Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 243 — Arifureta After II — Hope And Despair And

Chapter 243: Arifureta After II - Hope And Despair And

Surely the cause was the silver light that enveloped all the people of Avenst. The words of the queen that shouldn’t reach resounded toward all the people in this airspace.

『-, Kuwaibel! That warship!』


Seeing the smoking and tilting mother ship Avenst, and the warship that was in the verge of firing its main cannon toward that Avenst, Roze yelled while showing unease in her face.

The silver monarch dragon――Kuwaibel who was temporarily awakened as a grown up dragon replied shorty to that yell and he threw back his head.

And then,


He released a breath attack along with a howl. The terrific torrent of light shook the air. The silver breath should be called as a pillar of light already. Naturally, the heat amount it possessed was out of common sense.

The pillar of light cut through the sky in a straight line, and then it impacted the ship. The barrier that repulsed all the attacks of Avenst side was flickering fiercely while warping greatly. While the pillar of light was illuminating the world, the pivot of the divine country’s protection――after a slight resistance, it vanished as though getting blown away.

The defense battleship that lost its shield was helplessly hit by the light pillar and a big tunnel was opened in its frame. And then the stocked energy of the main cannon exploded, illuminating the world with even more light of destruction.

The defense battleship that exploded everywhere along with explosive blast rained down to a part of the city. Naturally, there was no way the king of dragon would allow that, he raised a loud cry that was different from before. Thereupon, a membrane of extreme light that looked like an aura that covered a part of the city was manifested.

The light perfectly halted all the wreckages and explosion blast, it didn’t stop there, it annihilated what it touched from the edge. It seemed it was an offensive barrier that possessed the power of the light pillar.

Silver aurora shined in the sky. Seeing the sight of the raining down presence of death getting stopped, just what did the people of the city who were moving about in confusion at the sudden war situation would feel?

The monarch dragon’s howl resounded in the battlefield once more.

「……They return back.」

One man whispered that. It was a man with shabby appearance wearing work clothes that looked like old rag. In the eyes of he who was the people of the former dragon kingdom who was working in a harsh place like a slave since before the dawn, tears were faintly surfacing.

「Okaa-san……what’s that?」

「……Don’t call them that. They are our king. Our, queen and monarch dragon-sama……they came back for us.」

A skinny girl was looking up at the existence that she was told as a fairy-tale before she slept while pointing with her eyes opened wide. The mother who was embracing her daughter from the side was wiping the warm tears flowing down her dirty face many times while leaking out a sobbing voice.

The people of the former dragon kingdom were mostly lower class people whose human right wasn’t guaranteed. They were kept alive only for supporting the extravagant livelihood of the divine country’s high class people or the privileged class people, they were that kind of existence.

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Just how much they were dreaming for the day their king returned inside their long pained life?

The people who were hiding inside building so that they wouldn’t get dragged into the war pushed out their face outside one after another as though led by the calling howl of the monarch dragon.

Like that they witnessed it.

The figure of the monarch dragon flying majestically in the sky. And then, the spectacle of countless light sphere floating brilliantly at the monarch dragon’s surrounding. Those were stars of aurora.

The enemy was also similarly just staring at the fantastical sight. While the defense fleet and the sky battlecrafts stopped moving, the monarch dragon Kuwaibel’s howl surged up. Falling stars phenomenon occurred.

Great number of extreme light bullets rained down toward the other side of the palace like a meteor shower――at the huge breeding farm located at the opposite side of the city. Yes, it was the breeding farm of the dragons that had supported the matchless sky fleet until now.

Countless explosive sounds resounded, the air was teemed with flash that made it as though the palace was tinged with a halo.


The howl of monarch dragon Kuwaibel. That was a call. It informed of the return of the king, it called to wake up, rouse up, it was such calling voice.




Even feebly, the howls of dragons that responded was definitely emitting delight.

Countless shadow flew up to the sky from behind the palace. The figures of the dragons were small, and fleeting, yet their wings were flapped powerfully to return to the sky. The people who knew of the former dragon kingdom, and even those who didn’t, they tightly grasped at their chest similarly, because of the overflowing emotion that couldn’t be described.

