Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 281

Character Introduction Part II

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Nagumo Sumire

Hajime’s mother. A famous shoujo mangaka who is a skillful user of numerous artifacts for housewife use. Her forte is party trick.

Nagumo Shuu

Hajime’s father. He manages a game company. The originator who beaten up the otaku nature into Hajime.

The trio junior boys

The male juniors who got the terror of Hajime-senpai carved into them. One of them revealed with a loud voice at a certain fastfood restaurant that his preference was for widow or female teacher, he was put into the blacklist.

The wicked everyone

The people who were beaten up black and blue by Hajime. Every time something happened, they showed up their face at Hajime’s place to give report.


The delinquent who was turned into scrap rag by Hajime. He found employment in a detective agency with Hajime’s referral. He is doing work related with information broker. Idolized Hajime.

Sonobe Yuuka

A girl high school student who is able to pierce smartphone with vegetable stick. Scheduled to be the second generation of the western restaurant 『Wisteria』. Hajime frequently came there for relaxing, so she is thought as a mistress by the surrounding. When she noticed she became magical girl.

Sonobe Hiroyuki

Yuuka’s father. The current manager of 『Wisteria』. He is worrying about his daughter’s mistress trait while wishing that she would marry normally.

Sonobe Yuuri

Yuuka’s mother. A gentle person, but at the same time she is also a type of person who will drop a bomb of words unaware.

Shirasaki Tomoichi

Kaori’s father. He is really doting to the degree that he calls Kaori angel. Even while harboring gratitude that Hajime brought Kaori back home, he often pick up a fight with Hajime from his jealous feeling that his daughter is taken by a harem bastard. Each time Kaori got the Hannya out and then he would dogeza.

Shirasaki Kaoruko

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Kaori’s mother. Possess a Stand of Yaksha. Super skilled cook. Generally Tomoichi will dogeza to her.

Shirasaki Sakura

Kaori’s cousin. A frank female college student who Kaori idolizes like her real big sister. In general she is a victim who often got caught between the father-daughter fight of Kaori and Tomoichi.

Yaegashi Shuuzou

Shizuku’s grandfather. The current head of Yaegashi-style. Other than sword he specialize in kusarigama(sickle and chain). He is generally going in offense.

Yaegashi Koichi

Shizuku’s father. A good looking middle aged man with scar on his cheek. He is generally going in offense.

Yaegashi Kirino

Shizuku’s mother. She made her entrance gracefully from the ceiling. She will serve poison with elegant smile.

The disciples of Yaegashi dojo

They are ninja in general.

Hatayama Akiko

Aiko’s mother. She has guessed the general picture.

Hatayama family

Aiko’s two parents and the grandparents from the mother side. The father was adopted into the family. Fruit farmer. The family is making a killing with Aiko Power.

Old man Yamashiro

102 years old. He is able to reproduce any kind of carving using cotton candy.

Furukawa Taichi

Aiko’s childhood friend. He survives even after approaching Aiko.


The helper in Taniguchi house. Her selling point is hearty consolation. Created the mood-maker Suzu. (Her name overlapped with Sugahara Taeko, so author nonchalantly revised it)


Sakagami family’s dog. Won’t lose in feeling even against werewolf. His heart is always that of a wolf.

Sakagami family

Consist of Ryutaro and two parents and an elder sister. The mother was frightened and then mostly fainted. The father was a hero who could face a werewolf with a bat. The big sis lost strength in her waist and mostly peed herself.

Old man Fuji

The neighbor of Sakagami family. Love fire extinguisher greatly.

Amanogawa family

Consist of Kouki and two parents and a little sister. The father was frightened and then mostly fainted. The mother was a hero who could face a werewolf with a kitchen knife. The little sister is a soul sister. Also she relatively peed herself.


Able to summon various kind of existences, and also with a unique innate characteristic to be liked as well. Inherited every fighting style and equipment from demon king family and is evolving toward superhuman rapidly.

