Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 249 — Arifureta After II - Dream and Love and Hope’sss――

Chapter 249: Arifureta After II - Dream and Love and Hope’sss――

The occupation of a reportage writer is a work of finding an interesting topic, collected data on it, and then reported it as news.

I, Hamada Shouta (28 years old), am such a reportage writer. I mainly introduced hidden well-known store and specialty of a town. ……I have never missed a meal doing this job, but there were times when there was no story to sell, so I have also done running gossip occasionally.

What someone like me is observing lately is a western restaurant『Wisteria』. It’s a hidden well-know store in the city, a restaurant where you can enjoy food and coffee together without doubt.

Originally this will be where I get requested for formal news coverage and I will interview the owner for several of their prided menu, but currently I,

「Welcome. Have you decide what you will order?」

「Ah, yeah. This omelet rice, and jasmine tea. Also a blend coffee after the meal please.」

「Omelet rice and jasmine tea. And then a blend coffee after meal is it? Thank you for the order. Please wait for a bit.」

Like this, I’m coming as a normal guest. Of course, I don’t tell the restaurant side that I’m a reporter or that I’m wishing for an interview.

I am staring at the back figure of the girl that is one of the reasons of that――the girl that just now was politely taking my order, the daughter of this restaurant’s owner Sonobe Yuuka-chan.

Her style, I guess is fairly nice. Her chestnut hair that seems to be dyed is tied into one and her nice walking posture give a diligent impression that run counter with her appearance that is like a juvenile delinquent. How she is helping in the restaurant in holiday like this is also showing that. She is a high school student but she has a really calm atmosphere. That make her look adult.

Her long slits eyes and sharp gaze that even look glaring at other people also softened gently when she is talking with customer, that become a gap that deepen the favorable impression to her……

Hah!? The auntie at the opposite seating is glaring at me with a terrible look!? Tha, that’s not it! By no means I’m staring with a feeling I need to feel guilty about! It’s true I tell you! That’s why, please don’t look at me with those eyes as though I’m a pervert aiming at a high school girl!

The auntie averted her gaze with suspicion still remaining. From how she is calling at the girl using Yuuka-chan, most likely she is a regular customer. It seems there are a lot of elderly people in this restaurant who are thinking of Yuuka-chan like their real daughter or granddaughter.

It’s not just the auntie at the opposite seat, there are even an uncle who is sitting unnoticed at the neighboring seat sending a gaze toward here like a hard-boiled detective investigating a criminal, and an old man who is reading a newspaper at the inner seating of the restaurant, but actually there is an opened hole on that newspaper from where the old man is observing me like an investigator.

……Surely everyone is worried about the girl, thanks to the incident that happened to the girl some time ago and the commotion of this and that currently happening around the girl.

Of course, it’s not just because they are worried, it’s also because she is really that charming of a girl――

「Thank you for waiting. Here is your jasmine tea.」

「Ah, tha, thanks.」

Damn it. I completely stuttered. Yuuka-chan is tilting her head at my suspicious behavior. Her expression is also puzzled……

「Is something the matter?」

「N, no, there is nothing.」

This is really a disgraceful behavior for a pro reporter. What are you doing getting shaken against a girl more than a decade younger huh. I cleared my throat once. I change my mindset to work mode. What is necessary is an observation ability that won’t overlook even anything trivial. And then, the concentration needed for that.

「By the way――」

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I open my mouth to casually probe whether I can pull out some information even just for a bit, but before I can do that, the restaurant bell is ringing *cling cling* to notify of a customer’s arrival.

Naturally, Yuuka-chan’s gaze speedily moves away from me. The girl’s eyes narrowed just for a moment at the entering person before she turned at me once more, bow and left.

