Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 225 — Arifureta After II - The Part-Time Leader Lily First Part

Chapter 225: Arifureta After II - The Part-Time Leader Lily First Part

Part Time Leader Lily Second Part will be at around 8 or 9 o’clock.


That kind of sigh which was free of tension resounded inside the room that gave a sense of cleanliness with its white tone.

Her own sigh that unexpectedly echoed loudly caused Liliana to be taken aback and she frowned with a speechless expression, perhaps because she was letting out that sigh unconsciously.

For some reason or another, she kept leaning her back deeply on the reclining chair she was sitting on, then she kicked on the floor with her bare tips of the toes and tried turning around. The good quality chair lightly rotated and the state of the room was reflected in Liliana’s sight in order.

It was a room that was half the size compared to her room that she used until just some time ago in the palace.

Liliana herself thought that this size was just right, but if the nobles and servants in Tortus knew about this, then they might yelled「How can the princess made to live in this kind of small dog house!」with a look like Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

A few months had passed since that day, when “Princess Liliana” went inactive and she arrived on earth. The more she passed the passing months and days, the more her made in earth accessory was increasing bit by bit.

The puppet “Dancing Davis-kun” that she received from Myuu at the moving celebration was emitting its presence excessively. Surely the expression “quivering” suited the puppet more than “dancing”. It was vibrating *jiggle jiggle* like a dangerous person who was going through withdrawal symptoms.

Just from where in the world Myuu obtained this Davis-kun……

Honestly speaking it was eerie, but when she recalled Myuu’s smiling face when he thought of throwing it away, she was unable to throw it away.


Liliana was letting out a strange exhalation that lacked in tension while she rotated her chair one more time. She then stepped a bit and rotated in reverse. Whirl whirl. Whirl whirl.

「Nothing, to do.」

It seemed she had spare time.

「How amazing. Liliana is now experiencing by myself that “spare time” I heard from rumor.」

It seemed she really had a spare time. To the degree that she narrated the present condition of herself by herself.

For Liliana who was born as a royalty, what was called “spare time” was the same like a fairytale.

After all she was the sole direct descendant of the royalty until her little brother was born. She began going through education for the gifted since she was old enough to be aware of her surrounding, and even when Randell was born and her possibility to ascend to the throne decreased, but the necessity for her to receive many training in her role as a spare or in order to function as a tie toward the empire didn’t decrease at all.

And then, when she was in her youth at fourteen years old, she went through a year of chain of event that was like surging waves, to which the word dense wasn’t enough at all to express that experience. And after that she was swamped with work for the sake of the reconstruction.

From the time since she was born until before this, she was in a position that was understandable for her to never experience this thing called “free time” or the like.

That was how Liliana was before, but then she was taken away by Hajime, had her official papers made in forgery, deceived the administrative official, obtained social status peacefully by slapping public safety in the face, and currently she was going to the same college with Hajime and others.

Before this she had been taken to visit earth several times, so she understood that earth was a world that was like a jack-in-the-box. Even so, the “school life” and “learning experience of another world’s college” that Liliana yearned tickled her curious mind and gave her fresh enjoyment. It was, but……

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Whirl whirl. Whirly whirl. The princess of another world was rotating in twirls using the chair of another world. And then, she came to a stop,

「……Davis-kun. It’s nice to be you huh. You look busily quivering.」

Finally the princess started talking to a doll. Davis-kun quivered back and forth looking troubled.

But, at that time, the sound of the entrance opening could be heard faintly.

If Liliana had animal ears growing in her head, then right now it would surely snapped up in attention *pikon*. She wore her indoor slipper and exited her room with rhythmical steps *te-te-te―* in order to welcome the person returning home.

She went down to the first floor and encountered Sumire who was holding large quantity of bags for some reason.

