Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 227 — Arifureta After II - I Become the God of the New World? First Part

Chapter 227: Arifureta After II - I Become the God of the New World? First Part

Part 1

☆NEET Queen Lily

Two months had passed since that【It’s troublesome already to count the number y’know, Nagumo Family Meeting】where it was decided for Liliana to become a shut-in NEET.

During that time, in order to rescue the workaholic former princess, Liliana who was constantly drifting around from too much free time was consoled by everyone of Nagumo family with every kind of amusement. It was so that she could forget the matter of work even for just a little.

Everyone was worried from the bottom of their heart about their family member who was addicted to work in abnormal level.

Then, specifically what kind of amusement was provided for her? For example there was something like this.

The one who moved the very first even among the Nagumo family was Myuu. She visited Liliana’s room with toys in her hands.

「Lily-oneechan, let’s play this!」

The thing that Myuu brought and presented to her with a lot of energy like that caused Liliana to tilted her head.

「Err, what is this, Myuu-chan?」

「It’s Raptor nano.」

‘I’m not asking in that kind of meaning’, while thinking that, Liliana dropped her eyes toward that thing that was handed to her――a 1/48 model of a fighter aircraft of earth, multi-purpose tactical fighter F-22, alias Raptor.

Myuu nodded in satisfaction at Liliana who accepted the model even while she was in bewilderment, and then she took out another model of fighter aircraft. 「Flanker-tan is also hard to discard, but it cannot win against the charm of variable wing. Tomneko-tan, I pick you!」She did that while saying such thing.

「Now, Lily-oneechan. Shut-in NEET Lily-oneechan who is only staying indoors. In order to master being a shut-in NEET, let’s blast off to the sky while secluding yourself inside the room nano!」

「Err, Myuu-chan? I wish you won’t repeatedly call me shut-in NEET too much like that…… It’s more or less something decided in the family meeting, it’s something like a medical treatment……」

「Shut your mouth, warrant officer Lily. Do you want me to beat you up? nano」

「……Recently, you are increasingly growing similar to Hajime-san aren’t you, Myuu-chan. Especially in that unreasonable aspect.」

Surely, if there was the entry of “unreasonable” in the status plate, then Myuu’s parameter would surely extended out with terrific momentum.

Before Liliana realized, Myuu who seemed to change completely into a military personnel was clad in something like a pilot suit, equipped with a short mustache, and a teardrop type sunglasses sharply put *sucha!* on her face.

And then, she handed over a matching sunglasses and short mustache along with something like a game joystick to Liliana. Perhaps for Myuu, speaking of a military personnel meant short mustache……

「Warrant officer Lily. This is a flying toy that papa created. Something like a drone. A distant viewing stone is used for its cockpit screen, and its field of vision can be shared through this sunglasses. The control is performed using this joystick. Do you understand? nano」

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「Ah, yes. No, I don’t understand. First of all, what’s with the warrant officer?」

「Ah, Myuu is the flight lieutenant and is above Lily-oneechan, that’s why properly call Myuu as captain nano.」(Note: Should I use lieutenant here or captain? This is how the raw is. I don’t really get the structure of military command.)

「No, that’s not what I’m asking……」

Myuu already opened the window and put her F-14 Super Tomcat in standby. Whether when she was a princess or when she wasn’t princess anymore, the point where she was ignored didn’t seem to change.

「Preparation OK. Demons squadron, Demon 1 Super Tomcat. Launch- nano!」

「Eh, do I need to say that too? E, err, Demon 2, Raputar? La, launching!」(Note: When the word Raptor is Japanized, it was spelled as raputaa)

The fierce gleam from Myuu’s eyes emitted a wordless demand. Liliana who sensed that spoke in a matching sentence with Myuu. There wasn’t any runway, but Captain Myuu’s first aircraft and Officer Lily’s second aircraft floated lightly using gravity control, and then both flew outside the window.

After that, the sight of the vast sky that was visible from the sunglasses cleared up even if just temporarily the gloominess of Liliana who was feeling depressed from not working.

Liliana was opening her mouth to thank Myuu for her consideration and her invitation for this wonderful playing time, but when she glanced to her side, for some reason Myuu was making a fearless smile that was just like her father. Seeing that Liliana was assaulted by a fierce bad premonition.

