Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 254 — Arifureta After II - Welcome, I am the Village Chief of Demon King Village

Chapter 254: Arifureta After II - Welcome, I am the Village Chief of Demon King Village

It was a highway with wind blowing gently. The grasses as high as the waist were making rustling sounds. Dusts were gently rolled up to the air by the breeze.

Silhouettes of two people could be seen at the other side of that dust.

One person was a girl with the appearance of a villager girl, while the other one was a girl with the appearance of an apprentice sister. They looked unsteady somehow. Or rather, the apprentice sister was completely carried on the back of the villager girl. Her body was limply leaning on the villager girl’s back.

The villager girl too, she was carrying the apprentice sister while using a beautiful sword as replacement for cane. Her shoulders were moving much from her rough breathing「zee zee」, so much so that it sounded like it could be heard from far away. If this area wasn’t the highway that connected village to village, then she would be mistaken as a victim that was lost in the middle of mountain.

Her clothing also spurred on such impression. The two of them were tattered. Although the important parts were barely protected, the fringe part of the one piece had became a really original miniskirt state, the sleeves part was also in forced state of no sleeve that if it was seen from the side, the breast part felt a little bit dangerous.

The two’s white smooth skin was exposed much, and those exposed parts were dirtied by dust everywhere, the two’s hair also felt unkempt.

「……Uu. I’m really sorry for troubling you, Kaori-san.」(Note: Here Yue’s speech sounded like an old woman)

「Yue-san, you promised not to say that right?」

The carried apprentice sister――the previously sister with a screw loose Yue was running on joke material even while being dead tired. The one who was fixing her grip on the slipping off Yue with ‘yoisho-‘ while returning the joke material precisely was of course the village chief’s regrettable daughter Kaori.

Now then, why were these two so ragged until they were in this state?

That was caused by all the happening since they were victorious in the battle against the wild Valkyries nearby the village of beginning “AAAAAAA” until the present time. To speak frankly,

――A wild Odin appeared!

――A wild Zeus appeared!

――A wild Susanoo appeared!

――A wild Indra appeared!

――Wild Artemis appeared in great numbers!

――A wild Zoroaster myth appeared in its entirety!

――A wild Odin took along his children and Valkyries and challenged a revenge match!

――A wild Zeus who joined up with a wild Indra appeared!

――A wild Ia! Ia! Masteerr! Fhtag――

The gist could be guessed after seeing how the lineup above was the mob enemy for the surrounding area of the village of beginning. The random pounding of mythologies was coming so extremely without any integrity. Or rather, no matter how much the game was in the operation testing stage with undecided story, the enemy setting was just too noncommittal.

Of course, the enemies’ strength was in the level that didn’t put shame to their name, they were boasting strength to the degree that the Valkyries looked cute. They were also properly equipped with their characteristic equipments, Yue and Kaori would surely meet a swift end if they didn’t cooperate in the same beat for real.

Regarding the difficult to describe something that came out in the end, both Yue and Kaori didn’t really have the memory of their battle against it. When they tried to recall it, they would get a headache as though their instinct was trying to stop them and they couldn’t recall it. However, there was only the feeling as though they destroyed it with a deathly desperation remaining inside them.

Just what in the world was that……

And because of that, after repeating mortal combat after mortal combat, they were now in the verge of exhausting all their energy and willpower――that was the current state of Yue and Kaori. Yue was in an extreme state of magic power drying up and all the recovery item was also used up, that now she was entrusting herself to Kaori.

After a bit more advancing through the highway with staggering footsteps toward the save point of the next village, while they were making frivolous talk running on joke material with each other to take their mind off from their exhaustion,

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「……Nn? Kaori.」

「Right, something is coming. But, this is……」

Kaori’s walk stopped when she sensed a presence approaching from behind. When she tried to look behind, she could see rising dust cloud from ahead of the highway they had passed through. For a moment Yue and Kaori thought「Another wild god!?」, but that thought was immediately proved to be a needless anxiety.

「That’s, a house cart.」


Just as Kaori said, what was running on the highway toward them was a cart that was pulled by two chestnut horses. The figure of a plump man sitting on the coachman stand holding the rein could be seen.

Just in case Yue got down from Kaori’s back and both of them stepped back to the side of the highway to open a path.

