Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 224 — Arifureta After II - The Obstinate Princess Lily

Chapter 224: Arifureta After II - The Obstinate Princess Lily

Part 1

*tap tap tap tap-* The sound of typing keyboard resounded. The force of that typing was fierce. It was as though it represented they typing person’s fury, or perhaps their desperation. That sound ruined the chic atmosphere of the office that was consolidated with wooden furniture.

「Uu, there is work today too. Tomorrow will be work too. The day after tomorrow too, and the day after that too and the day next after that will be work too-! Even though, I’m not a princess anymoreee!」

The sound of *tap tap tap-* finally became a *da-da-da-da-da-da-* sound that resembled a shooting machine gun. Right now the fingertips striking the keyboard were leaving behind afterimage……such thing didn’t happen, but the force of the fingertips was to the degree that gave such illusion.

The one who was skillfully using the modern earth device as a matter of unpleasant necessity with teary eyes for some reason was the beautiful girl who once was the princess of Hairihi Kingdom at another world Tortus――Liliana S. B. Hairihi, that person.

Liliana was fourteen years old when the other world summoning was carried out with a face that still had childishness remaining in it at that time. But now she was about to reach twenty years old. The six years and also the rich experience she went through during that time had polished her beautiful face even further.

Her hair that was like flowing gold threads, her eyes that were overflowing with gentleness and intelligence, her rose-colored cheeks, her gracefully moist lips, and then her elegance and personality that were oozing out even without her particularly doing anything, all those factors were enough to captivate anyone regardless of gender.

In fact, Liliana who accepted the invitation of her beloved and migrated to this earth had been receiving immense fame――no, rather than fame it was more accurate to call it worship from a lot of people.

It showed from this.

*knock knock*, knocking sound resounded a bit loudly, and when Liliana responded, a woman entered the room.

「Excuse me, your holiness. About the additional material for the case that will be discussed at the afternoon……」

「I had finished it-! Yes, I finished it already! After all I was dealing with that since six o’clock in the morning you see!」

The woman who was wearing a business suit looking perfectly like a career woman was handed over the script of document by Liliana in a snap.

The woman who was Liliana’s secretary――Sandra Winchester slightly opened wide her intelligent eyes and she accepted the document while replying「As expected from your holiness」with a voice that was crammed with admiration.

Now then, about this designation that Sandra called Liliana with――”your holiness”.

Yes, it wasn’t “your highness”, but “your holiness”.

They were at earth, where there was only limited number of people who could introduce themselves as royalty, so naturally Liliana had abandoned her title as princess in this world, but the title “holy woman” then clung to her as though in replacement.

This was exactly the reason, why Liliana was teary-eyed since six in the morning while she exhibited her typing skill that was like a storm while discharging grumbles of complain.

「Your holiness. About the enquiry from several countries that will question regarding the standing of “Hairihi Faith” at the conference today……」

「It’s not “Hairihi Faith”, it’s “Hairihi Volunteer Association”! ……cough-. Anyway, give them the answer as indicated in the document. This is the draft. Please send it to the media correspondence department. I’ll entrust them to proofread it to a certain degree, but please caution them earnestly that they are not to use any words that will endear to any faction.」

「Acknowledged. After all this will affect the hundreds of thousands of the believer from here on. I will enforce your holiness’s will thoroughly. Also, the madam chief of Britain’s state security department has called so about that」

「It’s not “believer”, but “association member”. Please delegate the whole thing with Magdanese-san to Kousuke-san. Also, I think that Vatican will also come with the attempt to make contact, but delegate that to Kousuke-san too. He has a relationship that knows each other with the leaders of both organizations, so delegate it wholly to him even if he comes crying or complaining. If he try to escape, please tell him that I’ll tattle to demon king-sama then.」

「Yes. Aa, also, about secretary general that will be our conference partner, it seems that he already arrived.」

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「Uguh. He, he arrives really quickly. I guess that shows just how much he is holding expectation and suspicion. If the conference this time recognize our “association” formally as an “international volunteer group”……we will be able to clear the strange misunderstandings, and I too will be able to throw all the work wholesale to someone e――cough, to reach out my helping hand to a lot more people. No matter what, we have to sweep away the perception to our association that see us as a suspicious “newly rising religion”……」

