Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 297 — Arifureta After III — Fleur Knights

Chapter 297: Arifureta After III - Fleur Knights

Everyone of Nagumo family was relaxing as they liked in the big lodging that was a hideout for protection target owned by the public safety.

It was the night where autumn had also ended, furthermore when it was deep inside a mountain, the air would be getting colder in its own way, but fortunately there was an antique fireplace, firewood was blazing up there even now, warming the air without pause.

Naturally the members of Nagumo family were also gathering near the fireplace.

「Knight to A5. Charge at healing master on D5!」

「Aah, my healing master is skewered! Furthermore it’s tossed away like trash until outside the board! Cruel!」

On both sides of a largish game board, Yue and Kaori were glaring at the board surface. The two were amusing themselves with another world version chess.

The basic of the rule was similar with the chess of earth, but most of the parts were in a way that was characteristic of another world.

For example, the variety of piece was abundant, the player could set the kind of piece and their positioning in each game, there was growth system for the pieces themselves, for example even if a piece was in a position that could take the opponent’s piece they could have the table turned on them, the game board could have its field set up with game things, there were advantageous and disadvantageous fields for each job……

Anyway, it was reproducing a real war with quite high degree of realistically.

And then, the greatest feature of this game was,

『Why-, why did you kill heeer! She is your little sister!』

『Hmph. I have long age severed something useless like family tie. My loyalty to my king is absolute! No matter who is my opponent, if they stand in my way I will pulverize them!』

『This stupid idiot! That girl-, if this war is over, she said that she is going to live together again with her big brother someday. She was smiling when she said that-』

Like that, it had a feature where fellow pieces would act a drama every time.

Just now, the little sister who defected because she was unable to endure the despotic rule of the king at Yue’s side was reunited with her big brother, a knight serving that king in the battlefield. The big brother murdered the little sister, then he argued with a knight in Kaori’s side who was in love with that little sister-chan.

It appeared it was the big brother who made the little sister defected, then he promised that he would follow her for sure, and yet he changed his mind……that seemed to be the setting.

「How awful-, as expected from Yue, how awful!」

「……Kaori. It’s not a setting that I thought of. The game’s drama is completely randomized.」

「Right now I’m doubting that setting. Because, Yue, you also aimed at the healing master right from the start before this too! Surely you are using soul magic or something to read the player’s heart! Yue’s desire is reflected into the story!」

「……It’s just a coincidence. Healing master should die, no mercy, is not what I’m thinking.」

「Lies! That’s a~bsolutely a lie! I know the truth! Each time Yue play this game, first of all you will always check the healing master’s position! I know it from your gaze’s movement!」

「……Kaori. You are just tired.」

「Shut up!」

While they were making racket ‘gyaasu gyaasu’ like that, actually the frequency of these two intimately playing game together was the highest. Hajime and co felt warm seeing the sight that exactly the same like usual.

Shia was sitting on a rocking chair in front of the fireplace. She was rocking *sw~ay sw~ay* back and forth while her rabbit ears were also doing *sw~ay sw~ay* at the same time. She asked Hajime without moving her gaze from the knitted material in her hands.

「Hajime-san, what is actually going on with that game? Is the game reading the player’s emotion to set up the story?」

「No, there is no such setting, should be. All of the inserted stories are love and hate drama, family quarrel, and so on, things like the soap opera story. The players are only projecting themselves into it arbitrarily.」

Hajime who was putting Myuu on his lap while playing a laptop together answered like that a bit lacking in self-confidence.

By the way, right now he was doing together with Myuu was a simulation game of building a country. He was beta testing the new game that Shuu’s company was making.

It was possible to build a country with quite high degree of freedom, but Myuu said 「Military power is everything for country’s strength」 and she only concentrated in augmenting military affair like defensive wall or weapon development.

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Even when Hajime tried to casually insert a heartwarming setting like “Ani○al Crossing”, Myuu would say 「My, as expected of papa nano, placing the beastmen in frontline by makin them pretend to cultivate a new land」. Her thought was leaning to military affair as expected.

