Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 239 — Arifureta After II Black God Dragon Manifestation

Chapter 239: Arifureta After II Black God Dragon Manifestation

A fleet that was formed from easily more than a hundred ships appeared from inside the dawn. The number of the airships was countless, and there were 30 ships at the same level with the mother ship Ostinato that was sunk before this, and then there were ten mother ships of Avenst’s level that surpassed Ostinato’s level, the number of the sky battlecrafts was very much like the stars in the sky, and then there was one super gigantic battleship that seemed to be the flagship, advancing forward leisurely.

Their majestic appearance showed with certainty that it wasn’t an overestimation to call them as the country that ruled the sky.

「……Why, how, are they here?」

They thought that their location wasn’t known. Because if that was the case, then they would have been annihilated already since a long time ago. The fact that they were fighting even if it was with guerilla method was the proof that the nation on ship Avenst wasn’t discovered, that was what they thought.

That was why, Roze could only stand dumbfounded in front of the embodiment of death that suddenly showed their figure. She could only let out meaningless question of「Why」「How」.

Crow siblings and the other top brasses were also in similar state. The combatant Bovid and then Sabas were showing a resolved face that said「Aah, so they finally come」. These two might be the only one who vaguely noticed this possibility. But, even though they noticed there was still nothing that they could do.

Silver color flashed.

「Chih. Oi, queen-san! How long you are going to stay dazed like that-. If you don’t have any motivation, then I won’t defend the next one anymore!」


Right after Hajime’s yell shook the air, the second wave of attack from the fleet assaulted mother ship Avenst. It was an attack like previously, a silver bombardment that thrust toward the flank. Twelve came in one wave.

In respond, several variable chakrams “Orestes” were floating around before anyone knew it.

The Orestes instantly cut into the line of fire and they unfolded with *kashun* sound. They opened a gate that crossed space in their inner area.

Each of the silver bombardment that was approaching while making the air screamed got seized into the internal of Orestes, and instantly they were returned back toward the fleet by another Orestes that were floating above Avenst.

The fleet got the main cannon attack they launched themselves returned back as it was toward them, however, they didn’t show unsightly appearance like getting sank from direct hit of that. Several airship class ships that were deployed at the front shined silver, at the same time a barrier was deployed at their front line.

The barrier that was also shining silver completely blocked the returned main cannon bombardment. And it didn’t stop there, the bombardment’s might was shaved off as though it was getting sucked and then the attack was erased in just a few seconds.

「Hee. As expected, they are also making countermeasure against their own weapon.」

「Something of this scale, it seems that the country itself art moving out. It’s unknown whether this art only a part or their whole force though…… Goshujin-sama, it seemed that there was survivor wasn’t it?」

Tio guessed that there was survivor from the mother ship Ostinato who reported back to their country and she hummed in admiration. To think that there was a survivor from that attack of Hajime that should even be called as a savage deed, and that survivor even managed to struggle until he reached back home……surely that survivor was a possessor of a powerful fortune, she thought.

In reality, that possessor of powerful fortune was returning home in half crazy state, and after that, as the result of receiving an inquiry that was like a pseudo torture, his personality then became calm as though his nature was reversed or perhaps he had even reached enlightenment, and now he had become a character that was like a saint who loved dragon and nature and the sun above all else……

「Whoops, so it’s physical attack this time. For now it looks like they are evading us.」

Several hundred missiles flew out from the fleet. All of them looked as though they were avoiding the vicinity of the front deck at the warship’s bow where Hajime and others were at. They were flying toward the rear half of mother ship Avenst and the two airships at the side.

It seemed that they had noticed the existence of Hajime and Tio. On top of that, they weren’t aiming at direct hit course toward the two of them surely because they were thinking to capture the two of them if possible.

「Well, it’s easier to deal with when they art bunched up. Goshujin-sama, please take care of the straggler.」


Tio thrust both her hands forward. The stance looked like she was going to hold something from left and right. And then focused jet black magic power came into being instantly. It was sparking and compressed――and it was fired.

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*GOU*, a bombardment in a scale that didn’t lose to the enemy ship’s main cannon before this surged.

Tio was launching the prided breath attack of dragon race. It easily erased a part of the approaching missile swarm. In addition, when Tio swung her arm, like a giant laser blade that was made from jet black light, the missile swarm was mowed down horizontally.

Several dozen missiles that got away were shot down by Hajime’s sniping.

At the same time,

「Now then, to conform to manners, we have to return the favor properly.」

What Hajime took out while saying that was of course the sky *chu……the sunlight convergence laser “Burst Hyperion”.

