Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 248 — Arifureta After II - See Ya, Pops!

Chapter 248: Arifureta After II - See Ya, Pops!

The sea of clouds and dark clouds scattered away. The light of sun was shining in everywhere, creating many sun rays.

Although, even those lights would surely vanish soon. That was just how deep the ravages of calamity that was caused by the random pounding of meteor impact. No need to mention the turned up land, the rolled up dusts would cover the whole sky soon.

The people looked up to that man, no, the demon god who accomplished that with feeling of awe. That figure surrounded by spreading crimson spark and standing calmly while releasing sparks was indeed emitting a dignity that was worthy to be titled as “demon god” from the unconscious whisper of the people.

「Whoops, I forget this.」

The people jumped at the first voice of the demon god-sama. They were unusually trembling with fears in comparison with the words that was said really lightly.

But, what happened right after that was an extraordinary strangeness that didn’t match such light words.

「Crimson light is……」

Roze opened her eyes wide toward the sky above. Crimson light was showering down far above the sky like how sunlight was interweaving sun rays. It showered down everywhere on the capital of the dragon kingdom.

‘Is this the whim of the demon god!? What he said just now, does it mean he was forgetting to destroy the city!?’ Shudders were rushing through the people.「Hiih」Screams were raised, and people who held their head and squatted down appeared continuously.

「There art no need to worry. Goshujin-sama in his good mood decide to perform a bit of service.」

「Eh? Tio-sama. Just what does that mean……」

Roze tilted her head and spoke her question at Tio who was smiling wryly. However, a report arrived faster than Tio was able to reply at that question.

『Roze-sama, this is Cline. This crimson light, it doesn’t seem to be a threat. ……The wounds of the injured people who received the exposure of the light is healing in the blink of eye.』

『This is Bovid. Reports from the crashing down guys about their survival are coming one after another. Even the guys who fell to the land below are reporting back. Geez, anything is really possible for that person.』

『Roze-sama. This is gramps. We were also saved by this crimson light. Although, in my case, I received the exposure from a metallic spider that clung on me unnoticed.』

『From Jean, to Roze-sama. We too went through the same like Sabas-sama. A small spider had its back opened up, and then the ring that came out from there shot out this light. The moment we got hit, our wounds were gone. It seemed that we were receiving that person’s protection.』

It appeared the reason Sabas and Jean, and then the imperial guards were surviving was because of this.

――Regeneration magic exposure satellite Bel Agharta

Using the satellite type artifact that was deployed outside the atmosphere, the range where the crimson light could reach became place that would promise abnormal recovery using regeneration magic. Even in the case where the target was underground or indoor, by using spider type golem――Arachne’s in-built gate to send in the light through it, the regeneration light could still reach with pinpoint accuracy.

Hajime secretly scattered Arachne swarm inside mother ship Avenst. At present, it’s unknown where they are lurking, from transmutation, suicide bombing, disabling drug injection, until sending light of regeneration, all the little spider-san can do anything. Ia! Ia! Masteeer! (Note: The ‘ia ia’ part seem to be a reference to Cthulhu, not really clear about what though)

「Demon god-sa……cough-. Hajime-sama……so in the end, he was watching over us.」

「……Pe, perhaps that art so.」

Roze’s eyes turned moist from feeling greatly moved. Kuwaibel also raised a small cry「Pii」from deep emotion. The people who could hear the conversation of Tio and Roze relayed it to the people behind them, spreading the circle of the emotionally moved.

For some reason, it was only Tio who was making a strangely twitching expression.

In order to speak the words of thanks as the representation of the people, Roze was about to open her mouth toward Hajime who was continuously emitting crimson spark while hovering still in midair. She wished that he would turn toward them, got down, and then received their words of gratitude.

But, right before Roze spoke the words to call out at him,

「True core activation……complete. Outer wall endurance level……clear. Crystal agglutination rate……stable. Yosh-, come here-!! What’s left is only the absorption and circulation! Let’s goo!! Connect to Ornis! Gate Open-!!」

She was interrupted by words that were filled with tension that was rising high for some unknown reason. Even though until now he was only showing a relatively cool and wicked side, but the current Hajime was really like a child who was given a new toy. His eyes were sparkling bright, and his mouth was loosened up slovenly.

The sudden high tension caused Roze and others turned speechless with their mouth gaping open, while Hajime’s hand was lifting to the sky a crystal about the size of a palm with a color that was a mix of dark blue and faint bluish white.

At the same time, countless black birds――crows were flying out from his Treasure Warehouse II, there were also some that had already been released unnoticed beforehand, flying from below the floating island and they all began to fly around as though forming spiral.

Looking closer, inside the world that was approached by dusts, black dots in a number that wouldn’t be an exaggeration to be said as many as the stars in the sky could be seen. The true identity of those black dots were all similarly the same jet black bird type artifact――Ornis.

Originally, Ornis was modeled after crow to be used for reconnaissance, but now they were flying around in the amount that should be expressed using the word innumerable.