Just where is this child going, what kind of direction her growth is heading to……

Hajime papa was a bit worried.

Shuu who had personal opinion about the game sharply noticed Hajime’s unusual lack of confidence and tilted his head.

「What’s the matter Hajime? You said “should be”, isn’t this a game you made?」

「No, you’re wrong Tou-san. This another world version chess isn’t something I created. Oscar Orcus……that founder of Orcus great labyrinth was the creator. When I was at the abyss’s hideout, I found it from Oscar’s Treasure Warehouse. I often played it with Yue to kill time.」

Hearing those words, 「What the, this is the first time I see an artifact who is made by anyone other than Hajime」, not just Shuu, the others were also showing surprised expression.

「However, that Oscar too, why didst he maketh this kind of bizarre game setting. No, the greatness of his skill art conveyed but……」

「You’re right. When we went to Tortus travel before this, in the past image at Orcus’s hideout that you showed to us……I got the impression that he was more like a serious young man though.」

When Tio tilted her head in puzzlement 「Hmm?」, Shizuku also said 「Certainly」 while tilting her head because of the difference from her impression.

「……Well, I can imagine it. It must be Miledy butting in anyway, making him to add the drama setting. This annoyingness of unrolling soap opera story each time the pieces clashed that must be painstakingly created……I cannot think of anyone than her who would do this.」

Hearing Hajime’s words, everyone went 「Even though she was the world’s protector huh~」 with distant look while also accepting it.

「Everyone, how about a second helping of warm café au lait?」

Remia returned from the kitchen with both her hands holding a tray. Several mugs were placed on the tray with hot steam rising up from them. At the same time, slightly sweet scent tickled the nose.

「Remia-chan, nice! Sumire-okaachan love Remia-chan who is attentive like that you know~. Also, if there is some cookie too then I’ll be even more happy~」

Sumire who was lying down while writing something on the tablet she was holding was demanding for second by holding up an empty mug in one hand and waving it around.

This mother of Nagumo family, after the barbeque was over and she finished taking bath, she hadn’t risen up even once since she started relaxing in front of the fireplace. She was rolling around all this time. It seemed she had zero motivation already for today to get up and did something.

A mother-in-law who was completely behaving like a spoilt child to her son’s wife……

It was a laziness that normally would become an impetus for daughter-in-law and mother-in-law conflict, but Remia smiled 「My my, ufufu」 like usual toward such Sumire. No, rather her smile was even warmer than usual. She said 「Of course I have prepared it~」 and then put down a mug and also cookies in a spot that was easy for Sumire to reach.

「Remia, don’t spoil Kaa-san too much. Once she get carried away she will act spoilt until just a step away of getting scolded.」

「My my. Isn’t that fine? We are in a middle of this trip that is hard to come by after all.」

Remia was smiling like a holy mother. Sumire rolled while saying 「I’m acting spoilt to Remia-chan because my son won’t spoil me~」 in respond.

By the way, Sumire was strangely skilled at determining where the line was. The demon king son let out a small sigh toward his mother whose laziness increased by thirty percent from the usual in this trip.

He accepted the café au lait from Remia, and in a good timing everyone put the mug together onto their mouth. Their throat gulped a bit of the content as though to taste it.

Everyone leaked out relaxed voice 「Hafuu」.

Then, as though to pour cold water to such laid back atmosphere, the ringtone of Hajime’s smartphone sounded. When Hajime took it while making a conflicted expression, there were the words “Fukube” in the display screen. He sighed even further while answering the call.