For some reason I become curious about Yuuka-chan’s gaze that turned sharp and so I turn my eyes toward the man who just entered the shop even while feeling the gaze of the auntie on me. The man is wearing a shabby jacket, carrying a large bag hanging on his shoulder, and a lot of stubble on his chin. My sense of smell as a pro smell that man’s true identity. In that case, as expected his objective is……

「――I told you many times already, I won’t accept that kind of interview. Please don’t come intruding until the restaurant.」

「Just calm down, please don’t be that cruel here. If you are that obstinate, then I too cannot help but think that there is really something suspicious. It’s fine even if it’s just five minutes. Of course I’ll wait until after the restaurant’s closing. Please let me ask just for a bit――regarding all of you the “returnees”.」

Bingo. As I though he is a person of the same business with that reason.


That is the cause that makes the situation that dragged in the girl to be complicated.

The whereabouts of Yuuka-chan along with her classmates became unknown more than a year ago. At the time it was a really big uproar about a case of spirited away that happened at a school in daytime. Similarly my interest was also pickled and I investigated various things about it.

But, regardless of the many specialists who investigated the case, in the end the cause of their disappearance and their whereabouts stayed unclear.

It was thought that perhaps this case will vanish from the people’s memory at this rate, but just a little bit of time ago, Yuuka-chan and others suddenly returned back. Along with most of the students.

Where did they go? Naturally, not just the police, every public institution and information media pressed for an answer, but the answer the returnees gave to all of them was――fighting an army led by an evil god in another world, they said.

Naturally they were suspected to have abnormality in their mind or perhaps they were brainwashed using drugs. It seemed that they had been examined many times, but in the end there are no abnormality discovered from them and many institutions concluded like this.

――These people who were spirited away are trying to hide the blank one year when they vanished.

Like that. The press got superheated, and it seemed the questioning from the government also became more forceful. There were also students who don’t come back until now, so it can be said to be only natural.

However, a strange situation is occurring here. With one day as the turning point, the questioning toward them is settling down like a tide pulling back.

Even a free reporter like me got warned by my comrades and seniors in the industry, and by the publishers I’m close with, they said「It’s better to not get involved with this case」. Surely something, a great power that an individual like me cannot measure is in the work.

Even so, there are a lot of people who cannot stop because of their curiosity and ambition that is even bigger than that, and I’m one of such hopeless people, this man is also the same.

「Please quit it already. More than this is an obstruction of business already.」

「……Haa. I get it. Then I’ll ask again another day. It will be great if at that time you will talk about what’s inside your chest. Surely it’s also hard for you to keep close to the chest about the matter of your friends who won’t be able to come back forever right?」


Inside the restaurant become enveloped by an uneasy air. An aura that absolutely isn’t respectable is emitted from the gaze of an elderly! That man, is he looking for death here!?

As expected, the man who noticed the strange air inside the restaurant is starting to rapidly retreat with twitching expression. He take out a business card from his pocket and forcefully make Yuuka-chan to hold it.

「I hope you won’t misunderstand, I actually want to become your strength. Surely it’s tiresome for you who is still a student to carry this large burden right? If you are fine with me, I’ll listen to your story anytime.」

The man said such thing while showing a smile that is obviously fishy for anyone with working eyes before he turned around, and then perhaps to look at how Yuuka-chan is taking the situation, the man turn around while his hand is reaching toward the entrance door.


「Aa~, right right. Your――」


The man’s speech stopped. No, it was stopped.

By his own business card that flew so close it almost grazed his eyes when he was turning back, and without pause it then stabbed on the door like a joke.

No, really, what kind of joke this is? Looking there, Yuuka-chan is standing with one hand on her waist, and her other hand is lifted with two fingers pointing toward the man. It’s as though those fingers were just throwing the business card that was held between them.

……Before this, I once watched a television show where a vegetable was cut using a trump card. That’s why, this situation really looks like a joke, but it’s also not something impossible if one has a preeminent skill I guess.

Even if for example the business card is made from paper that is far thicker than a trump card, or even though the door is made from wood that is hard in nature. Or even if the thrower isn’t a pro with such occupation, but a female high school student helping out her family in her holiday!