「That’s right. By using that kind of official stance to make use of the UN, we will permeate into every religion, and someday the teaching of your holiness’s sublimity will spread to the whole wor――」

「It won’t spread-. I’m not someone like a certain scheming demon king somewhere!Our association is purely a volunteer organization until the end, it’s not a religious organization I told you-. Or rather, recently I tended to ignore it, but don’t call me “your holiness”, but “chairman”!」

「Yes, chairman-sama(your holiness).」

「Hey you. Just now, you are attaching brackets there right! It’s plain to see you know! Ah, wait, what’s with that expression that seems to say『It’s fine, I understand everything clearly』! You completely don’t understand anything!」

While Liliana’s voice that was mixed with straight-man retort was reverberating, Sandra was directing a gaze that was filled plenty with affection and respect toward the holy woman who was also modest today, and then she reverently bowed before taking her leave.

Inside the office that was filled with silence once more, the *tic tac* sound of the watch was echoing excessively loudly.

Liliana dropped her waist powerlessly on the chair and hung her head down while holding it with both hands.

And then, she muttered briefly right from her heart.

「How, did it turn out like this……」

Now then, Liliana was supposed to be a normal girl without any title whatsoever in earth, but in less than two years her believer swelled up to hundreds of thousands and she got worshipped as the founder of a new religion――a “holy woman, the government of every country and other religions were unreasonably cautious toward her, she had overcome brutal events like scheme behind the scene and assassination, and now she was preparing for a conference with the top brass of the United Nations in order to turn her association into a publicly recognized volunteer organization where after that a press conference that would be broadcasted to the whole world would be opened. In the end, just what kind of sequence of events that made her ended up falling into such situation……

Liliana put her hand on her stomach that was making cute sound「kuu~」in protest of her failure to eat breakfast while her gaze was looking at the faraway distance outside the window. And then she began to reminisce of the happening in these two years and few months.

Part 2

Inside the office where there was silence and bright sunlight shining in, there was only the sound of moving pen *scratch scratch* and the sound of the clock that sounded like a chirping bird *chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-* resounding.

It was a really calm place that was optimum for doing paperwork.

But, the owner of that room was in a state that couldn’t be said as calm at all. The hand moving the pen didn’t stop, but it was only her gaze that kept glancing briefly at the clock many times over, she then looked at the mountain of paperwork and sighed, then her shoulders dropped after measuring the height of the paperwork……she then started reducing the mountain of paperwork diligently, got fidgety, and got dejected……

「Liliana-sama……I understand your feeling, but no matter how many times you checked the clock, the time won’t progress faster you know?」

「-, I, I’m not, worrying about anything you know?」

「No, I’m not fooled at all. Because you are already fidgety like that.」

Liliana moaned「Uh」having that pointed by her exclusive maid.

「Today is the day your beloved husband can cross over here isn’t it? Starting from that “Kouki-kun is abducted too many times- Case”, demon king-sama seemed to be busy with various things and got dragged into turmoil, so it has been five months since he can properly take time to meet you. That’s why, isn’t it fine even if Liliana-sama doesn’t force yourself to do your duty just for today?」

「I cannot do that. If I shirk off my duty by using that person as excuse, then there will be no meaning to my resolve that decided to be left here in this world.」

The maid suggested so, however, Liliana rejected it while smiling wryly.

A month after the legendary decisive battle. Even though at that time Liliana was worked to death with the revival of her motherland, but she still fiercely appealed at Hajime firmly. Perhaps that also worked in her favor, that after many twists and turns (especially with the first wife), she managed to be accepted by Hajime along with Aiko who was also fiercely appealing similarly like her, and she spent a brief time of happiness, but……

Liliana was a princess.

Furthermore his majesty the king of the country was absent, and her younger brother that would be the next king, Randell was still immature. Although Liliana’s mother Luluaria was working hard, as expected there was a limit in the middle of the situation where the kingdom’s capital was annihilated. The postwar processing that was done by Liliana who had gathered much sympathy from her great effort as the commander-in-chief at the decisive battle became something indispensable for the kingdom.

Therefore, although Liliana was conflicted, she made the decision to not abandon her position. It was unknown whether Hajme and others who would return to their home would be able to open the gate to Tortus once more. And so, there was even the possibility that it would become a parting for their whole life.

Even so, Liliana couldn’t abandon her motherland.

