Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 250 — Arifureta After II - Mundane School Life 1

Chapter 250: Arifureta After II - Mundane School Life 1

Blue sky without a single cloud was spreading vast, in a corner of resident area that was filled with comfortable cool air that was characteristic of the morning time,


Such sound of crashing and,


Such scream were resounding.

「……Hajime? Are you listening?」

「Hm? A, aah. I’m listening Yue.」

Yue who was walking beside Hajime while making footstep sounds regularly puffed up her cheeks in a bit of dissatisfaction.

With their height difference as one factor, Yue who was turning her gaze at Hajime as though she was peering from below was naturally looking like she was directing upturned gaze at him, and despite having seeing her gesture that was like that many times until now, Hajime couldn’t prevent his heartbeat from jumping up for a moment.

And so, the cause of the sound of crashing and scream just now――a passing by salary man riding a bicycle in his way to his workplace who was driving inattentively, and in the end he crashed onto a telephone pole and toppled over, such tragedy was smoothly slipping off from Hajime’s mind along with his moving away gaze.

Yue fastened her pace to move ahead of Hajime and then there she made a beautiful turn with a twirl. Her golden threads hair softly fluttered and glittered as though it was even blessed by the morning sunlight, while her skirt that was similarly fluttering softly greatly emphasized her whitely alluring absolute territory. (Note: Absolute territory = zettai ryouiki = exposed skin between top of knee-high socks and hemline of skirt)

――*zubo-*, dowah!?

A boy who seemed to be a high school student from another school walking at the edge of street put his foot into a ditch and he screamed, but Hajime whose heart was captured by Yue who was staring straight at him while walking backward didn’t even turn his gaze there.

「It’s dangerous walking backward like that you know?」

「……Nn. But, like this both of us are inside each other’s sight.」

Yue was staring still at him expressionlessly, but her default expression crumbled slightly. The gently softening expression――Yue’s smile stimulated Hajime’s déjà vu and he narrowed his eyes.

……A postman overtaking Hajime from the side seemed to get his brain stimulated. As the compensation of not looking straight while driving, he almost got into an accident and put on his emergency brake *kikii――!!*. He came to a stop with a really impressive drift.


Yue tilted her head at Hajime’s state. Hajime realized the source of his déjà vu and he muttered「My dream became reality huh」. Hearing that mutter, Yue tilted her head even further to the opposite side to show her confusion.

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That gesture was so lovely that Hajime loosened his face.

At the same time, a female high schooler walking from the roadside suddenly pressed on her nose and crouched down. Red liquid of joy was dripping from between her hand. This female high schooler who was whispering「I, I saw it again. It’s just too angelic just now」was also discharging out drips of red joy at the same place four, five days ago, so surely she was in a healthy state without any abnormality.

「You see, I had seen Yue’s figure wearing that uniform while walking backward like this before.」

「……Nn? I had done this before?」

「No, we have gone to school together many times, but something like this is the first time. It’s just, it’s embarrassing to confess this but……I saw it at Haltina’s great dungeon, yeah.」

「……ah. Fufuh. Did you dream it?」

「Don’t laugh.」

Hajime looked aside while scratching his cheek. For his delusion and desire to be known by his lover, even though it was at this late hour, no, exactly because it was at this late hour that it was a bit embarrassing.

The true identity of the déjà vu Hajime felt. The cause was one of the trial that he received at the capturing of great sea of trees Haltina. The capturing members were shown world of dream at the same time when they were teleported. There they experienced a world of supreme convenient wish they desired on top of having their inconvenient past written off.

What Hajime dreamed off inside that world was ordinary days on top of the erasure of his despair and hellish pain he experienced at the abyss. Inside that world there was Yue as his lover and he went to school with her like this. Both of them were carefree under the sunlight without any conflict, pain, and anxiety.

Yue was twirling like now and she steadily walked backward in front of Hajime, wearing the uniform of the school Hajime attended.