「Wha, wha, wha, what is thissss!? Tio-sama!?」

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「Aa~, well, that’s. Anyway, this wouldst not be something bad for Roze-dono and others, so calm down. Rather, I believe that nothing wouldst make thou happier than this.」

「E, eee? No matter how I look, this scene looks like the demise of the world part II though……」

Swarms of crows were flying around as though giving notification of ominous news while dust was covering the world densely. Indeed, it was a sight that was fitting for the demise of the world. Furthermore, the eyes of those crows emitted sharp crimson light as though in respond with Hajime’s call, in addition their whole body was starting to be enveloped with crimson spark and aura. No matter from where one looked, the crows only looked like the subordinates of an evil existence.

There was no factor anywhere that could make them calm down.

「Linkage - converge-, transmute!!」

Something like the commotion of the lower world didn’t worth any concern. The demon god-sama who was in his perfect form invoked the ultimate skill of a transmutation master with his tension still rising high.

Instantly, Hajime’s surrounding whirled and sparkling particles were getting absorbed into the jewel in his hand.

It wasn’t just that.

「Ah, the sea of clouds is……-, even the dust!?」

Someone yelled. Just as the voice said, even though the sea of clouds and dark clouds that were a gathering of negative energy were scattering away, but that didn’t mean that they were vanishing, and then even the dusts that were rolled up due to the meteor impact were also converging into Hajime’s hand like a joke.

Hajime’s converging transmutation was certainly a power of transmutation that gathered the mineral at the surrounding without directly touching them. His original range for the convergence was around a few hundred meter, but it was another story if there were age of god magic, artifact, and Hajime’s Limit Break here.

Ornis that was affixed with absorbing effect using gravity magic so to speak was a relay point for the convergence. Meteor impact was fired to scatter the prepared metal particles that had the function for conglutinating negative energy all over the world. At the same time, the polluted land was smashed so that they would be rolled up as much as possible as dust to be collected.

「What a beautiful……」


The world was filled with jet black rivers of heaven.

The negative energy all over the world was flowing in toward Hajime accompanied by faint glimmers. There was no need to mention the sea of clouds and dark clouds. The dust of the land that was polluted by negative energy that was rolled up to the sky also became rivers that were flowing in the sky and gathered toward Hajime’s position.

What was flowing there was negative energy that was fatal for living thing. But, even so the people thought. That this sight was beautiful. Surely if there was an astronaut in this world looking down to the planet, there was no doubt that he would similarly get deeply moved at the sight of the sea of clouds and dust covering the world flowing into a point.

At the same time it was noticed.

The meaning of the jewel that was emitting crimson spark while swallowing the black sea of clouds and dusts without leaving any behind. The intention of Hajime that was lifting it up.

Yes, he was trying to purify the world!

Great number of people went down on their knees. They put their hands together in front of their chest while tears were flowing on their face.

It was as though they were worshipping a god!

One person, then one more person. The people who were dedicating prayer and gratitude toward the demon god who was purifying the world were increasing!

The pain in Tio-san’s chest was increasing in proportion of the number of the people! Somehow, she looked like she was really unable to endure being there even for a second longer!

「Tsk, the limit value huh. Well, I guess this is the initial value of the dragon core and sky core that can be picked up. What’s left will need time.」

The radiance of the jewel that was swallowing the negative energy along with the sea of clouds and dusts was settling down. The sky of the world was cleared up, everywhere the sea of clouds and dusts were dissipating.

Hajime who was taking a breather finally turned his gaze at the people below at that time. And then, 「oOO!?」he raised a shocked voice. After all, while he was getting a bit absorbed at another matter, for some reason the number of people staring at him with tears on their face while offering prayer was rapidly increasing. It made demon god-sama to be a bit shocked.

Hajime somehow guessed the circumstance and for a moment he showed a gesture as though he was thinking of something. The next moment shock and perplexity vanished from his face and a smile settled on his expression. His face changed into an expression that was already vibrantly smooth.

While crimson ripples were spreading in the air, like a god that was descending to the lower world, Hajime came down by calmly stepping step by step on the air. In order to return into Treasure Warehouse II, all Ornis gathered toward Hajime with a spiral trajectory which further gave him positive correction with his sublimity.

Beside Tio who for some reason was showing an exasperated face, the queen-sama was giving her welcome with moist eyes.

「……Hajime-sama. I, don’t know, just what I should say…… I don’t have any word to express this feeling of gratitude welling up inside me.」

Hajime shrugged toward Roze who was talking with a bit of feeling vexed.

「I don’t need any thanks. I’m only doing what I want to do by my own convenience.」

「You are really……」

Roze smiled looking troubled at those extremely light words regarding the salvation of the world. Behind her, Sabas and Crow siblings, Bovid and Cline and the other top brasses, and so many other people were gathering.

Words of gratitude were expressed from them one by one. Their voices were gradually turning into a chorus that began to shake the cleared up sky.

While the number of people in surrounding was increasing moment by moment, Roze said that she wished for the two of them to rest inside the palace by any means. The post war processing after this would be really difficult, but it seemed that she wanted to thank them no matter what as much as she could.

Hajime slowly shook his head toward such Roze.

「From here on it will be difficult for you all. If you have time to look after someone like me, you should prepare instead for the next battle to rebuild the world.」

「However, our feeling won’t be eased like that. Please――」

「Well, put aside that talk for now. Queen-san, can you come with me for a bit?」


For a moment Roze’s cheeks reddened thinking if「Is it for that kind of meaning!?」. Within an instant inside her brain the image of the approaching Hajime and herself saying denial……such wild delusion was rushing around. As expected from the hidden pervert queen.