「Welcome home, Sumire-okaasama.」(Note: The kanji for okaa-sama(honored mother) here is written with the kanji of mother-in-law)

「My, you are home early today, Lily-chan. I’m home!」

Sumire fixed her hold on the large amount of bags with a rough huff before Liliana went to help her in a hurry. She took several of the baggage and when she glanced inside them, it seemed their content was a large amount of side dish.

「Say, Sumire-okaasama, this is?」

「You see, this is today’s dinner.」


「Yes. The dishes that were served in the event had leftovers, and I pilfered them all! They were really delicious. I heard that they called a really famous cook to make the dishes. I thought that I should let my uncute son and his cute wives to try them.」

「Is, is that so. Thank you very much, Sumire-okaasama.」

「Your welcome!」

Liliana’s expression crumbled softly seeing her mother-in-law who was all smile.

Frankly speaking, this is Sumire they were talking about so she surely must have forcefully swiped the dishes for “takeout” without even minding the eyes of the surrounding drawing away from her. If not, normally someone would stop anyone from bringing home this much.

It seemed that today there was an event for the live-action film of the manga that was authored by Sumire, so the people there too must be only looking at Sumire who was packing up the food happily while thinking「No way we can anger sensei in this event huuh~」.

Nagumo Family was in prosperity.

Sumire herself was a big name shoujo manga artist, and her husband Shuu had made his company bigger in these few years. And above all, the businesses that Hajime reached out his hand toward here and there were making absurd killing.

From the standpoint of a royalty, it wasn’t like Liliana wasn’t thinking that they had the allowance, so they could just directly employ that chef to cook directly for them.

But, no matter how much they were earning, no matter how prosperous they were, displaying a dynamism that was not forgetting this kind of “fun” was the shared trait of Nagumo family. It was a tacit precepts of the family.

Liliana became really ticklish seeing Sumire who showed off the dishes「I came with the delicious cooking that I snatched off――!」for the sake of herself who was a daughter-in-law.

They carried the large amount of dishes to the kitchen before Sumire tilted her head「Come to think of it」while speaking out her question.

「You aren’t together with Hajime and others?」

「Yes. Hajime-san and others still have lecture, so they are still in the college. The lecture that I was scheduled to have became cancelled……」

「My, that’s nice. Doesn’t a sudden lecture cancellation make you happy for no reason?」

「Eh? Eer……」

It seemed that Sumire’s common feeling wasn’t transmitted to the serious and diligent princess. After all this princess was someone that would start talking to a quivering doll when she had too much free time.

「Or rather, even if you don’t come home, you can just go to the lecture that Hajime is going to. Even just chattering aimlessly will be fun right?」

「No, Sumire-okaasama. As expected, thinking that it’s fine to chatter while receiving lecture is just……」

「Eeh~. It’s fun exactly because you are doing it secretly behind the teacher’s back.」


Liliana’s shoulders dropped in dejection. Her blood-related mother Luluaria was fundamentally a sincere character that was strict and diligent to herself. And so, Liliana couldn’t say anything anymore to the irresponsible statement of her mother-in-law whose sense of value was completely different with her real mother.

But mysteriously, the relationship between Sumire and Luluaria was good even with this, that was why it was something mysterious.

They put the dishes for the this evening with a thud at the kitchen. Sumire was moving the many dishes that were her war booty while she threw her gaze to Liliana who was helping her serving the food with similar nimbleness.

「And, how are you recently? Have you get used to this world? At the time when you only just came, you spent all your times studying various things, but recently you aren’t like that anymore.」

「Yes. I have grasped the earth’s affair in general. The economic and politic, the religion and history, the situation of every nation, culture, fashion……every book in this world is compiled systematically, and even if there is something I don’t understand I can investigate it immediately using internet. It’s really convenient.」

「Aa~, yeah, I see.」

「Yes. Especially the more I learned economics and statistics study, the more I feel how deep they are. The density and the fruits of labor that has been accumulated by the predecessor of this world are something that I cannot find in Tortus. Every day I feel like I am shown just how falling behind the study of the world there compared to here.」

「I, I see. How amazing~」

「Yes. Right now over there is still in the middle of reconstruction, even if an advanced system is suddenly introduced, I can see that it will only end up in failure, so it won’t be able to happen right away, but someday I believe that the kingdom has to adopt this. Regarding the field of economy, the coordination with Fhuren――」

「St, stop! Sto~~~~~p! That’s enough there, Lily-chan!」


Sumire hurriedly raised her voice to stop Liliana who was spouting a torrent of speech.