The figure of Yue wearing blazer and skirt, and then loafers, with the school bag held behind her, she was walking backward…… This spectacle of dream waiting ahead after he passed through all difficulties was truly the symbol of happiness for Hajime.

「Haa haa, my goddess――abeshih!?」

The finger bullet Hajime unconsciously fired splendidly hit the forehead of a man peeking out from between the curtain of the second floor room of a house the two happened to pass by. Of course, the glass window was beautifully pierced through.

The man who was blown away along with an impact that felt like it would tear off the head, without pause he was sent flying into the corridor with a force that could smash through a door. From inside the house,「Dear-, Takeshi is! Takeshi is coming out from his room!」「What!? Recently he is doing this every morning isn’t he!? Finally Takeshi too is resolved to return to society……uuuh」such harmonious voices could be heard.

Surely the number of family conversation there was increasing in proportion of the number of hole in the window. It was something wonderful.

「You are used with the school already?」

「……Nn. It’s fresh and novel. Especially the going to and from school alone with just Hajime.」

Yue’s smile deepened at Hajime’s attempt to change topic while she replied.

「Though I also feels like this isn’t something we need to decide the rotation shift and even purposefully not using car though. Even going through shortcut, it’s still faster by riding bicycle.」

「……Hajime don’t get it. Going to and from school with just two people is our important time. This is the consensus of opinion so objection or refusal won’t be allowed.」

「I, I see. But still……」

Just as Yue said, Yue, Shia, Kaori, and Shizuku enforced a rotation shift where each of them would go to school with just Hajime once a week. It was something that was decided by their consensus of opinion, and the time became an important time where they could be together with just Hajime who most of time was together with someone among his families.

Hajime more or less also guessed that. However, there was a relatively pressing problem in the case of all these four people, especially in regard to Yue, because of that Hajime’s expression was a bit twitching.

「……You don’t like, being alone with me?」

「There is no way that’s true.」

Getting asked such thing with a sad looking gaze, Hajime had no other option than giving an immediate answer.

Even if he witnessed the tragic scenes of all the passerby in the range where Yue’s expression was visible were crashing, tumbling over, or spraying out joy from their nose.

When he was going to and from school with just Yue, most of the time the path they traveled became like a disaster site in their passing. Also to say more, the smartphones of the smartphone users all over the place who suddenly became unmannered were invited to heaven and agonizing cries in that kind of meaning also echoed in the path that was turned into a road of tragedy……

Hajime fastened his brisk pace and caught up to Yue, he then took out a glasses with crimson frame from his pocket and gently put it on Yue. Glasses girl Yue blinked her eyes.

This glasses was actually an artifact that possessed recognition obstruction effect but,

――*Gashan! Kikii――, gosha! Chuin!*

――So, so cutebuberah!? Hidebuh. Abeshi!?

In front of the charm of Yue wearing glasses, the artifact bent its knees in defeat.

「……A charm that nullified an artifact that is enchanted with age of god magic, huh. You haven’t actually obtained a concept magic of charm or something haven’t you?」


Hajime whispered to himself and took off the glasses that had opposite effect from Yue. The glasses artifact of recognition obstruction was quite effective at first, but recently it was becoming an item that increased Yue’s charm instead.

Hajime could only cocked his head in puzzlement, but his mother Sumire who heard this story was staring blankly while answering「That’s must be because she is with you」as though it was nothing. Recently their surrounding had calmed down compared to at the beginning and Yue became able to enjoy her time alone with Hajime to her heart’s content. Surely Yue’s euphoria was overflowing out at her time alone with her beloved, that seemed to be the case.

While thinking ‘Don’t tell me it’s really that kind of reason?’, Hajime turned his gaze from the glasses back to Yue,


Small heart mark bubbles were gushing out from Yue’s body only from her gaze meeting Hajime’s……was how it looked like. Hajime scrubbed his eyes and when he looked at her one more time, there was only Yue there smiling normally. It seemed that he was hallucinating.

