Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 285 — Arifureta After III - Yue’s Diary 2

Chapter 285: Arifureta After III - Yue’s Diary 2

Inside one of the room in Nagumo house, *scratch scratch* the sound of a fountain pen composing letters was resounding faintly.

There was a chair and desk that was made from glossy wood. The one who was sitting snugly on that chair writing into some kind of notebook with leather cover was Yue.

For a while, the scratching sound resounded wordlessly, sometimes, Yue threw her gaze to empty air thinking of something and smiled a for just a smidgen before she began to write *scratch scratch* once more.

Before long it seemed she was satisfied already. Yue put down her fountain pen carefully, then she stretched her back while moaning ‘u~~~n’.

It was the time before going to bed, so Yue was wearing negligee. Her white smooth limbs were stretched tautly while getting exposed generously.

「……Nn. This is it for today.」

She whispered with a small voice before hopping down *pyon* from the chair where her feet didn’t reach the floor.

The room of Nagumo house that was assigned to Yue was the room with the calmest atmosphere in a sense. Perhaps it could even be said that it was “solemn”.

There was basically only wooden furniture with aged feeling in it, so the coloring also possessed depth that was calming and natural. To call it as a room of a historical European mansion was an appropriate expression for it.

In fact the kind of furniture and furnishing inside Yue’s room were mostly antique. Yue who was pleased with the antique in earth went around to gather them from here and there while it also doubled as her date with Hajime.

Even the fountain pen was something with a value that couldn’t be obtained with simple mean.

By the way, the rooms of Shia, Remia, and Myuu were room of very modern style. Their room was overflowing with the latest thing rather than old thing. Tio was making her room to be purely Japanese-style. As for Hajime, putting aside his own room, his underground workshop (it mostly doubled as his own room) was in a state that closely resembled the lab of Tony ○tark.

It was only Yue’s room that had the atmosphere as though one was lost in middle age Europe, but conversely it felt calming. Not only Hajime, but the people of Nagumo house really frequently would aimlessly visit Yue’s room and relaxed there.

Hajime and some other were thinking if a fireplace should just get created inside Yue’s room. They were also thinking, that going around antique shop and auction throughout the world with Yue searching for seemingly good fireplace would also be nice.

At Yue’s room that was becoming a place for relaxation and refreshment like that in a different sense from the living room, it seemed that a guest also visited tonight.

*knock knock* A small knocking sound could be heard, then,

「Yue-oneecha~n. It’s Myuu nano. Can I come in?」

The voice of Nagumo family’s youngest princess could be heard. When Yue permitted her entry, Myuu who was wearing negligee that seemed matching with Yue came in.

「……Myuu. What’s the matter?」

「Err see, there is something I want to ask Yue-oneechan nano.」

‘What could it be?’ Yue tilted her head in puzzlement while inviting Myuu on her bed. They sat side by side on the bed’s edge and Yue urged Myuu to continue with her gaze.

「You see, Yue-oneechan. ――”In this world there is nothing that can excel continuously. Whether talent or education cannot excel continuously. Continuity and determination themselves are the absolute power” nano.」

Myuu said such thing with a stiff expression. Seeing such Myuu, Yue thought, ‘This child, just what is she suddenly saying I wonder’.

「……Ee~rr, Myuu?」

「――”The secret to make dream come true is summarized into four. Those are curiosity, confidence, courage, and then continuity” nano.」

「Ah, yes.」

Seeing the little girl proclaiming something that seemed to be a wise saying with stiff and slackless expression, the vampire princess became faltering. As though to deal the finishing blow to such vampire princess, the little girl talked even more vehemently.

「――”Putting into diary your’s own thinking, experience, idea, and what you learn, will surely improve the clarity and accuracy of your intelligence” nano.」

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So that meant,

「Yue-oneechan! Myuu is going to keep a diary nano!」

「……How did it become like that.」

While thinking that Myuu was likely getting influenced by some kind of television program, Yue finally guessed the reason of Myuu’s visit tonight.

「Yue-oneechan. A diary, what is a good way to write it nano?」


It seemed that it was something like that just as she thought. In short, when Myuu actually tried to write a diary, she didn’t understand the way to write it, and so she came to ask Yue who had been keeping diary for a long time.

Yue showed a thinking gesture for a bit before answering.