『Nagumo-san, the organizations has come you know?』

「They are quick. I thought it will take two or three days.」

『Unfortunately it seems they are full of competitive spirit. Though you all are at least able to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the first day.』

「Fukube-san too. You brought back quite a lot of meat behind Myuu’s back right? Didn’t you immerse yourself in the aftertaste of laidback dinner together with your subordinates?」

『Yes, I received a blissful time that I seldom experienced with the low salary of civil servant. My subordinates too are extremely thankful――』

「By the way, Myuu said 『Fukube, unforgivable. The grudge for meat cannot be forgotten nano』 you know?」

『I beg you to please mediate for us! It was a sudden impulse! I couldn’t possibly win against A5 rank meat!』

「Well, putting that aside――how many?」

Hajime smiled wryly at Fukube’s reaction, and then he asked with his atmosphere slightly changed. Fukube also changed his tone and answered.

『Just from what we can confirmed here, fifty two people has entered the mountain. From their equipment and positioning, there are four teams. All those teams must have different affiliations.』

「……A lot of people came huh. Any sign of them crushing each other?」

『None so far. Looks like they aren’t interfering with each other, first come first served. This is, their superiors has been talking about it before hand it seems. Although, it’s not clear how they will be act after one of them secure the target though.』

「Is this all of them?」

『No. There are also around three countries that came. They crossed the prefectural border some time ago. They are like fifteen minutes late.』

「So the total is less than a hundred people huh.」

『What will you do? We here are also prepared. If necessary we will send our force. It will be harsh to take all of them but, hunting one or two enemy teams is possible.』

Hajime showed a thinking gesture for a bit toward Fukube’s proposal.

The attackers must also understand that they were being lured seeing how Hajime and co came to this place in this kind of timing. In the first place, the hideout of the public safety being known was also because Fukube and others were leaking out the information.

Even so, for them to come simultaneously in a short time like this, they must be resolved. They should be moving with calculation that surpassed monitoring and the like already. The came with their elite force and fully equipped.

The special force of returnee response division was strong enough. They were elites among elites. After all, around the latter half of the returnee uproar they intercepted the subordinates of many countries with fierce efforts in order to not let the demon king personally took measures.

That was how much Japan also weightily considered the matter regarding the returnee uproar, and thus this division was formed……

Although, the scope of their duty was extensive, the personnel of returnee response division was scattered throughout the country, and even the whole world.

Just like what Fukube said previously, it was a fact that they were short of hand to be able to immediately deal with the sudden movement this time.

Although it was only after a fashion, but the personnel of response team was ally, and they had also came to know each other. Hajime didn’t feel the necessity to send them into a disadvantageous battle and caused pointless sacrifice.


「We are completely in relaxing mode here.」

『Yes? What did you say, Nagumo-san?』

Hearing Hajime’s small murmur, Fukube asked with a dubious tone.

Hajime didn’t answer that. When he looked around inside the room once more, everyone were being laidback while drinking Remia’s special café au lait with relish. Hajime was also the same.

Then, there.

「While presumptuous」

A refreshing voice resounded inside the room.

The woman voice who didn’t belong to anyone among the Nagumo family, and then the presence that appeared suddenly caused Myuu to raise her voice 「Pya!?」 and leaped up. Sumire, Shuu, Remia, and then also Liliana twitched.

When they turned their gaze toward the voice, unnoticed there was a maid-san behind the sofa where Hajime was sitting!

Liliana spontaneously yelled.


「It’s Heliotrope.」


The members of Nagumo family who was acquainted with Hellina who was the princess’s attendant greeted with 「Hellina-san?」「Long time no see」 and the like. Of course, without delay the maid corrected 「It’s Heliotrope」.

After everyone looked like they understood 「Ah, yes」, Heliotrope smiled sweetly, then she opened her mouth with her gaze directed at Hajime.

「I believe that there is no need to use everyone’s important family time for the sake of the like of those companies. Lord, please leave this to us.」

「I guess. The conception of Fleur Knights is also mostly completed. The matters at Tortus are mostly taken care of, and with Liliana’s situation like this you all were called to here……ok, the original duty of you all, Lily’s protection and the enemy’s elimination――I’ll leave it all to you. Do it.」

「Yes, my lord.」

Heliotrope bowed her head reverently and then like that her figure vanished quietly.