The man’s gaze is moving slowly toward the business card that is stabbed on the entrance door. The twitching on his cheeks is already at the level that cannot be hidden away.

Yuuka-chan speak with a dignified voice toward that man.

「Thank you for your concern. But, even though I look like this I’m a really strong woman, so I’ll shoulder by myself the baggage I have decided to shoulder by my own will until the end. Besides……」

Yuuka-chan smile gently. In that smile there is the utmost trust? Anyone who see that smile will understand that there is no gloominess or worry at all in there, it’s a smiling face that is packed with a charm that is hard to describe.

「I know someone who will do something about it when it really matters.」

‘That’s why, take away that business card and scram right away.’ Such wordless pressure is lurking inside that charming smile. Aa, certainly, if someone get ordered by that kind of smile and gaze, then that person won’t even feel like disobeying.

「I see. It will be great if you won’t regret that.」

Surely that parting threat is the best the man can do. The man roughly pull out the business card and get out without even hiding his irritation.

Yuuka-chan sighed ‘fuuh’ and then she lightly nod at her parents who have been watching over all this time from the kitchen and counter. The parents also nodded back lightly and they return back to their work.

「Eerr, I’m really sorry for the disturbance. Please forgive the discomfort it has caused you customers.」

Yuuka-chan faced the customer seats and she quickly bowed her head. The regular customers are striving to be the first to say「Don’t mind it」「It’s fine you know~」「The next time he come, uncle will make my subordinate deal with him」and so on. Even the customers who aren’t regulars also doesn’t look like they mind it, perhaps they are affected by the dignified figure and smile of Yuuka-chan just now.

Rather, they are keep sending glances with deep interest. Those gazes feel like they are looking interested purely at Yuuka-chan herself rather than because she is a “returnee”.

Right, like this Yuuka-chan’s fans are increasing. Similarly I too feel toward Yuuka-chan just now――

*glare-* The auntie’s gaze is flying at me. That auntie is absolutely an esper.

By the way, who is this person who will do something somehow that she refers to?

Now then, around one week since the day I learned the shocking truth that Yuuka-chan is actually an expert at card throwing.

During that time I visited Wisteria four times and observed Yuuka-chan.

……No, I’m not a stalker. Until the end this is for work. A data gathering. I feel bad for Yuuka-chan, but I too am a pro, and so I won’t be merciful. I endure the abnormal stare of the regulars and also the bombing that is Yuuka-chan’s smile, and stand on guard waiting until the girl reveal her faults!

The result is that it end in vain, it’s completely a wasted effort. There is nothing suspicious about the girl, and there is also nothing suspicious about her classmates that come playing to the restaurant.

If I have to say what I have learned, it’s that the girl is a serious girl as expected, she is lovely, and not just card throwing, from pen until vegetable stick, she is a master at throwing whatever, those are all that I learned.

I only learned for the first time the fact that even a pen can pierce through a smartphone.

The male student who seems to be a classmate and got such thing done at his smartphone and Yuuka-chan herself are,

「Sonobeee!? What the hell have you done!? My smartphone is dying here! Don’t get carried away just because you are that guy’s mistress okay!?」

「Shut up, idiot Tamai-. I’m not a mistress! So it’s because you guys are saying such things that recently Yue-san and others are looking at me strangely isn’t it!?」

「Just because of that, this is still too much right!? Aa, now my smartphone looks like Tio-san whose ass is stabbed by Nagumo ain’t it. Even though my smartphone is skewered it’s still gasping and not dying yet. Shiitt, can I at least take out the data? Oi, Sonobe, take responsibility and ask Nagumo for a new one. Even that guy if he is begged by his mistress――」


「Aa!? Carrot and radish and cucumber are stabbing my smartphone all over!?」

They were quarreling with each other really like a student.

I only learned for the first time the fact that even vegetable stick can pierce through a smartphone.

They yelled several words that I’m curious about, but Yuuka-chan who is angry with that bright red face is somehow cute so I cannot remember.