Right after that,「Finally they are coming huh. Fine then, I’ll play with you nano」Myuu spouted out such ominous words. Liliana was glancing to such Myuu from the corner of her eyes while she became speechless from the scenery that was visible through her sunglasses.

After all, there was a “real fighter aircraft” flying in parallel with their model aircrafts.

Liliana questioned Myuu with naked agitation, but according to Myuu’s careless reply, it seemed that the place their toys were flying was right above the base of JDF.

Actually, before this Myuu already had previous offense of flying on the JDF base while raining down missiles that were crammed with ketchup and mayonnaise.

The vehicles and facilities on the base, and also everyone of JDF who came outside to shot down the aircraft model, they were all dripping with ketchup and mayonnaise at that time. It seemed they were flying into rage already from that. Perhaps because of that too, this time even the fighter aircrafts of JDF finally scrambled just for facing a small fighter aircraft「That damned screwing around drone came again!」that was displaying a performance that was unbecoming compared to the existing drone of modern era.

The pilot of the aircraft flying parallel with them for the time being moved around his hand from the cockpit pointing down, he was demanding them to land down.

「Myu, Myu Myu Myuu-chan! What are you thinking! As expected, this is crossing over the limit of things that can be done!」

「Lily-oneechan. There are great saying in Japan nano――it’s not a crime if it’s not exposed.」

「Hajime-saa――n! Remia-saa――n! Myuu-chan here is dashing to an improper directionnn! Please revise the education policy-! Or rather stop her quicklyyy!」

「Fuh, na?ve. Both papa and mama, and also everyone else are away from home nano. Myuu has made no oversight!」

Ignoring the shaken Liliana, Myuu said something like「Demon 1, engage!」while controlling the plane with pointlessly refined piloting. And then, the cockpit of the startled pilot was fired at by vulcan.

Right after that, *bichi bichi bichi-* small bullets hit the canopy of the JDF aircraft. Naturally, the canopy was dyed bright red. It wasn’t the pilot’s blood, but ketchup. Furthermore, there might be some kind of particular composition included in it, because the ketchup was clinging stickily without getting blasted away by the wind pressure.

The pilot’s movement stopped. No, he was starting to move slowly. He was moving his hand. His hand was once more moving lower――tracing his neck, and then his thumb dropped downward. It was obvious what the pilot meant,「Fall to hell」he gestured.

It went without saying that after that it turned out into a grand dogfight against JDF aircraft.

Even while pleading for them to just go home already while half-crying, Liliana continued to escape from the JDF aircraft with excessively skilled piloting. Myuu said「If we escape here, it will be the shame of woman of sea!」while displaying beautiful midair maneuvers one after another like Immelmann turn and Cobra and so on. She didn’t stop her grand rivalry with the JDF aircraft. Naturally even Liliana’s straight-man act「Woman of sea you say……this is the sky!」was ignored as nothing.

But, the end visited so suddenly.

Because out of nowhere, the back of Myuu’s head was tightly held in eagle grip.

*gi gi gi* When the short moustache and sunglasses Myuu turned around like a machine that forgot to be oiled, there was the figure of her papa there half-smiling.

After that, the drone was forcefully self-exploded in the blink of eye,「Aa!? Myuu’s Tomneko-tan!」even such scream echoed in vain and signaled the end of Myuu’s “playing”.

And then, the main offender Myuu met a punishment of a hundred strikes on her butt by Hajime from going too far in playing, and in that day a sobbing voice was echoing in Nagumo residence without stopping until the dinner time.

Liliana who got the feeling that recently Myuu’s attitude was becoming too flashy was looking at Myuu who was reflecting with teary eyes. She thought, ‘perhaps it ended all right like this’.

……She felt like for an instant she saw a color of ecstasy at the expression of Myuu while she was rubbing her swollen red butt, but surely, without a doubt that was just her imagination. Because if that wasn’t just her imagination, then one black dragon would surely vanish from this world without trace.

At another time, she was also invited by Yue and Shia and tried working diligently at sewing steadily.

Yue had the experience of tailoring Hajime’s outfit at her period in abyss, right now sewing was becoming half a hobby for her. Shia was a rabbit skilled in housework from the start, so sewing was her forte. Taught by the two of them, Liliana’s sewing skill was improving conspicuously.

There, Remia who recently became known as an up-and-coming designer who was enveloped in mystery with unknown face offered an idea, and Liliana tried to sell the clothes and accessory she created through the internet.