However, the aforementioned Hajime turned away his gaze from her toward the mother ship Avenst that was landed behind the palace. Seeing that, her cheeks reddened because it was her misunderstanding this time. Beside her Sabas’s forehead was forming a Mariana trench.

「I have something important to talk. It’s fine for the top brasses to come along, so clear away all passenger from Avenst.」

「U, understood.」

Roze-chan’s cheeks reddened once more at the part of something important to talk, but she tilted her head by the time Sabas and others also okayed the request.

Sabas and others were also tilting their head in wonder what this was about, even so this was a request from the hero that saved their country. They didn’t even have the intention to refuse, and so the made people exited the mother ship Avenst and invited Hajime in.

*kon kon* Hajime and others were walking through a passage of mother ship Avenst that was silent from using up almost all the power of sky core it had. Hajime had finished grasping the ship’s internal construction after staying there for two days, so Hajime was walking forward rapidly in the lead.

「Err, Hajime-sama? Where are you going toward?」

The capital was in excitement from the victory, but the people should immediately feel insecure with the absence of the leading actors. Just in case the people who remained should be giving some kind of explanation to the people, but from the standpoint of Roze and others they wanted to quickly talk to the people.

Roze was nervous with Kuwaibel held on her chest. Accompanying them were Sabas, Crow siblings, and Bovid. And then the ship captains starting from Cline were also somewhat restless.

Hajime quietly opened his mouth toward them.

「I removed a considerable amount of the negative energy running rampant in this world. But, as expected it doesn’t mean that the balance of the world is completely restored. The balance of this world is still collapsed.」


Indeed, the jewel in Hajime’s hand absorbed negative energy. The sea of clouds became scattered all over and the rolled up dust also thinned so it didn’t cut off the sunlight completely.

However, the amount of the positive energy was still few, the balance of the world couldn’t be recovered right away with just the sky core of the natural world and the declined dragon species.

「Even so, now we are able to see the path to the future far clearer than before. Something like rebuilding the world from the start is something that cannot be done without being resolved for a long time of piling up effort for who know how many generations. Hajime-sama, you don’t know how much help it is already just from us being able to step on the land with our own feet.」

It seemed the destination ahead of the passage they were going through steadily was the power room. Hajime nodded「I see」at Roze’s words and he continued his speech.

「But, the prospect for the future become better and having leeway……those facts are also enough for anyone to think about needless things. Even in a circumstance where there is no leeway and people has to be desperate to stay alive, people still cannot band together and they fought each other like that. The appearance of Helmut as a common enemy could be said as fortunate in a sense.」


「Surely the people living in this world aren’t just queen-san and others and the Qwailent bunches. There must be other people surviving, holding their breath in the scattered floating islands, Perhaps there are even people who discovered a way to survive somewhere in the surface. Like deep underground for example.」

「……What is it, that you wish to say Hajime-sama?」

Roze looked dubious. No, she actually understood. There was no more enemy of the world that could become the cause for banding together. Sure enough, in the situation where resource was limited, how would people who now had leeway in their survival would move……

Hajime opened the door to the power room. In the center of the large room, an out of norm power reactor was sitting there. There was a spot in the center of the reactor where a fuel tank could be inserted.

The jewel that Hajime took out once more was settled silently in his hand. It looked like a yin yang sphere with its color mix of deep blue and faint bluish white. Hajime fiddled it around as though it was a marble ball while his gaze turned toward Roze.

「Do you want power? An even greater power that can overwhelm the world?」


It was a surprisingly deep and silent gaze. It was as though she was looking at a whirlpool that was created inside an ocean. She felt like if she lost focus, then her consciousness would be swallowed.

With a glance at Roze who unconsciously held her breath, Hajime carelessly threw the jewel into the reactor. The spot for inserting the fuel tank didn’t have a shape for precise insertion, there was a small box to put in the thing that would become the fuel, and after inserting the item into there the box only needed to be fixed in place using the fixing clasps.

Because of that, even without processing the jewel into the shape of a fuel tank, there was no problem if the jewel was inserted as it was. Yes, that was if that jewel had a function as fuel.


A sound like vapor whistle resounded, and then *goon goon* a sound that felt like it resounded until the bottom of stomach hit the earlobe. It gave an impression as though a heart to pour vitality into blood vessel and internal organ was now resuming to beat.

「Lies……Avenst is, completely……starting up?」

「-, ……Roze-sama. The energy replenishment rate, is 60 percent. It’s in the middle of rising even now. The weapon control system, is in the state of possible activation.」

The mother ship Avenst that should be unable to be activated completely except by the energy output of monarch dragon core was resuming breathing. When Sabas who ran to the console in respond to Roze’s whisper informed her about the ship’s state, the top brasses unanimously turned speechless.

Just floating was the best it could do with the power of sky core. Even if it used dragon core, using only average number of average dragon core would only make this ship able to use combat maneuver but using weapon would still be out of reach.

But now, this ship was activating.