『……-. Don’t get absent-minded! Change target-, shot down that dragon-』

One ship of defense fleet returned to their senses. The ship began to charge its main cannon in hurry while its normal cannon and large caliber anti-air weapon spouted fire.

The warship weapons rapidly approached with a force that looked as though it could blew up the atmosphere to buy time, however, in front of Kuwaibel all those were stopped by barrier of light and they couldn’t reach his main body. The barrier rippled, and a beat later the cannonballs and bullets were annihilated. The expression of the attacking battleship’s captain paled seeing the figure of Kuwaibel that was staying unmoving calmly.

And then, following his self-defense instinct, he was about to give out instruction for further fuel supply to reinforce the barrier to maximum strength in the same time with the main cannon’s charging……


『-, captain! Dragon core energy’s output is declining-. The barrier’s strength is lowering!』

『Main cannon’s charging rate is reduced-. It will take two minutes until full charge-』

『This is fuel bunker! The dragons are enveloped with strange light! Blade or bullet doesn’t work-. Just what in the world is happening!?』

The loud howl of the monarch dragon and reports that made one wanted to run from reality struck the ears.

Monarch dragon Kuwaibel didn’t have transforming power like Tio. Therefore, he couldn’t make the feeble dragons to rebirth into gallant dragons.

But, he too was a king of dragon beyond doubt. That power similarly existed to protect. The silver light was the proof of divine protection bestowed by the monarch dragon. Under Kuwaibel’s sky, laying hand toward the people he decided to protect became a herculean task.

Also, a monarch dragon was able to grant power to other dragons was because they were able to interfere with dragon core. That was to say, a monarch dragon was also able to interfere to a certain degree at things that were using the energy of dragon core.

Because all the battleship of the divine country was using dragon core energy, they were unable to escape from the power of monarch dragon. Of course, a monarch dragon couldn’t completely nullify processed energy, even so, it was possible to damp the output in considerable ratio. At the very least, now the conventional weapon of Avenst side could go through.

『Everyone of the dragon kingdom. My name is Roze Phiris Avenst. The queen of dragon kingdom Avenst. He is monarch dragon Kuwaibel. ……You have done well enduring the harsh time for long. Right now, we will take back everything!』

The proclamation resounded loudly in the battlefield.

The liberated dragons flew around in the sky, the light enveloping the defense fleet who boasted of being an impregnable fortress was obviously weakened in a glance.

And then, the howl of monarch dragon thundered.

A beat.


Tremendous joyful cheers rose from everywhere in the city.

Roze made a little smile hearing the great cheer enveloping the city. She patted Kuwaibel’s back with a gentle hand, and then she changed completely. She made a war proclamation with expression that possessed both dignity and dominating aura. (Note: A bit of trivia, this dominating aura I sometimes used, in the raw it was written as ‘haki’, yeah like that one in One Piece)

『Informing the people of Qwailent. Your king’s life already scattered in the sky. The fleets, including flagship Durgrant won’t return back.』

Roze was convinced. That there was no way for the king of usurpation to survive that battlefield where their friend, a legendary existence was fighting.

Therefore, the words that were announced clearly without mumble possessed the weight of truth, giving a severe blow to the defense fleet and the divine people on the surface whether they wanted it or not. ‘What kind of joke is that, saying that their unrivaled king and his strongest battle strength fell in the sky?’ Everyone turned into denial for the moment in their mind.

But, if their king was safe……then why, these Avenst’s pirate bunches were here? Why, even though they had slipped until this deep, there wasn’t even a single ship from the main fleets that returned……

The reality before their eyes coldly struck their disbelieving heart.

『Surrender under the law of dragon kingdom Avenst. If you put down your weapon now then I’ll be merciful and spare your life. What we really ought to fight is in the future. The strength of even just one person more is needed for the greatest battle of fixing this broken world. If there is even just a little bit of heart that is thinking of the future inside your heart then surrender.』

Roze’s proclamation was surely something that would be called na?ve from here on. But, if they stole back because they were stolen from, clashing against hatred with hatred, and they wouldn’t stop until the enemy was ruined, then it would be no different with the king of pillage.