「First Compression Reactor――”Release”」

The sunlight energy that was already focused was launched directionally. The fiercely extreme light burned the retina as though it was further overwriting the sky’s morning glow.

Naturally, the barrier fleet formed the silver barrier. The light of Burst Hyperion mercilessly pierced through that barrier. The impact sound that made the air screamed resounded, a part of the barrier fleet was pushed back by the might.

「Second Compression Reactor――”Release”」

The laser bombardment mercilessly increased its might. Different from the silver bombardment, the barrier was making unpleasant sound “bikiri-, paki paki-* without even being able to absorb the attack. The battle line was disarrayed and the silver light that was enveloping the barrier ship that was nearby the place where the laser impacted was flickering weakly.

「Third Compression Reactor――”Release”」

Of course, Hajime-san further pushed hard. The maximized sunlight laser was finally going to pierce through the fleet’s barrier.

But, perhaps it should be said as expected from the fleet of a country. It didn’t look like it would go that easily.

The warship with the biggest size shined brilliantly. That ship which seemed to be the flagship was enveloped by similar silver light like the barrier ship and then it radiated the light toward the barrier ship.

「Hmph? It looks like monarch dragon granting power to other dragon huh.」

Hajime whispered while releasing the fourth compressed reactor. Just like how monarch dragon granted power to other dragons, it seemed the flagship was also able to grant power to other airship.

「……That’s, the ability of the exclusive ship of Qwailent’s king――Durgrant. As long as that flagship exist, there won’t be any way to defend against the fleet’s bombardment and there won’t be any hope to slip through the barrier.」

The one who answered Hajime’s whisper was Roze’s spiritless words. Shadow of despair peeked through her eyes. She must know it really well. The reason they couldn’t win even if they fought from the front. Until now they must have been brought to grief many times by this enemy.

As though to make doubly sure, there were also another fleets separated from the fleet in front, floating from three directions with the mother ship Avenst at the center. It seemed they were advancing while hiding on the outer layer of the sea of clouds and finished the encirclement.

「I see. That’s certainly a tough barrier. ……Though it seems it’s taking considerable compensation for it.」

A scream suddenly resounded. It was the yell of death agony that came from a beast. A clear ill will could be felt from their action that was purposefully broadcasting that voice using speaker to the outside.

「……The fleet is all linked up with equipment that magnified the dragon core energy. Naturally that means that their driving force is using dragon core. They are using the land of Avenst for breeding dragons, so they are literally consuming dragon core as disposable item.」

To shed more detail, dragon core would become bigger along with the dragon’s growth. Dragon that was grown up through the years would possess fine quality dragon core inside their body. Because of that, with the objective of harvesting usable dragon core immediately after the birth, they were also using drugs to quicken the dragons’ growth.

The scream of the dragons who were continuously killed having their source of life exploited one after another even right now in this moment caused Roze and others to make a pained expression as though it was themselves who were being cut apart.

Hajime saw them looking like that and he let out a sigh and he stopped the firing of Burst Hyperion.

Actually he was thinking to take out all his Burst Hyperion and launched his maximum bombardment that was concentrated in one spot + sublimation magic but……he saw Tio beside him who were obviously boiling with emotion of rage and grief despite her expressionless face, so he refrained from doing that.

The attack of Burst Hyperion ended and the unharmed fleet was resuming its march leisurely. It seemed that the fleet was vaguely enveloped with the atmosphere that was convinced they had endured through Hajime’s attack.

But, at that time, a man’s voice resounded in the airspace that was rampant with despair and scream. It was a voice that was heavily coated with ridicule, ill will, and atrocity.

『So the bombardment just now is your doing, the black hair there.』

There wasn’t any self-introduction. There wasn’t even any preface. If he asked, than the one asked would surely answer. They could do nothing else but answering, they wouldn’t even be allowed to stay silent. It was a question that couldn’t even hide such haughtiness.

And so, for the time being Hajime shot Acht Acht.

A life-sized gun barrel. Zero time sniping without even focusing to aim.

Surely it looked like a peashooter after seeing the extremely big bombardment of Burst Hyperion.

But, that was a mistake. After all that sniper cannon was specialized in penetration. The speed that was beyond the pale of the knowledge of electromagnetic acceleration was equal with destructive force. Under the condition of one point penetration, it was far above Burst Hyperion that was a weapon of extermination.