「……There is no particular rule. Myuu can just write what happened and what you thought about in that day as it is however Myuu like it.」

「Yue-oneechan. ――”When you’re asked what do you want for dinner? Answering anything is fine is the most troublesome answer” nano. Answering question with “whatever you like” or “as it is” is the most troubling answer nano.」

「……I’m sorry.」

Myuu was finding fault at her! Yue reflexively apologized because of the excessive shock!

At this rate the dignity of “Yue-oneechan” would fall to the ground. That alone had to be firmly prevented no matter what.

Yue was feeling flustered in her heart against Myuu’s *jii~* fixed unblinking gaze while trying to deduce the optimum answer, but it was the fact that there was no fixed rule in writing diary. She wondered how to explain about that……

The point was, it was fine even if it was something vague, but Myuu wanted an image, some kind of approximation like it was fine if she wrote it like this, and so on.

Yue who gave up explaining using words was bluntly speaking a bit embarrassed, but she then suggested a desperate measure to break out of this deadlock, thinking that it might be fine if it was Myuu.

「……Just now I was also writing in my diary, do you want to look if you’re fine with mine?」

「Nn! Nano!」

Myuu imitated Yue’s favorite phrase in her happiness. Perhaps from the start that was her objective. With a wry smile Yue took the diary above her desk into her hand.

Myuu seemed to be greatly looking forward to it because she was staring at the thick leather-covered diary with sparkling gaze.

Yue showed a bit of thinking gesture, then she activated metamorphosis magic. Faint golden magic power light enveloped Yue, the right after that, the grown adult Yue appeared there.

The length of the negligee became drastically short, which greatly swelled up her bewitching charm. Even if the person herself didn’t intend it, but she was a peerless beauty who just by being there could make anyone into her prisoner without differentiating gender. Of course, Myuu was only raising voice of admiration 「Oo!」 though.

「……Myuu, sit on my lap.」

「Yes nano!」

Yue sat on the bed while tapping on her thighs. Myuu then leaped on them as though she had been waiting for it. *moni moni* She adjusted the placing of her butt searching for the best position.

And then, *fui~* strength left her body and she entrusted her head on Yue’s voluptuous breast. Yue floated a smile that was filled with affection toward such Myuu and hugged her tightly from behind. She opened the diary on Myuu’s lap.

「……First, how about from――October last month?」

When Yue suggested to show the recent month of her diary, Myuu quickly nodded repeatedly. It seemed that she wanted to read Yue’s diary no matter what.

Yue let out a chuckle while opening the page that was the beginning of last month.

――October x Day

When waking up early, Shia was swinging Doryukken wholeheartedly.

It was while she was raising her voice 「Flatten flatten! Squashed flat!」.

Honestly, it was scary. I was thinking what kind of horror right from the morning.

Because, the cheek of Shia who was smiling wide had something red splattered on it, what’s more, on Shia’s feet there was Tio who was trembling all over while holding her hand……

‘Surely, she is trying to beat Tio to death for a joke’, was what I thought.

It was lucky that there was the millstone for pounding mochi that was often seen at New Year, but if it wasn’t there, I think there was no doubt that there would be a yell of 「Kyaaaa, it’s murdereeeer」.

When I asked why she was hitting mochi and Tio right from the morning, Shia replied with 「What are you saying, Yue-san. Yesterday night didn’t we talk about viewing the moon today?」.

Certainly, there was such talk.

Moon viewing――the custom to eat mochi while gazing at moon when it’s the day of full moon.

I think that it’s a custom with really good taste.

Night came. I, Hajime, Okaa-sama, Otou-sama, Shia, Tio, Remia and Myuu, then Kaori and Shizuku, and Aiko joined. The moon viewing at the house’s yard began.

The mochi was delicious. The soft and sticky texture was irresistible. As expected from something that was made from Tio’s sacrifice. Although, as expected I wished to be spared from mochi that is mixed with the blood of a pervert dragon……

I who is sensitive with the taste of blood didn’t actually feel the taste of blood, so I wish to believe that no impure thing was mixed inside the mochi.

Putting that aside, the moon was really beautiful. It resembled the moon in Tortus, but there is also slight difference.

Especially the silhouette of rabbit pounding mochi on the moon.