Not long after that, the cart arrived at where Yue and Kaori were at. The man on the coachman stand noticed Yue and Kaori and his expression went「Oh?」. The man pulled his rein and decreased the speed, and the cart stopped beside the two.

「My goodness, young ladies, what are you two doing in this kind of place? Although this area is relatively safe, it’s still too careless for two young girls to be here you know?」

No ill will could be felt from his voice and expression. The two heard his words which claimed that this area was safe which caused the two to doubt this man’s sanity, but if that part was put aside, this man’s feeling that was purely feeling strange and also worried that a villager girl and a sister were loitering alone in this highway was conveyed to the two.

Seeing that it didn’t seem like a battle event, Yue and Kaori looked and nodded at each other.

「Eerr, I am “AAAAAAA” village’s……village chief’s daughter, going toward the next village.」

「Oo, is that so. So you are the “AAAAAAA” village’s village chief’s regrettable daughter. I am a peddler Sarani Yunker. If you are going to the next village, I am also going toward there right now. If you want, you can come along with me?」(Note: The name Sarani here is written in katakana as though it’s a foreign name. But in Japanese language ‘sarani’ could also mean ‘even more’. This peddler’s name can be read as even more Yunker)

The peddler whose surname was a name they had heard from somewhere was suggesting that kindly. Kaori was somehow feeling regrettable that even the peddler was calling her “regrettable”, but honestly she was really happy that they could travel using house cart here.

「Yue, what to do?」

「……I think, this is perhaps a support event from the game. We can also use item to recover and change equipment by riding the back cart.」

「There is no problem then. Can we also purchase item while we are at it?」

As the result of the two’s discussion, with their need to recover their stamina and mental strength and also with their lack of item, they decided to accept the suggestion of the peddler Sarani to help them. They were also taking advantage of the kind words of peddler Sarani who was smiling kindly while saying「Please, please. Get on the car behind. If there is anything that you want to buy then I’ll sell it to you」.

Like that the horse cart departed. For a while the two purchased and used healing item and focused in recovering, and when their vitality returned the two sighed「Fuu~~~~」.

「I wonder if it really is over?」

「……Nn, I think so. Or rather, I hope that’s so. If not, then Hajime is just too savage.」

「Ahaha……as expected, this cannot be helped isn’t it? After all this game device is broken right? Right?」

「……Nn. Certainly.」

Both of them doubted the sanity of their beloved just for a bit, but they concluded they had reached a checkpoint and they relaxed. And then, Yue who finished purchasing recovery item rummaged around the cart and discovered clothing.

Among the items that were being sold, as expected the clothing that the two could equip was only the sister outfit and villager girl outfit, but it was still a league better compared to their clothing that was in half undressed state. They immediately purchased the clothes and quickly changed.

The two who finished changing clothes and also replenishing item calmed down and sat side by side at the back cart. They threw their legs to dangle outside. The small vibration of the cart that was transmitted to their body felt pleasant.

「……Come to think of it, Kaori. How far you have been liberated?」

「Ah, now that you say that we were leveling up with staggering momentum weren’t we? My disintegration ability also came back, so I wonder if I have been liberated much? I didn’t confirm because there was no leeway though.」

Saying that, Kaori summoned the individual information screen. Yue also summoned her own screen at the same time and they respectively confirmed their usable strength.


Name : Yue-pon

Rank : 75 / 2880 remaining until the next liberation

Job : Sister

Title : Sister Whose Name Mustn’t be Mentioned

Skill : No Chant Imagination Configuration All Element Aptitude Combination Magic High Speed Magic Power Regeneration

Magic : Flame Magic Wind Magic Light Magic Water Magic Earth Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Darkness Magic Gravity Magic

※All magic name is omitted

Equipment : A set of apprentice sister outfit R’lyeh Text

Special mention : A criminal on the wanted list

Money : 5,546,030



Name : Kaori

Rank : 72 / 1880 remaining until the next liberation

Job : Villager Girl

Title : What is the Meaning of Villager Girl Name?

Skill : Villager girl-style Twin Large Sword Art Villager girl-style Close Quarter Combat Art

Magic : Villager girl-style Body Reinforcement Magic Villager girl-style Disintegration Magic Villager girl-style Wings Villager girl-style Godspeed

Equipment : A set of villager girl outfit Gram Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi

Special mention : Yue-pon’s accomplice

Money : 4,874,005




There were certainly a lot of places that could be retorted at. Surely it was the fault of the bug. But, there was one point that the two couldn’t turn a blind eye at no matter what.

