Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 278 — Arifureta After II - Demon King Army Finally Arrived!

Chapter 278: Arifureta After II - Demon King Army Finally Arrived!

「……What’s with you guys?」

What was waiting for Hajime who teleported after parting with Kouki into the middle of a mountain where Yue and others were waiting, were faces that were smiling happily or smirking.

「Nooo, it’s nothing at all yeah? We ain’t thinking anything like, that Nagumo and Kouki really hit it off, none at all yeah?」

Ryutaro who had the widest smirk among the members who arrived in this world approached Hajime and tried to place his arm around Hajime’s shoulder over-familiarly.


‘It’s non lethal so it’s fine!’ As though to say that, a godspeed quick draw without shred of hesitation in it splendidly impacted Ryutaro’s forehead, causing him to accomplished an artistic backflip and fainting dogeza.

「Taniguchi, my bad. Your boyfriend passes away in another world at his first day of getting a lover.」

「Hiiih, Ryu-ku~~~nn! Hang in thereee!」

Suzu who came back to her senses moved to nurse Ryutaro while losing her composure in panic.

「I don’t have any intention to end up like Ryutaro……but, it’s honestly unexpected, I’m really happy.」

「You’re right, Shizuku-chan!」

Shizuku smiled happily just like she said. Kaori was also the same.

They were coming to pick up Kouki who was summoned into another world. Just from doing that they were forced with terrible burden as the cost.

When the compass was used to search the location, they found out that it was a very far distance. Honestly speaking, if they didn’t have the new technology──converting electricity into magic power──that was used to economize the cost of magic power for opening gate to Tortus from earth, they wouldn’t be able to come here right away.

On top of that, something like Kouki’s wish to interfere with this world’s strife wasn’t something that could be requested from Hajime at all. It didn’t matter how indulgent Hajime was with his relatives, even if for example that if Shizuku and others were unable to abandon the people here and joined the fight, it could be guessed that Hajime too would move and help out, but still.

Exactly because Hajime was someone like that, that Shizuku and others wouldn’t make request to him so easily.

For that reason, they thought that Hajime would surely make Kouki fainted and dragged him back forcefully. Hajime wouldn’t choose the option of abandoning Kouki because he wouldn’t make Shizuku and others to feel anxious. They thought that if it was for the sake of the peace of mind of Shizuku and others, Hajime would discard something like Kouki’s wish as rubbish.

But, when the lid of the situation was opened it turned out like this.

Shizuku and Kaori looked like they wanted to know about the reason of his action. Hajime made a disgruntled face seeing that while answering half-heartedly.

「It’s just a whim.」

「……Nn. Hajime feel a bit curious where Kouki who obtain an answer that is exactly opposite from him will end up, that’s what he is saying.」


There was nothing impossible in front of the first wife power. Yue-sama splendidly saw through the inside of the heart of the husband.

「Also~, forsaking something because of apathy won’t make Hajime-san think twice, but forsaking something because of reluctance as the reason will make him feel like that his caliber as a person is too small, that’s seem to be another reason desuu. After all Hajime-san, he is really particular about the strangest things.」


「Though for goshujin-sama it’s only obvious to ignoreth someone that he dislike. Well, this must be that. Doing that kind of conversation with that kind of character art chuuni-ish──」


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Tio accomplished an artistic backflip and fainted dogeza. Not a single person rushed to nurse her.

Hajime cleared his throat to change the atmosphere, then he approached Ryutaro with brisk footsteps and kicked him.

「Oi, what are you doing fainting like that. Wake up right now you muscle lump.」

「Wai-, he fainted because of Nagumo-kun’s fault right!? No matter what that’s just too unreasonable.」

Suzu deployed a barrier with healing effect inside in order to protect her boyfriend.

Ryutaro opened his eyes before long. At the same time, Tio woke up from the pleasure of two shots shooting her butt.

「Oh maaan, it’s been too long since I got hit with that yeah.」

「If you aren’t even able to evade stun bullet by sight, you won’t be able to serve as vanguard you know?」

A severe notification came from Shia toward Ryutaro who stood up while feeling nostalgic.