「Well, the main unit is also considerably tough huh. It would be quick if the boss is blown away by just now.」

「That place looks like the bridge, but it didst not meant that place art really one. Look, somehow his anger art transmitted to here. I didst not know who art this person, but it looks like he is still alive.」

A dangerous atmosphere was conveyed through the speaker of flagship Durgrant. That was only natural. Because his question was replied by a shelling, what’s more that shelling easily pierced through the barrier and then blew up a part of the place that seemed to be the bridge of the flagship Durgrant.

Seen from the whole, it was really just a damage to a minor part but……

It was really easy to see how shaken the fleet was. And it was even easier to understand the anger of the man who asked the question just now.

And then, that feeling of shaken also came from Roze and others behind. Lines like「Lies, Durgrant that had never even been scratched until now is……」, or「The legend, is easily broken like this……」, or「That mercilessness that is just like usual……I’m going numb here y’know, Hajime-san」could be heard from them.

The radiance that was enveloping Durgrant increased. At the same time the screams of the dragons were also reverberating once more.

『You black hair, can you hear this? I’m not taking out fuel from them or anything you know? I’m only simply torturing them. They are crying with a nice voice right? This crying voice of these animals you bastards are treasuring. ――If you want me to let you all die painlessly, then don’t you dare making light of me aga――』

『What the hell you are talking about since some time ago? Speaking sluggishly like this after I’ve been waiting patiently like this. What a slow guy. Stop wasting time and speak your business. I’ll listen so talk quickly.』

Against the haughtiness, even more haughtiness attacked back. Hajime answered using telepathy while still acting arrogantly with his arms folded. That attitude looked like he felt all of these were troublesome, it was unthinkable that he was doing bombardment contest like a space battle that would come out in an SF just now. He didn’t even ask the identity of the one talking to him.

Hajime had no interest about the identity of the one talking to him from the bottom of his heart. This was an opponent of little importance.

That implicit thinking was conveyed vividly to all the people in that airspace.

『……You doesn’t even know who I am? Looks like the collaborator of Avenst is a dumb guy huh.』

『There is no way I’ll know that when you don’t even introduce yourselves. Well, from your way of talking there is not even a fragment of refinement in it, are you an upstart punk or something? It’s better to not trying too hard to make yourself look threatening y’know. You might feel like a big shot after bringing a lot of your friends along like this but……the smell of a barking dog is intense even from here.』

Bursting out sound from Roze and others who knew about the true identity of the voice’s owner could be heard from behind.「Bufuh」It seemed that they reflexively leaked out a laugh.

Or rather, there was now Hajime didn’t understand just who was it riding the flagship in this situation. In other words, everything except when he said he didn’t know the speaker’s identity was merely his true feelings.

『What a cheap provocation. You said that, but you are desperately thinking about a plan to breakthrough this even now aren’t you? That’s a laugh. In deference of your comical figure I’ll introduce myself. ――Gregor Cluzet Kwailent. The king of sky divine country Qwailent. Now you understand? The one in front of you is the god king of this world.』

In a sense that claim wasn’t a mistake. He possessed the greatest military force and also monopolized most of the limited resource in this world. Whether to give or steal, to let live or kill, it all depended on him. There wasn’t anyone who could object even if he introduced himself as a god.

But, Hajime who heard that claim was,

『I see. Well, say, that. Do your best okay, God-sama. I think you must have it hard in various things though.』

For some reason, Hajime gave him words of encouragement with a very gentle expression.

What crossed at the back of Hajime’s mind was a god of a certain another world. The existence who when he was insisting「Because I’m a god. I don’t have friend, my country was also ruined, and I’m an attention seeker who liked to create doll, but I’m seriously a god! That’s why, everyone, listen to what I’m saying okay!」instead got a wind hole opened on his body and went *pop*.

Thinking back, that guy was someone really pitiful. Good grief, just who it was, who was the guy that beat up that kind of unfortunate and pitifully hopeless god to death leaving not even a dust behind. What a terrible guy.

『Goshujin-sama. Art you waiting for a retort for that? I wouldst say this, just in case, it was Goshujin-sama who obliterated that self-proclaimed god in rage. Also, I wouldst say this because it seems thou hath forgotten but, it was also Goshujin-sama who shaved the retainer god to death. That deed of chopping off his four limbs to instigate his pain and fear, and then shaving him to death slowly from the edge of his body, it was something that was really hard to forget.』

It seemed from the middle the event of Ehito going *pop* was leaked through the telepathy. An exasperated straight-man retort came in from Tio.