「You see, this jewel, well, if I have to say it’s a pseudo monarch dragon core. The raw materials are sky cores, stockpiled dragon cores processed by the Qwailent bunches that I withdrawn from the fuel tank, and a bit of rare crystal from another world. It’s an imitation, but its output cannot be matched even by a monarch dragon core. After all, right now it had just absorbed energy that can purify the world to a certain degree.」

「Su, such thing is……」

It was possible. After all, this person here was a matchless transmutation master. Furthermore, although it was necessary for him to use artifact as intermediary, he was an existence who had even taken possession of technique that interfered with the truth of the world.

「If you have this, the strongest battleship that once shook the world will be revived. Perhaps you will be able to stave off the chaos that might happen from here on using this one ship.」

「Ha, Hajime-sama」

Roze was bewildered and took a step back, perhaps from feeling confusion at the unforeseen situation.

Toward such girl, Hajime mercilessly asked one more time as though thrusting the reality before her.

「Do you want power? If it’s you……If it’s the “rebirth” dragon kingdom Avenst’s queen Roze Phiris Avenst who rise to shoulder this world, then I will also be fine with lending this jewel.」

――What to do?

The question was calmly asked once more. If they had a deterrence ability this great, then indeed perhaps they would be able to prevent a needless spilling of blood from repressing the disturbance that would happen in the future.

It might possibly become the symbol of the queen of the rebirth dragon kingdom Avenst who decided to fight.

Roze was unable to sort out her confused mind, however, the moment her eyes met the eyes of Hajime who was staring straight at her, the conclusion came out with an easiness that surprised even herself. She found the conclusion the moment she saw that gaze that was vaguely holding expectation, as though testing her.

「No, I don’t need it.」

She was able to answer that clearly and strongly.

「……Hee. There really is no hesitation in that answer. Without this jewel, Avenst is a ship that is only big. Now that you have taken back your country’s territory, this kind of stupidly big ship will be reduced into a mere baggage you know?」

「Yes, perhaps that is so. But, didn’t Hajime-sama say it yourself? What is starting from here on is the “rebirth” dragon kingdom Avenst. Even if that isn’t a monarch dragon core, even if it’s a dragon core energy that is already processed, we will never make use of dragon core as weapon until the end of the world.」

Roze calmly replied to Hajime with a strong piercing glare. Looking carefully, the top brasses standing behind Roze were all staring with wordless declaration「Don’t make light of us!」inside their eyes.

「……You really, won’t use it until the end the world?」

「Yes. We won’t.」

「……This is a power that can rule the world. The strongest battleship. You really don’t need it?」

「Yes, we don’t need it.」

Seeing Hajime’s insistent questioning, Roze felt strangely mystified「Is he worried about us that much?」and a chuckle leaked out from her mouth. Her heart was tickled from the gap of this Hajime with the demon god’s mercilessness of before.

Roze spoke of her determination once more toward Hajime who was silently gazing at her searching her true feeling.

「Rebuilding the world is a battle against people’s heart. A weapon is just boorish for something like that. We have friends. We can walk toward the future just from the fact that we have taken back our friends. We have to walk forward. That’s why……」

「That’s why, you don’t need this thing anymore, is it?」

Hajime turned his gaze behind him with a wry smile. Ahead of his gaze there was the sparkling jewel and the heart of Avenst that was fully activated from receiving its power.

Hajime who returned his gaze at Roze was scratching his cheek looking a bit troubled.

「Aa~. Looks like, I’m only creating the spark of war for all of you.」

「I won’t speak that far……」

「But, just with this thing remaining here, it will only wither queen-san’s determination and also your persuasiveness to the external side. ……Can’t be helped. I’ll take responsibility as the creator and take this thing away to deal with it.」

「Fufu, thank you very much. At the very end……Hajime-sama is a really kind demon god-sama.」

「……Demon god? Since when I ranked up like that huh?」

Seeing Hajime who was scratching his cheek looking even more troubled, this time for sure Roze couldn’t hold it anymore and she let out a laugh. It was a lively smiling face that was full with the liberation from the heavy pressure of many years and charm that looked radiant with the hope and determination for the future.

Enticed by that laugh, the top brasses starting from Crow siblings also started to laugh.

For some reason, it was only Tio and Sabas whose expression looked horribly complicated though……

Hajime who faced away with an expression that really looked like「It’s really embarrassing to get laughed at」then said「Aaah, how long you guys are going to laugh!」while he made the “Treasure Warehouse II” in his hand to shine.

Right away, the whole Avenst was enveloped in crimson radiance, and the next moment it vanished completely. Although the reactor was located near the bottom of the ship, there was quiet some distance until the ground, so Roze and others who were suddenly thrown on the air reflexively screamed「Hyaaah!?」in that situation.

Although, they were wrapped in weightless feeling and the next moment Tio’s wind gently enveloped Roze and others and they were lowered slowly to the ground.

Roze looked around while feeling a bit of indignation of what suddenly happened, however, she noticed that the figure of Hajime and Tio was already gone and she felt slightly flustered.

「Now then, we are going now. This short time was really fun.」

『Ri, right. Well then Roze-dono. Kuwaibel. And then everyone of the kingdom. Stay in good health all of thee.』

When they looked up to the sky from where the words came, there was the figure of Tio who had transformed to dragon before anyone knew it and Hajime riding on her back.

The figure of the gallant and magnificent black dragon that could be seen to be different from Helmut in a glance caused the people to make commotion and raised joyful cheer of astonishment. In the middle of that uproar, Roze who guessed what was happening raised her voice in panic.