Ryutaro thought.

‘In the first place, you are the strange one for being able to evade bullet by sight’, was his thought. ‘Don’t confuse me with a bugged rabbit that normally dodge even railgun’, he thought.

「Now then, there isn’t much time. I’m going to explain the situation okay?」

When Hajme changed his voice tone and said that, everyone tensed their expression and looked at Hajime.

Like that according to the explanation that Hajime started, there were six towns that were receiving attack even now, and there was also one more place that was going to get attacked before long.

「The information about the enemy is few. From what I glimpsed through the reconnaissance drone, they have the ability to think, regulation, and cooperation. They are clad with unknown black mist, and it seem they can use that as weapon to a certain degree. For their defensive power, there is no problem with using launcher class to deal with them.」

Everyone nodded while going ‘I see’. Hajime also told them that it appeared that there was an army of five until seven thousand at the very least deployed in each of the six places that were being attacked currently. The seventh place──Arquette was being approached by a force that was deployed from city that had already perished, added with reinforcement midway that force grew to a number around fifteen thousand.

Hajime gave out instruction for Ryutaro and Suzu to form a tag team that was responsible for one city, while the rest would be responsible for one city for each of them.

「Why are the two of us grouped up? Well yeah, compared to Nagumo and others our fighting strength must be low though.」

Ryutaro asked looking a bit dissatisfied. Hajime told him that it was to make their number fit the number of the attacked places, and it was also better for the two of them to be together just in case of something unexpected. What’s more,

「I’m not that savage that I’ll pull apart two people who just publicly become lovers in the battlefield.」


「Ahaha. Thank you, Nagumo-kun.」

The two of them greatly wanted to deny the part of “not a savage”, but this was a kindness that was hard to come by from Hajime, so they thanked him honestly.

They also ignored Hajime’s whisper of 「Forgetting Endo is a blunder. If he is here, I would throw him right in the middle of the army at the capital just in case but……」.

After quickly explaining until that point, at the end Hajime spoke what had to be said.

「Now then, I think that you all had heard, but it appears that the opponent has their own will. I don’t know about the detail, but it seem that attacking human and eating them has meaning for those bunches.」

Everyone, especially Ryutaro, Suzu, Shizuku, and Kaori made a grave expression.

「Right now is the time if you want to back away. It’s not like we really have to split up, I can just do it alone. If you have hesitations then wait here.」

The ones that answered right away were Yue, Shia, and Tio. Shizuku and Kaori closed their eyes for a bit before showing a determined gaze.

Ryutaro opened his mouth while making a troubled expression.

「That Kouki see, he has resolved himself right? Then see, there ain’t no way I who am his best friend can cower. I too am also thinking about my path ahead from here on.」

「I too. That resolve……I have finished it before fighting Eri.」

Suzu was nestling close to Ryutaro, however she spoke that with a really mature expression.

Seeing the two, Hajime concluded that they would be fine and he immediately showed a fearless smile and opened gates one after another using crystal key.

「Okay then. Well even though I say that, it’s not like I’m telling you ‘don’t even show mercy’ or anything. As long as you aren’t half-assed about it, do whatever you like in regard about that. I’ll send along Ornis to each battlefield. If the battle end contact me──then, let’s go.」

Along with Hajime’s signal, everyone in that place leaped into the gate.

At that day. The people in a lot of the rear territories of Synclea kingdom became witness of the miracle that would be told to the future generation as legend.