Liliana told Hajime that she would stay behind with the resolve for everything. She declared that resolve of hers, however, Hajime smiled happily instead. Liliana remembered that smile clearly. Of course, that smile wasn’t because Hajime was happy that he could part with Liliana. If that was actually the reason, then Liliana might threw herself off the tower regardless of her resolve or anything……

Anyway, that determination become one of the great reason, and there was no doubt that she had accomplished joining the wives group. The night before the return to earth, it went without saying how the resolved Liliana was blazing more than usual.

「……Princess. Please come back to reality. And then, please wipe up your drool. Your face has turn into something that must not be shown toward other people.」


Liliana had gone completely into a trip from recalling the passionate night she spent with Hajime. The exasperated voice of her exclusive maid caused her mind to return to reality with ‘hah’. And then, she took out her handkerchief and thoroughly wiped the saliva trickling from the corner of her lips.

「Princess and Hajime-sama’s relation is really harmonious isn’t it? The voices of envy among the maids also still hasn’t stop. Similarly I also feel really envious.」

「It, it’s not that great……」

The words of her exclusive maid caused Liliana’s cheeks to go red and she began to deal with the paperwork in high-speed to hide her embarrassment. For her to hide her embarrassment with high-speed paperwork processing, perhaps it was just as expected from the talented princess of the kingdom.

「……Princess. At the “gate opening” this time, what will you do?」

「What do you mean?」

The exclusive maid who was gazing smilingly at the embarrassed Liliana then went through a complete change and she asked with a serious expression.

「With the help of the artifacts that Hajime-sama exclusively left behind for the craftsmen, the royal capital is reconstructed in astounding speed. Seventy percent of the whole has been finished in this one year and half. The plan for the new royal capital’s formal ceremony of the revival proclamation has also began.」

「……That’s right. Certainly, with the help of everyone from the empire and the beastmen, the truly new royal capital is in the process of being built by also taking in the style of many nations. The functional beauty of the empire capital, the nature beauty of Fea Belgen, and then the traditional beauty of Hairihi Kingdom……it’s a wonderful city that harmonize all of those.」


「It will become a symbolic city that is worthy for the new era that has freed itself from the rule of the mad god. The ceremony has to be a grand celebration that include the fresh start toward the new era.」

Liliana’s gaze was directed from the window to the outside. Ahead of her gaze there was a beautiful townscape taking shape. If she sharpened her ear, she would be able to faintly hear the hustle and bustle of the reconstruction and the work activity.

Liliana’s cheeks loosened and her eyes squinted fondly at that. She felt like it was worth it for her to work so hard there was barely any time to sleep for her.

「Yes. This matter should be almost fixed already with the agreement of the empire and the beastman clan too. And above all else, as long as Liliana-sama’s spouse is that “Goddess’s Sword”……no, the “Godslaying Demon King”, there won’t be any problem that can occur that easily.」

「……What is it that you want to say?」

Liliana returned her gaze from the window toward her exclusive maid. A suspicion dwelled inside her eyes. The exclusive maid told her master that she respected with a voice that was filled with gentleness and sympathy.

「Isn’t it enough already?」


「Yes. His highness Randell-sama has grown remarkably, he also has excellent retainers with him. The reconstruction of the capital and the relationship with other countries, they have reached a point where we can take a breather. It’s my humble opinion that even without Liliana-sama leading in the front, the kingdom is already able to keep advancing forward even then. Then, Liliana-sama, don’t you think that it’s better for Liliana-sama to start chasing after your own happiness?」


‘Is that really the case?’ Liliana questioned herself while staring once more at the new capital outside the window.

Even so, certainly it was the fact that recently the work where it absolutely needed Liliana to be handled had decreased remarkably. And then, at times where she could relax, her thought would run toward her beloved every time. She would think of him especially vividly at night when she was all alone by herself, constricting Liliana’s heart painfully.


「Fufu, isn’t that the answer, Liliana-sama?」


A voice that wished for her beloved unconsciously leaked out. The exclusive maid that caught that voice laughed merrily with loosened cheeks as though she had seen something delightful or perhaps something charming. Liliana felt somewhat awkward getting seen through like that, she averted her face with her cheeks reddening.

