Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 290 — Arifureta After III - Shia Arc Yes, With Pleasure!!

Chapter 290: Arifureta After III - Shia Arc Yes, With Pleasure!!


The scene of death that Shia’s characteristic magic, “Future Sight” showed.

In the end, something that could possibly kill the demon king and the bug bunny.

Shia was glaring at the black metal box she sent flying from Hajime’s hand with her rabbit ears standing tense on end alertly.

Hajime too also put up his guard fully seeing Shia acting like that.

But, after contemplating for a while, he approached the metal box with brisk steps. And then he casually picked it up.

「Yosh, let’s open it.」


Shia retortedtsukkomi while slapping Hajime’s hand. Hajime lightly dodged it.

「Hajime-san, are you listening? That is bad news you know? Something that can kill even us is inside it you know? And yet why are you going open it so calmly like that! Hah, don’t tell me, do you have some kind of worry that you cannot say to us!? Please don’t be rash! Suicide is no good, absolutely――」

「Calm down.」

Sure kill artificial arm finger flick burst on Shia’s forehead. Shia bent backward as though she was just sniped on her forehead. She was holding her head saying 「NUOOOOOH, my brain is shakiiing!?」 while arching like a bridge.

「Uu, why is it I’m unable to defend against Hajime-san’s tsukkomi? The current me is alert and my physical ability is also increased, so just a finger flick shouldn’t be this painful……」

「That’s because it’s “Super Penetrating Finger Flick” after all. I have a lot of penetrating type skill to transmit impact to the inside that I mastered for your sake.」

「……Why is that, for my sake?」

Shia’s posture was flexibly returning from the bridge shape to normal while she asked with fixed stare.

Hajime returned a complicated expression in response.

「Because you, ain’t you a Termin○tor bunny who made *kan-* sound when fired with normal bullet and repelled it like it’s a normal thing. Railgun is too dangerous, and as expected I don’t want to seriously try to hit you. In that case, I’ll need a technique that can go through you to a certain degree even if it’s just a blow right?」

Just as Hajime said, Shia in a state using “Steel Clothes” could use her flesh body to repel attack if it was just at the level of normal bullet. Although the bullet wasn’t electromagnetically accelerated, as expected even Hajime would look at Shia with twitching expression thinking 「This girl ain’t living thing anymore」 when a bullet made *kan-* sound and got deflected back at training time.

Although, Hajime was also a man. He didn’t want to take the option of not doing anything while his card was sealed by his lover. There, so that he could inflict a telling blow even against Shia in the state of “Or rather this rabbit, don’t mention blade, even bullet doesn’t work anymore, seriously”, he mastered a technique of the type that penetrated to the body’s internal.

「U, unknowingly, I was strengthening Hajime-san even further.」

「Not just my artificial arm, I became able to do it even with my flesh body. I also developed a special stun bullet that give pain but no damage――I named it “Gag Bullet”.」

「What pointlessly high technological strength.」

‘Wait, that’s not the point!’, Shia returned the deviating talk back on track.

「If Hajime-san isn’t trying to avert your eyes from particularly harsh reality, then why the heck you are going to leap head first into your own death?」

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Hajime’s answer toward Shia’s question was extremely simple.

「No, I’m not gonna die.」

「Eh, no, but…」

Certainly, Shia’s Future Sight that informed her of her death had activated. Thus Shia couldn’t hide her bewilderment toward Hajime who for some reason was convinced that he wasn’t going to die.

Hajime spoke the truth toward such Shia with an exasperated face.

「Now see here, try recalling it carefully. That ability of yours, it’s simply showing “the possibility of death” in the end, it’s not like it’s settled that you are really going to die for sure if you are following that path.」


「For example……try remembering when you saved Aiko at the city of Ur. At that time you should see the image of you pierced by the magic of a devil race together with Aiko and die.」

「That’s right. Because I was accidentally on the line of fire. But but, I was saved because I avoided that future you know?」

「What are you saying. You wouldn’t die even if you didn’t dodge for sure. At your position that time, even if your heart was pierced, I got the god water on hand y’know?」


Shia finally guessed what Hajime was trying to say.

Yes, regarding the happening that connected to Shia’s death, her “vision of death” didn’t go as far as including the “response” after that to make the judgment whether she would die or not. Till the end it was only showing her the happening that was directly connected to her death.