「Yu, Yue? Thi, this is……」

「……Wa, wait. Wait, a second-」

Yue who unusually was in her wits’ end patted all over her own body and performed a body check. There was nothing particular strange and she let out a faint sigh of relieve. Right after that, Yue’s ragged sister outfit that she put above the box beside her was slipping down unnaturally even though there wasn’t any particularly noticeable vibration. And then, the falling clothe didn’t make light rustling sound, but a thud sound instead.



Yue and Kaori twitched but they didn’t move further, they were staring at the ragged sister clothes. They couldn’t avert their gaze from the clothes that was strangely bulged up.

The house cart was going onward while making small vibrations *katakata*. The sister clothe was slowly, little by little sliding off because of the vibration.

What was certain was that when Kaori was carrying Yue on her back, Yue wasn’t carrying anything except the clothes she was wearing. And they also didn’t steal anything except the legendary swords Kaori stole from the previous battles. And then, when Yue took off her clothes just now and put it on the box, there was not “thing” or anything that would make that kind of bulge.

*slide*, *slide* The sister clothes was sliding off matching with the vibration of the horse cart.

Like that, finally, from the gap between the clothes, something like a book spine with strange color was……


Yue’s roar gushed! Before that thing that surely, perhaps must not be seen showed up its whole appearance, a kick with the body’s whole strength exploded. The beautiful kicking leg that was performed like a pro soccer athlete also beautifully slammed flying the sister clothes along with the something inside it.

When the two saw it falling into the grasses and they couldn’t see it anymore, they let out a long sigh and resumed their breathing that they were unconsciously holding.

And then, when Yue moved her hand impatiently and confirmed her individual information screen,


Name : Yue-pon

Rank : 75 / 2880 remaining until the next liberation

Job : Sister

Title : Sister Whose Name Mustn’t be Mentioned

Skill : No Chant Imagination Configuration All Element Aptitude Combination Magic High Speed Magic Power Regeneration

Magic : Flame Magic Wind Magic Light Magic Water Magic Earth Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Darkness Magic Gravity Magic

※All magic name is omitted

Equipment : A set of apprentice sister outfit

Special mention : A criminal on the wanted list

Money : 5,546,030


It became like that.

Yue and Kaori looked at each other’s face and nodded shortly to one another.

「……So, Kaori. You still cannot use healing magic, binding magic, and defensive magic?」

「Yeah. Even though my specialty should be in that field. But, just being able to use disintegration and godspeed is also enough. And the swords I stole are really sharp. Yue, you still only get gravity magic?」

「……Nn. I pray that next I’ll obtain space magic. It’s completely different whether I have it or not.」

It seemed they treated as though the “something” that was kicked flying had never existed. Surely it was for the sake of their mental health. They had to protect their SAN status as much as possible.

For a while the two were talking with each other about their respective ability as though trying to forget something and they spent time doing things like confirming their cooperation and so on.

It was unclear how long they were doing that before finally their feeling cleared up and the vibration of the horse cart was inviting sleepiness, when suddenly Yue felt magic power reaction and she reacted.

The reaction source was right nearby. Yes, from the coachman stand. The magic power wasn’t directed toward them, but flowing toward somewhere else.

「……Peddler-san. Just now, what did you do?」

Yue’s question caused peddler Sarani to twitch and his plumb body shaking for some reason. And then, he looked back with a smile that looked pasted on his face.

「No, it’s really nothing important. Rather than that, it will still take time until the next village. It’s better for the two of you to lie down and rest during this time.」

「……I see.」

Yue was relatively good at reading the heart of someone from their expression. It was because she was a former royalty and she had also met painful experience before. And so, she also immediately understood that peddler Sarani’s words weren’t honest.

It was really suspicious. Was this not a support event for player……

Perhaps guessing that doubt of Yue, peddler Sarani’s forehead was starting to sweat.

Yue’s fixed gaze was piercing peddler Sarani. It was a dreadful fixed gaze. It was a splendid fixed gaze.

Peddler Sarani was starting to sweat like waterfall.

「It’s the truth you know? A merchant won’t spout lie.」

「……I see.」

「No, it will really take time. I’m not lying. Hell will freeze over before I’m telling lie.」

「……I see.」

「……How about you take a rest?」

「……I see.」


Right now the face of peddler Sarani looked terrible because it was drenched with sweat like a fountain.

