Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 244 — Christmas Special After Story - The Small Santa-san of Nagumo Family

Chapter 244: Christmas Special After Story - The Small Santa-san of Nagumo Family

This is holy night after all, it’s not strange that a mysterious thing will happen.


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At the time of year that was already beyond the middle of December where snow was sparsely falling from the cloudy sky. In order to resist the severe cold, while the kotatsu and heater were raising humming sound, the people of Nagumo family were eating with relish a warm specially made stew (the ingredient was an UMA lurking at an unexplored region of earth).

「It will be Christmas soon huh…… Myuu, what kind of Chrstimas present you want this year?」


The lovely beloved daughter asked Hajime with her cheeks stuffed with the meat that came from UMA but was terribly delicious, looking like a squirrel.

Myuu hurriedly swallowed the meat of something *mokyu mokyu* and then she showed a thinking gesture for a bit before answering with a wide smile.

「Pile bunker!」


Papa stiffened spontaneously still with a smiling face. Indeed, he gave her present of numerous artifact weapons at the amusement park last year, but as expected Hajime was troubled of how to answer when he was getting coaxed for a demolition weapon with this kind of pure smiling face without any cloudiness.

Myuu who seemed to treat Hajime’s speechlessness as refusal got dejected. And then, with an upturned gaze and reserved tone, she coaxed for another thing as though to observe at Hajime’s reaction.

「It’s fine, even if it’s just Hyperion.」

The destructive power was raised. Just what in the world was reserved from this kid……

Sumire and Shuu were desperately enduring their laugh with trembling shoulders at the dialogue between Hajime and Myuu. Yue and Shia looked exasperated, and Tio looked admiring. Amidst that, Remia who was unable to just watch spoke justification in the place of her daughter.

「I’m sorry dear. Good grief this child, she is pleading for something outrageous again…… Regrettably, it looks like that she is influenced by the game she is recently playing.」

「Game? A game that make you want pile bunker or sunlight convergence laser, just what kind of game that is?」

「It looks like a war game with the stage at the near future.」

Hajime turned his gaze at Myuu with a question「Is that so?」in his eyes. Myuu made a gun shape with her fingers and then spoke words that seemed to be a signature phrase with a posed look.

「I’m gonna dye everything crimson yeah! Nano」

「I’m confiscating it right now. Tou-san, we are putting restricting in Myuu’s PC! A strong one! Help me later!」

Surely the geography of somewhere would change the next day after a Hyperion was gifted. Hajime who was shuddering asked for cooperation in a hurry at Shuu.

But, Shuu in question was instigating「Hyuu-, Myuu-chan is so cool!」together with Sumire. And then, Myuu was also saying terrifying thing like「That’s cruel papa! Myuu had finally obtained a nuclear nano! Even though I’m looking forward to use it in the next war!」.

Hajime in his own way was responding「It’s no good picking up something like that! Toss it away, far away!」for some reason. Myuu puffed up her cheeks like balloon. It seemed she was dissatisfied.

Hajime felt that it appeared he was at disadvantage talking about Christmas present and for the time being he beat a tactical retreat. ……The demon king-sama who came to kill even a god right from the front was running away from an argument about present with his daughter.

‘Cough’ Hajime papa cleared his throat and diverted the topic.

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「Aa~, come to think of it Myuu. What about the condition of Belfegoor and others? Are their transformation mechanism working normally?」

「Yep! It’s amazing nano! They went gashon-gashon, it’s totally cool nano! Also the other artifacts are just like Myuu want it nano! As expected from papa! Thank you nano!」

「I see. That’s great. But……there is nothing dangerous in there so I created them normally without particular care, in the end, what are you going to use them for?」

Hajime who breathed out in relieve at the successful topic change asked Myuu casually. It was about around a week ago, Myuu suddenly strongly begged him, she said she wanted the living golems to be installed with transformation mechanism and also several artifacts that felt like they could become necessary tool for a spy somewhere.

Recalling that, Hajime asked curiously after this late, but ahead of his gaze, his beloved daughter who he believed would surely answer him with a smile was……

「……My, Myuu will put them to use for a peaceful activity, nano.」


For some reason her gaze was swimming around and she returned a vague answer. The mouth of the little girl who was saying the desire to dye the world crimson just now, was speaking peaceful activity suspiciously. Hajime papa’s eyes naturally turned staring fixedly.