Nevertheless, what is the meaning of “aijin” I wonder? Oh man, I don’t really get the most recent vocabs that the youngsters are using. (Note: Aijin means mistress in Japan. The dialogue in Japan is heavily relying context because many Japanese words sound similar. When Yuuka and Tamai were talking, the word aijin was written using kanji so it can be quickly understood what they were talking about. But the reporter is parroting aijin using katakana, he is under the impression that it might be some new slang because it’s unthinkable for a good kid to be called a mistress just from that conversation.)

I am recalling such trivial thing while today too my feet are heading toward Wisteria.

Even if there is no information I can get about the returnees, the cooking in that restaurant is really good. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also calming, so I can drink coffee at the end while relaxing. After soaking my body in this harsh industry, taking a short time in this kind of restaurant is really healing me.

I can see Wisteria in front of me right now. A large stylish signboard can be seen on the quiet restaurant’s appearance. The time is evening, so Wisteria that is illuminated by the madder red of evening even looks like the entrance to a different world.

「Just what am I thinking」

Is it because the girl had encountered spirited away phenomenon? I retort to myself after saying that kind of impossible imagination. I’m thinking for a little, perhaps it’s better to just normally interview about the restaurant.

The restaurant’s atmosphere and cooking, coffee, and then a beautiful high school student is the future second generation~

Yep, I feels like that can become a good enough article. Although, if I do that, then inevitably Yuuka-chan’s background will get exposed and it will only shift back to the topic of “returnee”.

When I’m about to arrive after a little bit more with a wry smile on my face, suddenly a familiar girl get out from the restaurant, it’s Yuuka-chan.

「What? She looks strange……」

Yuuka-chan is holding a mobile phone in her hand and she is talking to somewhere while walking briskly through a path that is different from the path I’m coming from.

I become strangely concerned and in the end I don’t enter the restaurant and follow behind Yuuka-chan instead.

Yuuka-chan ended her call midway and she started jogging.

……She, she is unexpectedly fast. I have confidence with my waist and legs from my work, but after ten minutes I’m starting to run out of breath. The cause is one. Yuuka-chan looks like she is jogging in a glance, but the fact is, amazingly with each step she is steadily accelerating. Inevitably I am sprinting almost with all my strength.

Yuuka-chan. You aren’t just a throwing master, you are also a jogging master aren’t you?

A man desperately following behind a high school girl while breathing roughly ‘zee~ zee~’. If someone is looking from the side then it’s definitely out. I’m praying so that no one will report me while sprinting for a while.

Yuuka-chan entered an empty building that is for sale.

「In this kind of day when the sun is already sinking, toward this kind of place, just what is her business?」

I’m feeling suspicious while gripping my phone tightly so that if something happened to Yuuka-chan I can report it anytime. At the same time, I’m also feeling the indication of a scoop and take out the camera I’m always carrying.

While confirming that there is no one around, I step into the building cautiously.

I guess originally this building was used for office. The first floor is spacious and wide, and there is the figure of Yuuka-chan at the center.

I’m hiding behind a pillar and watch over the situation.

And then before long, five men appear from deeper inside the building. All of them are wearing black suits. No matter how you look they aren’t respectable person.

「I came. And then where is the customer of my restaurant?」

I guess it right now. Yuuka-chan was called by those suspicious fellows! Her customer is taken hostage! Just who are these people?

Abduction and confinement, this is not a usual situation.

I clicked my camera shutter wordlessly.

「Don’t be so rushed. We aren’t kidnapping anyone or anything. They must be eating dinner normally around this time. It’s just that our colleagues are on the lookout near the,, that’s all.」

「Oh, really. And? What do you want me to do?」

Even though this is an outrageous situation, Yuuka-chan is still keeping her hands on her jacket’s pockets, while her mouth that is holding a chewing gum without me noticing is blowing out a balloon. Fear and unease are nonexistent in her expression, if I have to say the color of exasperation is stronger in her face.