Roze and others were taking a step back with a creeped out expression. It was really not a method of killing that human could do! They were taking distance with their shudders laid bare. The top brasses could be heard whispering things like「I vaguely thought it but……as expected he is a demon」, or「A brute, there is a brute hereee」, or「What lack of mercy……I admire that yeah」and so on.

Naturally, it was a telepathy that was broadcasted externally, so the words of self-poclaimed god and the words of unfortunate and pitifully hopeless god were also overheard by all the people in the area. And the king of the divine country who was talked to be at the same rank with that kind of god and in the end even got a gentle expression directed to him was,

『Roze. Choose. Will you all fall into ruin altogether, or will you come under me along with the monarch dragon and abandon your country?』

He changed his target. It wasn’t like he was feeling awkward or anything. His emotionless voice was displaying really clearly the rage that was boiling like magma inside him.

Those were the words of the sworn enemy who usurped the throne and took over the country, however Roze was unable to answer immediately. Gregor’s objective was clear. He was aiming for the power of monarch dragon from Kuwaible, the blood of royalty from Roze, and the enjoyment of seeing Avenst struggle after it lost these two.

In such case, then the people of Avenst would surely going through annihilation exactly as though they were shaved to death. And then, Kuwaibel would be forced to go through experiment and mating to mass produce monarch dragon, while Roze would also become a plaything.

But, if they didn’t obey, then Avenst would perish immediately. The only difference between the two choices was whether it would be a slow or fast death.

Originally even if they were going to challenge Qwailent in the cleared up world, but they wanted to leave behind those who couldn’t fight in a safe place. But it seemed even that choice was already gone.

After closing her eyes for a bit, Roze made her decision.

「Hajime-sama, Tio-sama. Please head toward Helmut’s subjugation without reserve. Surely it will be easy for you two to breakthrough the encirclement with your strength.」

Hajime turned only his gaze toward her across his shoulder.

「You are going to have a decisive battle here?」

「No. Only I and Kuwaibel will go under Gregor.」

Screams were suddenly raised. The Crow siblings, Sabas, Bovid and the others combatant, and all the other top brasses unanimously called at her to stop. They didn’t wish to have a long life so much that they would sacrifice the queen and the monarch dragon. They insisted that such way of living that knew no shame wouldn’t save anyone!

「I’m not giving up. Even if it’s only a faint hope, even if it’s a thorny path, as long as we are still alive then there is still hope. Furthermore, if Hajime-sama and Tio-sama are going to kindly subjugate Helmut for us, there might be a chance for us to make a comeback by making use of the resulting chaos. Right now, right now we have to live!」

Roze dignifiedly ordered to the top brasses, and also toward the people of Avenst who were starting to show up on the deck because they were awoken by the first cannon attack. Seeing the piercing light in those eyes even in this edge of despair made them comprehended, that indeed, there was definitely no color of resignation there. What was there was merely an earnestly firm resolve and nothing else.

This time everyone but Roze was at loss for words. They instinctively knew that the decision of the queen couldn’t be overturned just by their words. Her command to them to live for now pierced their chest.

The lips of Hajime who was watching at them like that across his shoulder, it warped slightly. That was the form of a small smile.

When he looked beside him, Tio was making a really gentle expression that was filled with affection. That figure who wouldn’t give up until the last moment even when she understood that it was a hellish path――was really beautiful.

Hajime shrugged his shoulders. And then, he asked about something that he had already understood since the time the fleet appeared from inside the dawn.

『Oi, Grugor. To say the truth, I’m actually unrelated with this woman and Avenst. Do you feel like overlooking us two?』


It seemed that he didn’t have any intention to answer. He must had washed his hands already from Hajime. He didn’t care what would happen to Hajime after this even if Hajime ended up all but dead, as long as he was still alive in the end and he could be experimented on through something like torture to search for the secret of his strength. His intention against Tio should also be the same.

……Surely, he wasn’t sulking or anything because his name was mistaken so naturally just now, yes, there was no way it was so.

Hajime who took the silence to meant no felt Tio making an expression that looked itchy as though she was holding down the emotion welling up inside her while he took a deep breath――

『Cough-. Aa~, informing the criminals who are abducting and confining the innocent dragon hostage~. Release all of them right no~~~~w! Your mother in the countryside is crying you knowww!』

At once Hajime felt gazes piercing him from behind that were asking「This guy, just what is he saying?」. At the same time, that kind of atmosphere was also transmitted toward him from the fleet somehow.

But, Hajime-san didn’t pay any attention to everyone’s bewilderment and began to dash leaving everyone behind. Because, that was Hajime Quality after all!

