Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 223

Chapter 223

「Hey, Kousuke. Is this the place you want to take me to?」

「Yeah, this place.」

The gaze of Emily who couldn’t hide her perplexity was wandering around without any calm. That was reasonable. The place Kousuke brought her to with fast pace after the call from Vanessa――was a hospital.

The question of「Why?」was whirling inside Emily’s head.

「You see, this hospital is under the influence of the security bureau. They make use of it for the criminal or the victim of a case, or people with circumstance.」

「Security bureau’s……eh, wait, then」

「Yeah, the people related with Berserk case are also hospitalized here.」

Emily gulped. The people who got Berserk stored inside their stomach yet didn’t have it exploded and the people who were confined for experiment but luckily could be rescued just in time, and the research facility personnel who got injured at the suppression operation and so on, they were all here.

Emily looked around with a sorrowful expression, but she suddenly noticed. Even with all those people here, it wasn’t a reason to bring her here. If someone was turned into berserker then it was too late for them, and in the case that they hadn’t turn into berserker then it would completely be the domain of a doctor. There wasn’t any turn for Emily who was a researcher here.

Yes, if there was a reason for her to be brought here, then it would be the same reason with the families of patients who were gathering in the patient room or corridor even now――

With a shudder, an indescribable emotion that was different from a chill was welling up inside Emily.

「Wa, wait, wait Kousuke! By, by any chance, in, in here……but, I, definitely remember that everyone was-」

「It kept bothering me all this time. In Emily’s story, it was only your parting with her that was different. I didn’t say anything because I thought that it was a slim chance, but I believed that the possibility wasn’t zero.」

“Her”――Emily understood who that word referred to.

That’s right. Indeed it was right. It was only her who Emily didn’t see directly. When they parted from each other at the end, she lured away the immediately approaching Berserker and vanished. But Emily didn’t confirm her last moment at all.

The repeated death, the overwhelming presence of death of Berserk, the heavy tremor that was chasing after her, all of those pushed Emily into despair. That was why, she thought that must be the last moment for that person, yet……

「I was thinking to confirm it by myself, but before I could, chief-san found her and then contacted me. It looked like she hadn’t recovered her consciousness, so just in case, in order to confirm it directly and find out the detail of her condition, I asked Vanessa to go ahead……」

There was already no more word. The hope rising up inside was making Emily’s heart quivered.

「The call from Vanessa just now. ――She said that she was awake. She was heavily wounded and need complete bed rest but, there is nothing threatening to her life.」

「a, a……」

Emily covered her mouth with the hand that wasn’t pulled by Kousuke and then her blurry gaze caught the figure of Vanessa talking with a person who seemed to be a doctor.

Vanessa who noticed Kousuke and Emily then lowered her head to the doctor before turning her gaze to the two of them. Her expression was a gentle and relaxed one that they had never seen until now. Just from that expression, Emily discerned that there wasn’t anything bad at all. She grasped that her hope wasn’t a lie.

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「She is all right, Doctor Grant. She is also really lucid, and the doctor also said that there will be no problem if she is going through treatment. Now, she is waiting. Please meet her.」

「Vanessa……yes, yes-」

Kousuke let go of the hand he held and gently pushed Emily’s back. Vanessa sent her off with a gentle smile. Emily couldn’t endure it and tears were trickling down her face while she opened the door into the patient room, and she entered inside.

*pi-pi-pi-* Other than the resounding sound of a medical equipment, the patient room was enveloped in silence. The sunlight poured in from the window that had its curtain opened, illuminating the patient room brightly.

With staggering steps, Emily approached the bed slowly. There, she saw the woman whose both legs were fixed in place, her head bandaged, and her hand receiving intravenous drip.

Perhaps that woman noticed Emily’s presence, because she slowly opened her closed eyes.

And then,

「……Emily. Aa, I’m glad. You are safe.」

While sleeping on the bed with wounds all over her body, the words that came out the very first from her mouth were words that rejoiced of the safety of her little sister――


With her mind still pure white, Emily only surrendered her body to her great joy and leaped to the chest of her big sister――Lizzie Ashton. Lizzie who received the embrace of her beloved little sister naturally,

「Ouch ouch ouch ouch-. Wait-, it hurts, it hurts I told you Emily! Your big sis is dying! I’m dying for sure this time!」

「Fueah!? So, sorry-, Lizzy-neee!」

She fainted in agony. A person who was in a total bed rest mustn’t jumped at. This was important. Emily went flustered and all shook up while Lizzie smiled wryly「What a hopeless girl」with teary eyes that endured the pain.

