Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 231 — Arifureta After II - Mistaken World View

Chapter 231: Arifureta After II Mistaken World View

At a corner of an island floating in the sky, there was a demon king sitting on the ground grasping his knees.

It was Hajime.

「Even though thou understood this is how it wouldst end up……」

A weeping back, eyes that looked like dead fish, a beautiful huddling posture. Hajime who was the personification of picture perfect “depressed person” was told by Tio with an exasperated expression.


He barely could let out a ‘guu’ sound. Seeing such Hajime, Tio snickered once more even through her exasperation. The situation that was the exact opposite of their normal act surely would make anyone who knew these two to doubt their eyes if they saw this. (Note: In Japan there is a saying of “he cannot even make ‘guu’ sound” to show how speechless or cornered the person is)

「Come on, Goshujin-sama. Come back to thyself quickly. Thou art going to investigate the cause of this island’s floating state correct?」

Tio squatted snugly beside Hajime. She peered into Hajime’s face with a consoling smile. Hajime glanced at Tio. And next he glanced across his shoulder to look behind.

Over there were several fainting dragons with the white of their eyes completely exposed. Several of their fellow dragons poked at them to ascertain their well-being while several others were staring fearfully at Hajime and Tio. It went without saying that the fainted group was the victim of one of Demon King-Style 108 Harassment Skills, “Peek-a-Demon King!”.

「Just leave me alone and take care of those guys. You see, I’m disgusted from the bottom of my heart of a foolish existence like me.」

「Well, certainly, it was really immature.」

「Gufuh. Getting told that by the like of a hopeless dragon……depressing. I want to……not die, I want to be a shut-in.」

「Even though Goshujin-sama’s mind art damaged that much, but this natural abuse, nnn-」

Tio’s cheeks reddened while her body fidgeted.

A dragon that was poking its comrade behind tilted its head「Oh?」, and a beat later it made a commotion *gyau gyau*. The other dragons that got startled and turned around then started to make similar noise. A fainting dragon had its tongue spilled out limply from its mouth. ……It seemed that it was just a step short from the death’s door.

「However, for Goshujin-sama to make merry until this far, how rare this is.」

「Well, I cannot deny that my mood is uplifted more than usual. After all an adventure where there is no clear objective, no powerful enemy, and no companion’s life at stake like this is the first.」


「You say that, but you too are high spirited aren’t you?」

「Yes. I couldst not deny that.」

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One more dragon had its tongue spilled out limply. And then one more dragon, although it opened its eyes just for a moment, it then stretched its forelegs to the sky――before losing strength and flopped on the ground.

This scene was obvious to the trained eye. Right now, something that looked like a white vapor was rising out from the limply unmoving dragons toward the heaven with swaying motion! They were dying from the shock of “Peek-a-Demon King”!

「Well, for now, I’ll depend on you to keep my disgrace a secret okay? As expected, if this is known by Yue and others, then I’ll turn into a real shut-in from shame and self-disgust.」

Hajime stood up while making Tio to promise to keep this a secret. He then turned on his heel and walked away briskly. He was heading toward the dragons making *gyau gyau* noise at their comrades’ death.

The surviving dragons were startled by Hajime’s approach and their body froze before they escaped inpanic.

「Fufufuh, a secret just between the two of us, that really art not bad. Very well. The childish figure of Goshujin-sama will be locked inside mine heart.」

「Please, okay? Now then, you guys, don’t go to the other side as you please.」

Hajime was talking with Tio while fitting his hand into a black glove that was overflowing with romance. He then suddenly reached out his hand to empty air and grasped something violently. And then, he drove it into the dragon below him.

The dragon with its tongue lolling out twitched and convulsed. The other dragons raised their cry while evacuating to the sky, as though to say「He is beating up a corpse!?」

Not paying any attention to that, Hajime did the same thing to the other dragons, he caught something midair and then drove that something with a palm strike into the dragons’ body.

「Still, looking at them from nearby like this I can really see it……these dragons, their body is really frail.」

「Yes. They art scared against human, and then the polluted land, there art no doubt that this world is a harsh place without sufficient food for these children to live.」

While conversing like that, Hajime made red sparks running through the black glove. *bachi bachi* With that sound, the hand became clad in moderate electricity before Hajime’s hand casually struck at the place where the heart of the dragon with lolling tongue seemed to be located at while he was still talking normally with Tio.

