about Berserk Case in various things, and surely I will be severely criticized again when I advocate that Berserk is unnecessary at the meeting……」


「I don’t want to say this, but I’m really past my prime now. Recently, it become hard to endure my stomachache. Do you know that medicine is not effective anymore? Perhaps this is already time for me to think of retiring. Well, I don’t know whether my successor whoever he is will be able to build connection nicely or not though……」


「Come to think of it, my arm that got shot really hurt. Even though Allen got healed, I need to normally depend on modern medical care here. As I thought perhaps I should just retire. The motivation necessary to win the argument against the intelligence bureau at the meeting is just……」

「Got it! I got it already! I’ll contact you properly if I’ve business of something in this country okay! That’s why, stop suddenly looking at far away with an expression like an old man that has sensed his time of death like that! Feels like your image is crumbling down!」

「Wonderful. Then, leave the protection of the Grant family and the clean-up of the Berserk case to us of the security bureau. I will hand over a private line to Abyssgate that connect to the staff under me, so if there is something please exchange information through it. ――I wish that from here on the security bureau can continue a good relationship with the demon king faction.」

Even though just now she had been pretending like an old man that was going to be led away by the death god, Magdanese instantly returned into the face of the chief of the state security bureau clad in a dominating aura and concluded the talk. Inside his heart, Kousuke’s cheeks were twitching while thinking「As I thought, I’m no good with this person huh」.

After that they talked for two, three more minutes. And then hearing Chief Magdanese added a terrifying request like ‘if there is a chance, please let me talk with his majesty the demon king no matter what’, Kousuke once more felt admiration that this woman was really a big shot before he put his hand on the door knob.

And then, just before he exited the room, Kousuke suddenly recalled something and turned around.

「Come to think on it, thanks chief-san. I planned to confirm it myself before this, but it helps that you told me.」

「? ……Aa, about her you mean.」

Chief Magdanese tilted her head for a moment thinking just what was Kousuke talking about, but she immediately realized and she then surprisingly smiled. Allen was taken aback.

「Thanks is unnecessary. Although it’s the fact that we had no breathing room due to the situation, but if only we could confirm it quicker, it would be a relieve for that girl’s anxiety.」

「I wonder. There is no use talking about ‘what if’. If she can think of it that as the prize of working hard, the world can be a little kinder to her, that won’t be bad won’t it?」

Perhaps feeling a little embarrassed of his own speech, Kousuke scratched his cheek awkwardly after saying that. Chief Magdanese looked even happier at that while she nodded.

「I don’t have the qualification to answer that ……but if that’s really the case, than certainly it won’t be bad. I think it’s great that there is a salvation for her even if just one.」

Those words from the great woman of iron and blood that shouldered the country’s protection sounded like her true opinion which she showed at the end. Kousuke also nodded back to her with a calm smile and he exited the room.

Allen who saw the chief’s smile was petrified throughout all that until the end.

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Part 2

It was at a café located in a place that could confirm the high-rise building of the state security bureau by sight. There was a girl with her blonde hair put in side-tail――Emily looking absentminded inside.

Her hand kept holding the cup of steamy coffee latte in front of her, however, she showed no sign of drinking it. She was only staring blankly at the rising steam.

Other than emotion of sadness and pain, her side profile also contained various other things. There were people who were mysteriously charmed with that. In the first place Emily was a beautiful girl, yet right now she felt like a “woman” rather than a girl of her age. Surely that was because the experience she had gone through these few days was an unusual experience.

The young men and male employees inside the café kept sending glances at the beautiful girl that was sitting alone in melancholy. That was the proof of the charm Emily was emitting.

Her long and slender legs wrapped in black stocking were crossed. Finally a young man whose gaze was attracted to that resolved himself and stood up. It appeared that he would call out to Emily.

But, right after the young man took a step forward, his foot stopped still.

That was because Emily suddenly lifted her face. It seemed that was because she noticed the young man’s secret intention. Her reaction looked as though she was called by someone. Yet, he couldn’t hear anything that called the girl’s name other than the sound of cars’ engine.

The young man tilted his head in wonder of what happened, even so he was about to step forward again――

「Ah, Kousuke! Over here!」

He saw a flower blooming proudly. The melancholy until just now disappeared like a lie, and its place was a dazzling flower that was blooming in full. Emily made a full smile and waved her hand, which caused the young man to stop walking once more. However, this time he was purely fascinated.

「……Emily, looks like you have become able to notice me normally huh.」

The one who appeared while saying that was of course Kousuke. The young man too finally noticed after he heard that voice, that there was a male that had approached this spot until nearby without anyone noticing. The male was a Japanese without any particular characteristic that stood out.