「Do, don’t tell me, you two are planning to leave right now!? We still haven’t expressed our thanks at all! Please, stay for a bit more here!」

「If it’s thanks we have received enough. Your words queen-san are the greatest gift more than anything.」

「Ha, Hajime-sama. Such thing-, that isn’t a token of appreciation at all-」

『That’s right, both of you! Besides, I want to be together with Haha-ue more!』

Roze who desperately tried to make the two stay with moist eyes, and Kuwaibel who pleaded at Tio like a spoilt child. The people who noticed from that appearance that their heroes would leave also yelled words asking the two to stay one after another.

「It’s the same like a weapon. It’s not fitting for an existence like me to stay beside the people who will work hard walking forward with their own legs from here on. Later!」

『……Boy. A king who guide the world wouldst not cry seeking his mother. Always gallantly let out the dragon’s roar. Remember that okay?』

Saying that, the two turned around. They didn’t even loko back at the words asking them to stay and their figure turned small faraway just like fickle wind that drifted away.

「Geez……to not even let us express our thanks sufficiently……they are really selfish, whimsy, hics-……and kind demon god-sama and true dragon-sama.」

『Haha-ue……I will, do my best. I’ll become a true dragon Haha-ue can be proud of.』

Inside the world where the cheers of gratitude of the people were echoing, the whispers of the queen and monarch dragon resounded solemly, yet by no means they carried any unpleasant emotion inside.

The strongest butler who had been at her side since her childhood offered a handkerchief silently. And then, he asked with reservation as though giving consideration.

「……Roze-sama. Is this okay?」

‘Is it fine to not stop them from leaving?’ Roze who thought that she was asked that wiped her eyes that turned red from tears while she nodded with a bright smile even then.

「No matter what reason we have, surely no one will be able to stop those people to stay here. Then, let us wait instead. We will do what we ought to do, make this world even more beautiful, so that when they come here once again riding on the wind we will be able to give them satisfaction.」

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‘A splendid determination. You have grown,’ Sabas wanted to say that.

However, he couldn’t say it. Because the meaning of his question was different.

「That, err, it’s not that……they are, taking away Avenst, is that okay?」


Roze-chan stiffened with a snap, a smile still on her face. After her, Kuwaibel who was in her embrace and Bovid and others who were cheering behind them also stiffened in a snap.

Roze averted her gaze still with a smiling face thinking ‘Just what is gramps talking about I wonder?’. Her gaze moved toward the place where Avenst was parked.

Not there.

No matter how many times she looked, the nation on ship that had been together with them in joys and sorrows until now wasn’t there. Or rather, the goods and tools for living, the personal effects that should be placed in the resident district and production district, all of them were left into a huge mound at slight distance away before anyone noticed.

A wind blew pass the empty space. Ah, the adult underwear of a lady that was previously hanged on the tip of the main cannon to dry it was blown by the wind! It was lightly dancing in the sky!

Roze blinked.

As she thought, the figure of mother ship Avenst wasn’t there. If this was in anime, then surely there would be the ship’s silhouette blinking in the empty spot with sound effect *pikon pikon-*.

Sabas spoke with a really complicated expression toward Roze who was in the state of petrification still with a smiling face.

「If I may be so presumptuous to speak……」

「Wha, what is it, gramps?」

「……Perhaps, that person had taken our commitment?」


The conversation that showed Roze’s determination and resolve to Hajime was flowing inside Roze’s brain. The memory was filtered by the truth that was Sabas’s words.

Now, let’s try remembering it clearly!

『Yes, perhaps that is so. But, didn’t Hajime-sama say it yourself? What is starting from here on is the “rebirth” dragon kingdom Avenst. Even if that isn’t a monarch dragon core, even if it’s a dragon core energy that is already processed, we will never make use of dragon core as weapon until the end of the world.』

Roze-chan’s true feeling

――We won’t use Avenst as weapon, so we don’t need the jewel for activating it.

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――We don’t need this kind of battleship anymore okay!

『……You really, won’t use it until the end the world?』

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――Eh, seriously? Seriously, not just the jewel, but you also don’t need Avenst?

『Yes. We won’t.』

Roze-chan’s true feeling

――Yes, we don’t need the jewel

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――Totally seriously. I say that we seriously don’t need something like Avenst. Rather it’s just a baggage.

『……This is a power that can rule the world. The strongest battleship. You really don’t need it?』

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――Really? Even if later you say ‘as I thought we need it’ that won’t be my problem y’know? You rea~lly don’t need it then?

『Yes, we don’t need it.』

Roze-chan’s true feeling

――For you to be that worried for us…… But, we really don’t need that jewel.

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――How persistent. We really don’t need this kind of battleship I told you. Rather, we are troubled of how to deal with it!

『But, just with this thing remaining here, it will only wither queen-san’s determination and also your persuasiveness to the external side. ……Can’t be helped. I’ll take responsibility as the creator and deal with this thing.』

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――Got it then, if it’s that much a bother for you, I’ll take responsibility and accept Avenst.

