Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 263 — Golden Week Special After Story Yue’s Diary 1

Chapter 263: Golden Week Special After Story Yue’s Diary 1

――Month ○ Day x. Clear weather.

Tomorrow will be the first day of Golden Week. Everyone will go camping. I hear we are also going to have BBQ.

From what I heard, it seems that it’s an event of grilling and eating meat outdoor.

……Just what in the world is interesting about that, I don’t really understand. Even though we had been doing that all the time in our journey.

But, everyone is looking forward just to go have an outing. Perhaps, there is also a way to enjoy it that I don’t know.

Very well. Oh camp, oh BBQ. Bring it on. I’ll determine your caliber!

By the way, the members for the BBQ event will be Nagumo family, in addition there are Kaori, Shizuku, and Aiko (Lily has work and cannot come no matter what), other than them Kaori and Shizuku’s family will also join us it seems.

I see. They are telling me, show us the power of the first wife if you can.

Very well. Oh family, oh Kaori. Bring it on. I’ll teach all of you, the caliber of the first wife!

Now then, it looks like tomorrow will be really busy. This is a rare chance, so let’s write the diary in real time, I’m thinking of developing a magic for automatic recording mode, thoughtography style.


I did it. As expected, me. But, it’s thoughtography type, so it will be mostly like a live coverage. I’m uneasy whether the paper space will be enough, so I’m thinking of going with a brand new diary for the camp. Also, while the magic is in operation, there is the risk of things that I’m not planning to write or things that I thought about strongly will also get written. This point required special attention. Hajime, I love you.

Putting that aside, the weather is really warm recently, so Hajime’s is gradually dressing lightly, I love it.

I am Yue. A woman who won’t steal glances at what I want to see, but stare fixedly at it without any shame!

Hajime, sniff sniff. Rub rub. Kufuu~~

――Month ○ Day x. Clear weather

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……Oops. I noticed it when I reread back, but my emotion leaked out a bit. I have to be careful, if not it will be disastrous for Hajime inside the diary.

Now then, today the weather for camping is clear. The temperature is also warm, a day that is really pleasant to spend it outside. Although, even if it actually rained, the weather can be manipulated to be clear so there will be no problem.

Any rain cloud that dare to hinder Hajime’s plan, will be obliterated without any trace……fufu

Nnn. Just now, it feels like something leaked out. Just in case, I made it a secret that I’m writing diary, so I won’t take it out in the middle of this camping. If something strange get written, I’ll have to erase it when we go home……

Letters that is written by thoughtographys, can it be erased so easily?

……Anyway, let’s think about it later.

The campsite was inside a forest three hours away from home by using car. It is in the foot of a mountain range, and there is also a river flowing nearby. So to speak it is a little-known good place, it looks like that it’s not equipped with facilities as a camp site. However there is a suitable open space for camping inside the forest, something like that.

I believe the place isn’t developed strangely, but a good place where one can feel the nature.

Are those the locals? Several families, and group of young men and women can be seen here and there, regardless of the Golden Week, this place doesn’t feel crowded. That too make it easier to spend time here.

Though it seems Hajime found this place using the compass……

Good job, Hajime. I love you.

A while after we arrived in the campsite. The family of Kaori and Shizuku also arrived. The plan is to gather on-site, so it was a bit of worry that perhaps they might get lost, but it looks like they arrived safely without any incident.

The car of Shizuku’s family is a black colored wagon type.

……The car looks like what a secret service agency in a movie or book would use as on-site base.

The car of Kaori’s family is a normal car, so it looks all the more bizarre.

Shizuku and Kaori got down from their car. Both of them have a nice smile.

……Let’s prank Kaori later. I’m going to distort that smile for sure. Kaori who is in indignation is funny after――cough-cough-. It feels like something leak out……


Kaori’s papa-san is looking at Hajime with an expression brimming with dreadful animosity. It feels like the caption [FIGHT] is going to appear anytime.

Oh? Hajime suddenly waved his hand. Is it a gesture toward Kaori’s papa-san?

Oh? A small metallic rod stab the ground near Hajime’s feet. If I remember correctly, that thing is called rod shuriken.

When I follow Hajime’s gaze, Shizuku’s papa-san and Ojii-san (Note: Grandpa) were there. Right now, it’s only for a brief glance, but something is hidden inside their sleeve.