Hajime told Fukube at the other side of the call 「That’s how it is. You guys can get back to immersing yourself into the meat’s aftertaste now」. Fukube answered 「Roge~r」 happily and cut the call.

Hajime pocketed back his smartphone and brought the café au lait onto his mouth as though to say that the troublesome matter had been dealt with,


His movement stopped seeing the really complicated gaze of his wive~s.

They knew that Hajime was training a force that should even be called as imperial guards for the sake of Liliana. And also how the force was a maid corps.

Although, as a matter of fact today was the first time they genuinely witnessed a direct conversation between Hajime and the maid.

Just as Hajime said, the Fleur Knights’ activity was fundamentally at Tortus until now because there were duties here and there that were being carried on.

「I’ve thought of this even when meeting with Hellina-san in Tortus but……Hajime-kun, she felt completely different then when talking with us wasn’t it?」

「You really felt like her goshujin-sama wasn’t it, Hajime-san?」

「How enviable……」

「Hey, Hajime. It’s a maid force for Lily’s sake right? No matter how I look at it, it completely looks like she is serving Hajime though? What is the meaning of this I wonder?」

「Papa, will you be happy if Myuu is a maid nano? Is it better to call papa as goshujin-sama rather than papa nano?」

「My my, Hajime-san. Did you want maid-san for yourself so much like that?」

「That’s right isn’t it!? Everyone also think so right!? To begin with that Hellina, she is obviously delighted! She is really happy getting commanded by Hajime, it’s really incomparable with when I was the one who commanded her!」

Starting from Kaori who was giving him a fixed stare, Shia, Tio, Shizuku, Myuu, Remia, and Liliana were speaking vehemently. They were speaking as though Hajime was undoubtedly arranging a maid force for his own sake because of his hobby. No, he was obviously being under suspicion!

「There is no way that’s true. If I have preference for maid than rather than making Heliotrope and others wearing maid clothes, I’ll ask you all to wear――」

「……Oscar Orcus was a severe maid lover.」

Hajime who was making excuse with exasperated look was interrupted by Yue who spoke something that seemed unrelated. When everyone turned their gaze at her, Yue slowly stood up and spoke.

「……Before getting out of the abyss. When we were living in the hideout, there were times when Hajime vanished at midnight. What’s more, he even purposefully built an artifact to leave his presence inside the bed.」

「-, Yu, Yue. You see, that time――」

「……『Close your mouth Hajime』――and then one night, I who got concerned secretly tailed Hajime. Hajime was inside Oscar Orcus’s secret room. And then, I witnessed it.」

A surprise “Divine Statement”. Even Hajime would need a bit of time to resist it.

And then, everyone glanced at Hajime who strangely flustered while focusing on Yue. Like a detective cornering the culprit, Yue,

「……The figure of Hajime, getting engrossed with the maid golem that Oscar left behind! Hajime is the same like Oscar――a maid lover!」

Yue’s finger pointed sternly, exposing the only truth!

By the way, the maid golem-san at that time was turned into pieces by Yue-sama.

Hajime who resisted the “Divine Statement” argued.

「A misunderstanding! I was just interested because it was a “maid golem”! “Maid robot” is a man’s romance! I only got my blood as an engineer boiling up! Oscar you see, he pursued real maid too much that he instead got troubled with the dilemma of getting distanced from the real, that was why he entrusted it to transmutation master of future generation. I tried to inherit his will and――」

「……Guilty? Or, not guilty?」 (Note: Yue spoke in English here.)

Judge Yue once more interrupted the words of Hajime who was stacking up self-justification and asked for the verdict. The jury group of the wive~s & beloved daughter all smiled,


The wive~s & beloved daughter stood up quietly. The demon king-sama was drenched with cold sweat.

「Just accept your judgment obediently~」

「You cannot go against blood huh. Tou-san too, in the past I often forced Kaa-san to wear maid uniform.」

Sumire’s eyes didn’t move from her tablet, while Shuu was getting a faraway look while immersing himself in memory. Or rather, it was an information about their son that they didn’t want to hear.

