Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 226 — Arifureta After II - The Part-Time Leader Lily Second Part

Chapter 226: Arifureta After II - The Part-Time Leader Lily Second Part

Part 1

*ding ding* The bell chimes rang. It was a withdrawn sound that felt pleasant to ear.


The two young male customers who entered were immediately addressed by a voice. The voice came from a bit away, but it was a pleasant and refreshing voice that didn’t lose to the bell’s chimes.

When they directed their gaze to there due to the lure of the voice, there was a stunning beautiful girl there. It was a blonde haired and blue eyed girl wearing a cute apron. Her luxuriant hair was tied on the back using a largish frilly ribbon.

Looking from the logo on the apron, the silver tray in one hand, and the plate placed on the other hand, it was obvious from a glance that this was this restaurant’s employee.

「Dear guest. I will guide you to your seat right after this, so can I please ask you to wait for a bit?」

「「Ah, yes」」

The two male customers replied in a beautiful harmony. The waitress-san smiled cheerfully. The two of them staggered.

The waitress advanced smoothly through the gap between the tables with light footsteps and she set down the cooking she carried with a movement that even displayed elegance somewhat. The two female customers who received their ordered cooking were staring in a daze at the waitress.

After that the waitress once more gave a stunningly beautiful bow and smiled like a blooming flower at the two female customers who unconsciously returned the bow. The two female customers were shot through.

The waitress returned back toward the two male customers and bowed. A sweet aroma spread gently from the swaying hair of golden thread.

「I’m sorry for making you wait. Smoking seat or non-smoking seat, which one will be your preference?」

「E, either is fine.」

「Me, me too.」

The two male customers followed behind the waitress as though they were being lured by the constant smile. Even after they were sitting down, their gazes kept glued on the waitress who was going to bring some water and wet towel.

They were handed the menu by the returning waitress. She said「Please call me when you decided your order」before she was going to withdraw, but one man reflexively called out.

「He, hey. Before this, you weren’t working here right?」

It was a sudden question, but the waitress that guessed this costumer had also gone to this restaurant before this nodded briefly.

「Yes. I worked part-time here just recently――I’m called Liliana. If I can become the acquaintance of you honored customer from here on――that will be great.」

She cutely smiled while bowing with her fingertips slightly clutching the tip of her skirt. That gesture swiftly shot through the two males with something. The way how at the end of her sentence her polite language broke down slightly, it caused a sense of familiarity to well up inside the two male customers.

「I super will become your acquaintance.」

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「Rather already we are become your acquaintance.」

The Japanese of the two male customers crumbled.

After that, there was a profoundly mysterious happening when Liliana came to take their order, for some reason they ordered the menu one after another, even things that they didn’t feel like ordering were ordered following Liliana’s recommendation. The two looked like they were satisfied on the whole.

「Yuuka-san, I bring more order. Please take care of it.」

「Yes ye~s」

The chef who was wielding the frying pan inside the kitchen――Sonobe Yuuka replied back lightly.

It seemed that she had just finished cooking. She beautifully served the content of the fry pan on the plate and she faced toward the counter with the plate in one hand.

She was wearing a pure white chef coat and a crimson scarf on her neck. The limp beret on her head was also crimson colored.

At her student days, she had serious character but her appearance was showy, so she gave an impression that looked like a frivolous gal. But right now she was a splendid war potential of the western restaurant that was managed by her family. She was a chef who would become the second generation of this restaurant in the future.

It was only her dyed chestnut colored hair that didn’t change, but the atmosphere she was clad in was somehow mature and kind. The look of her eyes that should be called as sharp if it had to be said, also seemingly looked like they had softened. Naturally those factors also dragged up her charm that had existed since the beginning by several times over.

In fact, there were a lot of regular customers who frequently visited this western restaurant【Wisteria】aiming at the beautiful chef. Also this restaurant was established just a bit before Yuuka was born, so it had already welcomed its twenty year anniversary, there were also a lot of veteran customers who extremely enjoyed seeing the growth of Yuuka who often helped since she was small.

「Yes, this is Kuban-san’s meat pie, take it please. So, the next order is……」

Yuuka looked at the order tag she received from Liliana and her eyes blinked repeatedly. And then, she leaned out her body from the kitchen counter and took a look at the table where Liliana had taken the order just now.

Over there were two young male customers.

Yuuka dropped her gaze at the order tag once more. No matter how she looked there was order for about six people written there.