For a moment, the young man compared himself with Kousuke and he self-assessed himself that he won, but he instantly withered when he saw the trust and affection that emerged on Emily’s expression. His shoulders dropped in dejection while he returned to his seat with heavy steps. The other customers and male employees were looking at the young man with a complicated expression.

「I guess. Somehow, when Kousuke come near, the area around my forehead goes tingling.」(Note: Imagine in Gundam when the newtype sense danger or formidable enemy)

「You are awakened to a strange ability huh. Well, I’m happy though so it’s fine.」

Kousuke saying that he was happy made Emily to smile even happier instead.

「So, you are finished? Did it go all right?」

「Yeah, everything went well. With this, Berserk doesn’t exist anymore in this world. Looks like the security bureau has also work hard.」

「I see……thank you, Kousuke. Really, saying this is not enough at all but, thank you.」

Emily leaned her forehead to Kousuke’s shoulder naturally. Seeing that, several males including the young man just now clicked their tongue. Surely they wanted to say ‘damn show off’.

Kousuke reflexively smiled wryly while hearing those clicking tongues. He then gently tapped on Emily’s back while urging her to exit the café.

Kousuke started walking on the street. Emily asked him where they were going.

「H~m, there is a place I want to go for a bit. Can you come with me?」

「Yep, it’s fine. But Kousuke’s plane schedule is……it’s fine because it’s at the evening isn’t it?」

Today Endo was going back to Japan. He had finished reserving ticket for an evening flight. Naturally Emily was feeling a lot lonely, but there was no way she could neglect her parents who were piling up mental worry due to the attack against their daughter, so she was planning to spend her time in her home for a while and couldn’t go with Kousuke.

Although, there would be a clone body staying with her for a while to guard her, and Kousuke also firmly promised to her that this separation wouldn’t be forever, so she wasn’t that sad.

「Which reminds me, what about Vanessa? Midway she said that she has a business so she went somewhere but, is it about security bureau’s business?」

「No, it’s another matter. Vanessa is also going to the place we are heading to right now. There is something I want her to check a bit just in case.」

「Hm~m. You are speaking ambiguously. ……It’s just me that is out of the loop here.」

Emily’s lips pouted a bit sullenly. Kousuke reflexively almost said「How cute」, but the body blow of his heart made him shut his mouth decisively.

「That’s not it though…… Rather, this is about Emily. Well, you will understand when we go there. Depending on the situation, perhaps it will be necessary for me to go on ahead for various measures but……you know, there were things I wanted to take care first at the security bureau. Just in case.」

「I don’t really get it but……fine then. If that’s what Kousuke and Vanessa think as the best then okay.」

Emily smiled gently. The height of her trust to the two could be peeked at there.

It would take about thirty minutes of walking with the distance, so the two didn’t use taxi or anything and walked to there while strolling at the same time.

There was no word, however, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward by any means. Both of them were walking with a relaxed pace. After a while, Emily leaked out her words in a mutter.

「You see, I’m thinking of teacher even now.」


Kousuke tilted his head. Emily continued while slightly looking up to the sky.

「He betrayed us, did inhuman things like that, and in the end he tried to take along a lot of people with him in death……even so, I cannot hate him. Even now, somewhere inside me, I’m thinking of that person as “our teacher”. ……Do you think it’s strange?」

「I wonder. After all I don’t know, what has been accumulated between Emily and Down.」

Emily smiled a bit happily that Kousuke didn’t make any denial.

「Yep, there are a lot, things that we had accumulated. I cannot forget them. Whether when he reached out to me, or how he saved me, or the warm place and important teaching that I received, I cannot forget them.」

「Because, those weren’t a lie, right?」

「……Yes. Those weren’t a lie.」

At that time, the young Emily who was cornered by the environment was saved, it was a fact. The fact that she was given the warmth of family, and also everything else, the important things residing in Emily’s heart, weren’t a lie.

A shadow of melancholy fell on Emily’s expression once more.

「That’s exactly why, I feel it’s scary.」


Emily kept looking down without showing any sign whether she noticed or not the gaze of Kousuke who was looking at her from the side. She continued talking in mutters.

「Surely, Berserk is inside everyone. Just a little impetus, something that is trifling for other people will become the trigger, awakening it. Surely it’s easy to occur at particular field. That’s what I think.」

Everyone had the seed of madness at the bottom of their heart. Kousuke couldn’t deny that. The face of the classmates that didn’t manage to go home together with them passed through in Kousuke’s mind. The binding of their heart slipped off under a unique situation.

Just as Emily said, even in a situation that wasn’t that unique, it was still something that could possibly occur. And then, her remark that meant that the binding of the heart was easier to come off for those who tried to walk through a path to the extreme was likely to be an accurate statement.