When she did that, it unexpectedly sold well and Liliana was having fun more and more……

She established the marketing and advertisement of the internet sales, what’s more she started to investigate the procedure in order to start up a company――and got a knuckle dropped on her head from Hajime.

It was understandable why Hajime did so. After all she got shadow under her eyes from thinking of the prospect of internet marketing in the future from morning until evening.

Most likely, the environment where she was made to be a shut-in NEET caused her to manifest withdrawal symptoms. No matter how much work she was chased with, it didn’t show up at all on her surface for even once. That was why it showed just how much she was starving for work that her face’s complexion changed.

And at the end, in the midnight, Myuu rolled out from the closet of Hajime’s room looking scared because she could hear a strange voice. She was clinging in tear on Hajime.

……Let’s put aside for now just why she was hiding in the closet of Hajime’s room at midnight.

Let’s also put aside for the time being, the appearance of Myuu who was wearing adult lingerie with black tone unbecoming for a ten years old girl.

While we were at it, let’s also put aside the fact how without anyone noticing there was a hole opened in the closets of the rooms of Hajime and Myuu with a size that could be freely entered by a child.

Even while his expression was grandly twitching, Hajime carefully wrapped Myuu inside a futon and put her into sleep. He then entered “the place of strange voice”――the room of Liliana. When he confirmed inside, he found Liliana making noise from a nightmare there.

She was breathing roughly looking like she was in pain while moaning. ……While sometimes,「fuheh」she was raising a strange giggle. Her expression was the usual creepy face.

It seemed, even inside her dream, she looked like she was going「Ge, geez-, this is really hopeless. Fine then, I’ll do it already. If I don’t do it, then who else will do it☆」, it seemed in her dream she was being happily chased by work even while acting displeased.

This princess couldn’t escape from work whether in dream or reality.

Hajime devised a plan.

In the first place, Liliana had a habit of fantasizing. Especially regarding love affair. And then, in this house there was a leading person of that road. Yes, it was the famous shoujo manga artist Sumire.

With the work of such Sumire as the first in the list, the book collection of shoujo manga that was deposited in large amount at her workplace was given to Liliana.

Because of her seriousness that came since birth and her workaholic nature, since Liliana came to earth she was busy in learning various things and didn’t really come into contact with this thing called manga. For Liliana, her reading was mostly thick learning book. She wasn’t familiar with book that mainly had picture in it.

Because of that, at first Liliana was smiling wryly from the really unfamiliar experience, but because it was something prepared for her with effort she gave it a try,

And the result was,

「Munch munch-, gulp-……puhah. Aa, what’s with this good-for-nothing. What are you doing just seeing her off there. Good grief, you don’t understand a woman’s heart…… Nn, continue to the next volume. Eerr, the next one, the next……」

She got addicted, and she was not just merely, but totally addicted in the world of shoujo manga.

Liliana was lying down on the bed while right beside her was a bottle of Co○ Cola and a bag of potato chip constantly in standby, she brought them to her mouth while still lying down while dragging her body forward and reaching her other hand toward the next volumes of manga piled up without rising up her body at all. She had reached this kind of advanced level now.

In addition, she was in a state that wasn’t concerned at all with her rolled up skirt, generously exposing her thighs that recently had become somewhat plump, in addition, she sucked up *chupa-* her fingers that got gleamingly oily from the potato chip before wiping up those fingers on her flipped up skirt.

Already, there wasn’t even a shred of atmosphere as a former princess from her.

She was an existence that shut herself inside her own room in broad daylight, equipped with carbonated drink and potato chip, and continuously adventured to the world of literary creation without getting tiring of it.

Liliana S. B. Hairihi.

Right now she had become a genuinely splendid shut-in NEET without anything that could be complained of from her!

「How did it turn out like this……」

Hajime who was standing beside the door of Liliana’s room while looking at the state of such Liliana was pressing his head with one hand looking pained.

Certainly, it was Hajime who handed over the great amount of shoujo manga so that Liliana could enjoy her free time a bit. But, while that might be the case, he wondered just why in mere one month that work addict in abnormal pervert level could become a splendid shut-in NEET like this.

Hajime sighed while feeling troubled「Was the recoil from the work addiction too powerful?」at the former princess whose way of living was overly extreme.