Hajime papa’s fixed eyes were staring fi~xedly. The gaze of the suspicious Myuu was swimming around even more.

Stare~. Fidget fidget. Stare~~. Twitch-, fidget fidget.

「……Well, I’m not going to forcefully ask though.」


After everything, Hajime had faith that Myuu wouldn’t use it for something stupid and he made a small wry smile before removing his pressing gaze. Myuu let out a relieved sigh while her cheeks loosened up limply at Hajime papa who gave her his trust. Hajime also smiled gently.

「……Really, what a similar parent and child.」

「Isn’t that right. Like their way to dodge the topic or the way they escape. Every year they are turning more similar.」

「Rather, doesn’t Goshujin-sama noticed? Before thinking about game, Myuu’s dangerous speech and action art mostly coming second hand from Goshujin-sama.」

「Ufufu. For Myuu, Hajime-san is also her idol after all.」

「Even so an elementary school student asking for pile bunker or laser cannon is still not normal though. As expected from my granddaughter!」

「That! My granddaughter is in different level compared to those other elementary school students.」

The whispering conversation of the wives and Nagumo spouses caused Hajime and Myuu to feel like running away and they concentrated at the stew pretending to not hear anything. That harmonious behavior of the parent and daughter made the dining table to be enveloped in laughter.

「……Putting aside the present, where is Myuu want to go at the Christmas day?」

Myuu began to be troubled「Uu~n」at Yue’s question. Was it fine if they went to the same amusement park like last year? Or else, should they called her friends and papa’s underlings(classmates) to party?

Myuu hummed ‘un un’ while wracking her head about what kind of Christmas should they have. Seeing her like that, Hajime suggested with a smile.

「Then, how about staying over somewhere at the Christmas Eve day? Like overseas, or another world.」

If Myuu wished it, then he would take her anywhere for sure. Hajime papa declared that full of vigor, but it seemed that today was a day where he would eat the counter of his daughter to the utmost.

「Ah, that’s impossible nano.」

「? Impossible? It’s not that you don’t want it?」

「Nano. Myuu have a plan for the whole day in Christmas Eve.」

「You are going to go play with your friends ?」

Hajime asked while putting UMA meat into his mouth,

「It’s not playing nano.」

He stiffened. In the day of Christmas Eve, she wasn’t going to play with her friends, or spent time with family. However, she had a plan that wasn’t playing. What’s more it would take the whole day. *drip* A cold sweat trickled from Hajime papa’s forehead.

「Myuu. What’s your plan?」

Without even any leeway to feel doubt at Yue who was holding her laughter beside him for some reason, papa asked with a feeling of「Don’t tell me」, but

「……It, it’s a secret from papa nano.」


*clang* Hajime dropped his spoon. His expression was in shock. Hajime papa couldn’t hide his shaken feeling at “the secret of his beloved daughter” that he had never met even once until now.

「Spe, speak honestly, Myuu. Surely in that plan of yours you are going to meet someone, and that someone is a girl right?」

「……Myuu will meet various people, so of course there is also man nano.」

It was a critical hit at Hajime’s mind. His beloved daughter said that she would meet a man at the Christmas Eve! What’s more, it wasn’t “boy” but “man”. Okay, finally it’s your turn after so long pile bunker. For the pervert lolicon bastard who dare to aim at the family’s daughter, a present of lovely scrap time!

Perhaps feeling the turbulent sign from Hajime who stood up wordlessly, Myuu gulped down her remaining stew and said「Thanks for the food!」before she left the living room with fast pace *sutetete-*. The overly fast movement caused Hajime papa who was in the middle of feeling shaken unable to even call out at her.

But, just when he thought so, Myuu’s face popped out from the living room’s entrance. And then, she stared fi~~~xedly at Hajime and,

「Papa. If papa try to follow or investigate Myuu’s matter at the Christmas Eve……Myuu, won’t speak to papa anymore nano.」


Hajime’s knees collapsed. Without being able to even stop Myuu who rushed *sutetete-* once more to her room, he was crawling on all fours without even the slightest twitch. The damage was grave!

「A godslayer crushed with a sentence……fumu. Perhaps it’s only Myuu who art able to do something like this whether before or after.」

「Ahaha~. Hajime-san is weak against Myuu-chan even more than against Yue-san in a sense after all.」

Tio and Shia were giggling leisurely. Yue and others also nodded at them in agreement.