※Possession in After Story

Donnerr & Schlaagg

This is a Weapon

Don’t Touch, Pervert

Piko-Piko Hammer

Muuramasa - Kotetsuu

Yue-oneechan’s Love

Tomcat-tan, Franka-tan,


The "something" inside Demon Rangeer (seven people)

Ia! Ia!──

The "something" living at the river inside Japan’s mountain

"That guy" who was once almost get killed by the demon king, lurking inside the western sea region in Tortus


The daughter of a high government official of USA. Nicknamed Nac-chan. Myuu devotee. Can launch golden right straight limited to people who harbor affection to Myuu.


Kidnapped blond haired young boy. As the result of boy meets girl, he barely thrust aside Hajime’s memory manipulation and is trying to approach Myuu. In general he ate Natalia’s golden right straight.

The kidnapped children of USA government official or army officer.

All of them are Myuu devotee.

Artold Schwarnenegger

USA President. So devoted to Valkyrie to the degree he got struck with the slap in the face from the first lady. The president of Valkyrie fanclub. Former commando.

Everyone in secret service

George, Chris, Bacchus, Keyes, Neil, Hank. Devoted to Valkyrie. The upper echelons of Valkyrie fanclub with single digit membership number. Recently their enjoyment is having Valkyrie discussion with president.

Armando Aston

Demon king worshipper. Tentatively a general in the army.

Lord Abyssgate (Endo Kousuke)

The scout of former hero party. Possess innate "thin shadow" that was unrelated with the another world summoning. Casually the mankind’s strongest class.

After the decisive battle, he publicly get a rabbit eared big sis Rana (Inferina) Hauria as lover. His abyss mode was deepening mostly because of her fault.

After returning home, he is working hard aiming to enroll into a medical university in order to bring modern medical technology into Tortus……but, he is blazing through the underworld of earth because of demon king-sama’s directive.

Can brag as the demon king’s right hand despite acting relatively reluctant.

Emily Grant

Blonde side tail + almond shaped eyes + peeing girl + charis○ guard + genius lab coat girl + easy heroine + tsukkomi attribute + loyal dog attribute, etc.

The young genius girl who is increasing her attributes day by day. Unintentionally created Berserk that change people into monster and got dragged into an incident that originated from Berserk.

Saved by "Kousuke", she easily fell for him.

Kousuke’s second wife (?). Her newest objective is to cure Kousuke’s abyss mode and Hauria’s chuunibyou.

Although, the more she work hard, the more her popularity among Hauria clan as mascot increase.

Vanessa Paradis

Nicknamed Danessa. She is a skilled agent of security bureau, but an otaku to a degree that she remodeled her own residence chuunibyou style. She is mostly pouring chaos to her surrounding with her serious attitude. The self-proclaimed third wife of "Kousuke-san".

Reginald Down

A professor at Percival University. He had raised a lot of excellent student until now that he was called as superior educator. Emily was also one of those students and he was also her benefactor.

However, he was deeply fixated with "great work that can leave behind history" and betrayed Emily.

Hendricks Wesk

A student of professor Down. The "senior" that Emily trusted the most. When Berserk rampaged inside the research building, he become bait to protect Lizzie and Emily and unable to go back home.

Lizzie Aston

A student of professor Down. Someone with tsundere trait and held romantic feeling toward Hendricks, a "big sister" that Emily trusted the most. In Berserk incident, just like Hendricks she became bait in order to save Emily who was like an important little sister to her and she was temporarily missing then.

Rod Hurst

A student of professor Down. A mood maker with light hearted attitude. His relationship with Dennis was like a quarreling friend and it became a common sight in Down classroom how the tow of them were quarreling with each other. He died leaving behind the last words 「Live on properly okay」 to Emily.

Dennis Litton

A student of Down classroom. An intellectual and the most serious person. The quarreling friend of Rod. When he was changing into Berserker, he cut off his own life.

Jessica Cubit

A student of Down classroom. A beautiful woman who can put her effort more into playing rather than research. She remodeled the doctor coat Emily was always wearing to make her have more interest to fashion. Emily’s one other "big sister". She was killed by Sam who was infected with Berserk.

Sam Redman

A student of Down classroom. A man with big built. After he got infected with Berserk, he died.

Milo Ieny

A student of Down classroom. The one among Down classroom’s student who died the very first at the Berserk incident.