Ah, Shizuku’s papa-san and Ojii-san were hit by Shizuku.

Ah, Kaori’s papa get frightened by Kaori’s hannya and get into dogeza.

Ah, Otou-sama (Note: written as father-in-law) is burning with rivalry for some reason and try to hug Hajime.

Ah, he get joint locked.

Fumu. I think it’s really very well that the event started livelily.

Now then, this is not our first meeting, but for now, let’s go there to teach both families that the first power is 530,000. It will be the end if the world of the wive~s get underestimated. Teyandeiberaboumee! (Note: The last gibberish, it seems to be a line that sometimes is used by old man that were born and raised in Edo. It roughly means, ‘what the hell are you saying huh, this damned stupid bastard’)

Everyone carried the camping tool and secured a spot. The gazes of the youngster group that seems to be the local keep glancing this way, but this happen every time so it’s not worth worrying about. If they come for picking up girl then they only need to get washed into the river.

There is also a heated gaze coming from the family group. It’s a boy about the same age with Myuu. It seems he is immensely interested with Myuu.

Oo, Myuu turned a bright smile and waved her hand to him. The boy became bright red! The boy waved back! However, at that time Myuu’s gaze already moved toward Hajime papa! The boy fell on all four!

To toy with the opposite sex at this age……

Myuu, what a terrifying child-!

Putting that aside, Hajime papa’s hand is wandering around his thigh. Today Donner-san has day off you know. Also, take off your gaze from the boy……

While the boy’s mental state is in danger, the simple tents are set up, and the preparation for the meal is also being done.

The mama~s and papa~s are resting, also for thanks for their everyday work. It’s BBQ, so we only need to cut vegetable though……

Because of Hajime and Otou-sama’s insistence, it seems that it’s no good unless there is curry while camping.

And then, it seems I’m not allowed to join in with the cooking duty……

Why? I cannot understand it. Just what had I done to deserve this?

Eh? It’s no good because I’m trying to add originalityy~? Especially because what I’ll put into pot cooking when they take off their eyes from me?

……I wish to profess that it’s an extremely regrettable accusation.

Indeed, when we were in our journey I wasn’t really well-acquainted with cooking, and perhaps there were a really fe~~~w times that I ruined Shia’s cooking.

But, that is in the past. I am Yue. A woman that is always progressing. Right now, even cooking is something that I can normally――

Eh? Indeed there is no problem with my normal cooking? But, I’m not allowed to do pot cooking? Absolutely? Try to put my hand on my chest and think back of what I have done?

……Certainly, when I’m in front of a pot, there is itchiness in my soul. I can hear the voice of the ingredients appealing 「Now, throw me in!」 to me.

However! However still! That’s――

Ah, yes, I’m sorry. It’s nothing at all desu……

That’s why, Shia. Stop looking at me with that eyes where the light is turned off. Even though you are sweetly making a cute smile, please stop shrinking your eyeballs, I beg you!


If I’m not allowed to participate in the cooking duty, what should I do then……

The mama~s has quickly entered drinking bout time, but joining in that group is……

As expected, it feels awkward to enter among the papa~s who are all consoling Kaori’s papa who is crying for some reason……

When I focused my hearing, I can hear words 「My daughter you see, my daughter, recently, she is really cold to me……」 that sounded as though they are wringed out from his throat. Shizuku’s papa and Shizuku’s ojii-chan are nodding ‘un un’ in agreement. Otou-sama said 「Well, don’t put it into mind!」 while his hand is tapping Kaori’s papa shoulder, comforting him with absurdly light feeling――

Ah, Kaori’s papa threw himself at Otou-sama. Ah, Otou-sama dodged. Furthermore he nonchalantly makes Shizuku’s papa and ojii-chan into his shield. A game of tag that circled around those two is starting.

The look like children……

Hm~m, as I thought, let’s stop trying to enter the circle of the parent~s.

I’m bored.

What to do.

Oh, digital camera is discovered inside the luggage.


Fumu. How about taking the photographer role? Should I print it and stick the picture in the diary, making a picture diary?


Not bad.

From today I am paparazzi Yue.

Speaking about that, before I knows the figure of Hajime and Shia and Myuu has vanished. Where are they going?

Their presence is……

Shia is in the nearby river. Hajime is in the mountain. Myuu is at the upper stream?

When I thought that they are together, it turns out all of them are all over the place. They really are free spirited.