But, the next moment, Hajime stood up in a flash. And then, with an expression that gave uneasy and emaciated impression,

「Nagumo family meeting! The, the……the whatever many times of Nagumo family emergency family meeting will be hold! The topic is about the trashy scum bastard following about our daughter!」

Naturally, everyone was continuing their meal normally.

The day of Christmas Eve.

In the palace of another world Tortus, work was being done routinely without anything particular happening. The busy officials were running about or else they were dealing with paperwork bit by bit on their desk.

In a room of such palace――in the office of Hairihi kingdom’s king, a boyish king who still hadn’t really fit the atmosphere or the desk size yet was moving his pen with a fed up expression.

「Your majesty, will you take a rest soon?」

「Mu. No, I’ll do it a bit more. Elder sister is not here. If work is piling up during such time then it will be too shameful. Or rather, just how did elder sister finished this amount of work always in that kind of short time huh?」

「She was doing them normally you know? Only, it was done with astonishingly fast motion though.」

「……Since I was enthroned and also did my duty, now that I’ve recently get used with the work, I often think this but……elder sister is human right?」

「……Your majesty. You will be scolded by Liliana-sama you know?」

The warning voice from the troubled private secretary made Liliana’s little brother, his majesty the current generation king of Hairihi kingdom――Randell to sigh deeply「Haa」, while thinking「Elder sister, won’t he come back quickly I wonder」.

「If I remember correctly, she was invited for earth event called “Kurushimasu” right? She looked really merry when she was picked up directly by that guy.」(Note: Christmas in Japan is read Kurisumasu. Kurushimasu meant suffering.)

「Your majesty, it’s “Christmas”. Your pronunciation makes the supposedly joyful event to sound like a hell torture.」

Recalling his sister who was in high spirits since the morning thinking of that hateful son of a b*tch, Randell let out a deep sigh. His first love was taken away by that person, but he didn’t stop there, that man even bared his poisonous fang toward the sister that he respected. Randell swore「I’ll punch you flying someday」. Inside his heart. He wouldn’t say it out loud no matter what.

Randell’s feeling became as though he had bitten something bitter, but suddenly, he recalled a certain character and he muttered to himself.

「……Is it no good, if I also go there?」

「It’s no good.」

He was cut down easily by the private secretary. Randell went「But you see」「However, still」acting fidgety and restless for some reason with an indecisive attitude. The private secretary who knew what was inside the heart of such boyish king held back from sighing while opening his mouth to say something in persuasion――

At that time,


「Hiih!? What’s going on!?」

Suddenly the office’s window was threw open loudly, from there a red shadow flew in like a bullet. Randell hugged himself with both hands like a girl while jumping to his feet. The private secretary also twitched from the sudden happening, yet he rushed forward to protect his majesty from the intruder.

「Wait, Myuu-sama!?」

「Whaaat!? Myuu you say!?」

Shocked voices were raised when they saw the true identity of the intruder. Randell who was shaking in his boots behind the desk also threw his gaze at Myuu who was quickly smoothing over her appearance.

「No, I’m not Myuu. I’m Santa Claus!」

Myuu who was wearing red and white clothes was indeed wearing the appearance of Santa. Her lower body was clad in mini skirt and short boots, it was a cute clothes that were arranged with frills and fluffy pompon all over. Her head was wearing a droopy Santa hat and she was carrying a large bag on her shoulder. All those factors certainly made her a Santa-san.

Myuu twirled with a beautiful rotation as though to show off her exclusive Santa cosplay created by her family for her. She stood sideways and winked with peace sign over her eye. It was the signature pose like a certain idol somewhere! *Sparkle-☆* Such sound effect could be hallucinated from that!

「Cu, cute……」

The male Randell. It seemed he got one hit KO-ed from the *Sparkle-☆*. He was staring at Myuu in intoxication.

The private secretary who sensed somehow that the king seemed to be of no use was wondering ‘Just what is the security of the palace doing…… No, this is the daughter of his majesty the demon king, anything is possible isn’t it, haha.’ He whispered so inside his heart while asking with a voice that was oozing out tiredness.