Kimberly Warren

An agent of security bureau. An expert at army hand-to-hand fighting. He was Vanessa’s coworker, but he betrayed his comrades in order to earn money with Berserk and aimed at Emily. He got hit with Vanessa’s punch to the face (strengthened by Lord Abyss version) and got injured to the level where his face collapsed, after that her was infected with Berserk as the demonstration of the mastermind and died.

Sharon Magdanese

The chief of Britain national security bureau. A woman past her middle aged. A coolheaded pragmatist that possessed both good and evil within. An iron woman who is married with Britain, a living legend who is even called as the cornerstone of Britain’s protection.

However, in front of Myuu she is "Sharon-obaachan", She is terribly dere then.

Allen Parker

An agent of security bureau’s not existing "JD Agency". His code name is K. A virtuoso hitman. Normally he is a joker, an uninteresting analyst who is always complaining. He is always looking for encounter with girl. Recently it seems he is a getting a bit of good vibe from "Aby-san’s girl friend" that he got acquainted with in a certain case.

Bernard Pace

The commander of security bureau’s special assault force. He raised death flag as easy as breathing, however, for some reason he was helped with good luck, a person who is loved by the death god and goddess of fortune at the same time. He called Kousuke as Aby friendlily. He have a six year old daughter.

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Kaysis Wentworks

The director of Gamma Pharmacy, and a top brass of a secret cult society Hydra. One of the masterminds of Berserk incident. In order to remake Hydra from a cult society into an influential society that exert its influence to the surface world from the dark and then stand on the society’s top, he caused the Berserk incident. A type of person who can call himself name like Odin and so on.

Currently he is a splendid villager.

Jefferson Allgrey

The leader of secret cult society Hydra. At the surface he is the real estate king of Britain and an authority at political world.

Currently a splendid villager. His popularity is rising drastically and someday might become the prime minister……

Weiss Ingram

A mercenary group leader who would do anything as long as she received money. Hired by Kaysis, he worked as the one in charge of the research place’s security and the guard of professor Down. A tough soldier who once survived tangling with an agent of "JD Agency". Cornered by Allen, he injected a refined version Berserk into himself and died later.

Rana (Inferina) Hauria

A rabbit eared big sis from a clan of rabbit people tribe, Hauria clan (big breasted beauty). Moved by the fierce approach of Kousuke, she tried forcing unreasonable demands that would make even princess Kaguya went pale. And yet Kousuke cleared them all and she accepted him as lover. Although, she is planning for Kousuke who is the right hand of the demon king to have seven wives. She is calling Kousuke "Kou-kun".

Every single time Kousuke acted rash, reckless, and impulsive, generally it was this girl’s fault.


A former unlawful employee of Gamma Pharmacy who was working the dirty work. He was awakened to salmon sandwich because of Kousuke. Currently he is managing a restaurant that specialized in salmon sandwich, and also acting as information broker by making use of his connection with the underworld.


The former employee of the restaurant where Woody awakened to salmon sandwich. She was fired because she was loudly declaring that 「Our salmon sandwich isn’t that delicious」. When she came into Woody’s restaurant by chance, she was awakened to salmon sandwich. Currently she is doing missionary work for salmon sandwich at Woody’s place.


Liliana’s exclusive attendant. Actually she was selected by demon king-sama and then given special training Hauria style, now she was the leader of the combat maid group──Fleur Knights. She could take on one battalion of knight order right from the front alone.

There was also a princess who is envious of the relationship between the demon king and her because they are more like a master and servant than the princess with her. Her real name was sealed.

Nakano Shinji

The representative of a security company that specialized in celebrity. God of the otagei(fans cheering at concert) world. His video of doing otagei with stylish move and black suits was creating a stir, making him more of a celebrity than the real celebrity. His dream was having a shotgun wedding with and idol someday but there was still no sign of it coming true.

Saitou Yoshiki

The number two of a security company that specialized in celebrity. Similarly he is also a god of otagei world. Recently he was attempting the expansion of the business thinking 「If Japan is no good it’s foreign idol then」.


The friend of Liliana’s heart.

Sandra Winchester

The woman who is serving as Liliana’s secretary in earth. She is actually Heliotrope-san in disguise.

Nagumo family’s grandfather and grandmother

Habitual repeater of out of body experience.