Myuu said 「There is Shia-oneechan!」. Her figure making rabbit ears on her head with her hands while hopping up and down was the ultimate cuteness. Especially when Shia joined in and they went pyon pyon together. Of course, I took picture. It’s collector version.

Hajime told Myuu an old story regarding the rabbit on the moon.

Rabbit-san embodied self-sacrifice and devotion……

The content sound like a moving tale in general, but for me it’s a story that I’m unable to stomach.

I heard that the rabbit had comrade. Why didn’t that comrade stop the rabbit? He didn’t search for the old man’s food together with the rabbit?

If other say that it’s only a story then that’ll be the end of it, but if it’s me, I won’t let the rabbit throw his body into the fire no matter what.

I won’t hand over my Shia to anyone!

While inside my heart the moon rabbit and Shia are mixing, Hajime pat my head. It seemed that I was seen through. His eyes were really gentle, furthermore he was staring focused on me, so I almost assaulted him then and there.

Good grief! Hajime is an outrageously dangerous character. Because he almost destroyed my reasoning right away.

Anyway, after I finish writing this diary I’ll go charging into Hajime’s room.

Returning to the story, I like the moon of earth where rabbit is living more than the one at Tortus. Putting aside that it’s a folk tale, putting “moon and rabbit” together, right, I think it’s really good.

My name, “Yue” that means moon. In the past, at the bottom of abyss, it was the name Hajime gave to me.

Hajime said, inside the darkness, I looked like a moon, so he named me that.

Yes, he gave me the name that represent such beautiful moon that illuminate the night sky tonight.

……It’s impossible. I cannot hold it anymore. Barrier preparation OK. Recovery medicine OK. Fighting spirit at climax!

The time has come, to Hajime’s room, charge!

「Say, Yue-oneechan. What was it that you cannot endure there?」

「……Myuu will understand when you get a little older.」

‘Nmyu?’ Myuu tilted her head. Come to think of it, the next day after the moon viewing, Hajime-papa seemed like he was losing weight……thinking back Yue at that time was all smile with bewitching air. Myuu somehow read the atmosphere and stayed quiet.



After a short silence, Myuu asked looking vaguely uneasy.

「See, Myuu too doesn’t really like that story. The rabbit-san dying is a no-no.」


「Shia-oneechan, is different from the moon’s rabbit right?」

The source of her uneasiness was the same like Yue, it seemed she was mixing the rabbit in legend with their family’s rabbit.

Yue hugged Myuu tiiiiiiightly, then she talked to her with a voice that was full of confidence.

「Completely different. If it’s Shia she won’t give up until the end. Our rabbit is the strongest rabbit after all, she will overcome any trouble no matter how hard it is, and send flying everything that stand in her way.」

「With Doryukken?」

「……Nn. With Doryukken.」

Myuu smiled joyfully. Yue also smiled joyfully.

Yue continued 「Besides……」

「Shia’s moon is me. Different from the moon who is only watching. Even if she died I’ll revive her no question asked, throwing her back to the earth.」

「Yu, Yue-oneechan…… But, in the story, the great god did that instead isn’t it?」

「……I’ll kill a god like that.」

「Ah, yes.」

In a rare occurrence, Myuu averted her eyes. It seemed she was unable to look straight at the Yue’s gaze that was shining mysteriously. In fact, when thinking that this was the person who took part in godslaying, it didn’t sound like a joke at all. If the heaven emperor-sama saw this vampire princess right now, he would like to hurriedly run away surely. (Note: In the raw it was Taishakuten, which translated mean Sakra devanam Indra, a deity of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism)

Myuu showed a thinking gesture for a bit, then right after that her expression tensed up and she looked back at Yue.

「Myuu too, will get stronger and stronger nano. And then, Myuu will save the rabbit-san even if Myuu have to kill god nano!」

「……Nn! That’s a good spirit! As expected, Myuu.」

It was the determination of the little girl who was in the process of inheriting all the technique from her cheat and bugged family. If the rabbit-san who was the symbol of self-sacrifice and devotion was here, surely it would yell 「Stooop! I won’t throw myself away, so don’t lay your hand on goood!」 with teary eyes undoubtedly.

Yue patted the head of Myuu who was smiling merrily, then Myuu begged Yue to go to the next page.

The page was flipped.

――October ○ Day

Tomorrow, it seems that Kaori will come here. I have to prepare.