『All of you, don’t have the right to request a lawyer! You also don’t have any ground to plead for any extenuating circumstance! But, I’ll allow your right to keep silent! If you let go of the dragon hostage, and then stay sil~lent and return home, I’ll be merciful and won’t shoot from behind! Now, this is a chance of a lifetime for you to avoid death penalty you know! Who cares about Beroder! Kidnapper gentlemen! Just scurry back home with all your strength without fea~~r!』

What he was saying was already absurd. Also, even the name of the king-sama that he said was absurdly mangled.

『Are you listening, this is a warning! If you don’t release the dragons right now, I’m telling you it will be re~~ally terrible for you all okay! Just ignore what Hageter is telling you to do! I’m not lying y’know? It will be a cold day in hell before I’m lyi――』

A bombardment from the flagship Durgrant! Surely it was the payback for the name calling that was totally wrong already except the letter「r」.

Roze called in panic at Hajime who blocked that with his barrier.

「Hajime-sama!? Just what in the world are you planning!? Why are you provoking them like that-」

「Either way, it was already too late by the time we hadn’t departed from here when that fleet arrived. Surely they won’t overlook us anymore now. Of course, it’s possible for us to escape right away but……」

It was impossible for Hajime to show his back toward people who were attacking him hostilely. Of course it didn’t change even now that should be Roze and others should be the one fighting. That was why, at present Hajime had no intention to make a move directly.

Then, why……Roze who was asking that was replied by Hajime with a grin.

「In this world, there are fellows who should also fight other than queen-san and co right? The fellows who ought to burn their soul betting their survival and dignity on the line.」


Hajime averted his gaze from the bewildered Roze and gazed at Tio.

「Tio. Won’t you show to your junior this rug rat dragon, the real king of dragon?」

「Kufufuh. Actually the screams of the dragons hath been clinging into mine ear and it wouldst not go away since some time ago. Even if Goshujin-sama decide to leave this place, I’m planning to do it. But, I believe with mine all that Goshujin-sama wouldst surely meet mine expectation in this kind of time.」

Tio’s lips warped happily yet ferociously. Her pupils split vertically and they had already turned into dragon eyes. It seemed the meaningless torture to the dragons made her stomach boiled up much.

Hajime showed a similarly ferocious smile and then he sent telepathy to Gregor with a tone that sounded a bit serious.

『Mensor. You know that we possess unknown power, you know that we already sink a mother ship of your country without it being able to do anything, and yet even knowing all that, you don’t feel like stopping huh?』

『……Indeed, the power of you bastard is of unknown quantity. But, exactly because of that there is worth in stealing it. I’m someone who steal. There is a first rate treasure before my eyes while I’m able to wield my maximum strength, no way I’m gonna stop don’t you think? As long as there is even a percent chance of victory, I’ll always go to steal what I want. This time is the same.』

『I see. So you also have something unshakeable inside you in your own way. ……But, hey self-proclaimed god, you are mistaking one thing yeah.』

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The bombardment from the flagship Durgrant ceased. Right after that, Hajime and Tio leaped up from the deck.

Hajime and Tio who jumped to the sky nestled close to each other midair and hovered still.

And then, both of them stared at each other from really close range it looked like they would kiss anytime, and like that……



Hajime’s spanking burst on Tio’s butt. Seeing how there was a crimson ripple spreading from that, it seemed that the spanking was accompanied with “Magic Shockwave”. Even though there was almost no damage from that, but the masterful slap that sent numbing pleasure(pain) running through the whole body until the deepest core caused hopeless dragon-san to reflexively got on all fours. Even though she was midair but it was done skillfully.

「Come on, do your best, hopeless dragon. Even though you are the princess of the dragon race, but you pervert is gasping in front of this large army.」

「I, I’m gasping, because of Goshujin-sama’s fault……」


「Ahiih. Just now, it reached amazing place-」

「Even though you are the pervert, what are you doing blaming other huh?」

After saying that it was one more spanking. Tio’s large butt undulated from the impact. It was accompanied with a bewitching voice that resounded once more, through the whole airspace.

Of course, everyone of Avenst, and everyone of the divine country’s large fleet, and also that Gregor-san, everyone of them without exception was shocked「Just what the hell these people are starting so suddenlyyy!?」so much their eyes almost popped out from their socket.

Hajime was building a world of only the two of them that was different from the one with Yue while he mercilessly kept spanking Tio’s butt. And then he took out a test tube vial from his pocket and took off the cap using his mouth. Next, he plunged it into Tio’s mouth that was opened gaspingly.