「It’s fine if you do it slowly. Look, come here, Emily.」


Softly, as though she was touching a delicate artwork, Emily timidly embraced Lizzie, and then she began to leak out sobbing ‘hics hics’. Lizzie partly closed her eyes at her little sister that was like that while caressing Emily’s head with a gentle hand manner.

「Fufu, you really have become a crybaby while I fainted just for a bit aren’t you? Just where has the usual obstinate person has gone to I wonder.」

「Fho, fho cares……hics, sniff-」

Emily grumbled while hugging tightly without any sign of letting go. Lizzie’s smile was getting increasingly broader.

「I heard about the matter this time, just for a bit from that cool female agent. Looks like you have gone through a great adventure.」

「I’m, not. It wasn’t, adventure…… I just, needed to do, something somehow……but, I couldn’t, do anything……I only, kept getting, helped……」

「Yeah. That Paradis-san also said, that she wanted to protect Emily because you were working very hard. Also, there is one more hero-san? I heard that he too lent his strength, because Emily worked really hard.」

Emily stirred restlessly and lifted her face from Lizzie’s chest, and then her face that turned terrible because of the tears and mucus distorted.

Lizzie wiped up the face of Emily that was like that while she proudly gifted Emily her words along with a gentle smile that Emily idolized.

「You have worked hard aren’t you, Emily. As expected from the little sister of us all. Surely those guys, and Rick, and also teacher, they must be proud of you.」


「Ah, ah, geez. Even though you are a beauty but it is wasted like this……come one, blow your nose, blow」

Emily blew her nose just as she was told. And then, she restlessly buried her face into Lizzie’s chest once more. Right now, she only wanted to earnestly feel her beloved big sister.

And then, Lizzie also embraced tightly such Emily. She was only showering her love to her little sister who survived, and gritting her teeth against the loneliness toward the person she loved and their comrades who had protected them.

Part 2

The airport’s lobby was really bustling with people waiting for their departure and people waiting for the arrival of flight passengers. At a waiting place where there were several rows of bench seat in place, Emily whose eyes were still red was staring at Kousuke apologetically.

「Sorry, Kousuke. Because of me there is barely any time left. In the end, you cannot go buy souvenir or do anything else.」

「No, it’s fine. That was a special reunion for you. I’m not that boorish that I would be a nuisance with that.」

In the end, after that Emily who had transformed into a sticky burr on Lizzie was finally pried off after the nurse noticed that Lizzie was almost fainting with the white of her eyes half exposed. (Note: A burr is prickly seeds or seedheads that stuck to fur and clothes)

However even with that, it seemed that Emily hated to exit the room, and when she was scolded by the nurse and got dragged outside, Emily spontaneously yelled「ONEE-CHAAAN!」and reached out her hand. Lizzie whose eyes snapped open in a flash hearing her little sister’s shout then reached out her hand「EMILY――」, which got the intravenous drip torn off from her hand which turned it into even more commotion. The two of them were really sisters that were similar with each other.

The nurse who was treated like a mafia who was trying to tear apart loving sisters from each other because of unpaid debt was then got a throbbing vein on her forehead. Even then the nurse kept treating the situation. It went without saying that Kousuke and Vanessa then earnestly apologized to the nurse.

Because of this and that, in the end they arrived at the airport with barely any time left until the departure, which caused Emily to be apologetic.

「Well, at any rate, it’s great that Lizzie-san is alive.」


It was a blunt topic change, but Emily responded with a broad smile. The lost things wouldn’t come back, and the wound from that wouldn’t vanish for the whole life. But, even so, there was a salvation even if just one. It was really as though the world rewarded a little, to someone that had done their best.

And, at that time Vanessa who left them for a bit because she received a call returned to them.

「Kousuke-san. Bernard is coming to see you off.」

「Yoo, Aby. I came as the troops’ representative.」

It seemed Vanessa had gone to the entrance to welcome Bernard who came to the airport to see off Kousuke.

「Coming expressly here like this, is your work okay?」

「No, it’s not okay. That’s why I need to go back right away, but it will be no good if we don’t give even a single parting salute when you return home to your country like this. Besides you see, here is souvenir from the guys in the troops.」

「Eh, my bad, troubling you like this. But, if that’s the case then I’ll accept gratefully――」

Saying that, Kousuke got a bit shy while he peeked inside the bag before his cheeks convulsed. Inside there were various combat knifes and bullets that were carved with strange letters. There were also hand grenades that were written with obscene jokes, Zippo lighter, and high-class cigar crammed inside.

