Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 247 — New Year Special After Story - The Scene of a Mundane New Year (Limited to Nagumo Family)

Chapter 247: New Year Special After Story - The Scene of a Mundane New Year (Limited to Nagumo Family)

「Flatten! Flatten! Become tas~ty! Flat! Desuu!」

「Flatten! Flatten! Become tas~ty! Flat! Nano!」

It was the early afternoon of the New Year’s Day where there was clear air and transparent sunlight showering down the world.

Such enthusiastic shouts were resounding in a corner of Nagumo family’s garden. The voices’ owners were Shia who was sporting a wide smile with her rabbit ears hopping up and down, and Myuu who was sporting the same wide smile while wearing rabbit ear hair band that was made to hop up and down.

Both of them were currently in the middle of pounding mochi.

By the way, Myuu’s rabbit ear hair band was a high level item that wasn’t inferior in texture or appearance compared to the real thing.

The raw materials were supplied by Yue. It was an item where Yue’s skill shined from her putting all her heart into producing animal ear hair band because once Shia’s rabbit ears stolen Hajime’s attention. Myuu was looking enviously at Shia’s rabbit ears, so Yue created it once more and gave it to Myuu.

That rabbit ears that was endlessly close to the real thing, just from where in the world Yue procured it from……

Yue who borrowed the compass and crystal key from Hajime and then returned after thirty minutes later were holding rabbit ears that weren’t even bundled in her hand. Surely she had just gone to a place like a specialist shop for animal ear.

Even if for example right after the gate was opened and the scenery that could be seen at the other side resembled the abyss of【Orcus Great Labyrinth】, even if the grasped rabbit ears were sometimes twitching, even if there was a drop of red of something on Yue’s cheek, there was no doubt that the item was purchased from a specialist shop.

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Even if for example-, for a while Shia folded her rabbit ears flat on her head as though protecting it while she was directing a terrified gaze at Yue, or even if Inaba who they finally met after a long time was shocked when he saw the rabbit ear hair band equipped on Myuu’s head, but if it was said that it was a purchased item then that was a purchased item, the end!

「He, hey, both of thee. It’s fine that thou art singing rhythmically, but coulds not thou relax the pace and strength? From a while ago, mine hands art sometimes flattened here.」

Tio were giving a warning toward Shia and Myuu who were pounding mochi harmoniously like a real sisters, while her voice sounded pained, but strangely excitement could also be felt from it.

Tio received the role to turn over the mochi inside the millstone, but it was just as she said, since before this her hands were flattened several times. Even now Shia and Myuu weren’t holding back in their mochi pounding. They were swinging down the weight of war hammer as it was.

「What are you doing, Tio-san. Please turn over the mochi quickly!」

「Nano! Mochi pounding is a fight against time nano! Tio-oneechan, do it properly!」

「E, a, yes.」

Tio put in her hands in hurry to turn over the mochi.


「Ah!? Shia! Thou, just now, thou purposefully――」


「Higii!? Myuu!? Why didst thou swing down just now!?」

Flatten-flatten! Ah!? Flatten-flatten-! Ahiih!?

The mochi and hands were changing shape properly along with the rhythmically cute words. Tio’s interlude that sometimes got in between produced a nice flavor.

「Oh man~, pounding mochi suited Shia-chan really well. As expected from a rabbit. Myuu-chan’s appearance of mochi pounding rabbit-chan is also really cute.」

「Totally. If only there isn’t a pervert who is putting both hands on ground while making expression of ecstasy between them, I’ll want to preserve this scene in recording.」

In respond to the words of Shuu who was sipping tea on veranda, Hajime was also sipping tea while agreeing (?). Both of them couldn’t put in boorish retort, whether toward the pervert who finally entered and took out both her hands, or about how what was used to pound mochi was a war hammer that had soaked in the blood of innumerable enemies, all those points were ignored in this New Year mood.

The two who averted their gaze from the rabbit ear duo and the pervert turned their eyes toward another corner of the spacious garden.

Over there was also a scenery that was really like New Year event.

「Aa!? Yue! Just now, you absolutely used gravity magic there! That’s foul!」

「……A cruel false accusation. If you are talking about foul play, then it’s Kaori’s foul play by the time you use two racket style in this battledore.」(Note: Battledorerly form of badminton racket)

The two who faced each other with moderate distance in between were Kaori and Yue. The hand of the two was holding battledore racket. What they were doing since just now while noisily quarreling with each other was Japanese badminton.

「This isn’t foul play! There is no rule forbidding using two rackets. But, using magic is obviously a foul play right?」

「……What is called a rule, is something decided by one’s own strength!」

「It’s useless even if you said it with that posed look!」

Kaori-san serve! *whoosh-* The shuttlecock that made an uncommon sound cut through the sky. An average human would be unable to react against that speed without doubt! Its angle was also the same!

But, the shuttlecock was rapidly decelerating in front of Yue, it was slowly advancing as though in slow motion.