The exclusive maid chuckled even more from seeing Liliana like that. Surely, if in this place there were other servants who were serving under Liliana, every one of them would surely made similar smile from seeing their master’s cuteness.

Everyone was holding really deep thought of respect and gratitude to Liliaan.

Liliana was already loved by the servants and also the people due to her personality. And yet she didn’t stop just there, when the capital was once attacked, she slipped out of the palace by herself and went to call for help. Such event was well-known due to a certain merchant with a name that was similar with an energy drink.

In addition, it was also known how she tried to offer her body to the empire in order to save the kingdom that was weakened by the attack.

And then, in that legendary decisive battle.

While the people of the capital were sent to evacuate toward the empire, they asked what she would do with unease in their heart. To that, Liliana said with a smile.

――Even though the royal capital will become a battlefield, if I the princess don’t fight, then who will fight

She became the commander-in-chief and took the command of hundreds of thousands of warriors in the battle that staked the existence of mankind. That gallant figure was spread far and wide by the surviving soldiers, mercenary, and adventurers.

Her fame had risen up with a momentum that pierced the sky already. Regardless of man or woman, young or old, in spite of race or occupation.

That was why, the exclusive maid could say the words「it’s enough already」with conviction. That it was the general consensus of all the people.

Liliana threw her gaze to outside the window once more, at the reconstructed city. She felt the warm gaze of the exclusive maid while wearing an ambiguous expression, unable to be convinced whether it was really fine for her to be liberated from the responsibility as royalty and chased after her own happiness crossing over the world.

But, at that time, *ri―n* a sound that was like a wind chime rang. That was a signal from the room in a corner of the palace that was used for “gate opening”. The sign that the door to another world was opened.

「-. Hajime-san!」

Her gloominess until just now vanished somewhere. Liliana’s expression bloomed brightly in a flash like a child. She said to her exclusive maid「I’m going to welcome him!」before going out of the room with energetic footsteps without even waiting for reply.

The exclusive maid was silently bowing toward the door that was opened vigorously.

Hajime who appeared from the gate was jumped by Liliana with obvious happiness. And then without stopping she pulled Hajime’s hand like a kid and guided him to her own room.

Midway, they passed by the servants of the palace and several nobles, each time they faced Hajime with unconcealed respect while their expression greatly softened seeing Liliana who kept tugging on Hajime’s hand in her grasp as though to say「Hurry-, hurryyy」.

Every time Liliana passed by someone she would greet them politely, but it seemed she didn’t notice their warm expression. Surely after some time passed and she calmed down, she would become like a ripe apple then.

Hajime was wearing a troubled smile seeing such Liliana while he was getting dragged cutely. At Liliana’s room, he received black tea that was personally brewed by her.

「Nevertheless, today Hajime-san comes alone then. I thought that Yue-san and others would surely come too though.」

Liliana was placing a tea snack that looked like cookie on the table while asking Hajime with her head tilted. Hajime made a smile that vaguely looked mischievous and asked back.

「What? You don’t like being alone with me?」

「Suc, such thing……couldn’t possibly be true.」

Liliana cheeks faintly reddened and she dropped her waist on the chair with a thump. Hajime’s gaze that was oozing a bit of S aura caused her gaze to wander and her body to fidget around without any composure. And then, Liliana became unable to endure Hajime’s atmosphere that seemed to enjoy her state and she changed the topic.

「And, what about Hajime-san? It seemed that you were really busy from “Kouki-kun is abducted too many times- Case” though……」

「……That naming, it really caught on?」

「Yes, well. After all, after that other world summoning, Kouki-san was further summoned again and dragged Hajime-san then right? I heard the story that at the third summoning Kouki-san got dragged in with teary eyes while also dragging in Hajime-san. That story is already spread around here. Ryuutaro-san and others were telling that story looking really amused.」

Hajime half-smiled at Liliana’s words.

Just as Liliana said, Kouki who went into an atonement journey in this Tortus, but in the middle of his journey when he stopped by in the palace, he got summoned into another world somewhere.

There, Kouki faced his own way of living and through many twists and turns he saved the world but……

At that time, when Hajime who was begged by Kouki’s childhood friends and his wife rushed to where Kouki was for assistance, just when the series of event were resolved and they were going ‘no, let’s go home’, another summoning assaulted Kouki as though to say「Next one, please take care of ii~t」.