The dragon with lolling tongue twitched and trembled. At the next moment, its eyes opened with a snap and it accomplished its revival!

The “Lightning Clad” seemed to be overflowing with casualness, but actually it had been superbly adjusted. Hajime also granted electric shock using that into the dragons that were ascending to heaven.

By the way, Hajime reaching out his hand to empty air was a direct blow to soul――by using the black glove that was a protection artifact, Hajime grasped the soul of the dragons that was ascending to heaven and returned them to their body.

The dragons that received the relatively rough direct resurrection treatment were shivering in terror as expected when they saw Hajime. Hajime muttered「Well, can’t be helped. I reap what I sow」. For the time being he took out food――meat that was preserved inside “Treasure Warehouse II” for the bean sprouts dragons.

Hajime threw it carelessly at the dragons’ feet. The dragons jumped in place because they couldn’t escape even if they wanted with their distance being too close to Hajime, even so their nose was twitching from the wafting smell from below.

They were bothered about Hajime. Or rather, they were scared. Perhaps they would be killed instantly the moment they took their eyes off from him……

Even while thinking that, drools were already dripping like river from their mouth. In less than ten second their eyes were already glancing repeatedly at their feet.

They looked like a doggy that was told to “wait” .

Hajime smiled wryly.

「That’s an apology for surprising you guys. You guys looking like bean sprouts even though you are a dragon race is also pitiful. Eat as much as you want.」

Saying that, Hajime also carelessly leave behind raw meats including the share of the dragons that were circling above while observing the situation. And then he drew back.

The dragons looked at each other. ‘He is not attacking? What is this thing with good smell? Is it okay to eat?’ It felt like those voices of heart could be heard from them.

The flying dragons hesitantly landed down. And then, their eyes were getting bloodshot from seeing the lumps of meat while drools were dripping down from their mouth like waterfall. The dragons looked at each other, and then, they glanced at Hajime.

Hajime was standing silently beside Tio. Beside the mysteriously kind great existence who was clad in the same presence like them.

Before long, one dragon became unable to endure anymore and bit at the edge of the meat. While the other dragons were watching over him「O, oi. You are okay?」, for a moment the dragon stiffened, and then its eyes snapped open instantly before it charged the lump of meat.


Anyone could understand even without word. That was truly a roar of joy! ‘How can something this delicious exist in this world! This is like a treasure of food~~-!!’ Such voice of heart was resounding.

Naturally the other dragons also snapped at the meat. And then, they raised similar roar of joy.

One dragon exposed its white of eyes and its tongue lolled out from the excessive deliciousness and excitement. Its soul that looked like a white vapor was ascending to heaven. Hajime quickly grasped it, drove it *zudon-* into the body, and revived it with *bachi bachi*. The dragon then snapped into the meat once more.

「These guys, they are dying too easily. Just how frail they are?」

「Truly, this art too pitiful for a dragon race……was what I wanted to say, but it looks like this art even their first time eating meat for these children. Most likely, they art surviving by living in this island eating fruits or something else. By the way, why art Goshujin-sama bringing meat like that?」

「Aa. Remember, we had barbecue before right? A lot of people came and so I bought a lot of meat in preparation in high spirits, these meats are the remains from that time.」

「Mu. Wait a second, Goshujin-sama. If I remember correctly, the meat at that time was really good meat correct? I remember that it was the brand product from somewhere.」

「Yeah. These are grade A5 meats.」

「……The meat they art eating for the first time, art the top quality product. Perhaps it couldst not be helped if they ascend to heaven from that.」

Rather, this was an act that would make the meat producer to fly into rage saying ‘don’t use this meat for animal food!’. If Hajime was going to make excuse, he gave them this kind of meat because he only had preserved food other than this. Even Hajime felt a bit regretful doing this.

But, this act that was an extravagance in a sense brought an unexpected result at the present.

「Hm? ……Their wariness is lessening slightly?」

Yes, the dragons that were giving off satisfied aura as though to say「I’m full!」were sending glances at Hajime. From those gazes, it certainly looked like the color of terror from before was lessening. Right now if he had to say they were more bewildered than scared.