「Myuu-sama, just what are you doing? What about the plan of enjoying “Christmas” with Liliana-sama?」

「I’m not Myuu nano. I’m santa nano. Santa will distribute present in Christmas nano.」

「Present, is it?」

The secretary tilted his head. With a glance at Randell who was still in a daze, Myuu fished around inside her white bag. Like that what she took out was two beautifully wrapped bundles.

「Merry~ Christmas! These are presents from Santa to the two good children nano!」

「My, Myuu is giving me present? Uu, Myuu, someone like you is really……」

「Oh, for me too? Fufu, this is truly a happy surprise.」

The eyes of the secretary who received the present turned round while also accepting it happily. He guessed that it seemed Myuu was going around distributing present in accordance with this event called Christmas. It felt like his everyday tiredness was blown away, and he was making a really warm expression.

On the other hand, Randell was whispering things like「Myuu is giving me present. To purposefully go as far as crossing world for my sake…… Hah, don’t tell me, Myuu is actually having feeling for me!?」.

「Well then you two, work hard nano! Santa will give present to other people too nano!」

「Yes, Myuu-sama. Thank you very much for the present.」

While the private secretary and Myuu were exchanging harmonious words of parting, Randell whose expression was feverishly delirious returned to his senses suddenly.

「Wa, wait a second, Myuu!」


「Tha, that’s. It’s. ……If you like, won’t you spend today with me? I’ll personally prepare a return gift for you!」

The secretary gave a straight-man retort through his gaze「You, read the atmosphere. Rather, she just said that she is giving present to other people too」. The young king didn’t even pay attention to his private secretary’s expression and was desperate to stop Myuu from leaving.

Randell kept prattling on and on while glancing repeatedly at Santa Myuu with blushing cheeks.

Just from this, it could be guessed that Randell whose first love was scattered that much was now falling into a difficult love once more. During the few times of his contact with Myuu when she came to play in the palace when brought along by that guy, Myuu who interacted with him friendlily different from other people of the same age around him, and also seeing how their age was relatively close caused him to fall for her so easily.

Myuu who was tilting her head at such Randell didn’t know about what was inside his heart, but she could guess that Randell was trying to make her stay and with a cheerful smile she――

She declared to Randell whose expression turned bright seeing her smile.

「Randell’s eyes are always indecent so no way.」


Randell turned into stone. Myuu dealt additional blow at him still with a smile!

「Papa told me nano. Myuu must not get near that kind of man. That’s why Randell, don’t get too close to me nano!」


The male Randell. Even after becoming a king he fell on his knees. Seeing his majesty who was on all fours while holding his chest, the private secretary sent him a look of sympathy. Myuu said「Bye bye nano~」while jumping out from the window.

Later on at the palace, the voices of the servants and soldiers who were happy with the surprise present from the cute Santa could be heard mixed with the crying voice of the young king who screamed「That bastard(demon king), I’ll murder him somedayyyyyy-」in an outburst of anger.

*whoosh-* The sound of a sharp slash resounded, and a fiendish monster was crumbling in two.

「Fuu. Is this the last of them?」

The one who whispered was a young man wiping the sweat on his forehead with his hand――Amanogawa Kouki. After many twists and turns, he who had saved several other worlds was even now working hard like this to remove the threat to people as an adventurer.

「Kouki-san, great work.」

「We are finished too over here, Kouki.」

From inside the deep forest, the two who appeared pushing through the grasses were Kouki’s party members, the former goddess-sama and former queen-sama of another world. These two were also female hunter who were currently competing for Kouki also after many twists and turns.

「Aa, thanks for your hard work you two. You two aren’t injured right?」

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「Everything’s fine. The strength of a goddess is not so small that monsters of this level can possibly do anything.」

「Former goddess you mean? Also, certainly what is small isn’t your strength but your breast there.」

「Aa? I’ll turn you into cinders you know? Queen (lol).」

「Oh? Just try it if you actually can, no good goddess.」

Just like usual, Kouki was starting to take distance bit by bit while staring with eyes that looked like dead fish toward the former goddess and former queen at both his sides who were glaring from really close as though seeing each other’s parent’s killer.

But, at that time Kouki’s presence detection detected an unknown existence approaching them with terrific speed.

(-, fast!?)

Kouki opened his mouth to warn the two at the same time when that fell from the sky.