Kouki was on the verge of tears while yelling「I don’t want anymoreeeeee~~~」and he wasted no time to cling tightly at Hajime who was nearby him. Demon king-sama got flustered「Wai-, you-」but it was already too late.

While the childhood friends and wives were staring in a daze, both of them intimately went through another world summoning for the third time.

To tell the truth, after various things were happening at that world, they got summoned for the fourth time. Kouki was a softhearted person, but as expected it seemed that he snapped toward the goddess that requested「I want you to save the world」, and in front of the watching Hajime he,

「You stupid idiot-. Why are you giving up like this! Do your best-, do your best! You are a goddess right! If it’s you then you can do it-. You can do it by yourself! You surely can! Believe in me who believe in you! If you give up, then it’s the end for the world y’know!」

Like that, entrusting himself to the momentum Kouki insisted「Please manage it somehow by yourself」. In a sense he had done something astounding. It was a heartfelt insistence to the degree it made Hajime to be unconsciously in admiration.

As the result, currently there were her majesty the queen of the third world and the materialized goddess of the fourth world at both sides of Kouki, staring at each other with sparks scattering between them.

Back to the story

Hajime recounted the experience with a bit of faraway look. He then noticed Liliana who was staring at him in wonder and he coughed before returning to the topic.

「Well, it has calmed down somehow. Right now I’m going to college while trying to expand my business. Well, even though I said that, in earth there are also dangerous bunches and guys with dozens of loose screw in their head as it is, so I’m busy there in its own way.」

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「Is that so. Come to think of it, I heard that Kousuke-san is running around to resolve that kind of case. He introduced several women who will live in this side.」

「……Those Hauria bunches are sprinting to even weirder direction from obtaining earth’s knowledge. It’s tiring already thinking about those guys.」

The ‘hyahha’ life of the head-reaping rabbits that exhausted even the demon king. Just where in the world they were going toward? In a sense it was worthy of admiration how a certain girl in lab coat and side-tail hairstyle was still working hard. And then, as for a certain agent who recently became obsessed with wearing rabbit ear hairband and in a mistake forgot to take it off and casually went into her workplace, surely she was completely beyond hope.

Hajime was about to get a faraway look once more. In order to make him return to reality, Liliana opened her mouth with slight panic.

「Even so a college student is it……how should I say it, I have some doubt if there will be anything that Hajime-san and others can learn at college after this far.」

「Well, I cannot deny that. But, you know, the college students all over the world are relatively noncommittal don’t you think? We too, it’s not like we took the examination with serious thinking of wanting to learn something. It will be a long life after all. We just thought that it won’t be that bad to have experience of being a college student.」

「I, is that how it is? I heard that what is called college at the world over there is the highest institute of education, so I thought that it would be a gathering of those who are serious with their study.」

「Of course, there are also the serious bunches there, and that’s also the correct way of going through college. It will be a different story if I’m using my parent’s money, but I’m paying everything, the tuition and also the living expenses by my money that I earned myself. Whether anyone will do it seriously or loosely, it depends on each person. What I’m saying is, just what is bad about going there in order to enjoy the student life.」

Hajime said that with a shrug. His feeling of wanting to experience university was true, and it was also a fact that he was learning the major of archeology and folkloristics because he was interested with them.

Although, his biggest reason was something that couldn’t be helped that was “wanting to see the female college student Yue”. The experience hearing lecture while sitting side by side with Yue in appearance of around twenty years old really satisfied Hajime. Of course, he wouldn’t say it out loud.

By the way, just like always, his harem situation and the wives’ beauty caused a university somewhere to be still in the middle of chaos and mayhem.

「Enjoying school life……is it.」

Liliana let out a small mutter. It wasn’t like there was particularly great emotion filling that mutter, but the small hope that was implicitly included in that mutter couldn’t be hidden.

Because she was a princess, Liliana was unrelated with student social status. Something like a springtime of life in the middle of school life like a normal girl was something that she only knew from book. She had a longing for it, and she also dreamed about it.

It was possible that she could experience high school life with Hajime and others if she acted selfishly in the past. If she abandoned the kingdom and her status as princess and shook off everything behind, then perhaps such dream could become reality.

She thought until that far, however, Liliana thought「How stupid」with a self-depreciating smile and shook her head. Abandoning the people to run toward the dream with a man, that kind of woman wasn’t herself.