At that time, Shia got hit directly by the magic and got lethally wounded. Certainly, if after that “nothing was done to her”, even if it was Shia, no matter how tough her body and life force were, she should be died.

However, if she was made to drink god water by Hajime, naturally she would be saved.

In other words, other than “evading beforehand” the happening that would directly connect to her death, “the vision of death” could also be averted by “evading death by dealing with the aftermath”.

「Certainly, the inside of this metal box could possibly kill us if we are planning to get killed obediently. But, naturally we are going to react, so, well, surely we aren’t going to die.」

「Uu~, I see desu. We also have healing medicine here.」

「Of course, this is “something” in the level that expose me who have resistance against poison and you with your bugged physical ability to danger. It’s possible that our countermeasure might not be effective but……」

There Hajime paused for a moment, then with smartphone on one hand,

「Even if we die, it’s fine if we are resurrected.」

「Ah, yes. That’s right isn’t it.」

That thing that was referred with light tone as though saying ‘if there is no bread then~’ was――resurrection of the dead.

Actually, one of the smartphone’s functions was to continuously take the vital data of the owner, and in the case the owner’s vital entered critical stage because of some abnormality, the smartphone would automatically open a small gate.

What would fly out from the gate, was the light of the satellite type resurrection magic radiator artifact operating outside the earth’s atmosphere――Bel Agarta.

Today too Bel Agartalight of blessing and ressurection was shining above the head of the demon king. That’s why it’s okay even if you die isn’t it! You will be able to come back to life you know!

「And so, just in case, I’ll put up a barrier and try to open it quickly now.」

「U, uu~. I, guess. I understand that it’s all right but……」

Even though she was the bug bunny who always made do somehow with fighting spirit, but now she was being really indecisive. Her rabbit ears were timidly moving limply *henyon henyon*. Her rabbit ears were telling 「But still, in the vision Hajime-san somehow looked really suffering see~, it’s fine even if that box isn’t opened I think~」 more eloquently than anything.

Honestly speaking, for Hajime even if he was told that this thing might possibly kill him, but at the end it would be no problem at all with the light of resurrection magic, so he wasn’t worried at all and his curiosity won out.

Conversely speaking, it also meant that he was purposefully going to risk danger just because of curiosity.

(This is troubling……I didn’t intend to cause her to make that kind of face though…… Did I get too high spirited?)

Hajime wouldn’t keep insisting until it made Shia worried. Above all else, it also could be said that his sense of danger was slightly dimming just because they were in earth. Perhaps he was unknowingly being too conceited. Thinking that, Hajime smiled bitterly at Shia whose rabbit ears were still going *henyon henyon*.

「I got it already Shia. I won’t open it. I also don’t have the intention of ending up like Pandora.」

「Hajime-san……ehehe, that’s right. That way is better desu.」

The expression of Shia who sensed he was considering her feeling burst open into wide and loose grin *nihee~*. She immediately hugged Hajime’s arm and rubbed her rabbit ears on him. Though Hajime’s expression became really conflicted when rabbit fur entered inside his mouth.

「Although, I wonder what’s the deal with this. If those guys above are aiming for this thing, they surely don’t have decent thinking.」

「Honestly speaking, I want to just leave this thing here untouched but……it feels like those guys absolutely will reach until this far.」

「Leaving it as it is certainly isn’t a smart plan. Yosh, we couldn’t snatch ahead any precious treasure, but let’s implement that.」

「The phantom thief “Demon King and Rabbit”! Isn’t it!」

The highly murderous treasure that was being searched by a company. There was no way such thing could just be handed over to them carelessly, so the two would take only the metal box with them.

While they were at it, just like their initial plan, they would leave behind a message that would without a doubt rub the wrong way the nerves of Wilford and co who would arrive here with exultation after struggling through mountains of lethal traps.

Hajime was starting to carve letters using transmutation magic on the wall at the deepest room. Shia was glancing at that while staring fixedly at the completely decayed corpse.

「You have been all alone for a long time all this time under this kind of dark underground aren’t you……just who and where did you come from, with what kind of feeling you were staying here I wonder.」

Somehow the image of the blonde haired crimson eyed vampire princess who was her beloved friend and also big sister passed through the back of her mind.

Shia crouched beside the silent corpse and stared unmovingly at the corpse. And then, she suddenly reached out with her hand and embraced the corpse as though she was hugging an ornament. She was thinking that at the very least she would bury the corpse in the land on the surface near the ruin.