What landed with an impact that shook the ground was,

「Re, reindeer?」

Kouki was spontaneously dumbfounded.

Yes, it was a reindeer. With bright red nose. However, it was super big with length that was almost three meter long.

The red nosed reindeer-san stared slightly at the dumbfounded three people, and then its mouth suddenly fell open. Inside it there was a fiendish object that looked really familiar for Kouki……

「Why is it hereee!?」

Kouki yelled such thing while he wasted no time to hold the other two and evaded from the line of fire. It was at that moment, *dopan-* a bursting sound and flash that were also familiar surged out, blasting away an enemy approaching from behind Kouki and others that Kouki had also detected.

Kouki put down beside him the former queen-sama and former goddess-sama who were still dumbfounded and he stared at the mechanical death god reindeer-san while his cheeks were twitching. Thereupon,


「Myuu-chan…… So it’s you.」

Kouki hung his head down crestfallenly. Santa Myuu’s face peeked out all of sudden from the reindeer’s back, and with a hop she flew and twisted midair with a triple turn before landing beautifully.

「Why are you in this kind of place? That outfit……aah, today is Christmas huh.」

「Correct nano. For hero-san who has been a good child through this one year, there is a present from Santa nano!」

「Hahah, I see. ……A Santa who make an entrance by riding a grim reaper……as expected from Nagumo’s daughter.」

Toward Kouki who was muttering with a subdued air, Myuu returned a package while saying「Yes! Merry Christmas!」. Myuu also handed over present to the former goddess and former queen-sama who were still dumbfounded.

「Thank you Myuu-chan. Can I look inside?」

「It’s fine, but Myuu is really busy getting around the world nano. That’s why, I’m leaving already nano.」

Myuu jumped on the slaughter reindeer-san――actually the inside was Belfegoor――and then she said「Bye hero-san! I wish you a good another world summoning next year too!」while flying away.

「Don’t give me that kind of ominous prayer!」

Kouki’s shout ended in vain, the figure of the demonic reindeer-san that reached the speed of sound instantly was already gone.

Kouki let out a long sigh while he tried opening the wrapping of the small present carefully. Even after everything he said, he opened the wrapping while his cheeks were loosening that he was also given a Christmas present.

「Hm? This is……ring?」

What came out from the box were pair rings. On the small paper that was included inside,「They are engagement rings! Please give it to someone that you love!」was written with round characters.

Kouki got drenched with sweats from a bad feeling.

「Kouki-san, thank you very much. For you to prepare this ring of eternal oath, I’m really happy.」

「Kouki? Naturally, you will give it to me right? Right?」

Over both his shoulders, the former queen-sama and former goddess-sama were peering in smilingly wrapped in muddy black aura. Kouki was about to activate Ground Shrinker reflexively to take distance, but the two tightly grasped his shoulders simultaneously.



*creak* Unpleasant sound rang from Kouki’s both shoulders.

Kouki’s eyes turned into dead fish eyes once more while at the bottom of his heart he yelled at the small Santa who presented him with pair rings despite preparing presents for three people.


After that, it went without saying that the thunderous sounds of the struggle for the pair rings resounded deep inside the forest. And then, it also went without saying how later Kouki went around bowing his head at every related place for the reckless destruction of nature.

At Britain in the bureau chief office of the national security bureau,


Such dee~~p sigh was let out. The one whose eyebrows twitched in reaction to that was the person who was wholly famed as a walking and clothed cool-headedness, Chief Sharon Magdanese.



A sigh even deeper than before caused an irritating air inside the chief office. Vein was starting to emerge on Chief Magdanese’s forehead. There, even more sigh assaulted.



Chief Magdanese who snapped threw a paper knife. The owner of sigh who immediately shook his head while raising a pathetic scream unconsciously――Allen saw the paper knife passed through right beside his forehead, without stopping the knife stabbed *pasun* on the wall behind him.

「Wai-, what are you doing, chief!」

「I said it already, it’s depressing. Just what’s with you since some time ago?」

Chief Magdanese sent a gaze that was even colder than the open air of winter at Allen who was the cause of the irritating atmosphere in the chief office with his deep sigh.

Allen twitched from such gaze, even so he spoke his reason.