「……Since Liliana worked here, the customers became really big eater huh.」

「Yes, Japanese people are all gormandizer isn’t it.」

Yuuka lifted her gaze from the order tag and sent an unblinking stare at Liliana, but then she sighed seeing Liliana putting a friendly smile.

「Well, they all ate the food without leaving any, so it’s not a problem but……be careful to not make them force themselves too much okay.」

「Please leave it to me, Yuuka-san. It’s my specialty to see through where is the limit. I’ll use every method available and make the sales and repeater to be double the last month. I’ll bet on my honor as a former princess!」

「It’s fine even if you don’t bet that. Anyway calm down first, former princess.」

Seeing Liliana whose nose breathed roughly with overflowing motivation, Yuuka acted the straight-man while smiling wryly.

「Now then, it will be the time soon when the customers will come in force. Let’s put in our fighting spirit. I think it will be fine because Otou-san and Okaa-san will also return back soon, but until then spare me from the amount of order that I cannot deal with alone okay?」

「It’s fine. I have finished grasping Yuuka-san’s ability. I will take order in the amount where Yuuka-san can just barely manage!」

「Ah, yep. ――This, rather than being a rehabilitation for Liliana, isn’t this actually a trial for me?」

Liliana said ‘Leave it to me!’ while putting the meats pie on her tray and headed out to give it to the customer. Yuuka murmured so while seeing her back.

After that, the two parents of Yuka returned from their business and the number of customers increased sharply when it was evening. Liliana who made the Sonobe family screaming from the orders that were coming like a surging wave then clocked out when it was time for her to depart for another part-time work.

After that, everyone of Sonobe family were left behind looking dead tired.

The customers also became sparse and after about an hour when it became time to close the restaurant for the day, *ding* the bell rang.

「Welco――wait, what, isn’t this Nagumo.」

Yuuka had left the kitchen and was now sorting the cash register’s sales slip. Just as she said, ahead of her gaze there was Hajime.

「What do you mean what when you are greeting a customer.」

Hajime entered the restaurant with a wry smile while sitting on the seat at the edge of the counter with a practiced movement. That spot was tacitly a reserved seat for Hajime who now had become a regular customer.

Since the party of the one year anniversary of returning home, Hajime who was pleased with this restaurant’s cooking and coffee and also because of the friendly atmosphere due to the management who were his classmate and her family sometimes visited now and then.

The other classmates too, even after graduating high school they would aimlessly dropped by several times a month, and when they gathered for meal they would mostly gather in Yuuka’s restaurant, so this place became something like a hang-out place for the another world summoning group.

……Although, Hajime was also made to feel an extremely unwilling feeling because for some reason he received an extremely disgraceful impression that said「He is like a man going to his mistress’s place for an affair」from among his family and friends.

Even though most times when he was here he would be with one or more of his wives, yet why he was still evaluated like that…… It was something that was greatly baffling for Hajime.

And then, those wives who were mostly with him when he was here, especially recently they would be staring at Yuuka with a fixed gaze, just why was it……

When Hajime sat down, Yuuka’s father that replaced her to cook in the kitchen――Hiroshi, and Yuuka’s mother Yuuri, they addressed Hajime「Welcome」looking very happy.

Hajime returned the greeting and then Yuuka who left behind the sales slips asked him.

「And, you are coming to eat? It’s rare for you to come alone.」

「No, I finished having dinner already. I came here just to drink coffee a bit and also ask about how our part-time princess is doing.」

「Aa, I see.」

When Yuuka turned her gaze to her father, Hiroshi nodded as though to say「I don’t mind」. In exchange Yuuri moved to take over sorting the sales slip. For some reason she was giving a thumb up at Yuuka while she was at it.

Yuuka asked while pretending to not see her mother who was like that.

「You are okay with blend coffee?」

「Ou. Or rather, you are the one making it?」

Hajime tilted his head, because if he remembered right, even though Yuuka had become able to be entrusted with cooking, she shouldn’t have been entrusted with making coffee yet.

Seeing Hajime’s questioning face, Yuuka showed a bit of a triumphant look while she swiftly prepared making the coffee.

「Yesterday I finally got the okay. I also took the barista qualification already. This is more or less the first blend that I will serve to a customer, so drink it with care.」

「What’s with that condescending attitude huh.」

A wry smile leaked out once more. The exchange between Hajime and Yuuka was very relaxed with each other from this kind of visit that spanned through several years. This was related with the impression of「He is like a man going to his mistress’s place for an affair」, but the two of them didn’t have the awareness of that.