――October △ Day

That Kaori-. Suddenly firing disintegration bombardment at me, what a girl! The smartphone I carelessly dropped turned into dust!

Good grief, what a horrible story I think. Even though I only put a little trap, that teleported her to adult shop the instant she entered this house’s ground.

But well, she became teary eyed so let’s stop here. I’ll share my dinner’s side dish with her.


「……Wha, what?」

An exasperated gaze that was unthinkable to be coming from Myuu! Large damage to Yue’s mind!

Myuu stared for a while at Yue who averted her gaze desperately, as though she wanted to say 「Geez, good grief」. But then Myuu shrugged her shoulders and returned her gaze to the diary as though nothing happened. (Note: The ‘geez, good grief’ in the raw was worded ‘yareyare daze’)

Not having anything said to her became an additional blow instead. Yue became teary eyed.

The page was flipped.

――October □ Day

It’s sudden, but I’m thinking to try working part-time. That thing called short-term part-time.

I hear that at the end of the month there will be Halloween. During our journey at Tortus, I heard about it from Hajime once.

In the past, it seemed there was a Halloween gathering in the school, at that time, he was approached by Kaori who was wearing lewd nekomata costume, and Hajime was greatly, realy grea~~~~~tly troubled. Good grief, that secretly lecherous Kaori-.

A Halloween party will also be held in our house with Okaa-sama’s suggestion.

Perhaps, surely, without a doubt, I think that Kaori will come displaying her secretly lecherous nature to the extreme.

I have to prepare!

And so, I’m thinking to prepare some kind of costume too. Of course, it won’t be a mass-produced party goods, but a handmade first-class goods.

It’s a rare chance, so I also want to prepare some kind of present……

Let’s prepare present for everyone. ……And not to forget Kaori’s share too. After all if it’s only her who get left out, surely Kaori will cry.

Come to think of it, when we went shopping together before this, there was a hairpin that she was fixed on right? ……Nn, let’s make it that, and do that. The price will swell up a bit, but she was making wanting face like that. Good grief, what a greedy person that troubles other.

The money is a bit insufficient with just pocket money to gather present for everyone. I also cannot make Hajime give me the money because it’s present from me.

And so, I’m going to challenge doing part-time that I has been interested at since before.

Hmmm, it’s secret from everyone so I cannot ask them advice. The first part-time work……I’m excited.

「Yue-oneechan, you like Kaori-oneechan too much nano!」

「……I, it’s not like I like her!」

When Myuu pointed out, even though Yue-sama was in adult version, she was shaken up like a child.

She was desperately denying it, but because Myuu understood quite distinctly from the diary that Yue’s mentality was like an elementary schooler who wanted to tease someone that he liked, Myuu was looking at Yue as though she was watching a charming thing.

Yue’s cheeks were getting increasingly redder and she hurriedly flipped to the next page.

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――October ◇ Day

My first part-time work was proctoring an exam of a middle school.

There wasn’t many kind of short-term part-time work for one day. This work is what I could immediately get.

As expected, a problem might come up if my height is like usual, so I used metamorphosis magic properly so that I looked like at my twenty before going.

I was wearing a casual suit, stood in front of the students, and distributed the exam paper. I also couldn’t forget to give pointer. Even the students who were clamorous turned serious and sat quietly when it was time.

There was only the tick-tock sound of the clock’s hand advancing and the scratching sound of the students filling the exam paper echoing in the silent period.

……It was boring. Very much so. To the level that I regret it a bit.

Can’t be helped, I tried to think for a bit.

Yes, I am Yue-sensei. A female teacher who will devote my body and soul completely only to one student!

The student is of course, Hajime.

Yue-sensei will give special lesson after school.

A classroom illuminated with setting sun where there will be only the two of us inside……

Hajime who keep glancing at me and cannot concentrate……

I will warn such Hajime while slowly――

「……Myuu, wait. We will skip this part.」

「Why? I want to see nano! What is Yue-sensei doing to papa nano!? “Slowly” doing what nano!?」

「……For goodness’s sake, don’t ask further than that……」

Imitating a student, Myuu raised her hand energetically saying 「Yes!」 and questioned.

Yue-sensei couldn’t answer. She covered her face with both hands and shook her head in refusal. The ears and neck that couldn’t be hidden were blushing bright red.