As expected, seeing it was getting stranger, Kaori also put her hand on Gram and Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and strengthened her vigilance, it was at that time,

「……-!? Kaori!」

「He? ――Kyah!?」

At the same time when Yue let out that warning voice which was filled with unease, *gin-* hard sound resounded from Kaori’s neck. It was the impact voice of Yue’s defensive magic that made it in a hair’s breadth time to protect Kaori’s neck from the rapidly approaching assassin’s blade. The moment Kaori noticed that, she raised a scream while also using Villager girl-style Godspeed to leap out from the cart.

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Right away, from the opposite side of the spot where Kaori was just at, a powerfully assaulting blade passed through there.

「Hmm, on top of noticing the invisibility of this me, even the following blow is dodged…… I see, it seems you two cannot be dealt with ordinary means.」

Yue landed lightly beside Kaori who jumped down. It seemed an attack was also launched at Yue simultaneously with the second attack against Kaori. Yue jumped down from the cart to dodge that.

Yue and Kaori were staring dumbfounded and open-mouthed in a da~ze seeing the black shadow who was looking down on them from above the cart. Whether it was the surprise attack that slipped through Kaori’s guard, or the flowing consecutive attack, this wasn’t the time for being dumbfounded……however, the character that appeared was just too unexpected.

「Tha, thank god! You finally arrived! It’s those two! Those two are the wanted criminal Yue-pon and Kaori! Please capture them quickly!」

「Merchant-dono. You did well using the magic item to contact me. Not only that, you even bring them until here to not let them escape……my gratitude to your bravery. Leave the rest to me, go on ahead!」

「Yes, may luck be with you!」

It seemed it was something like that. This merchant-sama noticed from the start that Yue-pon and Kaori were criminal, he pretended to not notice while guiding the two toward the boss character (perhaps the mid-boss). It seemed that he was a character for that.

What betrayal. But, thinking really really carefully, these two were wanted criminal so if this was said to be the proper treatment for them then no one could deny that. This was the karma that was following the two to the bitter end.

The two were able to purchase things like recovery item and so on, so to speak it was something like the recovery place and save point that was usually provided in front of the boss room. Of course, they couldn’t save though.

But, what was more important than such things was regarding the person in front of the two’s eyes.

Yes, for some reason this person in black clothes was making a cross with his two hands that were holding short swords while meaninglessly turning his body several times in a stance of half body. The two recognized this person very much. The person was wearing a sunglasses, but the two completely recognized him.

「Listen well, criminal Yue-pon! Accomplice Kaori! Now that I’m here, this place is the last stop for you two. Lament your own misfortune while carving this name into your bone! My name is Abyssgate! One of the four heavenly kings of demon king village, and an apprentice doctor! I’m the man who will consign the two of you to oblivion!」

Yes, it was Abyssgate-san desu.

Just what is the four heavenly kings of demon king village, how can an apprentice doctor saying things like “consigning to oblivion”, for the time being Kaori put aside those straight-man retort and she whispered into Yue’s ear.

「Yue, why is Endou-kun here? Seeing his act, he is in Abyss-san state isn’t he? Is this the real thing? Or program?」

「……Come to think of it, before this Endou was called by Hajime and visited the home, but after a while I remember he rushed out while crying.」

「Ah, I can guess.」

「……Nn. Endou who said『NAGUMO YOU STUPID IDIOOOOOOOOT』while exiting the home was then chased by Hajime who was making expression that couldn’t endure being there while saying『Sorry! As expected I went too far! Even I got damaged!』……」

By the way, Abyssgate was a boss like four heavenly kings for Hauria training mode. Of course, it was a program. Though he was constantly in Abyss Lord state.

「Fuh, you two finished your discussion? You can strain your wisdom to the utmost and wield all the strength that you have. If not, the abyss will swallow everything without even any time for you to blink you know?」

A turn. An upward push on the sunglasses. And arms crosse――d!

「……Endou. How far will he go.」

「I’m thinking once more. Emily-chan who is fighting hard alone is really not half-baked.」

Inside their heart, Yue and Kaori sent their salute with streaming tear toward Abyssgate’s lovable lover who surely even now was refining her Hauria correction plan.