A fragrant aroma enveloped the space. Hajime made a wondering expression at the coffee that was presented to him and brought it to his mouth to test how good it was. And then, a beat later, he went「Oh」with his eyes snapped open in admiration. And then without pause he took the second and then third gulp. From that it seemed that Yuuka’s first blend was a good work.

Yuuka made a delighted expression that was mixed with a little bit of relieve while she slouched forward a bit and rested her chin on her hand above the counter. Her other hand was playing around with her crimson scarf with her fingertips twirling it, one of her feet was tapping *ton ton* on the floor with her toes.

「So? What is it that you want to ask? Lily is doing really well here though?」

「Is that so? She is a princess and she shouldn’t have any experience in service trade, she doesn’t become a bother about various things because of that?」

「Nope, rather she is serving the customer so perfectly it is wasted for this kind of neighborhood western restaurant. She is elegant and refined――and it looks like there are already customers coming here for Lily.」

「Just from two weeks?」

「Yep, just from two weeks. And not just that, she even gave advice for the management. It’s to the level that it feels like we got the scale falling from our eyes. You know, she was having fun when she calculated how much the expenses this month got reduced.」

「As expected from the addict of office job. Just why she is doing consultation even though this is part-time job huh.」

Hajime sighed in exasperation. A smile emerged on Yuuka’s lips with a chuckle seeing such Hajime.

「Well, I too was anxious at first though. Suddenly a call came from Nagumo telling me『Wont you try hiring a former princess for part-time work』, what’s with that. I myself am still a novice and it’s the best I can do just doing my own part. But, well, now I’m glad that Lily came to work here.」

「Is that so…… I too was really worried letting Lily go for part-time at a place I don’t know about at all. In that point, if it’s Sonobe that I can trust you, and so I entrusted her here……it’s great if her being here also benefited this place.」

「……As always, you are overprotective toward your relative huh. Today too you come directly here to expressly check on her.」

Yuuka’s expression turned into an exasperated one. However, her fingertips were twirling and toying her crimson scarf even more. The tapping of her foot became even more rhythmical *ton, toton-*.

For some reason, the mother who was in the middle of sorting the sales slip was grinning broadly seeing such Yuuka.

「Well, I can deny being overprotective but……I’m coming today because that girl is starting to act unexpectedly, no, in a sense it’s just as expected from her I guess. Hey, Sonobe. When she was in the middle of working, did Lily’s atmosphere feel like she is unsatisfied somewhat?」

「Eh? ……H~m, I didn’t really feel anything like that. She was really in high spirits taking the order, she was scattering around courtesy so much it was sly to increase the repeater. Why are you asking? By any chance, did she say that working part-time here is dull for her?」

「No no, she isn’t saying anything like that. Rather she was saying that she is having fun.」

Yuuka tilted her head at Hajime who spoke evasively.

Hajime hesitated a little before he confirmed to Yuuka「I’ve told you the detail about why Lily is working part-time right?」. When Yuuka nodded, Hajime continued.

「Since a week ago, that Lily, she often didn’t come home.」

「Somehow, that line sounds like something that would be said by a no good husband who let her wife run away.」

「Shut up. And then. When I tried asking what she is doing, it seemed that she is also starting to work part-time with the supplier that is doing business with your place. She said the work is completely desk job.」

「Eh? Is that so?」

That fact caused the eyes of Yuuka who didn’t know that to turn round. But, it appeared the story didn’t stop there.

「It seemed, the fare configuration of that supplier is problematic, and then while Lily was talking about various things to the supplier, she then got scouted by the person of that company. I don’t know what kind of talk she had with them though.」

「He, hee. I wonder since when it became like that.」

「Yeah exactly. But, even with that, it’s unthinkable that she would be so busy that she needed to absent from several lectures of the college and became unable to come home. I’m only guessing but……」

「She is doing more part-time work?」


Hajime who nodded while looking like he got a headache. Although it seemed he didn’t have a positive proof, that was why he thought of asking a bit to Yuuka, whether Liliana was feeling insufficient just working part-time in this restaurant.

「You can just ask her directly.」

「That girl is giving me the slip. I don’t want to get the answer out of her forcefully. And observing her with artifact will make me look like a controlling husband, so I don’t feel like doing that.」

「Oh, really.」

Hajime drank his coffee miserly while looking really worried or perhaps overprotective, and yet for all that he behaved indecisively. Yuuka replied curtly with an expression that looked disappointed to that.

