Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 291 — Arifureta After III - Urgent Thanks Planning Yue’s Diary 3

Chapter 291: Arifureta After III - Urgent Thanks Planning Yue’s Diary 3

――December ○ Day

It seemed in Japan the last month of the year, December is called as ‘shiwasu’. (Note: Shiwasu (師走), the first kanji mean teacher/mentor, while the second kanji mean run)

When I asked Hajime the meaning of it, the end of the year will be busy because of things, that even a “teacher” who is usually calm will be running around busily, something like that? That was what Hajime taught me. It seemed he doesn’t know the exact reason though.

I see.


Busy, is it……


――December X Day

Tio and Remia recently are looking really busy.

It seems that the clothing and jewelry shop they are managing is really booming. It looks like they are going to open a shop dedicated for kids within the year, and for the start of it they will do something like kids fashion show.

It seems that Myuu will serve as the vanguard for that.

Today too they were making Myuu trying on clothes for fashion show one after another. Myuu is floundering while nearly drowning.

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Adorable! Surely an angel will descend at the end of the year fashion show!


――December △ Day

Recently Kaori is looking busy, so I cannot really prank her.

Damn you, even though you are just Kaori, but making light of me like this, how cheeky.

I hear that she is following around Yaegashi family that wants to end the dispute within the year or something. It seems that quite a lot of injured appear, so she is busily serving the role as healer.

Come to think of it, Shizuku is making a really tired face isn’t she……

As expected from Yaegashi family. They being a combat race aren’t just for show.


……I wonder, will both of them quickly get free time……


――December @ Day

Recently Hajime isn’t giving me attention.

It seems that Otou-samafather-in-law’s company is now like a scene of carnage.

It looks like they want to release the newly created game within the year. Both father and son won’t come home.


And so, today I’m going to bring them supply.

I dislike going to Otou-sama’s company but……this is in order to stay at Hajime’s side.

I am Yue. Even if the staffs-san of Otou-sama’s company came praying at me as though I am a founder of a new religion each time they met me, or even if I’m really troubled when they came worshipping saying 「The healing came! Our goddess of healing has descended!」, I am a woman who won’t withdraw for the sake of my husband!

Although, it’s troubling that it became great commotion every time, so this time I’m putting on the glasses of recognition obstruction.

I was normally noticed.

「Glasses girl Yue-sama has descended!」 Like that it became a great commotion.

Otou-sama said 「Yue-chan, thank you for coming! Everyone is half-dead already, but this is a more effective vitality restoration than energy drink or caffeine! We can still fight!」 happily, so I’m glad but……

Perhaps I should say that it’s as expected from the subordinates of Otou-sama.

For them to easily ignore the recognition obstruction artifact of Hajime……

Hajime is frequently going 「Just how in the world……」 while tilting his head in puzzlement.

Anyway, after that Hajime care for me a little so I’m satisfied.

It seems that the battle against deadline? is still continuing.

I sent an encouraging yell of thank your for their hard work before going home quickly, but if I can say my true feeling, I wish he will finish quickly and stay at my side.


――December # Day

Shia crossed over to Tortus.

I hear that Hauria clan is quarreling with the empire. She is going to assist with resolving it.

I told her if I should help out, but she said 「It’s okay. If it become troublesome then I’ll just mow down both sides!」 before she energetically slipped through the gate.

It looks like she will stay at the other side for a while.

When the mood maker Shia is gone, as expected, Nagumo house feels like it become quiet somehow.

……Damn Shia.

How cheeky of her to leave me behind.

Even though I told her that I’ll help out, it should be fine to not refuse……


――December ☆ Day

The occasion of everyone being away from home become a lot.

Because it’s Decembershiwasu.

Because they are busy.

Because, they are busy……



Eh? I’m, not busy though?


――December ◇ Day

Aaa, I’m reeeally busy!

In the place of everyone who are away from house, I’m doing the cleaning, the washing, sending things to them, aaa, I’m reeeally busy!


――December □ Day

I said a lie.

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I’m not busy, at all.

Because, when I’m thinking of doing something, it will be generally over in a flash using magic.