Liliana was lifting her face in puzzlement, but even now her hands were moving continuously without pause and served up the packed dishes as though they were palace cooking. Her speed was twice of Sumire’s. While her courteousness was triple.

「Geez, Lily-chan, even though you should have leave the position of princess and come into the family, but when you are talking about your mind you are only talking about the kingdom.」


Liliana finally noticed herself what she was talking about after getting stared by Sumire’s half-admiring half-exasperated face. Her cheeks reddened.

「When you just arrived here, you felt like ‘Everything attract my interest so there is no time for that!’, but when you calmed down after grasping the situation to a degree, as expected you become concerned with your homeland aren’t you?」

「N, no, such thing……is not true.」

Seeing Liliana who stuttered, Sumire put her index finger on her chin muttering「Uu~n」in a thinking gesture before she spoke something that was shocking for Liliana.

「Is that so? But, recently Lily-chan is making a face that look like a lost child somehow you know?」


Sumire walked toward Liliana who was staring at her in blank amazement with her eyes turned round, and then she stooped down a bit to put their eyes in the same height. And then, after Sumire confirmed that those blue eyes were reflecting herself properly, she asked calmly with a gentle and kind expression.

「Do you want, to return home?」

It was a gentle voice that was filled with concern and sympathy toward Liliana without any blaming tone in it.

For a moment, the questioned Lily showed an expression that didn’t understand what the meaning of the question was. But right after that, she unconsciously raised her voice.

「I’m not thinking anything like that!」

「Wawah, wait Lily-chan, calm down.」

「Sumire-okaasama, it’s true! I’m not thinking of going home or anything! I’m not feeling any discomfort or dissatisfaction! I love everyone! I’m happy I can come here! It’s true!」

「I get it, I get it already!」

Sumire spontaneously hugged Lily tightly.

It seemed that Liliana jumped to the wrong conclusion thinking that Sumire’s question had the implicit meaning of「If you are dissatisfied with the life here, perhaps it’s better to go home?」

Of course, Sumire didn’t mean anything like that. She was only thinking in concern「Perhaps she is slowly getting homesick?」, thinking that anyone would be driven by their feeling for their homeland. She wouldn’t say anything like ‘go home’ even if she got her mouth ripped open.

Because, Sumire’s feeling toward Liliana was,

「A princess! The real thing! From another world! Just who would let you go! Fuhehe, everyone in the world! How can this be, this lovely princess-chan, she is my daughter! Thank you very much! Dyufu, dyufufu」

It was fixated like that.

Liliana who knew nothing about that and was tightly embraced on Sumire’s chest, guessed that she was misunderstanding and her cheeks reddened once more.

「I’m sorry, Lily-chan. Looks like I’m off the mark.」

「No, it was me who jumped to the wrong conclusion……thank you very much for worrying about me.」

「I’m your mother. Isn’t it natural for me to be worried about my daughter? If there is something, then don’t be reserved at all and consult me okay?」


Liliana smiled softly at the gentle hand of the mother-in-law that was caressing her head. And then, they began moving the dishes on to the plates once more. Liliana didn’t even suspect that inside her heart, Sumire was jumping in joy thinking「No good-, the destructive power of a genuine princess’s smile is extraordinary yaa~~!!」

After that, Liliana was enjoying tea with the kind mother-in-lawa until Hajime and co returned home.

A lively family.