And then, he approached toward Liliana who wasn’t even noticing that Hajime was right behind her while she kept lying down and indulged in manga with her bare legs swinging up and down.

Standing beside the former princess whose panty’s visibility wasn’t just in glimpse anymore but already at completely exposed level, Hajime let out a deep sigh once more and held that plump butt in an eagle grip.

「Hinyah!? What is thisss!?」

Liliana’s butt twitched up with her panty still fully exposed. Even so she didn’t let go of her manga and she also didn’t even stand up and only looked back across her shoulder. She then went「What, it’s just Hajime-san」in understanding and smiled before returning to the world of manga without pause.

「No, don’t go back there. Look over here, butt-naked princess.」

「Bu, butt-naked princess……that’s a really cruel remark.」

As expected, Liliana couldn’t just accept the way Hajime called her and she raised her body squirmingly. Yet even so, she only moved to a girl’s sitting posture with her slovenly state unchanged seeing her skirt was still flipped up.

「And so what business do you have Hajime-san? As expected, it’s to grope my butt? Ufufu, even though the sun is still high up……the love of my husband is strong.」

After saying such thing, Liliana fidgeted around while closing her eyes and she pushed out her lips「Nn」. An oily lips that was gleaming from potato chip remains.

Hajime’s shoulders was falling in dejection at Liliana who didn’t have even a shadow of the proud princess in the past while inside his heart he was complaining「In a sense, Liliana might be number one if speaking about the level of things not going as planned」.

And then, he gently used a tissue to wipe up the lips of the potato chip princess who was waiting for a kiss.

Liliana felt an out of place sensation on her lips and she showed a puzzled expression at Hajime who kept wiping.

「Your current appearance, I wonder what the bunches at the kingdom will feel if they see it.」

「? Won’t they think, ‘she is really living in happiness’, like that? I’m happy you know?」

「……You also have potato chip and cola with you.」

「No, not really, that’s not……certainly, they are really delicious though. I also think that they are the strongest combo. ……Want to eat?」

Liliana tilted her head thinking「Perhaps, he want to eat too?」while she rolled her body and took a bag of potato chip that was placed beside the pillow. And then, she rolled once more and returned to her former position with a really natural motion to get back to a girl’s sitting posture.

And then, when she felt the lightness and silence of the potato chip bag she was presenting, she blinked「Eh?」and confirmed its content. The inside was already empty.

「Err, I thought it still has some remain……」

Giving only a glance at Hajime whose expression was gradually turning speechless, Liliana rolled and rolled once more to move to the edge of the bed. And then, she reached out her hand while still lying down and rummaged around under the bed searching for something.

「A, there is. ……Here, Hajime-san. Please take one.」

She lifted up a box with a familiar movement, and then she took out that from the bag while hiding it with her body before she held out her hand smoothly toward Hajime. Right after that, from her arranged fingers, *chakin!* a po○ky flew out.

Liliana’s face looked triumphant. It seemed she saw a commercial and wanted to imitate it. And then next while she was at it, her other hand that was held in front of her chest also had a po○ky *shakin-* flying out. She ate that one herself.


「This is really delicousss」

Seeing Liliana who was smiling cheerfully while wordlessly doing ‘aa~n’ at him, Hajime was starting to show a tired expression all the more.

「……So, about my business.」

「A, that’s right. What’s the matter?」

「No, it’s not really a big matter, today is exactly the second month. I’m wondering how it turn out.」

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「……Ah, now that Hajime-san mention it.」

It seemed that she had completely forgotten the aim of being shut-in NEET. Liliana was making ○cky sticks went *shakin shakin* from her fingertips while nodding in understanding. ……Her fingertips *shakin* was surely using magic. Truly a waste of magic use.

Liliana smiled cheerfully and spread her hands widely as though to flaunt herself.

「Please look, Hajime-san. Hajime-san’s strategy is right on the mark! I am splendidly free from any withdrawal symptoms even without doing any work, not just that I had turned into a normal girl who can think from the bottom of my heart that I don’t want to do anything like work anymore!」

Liliana proclaimed energetically. An ambiguous groan「uboa」leaked out from Hajime’s mouth.

It was truly just like this princess-sama who was unable to live except in an extreme way of living. No, perhaps it was exactly because she was a royalty that she could only live extremely……

「Lily. I don’t know if you remember, but until the end this is a rehabilitation to cure your workaholic, it doesn’t mean that it’s fine for you to just roll around like this for your whole life you know?」

「Eh…………but, Hajime-san. If you work, you lose isn’t that right?」

Hajime went「uboa」once more. This was no good, this former princess was no good already. Just within two months, she had thoroughly become a regretful princess.