By the way, Yue-sense at that time was overflowing with sensuality from her wild imagination. The minds of the healthy middle schoolers were greatly thrown out of order and it invited a tragic situation.

Just in case Yue had worn the recognition obstruction glasses, but even with that effect, the impression of 「There is absurdly erotic inspector!」 was engraved into the hearts of the middle schoolers.

Although it was external mock examination, but it was truly terrible thing to do to the important exam of the middle schoolers, but the person herself didn’t realize it so she received her wage normally. She was truly an erotic-terrorist.

The page was flipped.

――October ☆ Day

Today I was doing my second part-time work.

For me who already has the experience of perfectly accomplishing a part-time work, it’s not something to be feared anymore.

That was what I thought, but for some reason it didn’t go well.

The part-time work was being a drama’s extra character.

It was being that person who would sit behind the main character inside a café. It was a simple work where I only needed to wear outfit like office lady and drink coffee suitably.

That was how it should be.

When I noticed, I had job changed into the café’s clerk while I was looking in blank amazement.

I was told that the female for the clerk role suddenly fell sick and couldn’t come, and a need to raise a substitute in a hurry appear.

Based from the age, there was only me who seemed to be usable as the substitute right away.

So that I don’t stand out, I also used metamorphosis magic to change my hair into black other than the recognition obstruction glasses, so I was picked from my plainness.

‘Memorize it in three minutes!’ The assistant who handed me some kind of script told me. I crammed it all and then the filming start.

Even though I did as I was told, they were nitpicking fault saying things like my voice is too lacking in intonation, or I’m too plain.


Wasn’t it forbidden to stand out in order to emphasize the main character……?

Take 2.

‘Thank you for coming!’ I fill such feeling into my voice a bit.

This time it seemed that my eyeglasses reflected the light. It couldn’t be helped, so I did it one more time while paying attention to the light’s angel, but then, the middle-aged man director suddenly came near me and told me to take off the glasses. I wanted to refuse, but this is also work. Following the instruction, I took off the glasses.

The middle-aged director stiffened. The uncle stared at me gogglingly. It was unpleasant so I thought to make lightning dragon, but I did my best and endured. I’m great.

Take 3 without glasses.

I went to the seat of the actor and actress and said my line. They should speak their order then, but both of them froze completely. They were staring at me without blinking. Oi, say your line quickly. How many times you want to repeat this take, was my thought.

When I brushed up my hair in a bit of irritation, even the other staffs turned noisy. From here and there voices like 「Which agency she is from?」「Her name?」「Terrific」「This ain’t the level of extra ain’t it」「Director, the actress is upstaged there!」 came……

The actress was staring at me with a dreadful look. I thought it was Kaori’s Hannya-san.

As I thought, it’s the glasses. When I turned toward the director, he was power walking toward me and questioned persistently. His breathing was rough and his eyes were bloodshot, it was terribly disgusting. He tried to touch, so that was the limit and I escaped after doing Smash.

Being unable to complete a job was really pathetic. Although, at that rate the shooting won’t progress even with me there, so I think only this can’t be helped.

It’s still far away until the target amount of money……

I have to do more work!

「Yue-oneechan. At the TV before this, there was news ‘A mysterious beautiful extra appeared! Please report if you happen to know her!’。There will be reward money for the one who catch her. Could it be……」

「……Am I a rare animal? I won’t do that kind of work anymore. No way, no way.」

「Muu. Yue-oneechan appearing in TV……I wanted to see it nano.」

Seeing Yue shaking her head with rejecting expression, Myuu’s expression turned a bit disappointed.

Although, if Yue appeared behind the TV, it would feel like there was a distance that way, so Myuu changed her mind thinking ‘Well, doesn’t matter’.

By the way, a certain director who got Smashed later made great advances as big sis director and became a world-famous director.

The page was flipped.

――October # Day

I tried doing part-time work distributing tissue.

No one accepted the tissue.

It couldn’t be helped, so I used Divine Statement. Fuhahah, I finished giving out the tissue in five minutes!


「……Don’t say anything, Myuu.」

Yue quietly averted her gaze from Myuu who was looking back across her shoulder.

――October ? Day

A part-time work of walking doggies are really healing. At the path home, a deviant appeared.

Wearing cross necklace and three sword thingy held between his fingers, he suddenly attacked.

I Smashed him and left him behind.