「……This is my zone. Eat this, Heavy Shottt」

「That’s why, that’s just gravity magic! Uu, in that case I too……here I go, try stopping this! God Speed Shottt!」

When Yue fired a heavy smash using gravity magic, Kaori hit back while at the same time firing a smash of god speed that shortened the arrival time.

Kaori-san grinned complacently seeing the shuttlecock passing through beside Yue. However, Yue-sama wasn’t that na?ve.

「……There is no such thing as blind spot for me!」

「Ah, using Divine Existence is seriously unfair!」

Using instantaneous space teleportation, Yue appeared in front of the shuttlecock that had passed through. She ignored Kaori’s protest forthrightly and hit back the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock ascended high to the sky. Yue lifted the corner of her lips. It was obvious what she was thinking.

(You are planning to drop it from above with super gravity aren’t you!? I won’t let that!)

Kaori leaped up. Like a wild eagle! A down smash attacked Yue from above!

Yue’s racket sparked.

「……Lightning Dragon Shottt」

The shuttlecock howled! The shuttlecock was clad in lightning at the same time with the impact, it then flew while simultaneously turning into lightning dragon with the jaws opened wide!

「Na?ve, how na?ve, Yue!」

Kaori’s racket was tinged with silver light. With superb moderation of power, disintegration ability erased only the lightning dragon just before it could hit Kaori and hit back the shuttlecock!

Magic(shuttlecock) was flying wildly about, the players were moving around with god speed, or instant teleportation, secretly magic was simply fired! Between times, disparagement like「……Idiot Kaoriii」or「Bird-brain Yueee」also gushed out.

「The two of them are really getting along huh.」

「Well, I won’t deny that. Perhaps because of the automatic regeneration or miraculous recovery magic, year by year their quarrel is turning more extreme, but the two of them also go shopping together normally though.」

*Chudon-! Dokan-!* While listening to the harmonious Japanese badminton game that gave out such impact sounds, the father and son sipped their tea. Hajime nonchalantly released artifact for countermeasure against the neighborhood.

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When Shuu and Hajime closed their eyes partly at the air of New Year and the comfortable shockwave, joyful voices ‘kyaa kyaa’ resounded from inside the room behind them.

「Ahahah, look look! My mercenary group succeeded in their surprise attack again! My funds get tripled as the success reward!」

「Wh, why is it only Sumire-okaasama who get into good square……as for me, I lost even my home already. Even though I’m a princess, even though, I’m a princess……」

「Li, Lily……how pitiful. To receive this treatment even in the world of board game. Compared to that, Remia-san who is steadily succeeding in starting business is terrifying. My position got overtaken before I realized it.」

「My my, what to do. I get a child again. This time it’s a twin. Everyone, please give me two million each for the celebratory gift. Ufufu」

Sumire, Liliana, Shizuku, and then Remia were amusing themselves with Game of Life Tortus version. It was a revised edition where Japanese language was used in every aspect of it, starting from the money’s denomination.

The manufactured was a mysterious character called South Cloud. It was a moderate sized board, but it was an artifact class game that made use of status plate function, so the squares’ content would be changed along with the players matching with the established vocation. Just like status plate, above the white board there were the squares and pawns floating up. (Note: Nagumo was formed from the kanji of ‘south’ and ‘cloud’)

Due to the fact that people could have simulated experience of a life possessing a vocation they dreamed of, this was an extremely popular game that was selling like crazy in Tortus through Yunker Company. (Note: Yunker is the name of an energy product in Japan. Also I tried looking back at the early chapters and found out about Motto Yunker, I totally forget about this character until now. I wonder if any of you still remember him? He is a leader of a merchant group Hajime met in Tortus. Aside from his name Yunker that is like energy drink, the name Motto also meant ‘more’ in Japanese. So this guy’s name means ‘more Yunker’. Remember this kids, this will come out in test)

An artifact class game was selling in great amount……

That fact caused the top brasses of every country and every organization to hold their head altogether in great perplexity.

Back to the topic.

Currebtly, Sumire became a leader of a mercenary group and devoted herself to the extreme of wickedness……she was managing her work favorably. Liliana became the princess of a ruined country and she wandered aimlessly to every place, Shizuku was achieving success as an adventurer within limitation, while Remia became a wealthy merchant that contended for the top spot even in Fuhren.

By the way, Remia already had eight children. And then, right now it seemed she made her ninth and tenth children. She was demanding celebratory gift with bright smiling face.

Sumire was saying「Congratulations! I’ll wish you well for in reality too okay!」while handing over the celebratory money, Shizuku was handing over her due while smiling wryly from looking beside her, and Liliana was whispering「……I cannot pay, the celebratory money. Large money like two million, how would I…… Ahaha, getting loan isn’t it. Even though I’m a princess, even though, I’m a princess……」.

It seemed Liliana finally became a princess in debt.

「How peaceful.」


When Shuu whispered in earnestness, Hajime then agreed in earnestness. They sipped their tea.