A quiet time with the beloved people.

Liliana was feeling the happiness she hoped for. There wasn’t any falsehood in it.

However, for some reason Sumire’s words were remaining inside her head and it didn’t vanish like a small bone that got stuck in her throat. It caused her to have a feeling that she couldn’t express in words.

That night. Liliana who returned to her room had finished all her preparation to retire to bed, however, she didn’t lie on the bed and sat on the swivel chair while being in a daze.

The words「Like a lost child」from the afternoon were replayed many times over inside her head.

When she suddenly dropped her gaze, there was the unmoving Davis-kun there. It was unmoving without even a twitch with an expression that was like it was going to raise an American laugh「HA―――-, HAHAHAHA-」anytime now.

「――O wind」

Liliana spoke a verse of chant. Immediately, a breeze flowed and Davis-kun started to move *shiver shiver, tremble tremble* as though it came to life. It was really comical. As though it was making fun of Liliana who was even now harboring a mist that couldn’t clear up.

「……Damn you, Davis-kun.」

She tried hurling abuse with a tone that was out of norm for her. Hurling abuse when it moved even though she was the one moving it herself, it seemed that Liliana was considerably “loosening”.

But, at that time a knocking sound suddenly rang. Liliana twitched, and in shock she replied even while her voice slightly turned shrill.

Like that the one who entered was Hajime.

「Yo, can I bother you a bit?」

「Ye, yes. No need to say a bit, please feel free to do as you please. But, there will be a lecture first thing in the morning, so if I can possibly let to sleep at early hours……」

「This isn’t night crawling. Or rather, you think I’m a really frivolous guy that will say something like “let me do it a bit” huh.」

Hajime smiled wryly at Liliana who was in a thorough misunderstanding while retorting. And then, he sat down on the bed and directed his gaze at Liliana who was red faced from her misunderstanding.

「Well, it’s also not something as big as business or anything though……how are you doing lately?」

「……Fufu. I was also asked that at the afternoon by Sumire-okaasama. Do I really look that unusual I wonder?」

Seeing how the mother and son were equally worrying for her caused Liliana to leak out a chuckle from amusement.

Hajime scratched his cheek awkwardly while answering.

「You aren’t acting unusual or anything. It’s just, it’s the fact that you look like you aren’t energetic. And from that, it looks like you are gloomy, because it seems that Lily yourself doesn’t understand just why you aren’t energetic.」

Liliana felt a ticklish feeling ‘he really is looking properly at me huuh’ while she hugged her knees on the chair. Her figure that turned small on the chair with only her toes peeking out from her largish and loose negligee was really charming.

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「Thank you very much for worrying about me.」

「What are you saying. I’m your husband you know? It’s obvious for the husband to worry for his wife.」

Once again it was a similar line from the mother and son. This time Liliana became excessively amused that she chuckled a bit louder.

「I’m fine, Hajime-san. Really, it’s only that sometimes I felt a bit gloomy. It’s nothing big at all.」

Hajime sighed at Liliana who was saying such thing. And then, he suddenly stood up and lifted up Liliana in a princess carry.

Hajime sat down once more on the bed. However, this time he put Liliana on his lap in his arms.

「Err, Hajime-san? As I thought, yo, you will do it?」

「I’m not gonna. The inside of Lily’s head is unexpectedly pink colored huh. No, perhaps it’s not unexpected. In the first place you have delusion hobby.」

Liliana’s cheeks reddened with her hand on her own clothes. Hajime directed a warm gaze at her. Liliana turned sulky.

「Don’t sulk like that. Recently, I’m bothered. I’m asking not for Lily but because I want to know. Listen to your husband’s request.」

「u. That way of talking is not fair.」

Liliana groaned in small voice.

And then, strength left her body as though she was giving up and she began to talk about her emotion lately that she herself wasn’t clear about.

According to her, the time she spent in Nagumo family was really happy.

According to her, the lecture in the college was also really interesting.