Recently, her very act of trying to stop the chuuni with all her might itself became Hauria clan’s amusement. Their affection toward Emily was rapidly heightening but……the pure Emily-chan who was happily saying「Recently, it feels like they became slightly better!」didn’t notice it.

With faraway look, Yue and Kaori was recalling Emily who several times before this was coming to play to the home, coming to consult, coming to grumble, coming to consult, coming while crying, and coming to consult.

「Then, it’s time for judgment. Kousuke E Abyssgate――here I come!」

The two quickly returned to their senses when they heard those words along with feeling the presence vanishing like a mirage.

It was mostly something that was done in subconscious level. It must be because of Kaori’s deep battle experience. When she noticed, she had already turned the unsheathed Ama no Murakumo toward her back.

Instantly, a metallic sound resounded and a light impact ran on Kaori’s arm.


What Kaori unleashed along with that short yell was the horizontal sweep using divine sword Gram that she let out simultaneously with her defense. The attack with its travel time shortened using Godspeed that was let out immediately following the enemy attack normally would become the height of counterattack and bisected the opponent.

However, the attack Kaori unleashed ended up slashing empty air in vain. Not only that, what entered her sight was something black――no, it was Abyssgate’s kicking leg. His body leaped midair at the same instant when he attacked and he unleashed a midair spinning kick.

Even when taken aback by the tricky movement, Kaori wasted n time to lower her head and dodged. But, from below that lowered head, the opposite leg of Abyssgate approached.

「Abyss-style Assassination Martial Art - Hi’en Renkyaku(The bird of abyss resurrected three times)」(Note: Swallow Tempered Leg)

Midair he used the spring of upper body and twisted to unleashed three consecutive kicks.

Kaori’s eyes opened wide. It was impossible to dodge. But, perhaps the kick would just barely graze her chin. If that happened, in front of Abysgate who likely had prepared the next move she would be attacked in a state where her brain was shaken.

「――【Wave Cutter】!」


A super compressed water laser flew from the side of Kaori who was bending backward in her attempt to dodge the second kick of Abyssgate. That laser was flying in a straight line toward Abyssgate who was midair, however, it only grazed his side and passed through because his body unnaturally slid to the side.

Looking closer, the steel string that stretched out from Abyssgate’s black glove was connecting his torso with a kunai that was stabbed on the ground unnoticed. It seemed, he pulled on the steel string for emergency evasion and moved his body midair.

Abyssgate performed ukemi while landing. Kaori approached such Abyssgate using godspeed and the divine sword Gram lunged in a vertical slash. *GOU-!* The sword that was swung down made the wind roared and mercilessly split Abyssgate into tw――



The moment when Kaori thought so, the Abyssgate who seemed to be split into two divided into two clones and rushed passing through Kaori from her left and right sides.

Yue tried to rapid-fired wind blades in order to snipe the two Abyssgate, but a thrown Kunai approached Yue faster than she could attack. Furthermore, another kunai that had also been thrown unnoticed behind Yue was also flying using its trait as artifact that would return to its owner’s position.

Yue who was aimed with a pincer attack from the front and back wasted no time to use gravity magic to fly and dodged the kunais. But, her offense magic was interrupted just like Abyssgate intended and his approach continued unmolested.

「I won’t let you!」

「That’s why, I told you that’s na?ve.」

Kaori spread fired silver feathers to one Abyssgate while she tried to strike at the back of the other Abyssgate with her sword, but a clone that suddenly appeared *poof* used its body as shield to block the silver feathers.

And then, Kaori suddenly lost her balance because her ankle was suddenly grasped. Although she at least avoided tumbling down, but she let the two Abyssgate approaching Yue to get away.

When she looked at her foot,

「――Doton - Shin’en Ryuusha」(Note: Earth Escape - Abyss Quicksand)

The figure of Abyssgate who was speaking his technique name with a smug face was underground with only his face and hand protruding out. His hand was firmly grabbing Kaori’s ankle. It seemed that he had made a clone hiding underground unnoticed.

Kaori who for some reason was strangely irritated used Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to slice half the face and arm of Abyssgate like mowing down grass. Abyssgate-san vanished with *puff*. Seeing that was also somewhat aggravating.

The Abyssgate that approached Yue charged from the front into super gravity space where the gravity was multiplied that Yue laid out to stop the approach. Normally any person that entered the area would be crushed by the pressure and became a stain on the ground.