「……Are we mistaken perhaps? Who will ever thought that these guys who were that scared against human will change their heart like this just from a single food.」

「Muu. These children art too simple that it’s worrisome. They are like children who wouldst follow a stranger just because they are promised candy.」

It was unthinkable for a wild beast to so easily let go of the wariness they had harbored once. That was why Hajime gave them meat in the name of apologizing but……at this rate, perhaps these dragons would react warmly against human who they actually ought to be wary against different from before.

The result of doing that would be the same like shortening the life of these dragons. Therefore, Hajime’s expression turned a bit bitter.

「But if you look from the opposite, perhaps they are being so cornered to the degree that their wariness will lessen just from a single food……」

Hajime sighed. And then, he exposed a really speechless expression before he suddenly changed his presence.

「Sorry. I didn’t intend to toy with you guys but……I did something bad. Get scared against human properly.」

Saying that, Hajime was about to emit “Pressure”――it was at that time,


The dragons suddenly turned around in panic and rushed in full speed into the forest.


「No, that’s not me. I haven’t emit Pressure. Just what in the――」

Tio turned a face that was questioning Hajime, but naturally Hajime responded with words of denial. Hajime himself was tilting his head n puzzlement why the dragons suddenly ran away.

But, the next moment, he noticed the cause and stopped his words. If it was the hell rabbit ear Shia, the it would be possible that she would notice in the same time or possibly faster than the dragons.

「What? Something is approaching? A living thing……but this voice」

「Mu? I couldst not hear anything……no, now I ccouldst. ……This is……it sounds like motor?」

「Ye, yeah. I also can hear something like that……」

From faraway the sound of *kiiiiiiiii-* was faintly resounding. Certainly it was just like Tio said, the sound resembled motor sound. Yes, it was a voice that was raised by machine. Therefore Hajime couldn’t hide his bewilderment.

A black rain that polluted the world, dragon, and floating island in the sky. In this undoubtedly fantasy world, something that was making a sound that resembled motor sound was approaching rapidly. It couldn’t be helped that his image of this world was crumbling.

「Nevertheless, this thing is……」


The moment Tio continued Hajime’s sentence, that thing showed its appearance along with a high-pitched sound.

A hard-looking frame in delta shape that had a trace of roundness with sky blue color that could be concealed by the azure sky. Several long and narrow tubes were attached at its bottom part. There were five of them, rushing straight toward the floating island with beautiful triangle formation.

Seeing those things flying away instantly above Hajime and Tio, Hajime said,

「Why fighter aircrafts!?」

He grandly acted the straight-man.

Yes, those things were obviously fighter aircrafts. If compared to the existing aircraft in earth, then these aircrafts looked like space fighter aircraft that appeared in a movie of near future, but Hajime’s excellent eyes certainly caught sight of a few things. That human was riding inside the cockpit installed at the front part of the airframe, and that the tube things installed below the aircraft resembled the missile in earth.

「……Goshujin-sama. It seemed our world view art mistaken. If we hath to say what kind of world this is――it’s SF.」

「What’s with this chaos.」

A black rain that polluted the world, dragon, and floating island in the sky, futuristic fighter aircrafts flying in the sky.

Certainly it was a chaotic world.

*KIIII* The hard sound resounded from the other world aircraft that drew a beautiful arc in the sky. The formation of five planes was circling above as though to observe the floating island and then they took distance for the moment.

「The other side should be able to see us too. It will be fine if they can communicate with us somehow.」

「For now, how about trying to talk with them using telepathy Goshujin-sama?」

Hajime and Tio talked with each other carefreely. Ahead of their gaze, one of the circling aircraft suddenly began to be clad with a strange light. The aircraft that was giving off presence that felt increasingly like SF――or rather like UFO, it released something like light ripple the moment it passed across the forest.

There wasn’t any thunderous sound reverberating or the forest getting blown up. But, there was certainly a result from that.


A hard sound that was different from the motor sound struck the ear.

「-, this is」

「Sound wave?」

Hajime and Tio screwed up their face reflexively. Tio immediately blocked the sound wave using wind barrier, but even so that sound attack caused her headache.