「We arrived, at the station.」


Deciding not thinking deeper about it, Hajime thought of preparing a more powerful artifact. When Hajime was thinking that, they arrived at the nearest station that was actually the a detour in their going to and from school.

Yue returned walking at Hajime’s side once more and with an extremely natural motion she linked her arm with Hajime’s. Her soft sensation and sweet fragrance tickled his nose and he received sharp gazes from the station workers and salary men. Even now their expression looked as though they were going to yell out「Showing off right from the morning」with spits flying out.

Yue-sama who was in cloud nine of happiness from the morning didn’t seem to bother at all with the surrounding, but for Hajime who was endeavoring to return to his former livelihood in the modern Japan, this situation was really serious. It was to the degree that he needed to hold back his hand that wanted to immediately move toward his thigh. Of course his partner railgun wasn’t there.

While the two were having idle chat like nothing at the station platform, a strange situation that was already the routine every morning was starting to occur.

No matter how one looked, people were congesting at the position of the train coach Hajime and Yue were lining up for. There were many male, but there was also quite the number of female. Also, in a glance the females were looking like they were fixing their eyes on smartphone, newspaper, or book, but from Hajime’s viewpoint it was totally obvious that they kept glancing his and Yue’s way.

(Every single morning, they aren’t getting tired of it. This is already at the level of killing intent. ……Well, going to school with different woman every morning, if it’s asked whether this can’t be helped then it really can’t be helped I guess.)

Among these people that were forming lines, there weren’t only Yue’s fans, there must be Shia’s fans too there. Small voices like「Toying around with Shia-chan, this sheetty braatt」could be heard sometimes. By the way, when he was going with Kaori or Shizuku, Hajime would go until their house to pick them up by riding train, but at that time there would be salary men that happened to catch sight of him without fail.

By the way, the closest station from Kaori and Shizuku’s house was at the opposite site with the school sandwiched in between of that station and the nearest station from Hajime’s house. There were eight stations until this station.

If this happened to a normal male high schooler, their mind would surely get disturbed from getting exposed to this storm of negative emotions like jealousy and so on that the mere expression of bed of nails wasn’t possibly enough to signify the significance.

Of course, the one here wasn’t a possessor of soft mind that would wither down from such thing.

Glancing at a salary man uncle lining up behind him who was subtly closing the distance, Hajime circled his hand around Yue’s waist and he pressed her body tightly toward him.

The surrounding became noisy. Murderous gazes were doubling.


「Hey, Yue. It’s fine even if we take detour, so how about we stop riding train? I don’t have any intention at all letting you get touched by anyone, and if there is that kind of guy trying that, I’ll tear off his nails even if it’s still in the stage of attempt, but there is also no need at all to mass produce people with their life ended right?」

Yue who tilted her head in puzzlement seemed to guess the meaning of his words a beat later. Or rather, it seemed she was really ignoring the surrounding’s situation as though it was only natural. As expected from a former royalty. It appeared that it was the default state to put the gazes of the rabble outside the mind. Or possibly, perhaps it was also that she wasn’t able to see anything but Hajime.

Yue showed a bit of thinking gesture「……Nn~~」and her index finger suddenly stood up straight.

「……『Everyone, bee~~come unconcerned with us』」

The words sounded slow and stupid, but they were whispered with a mysterious echo. Invisible power permeated the whole station as though it was spreading in ripples, and right after that, including the salary man who was gradually getting closer, the expression of the people who were focusing on Hajime and Yue went ‘hah’ as though they returned to their senses.

And then, they were making wondering expression about why were they making long lines in the entrance for this train coach like this while scattering toward other spots.