Roze Phiris Avenst

The queen of dragon country Avenst. Her country was stolen when she was a baby, since then she was doing air pirate imitation at the country above ship Avenst. She retook her country with the cooperation of Hajime and Tio, and now she is waiting for the visit of Hajime and Tio along with battleship Avenst that was turned into an extravagant passenger boat. A lecher with quiet exterior.


A silver little dragon. The last king of the dragon race and Roze’s partner. Can manipulate extreme light. Idolize Tio as mother.

Sabastian Orto

Roze’s loyal butler. Formerly a royal guard but his current retired self was stronger than before. Can dodge bullet normally. Or deflected it with a tray. Can overwhelm a fully armed squad with only tableware and martial art.

Olga Crow

The captain of Roze’s royal guard. The direct pupil of Sabas. A beauty with semi long blond hair.

Jean Crow

The vice captain of Roze’s royal guard. Olga’s little brother. Stronger than Olga in bare handed fight.


Avenst’s captain.

Cutter Gilton

The captain of flying warship Rozeria.


The captain of flying warship Averia.

Gregor Cluzet Qwailent

The king of sky divine country Qwailent. A former air pirate and the man that usurped dragon kingdom Avenst. Went poof from breath attack.


The high official of sky divine country Qwailent. He was entrusted to take charge during Gregor’s absence, but Sabas talked to him and he cooperated gladly. It seemed that later on he got terribly scared of the living being called a butler.


Former sky battlecraft pilot of sky divine country Qwailent. A trauma was planted thoroughly into him by the demon king-sama, and in the end he was tortured by his comrade under the name of questioning, he went full circle and became an amazingly courageous sky battlecraft pilot. Currently a pious dragon believer. Although for some reason dragons wouldn’t get near him because he felt unpleasant.


One of the king dragons that guarded the dragon kingdom in the past. The big brother of Kuwaibel. He despaired with human and lost his sanity from losing his family, turning into an evil dragon. He filled the world with corrosion rain and polluted the ground. He picked a fight with the demon king and went poof.


Royal guard members. Absurdly gutsy.


If you saw one in the open, that means there are thirty that you haven’t seen. One of the step sisters(soul sisters). Have innate characteristics of meeting trouble. A mysterious girl who can have adventure in the modern day Japan in the same level like adventurer in Tortus. Twintail. Raise the flag of revolt to overthrow Hajime, but generally she got tormented affectionately where in the end she will run away while spouting out parting threat.

The regrettableness of her behavior is like Shia in the past, unexpectedly Hajime and others are receiving her in favorable light. At the root she is a diligent and earnest girl, but she is slipping bit by bit.

Fudou Akari

A female kendo athlete at the same grade with Shizuku. She had inferiority complex with her appearance that was like Fudou Myouou, so she staked her life in kendo. Because of that, she harbored jealousy to Shizuku who stopped doing kendo after returning, become Lord Vad○, and for some reason received Chrystabel’s evilish remodeling and became a beautiful girl.


The manly woman haunting the clothes shop at Brook city. She shaves Hajime’s SAN status just by existing. Can deflect bullet with her muscle if it’s just stun bullet. Ask for a favor from Yue and others secretly from Hajime in the attempt to expand to earth.

According to Hajime, it’s not an expansion but "erosion".

In front of the manly women, Hajime job changed from demon king into hero.

Amanogawa Kouki

Hero with many worries. He was awakened to that enable him to continue fighting until his body is smashed apart, and that make his sword attack very hard to be perceived, he achieved a growth that it won’t even be an exaggeration to say that as a swordsman he is in the furthest level one can reach.

Mostly he is getting summoned.

Female knight

Formerly a member of royal guard knight order attached to Liliana. She is too much of Shizuku’s soul sister and got demoted as normal knight. After the decisive battle, she followed Kouki in his extermination of the monsters from Holy Precinct as observer and helper. She is fundamentally following Shizuku supremacy doctrine, so she won’t have motivation in matter that isn’t related to Shizuku, but she will be overdoing it in matter that is related. Her specialty is in plainly unpleasant prank magic using her darkness element magic. Once she schemed to give emperor Gahard athlete’s foot before she was sent flying with a punch by her captain.

Sona Masaka

The elusive daughter of an inn. This girl──is watching!