But, even Abyssgate was a user of gravity magic. His body was instantly clad in black mist and he plunged deeper as though there was nothing in his way.

「……But, Endou is unable to invoke multiple gravity magic.」

「Correct. That’s why I’ll do this.」

Abyssgate’s capability to neutralize attack of super gravity was something that Yue was aware of. Her aim was that by using gravity magic then Abyssgate would use his own gravity magic that was his most dangerous skill to neutralize her attack, thus sealing that repertoire of his. Yue estimated that she would be able to cope against any other magic and physical attack other than that no matter what he tried to pull.

But, that was only if it was really the case that Abyssgate had the intention to attack Yue directly.

「――Doton - Shin’en Dairyuusha」(Note: Earth Escape - Abyss Great Quicksand)

Abyssgate stabbed his short sword on the ground, at the same time the ground caved-in for about the diameter of ten meter. The ground that was turned into a quicksand was crushed down because of Yue’s super gravity space. Her balance crumbled and her legs only sunk down even when she tried to find her balance.

A slight opening was created. The main body of Abyssgate didn’t let go of that chance.

A sword flash approached smoothly from behind Yue. She didn’t feel any presence. Before she knew it her attention had left the Abyssgate that was attacked with spreading silver feathers. Even though she certainly recognized that there were two Abyssgate approaching her rapidly!

Yue’s eyes opened wide. Right now when her space magic was being restrained, she couldn’t use the instantaneous space teleportation “Divine Existence”.

「This is the e――afuh!?」


‘Will I get hit with an attack in this kind of place……’ The moment Yue thought that, a flying Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi cut Yue’s head skin just for a tiny bit while stabbing the Abyssgate behind her.

Abyssgate just barely avoided having his vitals pierced, it was his shoulder that got hit and he got blown away.

Kaori who flew toward Yue with her silver wings unfolded took Yue out from inside the quicksand.

「Are you okay Yue?」

「……I’m not okay. My head got cut a bit. It was cut by Kaori.」

「I, I’m sorry. The gravity magic is stronger than I thought and the sword shifted. Is your soul affected?」

「……u. Nothing particular.」

「I’m glaaad. For now I’ll pour restoration medicine okay?」

Yue’s eyes turned a bit teary while both her hands were pressing on her head. Come to think of it, she recalled that in the past when she met Hajime, when she was controlled by a monster Hajime fired without any hesitation and her head skin was also scratched a bit by the bullet.

‘Both Hajime and Kaori are merciless on my head’, Yue leaked out a complaint inside her heart. Although, it was the fact that she was saved so she couldn’t forget to say thanks.

「Nevertheless, this is the first time I fought him but……Endou-kun, he is really troublesome.」

「……Nn. He is completely making the best use of his own special characteristic. It’s not just for show that he dealt a wound fighting a serious Hajime.」

Yue and Kaori were watching Abyssgate who was pulling out Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi from his shoulder while quietly talking about their impression of him at each other.

Both of them would have received lethal attack if they didn’t cover for each other.

What was terrifying was his stealth. Even though they were clashing against him right from the front, before they knew it he had abnormally slipped off from their consciousness. It wasn’t in the level of presence isolation and the like. It was a divine skill that should even be called as erasure of presence, no, existence. ……It was truly sad that this hereditary trait wasn’t something that the person in question wished for.

Abyssgate once said. It was the best he could do to make a single wound on the demon king. That he wasn’t even able to win against the wives.

That statement was certainly not mistaken. With the exception like Liliana or Aiko, if they fought seriously, Abyssgate wouldn’t be able to win against Yue, or Kaori, or Shia, or Tio, and also against Shizuku even though it was just barely against her.

However, in that statement there was these additional tns.

In the case of Yue, she would win if she bulldozed through using her automatic regeneration.

In the case of Kaori, she would win if she used disintegration ability in apostle mode while ignoring any impact on the surrounding.

In the case of Shia, she would win if she used body hardening and blood manipulation to use the strategy of stabbing each other at the same time.

In the case of Tio, she would win if she used vast range annihilation in black god dragon mode.

In Shizuku’s case, she would win if she created a sword world of several hundred black katana in Limit Break state.