「What should I say, that’s a special bargain sale of【Divine Statement】huh. You want to go to school by train that much?」

「Nn-. To speak in Hajime’s wording, this is romance. Therefore I won’t give it up.」

「Yo, you are insisting it like that huh. I got it. Well, it’s also nothing really difficult, I’ll reinforce the recognition obstruction artifact quickly.」



He wouldn’t give that up. Glasses girl Yue-sama was the key point for Hajime.

After that, during their walk until they reached the school, it went without saying that the words of god were literally firing in rapid succession toward the people who just arrived to ride the train and the crowd of people getting off the train. If it was for the sake of her desire, Yue-sama wouldn’t be stingy with using the words of god! It was Hajime>Unsurpassed wall>Everything else for her!

Hajime and Yue who arrived at school reached the shoe locker while respectively gathering attention.

There was one more template that was still continuing here.

――*rustle rustle rustle-*

Numerous letters surged like avalanche. It was a really retro method to put letter into shoe locker, but there was no other way for these people to convey their feeling so it couldn’t be helped. After all, the contact address of Yue and co weren’t known except by their classmates and a part of friends, and on top of that if they tried to talk to them directly there was always demon king level escort constantly beside them.

「Just like always.」

「……Nn. Being liked itself isn’t bad. But I cannot help to say that this is really a bother.」

Yue didn’t even hide her expression of feeling troublesome, her eyes narrowed for a moment to see through something and she put several letters into her pocket while she pushed in everything else into another locker. By the way, that locker was Kaori’s.

「Are those love letters from girls again?」

Hajime said that with a wry smile after guessing the sender of the letters that Yue pocketed. Just as he said, about 30 or 40 percent of the love letters Yue received came from female students.

「……Rather than calling them love letter, the letters are more like from fan or requesting to become friend, those kind of things. Idiots who are sending love letter even knowing I have Hajime doesn’t matter at all, but I cannot carelessly treat the letter from girls who want to be friend with me.」

「That kind of treatment is the reason you are popular.」

Seeing Yue who lowered her eyebrows looking a bit troubled, Hajime said that looking amused while opening his own locker. Several cute letters were piled up snugly inside. Yue-sama’s gaze stabbed.

Helplessly Hajime took out the letters and put them inside another locker. By the way that locker had the name “Amanogawa Kouki” written on it.

Seeing such Hajime, Yue asked with a bit amused expression.

「……Hajime. Is it fine not to read the letter right at the top?」

「The top one? What, is there something in it?」

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The words of Yue who somehow understood the state of when the letter was created by using regeneration magic caused Hajime to make a dubious expression.

Yue took out the aforementioned letter from the locker and,

「……Nn. This is from a cute fan of Hajime……a girlish boy’s――」


Hajime snatched the letter with godspeed, super compressed it with his grip strength and threw it with full power toward outside the school. The crumpled letter casually hit the speed of 166 kilometer per hour and the letter that was compressed until it was smaller than a pinball flew away like a laser beam.

It felt like a pained voice「Aah, my letteerr!!」could be heard from somewhere, but surely it was just an imagination.

「……As always, Hajime is popular among the cute boys.」

「Stop that. They don’t feel repulsive like when I was stared at by Chrystabel, even so those guys’ gazes are unbearable. Recently the fellows in class are shuddering『The demon king is finally feeling like turning his hand at that direction!?』while nonchalantly taking distance away from me. It’s just plainly weighing the mind.」

「……Even though, Chrystabel is a good person.」

「Your lover’s ass is being targeted here you know? Don’t just conclude that he is a good person.」

Yue chuckled at the dejected Hajime. Lured by that amused look of Yue, the students who were arriving at school were rapidly getting slower in their walk. A crowd trying to get even just a glimpse at the beautiful face of the girl who outwardly changed school was starting to form.

Hajime took Yue’s hand to quickly head toward the classroom.

The classroom of Hajime and others were at the highest floor and the farthest corner of the school building. They were at second year of high school, so normally they should be at the second floor, but their classroom was at that place where normally no one would come at was because Hajime and others were “returnees”.