Tio who suddenly got something plunged into her mouth, and furthermore liquid was flowing in from that, coupled with the butt spanking it caused her expression to change into a terribly joyous one! What a pervert! As expected from the hopeless dragon!

Gregor who finally returned to reality around that point gave out his order. He didn’t understand what was going on, but for the time being he was going to shower them with bombardment. The main cannon of several mother ships were aimed toward Hajime and Tio.

「Nnmuu!? It came-! It came, Goshujin-samaaa-! As expected, the conversion rate from personal reward of Goshujin-sama art in different level! Just like Yue’s blood pledge contract, this art truly the master and servant contract that art build on love!」

「No way. If this thing is going to get a skill name, then it will absolutely be something like pervert contract, or SM contract, something like that.」

Tio who were breathing ‘haa haa’ roughly on all fours with expression of ecstasy yelled with a voice that was oozing with excitement. And then, she was standing up unsteadily while fidgeting before she received a necklace with red jewel attached from Hajime.

「Is it okay without transforming into dragon?」

「Fufun, haa haa, don’t look down on me. Haa haa, nnnh. This art different from the battle in Holy Precincts where I hath to do it without any rehearsal. Afuuu……I hath trained diligently and mine skill was further polished then before. Haa haa……to say nothing, of how I hath received reward personally from Goshujin-sama now. For the current me, nothing art impossible!」

「Hm, is that so.」

Hajime’s indifferent reply cause Tio to tremble from feeling shivers.

And then, now, just when the main cannons were in the verge of firing, she bent greatly backward while taking a deep breath……


She let out a dragon howl with human body. Still with an extremely disgusting smile as though she was going to throw out all the pleasure in one go.

The howl radiated, however, it wasn’t a mere yell. The howl turned into black colored ripples with Tio as the center and it rushed through the airspace. The black ripples that undulated repeatedly, over and over again, they ignored the barrier and passed through the fleet.

Was it an unknown attack…… But look there, that woman’s smile. It wasn’t normal!

The fleet’s main cannons cautiously stopped in the stage of firing preparation completed.

Right after that, pulsation resounded in the world.




It wasn’t just one or two. There were innumerable pulses that couldn’t be counted. It was as though the world itself was going to wake up, and then there was bizarre yet overwhelming presence, presence, presence-!!

――Now, awaken. O mine brethrens. O proud, powerful existences.

A voice that resembled telepathy, and yet was vaguely different somehow was coming down.

――The eyes of dragon, art not something for the sake of expressing grief. They art there for the flame of conviction to dwell inside

『Your majesty-. The full, no, the dragons-』

『This is, the second mother ship Ambition! Strangeness is occurring in the fuel bunker! Those guys, just what in the world is going on!?』

A solemn and dignified voice resounded in Gregor’s ears, at the same time there were also screamed reports coming one after another. Every one of those reports were conveying about the strangeness of the fuel in each ship.

――The claws of dragon, art not something for hugging tight the trembling self. They art there in order to tear apart malice, and protect what ought to be protected.

『Eighth mother ship Granada! The dragons, they are getting dyed! Something is happening!?』

『This is the tenth mother ship Fudelta-. The dragons are enlarging here! At this rate the cages will be broken! Your majesty, your order please-』

『Reporting-. The dragons that are dyed black are spewing out heat energy from their mouth! Sheet-, the fuel bunker is destroyed-』

The report didn’t come only from the fleet. A screaming report and panicked yell asking for instruction were also coming from the fuel bunker of flagship Durgrant. Furthermore, there was a thunderous sound booming and the tremor from that was transmitted until the flagship where Gregor was at.

「What is happening!?」

「-. The restrain of the dragon that is let out from the cage for torture is destroyed! It’s rampaging and killing the crews!」

「Impossible. That restriction is for anti-dragon use that is equipped with Synthesizer! Why didn’t it activate!?」

「It’s activating! Other than the one in the restriction tool, the crews are also activating theirs! But it’s not working against the black dragon!」

「What the hell happened-. Aargh, broadcast this to all ships too! Kill all the dragons that are turning strange. Kill them right away!」

The moment the order was given, killing weapon was aimed toward the dragons who were continuously pulsating inside the fuel bunkers. The dragons who were still bewildered at the change that was happening to them saw those gun muzzles and the menacing crews. They were shrinking back in fear.

――The fangs of dragon, art not something to be gritted in front of death. They art there in order to crunch thy own weakness into pieces, and display the soul of struggle tempered with reasoning.