Naturally, for the dragons whose hearing was better than Hajime and Tio and didn’t possess any barrier, this was an attack that would make them feel outrageous agony.


The dragons raised a cry that sounded like scream and they flew out all at once from the forest.

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It seemed they fell into panic. They frantically tried to distance themselves from the forest as much as they could. There, another plane fired its missile.

The missile that was approaching in high speed burst before it could impact the dragons, and from there a net was ejected.

The net spread widely and enveloped the dragons without even giving them time to twist their body. On top of that, the net wasn’t falling down but it stayed fixed midair and restrained the dragons. It was as though the dragons were locked inside a cage that was created midair.

「A hunt, huh.」

「……I see. We art not helping?」

Tio didn’t sound blaming. She asked merely as a question. Hajime made a wry smile.

「If there is someone being a nuisance to a fisherman saying『What are you doing catching the fish huh!』, then that person is simply an idiot. No, rather he is a scoundrel that is hindering the fisherman’s work.」

「Certainly. It’s not something good if we who doth not know anything about this world interfere as we pleased.」

It was a completely sound reasoning. They only had a bit of interaction with the dragons, but it would be a lie if they said that they didn’t feel attachment at all to the dragons whose reaction were like a stray dog. However, if they were asked whether they were so attached to the dragons to the degree that they would hinder the aircraft pilots who were possibly hunting the dragon to feed their family or for some kind of important work, then the answer was a big NO.

「But, I’m curious to the working of that net that is fixed midair and the sound wave attack and flashing phenomenon of the aircraft. No matter how I look, their driving force seem different compared to earth’s aircraft……perhaps, it might have the same principle with how this island is floating.」

「Either way, they art a party that we might be able to exchange word with. Letting this chance get away art not an option. The problem now, art how to form communication with them, but……art we going to try sending them telepathy?」

「It will be great if my Language Comprehension and interpreter artifact can demonstrate their effect.」

Even while the two were conversing, most of the dragons that were flying out from the forest were captured. Hajime was observing to see how the dragons would be transported, but during that time one of the aircraft circled around and it was facing its nose toward Hajime and Tio.

「Oh, as expected it looks like they noticed us. Seem the toher side is the one coming to contact us see?」

「Ri, right. It appears so but……for some reason, I hath a bad premonition though.」

Tio’s premonition was correct.

The moment *voo-* an instantaneous sound split the air and a sudden flash scattered from the lower part of the aircraft’s nose――wind of killing intent assaulted the two.

What was fired without any warning was a machine gun. The storm of bullets that were concealing terrible destructive power mercilessly rushed at Hajime and Tio. The surrounding ground was rupturing as though getting blown away. The thrown up cloud of dust covered the two from view.

The aircraft passed overhead Hajime and Tio as though nothing had happened and it rejoined its comrade. It didn’t even give any glance at Hajime and Tio anymore. It was clear that the pilot thought the two weren’t existence that was worth anything. It was only mowing a grass at a corner of the garden that was an eyesore――that was how it felt like.

「……Calm down me. This is another world. Don’t judge things with our own common sense.」

「……Those guys……ignorance art truly terrifying isn’t it.」

The cloud of dust was carried away by the wind. What appeared from there was naturally the unharmed Hajime and Tio. Cube-shaped barrier was deployed around them using Cross Velt. The strafing that had a might which resembled 30mm Vulcan cannon was blocked without even a single crack in the barrier.

However, it was doubtful whether the heart of the person inside could block that kind of uncompromising tyranny.

Hajime was folding his arms with vein pulsing on his forehead, even so he was trying to suppress his anger and persuaded himself. Tio beside him was directing a gaze that was shuddering in terror to the aircraft pilots. Of course, that shudder wasn’t directed toward their strength, but at their attitude that was picking a fight against a godslayer right from the front.

「This is a world with polluted land. Then, a ground that is floating in the sky must be really important for human to live. Naturally, they should be managing and protecting it strictly. And now there are unknown people rudely stepping on it. I cannot complain even if I got shot without any warning whatsoever. Isn’t that right, me? That’s right, me.」

「Go, Goshujin-sama. I understand that thy art angry, so please stop that soliloquizing. Somehow it’s terrifying in different meaning.」

The way to suppress anger Hajime-style――soliloquizing. Seen from the side, it was a skill that was wholly judged to be more terrifying then getting angry normally.