「Yue-oneechan! This part is written out so simply, but surely you were aimed at by really troubling people there nano!」

「……? What are you saying Myuu? Something like deviant is relatively a lot anywhere. It’s not rare.」

「That person is absolutely not a deviant nano. Myuu think he was a pro who came for a vampire hunt nano.」

「……I don’t really get it, but if he stand in my way then smashing is the only way.」

「Thinking carefully, there is no one except papa who can win against Yue-oneechan nano.」

Myuu sighed in relieve before she shook her head saying 「Nothing at all nano」 toward Yue who was tilting her head in puzzlement of what made caused Myuu to be that alerted. Myuu then urged to continue reading the diary.

――October ※ Day

I tried doing a bit incomprehensible work of substitutng to attend a wedding.

I think that something like blessing is better if received from people who actually want to give it but……

Anyway, it’s for the sake of the bride.

I am Yue. A woman who bless with my all for the sake of a girl’s happiness, even if it’s an “unfamiliar friend”!

Unfortunately outside was raining, but so what. Little things like controlling the weather and generating rainbow of blessing is no big deal!

It went without saying that the venue was in great excitement.

「Yue-oneechan. Some time ago there was a large commotion because of the strange weather……」

「……It’s no good to get fixated at trivial thing.」

「……Yes nano.」

Myuu became a bit wiser. Should be.

――October $ Day

I tried a part-time work of cleaning graveyard.

The chief priest was greatly shocked that the one who came for the work was a young female like me.

When I was sweeping, a family from somewhere came and stood for long in front of a grave. During that time, a person who seemed to be the daughter broke out crying, the person who seemed to be the mother and a person who seemed to be the big brother were desperately consoling her.

It seemed that there was something she wanted to tell to the dead person no matter what.

It was pitiful. Even though it was right before her eyes, but to be unable to convey her feeling……

I was unable to just watch and activated soul magic. The person who she wished for appeared in front of her. The family was taken aback from shock, even the dead person was surprised and screamed 「Hiih, what happened!?」, but at the end it looked like they were able to understand each other, and everything end well.

But, perhaps because of the influence of the activated soul magic, the ground of the graveyard became overflowing with evil spirits of rivers and mountains. A blunder.

It seemed they were somehow revitalized? And then they rampaged.

Even poltergeists were occurring.

Personally, I was feeling ‘damn you’. Because, even though I’ve finally swept the ground!

I am Yue. A ghost buster who is merciless even against the dead!

I swept clean the grave, and also the evil spirit thingy lurking around there thoroughly. I felt really refreshed.

When going home, for some reason the chief priest was kneeling and praying to me though……

Just why in the world? How really mysterious.

「Yue-oneechan. Are you waiting for straight man retort nano?」

「……Myuu. I beg you, don’t look at me like that……」

Myuu’s exasperated gaze stabbed Yue. It felt like showing Myuu the diary also decreased the “Yue-oneechan’s dignity” parameter steadily.

The page was flipped.

――October @ Day

There was Halloween party.

It seemed the information that Nagumo family will do Halloween party was leaked from somewhere, and the classmates charged Nagumo house.

As the participation fee, they prepared a throne and demon king costume for Hajime. The sight of the boys making self-satisfied look and Hajime’s twitching expression left an impression. In the end, Hajime became great demon king and sat on the throne.

Shia wearing vampire costume was a surprise. Saying 「Today I’m matching with Yue-san desuu」, she made her fang sparkled while laughing. That figure, yep, I thought she is planning to kill me with moe.

What’s more. Even Myuu was wearing vampire costume. Both of them approached me saying 「Blood~」「Blood nano~」. Both Shia and Myuu wer adorable!

I am Yue. A woman who will always welcome cute vampires!

As for Tio……perhaps she was a mummy woman I thought. Her whole body was wrapped all around with bandage after all.

……I think to the end it was a costume. Though she was twitching continuously while making expression of ecstasy. Right, surely it was nothing more than act. It also felt like Hajime brought her to the backyard before the party started but, it must be only my imagination.

Shizuku was in white kimono appearance. Perhaps she was costumed as ghost I think. But, midway, Suzu whose costume was a young witch made her wore pink mask. The sigh of her getting dumbfounded was funny as expected.