『Fufu, thank you very much. At the very end……Hajime-sama is a really kind demon god-sama.』

Roze-chan’s true feeling

――Defeating Helmut, purifying the world, and on top of that you even worry about our war strength in the future, really how kind. But, even if for example it has no meaning as a battleship, it’s fine for Avenst to be like that. Whether for the sake of the world, and also for our sake.

Hajime-san’s liberal translation

――Myy! Even though this is something troubling that ought to be recycled or collected as an oversized garbage, but you actually take it away for us! What kindness!

The above was the content of the chain of conversation.

What Hajime said in the end, 「Your words queen-san are the greatest gift more than anything」it also wasn’t a lie. It was a gratitude that came from heart, something like thank you for letting me take your commitment.

Roze who carefully recalled her conversation’s content with Hajime and guessed Hajime’s true intention then began to tremble all over still with smiling face.

She certainly said that they didn’t need the jewel that could return the nation on ship Avenst back into a battleship.

However, she didn’t say a single word that they also didn’t need Avenst with it. No, it looked like she said it, but it should be understood right!? Like from the flow of conversation, or from the particulars until now!

「Thi, thi, thi……」


While Bovid and others who seemed to similarly guess the situation were making twitching expression, Roze was shaking all over while muttering……

「Thi, THIE――――――――――F!!!」

Queen-sama, that guy had stolen something enormous.

Yes, it’s your nation on ship!

Roze’s scream that felt like it could reach until the end of the world reverberated.

『Nou, Goshujin-sama. Art this really fine?』

「It’s fine, after all the queen herself said it’s fine.」

That absolutely wasn’t her true intention. Or rather, it was this person who was leading on so it turned like that. Tio-san who saw the expression of Hajime who looked in terribly good mood couldn’t say that. She was flying in the sky casually while her neck twisted to send her gaze at Hajime on her back.

「Even though I said that I’m taking it, but actually it’s only borrowing for a bit long. I won’t break it so it will be fine.」

Tio’s completely wordless gaze as expected caused Hajime to be unable to endure and he spoke his rationalization. Tio shook her head as though to say ‘can’t be helped’.

『Nevertheless, thou looked really pleased Goshujin-sama. Was it that great to hath that jewel created? In mine opinion, I couldst not think that this artifact is that amazing for Goshujin-sama who art able to create god crystal.』

For now, let’s put aside the matter about taking――borrowing a battleship from the pure queen-sama, Tio threw a question at Hajime who since some time ago was toying around with the jewel in his hand while grinning widely.

Indeed, if it was Hajime who could create god crystal, something like a crystal that was filled with immense energy wasn’t something that rare. The point where it could stimulate the surrounding energy to supply heat made it seemed like it was more all-purpose than the god water that was created from god crystal, but Tio tilted her head feeling puzzled if it was something to feel that happy about.

Hajime’s eyes gazed in amazement at such Tio.

「Eh? Huh? I more or less explained it right, about the thing I was trying to create?」

『Hmm? Certainly that art so, but in the middle it was mostly Goshujin-sama talking to thyself and thou immediately started to be immersed in thy own thought, honestly speaking, I didst not really understand but I thought it was something like Goshujin-sama art wishing to make something similar with god crystal.』

Hajime comprehended about Tio’s thin reaction at the thing he created after hearing what she said. And then Hajime showed an self-triumphant look that he rarely showed as though saying ‘then I’ll let you hear it’.

「Tio, the energy that is unique to this world, the sky core energy and dragon core energy――it’s troublesome so I’ll call it sky dragon energy, I talked a bit about its property to you right?」

『Right, the positive energy give invigoration, and the negative energy possess the nature of pacification to obstruction. All those circulate with the core as the center which maintain the world’s balance.』

「That’s right. But see, that’s not the essence of sky dragon core. No, if you say that’s its essence then it’s true that’s the essence, but what ought to be really paid attention to, the property that is worthy to feel astonishment toward is not that.」

『Hou? And that is?』

Hajime who was unusually putting on airs spoke about the core’s property that he became convinced about from his two days interaction with the craftsmen of Avensts and from his analysis toward the flow of dragon core energy of Helmut and Kuwaibel.

「The terrific property of sky dragon core――is in the aspect of its circulation efficiency that is a hundred percent.」


Seeing Tio who didn’t really get it, Hajime began to talk gleefully.

「Tio, this is something amazing. Even in earth or Tortus, you can find any amount of circulation system, whether nature or artificial. However, you can say that a system with one hundred percent circulation rate doesn’t exist. Fundamentally there must be loss that occurred without exception.」

『Hm~m, I vaguely hath heard about that. Art this a talk about thermodynamics?』

「Yeah, that’s right. It’s a talk about a law of thermodynamics. ……Don’t you get it Tio? One of mankind’s grand problems that denied thermodynamics and is said to be impossible to be realized.」

『I’m not that detailed about it though……nn? Wait a second, Goshujin-sama. Loss wouldst occur without exception, because of that it’s impossible to realize? By any chance that is……』

Hajime smiled complacently at Tio who was amazingly good in making conjecture. Seeing his expression, Tio opened her eyes in shock for sure this time.

「That’s right. This is still a prototype, and it can only deal with sky dragon power but……I finally laid my hands on it. One of mankind’s grand problem――」

――The creation of perpetual motion.