In a glance, she is a delinquent girl looking down at an adult――she can be seen like that.

In fact the opponent might be feeling like that because their face frowned slightly.

「Just like what we said before, we only want you to cooperate with us. About the ability that all of you have, and then about the method to obtain it and the place.」

「Haa. And, why is it I’m the one who you called out using a method that is going as far as that?」

I understood that they are people aiming for information of the returnees based from the flow of their dialogue. However, Yuuka-chan isn’t the only returnee. Why is she the one targeted and not the other students?

The answer is spoken from the man’s mouth.

「It’s nothing big, you are that boy’s mistress right?」

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That word came out again. The word “aijin”. Is that some kind of secret jargon? Hahah, I really don’t get it all~. Eh, why is Yuuka-chan turning that red? Just where does her cool figure just now gone to!?

The man glanced at the fiercely trembling Yuuka-chan and he continued.

「We are really well aware about that boy’s abnormality. It’s impossible to even approach him and his relative. Our colleagues were only “changing job” one after another. The other students look like they have weak influence. But, you are different. You are outside the framework of relative, but you have special relationship with that boy. If it’s your words, even that boy won’t be able to bluntly ignore it.」

Special re――eh? What did he say? I didn’t hear it really clearly just now.

「We want you to request him following our instruction. That’s all. If you do just that, all of your customers can go to your restaurant without knowing any――」

「First thing first, that thing about mi, mi, mistress. Where did you hear it from?」

Yuuka-chan questioned while still looking down with her body trembling. The man raised an eyebrow as though to say「Why are you concerned with that one?」, yet he still answered.

「Mainly from your classmates, then also from your parents. They were talking about it normally in the restaurant, and then even from the conversation when shopping, I got the report that your parents were talking worriedly that they wished you won’t be a mistress but marry normally.」

「……Everyone you better remember this. My vegetable sticks are hungering for smartphone.」

It seems that the smartphones of her classmates and parents will become the prey of the vegetable sticks, just like the smartphone of that boy some time ago.

The eyes of Yuuka-chan who lifted up her face are steady. As might be expected from the face of a beauty that possess long slits eyes, it has a remarkable intensity when it make such expression. The man in the front stirred for a moment as though he is faltering.

「A, anyway, will you follow along with our “cooperation request”?」

「If I don’t, my customers will randomly meet misfortune?」


The wordless reply is the proof of affirmation.

Seeing the situation that is becoming more and more outrageous, I decided to withdraw for the moment from here to report this. What is passing through my mind is the sudden calming down of the returnees commotion and the warning from the people in the same business. Furthermore, from the talk of those men in suits in addition with their experienced air, the possibility that they are government people is high.

Perhaps reporting this to police will be pointless. On the contrary, perhaps I will also be in danger with the reason that informer = witness.

However, there is no way I cannot leave this as it is. Yuuka-chan came here alone for the sake of her restaurant customers even knowing the danger. She is a girl who is more than a decade younger than me, but she came here after mustering her courage for the sake of others! Then, I too have to do what I can!

Because, even I am a customer that love Wisteria!

(Yuuka-chan. Please don’t provoke the opponent and do your best just a little bit――)

While gritting my teeth that I cannot leap out like a hero, I try to retreat until a place where my voice won’t be able to be heard when I report this.

But, that cannot come true.


「……Good grief. Rat like your kind is always barging in from everywhere.」

I got caught. There was also these guys comrade behind me. My neck get choked by an arm and I get trouble breathing. My body get groped around with one hand and my camera and smartphone are taken. I get dragged along out from behind the pillar.

Noticing the commotion, Yuuka-chan and the men look to this direction. The men are making unpleasant face. Yuuka-chan’s expression looks like she wants to say「What the hell」. No, it’s strange for me to be the one to say it but Yuuka-chan, isn’t it better if you show a bit different reaction than that…… What happen with your cool and unperturbed attitude?