「In the end, what are you going to do? When she is working part-time at our place, she doesn’t look like she is feeling insufficient, she look like she is having quite some fun you know? Should I indirectly tell her that Nagumo is worrying? I don’t know if the workaholic Lily will be able to restrain herself by doing that, but perhaps she will talk to you by her own initiative what part-time work she is doing right now.」

「I, see. Can I ask you to do that?」

「Yes yes. It’s fine, doing just that much.」

Yuuka nodded while lazily waving her hand. Hajime drank up his coffee and said thanks before standing up.

「My bad that I sounded like whining there. I feel relaxed when I come here every time. I guess it’s not just for show that you are the second generation owner of the place for relaxation that lured even the demon king.」

「Even if you praise me I cannot give you anything except delicious western meal and coffee okay. There also won’t be any discount.」

「Uh oh, that’s unfortunate.」

The two cracked jokes to each other. Yuuka’s scarf was twirled around so much it was already starting to fray, while her tapping toes were already like a tap dance.

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Hajime said his goodby to Hiroshi and Yuuri and then exited the restaurant. Yuuka saw him off before closing the door and when she turned around, there were her two parents there with a truly nice smiling face.


Yuuka asked with obvious wariness. In respond, the gentle Yuuri,

「What to do, Hiroshi-san. This daughter of us, her trait is completely a mistress.」

「H, h~m. But from my standpoint, I wish that she will marry properly though.」

「Lo, look here! Just what are you two speaking about your daughter! I’m not Nagumo’s mistress, and I also got not plan to enter that guy’s harem!」

Yuuka howled. However, the chain of events just now where a man with wives and kid unexpectedly showed up, then she treated him with food, heard his complaining, and gave him comfort――those acts, even considering that this place was a restaurant, seen from the side she looked enough like a mistress.

Seeing her parents who lightly deflected「We get it, we get it」toward her words of denial, Yuuka became especially displeased.

However, it was natural that her words didn’t have any persuasiveness.

After all, Yuuka’s toes tapping *ton ton* on the floor was her habit when she was in a good mood. And furthermore that habit wouldn’t come out just from being in good mood, it would only come out if she also felt embarrassed at the same.

In addition, there were the crimson scarf and limp beret that Yuuka was wearing. Actually those items had a lot of color variety, but Yuuka only had those items in crimson color, even including the spare. When she went to buy replacement, as expected she would pick crimson again. The same color with the light of magic power of a certain someone.

And then, her habit of rolling around her scarf with her fingertips was a new habit that was formed in these several years. It was an unconscious habit that came out only when she was talking with a certain someone.

「Heey, Otou-san, Okaa-san? Are you two listening?」

「Yes yes, we get it already. We better start closing up the restaurant soon~」

「The most important thing for Otou-san is that Yuuka is happy, that’s all.」

「I, told, youu~~~」

The famous western restaurant【Wisteria】. The frequently changing emotion between joy and anger of the second generation owner was also the specialty of this place.

Part 2

A month after Hajime showed just a bit of good-for-nothing act at Yuuka’s restaurant.

Currently, everyone was gathering in the living room of Nagumo residence. The【120thsomething of Nagumo Family Meeting】was opened.

The one who sat at the center of the large dining table was Hajime, and right in front of him was Liliana who was sitting with an awkward expression.

「Now then, Lily. Do you know what is the meaning of this family meeting?」

「u, mo, more or less……」

Liliana averted her face quickly to the side, but ahead of her gaze there were Yue and others who weren’t even hiding their exasperated expression. What gouged her heart especially deeply was that even Myuu was looking at her with eyes as though she was looking at someone hopeless.

Hajime was about to open his mouth toward Liliana whose gaze was swimming *sui~* to the opposite side.

But, before he could speak, *pururururu* a phone’s ringtone rang.

「Ah, I, I’m sorry. Please excuse me a bit.」

「Ah, oi, you」

Liliana looked the other way even when Hajime raised his voice while putting her own smartphone on her ear. And then, what could be heard after that were only words related to business like contract or client and so on.

Before long it seemed that they had reached an end and Liliana cut off the call. Seeing that, Hajime sighed while opening his mouth.

But, before he could speak, *pururururu* a phone’s ringtone rang.