──The southernmost territory Rashvet

A certain soldier A’s monologue

「At that day, a part of the defensive wall finally crumbled and those monsters were rushing in. I thought that this is it. It was at that time, suddenly, cloud covered the sky. I was surprised that it suddenly became dark and when I looked up──that person, a goddess was there. She was, beautiful. To the degree that I couldn’t think of her as a being of this world. Even though there were enemies in front of my eyes, I kept looking up to the sky.」

A certain soldier B’s monologue

「That person, had three layers of shining halo on her back. That was already a divine sight…… But what was really surprising, it wasn’t that person’s beauty or her sublimity, it was how she summoned something that was like a snake of lightning from inside the thundercloud. ……It was an otherworldly sight.」

A certain soldier C’s monologue

「The raining down light and also the great snake of lightning slaughtered those monsters in the blink of eye. No, was that really killing? For me, for me it looked like suicide. Those monsters, they were throwing themselves in by their own wish, that was how it looked like to me. My comrades were all praising that person but, no, I’m also thankful but……actually, I’m still shaking even now from recalling that. Because I cannot think of that as fighting. I’m, sacred of that person.」

A certain soldier D’s astonishment

「Eh? Her true identity? There is no way I know──what? She is surely the angel sent by Foltina-sama to us? You, are you a genius!?」

A certain soldier E’s misunderstanding

「You ask me if I’ve heard the rumor? What rumor huh? Eh? The messiah of that time, is actually Foltina-sama herself you say!? ……I see, so that was how Foltina-sama looked like huh. Kuu, what a thankful story! Iii, am crying for some reason!」

The conclusion of certain bunch of soldiers

「It looks like Foltina-sama is sublimely beautiful woman with golden hair and crimson eyes, she fly freely in the sky, with three layers of halo on her back, control the weather, and served by giant snake of lightning.」

A certain painter’s work

「I have to leave behind the figure of Foltina-sama for future generation!」

A vampire princess in later time

「……I’m, not, Foltina」

A certain incarnation of nature-sama

「……The hurdle is high, desu」

──The center of trade Vialattea

Excerpt from a part of information journal

Due to the attack of giant race, the defensive wall of Vialattea was destroyed in less than an hour.

Those giants, they didn’t invade right away as though to thrust despair right before our eyes. They were deliberately watching as we, the citizens of Vialattea were falling into panic or falling down in despair.

Looking at the result, that saved our life.

In order to grant us even more despair, the giant race took a step forward. At that moment, 「SHAORAAAAAAAAAA-」 such war cry resounded, and right after that, the giant body of that giant race was blown away to the horizon.

While everyone were dumbfounded, a being landed on top of the defensive wall. It was a mystery of how that being should be looked as.

It was certain that being wasn’t human. The reason was the splendid rabbit ears attached on her head. There was also a tail just a bit above her bottom. It was clear to see that those weren’t artificial accessory seeing how they were moving about with irregular motion.

That fantastic looking person should be called as a if thinking rationally.

However what this writer is writing here is not fantasy but the truth.

That woman with fantastic appearance was exactly the savior of this Vialattea. The huge iron hammer she swung around blew away several thousand of . It didn’t matter whether they were giant race or anything else, they were all blown away the same.

Surely Vialattea would talk about her for the long time to come.

That girl with thin clothing, rabbit ears, and that wonderful body!

I’m digressing but, some company appears to be already setting out to make the product of rabbit ear attachment and rabbit tail attachment. While this is truly being presumptuous, this writer is earnestly wishing that this enterprise will succeed.

Walking through the city where the lovely girls of Vialattea are wearing rabbit ears and tail.

I believe that will be an amazing sight.

──Coastland territory Pallagrello

The feudal lord’s reminiscence.

It was unbelievable.

Who would ever imagine that this rear territory would be surrounded by an army in the blink of eye and be struck by an invasion.

The deployment of the soldiers couldn’t possible make it in time. Far from that, it was even unclear whether the capital would notice about this Pallagrello’s annihilation.

I thought that this is the end.

After all, even the defensive wall was in the state that wasn’t really meaningful. Because among those there were also flying type species.

From how there wasn’t any excellent blessing art caster here, we were unable to even resist when we were aimed at from the sky.

It was unbelievable. How this beloved territory would be annihilated in my generation.

It was unbelievable. How when I gazed at the sea from my room’s window for the last time, a monster appeared.

It was unbelievable. How I peed myself in this age when I almost became an old man already.