She had decided to become the king of soldier. She was determined to build a future.

That was why……

『……Don’t believe her-. His majesty is dead is just nonsense! It’s impossible for the supreme ruler of the sky to fall! Activate Synthesizer maximum power! All ships, take the head of that pirate!』

A terrible sound wave assaulted Kuwaibel. The evil sound that disturbed dragon core energy and remarkably inhibited the strength of this world’s dragon species――that was the reply of the defense fleet toward Roze’s words.


「-, Kuwaibel!」

For a moment, Kuwaibel looked like he lost his floating power and his altitude jerked down. Although he was a monarch dragon, it didn’t change that he was a dragon of this world, he was unable to avoid the fang of Synthesizer. This was the biggest reason why once the monarch dragons and dragons couldn’t win against human fleet.

The faces of the dragon kingdom people turned pale seeing that. The captains of the defense fleet made a mocking smile.

「……It’s fine, it’s fine Ku-chan. You are strong. More than anyone in this world. Far more than even the monarch dragons in the past. I, everyone, believe so. ――」

Roze who was riding on the back of Kuwaibel who was desperately creating floating power even while writhing in pain brought her body close as though to embrace him, she then took a deep breath.

And then, she played an old song that anyone of the dragon kingdom would know. It was the song of Kuwaibel’s bond with his partner that had been sung at his all the time since he was born as a lullaby.

Kuwaibel’s silver light that was weakening due to Synthesizer recovered its radiance a bit. Floating power was produced properly and he hovered without wavering.

『……Thanks, partner.』

Kuwaibel’s words. Normally it was a power of mutual understanding that he seldom used.

There wasn’t any unique power in Roze’s song. The song was a normal song. Surely even the girl herself had no such intention. She was only thinking if she could support her partner’s heart even just for a little with the familiar song. But, something came into effect. That gentle song was certainly protecting Kuwaibel from the attack of atrocious sound wave.

Roze smiled. She couldn’t return any words because she was singing, but words were already unnecessary between the two of them.

Kuwaibel’s dragon eyes seized the defense battleship aiming its gun turrets at him and they glinted sharply.

『Everyone. Let’s fight, together.』

Kuwaibel’s words spread like a ripple once more. Those words were certainly conveyed to all the soldiers of Avenst.

Kuwaibel flew out. He evaded the coming missiles to left and right or intercepted using countless light bullets. As long as Synthesizer was in effect, he couldn’t launch a breath that could sink down enemy ship in one shot. But, it was a different story if it was from point-blank range.

Other defense battleships circled to both sides and aimed at Kuwaibel.

『I won’t let you-』

『This is the stage of Roze-sama and Kuwaibel-sama-. Begone nuisance!』

The captain of airship Rozeria, Cutter, and the captain of airship Averia, Oaks yelled altogether. They attached themselves at Kuwaibel’s both flanks and exchanged shots in respond to the defense battleships.

The enemy’s sky battlecraft squad attacked from above. Even if they couldn’t shot down Kuwaibel himself, the queen riding on his back was another story. If she was killed then it could be imagined how Avenst side would crumble.

『I though you guys will do that yeah. From Cranks 1 to all squads. Cranks squad will provide backup for Kuwaibel-sama! Shunt, Los, the two squads protect Avenst-. All the others hold back the remaining defense fleet!』

Bovid shot down two planes when he passed through them from above with only a few seconds of machine gun strafing, and then he further somersaulted with a maneuver that could only be called as abnormal and pointed his plane’s nose downward and really easily shot down two more planes.

As might be expected from the wingmen of the supreme commander, Cranks squad’s skill was at inhuman level. Every single one of them was reliably bringing down enemy sky battlecraft with reckless maneuver that was nothing short but abnormal. In addition the black dragons were intercepting missiles and so on that were approaching Kuwaibel.