「……Shia. What did you do?」

Shia’s rabbit ears jumped up *usa-!?*. At the same time Hajime who was in the middle of carving letters was asking while turning around with stiff movement like a machine that hadn’t been oiled. His expression was greatly convulsing.

「N, no, I didn’t do anything……I was just, wanting to bring this corpse-san to the surface――」

She was thinking of bringing it together with them to the surface……those very kind words were interrupted by the sound of rumbling ground right after that.

When Hajime and Shia simultaneously looked at the place where the corpse was at, only the part of the stone paved floor below the corpse was rising up slightly from the other part of the floor.

No matter how they looked, it was a trap that was activated by the change of weight.

Even though the trap didn’t move even when the metal box was taken, but when the corpse was taken it moved. Hajime and Shia’s eyes were twitching from that fact.

The rumble of the ground was gradually growing bigger. Slipping amidst the sound, *slosh slosh* such watery sound was starting to be audible.

It came exactly from the wall that Haijme was currently carving letters on.

Hajime returned his gaze to the wall. Water was seeping out from the whole wall. At the same time, *snap-crack crack* cracks were entering the wall.

「No way」

「My good will is betrayed! Desuu!」

Hajime’s mouth twitched, while Shia tossed away the corpse, it was at that moment.

Roaring sound!

Water flew out with terrific momentum from the wall that crumbled in one go. The wall surface became a wall of water that surged forward with vast amount of water. That momentum was like a ruptured dam!

「Absurd déjà vu!?」

「It doesn’t need to resemble Raisen Great Labyrinth even in this aspect desuuuuuuuu-」

Hajime and Shia had their feet scooped from under them and washed away by the terrific water current that was like flash flood. They were pushed out from the room and like that they were washed through the underground labyrinth following the path they came from.

The two were jostled inside the water.

They were restoring their stance somehow while taking out their face to the water surface.

「Puhah. Shia! Are you safeee!?」

「Kefuu! I’m fine desuu!」

They confirmed each other’s safety while being washed away. Hajime immediately made his Treasure Warehouse shined to open a gate for escaping quickly.

But, before he could take it out,

「Wha-!? Re, retreaaat! Run away! HURRYYYYY-」

A scream resounded from the front. Looking there, Wilford and others were there with convulsing face! It seemed they had finished the excavation and were advancing through the underground labyrinth.

They showed their back in panic toward the flash flood that was advancing from the front and started running.

But, there was no way the speed of human’s running speed could match the speed of flash flood.

Wilford and others were swallowed instantly by the violent current. Wilford who brought his face out to the surface met the eyes of Hajime.

「!? The young man from today!? Why are you here!?」

「Just passing through.」

「That’s just too unusual!」

Whether it was this situation, or Hajime’s answer too.

Wilford wanted to question just what was going on, but naturally he had no such leeway, he was immediately swallowed by the fierce current and submerged once more.

And then, Hajime too, just before he could take out the Crystal Key, because the floor widely opened its lid, he was falling right downward as though swallowed by stream of falling waterfall while yelling 「Aa~!」. Shia too also yelled 「Abaa~!」 while getting swallowed by the waterfall.

All the people inside the underground labyrinth were following the guidance of the water and got washed away to somewhere without exception.




At the surface near the ancient ruin, along the river.

Suddenly, the shoal at the riverbed near the bank bubbled. *Blub blub blub* Bubbles were generated intensely.

The next moment, water pillar burst out as though piercing the sky. The riverbed was blown up and violent amount of water rose to the sky along with mud.

And then,



A pair of man and woman flew out. The two who floated high in the sky raised a grand scream……one of them sounded cheerful for some reason, but putting that aside, the two raised their voice while flying out, and then *splosh!* they fell toward shoal.

Next, along with screams like 「GYAAAAH」 or 「OH GOOOOOODD」 or 「MAMAA―――!!」, men were flying out one after another.

They too were falling toward the shoal along the river with *splish splash* sound.

「That was a terrible experience. As I thought, it must be that, I’ve gotta reflect a little. I understand really well that I’m omitting various mistakes just because this is earth.」

「Ahaha, certainly we might have been a bit conceited there~. But but, personally I was having a lot of fun in though! Besides, this time I’m not drowned!」


Hajime stood up and wrung out water from his clothes with a wry smile, while Shia was laughing in high tension cheerfully and hyperactively.

There, a voice mixed with groan reached them.