It was unbelievable. How despite its appearance that was of a flying type , however the black monster that were many times larger breathed out something like a light ray and blew away the an army.

It was unbelievable. How the monster was talking with a voice that sounded as though it was echoing inside my head, something like 『……Why didst goshujin-sama threw me into the sea……does he liketh Go○ira that much』.

It was unbelievable. How when inside my heart I retorted ‘This thing is absolutely stronger than the !’, a disgusting voice and rough breathing 『Ho, however, after having mine forehead and butt shot at, I was then thrown into the sea……haa haa. Mayhaps, in the dawn of mine hardwork, there wouldst be even more reward!? Nnnh』entered into my ear!

……When this battle is over, I’ll retire……

──The second supply accumulation territory Rizgal

The testimony of a that became prisoner

What? Is it finally the time for execution? Huh? That’s not it? You’re telling me to talk about that day?

Hmph, you humans also saw it right? Just as──

Chih. I got it. I just need to talk right? It……doesn’t matter. I don’t even feel like resisting. Who……who can win against that kind of monster-.

Tsu, fuu fuuh. Ye, yeah, I’m all right. Though when I’m recalling it, it feels like my head will turn strange.

That was, that was, right, it was something silver. The appearance looked like human female but……it wasn’t human by any means. It was also not some kind of race of us. It was clad in silver light, swallowing everything in……

Tsu. There were also some guys that somehow slipped through and tried close quarter. But, it was impossible. It wasn’t about being fast. It was more, something that is outside our common sense. When I came to myself, every single one was split into two without exception.

And yet, if I got to say what is the most terrifying, it was how that thing kept cutting, and annihilating without hesitation……and yet, it kept calling out for our surrender.

I somehow understood. That wasn’t a warrior. It was only coming out to battlefield, driven by necessity.

Hahah, do you get it human?

That thing devastated us because it was necessary. Something that wasn’t even a warrior fought while being considerate to that degree, and we ended up like this.

Also, I saw it.

Human, all of you also saw it right? The soldiers and other bunches that we should have killed already──they came back to live! I remember it! The soldier that I killed, the man who introduced himself as platoon captain! I should have blown up his head right from the front! And yet, and yet when that silver light spread like wave, it was like I have never done anything!

Aa, sheet-. What the hell-, what was I fighting there!

What……what was it we had turned into enemy……

──Northwest relay territory Andreal

A retired old soldier’s memorandum

An invasion of more than five thousand . Even in my long life, something like that didn’t happen that many times.

To say nothing about how they appeared in the rear territory without even any advance warning……

In the end, is the capital, is her majesty safe? Even while worrying like that, I felt it that this will be the place where I die, I shook off my surrounding that is holding me back and got out to the outside of the defensive wall.

My old equipment felt really heavy. But, my feeling was calm.

Now then, I’m going to bring as many enemy as possible to accompany me to hell. It happened right after I thought so.

She appeared.

Her black glamorous hair was tied into one bundle. She was a girl with an air like a stretched taut string. She was really young.

A question arose inside myself since when she was beside me, but for the time being, I thought that surely this girl had backbone and came out here with the same thinking like me, and so I told her to go back disregarding what I myself was doing.

However, the girl smiled sweetly and said a brief sentence, 「I’m glad I made it in time」 before she gracefully walked toward the army approaching from the front.

I was a bit astonished, but unable to leave her alone, I chased after her to take her back.

It was at that time. The girl calmly lowered her form, with a slender sword sheathed on her waist, she took a stance where her sword kept being unsheathed.

‘What’s with that? Doesn’t she even know how to unsheathe a sword? Was it as I thought, she discerned her death just like me and came out here with only strong spirit?’, I was half in admiration like that, and was also half ashamed with this situation that caused a young woman like her to make such determination. I hesitated in what I should do.

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The enemy’s formation had approached quite near, it was impossible to even just throw her into the town after this late.

Good grief, she was too great of a companion for the journey to the next world, but at the same time it was too sad. Like that I was about to draw out my sword.