――I am Liliana S. B. Hairihi The only princess of Hairihi Kingdom.

She had longing toward normal girl. But, if she discarded being a princess for that, then the brilliant soul of Liliana would die out. It would be no other that Liliana herself that couldn’t forgive her if she abandoned the people and ran away from her obligation. If she did something like that, surely Liliana would continue to scorn herself for her whole life.

Just when she thought about her own personality as「What a difficult personality」, a small laugh suddenly reached her ears. When she raised her gaze in puzzlement, there was Hajime with a smile on his lips staring fixedly at Liliana while resting his chin on his hand. His gaze was awfully kind in contrast with the smile on his mouth.

「E, err, what is it?」

For some reason she couldn’t look at Hajime’s eyes and she turned away slightly while asking. Her heart was beating fast hammering in her chest.

「No, nothing. I’m just thinking, that you are proud like usual.」

Liliana tilted her head from not understanding of what Hajime wanted to say. Hajime’s smile was turning increasingly kinder seeing that while he spoke the main topic that he came for today.

「Enough about me for now……what about the kingdom? I more or less let out reconnaissance planes right after I arrived, and have a look at the situation. Based from what I see, it seems that the reconstruction is going along well.」

「That’s, right. I also talked about it just now with my maid, but even the plan for the celebration ceremony of the new royal capital completion has began, I also hasn’t heard of any serious problem with the empire, the beastmen, and the rebirth holy church. I believe that we will be able to proclaim our revival in less than half a year. Of course, the new capital has the concept of “an open city to other country and race”, so there is a huge mound of small problems.」

Even while feeling perplexed with the radical topic change, Liliana answered like that with a wry smile. She also said「Come to think of it, I came here after leaving a mountain of paperwork that I have to go through」with her tongue playfully sticking out.

But, Hajime only narrowed his eyes at that joking gesture of Liliana without particularly laughing back, and he then asked quietly.

「About that, is that a problem that cannot be resolved without Lily here――without princess Liliana S. B. Hairihi here?」


Liliana lost her words hearing Hajime’s question. The content of the talk was similar with her conversation just now with her exclusive maid.

「Is this country unable to progress forward without Princess Liliana? Will it mean that you abandon “the responsibility of royalty” by leaving now? Is crossing over the world will hurt your pride?」

「Pl, please wait a second. Just, what is this about……」

Liliana waved around her hands from being unable to understand the surge of questions and asked Hajime to stop.

……Of course, she actually understood, just what Hajime was saying to her. The fast beating in her heart didn’t show any sign of stopping. Her face was so heated that she was aware of it herself.

But, honestly she also felt perplexed. She had been a princess since she was born. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was her identity. Even though she understood that her happiness lied in another place, it wasn’t easy for her to make the decision.

As though seeing through that perplexity of Liliana, Hajime smiled wryly「You are thinking too hard on it」while adding further on his words.

「I’m not asking you to abandon being a princess. This is just a matter of the order of priority. Leave the role of being royalty to other people for a bit, and live for your own sake a bit more――won’t you be like that any time now? That’s what I mean.」

「I, I am……」

‘Is it really fine?’ Liliana tilted her head again with such doubt.

Hajime’s expression turned half concerned and half exasperated from seeing the princess who was still conflicted with feeling of reluctance and guilt to leave her country for her own sake.

And then, he scratched his head a bit roughly as though he had finally grown impatient.

「Good grief……you really are an obstinate princess.」


Liliana who understood what was the intention of Hajime giving her that kind of question gazed anxiously at Hajime who was looking like that thinking「By any chance, has he fallen out of love with me?」.

Hajime also returned an exasperated gaze at that gaze of Liliana while replying,

「Stop acting like this already, if you won’t act at least a bit selfish……I’m going to kidnap you, you know?」


He said such thing.

Liliana raised a hysteric voice while jerking her body that his chair made bumping sound. Hajime then grinned broadly while making additional blow by saying「A demon king kidnapping a princess……that’s not strange at all right?」.

Naturally, it caused Liliana’s face, no, all of her visible skin to be dyed bright red to the degree that it looked like she might explode.

Liliana kept opening and closing her mouth wordlessly. Hajime shrugged to that, and then, thinking that there wouldn’t be any progress like this, he suddenly took out a crystal ball from “Treasure Warehouse II” that looked like the item used in fortune-telling and put it on the table.