The dragons who were going to huddle into themselves suddenly stopped still. That change caused the crews who were readying their weapon to stop moving for a moment in suspicion. They stopped completely.


Countless low growls were echoing. The dragons who were dyed jet black and grew up to adulthood regardless of their former size slowly raised their head that was lowered as though begging for forgiveness before this.


「U, a」

Several crews raised a short scream. Those were undoubtedly voices of terror. Their eyes met. With the dragons who raised their face. They were pierced by those dragon eyes that were filled with fighting spirit and soul of conviction.

――Raise the howl! The dragon’s howl! Demonstrate to the world, of thy existence! Lift up highly, thy proud soul! All of thee――art the dragons!

Instantly, countless howls shook the world and spread through the sky.

It caused a hallucination that perhaps the whole fleet might rupture from the inside, from these furiously grand dragon howls!

Just from that, the eardrums of the nearby crews were damaged, and among them there were even people who lost consciousness with the white of their eyes exposed.

――Soul - Metamorphosis - Sublimation Composite magic 【Black God Dragon’s Authority】

Once in the Holy Precincts Tio used【Dragon King’s Authority】. It was an age of god magic that transformed other creature into black dragon. Before, she could only change the target one by one by using black slavery whip in conjunction.

But right now, although there was the requirements that she needed to be in a state that had stocked up power from using Pain Conversion, and also the targets needed to be creature that was close to dragon, but she was able to transform all the dragons within range into black dragons that possessed tough black scale with one roar. Furthermore, by using an arrangement of【Divine Statement】――【God Dragon’s Word Soul】, it could also awaken the dragon instinct.

Yes, by Tio’s power, all the dragons who were confined by the fleet in great amount as fuel――were transformed into gallant black dragons!

As the result,


Countless explosive sounds reverberated. The cause was one. The “breath attack” that became usable after the black dragon transformation exploded inside all the airships.

『It’s no good-. We cannot hold them ba-gyaah』

『Sheet-. What’s with that scale!? The bullet cannot go throuugh-』

The reports were gradually turning into mere screams. And then, the fired breaths smashed the internal walls, the black dragons that were surging out from the cage were trampling down the ship’s inside, and they finally flew outside.

Like ashes that were whirling up from the stirring winds, the dragons went home to the sky one after another from the external walls that were melted by the flashes of the breath attack.

Even just a single mother ship would confine dragons in number that easily surpassed a hundred. The number of the black dragons that were flying out was uncommon.

『Fire-! It’s convenient if they are going out by themselves! They are coming out so shoot them down!』

Gregor’s instruction was transmitted. The heavy weapons on board the ships immediately spewed fire.

The bullets were approaching like falling stars toward the crowd of black dragons that flew out to the sky. But, another dragon that flew out first cut into that firing line. It spread out its wings and used its body as shield to cover its comrades!

The black scales it inherited from its parent weren’t something that could easily get pierced by the heavy weapon. But, even so if it was asked whether it could come out unscathed, then the answer was no. Its black scales were smashed and scattered each time bullets hit it, and finally the bullets gouged its body and blood and flesh were scattered.

But, the black dragon who turned its body into shield for its comrades’ sake didn’t waver even with death before its eyes. Its merely, with the will of fighting till the end, the will to protect its comrades, it even fired its last breath attack just from those wills.

It was a small breath that was already powerless, however it splendidly destroyed one of the ship’s weapons. At the same time, the hole-riddled black dragon vomited blood while losing strength.

But, thanks to that sacrifice, several dozen black dragons were able to fly out to the sky from the hole without getting sniped.

――Flap thy wings, o noble child. Blessing to that soul

A grand howl reverberated. The ripples that were spreading once more in the sky enveloped the black dragons that were falling powerlessly.

At the next moment, the black dragons that were definitely wounded all over their body flapped their dragon wings strongly. They rearranged their posture midair and then looked down at their own body with puzzled feeling. There they witnessed the sight of their wound gone already with their black scales regenerating swiftly.

The cause of that? That was obvious. It was their mother that awakened them as “dragon”.

The gaze of the black dragons caught sight of the great existence that was standing in air with human form. That figure was going ‘haa haa’ somehow though.




There was only one meaning of the howls echoing through the sky.

――Gather. Toward the great dragon who was going ‘haa haa’.

The black dragons simultaneously started flying toward the center of the battlefield. Naturally, bullets and missiles were coming at them from behind, but several black dragons were constantly covering their comrades at the rear, in that chance they would roll and fired their breath to intercept. And then, the wounded black dragons would have their body healed when a soul-stirring howl echoed and they would return to battle.