「Kuh, this is why what is called life is always moving to unpredictable direction……wait, young man! Can I ask you to explain just what in the world is going on!」

Wilford stood up while spraying up water everywhere. The armed men and Brandon and others, a total of fifteen people who were also washed away together were standing up while shaking their head that was choking from almost drowning.

It seemed that a considerable number of the local people were also safely (?) washed away, they were standing up while groaning and looking at Hajime and Shia with dubious expression.

‘Now then, how to answer this’, Hajime and Shia were deliberating while looking at each other’s face, it was then,

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「-! You two……what’s that? Where did you find it?」

Wilford’s eyes narrowed quietly. He was staring hard at the black metal box Hajime was carrying.

「It’s our lunch box. It will be noon before long after all.」

「You think there is any lunch box that is welded shut!? Your answer is too unusual there! Even if you are going to lie, think about it a bit more!」

Wilford-san unexpectedly might have straight man attribute.

Wilford coughed once and calmed his heart somehow, then he suddenly pasted a cheerful smile on his face and he opened his mouth.

「At this occasion, let’s put aside about who are you two or how did you two come ahead of us. Let’s continue the negotiation at the restaurant. Won’t you hand over that box to us? I will pay as much money as you wish.」

Even after coming this far searching by spending vast amount of expense and effort, at this point Wilford was still attempting to solve it with money. Seeing that, perhaps Wilford could still be called as a rational human.

Although, inside his eyes a terrifying level of coldness could be seen appearing and disappearing. Most likely this monetary negotiation was his last warning. Only this time, he didn’t plan to withdraw like the time with the boat negotiation.

Before giving the answer, Shia asked.

「Do you know what is inside this box?」

「Of course I know. How about you two? If not, there is no way you will obtain it in this timing.」

「Then, what are Luffy-san and others planning to do with this dangerous object?」

「Do you mean me when you say Luffy?」

「What is Luffy-san planning to do with this dangerous object?」

「No, see, my name is Wilford――」

「What is pirate king-san planning to do with this dangerous object?」

「Who are you calling the rub○er man who ate rubber ○bber fruit!?」

Wiflord-san. It seemed he was also knowledgable with subculture. Or rather, perhaps it was a certain work that was too famous. And then, as expected he had straight man attribute.

「Cough-. About your question of what I’m planning to do with that, that’s not my place to know. I am just an unworthy company employee. I will even do adventure if it’s the company order, but the result of it will be decided by the company.」

「Uu~n. A company that know what is inside this and employ something like an armed group……it doesn’t look like something decent isn’t iiit.」

「There is no need for you two to be bothered about that right? Now, how about we do a business here. I will be able to complete my job, and you two will be able to obtain a vast compensation. See, it’s a win-win relationship.」

‘What to do?’ Shia looked at Hajime questioningly. Hajime shrugged. Shia understood just from that.

She couldn’t imagine a satisfactory future from handing this kind of dangerous object to this kind of suspicious company. If in the small chance that one day someone related to them get harmed by it somewhere, it surely wouldn’t end with just a regret that made them wanted to punch themselves.

They didn’t need money or anything. There didn’t exist any reason for them to hand it over intentionally. Thinking of the worst case, rather they had greater reason to not hand it over. Even if for example, the company of Wilford and co was thinking to use it for the sake of some kind of good deed, they could just investigate it later and then handed it to them when it seemed like there would be no problem.

In any case, it was out of question to exchange this object with money here.

「By the way, what will happen if we refuse?」

「I don’t recommend that. It’s the most not smart thing you could do. Don’t you think so?」

When Wilford waved his hand, the men readied their gun. Furthermore, the water blast just now must be visible. There was a presence of a lot of people from the direction of the ruin rushing this way.

「I see, it’s easy to understand.」

「It’s the best to take simple approach at everything. After all human’s life is already full of unexpected things even at the best of time.」

They grinned widely at each other. The smile similarly didn’t reach their eyes at all.

A moment later.

A single gunshot instantly rang out. The sound that sounded as though it was slightly lengthened was the proof of a godspeed quick draw. Six bullets directly hit the leg or shoulder of six armed me!

There wasn’t any miss, or even any consideration of the opponent’s life entered into the attack. The aim was only one. Because the impact shifted the gun muzzle of the men that were shot. The remaining armed men were at the end of the shifted muzzles. The trigger that was pulled reflexively attacked them.