「No, because, this situation makes me want to sigh. Chief, today is Christmas you know! Through the world now lovers are having a date, they are preparing and flirting in preparation for tomorrow, they are having their fill for that kind of embarrassingly happy event, yet when it come to me, I’m doing work work work in this kind of place from morning until night. Tomorrow will be work too! Just what is the meaning of this!」

「Even if you say that, there are a lot of other staffs other than you who are also doing work.」

「That’s true! But, Paradis-san, she is normally having holiday giggling and making merry! Aby-san and others too, they are having embarrassingly happy event! You know, yesterday she already wore Santa hat while working! Just seeing that atmosphere of her that said『I’m really looking forward for tomorrow!』, my heart is already at the limit……」

「Be relieved. I put Paradis’s Santa hat into cutting machine right in front of her eyes yesterday.」

「Cruel-. No, not that, even if there is something like that but the emptiness inside me isn’t mitigated at all.」

「You don’t have a lover anyway so it’s pointless whatever you say. Just keep with your wild dream.」

「Cruel-. Uu, isn’t there a woman somewhere who will be kind to me……」

Allen grieved. There a voice resounded.

「Thinking that is the case, I came! Merry Christmas!」



Allen reflexively pulled out a gun and rushed toward Magdanese, and Magdanese who held her breath. When both of them turned toward the ceiling from where the voice came――

「Merry Christmas! Granny Sharon! Also Allen!」



The pane of the ceiling was taken off and there was the upside-down face of Myuu suddenly peeking out from there. Let’s say this in advance, the ceiling of the chief office wasn’t constructed with detachable pane. It was protected with steel plate twenty millimeter thick.

Actually, Magdanese and others accomplished having a meeting with demon king family with Lord Abyssgate’s introduction. Naturally, they also became acquaintance with Myuu. However, for some reason Myuu seemed to be pleased with Magdanese and since then she called her “Granny Sharon” intimately.

Although it was a wide world, the one who called the national security bureau chief who even terrorist would beg at for their life while crying as “granny” was surely only Myuu. It went without saying that not just Allen, all the bureau staffs accompanying them including Vanessa opened their eyes wide hearing that. The shock was so great that Myuu was talked as a legendary super little girl within the bureau even now.

*thud* Myuu landed after somersaulting midair like a cat which caused Magdanese and Allen to make a really speechless expression.

After【Berserk Case】which was the first case they solved with Lord Abyssgate, they went through many more cases where there was quite a lot of chance for them to meet Myuu. Therefore, they only knew too well that Myuu wasn’t just a mere little girl.

But, for the specially strictly guarded chief office of the security bureau that should be impossible to even be infiltrated by the average agent to be so easily penetrated……

「Granny Sharon! Merry Christmas! For granny who is working really hard this year too, there is a present from Santa nano!」

「This naughty angel.」


Magdanese turned into a mere Granny Sharon. Chief office’s security? Security bureau’s honor? In front of the angel’s smile those were trivial matters.

Allen’s eyes opened wide seeing the warmly smiling Magdanese. Even now he felt like fainting.

When Magdanese tried opening the present, there was a simple necklace inside.

「See, about that, just by wearing it will make blood circulation better, and it will take off fatigue. It’s so Granny Sharon can be healthy all the time!」

「The words just now already make me able to fight for a hundred years more. Thank you, Myuu.」

「No, chief. That’s already just a monster――」

*sukon-* A fountain pen stabbed Allen’s forehead. Allen screamed「Noo-OOOOH」while flopping around with his hands pressing on his bleeding forehead. The pen was pretty much stopped by Allen between his bare hands before it could go through, so only the tip pierced in, but something painful was painful.

Myuu approached such teary eyed Allen with trotting steps and her small hand caressed Allen’s head.

「Are you an angel?」

「I’m Santa.」

Toward Allen who became even more teary eyed from being treated kindly, Myuu offered a present「Here, Allen. Merry Chris!」.

By the point of time he was called without any honorific by an elementary school student, it could be seen just in what level Allen’s position inside Myuu, but the Christmas present from a girl although a young one caused Allen’s tear duct to finally burst.

「Uu, even though I’ll absolutely make you happy if only you were born ten years faster」

「Sleep-talking when you are asleep, nano.」

The ears of Allen who was in the middle of feeling moved beautifully ignored the stinging words.

Floods of tears were flowing from Allen while he opened the thin sealed envelope. It felt complicated to call the item a present when it was something that only looked like a letter, but for the current Allen it was something irrelevant.