「Listen, Lily. I am also an otaku, in my roots I’m with the indoor faction. That’s why, I cannot unsparingly reject the saying to work is to lose. Tou-san also told me in the past, that a person who can become shut-in with their own money is the winner in a sense.」

「Hear that, just as I thought, we lose if we work!」

「Oi, are you listening to me? I said “your own money” just now.」

「Ee~rr, but, I am Hajime-san’s wife……in short, Hajime-san’s money is my money――higyahn!?」

An iron forehead flick burst out toward Liliana who was talking like Giant.「My forehead-, my foreheaaad-」Liliana screamed while writhing around.

Liliana’s skirt inevitably got rolled up once more with her panty completely laid bare. A vein pulsed on Hajime’s forehead while he spitted out「I’ll stop being gentle」and he put an eagle grip on her plump thigh.

「Fuwah. Wha, what are you doing Hajime-san. As I thought, you are craving me right from the afternoo――」

「This thigh has become really plump huh. It feels chubby.」

「Eh? Is, is that so?」

「Yeah. Far more than two months earlier.」

Hajime was giving an unblinking gaze while「This place too, and also here too huuh」he grasped at Liliana’s butt and her upper arm.

Guessing what Hajime wanted to say, Liliana’s girl power finally reacted. Her complexion was turning pale drastically.

Hajime’s fingertip was sliding toward the most dangerous place on her body. Hajime’s eyes kept being unblinking and he ignored even when Liliana tried to stop him, and pinched at that place.


「Stooppp――!! Don’t pinch my stomachhh-」

「Oi oi, what’s this. What’s with this flabby stomach? Hmm?」

「Tha, that’s not it! This is, there is just a bit of that going this, should I say that it’s……」

Liliana was pressing on her stomach while her eyes were rolling round and round while she was desperately searching for excuse, but the scattered wreckage of snacks, the remains of carbonated drinks, they all stole the persuasiveness from her.

Hajime turned his heart into demon king and dealt the finishing blow to such Liliana.

「At this rate, in one more month……the overweight princess Liliana will be completed.」

「O, overweight princess.」

Liliana crumbled down. It seemed that a sense of danger for her current situation was finally sprouting. She threw her poc○y *pei-* still with teary eyes. Furthermore, she took out Hap○y Turn from under the sheets and *pei-*. She took out a great amount of gummy from under her pillow and *pei-*. She reached out her hand under the bed and took out every kind of potato chip, Tonga○ Corn, Pota○ta Yaki, Do○tachos, boxes of ○maibou, Country ○‘am, Cho○ Pie, etc……and threw them all *pei-*. And for the last, she hopped up and down *pyon pyon* which caused candies to fall down from all over her clothes. She threw *peeeeei-* all of them altogether.

The snacks built a mountain at the corner of the room. Just how much she had piled up?

「Hajime-san. It appears that I have the fate that I have to work no matter what.」

「You are going extreme again. Why cannot you do things in “moderation” huh?」

「I am Liliana. A woman who can only choose white or black, one or ten!」

「No, even if you proclaim like that it’s still」

Liliana who was growing somewhat completely desperate caused Hajime to scratch his cheek wondering what to do.

But, at that time,

「I have heard the story!」

The closet of the room was thrown open *bam*. From there, the one who leaped out with a pointlessly refined somersault was the mother of Nagumo family――Sumire. Just what was going on with the closets of Nagumo residence? It was terrifying because it felt like it would access another world at this rate.

Hajime ignored Sumire and investigated inside the closet. While he was doing that, Sumire made a cool pose while pointing with a snap at Liliana.

「Lily-chan! Become mine(my assistant). If you do that, then I’ll give you half the work!」

「Yes, happily!」

In respond to that sentence of invitation that was like a certain demon king somewhere, the former princess replied swiftly like a certain pub worker somewhere.

「Saay, Okaa-san. Just from where in the world you entered into this closet? There is no hole inside, and there is no way I won’t notice if it is hidden……」

Hajime turned around while his head was cocked in puzzlement. There was already no one else there.


Hajime who didn’t notice their presence exiting the room at all was astonished.