「Are you idiot!? There is no way I can bring this back!」

Kousuke turned into a straight-man reflexively, but Bernard replied with a puzzled expression.

「Eh, but, you. You are normally carrying something like this right? Remember, that small katana, or the knives.」

「Ah……yeah, I guess. Sorry. Also thanks.」

He had no word to retort to that. Like that Kousuke put the souvenir into his rucksack. He planned to throw them into the Treasure Warehouse later.

Bernard who finished handing over the souvenir then nodded in satisfaction before he swiftly turned around. It seemed that it was true that was busy.

「See ya, Aby. When next you come here, show your face no matter what. I’ll introduce you to a delicious restaurant.」

「Aa, thanks. Bernard too, don’t be too reckless.」

Kousuke smiled wryly while saying his thanks to Bernard who he could only think as someone that was loved by the death god and the goddess of luck simultaneously. And then,

「What are you saying? I have a wife and a cute daughter waiting at home for my return. No matter what happened, I will go back home for sure.」

「That’s why-, don’t say that kind of line so easily like that!」

「Just you wait Annie (the six years old daughter). Father will get home soon……」

「Wai-, Bernard! You, seriously be careful! There is absolutely a death god right behind you there!」

Bernard so easily built a dangerous flag as naturally as breathing like always. And then his figure vanished into the crowd.

「What should I say, in a sense, it feels like he is the one nearest to Kousuke-san. I cannot help but feeling amazed that he doesn’t die with that.」

「I can agree with that.」

Vanessa for some reason was staring at Bernard vanishing into the crowd with a gaze that seemed like she was looking at a rival while saying such thing.

「Kousuke, it will be time soon.」

「Oh, is that so. Then, perhaps I should go soon.」

Saying that, Kousuke stood up and shouldered his rucksack. And then, he was about to walk toward the boarding gate. But then his sleeve got pulled.

「Hm? Emily, what’s wrong?」


While staring on the floor, Emily pinched at Kousuke’s sleeve tightly without showing any sign of releasing it. Kousuke reflexively looked at Vanessa looking for help, but Vanessa only shrugged and didn’t say anything.

「Eeer, Emily. I’m leaving behind my clone, and I also told you my contact number right? We will be able to meet again soon, don’t look that reluctant, it’s embarrassing somehow.」


Kousuke said that kind of thing with an exaggerated gesture a bit jokingly, but Emily’s state didn’t change. No, her ears that could be seen from between her blond hair were in progress of changing. They were getting redder gradually. Looking closer, her neck and cheeks were also dyed red.

Kousuke then grasped the situation「Come to think of it, in the end I failed to say anything of it! No good!」and he opened his mouth to say something. But, before he could,

「Yo, you see-. You see-, Kousuke!I, I actually-, that, about Kousuke I――」

The face of Emily that snapped up in a flash was truly that of a bright red apple. Her eyes were moist where inside them there was immeasurable heat. In a glance it was obvious that she was about to liberate into words the flame that was already blazing up thunderously inside her chest currently.

The voice of Emily that unexpectedly reverberated loudly stopped the activity of the surrounding people and the walking people from walking along. Their attention gathered at the two of them. The onlookers guessed the atmosphere between the two「Oh my? Could this possibly be……」and their eyes sparkled with deep interest.

And then, Emily-chan who was already at her wits’ end was about to carry out her first confession in her life, and her mouth formed the shape of saying「lo」, it was at that instant

「Ah, there you are! Kou-ku~~~n-?」

A dignified and clear voice rang in the lobby. That voice was so refreshing and also vaguely contained a sweet sensuality that everyone spontaneously searched for the owner of the voice.

Naturally, Kousuke who was familiar with that voice thought「Don’t tell me-」while he reflexively averted his gaze from Emily and turned his face toward the direction of the voice.

It was in the middle of her once in a lifetime confession, yet Kousuke turned his gaze toward other. That caused Emily’s expression to turn ‘funya’ into a pitiable look. But, it was no good for her to be like that. Emily had to take her battle stance right away before it became a sorrow for her.

After all, right there the person who would become the fated enemy of Emily was approaching near.