Yes, anyone, even the veteran cheat group couldn’t fight directly against Abyssgate’s stealth tactic and his greatest trump card――attacking in waves using a thousand clones. There was a high possibility that they would be defeated before displaying their power if they didn’t used something cheat-like like blowing away the whole surrounding area in one go or bulldozing through using specs difference.

Therefore, he was the right-hand man of the demon king. Therefore, he nonchalantly got categorized among mankind’s strongest class.

The expression of Yue and Kaori who got that fact thrust before them once more was bitter.

Abyssgate faced those two and sneered「Fuh」. He must be wanting to say that this was the beginning of the second round. Clones were materializing. The number was increasing than before. His strength and the painfulness of his speech and act were increasing following the depth of the abyss.

He was really a troublesome boss character.

And so, the two chose to annihilate the whole area.

「Mu? Where are you two going?」

Ahead of the gaze of Abyssgate who was looking up, there were the figures of the flying Kaori and Yue. Their hands were full with the MP recovery medicine that they had purchased by quite a lot.

What materialized at the next moment were five heavenly dragons and innumerably number of silver feathers. In addition, a silver sun and a sun of azure flame materialized overhead.

――He couldn’t be defeated without bulldozing through by force. Speaking in reverse, if they were in an environment where bulldozing through was possible, he could be easily defeated.

「……I’m glad this is a game.」

「You’re right.」

The silver feathers and flame bullets for air bombing kept increasing without end. The five heavenly dragons growled while the sun of silver and sun of azure flame were enlarging.

Abyssgate who saw that was,

「No, aren’t those a bit no good?」

The next moment, the scene of the end of the century manifested on the ground.

The earth that was plowed by the saturation attack could be mistaken as the scene of hell. The figure of the collapsed Abyssgate smoldering with rising smoke was lying there. He was dispersing into red particles just like an enemy character. It seemed that he was completely knocked out.

Yue and Kaori landed down beside such Abyssgate and they walked near his head to examine the situation.

「……He is twitching.」

「It’s amazing he still has complete limbs even after all that.」

‘If this is in reality then he will be scattered all over the place’, Kaori said such gang-like line with a cute face.

Abyssgate who was still barely conscious because of the game mechanism turned his gaze toward such two and he opened his mouth.

「Ku-ku-ku-, I’m the weakest one even among the four heavenly kings. I’m merely a disgrace of the demon king village……」

「Eh, you are saying such thing yourself?」

「……Hajime, brutal.」

Hajime-san who set this up was seriously savage, retorted Yue inside her heart. Surely this was the fault of the bug.

Abyssgate wrung out his last strength and pointed out with a trembling hand.

Yue and Kaori were on guard in case he was planning something at the end, but Abyssgate’s fingertip was pointing ahead of the highway.

「If you circle around that forest along the highway, you will be able to see the demon king village.」

It seemed he gave them the road direction.

The hand fell down limply. Abyssgate was vanishing into dust.

「Anyway, let’s go there for now.」


Both of them started walking. They didn’t look back.

About five minutes since they walked following the highway, when they circled the forest, it was just as Abyssgate said, they could see a tranquil village that was surrounded by wooden fence.

It was a small scale village with a calm atmosphere. It had scenery that was fitting for the next village after the village of beginning.

If there wasn’t the figures of people in front of the entrance that looked like a lovely arch made from wood.



Yue and Kaori shared the feeling of ‘somehow, I really don’t want to go there huuh’. But those people over there were looking here. They were looking awfully intensely here.

Yes, the rabbit eared person leaning on the pillar of lovely wooden arch with arms crossed and face sporting a nihilistic smile for some reason, and a masked pink, and a black dragon who was there for some reason despite the place being a village, and a man riding on the back of that dragon sporting a smile that looked like a demon king, they all were looking really intensely at Yue and Kaori.

For the time being, they tried to approach.

An intense pressure and *GOGOGOGO-* sound were emitted from the man. An atmosphere that gave the skin goosebumps was drifting in the area. The wind of battlefield was flowing viscously. A monstrous presence that wasn’t inferior even compared to the real thing. By the point of time one confronted this man, don’t mention defeat, that person would instead be given the premonition of death.

This was without a doubt, the last boss. The demon king.

Yue and Kaori who were made to understand that whether they wanted it or not finally arrived nearby, and the demon king opened his mouth with an expression that looked mocking toward the challengers.

「Welcome, I am the village chief of the demon king village.」

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