「That person, is more or less my customer though?」

「A reporter, Hamada Shouta. Looks like he is investigating your surrounding.」

My background is exposed from the business card they took. What kind of expression Yuuka-chan will make now she know I’m tricking her I wonder. Her expression that enter my sight that is turning blurry from the distress is……ah, yep, it’s just like usual. She isn’t thinking anything of it. She is cool and lovely. Can I cry?

「It doesn’t matter what is that person’s background. And? What are you going to do with that person?」

「……It’s something you don’t need to know. Can I consider that our deal is struck? Then, you can go back to your restaurant. We will contact you again later. Our thanks for your cooperation.」

Whose mouth is saying that? After threatening a girl who is still a student!

An indescribable rage is surging inside me. What will happen to me after this? Of course I’m feeling scared about that. The inside of my head is already messed up. What to do? What to do!? There are only those words that keep flowing in and vanishing inside.

In this hopeless situation, a voice suddenly resounded. It’s Yuuka-chan’s voice.

「……Ah, yep. This side is all right though. Ah, I see, so it’s over. Okay.」

The men look suspicious. Me too. The reason is because Yuuka-chan is talking to empty space.

The sudden happening make me only able to be confused, but it appears the men are different. Their facial expression changes as though they recalled something and their hand moved toward their chest pocket.

「Chih. Some kind of ability!? Don’t mo――」

「Shut up.」

Yuuka-chan says sharp words. Right after that, the two men raised short scream and they crumble down. Almost at the same time, Yuuka-chan’s face turn at my direction, and at the next moment, ‘puih’ she spit out something.

That thing make the sound of slicing wind while passing through near my forehead, right after that, the pressure restricting my neck vanished.「Guah」That cry make me turn around reflexively, and there I see the figure of a man holding his eye looking pained.

The hand of me who fell on my backside felt a flabby sensation. When I look there, there is a chewing gum that has been stretched long and narrow. This is the chewing gum Yuuka-chan was chewing. There is no need to guess, perhaps Yuuka-chan threw the gum she held in her mouth to hit the man’s eyes.

Groans and screams are overlapping even while I’m slightly befuddled.

When I turned my gaze, there are already five men collapsing. Their leg is stabbed by a knife that release electrical discharge *crackle crackle* and then men are convulsing.

「Sheet-. Do you think this will end well for you after doing something like this?」

The man who received the chewing gum spit said such thing while tears are trickling from his one eye. At the same time, his hand secretly reach toward his breast pocket, and *ton-* that hand is stabbed lightly by a long and narrow knife like a joke.

「I’ll return those exact words back to you. Get punished a lot later by the demon king-sama.」

*pachin-* Yuuka-chan’s fingers snap resounded. The knife stabbed into the man’s hand immediately crackled. The man raises a small scream and fall powerlessly.

「Please don’t move from there.」

Faster than I can comprehend that those words are directed at me, Yuuka-chan look toward the entrance while she lifted her hand toward the collapsed men. Thereupon, of all things. The knives pulled out by itself and fly toward her hand.

I can only open my eyes wide at the strange happening before my eyes. I don’t even have the composure to scrap off Yuuka-chan’s chewing gum from my hand.

Yuuka-chan catch the five knives flying at her with one hand and she start juggling them using one hand like a street performer. Wha, what a dangerous act……is what I thought, but her gaze is fixed toward the entrance without change. From that I understand that this extremely dangerous skill is nothing more than a diversion for her.

The figure of the girl looking relaxed with one hand still put inside her pocket and the other hand juggling throwing knives is really picturesque that I get completely fascinated.

Even unconsciously I feel like I have to say something here, I try to let out words by desperately moving my mouth that doesn’t really want to hear what my brain is ordering it to do.

However, before I can, the reason why Yuuka-chan is staring at the entrance finally arrives.