The sky dragon power of this world, although the circulation rate was different based from the time difference and core’s amount, but the energy itself would be converted from negative to positive with a hundred percent circulation rate once it got taken in into the core.

In other words, if this energy was made to circulate within a certain range, it would continue to circulate perpetually. Yes, just like how the sky dragon power was continuing to circulate within this planet.

The jewel Hajime created had sky core and processed dragon core stored inside Qwailent fleet’s fuel bunker compressed until the very limit using transmutation, and the result was inserted at the center of the jewel. God crystal was then fused with it so that the problem of the small energy retention amount of the sky dragon core was cleared. And then the circulation performance was explosively increased by using sublimation magic and creation magic.

That center core――the true core had gravitational field generated by gravity magic so that the energy wouldn’t escape to outside, furthermore the outer shell that was using god crystal used space magic to permit only the property of invigoration effect from the positive energy to exert influence to outside.

The positive energy that lost the invigoration power would be altered into negative energy, the true core would absorb it and converted it back into positive energy once more. The loss was zero percent so it would circulate for perpetuity.

「Currently it can only be operated with sky dragon power that can be used only by this world’s machine. But, I discovered the method to convert magic power into electricity, and electricity into magic power. If I can similarly find the method to convert sky dragon power into magic power or something else……」

『Wa, wait a second Goshujin-sama.』

‘I’ll be able to freely control infinite magic power, or perhaps infinite heat――the dream is spreading wide yeah’, Tio put a stop at Hajime who was talking passionately. As expected even Tio couldn’t suppress her shudder seeing her master who was smoothly talking about something really terrifying with an expression that looked like a boy.

To speak further, that jewel that possessed a core at the center and continuously circulate for perpetuity inside the sphere could be said to be something that imitate this very planet itself. That was to say……

『Goshujin-sama, thou spoke it so easily but……art not that thing, couldst be called as a planet already?』

「Hm? ……Well, this is a really simplified one so it’s doubtful whether this can be called that unconditionally. But calling it that is also not mistaken. Hm~m, come to think of it this thing is also still not named……yosh-, let’s name this thing like this.」

――Perpetual motion machine Grasp Gloria(Planet in hand that is rotating for perpetuity)

It seemed that demon god-sama finally created a planet that he took possession above his hand.

「Tio. I’m going to show Avenst at Yue and others when we go home. It feels like it can even go to space if it’s modified. There is also no worry about the fuel if there is Grasp Gloria. Let’s even try a space travel of year 20XX!」

Tio was in a state of being filled with astonishment until she was almost bursting, but when she was Hajime’s good mood it seemed that her heart was also gradually calming down.

Even if she lived for more than five hundred years, but as long as she was beside Hajime then she might not get tired of living. While vaguely thinking of such thing, she energetically replied『Right!』.

But, at that timing a voice resounded from a bit far away.「Oh?」The two of them tilted their head at each other, and then when Hajime and Tio looked behind, there they saw the figure of Roze riding on the back of Kuwaibel who was flying even though a bit unsteadily in his grown-up form.

In addition there were even Bovid, Crow siblings, and Sabas riding sky battlecraft. Even behind them there were a lot of people riding sky battlecrafts and small airships with every single one filled in over capacity. The dragons were flying in parallel of all those while they were watching over the humans worriedly.

「The thief over thereee~~. Return Avenst backkk~~!」

「From the legendary dragon knight to demon king, and then ranked up to demon god, and yet at the end you call me a thief. Don’t you think that’s a cruel false accusation?」

『I toast to Goshujin-sama’s thick nerve that couldst declare what she said as a false accusation.』

Hajime and Tio cracked jokes at each other. Tio smiled wryly and she suggested at Hajime while directing a slightly gentle eyes at him.

『Now then, getting caught here wouldst be too uncool for the end of the adventure. Goshujin-sama, let’s return home to earth soon.』

「Hm~? ……I guess. Yue and others will soon pick――」

『No, it’s fine already. Thou bring it correct, the compass?』

Hajime smiled wryly「As I thought, it got found out huh」at Tio’s statement and he took out the compass from “Treasure Warehouse II”.

「When did you notice? As I thought was it that time, when I sent Avenst to Qwailent?」

『No, I felt suspicious at that time we were chasing after the sky battlecraft that got away at first. I was convinced when we boarded the mother ship. At either time, Goshujin-sama didst not show any sign of getting lost. Thou held confidence of the location of the opponent we chased in this vast world where there is only sky.』

「So, so since that time……as expected from Tio. You are sharp despite being a pervert.」

『Nn-, stop it with the surprise reward. I’m going to fall. Cough-, in all possibility, that was a consideration so I couldst enjoy my time together with just Goshujin-sama without reservation correct?』

「It’s meaningless if it was exposed so quickly though.」

Hajime scratched his cheek「I’m too high spirited huh」looking awkward. With a flash Tio released her dragon transformation, and then she gave a kiss on Hajime’s cheek really nonchalantly.

「I hath enjoyed to mine heart content of Goshujin-sama who art full of consideration, and also Goshujin-sama who make merry like a child. Thank you. Now, let’s go home to where everyone art.」

「……Good grief. Sometimes when I’m with you it feels like I’m really childish.」

Hajime smiled wryly while he thrust forward the crystal key using the image of his homeland that he searched using the compass. The space undulated and a solemn door around two meter high appeared.