「If you are that doubtful whether it’s okay for you to live for your own sake, then let’s just ask directly instead.」

「Wha, what are you planning to do?」

The demon king took out an artifact――that fact caused Liliana to feel a bad premonition blaring in her mind and her cheeks twitching. The princess laid bare her wariness in a complete change while the demon king activated the artifact with a really nice smile.

And then, he took in a deep breath facing toward the crystal ball that was faintly shining and,


He yelled really loudly with that kind of voice. Instantly there was exactly the same voice and word『AT~~~~~TENT~~~~~ION-!!』resounding from outside the window.

Liliana turned her startled face to outside the window, and while her mind was in chaos「E? Eee!?」, the demon king-sama who was also in perfect form today raised his voice uncompromisingly toward the people of the new capital projected inside the crystal ball, where they were also similarly looking around at the surrounding with their mind in chaos.

「This is too abrupt but――I’m the demon king!」

「Certainly it’s just too abrupt!」

Liliana acted the straight-man from her heart. From the crystal ball there were also the voices of several people who similarly acted the straight-man, resounding inside the room.

It seemed that this artifact had the function that connected the image and voice. Just now Hajime said that he launched reconnaissance planes to the new capital right after he arrived, so surely this artifact was linked with those countless planes with two-way connection to broadcast the voice.

Hajime smoothly ignored Liliana’s retort and sent his voice to the middle of the capital.

「People of the new capital, I’m asking all of you. ――Do you still need Princess Liliana?」

「Ha, Hajime-san!?」

The capital people inside the crystal ball were showing a bewildered expression. The amplified voice that was reverberating everywhere caused the people indoor to come outside too and they all looked at each other’s face. Hajime told them that he was using an artifact to talk all over the capital and that if they answered from where they were, their voice would reach his ear.

Liliana who guessed what Hajime was trying to do went ‘awa awa’ in great panic.

「Right now, I’m in the middle of courting Liliana. I told her, just come with me to my world right away. But, the situation is unfavorable. It seem that this princess-sama is worried about you guys, she is really worrying that she cannot bear it. ――What do I do now? At this rate I’m going to get dumped like this, even though I’m the demon king.」


The demon king-sama was venting his anger「Because of you bastards I’m about to get dumped here, asshole」to the people all over the capital. Liliana was getting teary eyes from shame and everything while screaming to such demon king. She stood up so quickly the chair fell down and then she kept hitting repeatedly *poka poka* at Hajime’s head to make him stop.

His head was shaking all over *ka-kun ka-kun*, however, the demon king-sama didn’t stop.

「Therefore, I’ll ask, one more time. Does all of you, does this world, still need Princess Liliana? Are all of you toddling chicks that are so helpless that she cannot take action from worrying about you guys?」

The people looked at each other after hearing that question thrown at them once more.

And then, with a bewildered expression on his face, a stern-looking uncle that seemed to be the foreman of a construction site,

「No, even if I’m asked that……Liliana-sama, she is still staying in the palace until now?」

He said such thing.

Hearing that voice resounding from the crystal ball, Liliana went「Heh?」with a really strange voice. Even while she was astonished like that, the voices of the people of the new capital who were talking to the people beside them in a mood like gossiping were starting to reach through the crystal ball.

「Oh dear me. I was completely under the impression that her highness has been living happily at the other world since a long time ago already.」

「Eh, how strange. I heard that she already has a child with his majesty the demon king already though……」

When the wife of an ingredient shop said that, the shop’s owner the husband cocked his head in puzzlement and replied like this,

「If I’m not mistaken, the demon king-sama has been living at the world over there with his other wives since a long time ago I’m told. By any chance, our princess-sama, she got left out?」

「Eh, Liliana-sama, she is alone?」

「No, wait. The relationship between the wives should be great. Yet, for Liliana-sama to be still here mean……by any chance, she didn’t get along with her mother-in-law……」

「Princess, she got bullied?」

In front of the new main gate, when the soldiers of the kingdom were talking to each other, the male and female adventurers nearby were looking to the sky with sympathizing expression.

Liliana’s cheeks were starting to twitch uncontrollably. She had never imagined even in her dream, that during the time she was desperately taking care of works day by day, the people that she worked for actually thought that she had eloped since long time ago. Furthermore, her still being in the palace was starting to make strange misunderstandings spreading!