And then, while he was reading the letter inside the envelope, tears were starting to flow out even more like a waterfall from Allen.

「Thi, this is, real? It’s not a prank, or a fake for surprise?」

「Yep. Myuu was only entrusted with the letter. What’s left depend on Allen nano.」

「Hi, hi, hi――」


Magdanese directed a disgusted gaze at Allen who was suddenly starting to repeat「hi」as though he was convulsing, but the moment she quietly evacuated Myuu away, Allen yelled「Hyaho―――――――ii!!」while jumping up.

Without pausing he then got so high spirited it made anyone wonder if he was going to ascend to heaven soon while hopping around inside the office.

「Myuu. What is that letter?」

「It’s from an onee-chan that is papa’s former classmate. Before when they were together just for a bit at the case before this, she felt interested at Allen she said.」

「……That’s, really……what an owner of rare taste that girl must be.」

A present for Allen. That was a letter that had the writing of a contact number of a girl of a certain group that was summoned to another world. The girl who previously got a bit involved with a case that dragged in Lord Abyssgate had the opportunity to act together with Allen for a short while.

The middle aged agent who lamented his inability to get a lover despite actually being a brilliant agent was greatly joyful that the spring finally came for him too.

「Ah, right. There is one more present for Granny Sharon nano.」

「My, what is it I wonder?」

Magdanese tilted her head. Myuu smiled cheerfully at her and handed over a piece of memo paper. Magdanese accepted it and saw that there was only an address written there and his head tilted further.

「Myuu, this is?」

「You see, that’s the address of the building where a group of half dead terrorist-san is locked in nano!」



Magdanese’s eyes spontaneously turned into dot. And then, Allen also stopped his joyful dance.

Myuu shouldered his white bag and crossed over the room until right below the opened hole.

「See, these terrorists-san, looks like they planned to make a concert venue where famous people gathered for Christmas go boom nano. That’s why, Myuu destroyed them a bit nano. It will be terrible if granny cannot return home in Christmas day nano!」

「Ah, yes. Right, thank you?」

「……Myuu, chan」

Myuu said「Then, have a nice Christmas!」at Magdanese and Allen whose face was greatly convulsing, and then she leaped up to the ceiling. And then, at the next moment the opened hole in the ceiling became like before as though nothing had happened.

Inside the chief office where death silent had returned, Allen spoke something that was too late already.

「……Chief. I more or less read the mood and pretended to not notice but……」


「Myuu-chan’s Santa clothes. Weren’t there strange spots on them? As though, there was red liquid that got splattered on them.」

「……Send personnel to this address. Quickly. Send ambulance too.」

「Yes ma’am. ……Since when the red of Santa became the color of blood spurt I wonder.」

「……Surely since the daughter of the demon king was born.」

There was slight smell of blood remaining. The Santa of Christmas was hungering for blood……perhaps.

「Fuu. Somehow I delivered all the presents nano. Santa-san has it hard nano.」

Myuu who returned home using gate whispered so while stretching her body. The sun was already sinking, delicious smell was drifting from Nagumo house.

She had literally went around the world to deliver present for the people related to Nagumo family. Although it was possible to teleport using gate, it was a really hard work for Myuu who was still little.

But, this too was something necessary for her to do to not let the connection that her beloved papa and his underlings(friends) had formed to be severed. Because she didn’t have great power like her family, because she was powerless that she had to be helped by someone else, what she could do was only to convey that she treasured, loved everyone.

And then, for the last, Myuu would do the greatest that she could do for her most important people.

Wanting to make it a surprise, she deceived her papa in various things but…… Yue-oneechan and others who knew about the circumstance surely had explained it to papa skillfully. Myuu believed in that and pulled herself together.

She opened the entrance’s door. Right away, the sound of a demon king somewhere rushing near with loud footsteps as though in a rush entered her ear. ‘Nyufu’ A strange laugh leaked out. Myuu sucked in a deep breath following her overflowing emotion,

「I’m home & Merry Christmas! I’m bringing a lovely present yeah! Nano!」

It went without saying, a lovely present for Nagumo family was the large love of the small Santa.

I’m thinking that before long, I want to give more spotlight at that person.

Anyway, Merry~ Christmas.

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I’m really happy.

It became a good present for Christmas.

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