At the empire, masked pink is still talked as an urban legend, so certainly that must be horror. Perhaps the person herself is thinking that it’s a black history, because the moment the mask was fixed, she fell down and hugged her knees.

Otou-sama was werewolf, and Okaa-sama was rabbit. It implicitly said that tonight Okaa-sama will be eaten by Otou-sama! I thought that it was that kind of meaning, but according to Okaa-sama, 「Bunny girl? What are you saying! That’s not it! This is Hauria clan’s costume!」 she said, so perhaps it was Otou-sama who would get hunted.

At any rate, they are intimate. I wish that I want me and Hajime to become husband and wife like them.

Next, Yuka was caught by the girls of the class and turned into magical girl. It was cute. Her trembling figure with magical stick in one hand and bright red face caused the class’s boys to raise admiring voice spontaneously.

When Hajime made fun of her 「Magical girl Yuka-chan, is here!」, right away she yelled 「Nagumo you idioo~~~ttt-」 while rushing out, but……

Running through street at night with magical girl appearance……

Feels like the rumor will spread again.

Now then, about the last one, it was the problematic girl. Yes, the master of being secretly lecher that embodied “slyness”, Kaori.

That girl, as expected, she really did it.

It seemed that after cat it was dog. She wore dog ears and tail and dressed like Shia when she was at Tortus. According to the girl herself, it seemed that it was a wolf girl costume, but I know the truth. That’s a wordless appeal that she want to become Hajime’s dog.

‘This dog in heat-‘, I insulted. (Note: Actually if the raw is translated literally, I should use b*tch there)

After that, 「Do, don’t say strange thing! If you say that, Yue yourself is a female cat!」 she argued. What a remark. How cheeky. Just what is lewd from miniskirt costume attached with cat ears and tail? I can assert that this is a really modest costume compared to Shia’s usual wear.

In the first place, it’s not female cat. It’s Yue-nyan. The nekomata Yue-nyan who Hajime cannot stop loving. The level. The level is different from the dog in heat Kaori.

Anyway, I repel doggy Kaori who is loitering around searching for her owner with cat punch while enjoying the Halloween party until the end. I think that it will be nice if next year we can do this again.

That aside, when I went to the backyard searching for Myuu who was gone in the middle of the party, Myuu was talking friendlily with someone wearing pumpkin head and mantel though……

Just who in the world was that?

「That person was Jack-san nano.」

Myuu casually answered the question written at the end of October’s diary. Yue went 「Who?」 while tilting her head.

「……I know that. Because he wore the costume of Jack o Lantern right? That’s not it, I’m asking who was inside the costume. When I asked later, everyone said that they didn’t wear such costume.」

「?? Jack-san is Jack-san nano.」


「Jack-san was a really bad person nano. He cannot go to both heaven and hell and is wandering in this world forever nano. He said that he is seriously reflecting. Right now he is doing good thing with his all nano. That’s why, he became friend with Myuu nano.」

‘What to do’, Yue thought. In the end, was this that kind of “setting”? Or else, perhaps it was that. It couldn’t be said as far as Myuu’s “bad habit”, but that troubling “disposition” of Myuu, was it calling out another something again……?

When looking at Myuu’s serious face, Yue somehow felt that it was the case of the latter.

Yue’s expression was turning troubled while deciding that he would report to Hajime later just in case. She then patted Myuu’s head.

「……Anyway, a diary is something like this. Whether the way of the writing, the sentence amount, or the day you write it, it’s okay if you write as you like it.」

「I somehow get it nano. Thank you, Yue-oneechan!」

It seemed that Myuu managed to get the image of a diary in her mind.

Yue wished that Myuu would write her own diary without stopping by all means. If Myuu did that, then perhaps she would be able to grasp more detail of Myuu’s mysterious friendship.

After that, Myuu begged that she wanted to read Yue’s diary when she was at Tortus, after Hajime’s group parted with her, but it was already time to sleep, so Yue said that it would be for another time.

‘I’m not sleepy nano!’ Myuu insisted. It seemed that she was really pleased with “Yue’s Diary”. Though for Yue personally it was really embarrassing and damaging……

Even the strongest vampire princess couldn’t win against the begging of the youngest princess of Nagumo family.

In the end, they finished the diary reading for this night and they ended up sleeping together on Yue’s bed. From this day, Yue and Myuu would open diary reading group with just the two of them at night for quite a while.

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