「Ah, I, I’m sorry. Please excuse me a bit.」


She answered the phone. This time it seemed there was a problem occurring regarding the shift at her part-time workplace. Liliana was listening to the phone while going ‘uh-huh, uh-huh’ before she quickly started to give out instructions, like who to call, who to substitute the shift change, what to do about the lacking place such and such, and then what she want to be dealt with next and so on……

Hajime wanted to act the straight-man ‘Managing shift schedule obviously ain’t the work of a part-timer right!’, but for the time being he endured it.

Before long the talk came to an end and Liliana cut off the phone. Hajime then sighed while opening his mouth.

But, before he could speak, *pururururu* a phone’s ringtone rang.

「Ah, I, I’m sorry. Please excuse me a bit.」


Liliana answered the phone. For some reason there was a sobbing voice coming from the other side of the phone. Liliana was consoling her talking partner while sometimes she also reprimanded, and then in order to deal with a grave problem that seemed to occur from some kind of miss, she took out one more smartphone from her pocket and quickly began to give out instructions.

Before long it seemed that she finished and Liliana cut off the phone. Hajime who got a vein pulsing on his forehead was opening his mouth.

But, before he could, *gatari* the sound of someone standing up from a chair resounded.

「I’m sorry, Hajime-san. It seems that the section chi――cough-, a regular employee who was entrusted with an important project made a miss, and it turned out into something that a part-time worker like me has to deal with. And so, I’ll go out for a bit!」

A part-time worker that followed up for a regular employee’s miss. Or rather, a regular employee who came crying to a part-time worker even though it was his miss. Furthermore, it seemed this regular employee was a section chief.

Since when the definition of part-time work had changed drastically like this.

Liliana quickly put her outfit in order while saying things like「At this rate the two hundred employees there will be out in the cold! As a part-time leader, I have to do something」before she tried to go outside.

*snap-* One more vein emerged on Hajime’s forehead. And then a word.


「Yes sir desuuu」

From behind, the rabbit-eared wife who was dancing to the same beat with the husband embraced Liliana who right now was about to exit the room.

「Shi, Shia-san? I’m sorry, but I’m going to wo――」

「Yes yes, I’ll just make you cool your head a bit heree」

「Eh? Wai-, NOOOOOO-」

Liliana screamed, and then after that she received an artistic German suplex and the floor struck the back of her head.「My head-, my head hurts like it got splitttttt-」The former princess was shouting while rolling around on the floor in agony.

「Uu, just what are you doing. After this I have an important work……」

「Is that, something more important than the family discussion?」

Liliana complained while rubbing the back of her head with teary eyes. Hajime asked her with a sigh mixed in it.「Uu-」Liliana was at lost for words, and Hajime said in respond.

「If that’s how it is, then I’ll attempt to solve the root of the problem and make it so you lose your reason for going.」

「E, err, Hajime-san, what do you mean specifically?」

「……Today’s weather is sunny, it seem that there will be random meteor impact later.」

「Let’s have a discussion.」

Indeed, the root of the problem would be cleared. If there wasn’t any troubled person, then there also wouldn’t be any trouble.

Feeling how unbearable it would be if the meteor shower that once annihilated the capital of her own country was dropped on her part-time workplace, Liliana took her seat in panic.

「Look at you, even though recently you were grieving because not to mention me, you weren’t able to even converse satisfactorily with anyone in the family because of work, work, work, but then you tried to get out abruptly from the discussion to talk about that, just what’s with that?」

「Tha, that’s, obviously, even I is also fed up here you know, Hajime-san? I really want to yell out loud, just why are they all relying on just me, please manage it somehow just by yourself. But, before I realized it everyone relied on me and I was placed at a position with responsibility, and now it’s really hard to break out from it.」

「Even though it’s part-time work?」

「Even though it’s part-time work, yes.」

Hajime sighed for who knew how many times already. He then handed over the mirror he had prepared to Liliana who was talking with a voice that couldn’t hide her emotion of「I’m fed up already」.

The face that was reflected in the mirror, was the creepy face of workaholic Lily with fierily blazing eyes.

Liliana gently put down the mirror.