Anyway, let’s follow Myuu for now. She is carrying the minimum equipment, so nothing should happen to her in the mountain and river around here, but as expected it’s worrying that she is alone.



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Myuu discovered. But, for some reason she looks strange. She is heading to upper stream following along the river, but sometimes she will tilt her head, and focused her hearing.

What could she be doing? Curious. Let’s try following her a bit without calling at her.

……Nevertheless, the more we head to the upper stream, the more the ground became unstable, but the pace of Myuu who keep advancing is quite something.

Even though we are already in a place that can accurately be called as a mountain stream, Myuu is hopping ‘pyon pyon’ from rock to rock in a speed as though she is running on a flat ground.

It looks like she is activating the artifact for physical ability reinforcement but……

Even so, her body balance and choice of footsteps are quite something.

I have to praise her when she get back if it’s like this.

Anyway, a photo of Myuu’s lovely figure! One more time!



Nn~~. Perhaps I’ll have to take her back soon. We have come until really far at the upper stream, the surrounding is also filled with trees growing in abundance.

I think Myuu is advancing with clear destination in mind somehow but…… Really, why is she going upper stream until this far?

……Oh? Myuu’s legs stopped.

She is looking around restlessly. She crouched on the river bank, her head tilt……


Something came out!? From inside the river, something that looks like a child covered with scales all over its body came out!?

What is that!? UMA!?

Perhaps Myuu is in a pinch. Here I’ll use Divine Existence and take Myuu――

Nn? It looks like they have amicable atmosphere. Ah, they handshake. The UMA waved and vanished into the river.

Myuu returned back in a good mood.

For some reason, it feels like I have seen something that must not be seen. Hajime once grumbled 「Even though Myuu is really strange but she is easy to get liked, so I’ve got to pay attention at her」, now I see, perhaps he referred to something like this.

Anyway, I hid and let Myuu walked past, and then I follow behind her. It seems she is already going back to the campsite.

I feel a bit relieved. If she is going deeper inside the mountain and try to deepen her relationship further with strange living thing, as expected, that’s something I cannot just only observe from afar.

Nevertheless, just what in the world 「The Suiko Suu-chan」 means……

When I return to the campsite, Shia is shooting fish at the nearby river. Not fishing. Shooting.

Myuu happily dashed toward there. It seems Shia is flicking a fishing hook that is at the bigger side using her fingers, shot through fish inside the river, and then she pulled at the string that is tied to the hook and catchs the fish. It’s to top up the BBQ ingredient.

There is a lot of fishes with split open head entered into the bucket beside Shia. Blood is scattered at the surrounding.

A father and a boy are fishing at the lower stream, but for some reason they are trembling all over with pale face. It’s as though they had witnessed a gruesome scene. Perhaps because they are at the lower stream, a lot of red liquid is flowing their way.

Myuu is receiving Shia’s teaching while learning fishing hook shot too, so the scene is turning even more gruesome. It looks like the father and boy there didn’t really catch anything.

……Later, let’s share some of the catch with them.

For now, the picture of Shia and Myuu happily shooting at the red scene ‘kaclick’!

Nn. The picture is terribly cute.

When I return to the tent, Otou-sama and Kaori’s papa are wailing while hugging each other. Seeing that, Shizuku’s papa also looked moved and shed out tears, Shizuku’s ojii-chan is nodding deeply feeling greatly impressed.

Just what in the world happened……

As for the mama~s……they are completely drunk. Kaori’s mama is drinking straight from a 1.8 liter bottle of Japanese sake, Shizuku’s mam is also drinking from what looks like a whisky bottle. There is a mountain of beer can in front of Okaa-sama (Note: Read as mother-in-law)……

Nevertheless, Okaa-sama…… She really is a person that suited to be a boss lady. Her figure sitting with one knee drawn up and a cigarette held at the corner of her mouth is wild! Cool! Next time, let’s try copying that. (Note: I don’t really get the references in this paragraph, can someone check it and tell me later?)

Nn? Some kind of commotion is……

People who seem to be university students are looking here from afar while being noisy about something.

When I follow their gaze, I see……

Kaori is throwing vegetables. Shizuku is cutting them midair. And then, Remia catch them on a plate. By the way, one of Remia’s hands is stirring the curry pot slo~wly slo~wly while doing that.