Yes, I stopped only at an attempt to draw out sword. More accurately, the situation became one where I didn’t need to continue that action.

But surely it couldn’t be helped correct? Because, it went *supan-* y’know. It went *supa~~~nn* in a horizontal straight line like this.

Several hundred , had their upper body and lower body parted from each other y’know.

I don’t comprehend. Perhaps by any chance, I’m still sleeping right now? Am I dreaming? I was rubbing my eyes many times thinking like that.

When I looked at the girl, she whispered something like 「……Like this I can be rushed huh. This is still in practice but, can’t be helped」.

But, I couldn’t ask or anything. Because, after blinking, behind me and her there were several hundred, no, I felt like she whispered that might sounded like 「Senjin - Kokutou(Thousand Blades - Black Katana)」, so I believed it was a thousand, that was how many black swords were lining up there in orderly fashion.

It was a magnificent spectacle.

When I noticed, something came out from the thousand swords. With that something messed up those Dark Beings and cut them.

When I whispered ‘awesomeee~’, before I knew it there were only those bunches that expired pitifully, while the girl had vanished.

I went home normally then.

Somehow there was messenger from the feudal lord saying 「Report what happened~」, but it wasn’t my business. I’m sleeping already.

──The largest territory for fruit growing Erlach

The written report of a certain vigilance corps captain before revision - excerpt from a part

The army of that appeared from the west cultivation area destroyed a part of the defensive wall before the sun completely sank.

The vigilance corps members were fighting hard. Due to the many number of the dead and injured, their fighting strength was reduced by half at that point of time.

We collapsed the houses around the destroyed area to turn them into improvised barricade.

Many of the invading ──the carapace race had high defensive power, the best the vigilance corps members could do was stopping them in their track. The many legged race that also invaded at the same time had fast and complicated movement that gave difficulty for the defenders to deal with them.

The evacuation was still unfinished at this time.

Surpassing the ability of the vigilance corps members to deal with the situation, it seemed that the carapace race and many legged race would manage to circle at the rear of the defenders, but then a situation that was unexpected for both us and the averted us from that encirclement.

Suddenly, a shining bright half dome membrane spread from the center of the city. It pushed back the and ejected them to outside the defensive wall.

In order to grasp the situation, I went outside from the destroyed part of the wall to scout ahead.

There a tiny girl yelled 「Everyoneee! Do itttt──!」.

Right away, bugs that numbered in frightful amount and also huge sized came out in creepy crawly movement. I would be troubled even if you ask me from where they came from. Because, the bugs came out from around the girl y’know. I can only say it like that.

The bugs’ appearance wasn’t really different from the carapace race and many legged race, however, that was a parade of monsters that were many time more brutal than the enemy! Hyahha! This is the end of the world yeah!

I served in the vigilance corpse for twenty years. I served as captain for ten years. I will be 47 this year, but I’ve never seen this kind of hell ever. It was gross you know, so gross that I’ve got no more words for it.

Somehow a part of the bugs, they secretly devoured those bunches. That was the first time ever I saw got preyed on. I was traumatized. I’m seeing it in my dream even now. Honestly speaking, I can only see both sides as the nemesis of humanity that has to be annihilated……

「He, hey! You must not eat them! Spit it out! Spit it!」 That girl said that with pale face, so it must not be that girl’s order. That was the only silver lining. Something like a girl who order predation with smiling face……that would make me unable to look straight at my daughter’s face from now on if that happen.

In a sense, a situation where monster that isn’t listening to their master’s order doing a parade of predation, I’m trying to not think about it.

Putting that aside, the membrane of light was amazing. Nothing went through.

For example, when a young man with naked upper body suddenly turned into monster in the middle of the battlefield and tore those bunches into shreds, punched them, threw them away, and those guys that didn’t even retain their original form got splattered messily on the light membrane, the light membrane still did its job perfectly.

……Right in front of my eye one of those guys flew at me and went splat at the light membrane, his empty eyes that were opened wide as though to say ‘I saw something unbelievable!’, it was really traumatic but, I think that the membrane of light was doing a great job.