「Aa~~~, wait! Please waii~~~t!」

『Piih! Piih!』

With Roze in the lead, the people of Avenst also yelled loudly.

Hajime turned around toward them while he also raised his voice.

「I’m borrowing Avenst a bit! I’m going to play again here eventually! At that time, I’ll show off the Avenst that became something like a luxurious ship from my demonic remodeling okay!」

Not as a battleship, but as a extravagance ship that invited people’s dream and romance.

Those words caused the chests of Roze and the people of Avenst to feel tight. In the first place they didn’t come here with serious intention of taking back the ship. They wished to say this without any strange misunderstanding.

「Aah, geez-! Please take a good care of it okay! Because that’s our second homeland! Please make it into an extraordinarily lovely ship! Because I’ll entrust it to you forever and eveerr~~! Plee~~~aase, absolutely come here again to meet us! Riding that ship at that time!」

「Hahah. Fine! Flying in the sky of this world is the best. We are going to come again for an adventure! Later, for real this time!」

Hajime and Tio smiled while waving their hand and they threw their body as though falling into the gate behind them. They could see the figure of Avenst’s people waving their hands from the gap. Along with a very loud words of「Thank you!」.

*hyuuoooooo-* Such sound of wind pierced the ears.

「Goshujin-sama, couldst I ask why we art like this?」

「Sorry, I made a little miss.」

Hajime and Tio safely accomplished returning home. The place was at altitude eight thousand meter. They were in the middle of a grand free fall. It seemed that they were more or less right above the home of Nagumo grandparents. Because they were always above the sky at the other world, Hajime’s sense was amiss and they came out in the sky despite trying to teleport in the garden.

Hajime averted his gaze looking a bit embarrassed at the really sloppy return.

While they were talking the ground was approaching, by the time the two thought about taking landing stance soon, soft golden light enveloped them. The two were immediately released from the wedge of gravity and their altitude slowly descended.

When they looked at the ground, there were the figures of the grandpa who was unable to stand up from shock, and the grandma who was looking up open mouthed at the sky with one hand holding laundry, and then, the figure of Yue smiling gently.

It was about three days since they departed. But, there was no sign of worry that could be seen in Yue’s expression. Myuu and Shia who came out to the garden with light footsteps and Remia also didn’t look worried at all. Rather the color of exasperation「Finally coming home huh~」could be seen strongly in their face.

While looking at Yue who quickly used soul magic to return to the present world the souls of Jii-chan and Baa-chan that slipped out because they were knocked out of their wits from seeing Hajime and Tio who landed on the garden,

「I’m home.」

「We hath returned.」

The two said their coming home words.

「Geez-. Hajime-san and Tio-san, where were you two loitering around with just the two of you desu!? We saw the letter that said you two are going adventuring, but I never heard about doing it for three days!」

Shia went angry with a huff. Her rabbit ears were pointed straight up as though to say「Hey hey, what’s the meaning of this?」.

「Muu. Papa and also Tio-oneechan are unfair nano! Even though Myuu also want to go in a trip」

「Putting us aside, Ojii-sama and Obaa-sama were really worried you know?」

Myuu ran with a fast pace *sutetetete-* still wearing a sullenly bloated cheeks and she clung tightly on Hajime’s leg. When the two turned their gaze from Remia’s words, there they saw the Jii-chan and Baa-chan who fainted even though their soul had returned back. Sumire and Shii were looking after the two. Both of them said「Welcome home~」with really light feeling.

「……And? Where were you two going until now?」

Yue tilted her head while asking. She understood that the two went out spontaneously from the letter left behind, but as expected it seemed she guessed that the two encountered some kind of unavoidable circumstance with how they were spending three nights away without notice.

Hajime looked at Tio. Tio also looked at Hajime. After looking at each other for some reason, Hajime made a small smile


And said such thing.

He decided that he would save his adventure that he started with just Tio inside his chest until the time came it was necessary. Tio’s gaze was wandering around with an expression as though she had stuffed her mouth with sweet candies.

Seeing such two, Yue tilted her head a bit before she smiled gently.

「……I see. Tio, did you have fun?」

「Yes. Very.」

Enticed by Yue’s gentle smile, Tio also made a smile that looked like a girl.

「……It’s afternoon only just now but, want to eat?」

「Ou. My stomach is really empty here.」

「I guess. We hath just gone through various things.」

The moment Yue suggested that, Hajime and Tio’s stomach growled harmoniously, Yue chuckled seeing that while she returned inside the house.

Hajime and Tio followed behind her while for some reason they looked up to the sky, and then they chuckled at each other for some reason seeing each other doing similar thing.

「Wai, what’s with that atmosphere of mutual understanding! Even if Yue-san ignored it, I won’t be like that! Hey hey, what happened desu? Please teach meee. This is the two of you, so something must be blown away, someone raised a scream, and it absolutely became a festival of pandemonium right? I’m really curiousss」

「Myuu too! Myuu is also curious nano!」

Getting coaxed by the rabbit ears and little girl, the two of them were increasingly smiling more in humor.

Like that Hajime and Tio secretly talked at each other while soothing down Shia and Myuu.

――Someday, let’s unveil the huge battleship and perpetual motion machine.

They said at each other.

While looking really amused.

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