Why are they doing that kind of circus act? I don’t get it but they are looking like they are having fun. That’s what is most important. Click.

Surely, most likely, seeing how the men who seemed to approach to call at them are shrinking back, I think this is the method those three thought up to prepare for BBQ while also checking those men in place.

Beside the tent, Tio and Aiko are making some kind of rustling sound.

I see, it looks like they are setting up hammock.

It’s a hammock type that is tied at trees, so Tio who is able to ascertain that it has been tied firmly is wiping her sweat with a really nice smile.

Oh, looks like she is quickly trying it out.

Aiko is holding the hammock in place while Tio is getting on it……

……The rope snapped because it cannot support the weight.

Tio is in daze while keep sitting on the ground. Click.

Aiko is getting all flustered while saying a follow up like ‘Perhaps the rope is too old!’ but…… At the corner of Tio’s eyes, tears are…… No matter how anyone look at her, the cause of those tears isn’t because of the pain from her butt hitting ground, looks like she received damage from the fact that the rope cannot endure her weight.

She sat on the floor hugging her knees and buried her face onto there.

Aiko is desperately consoling her while running her gaze restlessly around, then she dashed in a rush perhaps from finding something.

Looks like her aim is the vine twining around a tree. She take it into her hand, confirm at the surrounding with restless gaze and……ooh, the vine is lengthening slitheringly. It looks like she lengthen the vine with the power of farmer master and make it grow thicker.

With that she reinforced the hammock and tied it up on the tree again. Furthermore, she also apply her magic on the tree to fuse the vine on it and increase the toughness thoroughly.

Aiko help Tio who is still shutting herself inside her shell to stand up while talking at her gently. The dejected Tio nodded a bit.

She is gee~ntly, gee~ntly getting up on the hammock. For some reason, even my heart is also beating fast watching it.

Do, do your best-, Tio! You can get on it if it’s you! Surely you can get on the hammock!

Ah, Tio’s hand slipped! She got on the hammock face down!

The vine……

Ooh, it doesn’t snap! It’s perfectly supporting Tio! Aiko’s face is amazingly smug!


Tio keep laying face down. She is in an amazing posture like a shrimp with her body arching backward and both her hands held up. She wriggle and squirm in the attempt to face up somehow, but it doesn’t go well……

Ah, she give up. She is unmoving on the hammock while still face down. She is really like a shrimp but, doesn’t that hurt?

Aiko’s smug face turned into a really complicated expression. When Aiko try to gently push, the backward shrimp Tio wavered *pura~n pura~n* like in a swing.

……Yep. Let’s quietly leave.

Nn? Hajime’s presence is nearing. I don’t know why he entered into the mountain, but it looks like he safely finished his objective.

But, what is this I wonder? There is one more presence beside Hajime.

When I stared fixedly at the direction where Hajime is going to come out from……

Yes, the campsite panicked when they saw Hajime appeared with “that”.

Beside Hajime, there is a one-eyed bear-san that looks really grim with the three straight scars on one of its eyes. It really look like the lord of the forest.

According to Hajime, he explained that 「I encountered the bear inside the forest. It impertinently attacked me so I finished him with a punch on the stomach and it got emotionally attached to me」.

I see, I completely don’t get it. It seems, Hajime’s reason is that even though there is no danger at the surrounding, just in case he checked inside the mountain but……

The daughter interacted with UMA, the father made a bear that looked really like the lord of the forest into his underling.

These parent and child are really similar.

The one-eyed bear-san laid down on the ground face up, exposing its stomach as though wanting to say ‘I’m not dangerous at all!’. Myuu who returned from the fish shooting makes sparkly eyes and dive on its stomach.

The common people other than us who see that are screaming even louder.

The papa~s are in admiration, while the mama~s are cackling.

While Myuu is riding on its stomach, for some reason sparks scattered between the one-eyed bear-san and Shia.

The eyes of Shizuku and Kaori brightened at the fluffiness, while Remia is stirring the curry ro~und and ro~und while going 「My my, ufufu」.

Aiko is getting all flustered, and Tio keep being a backward shrimp.

Hajime is saying 「Let’s start the BBQ soon yeah」 while glancing at the bear-san for some reason.

Bear-san shook *Twitch-!!*.

……Chaos visited the campsite.

Fumu. I’ll deal with the other people who come here for camping, but for now,


I get the feeling that the first memory of the Golden Week will become something really lovely.

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