But, at that time, Sumire while being a leader of a mercenary group happily yelled「Oh my, dear me, I finally get married!」. Shuu’s ears twitched in reaction.

It seemed that spring also came even for the strongest mercenary group leader.

Suddenly, or possibly with the feeling of escapism, the princess in debt asked Sumire.

「Come to think of it, how did Sumire-okaasama met with Shuu-okaasama? As expected, was it developed through hobby?」

「My, how sudden. What’s the matter Lily-chan?」

「Err, just a curiosity. Because of my status, I never have a common meeting, my meeting with Hajime-san was also unique, so I’m wondering what kind of meeting Okaa-sama and Otou-sama had.」

「I see. Indeed, the way of meeting of everyone other than Kaori-chan and Shizuku-chan wasn’t normal isn’t it.」

Sumire opened her mouth with the BGM of shockwaves and explosions, and then the shout of「Flatten!」and the coquettish voice「Ahh!?」. She squinted her eyes in nostalgia and talked while looking at faraway.

「Yes, it was at an intensely cold shrine in New Year. I and Shuu who at that time didn’t know each other――infiltrated the shrine while cosplaying as priest and shrine maiden.」

「A not normal meeting suddenly appeared!?」

Liliana’s first retort of the year exploded. Even the smiling goddess Remia, or Shizuku whose selling point was her cool and collected attitude were similarly making twitching face.

「That was really a surprise. I who was a high schooler at that time wanted to work as a shrine maiden even for just once at the shrine that was an anime’s holy ground. While the shrine was bustling with the New Year event, I nonchalantly cosplayed as a shrine maiden and worked diligently as a guide for the visitor. And then you see, I discovered a priest-san who was obviously a student leaning on a pillar with a posed look. He was then immediately got found out by the real priest-san where next he desperately made excuse.」

「I already don’t understand from where I should retort here.」

Lily-chan’s polite language was crumbling. She looked at Shizuku and Remia looking for help, but the two of them averted their gaze quickly.

Shuu’s ears were twitching.

「The shrine’s authorized people who noticed the uproar gathered, and then I who nonchalantly pretended to be shrine maiden also got exposed. Both of us prostrated ourselves right away. We thought of getting through this by making a prostration that would make the other side creeped out.」

「Trying to getting through uproar by prostrating……that’s a story that I had heard somewhere. Is that Nagumo family’s traditional skill I wonder?」

Hajime’s ears were twitching. Was it Hajime’s misunderstanding that he was feeling Shizuku’s gaze on the back of his head?

「However, there was one problem. It’s fine already so just go home――our cosplay’s level was too high to draw out those words!」

「What did you say~」

「Remia-chan! Nice interjection there!」

Remia-san had perfectly grasped how the mother-in-law’s rhythm was working.

From the story of the chipper Sumire, it seemed their costume was extremely close to the real thing and the people in authority mistaken them as the real thing. They were interrogating the two just from where they obtained the costume.

Like that, Shuu who at that time was gradually getting irritated finally said something like this.

――It ain’t priest clothing! It’s my plain clothes! It only looks similar accidentally, I’m wearing it as everyday clothes! You got a problem with my fashion sense!?

It seemed he forgot the fact that he was prostrating and he even tried to make the fact that he was infiltrating into nothing.

「The moment I heard that, I was laughing and rolling around with my hands holding my stomach while thinking this. Yosh-, I’ll marry this person! Like that!」

「「「Why did it become like that!?」」」

While the straight-man act of Liliana and others was exploding, at the veranda Shuu was covering his face with both hands and rolling around on the floor. It seemed he was overheating with shame that his black history was exposed to his daughters-in-law.

「Like that, we dated with my confession and then we married after that. How is it? Compared to Liliana-chan and others, it was a meeting without anything particular about it right?」

「「「「「「「「There is no such thing.」」」」」」」」

Including Yue and others too who seemed to listen to the story from some point unnoticed, the wive~s of Nagumo family and Myuu acted the straight man.

Hajime was clapping the shoulder of Shuu who was still writhing「Nuoooh, that’s embarrassinggg」to console him.

「Now then, Shia-chan and Myuu-chan has also returned, should we eat the freshly made mochi with the ozouni soup?」(Note: Ozouni is a Newa Year’s dish that is a soup containing mochi and vegetables)

Sumire clapped her hand *pan-* and ended the story. The wive~s replied「Ye~s」and Myuu brought the mochi happily.

After that, they ate Sumire’s specially made ozouni soup with relish and the New Year of Nagumo family passed on peacefully.

The craters created at the garden, also the destroyed millstone, also the awkward Shuu who was receiving lukewarm gaze from his daughters and granddaughter in law, also Kaori’s papa who was storming in with a yell「So my angel is hereeee」, also Shizuku’s papa and grandpa who appeared in a flash in the living room while greeting「Thank you for always taking care of our Shizuku」, those scenes were a really mundane (limited to Nagumo family) New Year scene.

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