『Isn’t the Synthesizer working!? Sheet-, main cannon status!?』

『Charging rate 70%!』

『Chih, so it won’t make it in time-. Then……change target-. To mother ship Avenst above!』

The captain of a defense battleship shuddered at the approaching Kuwaibel even through all the barrages. And then, the moment he knew that the main cannon’s charging wouldn’t make it, he changed the target at Avenst and fired the main cannon.


‘I won’t let you-‘, As though to say that, Kuwaibel leaped at the line of fire.

At the same time, he fired a breath of light pillar.

The breath and the main cannon struggled against each other equally. The shockwave of the impact stirred the atmosphere and radiated intense heat wave. In that timing the Synthesizer was cut off for a moment, and immediately after, it was fired in maximum strength. The sound wave attack with rapid change of tempo caused Kuwaibel’s light pillar to spontaneously weaken.


The light pillar was overcame. The main cannon approached Kuwaibel. Normally he would doge, but behind him there was the mother ship Avenst. Therefore, Kuwaibel used his body as shield. Fierce impact caused Kuwaibel to rise a soundless anguished voice from his mouth.

But, enduring that, he fired a breath once more.

The light pillar that ran on the sky was like a counter, it pierced the foundation of the main cannon and caused a great explosion.

『-, retreat in full speed while launch concentrated fire with all weapon!』

The angry voice of the defense fleet ship captain resounded, but faster than the order could be executed,

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Kuwaibel’s blaze pierced the barrier and blew away the whole bridge.

――Defense fleet seven ships remained

Broken dragon scales were falling off from Kuwaibel’s chest. Blood was dripping down and while only slightly his flesh was carbonized.

But, without even paying attention to that, and also because time was too precious even for recovering, Kuwaibel decided his next target. He flapped his wings and accelerated drastically while confirming with a glance that the main cannon of airship Rozeria flying in parallel beside him was going to fire, he then fired a light bullet at Rozeria.

The light bullet accurately hit Rozeria, but different of what would happen to enemy, the bullet didn’t inflict damage, rather the radiance of the main cannon was strengthened by a level.

『That’s a present from Kuwaibel-sama-. If it miss then there will be no forgiveness-』

Rozeria’s main cannon that was fired at the same time with Cutter’s scolding splendidly hit one defense battleship. Naturally, the defense barrier rippled and blocked the attack, but in the first place the main cannon with amplified might directly hit the place with weakening output.

Without any way to completely defend, the barrier was smashed apart and a large hole was opened in its flank while the ship tilted. There, light bullets attacked like gatling gun strafing to bring about destruction for sure this time. There was no way the defense battleship that was losing control had any way to endure, its bridge was pierced plenty and the ship sank.

――Defense fleet six ships remained

The enemy was also desperate. Main cannon light from the defense fleet that turned into buckshot shape rushed Kuwaibel. The power dropped considerably, but it was suitable for wide range attack and holding back the target.


In order to protect the surrounding and the city behind, Kuwaibel created a huge barrier of aurora. It was in the middle of Synthesizer’s effect activation, so deploying a barrier of super large scale mercilessly shaved off Kuwaibel’s mental strength. Even the immense dragon core energy he stocked from the【Spring of True Dragon’s Tear】was decreasing with phenomenal rate, like water gushing out from a leaky bucket.

There, a defense battleship that circled to the flank ignored the bombardment from Azeria and directed its main cannon at Kuwaibel. It looked like it was planning to shoot him down even if it had to go down together with him.

A slight unease emerged in Kuwaibel’s dragon eyes.


At that time, he heard a song.

It wasn’t the voice of Roze who was continuously singing in order to reduce the power of Synthesizer. It was a voice of a child who he had never heard before.




Singing voices were overlapping. There was the voice of an old age man, and there was also the voice of a young woman. Through the silver light, the singing voice of one person, and then one more person was rising――

『……Thank you.』

The words of thanks that Kuwaibel gave reached clearly. To the people of the dragon kingdom singing on the ground.

The song of the people that was dedicated to the king. Assemble, assemble, be added into the song of protection. Not only being protected. When it was necessary their will to fight could be offered up, that was the pride that the people of dragon kingdom Avenst held.