「Wai-, wait everyone~~! I’m not being left out and also not being aloneee! I even get along well with my mother-in-law Sumire-sama! A, also, something like chi, children……I don’t have them yet. I am just doing my work pro~~perly here!」

Liliana reflexively gave explanation with a loud voice, but that voice was picked perfectly by the artifact that was pointlessly high-spec and it was sent until every corner of the capital.

The pathetic sounding explanation of their beloved princess caused the people to look at each other for the third time, and then they laughed with each other as though they had arranged it beforehand.

There wasn’t even a shred of emotion that was making fun in their laughter. Those laughter were overflowing with warmth.

The foreman of construction site whose voice got picked up the very first tensed his dirty face while sending his words.

「In that case, there is only one answer to that question of his majesty the demon king.」

The foreman then glared at his surrounding, there his several dozen subordinates made similar expression. And then, with their voice matched together,

「「「「「「We don’t need the princess anymore!」」」」」」

The wife and husband of the ingredient shop just now, and the surrounding people were,

「「「「「We are fine already!」」」」」

The soldiers, adventurers, mercenaries,

「「「「「Please don’t treat us like a helpless chick!!」」」」」

Liliana’s eyes were nailed toward the crystal that kept changing the projected image with the voices of those people getting through.

The people of the capital right now were facing at the palace and they raised their voice.

The people who were in the middle of working stopped moving their hand, the people indoor got outside, regardless of adult or child, they all were saying things like「Just how long princess is going to keep working」or「Her highness worry too much」or「If princess do nothing but work, then his highness demon king will fall out of love you know」that pierced relatively deep into Liliana without batting an eyelid.

But, their expression was uniformly warm, that was why the heart of the people was conveyed toward their beloved princess Liliana with nothing to spare.


――Enough with the tedious talk. It’s fine already, so just chase your happiness right away


The warm lovely thing overflowing out from Liliana’s heart turned into tears that trickled through her cheek. She leaked out a sobbing voice and she formed her words desperately even while her voice stuttered many times.

「E, everyone! Thank, youuu!!」

The formed reply became a ripple that spread through the new capital. Whether those words of gratitude were conveyed or not, the expression of the people that seemed to say「That’s our line」gave the answer more eloquently than anything.

Hajime hugged the small shoulder of Liliana who was letting out large drops of grateful tear. That small shoulder had been continuously burdened with the country until now. Hajime circulated his words of conclusion through the artifact.

「You guys, that really helped. Even the obstinate princess finally folded. This is sudden, but I’ll take Liliana right away.」

「Eh? Eeh? Hajime-san!?」

Liliana turned bewildered feeling her body floated lightly, and then when she noticed that she was being held in princess carry, her face turned red instantly.

Liliana turned small on Hajime’s chest from shyness and happiness. Hajime gave her a glance while taking back the crystal, but his movement suddenly stopped from remembering something.

「Aah, that’s right. I’ll say this in advance to the people of the new capital. Liliana in the end cannot stop being a princess, she is a woman with kindness, sincerity, and love. Therefore, from here on too she might unexpectedly come home here to take a look at your situation. At that time, if you guys show Liliana predicament that make her sad……know that my 108 harassment will rain down on you all.」

「Wait what are you saying there!」

A demon king was someone unreasonable. And this one here was an extreme one.

Liliana retorted with a convulsing face at the demon king’s proclamation of disaster and the faces of the new capital’s people were also convulsing all at once. And then, the people swore in each of their heart. 「Let’s live seriously with our all」like that.

It was the day people would live with their all, half threatened.

At that day, the princess who had continued to devote herself to the kingdom and the people was kidnapped with a princess carry by the demon king to another world.

……By the way, regarding Liliana’s personal effects, thanks to her exclusive maid standing by in front of the room of “gate opening” with complete preparation crammed into a large bag, there was no problem at all.

The bag of Liliana that was presented right away was received by Hajime like it was only natural along with a praise「Good work」, while the exclusive maid acted humbly saying「It’s a great honor」like it was only natural. Needless to say, Liliana yelled「You act more like a servant compared than when with me! Or rather, you two absolutely plotted this behind my back already!」when she saw that exchange.

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