With the uneasiness from the school side and a part of students’ family, and the criticism from the society about the decency if the students who returned back miraculously at great pains were to be driven out from school, the school administration compromised by wishing to gather the returnees in one place and they set up a “special classroom” at a place that was isolated in the same school building.

Also, Hajime and others were in the middle of their first year when they were summoned to the other world Tortus. And so, originally they should be held back a grade, but although Hajime and others were put into a special classroom, but their school grade was properly in the second year.

This was the result of the conformance between the demand of Hajime and co “no way we will repeat the year”, and the opinion of the school side that wished for them to quickly graduate the school and left with the official stance that it was their sympathy and compassion at work.

As the result, a special short course period was prepared for the returnees and on top of that they were given examination, it was to confirm whether they were equipped with the scholarly ability of the first year curriculum of high school, if there was no problem with the test result then their grade advancement would be recognized. That was the special measure that the school taken.

Of course, it was also the result of a demon king somewhere and the wive~s working behind the scene.

And so, amidst the hectic situation of dealing with the government and mass media, all the classmates received special short course and in the end all of them struck high score without anything that could be complained about and their grade advancement was recognized.

At that time, after the special short course, the classmates held a study meeting by their own initiative and diligently study hard. The school officials were really in admiration seeing that but……

Things like encouragement yell「Limit Break-」could sometimes be heard from the classroom.

Actually, they increased their concentration power and learning power by taking in a drug named Cheatmate while in addition they invoked Limit Break using Last Zell to study. It didn’t stop there, after the school was over they would also gather in Yuuka’s restaurant for a study meeting and used Hour Crystal to lengthen their time.

It was only getting held back a grade that everyone hated. To a very great extent.

Arriving at the topmost floor, the number of people decreased right away the moment Hajime and Yue stepped into a corridor where their classroom was located. It was natural because originally the classroom here wasn’t used and other than that there was only storage room.

But, this morning there was the silhouettes of another people other than the classmates.

「That’s, the vice principal and, Aiko, sensei who is completely hidden behind the silhouette?」

「……Nn. It looks like they are quarreling?」

Indeed, over there they saw the back of the vice principal who was famous with his hair that had overly splendid 7:3 ratio it was unnatural, and opposite him seemed to be Aiko seeing from the tiny legs that were barely visible from the two’s position. The voice of the vice principal sounded angry for some reason, so it seemed that Aiko was being scolded or preached at.

Hajime and Yue looked at each other and they slowly and smoothly sneaked behind the vice principal after cutting off their presence.

「Now listen, Hatayama-sensei. You are still employed as teacher in this school because of this school’s kindliness. I hope you will be aware of that a little bit more!」

「Ye, yes. About that I’m really grateful……」

「In that case, why did you leak an extremely careless statement that show contempt to our school toward the likes of the press. I’m greatly troubled by this!」

「My, my deepest apologies. By no means I’m intending to show contempt……」

「Hou. The statement that the reason the special classroom is set up because the school is discriminating, you are saying that’s not you showing contempt?」

「No! I didn’t say anything like discrimination! It’s just, I was only saying, if only the school side is also able to treat the students a bit more normally……」

The reason the vice principal was offended seemed to be the statement Aiko leaked out to the press. Aiko often came out in front of the press with her position as the representative of the returnees. So far as it went she took formal appointment for something like interview, and it was done after talking it thoroughly with the school side, but the persistent reporters were staking out in front of her house and rushed her with questions.

At that time Aiko fastened her pace while doing her utmost to not answer, but the statement of a reporter who spoke as though the students were dangerous individuals and claimed that the special classroom was something that proved it to be true caused Aiko to object against her better judgment.

She said, that the students weren’t dangerous or anything. That originally they should be able to attend school normally.

The press that happily picked up on that made an uproar claiming that the school side was discriminating and whatever, and the vice principal who received the news got angry.

(This wig-wearing baldy vice principal. What is he doing venting at Aiko.)