Because in earth there was no way he could uncompromisingly go “instant death for everyone?” like when he was in Tortus, this was a patience skill that Hajime newly learned.

From afar, seeing how Hajime and Tio were unharmed, the pilot seemed to be taken aback and he directed its aircraft’s nose toward the two once more.

Hajime cleared his throat once and he called for ceasefire while activating “Telepathy”.

『Aa~, pilot-san, pilot-san. Can you hear? We don’t have any ill intention. If we are trespassing illegally, then we will apologize and get out right away. That’s why, first let’s have a tal――』

Missile coming!! Without warning it went whoo~~~sh-!!

Of course, Hajime and Tio were unharmed.


『Sto, stop it! All of theee, doth thee hath a death wish!? Let’s hath a talk right now!』

Hajime was muttering to himself inaudibly.「Perhaps the telepathy didn’t go through. No, perhaps they didn’t understand the language. Perseverance is important in communication. Isn’t that’s right, me? That’s right, me」He was soliloquizing again. His eyes were completely not moving though.

『Please, listen to us. We――』

Missile comi~~~ng-!! Yes, whoo~~~~sh-!!

Perhaps the missile this time was of a different variety, it didn’t just explode but it had extra flame blast with viscosity. The surrounding was dyed crimson. However, inside the flame that was blazing rumblingly, the two were standing still unharmed as expected.

Tio was getting flustered ‘awawawa’ while glancing at Hajime, but when she saw Hajime’s expression had gone past rage and he was starting to smile instead, she covered her face with both hands as though to say「I cannot bear to see this anymore!」

But, it would be troubling if the current Hajime was looked down on. In order for him to live normally in earth at Japan, his homeland that believed in law and order, everyday he was working hard to not use violence, but instead he was learning different strength that was patience and perseverance, negotiation power and financial strength.

He wouldn’t snap just from a bit of machine gun strafing and missiles!

……It felt like the dragons would want to retort「Then, why did you snap before this!?」if they knew it.

『Pilot-san, we――』

Hajime tried to call out once more with a voice that had lost any intonation. This time, finally there was a reaction. Although, the reaction wasn’t something that “came back” to Hajime, but a complete ignoring of Hajime.

『Chih, what the hell is this. Don’t tell me they are carrying shielding device in the same level with a warship?』

『Vans-san, surely that’s impossible. Do you see anywhere any device with size necessary for shield of warship level?』

『Are they OOPArt owner? ……I want that.』(Note: Out of Place Artifact)

『No way, you think there is any explorer in this ear huh. Rather than that, look there. That woman. Her outfit is strange, but she is an extremely fine jewel yeah? Hey, Vans-san? Looks like that guy is calling at us, so let’s land down and kill just the man, then give me that woman. The woman from before is not usable anymore. I want to make her my new pet.』

It appeared these guys weren’t really guys with class. At the same time, it seemed they were thinking that the conversation at their side weren’t leaking out. Most likely they were under the impression that the communication method of Hajime and Tio was something like their own method, it seemed they thought that they couldn’t be heard because they were in different frequency (?).

Hajime was silent. However, any color was gradually leaving his smiling face.

In the middle of that, the man who seemed to be the leader called Vans-san said this to the man who made a remark of wanting to kill Hajime and make only Tio as pet,

『Hmph? Certainly, I’m curious with that abnormally strong shield. ……Fine then. We will land down and pull information out from them. After that kill the man――and I’ll take the woman.』

『Eeh!? That’s unfair!』

『Don’t make a ruckus. I’ll lend her to you when I’m not using her.』

『A~a, can’t be helped then~』

Their screwed up conversation was continuing. The five fighter aircrafts――if following what they were saying, it seemed the plane was called sky battlecraft――that were circling with their nose directed at Hajime and Tio were lowering their speed and altitude. Currently in the conversation that was being leaked out clearly, the hot topics were about how they would kill Hajime or how they would rape Tio later.

「……Haa, the fools. They art waking up a monster that is not necessary to wake up. They art getting their just dessert.」

Tio’s words were muttered to herself.