Moana de Shelt Synclea

The queen of Synclea kingdom. A beauty with white hair that lost its color and brown skin. Older than Kouki. She is endeavoring to use male way of speaking to be more like a queen, but her way of speaking will return to her original feminine way when something unexpected happen. She is doting on her little sister and add "tan" when calling her name, has a regrettable side on her with how she is misunderstanding that she is liked by animal when she is actually hated from how she is too affectionate to the animal. Her personality is fundamentally gentle while also valorous.

Koone de Shelt Synclea

Moana’s little sister. Blonde twintail and brown skin, a little girl with black heart (eight years old). She is doting on her big sister, to the degree that she declare her big sister is more important than the world. She is skilled in reading the direction of the other party’s thinking and perception, she often draw near unnoticed without any presence and surprised people. If there is uproar happening in the capital, generally it’s this girl’s fault.

After Moana abdicated, she is currently the queen of Synclea kingdom.


The attendant of the royal sisters. She is the equal of chief caster Linden in regard of the use of precise blessing art.

Spenser Haim

The captain of the royal guard. Somewhat has the attribute of idiot parent toward the royal sisters. However, his eyes will become like dead fish when he heard about Koone’s mischief.

Spike Haim

Spenser’s adopted child. In his twenty he is already the equal of Spenser if it’s just in sword art, a young genius swordsman. The leader of Koone’s guard squad. His attitude is too straight that he often get misunderstood by woman. Has experience getting threatened by Lilin 「I’ll chop up your ball y’know」.

Lilin Stohl

A soldier of the royal guard. A talented woman that possess the strength in the level of the captain in her sixteen. A beautiful girl with long chestnut colored twintail as her characteristic. Her speech is polite but the majority of her consciousness is geared toward battle, she will drop mind blowing words in respond toward smooth talking against her.

Linden Stohl

The chief of blessing art user group. The father of Lilin.

Donar Quin

The leader of the soldier force.

Bruitt Cube

The head of civil official. A tottering gramps who looks like he will fall to pieces anytime soon. But he has dignity that even Moana and Koone cannot go against.

Rothko Arquette

The feudal lord of Arquette territory. His wife is Syla. His son is Rondo (ten years old). A user of dogeza complete with splendid shout that resembled Hajime in the past. It seems that his son Rondo is conscious of Koone.

Ivana Borgia

The vigilance corps leader of Arquette territory.

The spouses of fruit shop

A well-known store of a fruit named kukuri. Actually when the capital was at war, the two were people of valor that exterminated a platoon of .

Dark King

The strongest in history. His body was clad with full plate armor made from miasma, possessed abilities like teleportation, erosion, weapon creation within his territory, subordinate beast creation, generating giant, and so on.


A black wolf species . The first opponent that Kouki fought.


A scaled dragon species . The first opponent with will that Kouki killed.


The kick rabbit that possess the nickname Leg Assault King. He originated from the first floor of the abyss, but by accidentally drinking the god water that Hajime accidentally spilled, he obtained thinking ability and strength, an irregular monster.

After the decisive battle he went out in a training journey. He is a battle junkie. There is almost no monster in Tortus that is his match anymore. A friend with Lee-san.

The two of them were chasing after a mysterious object that appeared in the western sea region, after that, they went missing.

For some reason he talk in Kansai dialogue.


Nicknamed Lee-san. As "the friend of the godslaying demon king", he is acknowledged by human. Presented by the demon king with Triaina (v.2), a small submarine that can be used underwater or in the air, using that he was protecting the west sea.

He displayed his chivalrous spirit and went in a journey with Inaba. There is no guarantee that he will be able to go home again.

Hamada Shouta

A freelancer journalist. Yuuka’s fan. The originator that made Yuuka into magical girl. Since then, each time he went to the restaurant it was only him who was served coldly, but he was a person that is painful to look at with how he misunderstood 「Perhaps she has feeling for me!?」 instead.

His majesty Randell

The boy king who faced much hardship, this time he fell in love with Myuu. Inside his heart was the thinking ’One day I’ll punch that guy flying!’, and he would yell it out loud when the person wasn’t nearby.

Vice principal

The wig who is tsundere toward Aiko.

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