Emily and Vanessa also turned their gaze when Kousuke called a name. There, they could see a super beautiful onee-san running toward them from the other side of the crowd.

Two hills were jiggling up and down with each step of the run. Beautiful dark blue hair. Tight waist and beautiful legs that looked unreal. A beautiful well-proportioned body of body 8 times longer than head which was realized in real life. And a looks that harmonized both cuteness and beauty perfectly.

That beautiful onee-san was rushing toward them with attractive movement like a rabbit hopping forward *pyon pyon*. She decided that the crowd was a hindrance and she shifted her route a bit.

And then, while the people were paying attention to her in various meanings, she leaped and used the nearby pillar as foothold to easily fly over the crowd with beautiful rotation midair. The onlookers unconsciously raised admiring voice「Ooh」seeing that acrobatic performance, but the beautiful onee-san Rana Hauria ignored them and leaped toward Kousuke with *pyon*.

「Kou-kun, long time no see. I wanted to meet you.」

「Eh, ah, yeah. I also wanted to meet you but, no, before that, why are you here!?」

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Kousuke asked with his eyes darting about in surprise. Rana chuckled seeing that while answering.

「You see, boss opened the gate for me. He said that it was for experiment. And then, boss said that it seems Kou-kun is in trouble, so he asked me if I want to meet you for a bit, and then he helped sending me here.」

「So, this is Nagumo’s doing……」

「Yes, I’m grateful with boss’s consideration. But, it’s strange you know. For some reason, boss was really impatient just now. 『It’s no good if you wait until he come back. Go there right now. Right now! It’s better if you ambush him at the airport. Perhaps there will be someone near him, but don’t worry of it and just jump at him!』boss said.」

『Tha, tha, that bastaaard-. He knew and still did this!』

Kousuke guessed. The reason why the demon king sent Rana here. It was completely a harassment. Or perhaps he did this from a sentiment of「Comrade? Comrade?」.

In any case, Kousuke was swearing inside his heart while trying to separate himself from the clinging Rana for the time being because of the attention he was showered with――

「Kousuke, that woman, who?」


He could hear a broken language. It was a voice without any emotion in it, a mechanical voice that sounded like machine. Kousuke moved his gaze with a crude motion like a machine that forgot to be oiled. Toward the girl who was about to confess to him.


And then, he shrieked for the second time. Because Emily-chan’s eyes, they were completely a single color. She was smiling faintly, but the pupil of her largely opened eyes was opening. It was a face that must not be shown for a beautiful girl.

「Kousuke? Who. That woman?」

「Hm? Ara, nice to meet you young lady.」

The one who reacted first to the repeated question was Rana. It seemed that Rana noticed Emily’s existence for the first time when she separated from Kousuke. She then smiled sweetly. And then, she guessed from how Emily called Kousuke name that she must be his acquaintance and so she introduced herself.

With the decorous method Hauria-style.

First of all, sunglasses was necessa~ry!

「Mine name is Ranainferna Hauria! The wind shadow of the head reaper clan, and the lover of the right-hand of the demon king Lord Abyssgate! If you are a friend of the lord, then I welcome you without any reservation. However, please never forget that I’m a woman that belongs to darkness. You won’t get away with just mere scald near me.」

There was a rotation. There was a cool pose! From the sunglasses that was slightly lowered, there was a perfect wink *pachin-*.

It was done. The perfect greeting was done toward the friend of her beloved lover. Ranainfe――Rana went「fuh」and her face turned into a triumphant look.

Kousuke crumbled down. The onlookers couldn’t catch up at all with the development! Vanessa was nodding「Hohou, so there is a lover already」with an expression that was somewhat admiring.

And then, as for Emily,

「Lo ve r? Lo ve r……Lo ver……Lover!?」

She recovered her sanity. And then, she turned her face toward Kousuke with a motion just like Kousuke before this, it felt like there would be *gigigi* sound ringing out from her neck with how crudely it moved. And then, with an expression that looked half-smiling, or perhaps it was half-crying, with an indescribable expression on her face, Emily asked.

「Kousuke……you have, lover?」


The onlookers were starting to make noise ‘A carnage, it’s a carnage’. Kousuke glanced at the commotion with cold sweat while searching for words. Rana was looking alternately at Kousuke and Emily with a puzzled gaze, while Vanessa was staring fixedly at the transition of the situation.

After knowing the fact that Kousuke had a lover, Emily’s body was trembling all over while her eyes were looking down.