According to her, there was nothing more easeful for her heart than this situation where she could play, learning what she like, and having a day where she didn’t do anything.

According to her, right now she was living just like in her dream, without any anxiety or pressure, spending happy days being surrounded by her beloved people.

According to her, everyday was really meaningful.

The more she talked, the more it felt like there wasn’t any problem. But, the expression of Hajime who was staring fixedly at the talking Liliana was gradually turning amazed, no, to speak more accurately there was a color of exasperation that was starting to dwell in that expression.

If asked why his expression was like that, it was because even though Liliana should be talking about happy things, yet her expression looked vaguely unsatisfied.

Liliana didn’t notice the expression of Hajime that was like that and at the end she summed up her own feeling.

「Most likely, I’m lacking in objective inside myself. Surely what I ought to do is to find a great objective and devote myself to it just like Hajime-san and others who are doing their best in order to manage the businesses. Yes, that must be it. It feels like I can see it while I was talking. For the time being, I’ll learn economics to the end because it will be useful in the futu――」

「No, that’s not it.」

Liliana finally looked up to Hajime after getting interrupted midway. And then she noticed. That Hajime’s face for some reason was absurdly exasperated!?

「Ha, Hajime-san? Did I, say something strange?」

「Aa~, yep, what to say. You are strange. Especially in your head.」

「That’s cruel-!? That’s an unthinkable abuse! Just where is it in me that is strange!?」

As expected Liliana couldn’t forgive Hajime’s abusive language and she snapped angrily while questioning him. It caused Hajime’s expression to turn speechless.

Liliana guessed that somehow Hajime had noticed something that she didn’t notice herself. So she waited for an answer even while puffing up her cheeks.

Hajime suddenly stood up and the he casually tossed Liliana on the bed. Liliana bounced *poyon* and she looked up at Hajime in a girl’s sitting posture.

「Listen well, I’ll say it starting from the conclusion. The true identity of your gloominess, that is “insufficientness”.」

「Err……that’s why, I said that I’ll find an objective and work hard.」

「No, that’s not it. Even if you do that you won’t be satisfied. It won’t be enough at all. Your murky feeling won’t get cleared up for even a bit. I can guarantee it.」

「Ee~. Then, what is it that you mean?」

Liliana tilted her head in wonder as though asking ‘In the end what is it that you want to say?’. Hajime opened his mouth looking like he got a headache, as though this was something unexpected.

「Work that is forced on you.」


「Approaching deadline.」


「Cases that caused stomachache. Tremendous pressure.」

「Excuse me~, Hajime-san? What are you……」

「A problem where running away is not permitted. The word responsibility that crossed the mind.」

「A, are you listening, Hajime-san.」

「The mountain of paperwork that is piled up mercilessly despite you on your last legs already from lack of sleep.」


Liliana finally fell silent before Hajime yelled as though to deal the finishing blow.

「Work, work, work-, so much so that you are literally “swamped with work”!! A work with grave responsibility that you feel like vomiting-!!」


Liliana twitched. She looked around while saying「Just now, did you hear some kind of strange laugh?」. Naturally, there was no one inside the room except Hajime who was standing imposingly and the quivering Davis-kun.

「No, it’s you just now, you.」

「Eh? What do you mean me……」

The gaze of Hajime whose hypothesis had turned into conviction, it now had gone past exasperation and turned instead into pity while his hand took a mirror that was on the table.

「Lily. Try to confirm, just what kind of face you are making right now.」

「Hajime-san’s words and act are cryptic since some time ago though……」

Even while saying that, Liliana obediently accepted the mirror then looked at her own face and――she stiffened.

That was understandable.

After all in the mirror, there was an incomprehensible expression that was scowling in displeasure, yet even so for some reason the eyes of that expression were blazing fierily, while a fearless smile were merging on the lips. If it was said without any dressing up, then it was a really creepy expression. And that expression was pasted on her own face!