What entered the building along with a low engine sound is two black cars. No matter how I think, they are obviously the comrade of the fainted guys here. Come to think of it, before I entered here, I believe I saw no car nearby. That means, were they already coming here to pick up these men, or else they had arranged to come if there is no contact in certain interval……

「How ill-prepared. As expected is it just like Nagumo said, they are underestimating us because we are children?」

Yuuka-chan whispered that. The cars’ headlight illuminated at Yuuka-chan. At her feet are naturally me who fell on my ass and the collapsed men. The cars came to a sudden stop and they try to back away in hurry.

「My bad, but this is an order from the sca~ry demon king-sama. Well, he told me to only do it if possible though.」

Inside the building that is shined by the headlights, a new light source is created. It’s from Yuuka-chan’s knives. The juggled throwing knives are blazing up along with *gou-* sound.

Yuuka-chan throw three knives high in the air, she catch the remaining two blazing knives between her fingers, and right after that, 「shih」she throw them along with such spirited voice.

The two knives are flying while pulling trail of fire behind them. Each of them is like a streak of laser, stabbing on both cars’ bonnet and explosive sound roared from there. The cars lost their momentum and also the control before they crashed on a pillar and wall.

……Unbelievably, it seemed that Yuuka-chan’s blazing knives pierced the car engines.

Men rolled out from the driving seats of the cars. At that time Yuuka-chan caught the falling knives and throws them again. At the same time, even though she is throwing with one hand, the two knives splendidly follow two different tracks and stabbed the thigh of the men. They collapsed with a thud from the stun gun effect.

「Something like this I think. The rest, I’ll leave the clean up at Nagumo just like he said……」

Yuuka-chan is playing around with her knives by twirling them around while her gaze is moving toward me.

……Just what is this extremely extraordinary situation?

Now I’m sharing a special circumstance with her. Will I become a secret cooperator that protects her secret after this? Will the two of us face against powerful organization? Will I give comfort to her when she is tired of fighting?

Like that someday the two people……

「E~rr, anyway, sorry to do this while you are in your own world but, hoih」

*pushu-* It feels like something stabbed me. When I look at the back of my hand, there is a knife that she was holding before this. Hm, can you wait a bit, Yuuka-chan? Right now my hand is sticky with the chewing gum that you were chewing, and now the back of my hand is stabbed like this, just what is this situation……

「Please come to the restaurant again as a normal customer.」


There my consciousness is swallowed into darkness.

Her last words. I see, until the end, you are going to fight without anyone else knowing huh. So that’s your resolve.

Loving the normal everyday, possessing mysterious power, you leap into the extraordinary days without hesitation for the sake of other people.

Aa, I know. Just what is such a girl is called. I never thought that it really exist in reality.

Yes, you are――

A few days later after the ill-prepared attack of a certain government agency. The western restaurant Wisteria that was loved by the local people. It was afternoon, when it was time where people’s visit was the slowest, inside the restaurant was sparse despite it was a holiday.

At such Wisteria the bell that informed of the customer’s arrival played its ring. When Yuuka who was wiping the table turned her gaze, there she found the boys trio Tamai and co, and also Miyasaki Nana and Sugawara Taeko.

While smiling wryly thinking that her friends came for jabbering again, Yuuka opened her mouth to welcome them,

「Yo-, magical girl!」

「Are business flourishing, magical girl!」

「Oh man, that’s really a great picture yeah, magical girl!」

She got called with strange nickname by the boys trio. After mistress now it was magical girl? Fine then. If that’s what you wish then it’s war. Do you have enough spare smartphone in stock?

With a fixed smiling face, Yuuka took out vegetable sticks from the kitchen.

「Wait wait, Yuuka-chi! It’s not like we are making fun of you. No, Tamai-kun and co are making fun of you though.」

「Ahaha, err, Yuuka. Here.」

Nana immediately hid her smartphone and pacified Yuuka, while Taeko was smiling wryly and took out a magazine from her bag and handed it over to Yuuka. Beside her, 「Ple, please spare at least this childdd!」Tamai embraced his new smartphone on his stomach and crouched down.