「This is a mistake. It’s not like I’m starved or anything. This is a misunderstanding. Thanks to doing moderate amount of work from the part-time, day by day I’m in the process of getting closer to become “a normal girl” ――」

「Including the part-time at Sonobe’s place, how many part-time works you are currently holding?」

「……I, it’s, seven.」

「The job description?」

「A, a bit of managing stocking and dealing with the client.」

「Other than that?」

「Something like fast food restaurant.」

「The specific.」

「……I’m in charge of the part-time at the main restaurant while entrusted to coordinate the surrounding seven branch restaurants.」

「The call just now?」

「At another establishment related with food and drink where I’m working part time, various things happened and I worked like an advisor of the head office trade section……it seems there was a miss at the transaction that was started from my advice where the company’s fortune is at stake, at this rate it would get complete revocation. If that happen, depending on the situation there is even the possibility that the company will go under.」

Hajime wordlessly pushed out the mirror. It was as though he was an exorcist that was pushing out a cross toward a girl who was possessed by a devil! What was reflected in that mirror was a creepy face that seemed to say「This is a heavy responsibility you know, Lily! Gufufuh」……

Immediately,「Stooppp――. Don’t show me the mirrorrr――!!」Liliana writhed in agony.

……She was completely like a girl who was possessed by a devil.

「Yes yes, at~~ten~~tion! Now that we have confirmed that presently Lily-chan’s workaholic level isn’t improved at all, everyone please state your opinion!」

Sumire who held the role as the chairman of the meeting tapped the table *kan kan* with a spoon and asked for opinion from everyone.

「Yes!」The one who raised her hand the very first was Myuu. Sumire pointed with a fork at Myuu「Yes, Myuu-chan!」. Her manner was really bad.

「I think that Lily-oneechan’s addiction, it won’t be fixed even if she died!」


Myuu launched her words like a bullet of anti-material rifle grade with a cheerful smile on her face. Liliana pressed her chest and collapsed.

Next,「Yes desuu!」was Shia with her rabbit ears standing straight. Sumire pointed sharply with long chopsticks「Yes, Shia-chan!」. Just where did she take it out from?

「I think that something like rehabilitation, is meaningless to fix a person’s core nature desuu!」


That opinion actually had much persuasiveness. A~ll of Shia’s family were people with screwed up core nature. Incidentally, Shia’s self-proclaimed best friend the princess of the elf was also a pervert at the core. Soon she might turn from her best friend into her step-mother. However regarding this case, Shia was averting her rabbit ears from the reality.

The next one who hurriedly raised her hand was Tio. After her Remia also raised her hand while smiling. Sumire said「Yes Tio-chan, Remia-chan!」while pointing with a snap using a ladle. For a moment it looked like the ladle materialized from empty air……was that just an imagination?

「For example, if I hath mine butt spanked moderately in the name of rehabilitation, and then asked if this nature of mine can be fixed by that or not, then the answer is it’s impossible! This art the same.」

「What a hardship. Even though she wishes to stop working and be together with family, but without working she will be frustrated……it will be great if there is something else other than work that she can do.」

「Uu. I’m the same like Tio-san……even if you ask me something other than work……after all I’m just a hollow person……hics-」

Liliana lost her nerve. And then she fell down before starting to trace circles on the floor with her fingertip in an easy to understand gesture.

「Nn-」Yue raised her hand. Sumire said「Yes, Yue-chan!」while pointing with a fry pan for rolled egg so hard it made *buon* sound. ……It looked like she took it out from her cuff though.

Beside Sumire, Shuu’s eyes were sparkling, 「Sumire, you, your party performance skill had gone up again!」his tension was climbing up to the sky.

「……You want, remodeling?」

「Hiih!? No thank you!」

‘That difficult nature, want me to remodel it along with your soul?’ Yue wriggled her hands while standing up from her chair. In respond to that, Liliana screamed while dragging her body backward.

Hajime gave a glance at Liliana who was trembling like Davis-kun before he scratched his head and opened his mouth.

「Well, it’s positive that this nature of Liliana cannot be fixed just from doing part-time work.」

「Uu, Hajime-san?」

Liliana’s shoulders dropped despondently.

Hajime’s gaze ran around toward Yue and others. He judged that they all had reached a conclusion. And then, he made Liliana to sit on her chair in order to tell her that conclusion.

「Lily. Anyway, these two months of rehabilitation turned out meaningless, that’s why, how about if in the next two months you don’t do anything?」

「Not doing, anything?」

Liliana was bewildered. Hajime nodded「Yeah」. In a sense, this was a shocking proposal for Liliana.

「Resign from all your part-time works, and then, become a shut-in NEET for two months.」


Like this, with the unanimous vote from【The 80th or 130th, well it doesn’t matter which of Nagumo Family Meeting】, it was decided that the princess of another world was to become a shut-in NEET.

By the way, regarding the mismanagement of a certain trade department that made a miss, it was resolved in moderation by Hajime due to Lily’s entreaty. Of course it was resolved using a way that wasn’t a random meteor impact in a sunny day.

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