Liliana tilted her head thinking「Dear me? By any chance, is there another world inside the mirror?」while she tried knocking on the mirror, turning it upside down while waving it around. But no matter what the creepy Lily there wouldn’t disappear.

Liliana stared at her own face for a while before she suddenly tossed away the mirror *pei-*. And then she turned her gaze at Hajime while putting her face between her hands.

「Ha, Hajime-san! Just what have you done to me! It’s cruel that you make my face turn like this!」

「I ain’t doing anything. It’s only Lily’s real nature surfacing on your face.」

「What do you mean with real nature!?」

For the time being Liliana laid the blame of her terrible face at Hajime, but Hajime then pointed his finger with a snap at her.

‘What does real nature mean? If you don’t understand then I’ll tell you.’

With eyes glinting like a detective cornering the criminal, Hajime exposed the truth to the world!

「Lily. You are――a genuine, and what’s more it’s at super level, or rather it’s at abnormal pervert level, WORKAHOLIC!」(Note: Here Hajime said it in Japanese English, wookaahorikku)

「WHA, WHAT DID YOU SAY―――!! ……No, wookaa……what is that?」

Liliana tried to get shocked following the mood, but she then tilted her head at the vocabulary that she heard for the first time.

「It refers to work addiction. First in the list is work, second is work, third and fourth is also work with work in the fifth. Personal life? What’s that, is it delicious? Hobby? It’s work, you got a problem? It refers to that type of person. Furthermore in Lily’s case, it doesn’t apply to mere normal work. You aren’t able to feel it sufficient anymore unless it’s something forced on you, with heavy responsibility, and its quality and quantity are in super hard mode, you are a work addict in abnormal pervert level.」

「E, ee!? Yo, you are wrong! Rather I actually hate working!」

「……Actually, recently there is this case where a friction is happening which concern the public safety, there might be dead victim coming out if the discussion failed. Lily, I’m thinking of leaving it to Lily――」


Lily-chan’s eyes were sparkling brightly.

Hajime quickly picked up the mirror that was thrown *pei-* just now and thrust it in front of Liliana. It entered her eyes, the sight of her own face with incomprehensible expression that looked displeased while also looking delighted, in a sense it was an expression with superb harmony between the two emotions.

「My, my real nature is, a workaholic……what’s more it’s at abnormal pervert level……」

Liliana crumbled down. She fell from the bed, and then she trembled *quiver quiver* just like Davis-kun while her eyes were losing focus.

Even though she should have got away from the duty of royalty and crossed over world to chase the happiness as a normal girl, but as expected it was insufficient when she didn’t have duty……

However, when it was pointed out to her like this, then certainly it was exactly like that. Even when she obtained the knowledge for living, even when she strived to study in the university, even when she built new human relations, even when she went somewhere and did something, all of those were for her own sake.

No matter what happened, the consequence would only affect herself, when she failed there wouldn’t be any considerable loss or anything. Even if for example an unexpected situation that surpassed the acceptable range occurred, in front of her new family everything would be nothing more than a trifle.

It was truly a life of Easy Mode.

Compared to standing on the top of a country, leading the people, and fought a mighty enemy, this life was truly, truly……



「O, oi, Lily? Are you okay?」

The feeling toward her life on earth that was spontaneously welling up inside her caused Lily to crouch down with her hands pressing on her chest.

――Liliana S. B. Hairihi, 17 years old. The princess of Hairihi Kingdom.

Since she was born, she had been continuously immersed in “things that must be done no matter what”. From that, her body had become something that couldn’t be satisfied by “things that she can choose and want to do herself”!

Give more work! Works that troubled the mind so much it feel like the head’s blood vessel will burst! Pressing problems that are nothing but excessive-. Paperwork that is piling up like a mountain range, that make you hallucinate like it won’t end for eternity-!