(……Nn. It’s the fact that the school is treating us with isolation. This baldy wig-covered head is only protecting himself.)

Hajime and Yue were squinting their eyes toward the vice principal who were still nagging angrily at Aiko. Both of them sneaked even closer behind the vice principal with their presence still cut off.

There, Aiko finally noticed Hajime and Yue’s existence. Seeing the two who were slowly and stealthily approaching behind the vice principal, Aiko felt a violent bad premonition and she sent repeated glances at the vice principal and Hajime alternately.

Hajime smilingly conveyed「Morning」with his lip movement. Aiko too sent glances at the vice principal who was absorbed with his preaching while conveying「Good morning」with her lips movement.

Hajime nodded once and,

(For now, how about I attack this guy?)

He slowly took out Donner and aimed at the back of the vice principal’s head.

「No way-! Absolutely no way!」

「Muh. Exactly. It’s self-explanatory what does alma mater meant. It’s something that will be unforgettable for the whole life for the students, and you must not do anything that can harm this alma mater. In the first place――」

Aiko reflexively yelled and crossed both her arms to make a cross mark. She did that incidentally right after the vice principal was saying「Do you think it’s fine to put a stigma on the school?」, and so Aiko’s sudden eccentric behavior was also miraculously ignored.

Yue straightened up her index finger all of a sudden,

(……Don’t worry Aiko. Right now I’ll annihilate this barely remaining hair roots for you.)

Fire lit up above the finger. Yue’s gaze was directed toward the vice principal’s head.

「More than this is no good! It will be completely gone!」

「Exactly, Hatayama-sensei! The prestige of our school must not be harmed even more than this. If we lose our credence, it’s also possible for the alma mater of the students to be gone!」

Once more it was a relay of miraculous conversation.

Surely under the 7:3 ratio wig, the hair roots that were already in the verge of annihilation were squeezing out their final willpower. As expected, perhaps feeling the danger instinctively, the vice principal inadvertently looked behind. Hajime and Yue smoothly moved to his blind spot with harmonized breathing.

Confirming that there wasn’t anyone behind him, the vice principal returned his gaze at Aiko. At the same time, Hajime and Yue also smoothly returned behind him.

The vice principal checked his watch and it seemed he would conclude his preaching. Surely this talk was something important to him that was grounded on his belief. But, Aiko was helplessly bothered by the two behind the vice principal that his words didn’t enter her head at all.

(The bell will ring soon! Please enter the classroom quickly! Or rather, eh? Why am I conversing with lip movement like this?)

Aiko responded with lip movement talk from being somehow carried away by the place’s atmosphere, she noticed the strangeness about that while urging Hajime and Yue with a scolding.

The two who even now were reaching out their hand together toward the wig of the vice principal as though to say ‘This is the first group work of us two desu!’ looked at each other’s face after seeing Aiko’s upset look and desperate lips movement. And then, they nodded as though something had passed between them, and right after that the two of them acted despondently which didn’t suit them.

(Even though I did this because I though Aiko is troubled……)

(……Even though I’m doing my best to help Aiko)

No matter how one thought of it what they were doing was nothing more than being mischievous, but Aiko who was in overwhelmed so much by the situation honestly felt guilt pressing on her chest.

Toward such Aiko, Hajime and Yue moistened their eyes with their mischievousness in full throttle while appealing.

(Aiko already hated me now huh.)

(……Aiko already hated me now?)

Getting told that by the man she was in love with and the top of the wive~s, there was no way Aiko who was already at her wits end could recover her calm,

「Such thing-, it’s obvious that I love you very much!」

「Wha-. Ha, Hatayama-sensei, what are you suddenly……」

For some reason vice principal was greatly flustered. His wig head was blushing red until the tip of his ears and his expression was taken aback for a while. And then he cleared his throat once *cough-*.