「Even now, I’m thinking it. If teacher didn’t meet me, perhaps teacher will be able to live normally as an excellent educator.」

It was a meaningless what-if. Emily also understood that. But, she couldn’t help but thinking it. She thought and thought, even so, she continued to wander the labyrinth of her pondering, of what she actually should do.

It was terrifying. Thinking that perhaps ahead of her path, she would once more pull the trigger of someone’s Berserk. She didn’t have any intention of giving up her dream, even so, no matter what, when she thought of the future ahead at her path of research, her hands and feet stiffened, and something cold and heavy was sinking at the bottom of her guts.

Kousuke averted his gaze from Emily and looked up to the sky. It was likely that Emily wasn’t asking for anything from Kousuke by talking about this. The proof of that, was how the light of determination could be seen inside her eyes that were tinged with melancholy, that even if that was the case she wouldn’t draw back, she couldn’t draw back. Therefore, she was making Kousuke heard her heavily agonizing thought even just for a little was merely her depending on Kousuke.

Kousuke scratched his head awkwardly at Emily who was showing such awkwardness in depending on others. And then, he started a strange talk.

「In the past, at a certain place long time ago, no wait, it wasn’t that long ago, it was something relatively recently, anyway, at a certain place there was a single hero.」

「Heh? Err, Kousuke?」

‘What’s up so suddenly?’ Emily tilted her head. Ignoring that, Kousuke continued to talk.

「The hero was super handsome, he excelled in both brain and physical aspects. He was fair and kind, overflowing with sense of justice, and a super popular male. He made others feel ‘just explode’, but anyway he was a really good guy.」

「Yo, you wanted him to explode even though he was a good guy?」

「Nn, well, just ignore that. Anyway, one day the perfect superhuman hero was summoned to another world together with his comrades. He was kidnapped along with the people around him by a damned sheetty god somewhere just out of curiosity.」

Seeing Kousuke who was talking in annoyance caused Emily to go ‘hah’ in realization. The fairytale that Kousuke was suddenly talking now was surely not a fairytale. It was a part of the tale of the beginning when this profoundly mysterious hero was born.

Emily closed her mouth and concentrated to her ears. The person she loved was trying to tell her something by going as far as disclosing his secret. She focused so that she wouldn’t overhear even one word.

「Putting aside the intention of the sheetty god, the people of that world said to the hero and his group. Save us they said. Defeat the enemy they said. The hero responded, that if there are people in trouble then of course they should help. The hero and his comrades who had crossed through world had managed to obtain great power, so surely it will go well he thought. But――」

It didn’t go like that.

「Bit by bit, bit by bit, something black was starting to pile up inside the hero.」

「Something, black……」

Emily could guess. That must be the seed of Berserk. Something everyone possessed, a negative emotion.

「The justice of hero that he believed, it didn’t work at anything. He lost his fairness and he became as though he was possessed by the deep-rooted delusion that he should be the correct one. His comrades and childhood friends also remonstrated him but, the hero who was instigated by the enemy――betrayed everything.」


Emily had her breath taken away. Emily didn’t know what happened with the hero. But, she could somehow see her teacher overlapping with the hero. Just what did the hero feel at that time? Just with what kind of feeling the hero betrayed his comrades? And then――how did the hero end up in the end?

Matching Emily who came to a stop, Kousuke also stopped walking and he continued while staring at Emily.

「The hero, pointed that tremendous power of his toward us. He pointed it toward his childhood friends who should be important for him. He pointed it, toward the people that he said should be protected. At the time of the decisive battle when that guy was needed the most, that guy was at the enemy side. Everything, was in order to proof that he was exactly the correct one. In order to take back the time when everything went well for him.」

「……What happened then, to the hero?」

Emily asked with by squeezing out her voice. In respond to that Kousuke,

「Yeah, he got beaten up black and blue by a girl, his childhood friend until he apologized tearfully. He came back with his face still swelling up so much it made us felt ‘seeerves you right you handsome’.」


This was the aftermath of a grand betrayal. Emily thought, that surely this would be a tragic story but with a bit of salvation in it even then. But seeing Kousuke laughed casually while talking「Oh mann~, at that time that guy came back with pathetic face! He apologize while looking like he was going to cry, but his front teeth were all broken up that everyone almost broke laughing! That was seriously s serious breaker y’know!」, Emily’s face went blank in a daze.

Kousuke who noticed Emily who couldn’t follow at all then cleared his through *cough* once.

「Well, what I want to say, that……sorry. I couldn’t save your teacher.」

「Eh? E, ah, no, that’s not-. I, don’t mean something like――」

Emily tried to make excuse in panic, but Kousuke stopped her with his hand and smiled wryly. However, he then directed a strong gaze at Emily that made her heart jumped.