「I’m not that kind of dangerous woma―――n-!!」

「Oooi-. Seriously are you okay, Lily!!」

Liliana held her head while writhing around due to her real nature. Even while feeling creeped out, Hajime went to soothe her somehow.

Thirty minutes later.

Liliana who calmed down somehow was now sitting while hugging her knees feeling dejected. While she was like that, Hajime folded his arms and he wracked his brain「H~m」.

「……Hajime-san. Perhaps it’s better if I go home.」

「Hm? I somehow understand what you are thinking but, why?」

Liliana’s body was stirring restlessly, she raised her chin that was put on her raised knees and spoke with a complicated sulky expression.

「As I thought, no matter where I go, I’m still a princess. No matter what I do, in the end I’ll summarize it into the point whether it will become advantage for the kingdom or not. And then, the “insufficientness” in earth, it caused me to trouble Hajime-san and Sumire-okaasan like now.」

Her shoulders drooped and she delicately muttered something incomprehensible「Someone like me after all is just a princess that cannot become a normal girl」.

Hajime smiled wryly while answering.

「Well, whether you are going home or remaining here, it doesn’t really matter which one you are going to choose though.」

「That’s cruel-!? Is that something you can say to your wife!?」

Hajime’s wry smile deepened saying「I’m joking」at the enraged Liliana while he continued speaking.

「Look here, I understood from the start that you cannot stop being a princess you remember? Your princess level is a bit above my expectation but……if you want to do work as a royalty, then I won’t stop you. If Lily wish for it, then I’ll make it so you can even come and go to there from here everyday. I’ll need to concentrate a bit and improve the gate but……well, I’ll manage somehow. That’s why, don’t say you are going home looking desperate like that.」


Of course, Liliana herself also didn’t seriously say that she was going home. But, as expected it was something joyful to be told「Don’t go」by her beloved like this.

Hajime continued talking at Liliana whose cheeks loosened up.

「I told you this several times already but, Lily, speak more selfishly. After all no matter what kind of impossible demand it is, I’ll do it somehow.」


Hajime said that while patting her head gently. Liliana’s body trembled as though she was in anguish. Her eyes were starting to carry heat. Hajime averted his gaze from such Liliana and returned to the talk.

「And so. Becoming a commuting princess is also one way……」

「Commuting princess……it’s the first time I heard that kind of vocabulary. But, I have the feeling that like that in the end I’ll be swamped with work where I cannot stop even if I want to stop.」

「Yeah, I also think so. And so, how about doing work other than the work of the royalty? Even though I said that, you will still get swamped with work all the same, so you will be moderately busy doing things with moderate responsibility, like that little by little you will get used to “moderate work”, and eventually your body and heart will get accustomed with “enjoying free time”. Something like that.」

「So it’s like, a rehabilitation then. I somewhat feel complicated……」

‘Am I a sick person, ah, I’m an addict……’ Liliana made a complicated expression with that thought. Hajime then suggested to such Liliana whether he should leave several businesses for her to manage.

Liliana pondered for a little before she shook her head.

「No, I’ll refrain from work where I act as Hajime-san’s representative. I know that even by doing anything else I’ll still have the sense of security that everything will be fine no matter what happen, but even so I believe that doing work that is unrelated with Hajime-san for my first rehabilitation will be just right.」

「Hm~m? Is that so. However, in that case what will you do then?」

Liliana suddenly stood up and while bouncing *poyon* on the bed she thrust up her fist and proclaimed.

「Yes, I decided. I’ll do part-time work!」

Honestly, it wasn’t like Hajime wasn’t thinking「Is it fine doing part-time work?」, but it seemed better for Liliana to be in a place where she didn’t have the backing of Hajime, so he didn’t really say anything.

And then, Liliana said「My aim, to be a normal girl! I won’t let anyone say that I’m a workaholic anymore!」with rough breathing from her boiling up motivation, with Hajime giving her a noncommittal applause「Oo, do your best~」.

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