The sky battlecrafts were approaching. The dragons were peeking at their direction from inside the net.

Hajime figure vanished instantly.

And then, the pilots of the sky battlecrafts, especially Vans who was flying in the lead as the first plane, were doubting their eyes.

『There is no need to get down. I’ll send you all down to hell myself.』

A flat voice was resounding inside their head. At the same time, an impossible sight in front of them leaped into their sight.

With a giant weapon loaded with giant stake carried in one hand, a human silhouette jumped at the front of the flying sky battlecraft’s cockpit while scattering crimson spark.

「Eh? Ah? What――」

That became the last sentence of the man named Vans.

『What……the hell, is that』

『Just now, what happened!?』

『What is going on!?』

『Sheet-, is that seriously some kind of OOPArt!?』

Panicked voices resounded.

The sight that they witnessed.

It was a moment of a man jumping up for a few hundred meters with blood and flesh body, and then with one hand carrying a weapon that was unthinkable for any human to lift, he literally pulverized the first plane.

The wreckage of the first plan that was scattered into little pieces and shower of flesh and blood were raining down to the ground. A single black giant stake pierced the floating island like a gravestone.

The pilots that were cursing while rapidly turning their plane were treated with further absurd sight.

It was a sight of a barrage of giant stakes flying wildly everywhere.

『Sca, scatterrr!』

The plane that seemed to be the second in rank immediately gave a command, but he was already too late. One plane received a direct hit and got turned into scraps midair.

『Holy sheet-, you bastard, I’ll absolutely murder――』

The one speaking turned speechless. His eyes were opened wide. That was natural. After all, the target was calmly standing midair while causing crimson ripples, furthermore at the opposite hand of the hand carrying the weapon that was shooting out giant stakes――gatling pile bunker, another giant weapon materialized.

The name of that weapon which was put on the shoulder was――Agni - Orkan. It was a weapon that displayed the most power in surface-to-air combat.

Instantly, a great number of missiles were launched.

The man that was about to spit out curse screamed soundlessly while steering his plane, but how could he possibly evade more than fifty missiles that were assaulting him from every directions. Naturally, his fate was decided.

One more flower of flame blast bloomed in the sky.

『Withdraw! We’re withdrawing!』

『Mo, monster-』

The two remaining sky battlecrafts circled with a maneuver that was possibly even more outstanding that aircrafts made in earth. They tried to retreat from the battlefield right away with their highest speed.

Their speed was also amazing as expected, they had turned into the size of bean in one breath.

Hajime silently stowed away the gatling pile bunker and Agni - Orkan, and he took out the replacement weapon.

――Anti-Material Sniping Cannon Schlagen AA (Acht Acht)

Across the scope, a sky battlecraft escaping to the sky faraway was reflecting.

『That was a good lesson right? Use it as reference in hell.』

The trigger was pulled after that whisper. No matter how excellent the speed of the sky battlecraft, there was no way they could match the speed of a bullet that was accelerated electromagnetically. One plane was pierced from its back part until its front part, and then with a state that was like it was skewered, its figure was vanishing into the sea of clouds.

Hajime who was shouldering Schlagen AA called out to Tio.

「Tio. We are pursuing. We are annihilating――not, it appear that plane is returning back toward its comrade’s location. Let’s thoroughly have them tell us about this world.」

「Aa, yes. That’s right.」

Tio was seeing Hajime tearing apart the nets capturing the dragons using cakram with a wry smile while transforming into dragon.

And then, Hajime rode on her back and she started flying in the sky with a terrific speed.

「Goshujin-sama, thank you.」

「……For what?」

Tio didn’t answer. Hajime also understood what it was about. She was happy that he exposed his wrath when the men said they would make her a pet.

Instead of answering, Tio’s acceleration that was far smoother than usual told the answer more eloquently than anything.

「Now then. Was that the standard of this world’s human, or else it’s different, I’ll have them show me.」

「Thy art really on fire……」

Even while feeling a bit excited at the fierce gleam in the eyes of Hajime who was facing an enemy that she was seeing for the first time in a while, Tio was also feeling just a little pity at the vulgar residence of this other world who angered the demon king right from the start.

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