「Stupid idiot-」

Chaos descended instantly. Wilford took out a handgun with speed unbecoming for a businessman. When Wilford aimed at Hajime, Hajime dropped something cylindrical at the same time.

Right after that, *bowanh* intense white smoke enveloped Hajime and Shia, their figure was hidden instantly.

Wilford pulled his trigger repeatedly without minding that. Bursting sound echoed and the white smoke was pierced one after another.

But, there wasn’t any scream or the sound of person falling.

Wind blew a beat later and the white smoke was washed away.

「Chih, they ran.」

There was no one when the white smoke was cleared. The armed men for some reason raised their voice 「Ou! Japanese ninja!」 in high tension.

「This is not the time for admiration! They are still nearby! If they are running away they should be using that boat! We are going back to the boats too! Hurry!」

The armed men also moved out hurriedly hearing Wilford’s command.




On the other hand.

Just as Wilford predicted, Hajime and Shia moved until the nearby riverbank, from there Hajime took out Triana and boarded it to descend the river.

「How unexpected~」

Shia whose rabbit ears were flapping from the wind was talking to Hajime who was steering the boat.

「I thought Hajime-san will surely make them all into feed for the fish.」

「Oi Shia. How many times I should say it until you understand. I am an exemplary Japanese person who is virtuous and peaceful y’know. There is no way I’ll mass produce gunshot corpse in that place where there are a lot of locals who are just hired.」

「Put it another way, if there are no locals, Hajime-san will be an exemplary Japanese person who will slaughter everyone isn’t it? I get it.」

It was already exemplary by the point of time he didn’t erase the witness too. Perhaps Hajime personally wanted to say that.

「And, what will we do after this?」

「I am intentionally using Triana and not using gate to withdraw from this area is to decided that too. Aren’t they going to come soon?」

The boat’s cruising speed was really relaxed for someone in escape, but it seemed the reason for that was because Hajime was waiting for pursuer.

Shia’s rabbit ears were perceiving the motor boat engine sound and the sound of water spray. Looking back, they could see the sight of Wilford and others riding five boats chasing after them.

The boats were only the high performance boat that Wilford and co had prepared beforehand, and the people riding it were also only foreigners armed with firearms. It appeared they left behind the locals because they would only be a hindrance.

「I see……the witnesses, is gone now.」

‘Aa~aa’, Shia looked up to the sky with face that seemed to say that.

Even while she was like that, the boats of Wilford and others were closing the distance. And then, next they mercilessly fired. *dadada-dadada-* The bullets that were fired from semi-auto rifles caused the water surface around Triana to splash.

「Waa~~, they are firing at uuus~, like this I have no other choice except losing myself in counterattacking yeaaah~」

「Uwaa~, that sounds really monotone desuu~. Who are you making that guarantee too? There is a limit even in being shameless you know!」

Even Shia’s tsukkomi was only treated like a passing wind, Hajime grinned wiiidely and pulled out Donner and pulled the trigger toward the boat that was running in parallel to them right now.

There were three armed men riding on the boat. What they were readying to fire were the latest rifles. The bullets of Donner were flying into the muffles as though getting sucked into it.

The men’s hand and shoulder area were turned into pitiful state. Terrible scream echoed between the river spray, but Hajime-san mercilessly aimed at the fuel tank and pulled the trigger.

The bullet that flew in accurately was a Burst Bullet. The exploding bullet turned the fuel tank into small explosive and caused large explosion. The impact caused the boat to somersault. Because the boat was going at high speed, it danced in the air like a leaf fanned by the headwind, accompanied with the blood soaked men.

Wilford and co were dumbfounded in a daze while they reflexively tried to escape from the line of fire. They circled behind Triana.

「I’m glad I brought the sea mine’s complete set. Kaclick.」

The red button that had ‘Don’t push it! Absolutely don’t push it!’ written on it went *click-*. Countless sea mines were pouring out from the back of the ship!

Those things that mixed into the jet water current of Triana and flowed backward couldn’t be avoided by the nearest boat.

Thunderous sound. A large boat danced in the air once more. It backflipped many times. Incidentally people also flew in the sky. Beautiful, they were drawing a beautiful parabola arc.

Wilford and others were passing through with convulsing expression under the arch that was decorated by boat, flame blast, water spray, and then men with the white of their eyes bared open.

「Disperse! Disperse now!」

Wilford’s angry yell reached until Hajime and Shia. Wilford who always looked calm now looked desperate.