The main cannon of the defense battleship fired.

The light of death pushed on toward Kuwaibel who couldn’t move from maintaining the barrier.

But, Kuwaibel’s dragon eyes weren’t colored by unease anymore.

『It’s all right, partner.』

『I know, partner.』

Roze’s words, and Kuwaibel’s reply.

The flash of main cannon directly hit Kuwaibel――right before that happened, it was swallowed inside the breath Kuwaible released. Like a river with the tide reversed, the light pillar swallowed the silver flash and went straight ahead, without stopping it pulverized the defense battleship.

――Defense fleet five ships remained

The buckshot main cannon ceased. When the barrier of light vanished as though melting into the air, there was the figure of Kuwaibel clad in meteor of extreme light.

『-, barrier full pow――』

The meteor drowned out the command of some captain. In the middle of the overflowing singing voice that resounded through the whole city, the extreme light of Kuwaibel who was displaying thorough strength smashed the barrier of defense fleet with just bullet strafing.

『We are joining! Averia, target at two o’clock! Rozeria, target at nine o’clock! All sky battlecrafts, ram all the missiles you have at five o’clock target!』

A directive came from Avenst’s captain Cline.

At the same time when Kuwaibel’s breath of pillar light shot at the defense battleship in front, airship Averia and Rozeria fired their main cannon at their respective target. In addition, the air battle squads of Bovid and co also fired all their last missiles from all planes.

『……Impossible. We are, the chosen people――』

Some captain of the defense fleet whispered. That was his last whisper in this world.

The light of the sun displayed a complete dawn. In the world that was filled with light, a gigantic flower bloomed. Decorated by flame blasts and thunderous roars, the flower of the blue sky displayed the curtain closing of a history.

On the ground, the people of dragon kingdom were staring dumbfounded at the flame blasts of five ships of defense fleet blossoming in full glory, a beat later a terrific cheer that sounded like it would shake the earth and split the sky was raised. And then, it was the people of the divine country who were watching dumbfounded at those people cheering and the defense fleet falling.

With one soldier dropping his weapon *clang* as the beginning, weapons were thrown down one after another. Even the people who weren’t soldier realized the crumbling of their glory had strength leaving their waist and the flopped down on the ground.

That was what displayed it clearly.

Yes, the sky divine country Qwailent that was created by the king of usurpation, right now, in this time, its history was put to an end.

At the sky above the city that was erupting with cheers, the airships and sky battlecrafts with mother ship Avenst in the lead were approaching Kuwaibel who was hovering calmly with Roze riding on his back.

「Your majesty, Kuwaibel-sama. That was a splendid fight. I can say that it was truly a victory that will remain in history.」

Bovid in a tattered sky battlecraft was using the plane’s vertical takeoff function to somehow hover beside the two was giving them his honest praise.

Kuwaibel and Roze instantly opened their eyes and they looked at each other’s face……

「Puh. Bovid using honorific language……」

『It, it doesn’t suit you……』

「Youu braats」

The two burst into laughter at the speech and gesture that didn’t suit the sky battlecraft squads supreme commander who was normally accustomed with pirate manner. Sharp words like『You reap what you sow』, or『Indeed that really doesn’t suit you』, or『Was the battle too extreme it finally got into your head?』came from the radio. Bovid had no ally.

Bovid’s expression turned completely sulky, but there was a smile that couldn’t be hidden on his lips. It seemed that sentiment was also shared by other people who were talking to Roze and Kuwaibel through the radio, even while talking frivolously there was joy that was impossible to hide seeping into their voices.

「Everyone, really, you all really had fought well. Our dearest wish has come true. The path to the future is cut open. Thank you, really thank you. You all followed someone like me along until here. Really……」

Roze who was sitting still in a girl posture on Kuwaibel’s back with a distorted face looked like she was going to burst crying anytime. There were even people who were already crying in sympathy.

That was just how long they had continued to fight the long painful fight until now. Therefore, this moment today was more than enough to make an emotion that was beyond description to well up inside them.