Because the electrical appliances of Nagumo house are artifact, it doesn’t take effort or time at all.

Today too, everyone except me seems busy……


――December $ Day

Right now, I am flapping around, rolling around on the bed, while writing diary.

Then, I suddenly thought.

Could it be I’m……



――December ※ Day

Today, I tried asking Okaa-samamother-in-law.

Am I, a NEET vampire princess? I asked.

Okaa-sama was dumbfounded. Then she exploded into a laugh so great she is rolling around on the floor.

I don’t understand.

According to Okaa-sama, the cheat heroine vampire princess from another world, getting bothered that she might be a deadbeat is just too serial, and it hit right on her funny spot.

Okaa-sama was laughing with teary eyes.

For now, I’m sitting at the corner of the room, hugging my knees, while facing the wall.

I’m feeling not wanting to do anything for a while.


――December ☆ Day

Okaa-sama is inviting me while grinning widely.

Amazingly, it seems that the shoujo mangagirl comic Okaa-sama is working on will get an anime. It appears that she is busy with various things, like the preparatory meeting and the like. She told me that she want me to become like her assistance, doing secretarial thing.

What consideration.

Okaa-sama! I love you! The vampire princess get a job!

I am the assistant Yue. The perfect secretary of Okaa-sama!

I cannot stay like this. In order to become useful for Okaa-sama, first I have to fix my appearance properly! This isn’t the time to wear a sulking jersey!


――December 〒 Day

Today, I accompanied Okaa-sama’s work.

It’s strange to say it myself but, I believe that I was a perfect secretary.

I became adult version using metamorphosis magic, wore stylish suit smartly, I also bundled up my hair crisply, and put on a sharp glasses as insurance runs. No matter from where and how anyone look, it was the secretary Yue.

Not just appearance, I casually guessed what Okaa-sama is looking for using soul magic and made preparation ahead.

In order to give the other party good impression, I smiled a lot more than usual.

Even if I don’t have needed thing in hand, I could take it out quickly using space magic.

……How dreadful.

My own perfect way of working, is dreadful!

Perhaps being a secretary, is my hidden vocation.

But, what concerned me though, was how Okaa-sama was smiling wryly for some reason, and it felt like all the staff-san of the other side had their gaze fixed on me the whole time……


……Okaa-sama. Is secretary Yue, not needed anymore?


――December ? Day

O Nagumo house! Everyone came home!

Their expression was tired, but it seemed that everyone finished their business safely.

It became a gathering of the whole family after so long.

I heard various story from them. Looks like everyone had it difficult.

……Having the whole family present is happiness.

There is no doubt that I’m happy.

No doubt about it, but……

It feels like the fundamental problem isn’t resolved.

Is it mistaken for a vampire princess of another world to be a NEET?

Thinking that, at night, I went to consult Hajime.

I’m anxious about the future. Is it all right for me to stay a NEET like this? Should I do something like part-time job?

Hajime rolled around with laughter. Damn you, Hajime. Even though I consulted you while enduring shame that almost break through the heaven. The reaction of parent and child is really similar.

Like that, when I stared at Hajime resentfully, Hajime apologized 「My bad, my bad」 while he also apologized 「It was my bad that I made you feel lonely」.

It was a fact that I was lonely, but it’s not like he need to apologize for that.

Just, I only thought a bit if I too can say 「I did xxx」, then how nice that would be.

When I told him so, Hajime talked with a preface of 「Yue is unexpectedly a person who is brimming with curiosity, so isn’t it fine if you try your hand on everything from A to Z that caught your interest? And so basically……」, and then he,

「’I’m a fulltime housewife’, isn’t it fine even if you say that?」

Sheesh Hajime, he said such thing looking a bit embarrassed.

It felt like scale had fallen off from my eyes.

Housewife. Fulltime housewife. The yamato nadeshiko wife who is waiting for her husband’s return!!

The murkiness in my heart cleared up all at once.

I am Yue. The cheat fulltime housewife vampire princess!

For now, as the duty of the housewife, I’ll push down my husband and receive him deliciously.


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