「Geez, just what’s with you guys.」

When Yuuka dropped her gaze at the magazine she was given while saying that, it appeared that it was s minor gossip magazine. It was something that published things like urban legend and so on. Its credibility was zero. It was that kind of magazine.

Yuuka found a page that was folded and she opened that page while gazing dubiously at Taeko,


She stiffened.

It was only natural. Because there,

――A battle of dusk! Magical girl exist! What is the true identity of her who protects the citizens from a mysterious organization!?

Such headline was written with large font, and the picture of Yuuka who was emitting flame was printed there.

Of course, Yuuka’s face wasn’t shown, there was only the side profile of a girl who looked like she was emitting flame projected there. But, it was obvious in a glance for those who knew Yuuka. The knives that were faintly visible inside the flame and the sparking knives were also the proof.

Yuuka was opening wind holes using curving throwing vegetable sticks at the smartphones of Tamai and co who were cackling while saying things like「Magical girl(mahou shoujo)? No, this is magical high school girl right?」「No, it’s magical mistress(mahout aijin) see」「That sound indecent somehow. Rather how about demon king mistress(maou aijin)?」, and then she made a phone call from her own smartphone.

『What’s up?』

「What do you mean what’s up, Nagumo! The concealment!? You were concealing the case weren’t you!?」

『Aa, about that article huh. You see……hm? Do you hear anyone screaming? Sounds like Tamai and co there.』

「Who cares about that, explain the reason why I become a magical girl!」

Yuuka questioned Hajime while ignoring Tamai and co who were grieving「This time it’s celery!? Damn it!」while embracing their smartphones that were returning blank eye(screen).

『No, I erased everything like the camera data and so on, I also manipulated their memory. But as expected from a pro journalist. It appeared he also took several picture using his smartphone and transferred the pictures into his PC at his home.』

「Guh. His gaze was always following me stickily every time he came to the restaurant, so I thought he was surely a no-hoper third class reporter.」

『……Well, putting aside your harsh evaluation. That reporter put out the article at a gossip publisher while I was pressed with dealing at the public safety side. Even though he should have no memory, he moved fast to make the article because the picture was just interesting.』

Yuuka was determined. The next time that reporter bastard came, it wouldn’t end well for him, she resolved.

It was impossible for anyone to judge that it was Yuuka from that picture except her friends and comrades, and above all the magazine was a local gossip publisher. The number of copies printed and also the number of buyer was few. Yuuka considered the reporter as a customer and against her better judgment she didn’t make him faint. She cursed her careless self and let out a sigh of resignation.

By the way, when she eventually made him fainted, for some reason around the end that reporter was staring at her stickily, on top of that he was excessively grinning in his own world, he looked simply revolting so Yuuka electrified him somewhat reflexively.

『Well, in the end it’s just gossip. It won’t become a big problem I believe. If it happens then it happens, I’ll crush it entirely at that time. So don’t worry about that.』

「It’s not like I’m particularly uneasy or anything. It’s Nagumo after all.」

Just what was it? Yuuka felt smirking gazes from outside her field of vision. It also felt like there was exasperated gazes「They are do~ing it again~」.

A voice calling at Hajime could be heard from the other side of the phone. It seemed that he was still in the middle of dealing with a trouble.

「My bad suddenly calling you. I got already for now about the situation.」

『Aa. Then later――』

Yuuka told that she was ending the call seeing that Hajime was busy, Hajime too also replied――just before that, it was as though he got a mischievous idea and made a stifled laugh. And then,

『Later, magical girl Yuuka-chan』

「-, You-」

Before she could complain, *tuut tuut* lifeless electronic sound sounded. Yuuka was trembling all over with her eyes staring fixedly at the smartphone while her cheeks were gradually turning red. Then she whispered.

「……Don’t call me, Yuuka-chan.」

Naturally, it went without saying that she was given the wide grin of the two people at the kitchen and the counter, and her five friends.

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