The small girl urged those guys to surrender but, honestly, I think those guys didn’t have any leeway to consider it.

At that time they must be thinking, of how to run away from the encounter with the unknown.

Despite myself, I completely understand how those guys were feeling. I absolutely won’t say it out loud but, inside my heart I was yelling 「Stop it alreadyyyy!」 while crying.

I never even imagined, that in my life a day will come where I’m going to pray for the sake of the although it was only inside my heart……you will never know what is going to happen in life.

When it reached the endgame, the girl noticed me and our eyes met. I thought she had a cute face, but the gruesome battlefield entered the corner of my sight, so frankly, it was scary. It didn’t feel like I was alive.

Even so I’m the captain of the vigilance corps. I had to asked them, just who they are.

Feudal lord-sama, please praise me. Please praise a lot this me who wrung out my courage and was diligent in my duties! Also, please raise my wage!

Well, I know that’s a hopeless request. Because, I cannot write about their identity in this written report.

It cannot be helped. We are talking about the limit of human being here.

Because, surely anyone will jump in fright if monster leap in front of your eyes right?

That thing, it had greenish skin that seem impossible for most living thing to have, a giant body that was higher than two meter, its whole body was covered with savage muscles, with fangs in its mouth, and with crimson eyes that looked like beast, it was fiercely breathing out with *fushuu~* sound, while grinning so wiiiiiidely-.

Smiling face was one of the important things in social life. I also grinned back.

Though my memory cut off there. Can’t be helped, my heart was at its limit. That kind of scary face, although I was behind that membrane of light, I was still going to faint no matter what.

And so, I don’t really understand anything about them!

That’s all!

──The nearest supply accumulation territory to the capital Arquette

According to the situation at that time

「Rothko-sama! An army from the north!」

「……So it’s as expected.」

While it’s a shocking news that entered my ears, at the same time it is also something that I have anticipated. I can feel how my eyebrows are frowning.

Three days ago when her majesty received the notification of the dire situation, the northern territory that was called with alias “The Third Supply Accumulation Territory” ──Radice was already being attacked.

Radice wasn’t like Arquette that was blessed with the good fortune of “his” presence, they had no prospect of getting saved, in that case, it can be easily predicted where those bunches would head toward after they finished with Radice.

I don’t know what happened with the soldiers that should be heading here as reinforcement from the capital.

But, if by any chance they clashed with the , then their battle strength should more or less get decreased. He had already departed, but if there are the two thousand soldiers I received from her majesty, then perhaps……

「Then, how many their number is?」

「According to the report from the scout that patrolled the outskirt……it’s more than ten thousand.」

「Tsu. I see……Orlage-kun. Can your troops drive them away?」

Toward my question, the regimental commander who is entrusted with the troop of two thousand──Still Orlage-kun made a grave expression.

「The reinforcement to the defensive wall is finished. If their army has the same composition with the previous attack, then I swear we will repel them back even if their number is five times more. However……」

I guessed it with a sour expression as though I am swallowing a bitter bug. When I confirmed it, just as expected, not just flying species, there is even giant race among the enemy.

The defensive wall has become tough. The underground vault is also flawless, now that it’s the second time we should be able to do evacuation of the people smoothly too. But, we cannot expect for reinforcement at all. Because right now her majesty and he aren’t here exactly due to the danger the capital is in.

「It appears, that fate wish for this land to perish no matter what……」

Fortunately it seems that Orlage-kun didn’t hear the grumble that unconsciously came out from my mouth.

I quickly give the instruction for the people to evacuate. I make the preparation to give some brief words to brush away their anxiety even for just a little.

I exchange bitter smile with my wife Syla thinking, ‘even though we were holding hope that perhaps we can meet our beloved child one more time, and yet…’. She who is able to smile like that even in this kind of situation is really an able wife in my opinion.

When I go outside, I can see the figures of people carrying their feet toward the underground vault in line. The previous fight caused the surrounding of the underground vault to become an empty lot, so the progress is really smooth.