Hajime couldn’t suppress his shudder against his mother who recently seemed to learn the skill of appearing at unexpected places and at unexpected moments. Actually, in the world of publishing business there was a rumor that Sumire-sensei was a real life Dorae○n though……

It was story of a bit later when it was finally known that it was because Sumire was using and applying the artifacts that Hajime created in preparation for the worst case or artifacts for making the daily life convenient.

Hajime knowing the fact that his mother was using the artifacts even more skilled than himself which caused him to fall on all fours, it was also a story of a bit later.

Part 2

☆Shoujo Manga Artist Lily

「Thank god~, you really saved me, Lily-chan. I thought that you can become a battle-ready force because your fingers are dexterous, but this surpass my expectation.」

「I’m honored that I can be useful. I myself is having fun getting involved with the creation work of manga……」

It was about a week after Sumire took away Liliana without Hajime even noticing to become her work’s assistant.

Because several of Sumire’s assistants who were working with her until know suddenly got sick or had family problem, she became short of hand all of a sudden and in need of substitute assistant in a hurry.

Of course, because Sumire was a big-shot manga artist, the publisher would prepare excellent assistant even in such situation. But, Sumire who knew that recently Liliana got really addicted with shoujo manga thought that this was a good chance and she tried making Liliana became her helper.

As the result, Liliana who was skillful and possessed uncommon concentration power from the start managed to learn the skill that wasn’t inferior even when compared with veteran assistant in just a week. Now she had become a very satisfactory battle force.

It appeared that manga creation work suited Liliana. The work also had a moderate pressure where she couldn’t bear to make a mess of the manuscript that was drawn by Sumire who was someone she loved, it needed precise attentiveness, it had a clear time limitation that was the deadline, and the work amount was also quite much.

And then, the best thing for Liliana above all else, was that this work “wasn’t a work that she was forced to do”. It was a work that Liliana liked where the factor that she was helping Sumire was strong.

In a sense, it could be said that this work was fit for Liliana to a T.

「Fufu, Lily-chan. Right now you are making a really good face you know? You have shadow under your eye, but it feels more like something healthy and fulfilling.」

「Yes. Perhaps this is the first time I’m getting absorbed in work with an excited feeling like this.」

They had just somehow finished the manuscript in time right before the deadline. Now they were talking to each other leisurely while drinking café au lait that was filled with a lot of milk. The other assistants were also unanimously praising Liliana’s work attitude.

Here she wasn’t standing in the lead. They all were working hard together where everyone was praising their peers. It was something really fresh for Liliana and gave her a great sense of fulfillment.

「So Lily-chan. I asked you to come helping for the time being but, what will you do after this. If it’s okay with you, I’ll employ you formally.」

「Sumire-okaasama――no, Sumire-sensei, if it’s fine with you then please, by any means.」

The two exchanged a firm handshake with each other.

Like this, the workaholic part-time leader had gone through being a shut-in NEET and finally become a shoujo manga artist’s assistant.

Half a year after that.

「Haa, Sumire-okaasama. As I thought, it’s just no good. It’s fine already, so please go back to your own work.」

「What are you saying now. There is still time. It’s too fast for you to give up.」

「Uu, but……」

Liliana dejectedly turned her eyes to the clock on the wall. It was just a bit more until the time limit.

Well-balanced meal and the fierce and violent battlefield that was the approaching deadline had shaved off the excessive fat from Liliana’s body. However, in reverse her body build became just right――even though she was slim, yet her style became voluptuous and her sensuality increased considerably. There was also how her age had turned seventeen years old, her charm as a woman was increasing by far and away.

Liliana who was putting on such adult sensuality was now in a state that was being down, for some reason it caused anyone who was looking at her to harbor various desire without reason.

「Come one, don’t be that down. Lily-chan is the prized pupil of this Sumire-sensei, that’s why hold yourself more confidently.」

「Sumire-okaasama……that’s right. Besides, even Hajime-san is a person who won’t give up until the end. It’s no good if I give up now.」

Liliana clenched her small fist and made an appeal of not giving up.

Now then, if it was asked what Liliana and Sumire were waiting together for, they were waiting for a call.

In this half a year, Liliana whose heart was completely stolen by the world of literary creation had increased her skill by a great margin. And then, she made her superabundance delusion to erupt and secretly drew her own shoujo manga, but Sumire who knew that invited her to apply for the Rookie of the Year Award.