Two boats raised their speed and sprang out to in front of Triana. The men on board aimed their rifles.

「Sentori-sensei! Please-」

「Hajime-san’s tension is high!? Are you that happy that you can use weapon!? Is that it!?」

*Gashon-!* Sentori-senseiSentry Gun showed up. ‘Anything and everything that move will be wrecked yeah!’ It was volley firing as though to say that!

「Hiih, get down! Get down!」

「Get out from the firing line! Quick-」

「What the hell is that boat!」

「Are those two from MI6 huh!? There must be Q behind them!」

Rain of bullet passed through above the head of the men who noisily got down on the boat’s floor. The edge of the boat was pulverized in the blink of eye.

「Sheet-, if it’s like this then only desperate measure is left!」

One person took out a rocket launcher from the box on the boat’s bottom while lying down. And then, he took the chance while Sentori-sensei was reloading to stand up, and aimed the muzzle at Triana.


He saw it.

*Shaaaaaa-* A tubular object heading their way from underwater showing the glimpses of its figure on the water surface.

‘Eeeeh? I had saw that thing before somewhere……wait, NOOOOOOOO-!’

The man tossed away the launcher and jumped out from the boat without hesitation.

The men must be excellent mercenaries (?). Their expression changed when they saw their comrades swiftly escaped from the boat wordlessly, then without hesitation they similarly jumped toward the river without delay.

Right after that, the torpedo impacted.

Two boats, decorated with flame blast while dancing midair.

「Is this a joke! Even being unexpected has a limit! Damn it all!」

Wilford threw his dramatic flair to the wind and evaded the falling boat while doggedly pursuing from behind. He shook the boat left and right diagonally behind Triana while shooting his handgun.

Surprisingly, regardless of being above shaking boat, what’s more while the boat was meandering left and right, his aim was terrifyingly accurate. Even by mistake it wasn’t a stunt that a mere businessman could do.

Although, a monster who could easily surpass that terrifying skill was right here.

*DopaaaN-!* Together with that slightly lengthened gunshot sound, sparks scattered in the air between the last boat Wilford was riding and Triana.


Wilford reflexively leaked out a stupid sounding voice.

For the time being he changed his gun’s magazine and fired three consecutive shots.

Sparks were generated midair once more.

Looking carefully, there was the figure of Hajime steering the boat while holding a large revolver in one hand, its muzzle aimed to his back.

「That’s impossible……」

Wilford denied the most possible event by himself. It was only reasonable. Just who in the world would be able to believe that bullet could be shot down by another bullet.

「Impossible! That’s not at the level of being unexpected anymore! Eei, you, lend me that!」

「Ye, yes.」

Wilford snatched a rifle from the man beside him, he firmly put the stock on his shoulder and fixed it there, then he fired repeatedly in full auto mode. As though to deny reality, the strength he put into the finger pulling tight on the trigger was abnormal.


A smile that was obviously fearless even from afar. What was pulled out was one more large revolver. It was directed to behind matching Donner that had been reloaded without anyone noticing.

Once more there was two lengthened bursting sounds. The fired bullets were twelve pieces.

In contrast the magazine of the rifle Wilford was using had thirty shots.

Even if for example an impossible phenomenon occurred, it was obvious which side would won seeing from the simple difference in quantity.

Regardless of that, Wilford witnessed it.

The countless sparks dancing madly midair. And then, the sight of not even a single bullet he fired reached the target. No bullet even scratched the boat’s frame!

Furthermore. When he moved his gaze toward the impact sound, there was bullet hole created on his boat’s engine part. White smoke was spewing out. He didn’t know if Hajime intentionally aimed there, but it seemed that even his boat’s engine was destroyed additionally.

In addition, the cause that overturned the difference in quantity was simple. One bullet from Hajime intercepted two~three shots altogether. It was the so called reflection shot. After a bullet deflected the first bullet, its trajectory would change and deflected other bullet again. It was just like playing billiard.

The sound of engine stopped, and a voice resounded in the place that became quiet.

「Now then, self-proclaimed businessman. Won’t you talk a little bit with me?」

Even though Hajime was reloading slowly, Wilford and his men didn’t have the slightest intention to take advantage of that opening.

Triana was approaching toward their boat that was dead on water. Hajime-san was grinning widely.

Although Wilford’s face was absurdly convulsing, he somehow returned a smile.

「Yes, with pleasure!」

He responded to the dialogue invitation.



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