That was Roze’s whisper. Kuwaibel who was within her embrace was unmoving with his gaze fixed forward unblinking as though to burn everything into his eyes. And then, the people of Avenst were also looking still at the sky in a daze without moving. But, just from looking at their expression it could be understood that their emotions were completely the same like Roze.

――A tornado made from great number of black dragons.

With Tio at the center, the black dragons circling around her were creating a sight that had never been seen before in this world.

The light of the sun that was showing out its face completely was reflected glitteringly on the scales of the black dragons. It was as though black diamonds that were perfectly cut by artisan’s hand were dancing while reflecting the light at random.

What a truly grandeur, sublime, and beautiful sight.

Amidst the rising up emotions that jolted the soul of the humans of the fleet, Tio’s words were directed toward the king of pillage.

『Thou the so called god king that rule the sky. No more tedios talk art necessary. ――Open wide thy eyes. Witness, what kind of existence dragon art. The true meaning of ruling the sky!』

『-. Who cares-. Fire-. Don’t get absent-minded! I permit lethal attack! Aim all weapons at them! Flagship, turn around-. Whole fleet, cover for Durgrant’s retreat! I’ll kill the whole family of anyone who disobey!』

A command to kill resounded. There was also a resolute retreat command at the same time. However, it was only for himself who was the king. The long rule of terror didn’t allow anyone to disobey his words even when they understood that they were obviously in an ugly situation.

The flagship Durgrant turned around, at the same time the whole fleet launched simultaneous attack. There were silver bombardments and also missiles attack. All those that were fired from all direction were like a cage that was made from firing lines.

「Thinking again, this is the first time I’m going to see it live huh. I’m looking forward to it.」

「Fufu, I’ll answer that expectation. ――”Limit Break”」

The necklace that was handed to her before this――”Last Zell”.

With the combined effects of the artifact that brought about Limit Break, and the Cheatmate II (Uma○bo walleye pollack roe flavor, drink version) she drank just now, the finishing move of Tio Claus that originally couldn’t be activated without getting damages all over her body was now activated!

*GOU-* The wind roared. Storm of magic power where crimson and jet black mixed. It spiraled up and pierced the sky, with size so big that it enveloped the tornado of the black dragons from further outside. The sea of clouds twisted and whirled like a typhoon.

The flooding silver bombardments and also the swarm of missiles got rolled up and jumbled together where not even a single one went through the storm. The overwhelming torrent of power turned anything and everything powerless!

The light of sun was vanishing.

The sky above the sea of clouds was getting covered further.

「Aa, as I thought, your great self is……」

A true dragon manipulated even the heaven and earth. It was the legend that was taught to her. And now, it was occurring right before her eyes. Roze was trickling tears naturally. Was she deeply moved? Was she scared? Roze, and also the people of Avenst who were similarly shedding tears didn’t really understand. However, there was something pressing on their chest.

Thunderbolts and bursting sounds overran the world.

What was generated at the sky further above the sea of clouds, was a sea of lightning and flame. Lightning was flickering like prominence in the flame sea of sky that was spreading as though to burn the world to ash.

The tornado of crimson and jet black dispersed. The black dragons that were left behind were merely looking up to the sky. It was as though they were worshipping the existence there.

*slither* Something was protruding out from the sea of lightning and flame. It was a part of a long torso. Jet black scales that seemed to suck in the light could be seen. It was undulating, emerging out from the sea of lightning flame with top and bottom reversed, it vanished, and then emerged out once more.

On the whole, it wasn’t a body of dragon, whether in size or shape. But, all existences in this airspace understood.

――That thing which was beyond human understanding was……a dragon

*zuzuzu-*, It made a sound that was like a rumble in the ground and the existence that was swimming in the sea of lightning flame showed its appearance.

It appeared with skin of flame while clad in tremendous sparks. The golden dragon eyes that were split vertically in the middle were glaring at everything in the lower world.

The giant body that easily surpassed three hundred meter long was coiling and the surrounding was colored by flashes of lightning and prominences.

A beat.


For a moment, everyone hallucinated whether the world was burst open. Because of the howl that was like an explosive sound……wasn’t the cause.

『The god……that control……the sky……』

Yes, it was truly the heaven’s might. Just a single howl caused everyone to feel the will of judgment that seemed to break the world.

Without any distinction of ally or enemy, this was an existence that would make all existence to feel awe.

――Black god dragon Tio Claus

Manifested here.

Something like the chance of victory for the fleet, there was no way they even had a percent of it.

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