Suddenly, my ears catch the voice of the children. Their voices even sound bright despite this kind of situation.

「I’m telling you it will be fine! After all we have hero-sama!」

「But, hero-sama has gone away somewhere you know?」

「There is that but……but, it’s absolutely going to be fine! Surely hero-sama will come to save us!」

It seems that even though he isn’t here, he is still bringing about hope.

Thinking of him who continued to keep fighting even while losing consciousness, driven only by the feeling of having to protect us no matter what, the corner of my eyes become warm, because of regret, because of mortification. I am unable to protect the people that he protected by putting his life at risk.

When he someday come back here, what will he think when he see this ruined land. Just from imagining that, it feels like my heart will get crushed.

「Rothko-sama, let’s hurry the evacuation of the people. The enemy’s movement is faster than our anticipation.」

「Hm, is that so. I got it.」

It seems that the enemy’s movement is faster than we imagined. Could it be that the matter of Arquette not falling was also conveyed to the ?

While feeling the sensation as though the fighting spirit of those bunches are being transmitted to here from afar, we are doing what we ought to be doing.

We managed to finish the evacuation of the people. The placement of the soldiers is also finished. What ought to be done──is done.

Sound like ground rumbling, or perhaps like something exploding is resounding from afar. Hahah, it seems that the fighting spirit of those bunches is the real thing.

At this time it won’t be strange even if they appear into sight anytime.




They are unexpectedly slow huh……

Although explosion sounds are resounding……




They are really slow! Time spend waiting like this is unexpectedly also distressful!

Don’t tell me, are they lost? If that’s the case, when those lots finally arrived I’m going to grandly provoke them 「Yaa~ii you idiooots! You all are actually getting lost in this vast desert huh~」 before dying……

Don’t tell me……the soldiers from the capital are holding them back? No, that’s impossible. If that’s the case they should be coming to Arquette. Something like clashing against at a flat plain without anything in it will only be suicide.

Or perhaps, the reinforcement has a number that can crush an army of more than ten thousand from the front? No, It’s clear that the capital is lacking arous. A soldier force of infantry in such number couldn’t possibly come to interrupt at this timing. Either way, it’s strange that no messenger come to Arquette if that’s actually the case.

……Hmm? The explosion sound stopped?

What is going on……, sheet-, we are lacking information!

Then at that time, as though my irritated feeling goes through, I can see a scouting soldier desperately running over a hill at the north.

When I meet him right away, his expression looks like he had seen the end of this world. He gives me his report with inarticulate speech.

「A, a demon! A monster! Something like that isn’t human!」

Ri, right. It’s true that isn’t human.

The scout soldier guessed that we aren’t getting what does he mean, so he calm down his breathing a bit before speaking out a shocking report.

Let’s see, someone with the appearance of a human young man is mowing down an army of ten thousand by himself? Streaks of crimson light is trampling the battlefield, and each time those got blown away? Countless huge animals suddenly appeared, and then right after a part of their body transformed and fired flash of light, or else they looked like they were firing something that looked like a tube, and at the next moment, flame blast spread and turned the enemies into dust? Shower of blood and flesh?

……Orlage-kun. Did you make a mistake with the selection of personnel? Or perhaps, aren’t you overworking this man too much?

Eh? It’s not a lie? Please believe what you said?

That young man is trampling down the enemy while giving advice to surrender, and the enemy that ignored that and escaped was finished off with a shot of light even though there was distance of several kilometer? And then……he caught sight of you who were hiding at the shadow of the hill from quite far off distance and your eyes met each other?

What’s that, scary.

Ah, yep, you, come on, don’t cry. Just from listening I can understand how much fear you must have experienced.

Hm~m, however, that young man is opposing the , so he is our ally……I think.

Yosh, Orlage-kun. We are going there to confirm it!

Orlage-kun tried to stop me, but if it’s really the truth that young man has repelled the enemy army then as a feudal lord there is no way I cannot give him my thanks. Besides, for that young man to have such power……perhaps that young man is his ally.