「He, hey, Emily? I thought many times of telling this――」


「Whoaa!? Ca, calm down Emily!」

「UWAAAAAAAAAN-, this is just strange-. Just why didn’t you tell mee! I would still absolutely fell in love even sooo-, but all the same this is just too muuch-. UWAAAAAAAAAN-」

The loud scream echoed in the airport lobby. Even the staffs of the airport were approaching in wonder of what was going on.

Kousuke who got his collar grasped and shaken back and forth tried to stop Emily, but Emily in her deranged state was unstoppable.

In that chaotic scene, Rana was holding her chin with her hand while thinking of something「Uu~n」, then she clapped her hand *pon-* and walked closer toward the two briskly.

「Yes yes, Emily-chan, can I call you that? How about stopping at that, and talk a bit with me?」

Rana who took off her Hauria mode talked at Emily consolingly.

By the way, Hauria mode referred to the chuuni mode in full power. It was always on 24-hour when she was together with Hauria clan. But, at the time when she was just alone with Kousuke, and at time when there was no Hauria around, Rana had become able to talk normally in normal mode!

Rana was taught that this was the decorum in earth by Shia. It was a secret art that she learned desperately for the sake of greeting Kousuke’s parents!

「Uu, what do you want? Is this where you tell me to not approach your man-?」

「No? I just want to confirm to you, Emily-chan.」

「Just whaaat」

「You like Kou-kun? Not as a friend, but as a man?」

「Uuh……that’s right-, I like him! I love him! I’m sorry! FUEEeEEEEN-」

Emily confessed that she loved him by throwing all caution to the wind, and then right after that she thought that she had done wrong to Rana and apologized, and then she wailed once more. Seeing that, Rana judged that Emily’s feeling was a serious one――

For some reason her eyes were sparkling brightly. And then, she tightly hugged the wailing Emily *mugyu-* and,

「You did it, Kou-kun! The wife is multiplying!」

She blurted out such thing.

「Eer, Rana-san? Just what could you possibly talk about desu?」

Kousuke’s speech was turning into a polite language for some reason while he asked with convulsing cheeks. In respond to that,

「Eh? That’s why, ‘finally the second wife get!’ I said.」

Rana responded back with a puzzled expression.

The surrounding fell silent. Kousuke also fell silent. Emily’s wailing stopped.

Kousuke’s expression looked like he was enduring a headache and he asked while massaging his temple.

「Wh, what’s with multiple wives? Isn’t the premise strange? I’m planning to marry with Rana though?」

「Eh? It’s not strange isn’t it? Kou-kun marry with me, then marry Emily-chan, after that you need at the very least five more people!」

「Why!? Why do I need seven wives!? Polygamy is forbidden you know! Or rather, normally wife is just one person!」

Kousuke shouted. Toward that, Rana tilted her head with an expression that was confused as expected,

「That’s if at Japan isn’t it? Kou-kun will come to my place right? Besides, one day you will become the clan head, so having just one wife――that’s no good right?」

「Ka, Karm-san only has one wife right!」

「That’s true, but the elder folk usually has multiple wives you know? Don’t you know that? Besides――」


While hearing the sound of his common sense crumbling, Kousuke asked Rana timidly. Rana clinched a broad smile and a thumbs up while she said.

「Even though our boss created a harem, if Kou-kun who is his right-hand man only has one wife then you will get looked down! It’s fine! You don’t need to be that worried, because I have arranged so I can get along well with the fellow wives!

「That’s not the proble――m-」

Kousuke cradled his head in his hands. In Kousuke’s mind, he had imagined a future where he and Rana would be a husband and wife like a pair of swan as the head of the clan, yet the Rana in question was actually having expectation ‘won’t the next wife get found out soon already’. Somehow, Kousuke felt like various things inside him got smashed.

He felt like he could vaguely heard the voice of the demon king「You too, have a taste my feeling, my bosom friend」. He got the mood of wanting to punch him flying very much.

「Wai-, just wait a second. You, you are saying that it’s fine even if I’m included?」

Emily somehow managed to pull out from Rana’s chest and asked in agitation.

「But of course. Let’s support Kou-kun together okay?」

「No no no, that’s absolutely no good! Something like that! That’s just, im, impure! As I thought a married couple has to be a pair that is being the best partner for each other……」

Emily whose head was messed up already inside was talking about what a married couple was. But, Rana was directing a meaningful expression「Fu~hn」at such Emily. Seeing that Emily bluffed「Wha, what is it」to which Rana smiled complacently and said.