Today was the day where the winner would be announced. If someone won a place then they would be told by phone. If there wasn’t any call until the appointed time, then that meant that their work was rejected.

The work where she poured her heart and blood got evaluated by other people. This experience that was the first for her was heightening Liliana’s nervousness to a new height.

Seeing Liliana who was staring fixedly at the needle of the clock, Sumire who thought inside her heart「The nervous face of Lily-chan who recently grew into a completely lewd body――not that, she recently look adult……it’s unbearableee」unconsciously reached out her hand squirmingly, it was at that time,



「I’m sorry-, it’s just a sudden impulse! Forgive me!」

The resounding ringtone caused Liliana to stand up in a flash. She left behind Sumire who for some reason was apologizing while making excuse and took her smartphone into her hand.

She answered the phone timidly, and a beat later, her expression turned bright in a flash. She expressed words of thanks「Thank you very much-」many times while bowing her head repeatedly as though she was a pure Japanese person.

Like that after Liliana cut off the phone, she leaped toward Sumire who was smiling broadly from guessing the result.

「I did it, Sumire-okaasama! I, I did it!」

「You see, it’s just as I told you right? I told you it will be fine if it’s Lily-chan. And, which place you won?」

「Yes, it’s the first place! The number one! The grand victor!」

「Oh my. I thought that it might be possible, but you actually really took it. As expected from Lily-chan.」

It seemed that Lily’s submitted work took first place.

After that, the work of Liliana who took the Rookie of the Year Award obtained an explosive popularity and it sold out like hot cakes.

Surely her being a relative and also a prized pupil of that famous shoujo manga artist great Sumire-sensei was also one of the factors of her high newsworthiness.

By the way, the story of the manga was about the journey of a talentless young man who was summoned to another world, where he brushed aside adversity until he defeated an evil god, in the process of that journey the main character was connecting his heart with the princess of the kingdom. It was a really common love fantasy genre.

In the middle of the journey, the princess of vampire, rabbit-eared girl, a dragon onee-san, a widow and her daughter, the teacher and girl classmates who were summoned together with the young man made their appearance and they had a nice atmosphere with the young man, but the young man’s heart was leaning toward the princess of the kingdom. Like that, there was also the desire of certain someone laid bare in the content of the story.

It went without saying that Liliana was given a coo~~~ld chilly gaze from the wives who were reading the manga.

Although, even though the story was something common, the emotion of the characters, the story’s development, and the scene depiction were something overflowing with realisty as though the creator had seen it with her own eyes. It seemed that caused it to be received by the readers.

Now then, Liliana who had discovered something for her to live for, became Sumire second gen, and took a seat in manga world, inside such person there was a trait that couldn’t be ignored by the people related with business world.

That was her elegance as a royalty that she had recovered from discovering something to live for. And then, her personality and beauty that once in the past charmed millions of people. In addition, was her refined sex appeal that recently she was clad with.

In short, she had the appearance and personality that was extremely appealing for media.

Because of that, once she showed up in things like autograph session or interview, her popularity exploded greatly separated from the manga.

After all, because she was a former princess she was used with going out in front of a lot people, she also had the full knowledge of what kind of expression she needed to give the impression she wanted to other. Compared to probing the gut of each other against foreign negotiator or noble, just making herself to be received favorably by the mass was just too easy.

Because she was recognized as the prized pupil of great Sumire-sensei by society, there was no way she could smear mud on the face of her treasured mother-in-law. She also wanted to respond to the feeling of her fans who said to her that they liked her manga.

Liliana who was thinking like that displayed her princess skill in full without holding anything back.

As the result, a year after Liliana started her activity as shoujo manga artist, at the time when her manga was decide to be turned into anime in an unprecedented speed, Liliana was,

「Everyy~~one! Thank you very much for coming today! Anime decision☆ Congratulations! This is Lily who will sing the theme song as the work’s creator dee~~su! I’ll sing with my all, so please enjoy it okay!」


While a thousand fans raised their loud cheers (because the ticket was limited, only a thousand people could enter), Liliana stood on a stage wearing a cute outfit like an idol, and then she sent a wink *pachin-*.

The former princess, former part-time leader, former shut-in NEET, and the popular shoujo manga artist, was now turning into an existence that was laying her hand on the seat of top idol.

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