If that’s the case, we have to treat him with the greatest respect.

I push away the protests and head toward the scene with Orlage-kun and the soldiers as guards.

Let’s say the conclusion. It was hell.

The earth is all turned up with countless craters on the surface. The corpses of that aren’t keeping their original form. The bits of flesh scattered all over. Here and there are flames that are dying the blazing world crimson. A sinister atmosphere is running rampant in the battlefield, wafting off from the great number of monsters with strange appearance.

And then, on top of the corpses of that were somehow piled up into a huge mound, a young man is standing while glaring down at everything. Crimson sparks are surging from all over his body while his shoulder is shouldering some kind of austere object.

Aa, certainly, I’ll recognize it. If hell really exist, then surely it will be this kind of sight without a doubt.

The young man turned his face toward us who are dumbfounded and cannot move.

The moment I saw his eyes, I guessed it.

──Before long the demon king might arrive. There will be salvation if there is suitable compensation for him

Aa, those words, so it refer to this! This person is truly the demon king! The king of hell! Crushing absuridty with even more absurdity, a being that surpassed human knowledge!

There I suddenly come to my senses. The demon king-sama became our salvation. In other words, it shows that we possess something that is suitable to compensate him.

Blood leaves from my face quickly. Who paid the compensation? It’s obvious. It’s him. Then how much is the compensation? A compensation at minimum has to balance the work being done. Then, this is about that person who risked his life for Arquette’s sake we are talking about here. Even if he cannot pay it right now, someday as the compnesation he will use his own──

「Demon king-sama!! It is truly our greatest honor and delight to be bestowed with your presence heree!! I am the feudal lord of Arquette, Rothko Arquette-!! First allow me to say our greatest gratitude for repelling the enemy army───!!」

It looks like the demon king-sama is perplexed while commenting 「O, ou?」 for some reason, but I’m desperate here. Anyway I’ll just say what I have to say! While rubbing my forehead on the ground at the same time!

「For the demon king-sama to be here, my foolish self here dare say that you received a compensation regarding this matter from him!」

It feels like demon king-sama is getting creeped out while saying 「Eh, what is this old man is saying? It’s a bit scary though」, but I’m desperate!

「I am truly being presumptuous here but-, I beg you-, I’ll offer you my life, so please be merciful to him! I beg you, I beg you with everything that I ammmmmmm」

「No, I don’t need something like the life of an old man.」

I was dismissed so bluntly. He don’t need the life of an old man……hah, don’t tell me!

「O, only my wife! Please at least forgive only my wife!」

「Ha? Wai-, what are you sayi──」

「I beg you for your mercy-! Please forgive at least the life of my wifeeeeeeeee-」

The demon king-sama said 「Why, am I completely the villain? When I came to help because of getting asked, why did I then become a fiend that is trying to steal the feudal lord’s wife? I just don’t get it……」 while looking like he is holding his head but, I’m desperate here!

「Furthermore, he is even doing dogeza while yelling desperately, it’s déjà vu…… Like this, I don’t care anymore. Let’s go home……I really want to meet Yue.」

Hearing the voice with the dreadfulness in it thinning down for some reason, I slowly raise my head.

The figure of the demon king-sama isn’t there anymore.

When I asked Orlage-kun who is coldly sweating, the demon king-sama vanish at the other side of space with a sullen look.

At that time, although I couldn’t hear it, but according to Orlage-kun who has good hearing, just before the demon king-sama vanished, it seemed like he whispered 「Offering his life for the sake of that guy……I see. This is that guy’s……」 with his lips slackening just for a bit.

It’s only a hunch but, it seems that the demon king-sama won’t be taking the life of Kouki-dono.

Perhaps I have been doing something really rude.

Someday, I’ll ask about him from Kouki-dono. And then, I’ll ask to be allowed to express my thanks once more.

Of course, I’ll also thank Kouki-dono too for sending him as reinforcement.

For the sake of that too, Kouki-dono. Please be safe. I’ll believe that I’ll be able to reunite again with you along with her majesty.

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