「I know. But, even so, I swear here, Emily. If, ahead in this path Emily is walking through someone got their madness awakened, that time I won’t let you lose them. Even if I have to sock them in the face, I will drag them back to you without fail.」

「u, a」

She was at loss for words. While Emily’s mouth was opening and closing wordlessly, Kousuke gifted her with words that illuminated her path.

「That’s why, don’t make that kind of pained face and just advance ahead through your path.」

Emily leaped. Where to? That was obvious. Toward the chest of her beloved hero. Emily leaked out sobbing ‘hics hics’ from something hot filling inside her chest while Kousuke gently caressed her hair.

It was unknown how long they were like that. Before long Emily lifted her face. Kousuke pulled her hand and began walking once more toward the destination.

Silence was descending once more, but this time it was with a really awkward atmosphere. Emily kept glancing at the side of Kousuke’s face with moist eyes, while Kousuke being Kousuke was writhing inside from his own speech.

Trying to change the atmosphere a little, Kousuke spoke a proposal that he actually had been thinking about since some time ago.

「Hey, Emily」

「Whaaat, Kousuke」

Her voice was sweet. It was dripping sweet. The sugar content in the air was increasing. Kousuke went「I, I might have really done it now……」while sweating coldly.

「About your research from here on」

「Uh huh. Continuing it in the university……will be hard I think. But, somewhere else――」

「About that, if you want, how about trying to go to another world?」

「Another world……」

Inside Emily, it already had become a fact that Kousuke was summoned to another world together with his comrades. She didn’t think that his story was a fiction. Rather, she comprehended that Kousuke’s mysterious power had its root from there.

And now, she might be able to go to the world where Kousuke obtained his power of hero. That was enough to fill Emily with happiness.

「Is it okay?」

「Yeah, you more or less need the permission from the demon king to go to the world over there but, well, surely there won’t be a problem. You see, at the other side there are a lot of mysterious plants and minerals that doesn’t exist here. There is also something like pharmacy study there more or less, and if Emily learn that and put it into use for your research, won’t that become a shortcut for breakthrough?」

「Pharmacy study of another world……certainly, that is really interesting. That healing medicine is also made from there isn’t it?」

「H~m, I guess. Though it roughly not pure chemicals but a magic medicine though……」

Emily’s eyes were sparkling bright with the idea of going to Kousuke’s world, and also that it might be useful for her lifework. Her gaze looked even far better than her enraptured gaze before this. For Kousuke it was a poison in various meaning. Though it was him reaping what he sowed.

「Also you see, because there is magic at the world there, the technology there is not that developed. Currently I’m studying medical science here, but I’m doing that with the objective of wanting to heighten the medical technology there without magic.」

「……Kousuke, by any chance, you are planning to go to that other world in the future?」

Emily looked up anxiously at Kousuke. He nodded in respond without hesitation. A shadow fell on Emily’s expression.

「Well, currently the demon king is taking measures so that it will be easier to come and go from here to there, so I’m not going to be at that side forever without coming back though……」

Hearing that, Emily began pondering something. Kousuke went「Hm?」seeing that and he tilted his head. And then Emily suddenly snapped up his head and declared to Kousuke.

「Then, at that time I will accompany Kousuke too! At that time, I’ll show you that I can develop the other world’s pharmaceutics more!」

Seeing Emily declaring ‘I absolutely will be useful to Kousuke!’, Kousuke was thinking from the start that he wished for Emily’s cooperation in improving the medical treatment without using Tortus’s magic, so he accepted immediately. However, he somewhat felt a strange weight from the word「accompany」that Emily said was……

No, let’s stop lying to himself. Kousuke was convinced. That word absolutely meant「accompany」in that meaning. Kousuke was sweating coldly. Emily’s cheeks were dyed red and her eyes were sparkling fierily perhaps from thinking of the future. There was no doubt that in her brain she was surely imagining the development where the two of them were examining patients at the clinic in another world.

Even though she would be at another world, but if there was a method to return to earth, then it would be safer to do her research at another world rather than at earth where there was a possibility she would be targeted. She would also be able to defeat Alzheimer with the result of that research.

For Emily, immigration to another world was completely a good thing.

「He, hey, Emily. There is also something that I have to tell you……」

Kousuke was opening his mouth to speak about the matter that he missed the chance to say until now because of one thing and another. Right now he was going to say it loud and clear. But it seemed that the goddess of fate was quite detestable.

A familiar ringtone interrupted Kousuke’s words. It seemed that Vanessa was the caller. Kousuke cursed「Vanessaaa」inside his heart, but thinking of the thing that he asked her to confirm, he couldn’t ignore this.

Like that, what entered the ear of Kousuke who took the call was a good news that came in with a truly miraculous timing.

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