「Ha, Hatayama-sensei. That’s, it’s, just what do you mean by that?」

The talk of the wig vice principal before this was「Anyway, there is no time, I’ll stop with this much for now. I really wish that you can realize just how large the influence your carelessness in your speech has brought to our school. Although, it seem that you are hating me, perhaps my words are only entering your right ear before going out from the left ear right away」that was said with a lot of sarcasm in his tone.

It was at that timing that Aiko finally turned her focus at her talk with the vice principal. Of course, she wasn’t listening to the vice principal’s talk just now so she also didn’t really understand what was said and asked at her. But, with the atmosphere and also with her social standing, here she absolutely cannot say anything like「Actually I’m not listening! I’m sorry!」.

(Wha, what to do? I don’t know at all what is he talking about…… Wait, Aiko, remember it well. This wig, cough-, vice principal is talking about how to protect the school and about the necessity of protecting the school so……that’s right! There is no doubt he is asking me whether I’m treasuring, loving the school or not!)

「Err, even if you ask me what I mean, the meaning is exactly just like I said……」

Ai-chan-sensei replied carefully while watching the situation. With how she was also turning upturned gaze to observe the situation, the wig vice principal was further bewildered.

「You, you really mean what you said…… Hatayama-sensei, you, in this kind of place you suddenly……please stop with you joke.」

The vice principal averted his gaze away with a huff. Hajime and Yue escaped to outside the field of vision with a splendid moving technique.

Aiko felt a heartburn seeing the wig-wearing middle-aged man blushing for some reason, so she gripped her chest tightly and racked her brain hard.

(What’s this, this situation feel somewhat strange but……he is telling me to stop joking, that means he is thinking that I’m not thinking seriously about the school. As I thought from the view point of vice principal who has worked in teaching profession for nearly thirty years until now, someone like me introducing myself as teacher is just presumptuous……but, it’s true that a school is a place to protect the students, and it’s a place of important memory that will remain through our life. Then, at the very least I have to convey that I’m serious!)

Still being unaware that the perception of both sides were mutually greatly deviating from each other, Aiko took a deep breath with resolve. The wig vice principal twitched seeing that straightforward gaze.

Aiko didn’t even pay attention to the wig vice principal twitching and she met his gaze frankly and,

「I’m not joking, I really feel fondness (for the school and students)! No, rather, it’s not an exaggeration even if I say that I feel love (for the school and students)!」

「Wha, what did you saayy――!?」

That powerful speech was delivered with a tightly clenched fist and a force that made one hallucinated the sea wave splashing behind her *splaa~~sh*. The serious feeling was conveyed clearly whether the recipient wanted it or not.

The wig vice principal took a step back as though he was overpowered and,


He yelled such thing while running through the corridor. Of course, Hajime and Yue escaped to the blind spot with divine smoothness. At that time, a divine wind also blew and the vice principal’s wig was smoothly taken and fell on the floor.

Aiko watched with her mouth wide open at the vice principal who suddenly yelled out incomprehensible thing while running away.

「……Aiko, you are a miraculous human. This is the first time since I was born witnessing this kind of artistic misunderstanding.」

「Hee? Eh?」

「Aa~, Aiko. You see, perhaps vice principal is thinking that he was confessed by Aiko. After all you gave him those lines after he was sarcastically asking whether you hate actually him.」


Aiko was astonished. However, a beat later she recalled her dialogue with the vice principal and then thinking of what Hajime said she guessed the situation, which caused her expression to lose color in a flash. And then, she picked up the wig on the floor using her fingertips and,


She yelled that and dashed with amazing speed.

It felt like it would ended up the same with her yelling ‘wig wig’ like that but……

While staring at the back figure of the cute homeroom teacher who was energetically running in place today too, Yue shortly said.

「……Nn. As I thought, school is fun.」

「Yep, well, I think it’s relatively an extraordinary student life though.」

The bell rang at the same time with Hajime’s retort.

Today too the mundane school life was starting.

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