Inside the world that shook from the joyful cheers, the people of Avenst closed their eyes as though to immerse in the overflowing emotion. That was to digest their happiness, and at the same time it was also to remember their war buddies who had gone ahead of them.

「……Now, everyone. There is a mountain of things to do. You can slowly immerse in your sentiment later, let’s do what we ought to do right now. Also someone, please take out Olga from the hold in the palace that Kuwaibel opened. There is no danger to her life with Kuwaibel’s power, but she is wounded really seriously.」

「……Roger. Your majesty, what about the others outside Olga?」

「…… Jean and others……their life or death is unknown. Please make the squad send to suppress the palace to carry out search and rescue at the same time.」


Everyone in that place guessed it from Roze’s instruction and expression. There weren’t many words exchanged, with Cline’s instruction the ground suppression squad headed toward the palace using small boat from mother ship Avenst.

After seeing that off, Roze and others looked down to the ground. There were the figure of the people waving their hand there while shedding tears.

「Your majesty. Your proclamation.」

Roze nodded strongly at Bovid’s words.

She urged Kuwaibel, and they calmly exposed their appearance while flying above the city. It was for the purpose of notifying the return of the king and declared the revival of dragon kingdom Avenst above the palace.

Behind them, the mother ship Avenst, airship Rozeria, Averia, and then the sky battlecraft squads followed in a march.

The people’s cheers were increasingly heightening at the miraculous sight and the liberated dragons danced above the sky as though in blessing.

People were gathering in front of the palace without end. It seemed that the soldiers also didn’t have any will to fight already, so they were under the watch of the ground suppression squad with both their hands raised up.

Above there, Kuwaibel who was shining silver reflecting the light of the sun even with wounds all over his body was hovering still, on his back Roze was standing.

Even while soaked in blood and wound that displayed the fierce battle, her figure that held her head high was beautiful. For the people who knew about the old fairy-tale, her figure was truly that of the「legendary dragon knight」itself.

Comfortably, while pouring gaze of affection at the people who were directing bright eyes at her, Roze took a deep breath. So that her voice would reach clearly, the silver light from her partner the monarch dragon showered down.

『Everyone. The beloved people of dragon kingdom Avenst. Once more, I’ll introdu――』

Roze was going to introduce her name once again to make clear who she was――

At that time,

『The bloodline of king……so it still survive……』

A voice encroached the world.

Right after that, the beautiful world that was illuminated brilliantly by the light of sun was being covered by muddy black cloud that was suddenly generated. Like a drop of ink splattered on a white paper, the dark clouds overwrote the world. Sandwiched between the sea of clouds that rained down black rain below and the dark clouds generated further above, Roze and others fell into a hallucination as though they were imprisoned at the interstice of world.

「Wha, what?」

『Just now……』

Bovid and others yelled「Your majesty-」in vigilance while rushing toward her. During that time Roze looked up at the sky dumbfounded, and Kuwaibel looked at the surrounding with shaken eyes in disbelief.

Flash of lightning began to ran in the sky. The thundering sounds gave the people fright whether they wanted it or not. In the gloomy world, horrifying words that sounded like boiled down essence of negative emotion resounded.


『Gasp, writhe――』



『Lose everything――』

『Run screaming――』


Those were words of curse. Those words cursed the world, human, the brethrens, all living things in this world. It echoed, overlapping in many layers, as though several hundred or thousand existences were reciting in resounding voice.


It was black and encroached slimily. The people’s hearts that were filled with hope were being dyed with terror and despair.

That fallen person only wished for one thing.

『――In the end of suffering』

The world shook.

『Be destroyed』

Squall mixed with thundering lightning and black mist blew violently. A huge tornado was generated from the dark clouds that locked the sky, from inside it, “that” showed its figure.

「……Evil dragon……Helmut」


Roze murmured with a trembling voice.

While everyone was ruled by despair and terror, there was only one dragon who was staring straight at that person. (Note: While I use person here, but it still refer to Helmut)

Those eyes conceived inside them sadness, the happiness of finally being able to meet, and then an unshakeable resolve.

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