「Then Emily-chan, you just give up on Kou-kun. If you say that it’s no good unless there is only one wife, then that position is mine. There is absolutely zero chance for you to replace me.」

「-. Tha, that’s……」

‘Fufuhn’, Rana showed a fearless smile. Emily was plainly flustered from that. Rana wore her sunglasses once more and made a rotation.

「Hmph, it’s absurd to believe that you can win against this me. The heart of Abyssgate is the prisoner of my hand of darkness. There is no hope for anyone to liberate it from me. Fufufu-」

Well, in other words, it seemed that Rana was saying ‘Kousuke is deeply in love with me, and I also have no intention of letting him go at all~’.

Emily saw Rana sharply pointing her finger at her, and she understood one thing.

「……I got it. So you are the cause.」

「Hm? What are you saying I wonder? Oh cute little kitty?」

「That’s why-, I’m saying that you are the cause! That speech and act of Kousuke that was painful to look at, that’s because of you right!」


Kousuke was shot. A girl who said that she loved him, but it seemed that actually she was thinking that he was painful to look at. Cracks entered his heart.

「Actually he is a cool and lovely person! Yet the moment the battle start, he became strange! It’s you who make Kousuke to become like that isn’t it!」


「Fuh. Indeed, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it was me who awakened Lord Abyssgate. And? If that’s the case then what are you going to do? Do you think that a kitty like you can do anything?」

Rana chuckled ‘ku-ku-ku-‘ looking really crooked. She was in high spirits. She was in super high spirits.

Not noticing Rana’s mood who was absurdly enjoying this, Emily-chan who was resolved to rescue her beloved proclaimed a war declaration.

「I swear, I swear that I’ll turn Kousuke back into a proper human!」


「I wonder if you are able of that?」

「It’s not about being able or not. It’s about doing it or not! Besides, I also won’t let you get away.」


「That’s right. Even though you are this beautiful, but you are doing embarrassing act like that! It’s unforgivable as a fellow woman! I swear I’ll turn you back into a proper human too!」

「Ku-ku-ku-, you can howl really loud, small hero! Then just try it! I won’t run or hide anywhere! However, never forget. When you peek into the abyss, the abyss will also peek back toward you!」

「I won’t lose! I will not lose! Just watch Kousuke! Because I won’t let you be that kind of pitiful human!」


Rana’s loud laughter that couldn’t hide her feeling of ‘This is super fun!’ was reverberating, the war cry of Emily who was threatening like a cat going *fushaa-* was echoing, Kousuke felt his heart died.

The airport was enveloped in chaos.

In the middle, Vanessa appealed「This loyalty, is higher than mountain. This love, is deeper than sea」while announcing her candidacy as the third wife. Hearing that Rana said「You-, are pretty good! I warmly welcome you!」, to which Vanessa said「My greatest thanks」and fell on her knee theatrically. It was at that time that the security of the airport finally arrived.

While everyone was taken to the security office cordially, Kousuke took out his smartphone powerlessly and made a call.

『Ou, Endo. What’s――』

「Just you wait, Nagumo.」

『Ha? Ah, you had met Rana already? From that sentence, it looks like it became something interesting huh?』

The voice of Hajime cackling loudly could be heard from the other side of the phone.

Kousuke spoke with a deeply held resentment.

「This time I’ll sock you in the face! I’ll make you regret handing Last Zell to me!」

『Eh, wai-, you-――』

Kousuke cut off the call.

In front of him, there were Emily and Rana who were still continuing to quarrel with each other even while receiving the exasperated gaze of the security staffs. Sure enough, the new objective that was added into Emily’s lifework――the grand objective of stopping the chuuni of Rana, and also Hauria clan in addition, would the day it was accomplished come in the future?

「Kousuke-san. Four more wives left. They should be somewhere in the world. Let’s do our best from here on. I’m feeling excited for some reason.」

「Which RPG that is huh. Just stay quiet a bit, Danessa.」

Kousuke averted his gaze from Danessa who was staring at him with an excited gaze just as she said, then he let out a deep sigh.

「Come to think of it, I’m not studying at all throughout this holiday.」

It seemed that Kousuke’s dream was still far ahead.

The strongest assassin who nonchalantly saved a country, or possibly even the world, was worrying about the national mock exam that would be carried out at the first day after the holidays, and then he breathed out a deep sigh once more.

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