「……Either way, I won’t be able to relax huh……」

Seeing the approaching wive~s and his beloved daughter who corrected her seating to face him above his knees, Hajime’s face was twitching.




Inside the forest that was wrapped in darkness where moonlight mostly didn’t reach, there was a group that was abnormally silent even while advancing swiftly.

It was a special force of a certain country that publicly didn’t exist.

The leader’s legs were advancing fluently while he was grumbling inside his heart.

(……Good grief, we were made to draw a terrible short straw.)

The person who was their target was someone who even the leader knew well. A famous idol and a manga author whose work was translated throughout the world. Whether in television or internet, anyone would catch sight of her even if they weren’t interested to that business.

Now they had to kidnap, or if that wasn’t possible to murder such person……

(If she is just an idol with too much influence then I’ll only get my conscience hurt though……now then, this isn’t something that we who are the nation’s expendable goods originally should desire but……let’s accomplish this and return alive.)

The leader thought. Certainly the existence of the girl who was the origin of the network was a threat. He also could understand why his nation couldn’t leave her alone.

But, however, still.

That girl was a relative of him――the one codenamed “demon king”.

A few years ago, his fatherland that made a move on them went through a very bitter experience……

Like the leaders friends, they were now volunteer members who were working diligently digging well in a developing country, sometimes they would send him postcard of them posing with the local children while smiling refreshingly.

Even though they were people of the underworld who excelled in murder and subterfuge at the same level or even better than him……

Was his superiors in the fatherland already forgot about that terror?

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The leader let out a small, really small sigh.

Although, as long as he was serving his nation, order was absolute. He pulled himself together.

Then, at that time *rustle*, there was the sound of leaves getting stepped from deep inside the forest. The leader lifted his fist. The force’s members stopped moving. They lowered their stance and raised their guard.

The leader focused at the direction of the sound through his night vision device while pointing his rifle muzzle that was attached with suppressor. The other members also focused to all direction.

Perhaps it should be said just as expected. The way they killed their presence was befitting for elites. They were paying attention even to every single one of their equipments, so they assimilated themselves with the forest’s darkness and vegetation and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it would be next to impossible for ordinary person to spot them.

The leader’s eyes scrutinized carefully. He intended to not overlook any movement no matter how slight and depending on the situation he would shoot mercilessly……



He had no words. This was exactly what being speechless meant.

Would the force of other country break the agreement and attacked, or perhaps it would be Japan’s respond division’s special force, or maybe the most terrifying demon king or one of his wives……

Even though the leader was anticipating that, the one who showed their figure brazenly without even hiding was,

「The demon king’s subordinate, rank ten of Fleur Knights――I am called Freesia.」

A beautiful maid.

Pure white hair that was like snow springing up at night. Beautiful face that was so well featured like a joke. The eyes that were shining crimson were bewitching, to the degree that for a moment it felt like the heart was seized for a moment despite her expressionless face.

The force’s members who were the elites among elites gulped their saliva in a daze.

But at that time, perhaps it was just as expected from the leader. He immediately made his judgment. “Demon king’s subordinate”――it wasn’t the time to falter anymore. There was no option of retreat, they could only do it.


The leader pulled his trigger while yelling at the same time. The troops who came back to their senses in surprise also immediately pulled their trigger.

While the firing sound that was unique to sound suppressor was leaking out, the maid who introduced herself as Freesia who was being showered by rain of bullets was――

「Kuh, it won’t be simple as expected!」

A huge variable shield that was unknown where it was hidden at instantly unfolded, blocking the all-out fire without the slightest tremor.

The hard impact sound of metal clashing with each other echoed inside the forest.

「Grenade! Alpha 4, launcher!」

Seeing that there was no meaning in being secretive anymore, the leader decided to up the firepower. Two troopers threw grenade with deft motion.

Immediately, roaring sound and explosion blast, and then blown up cloud of dust enveloped the maid. Further there, a bullet from a rifle with grenade launcher attached impacted. Flame blast enveloped the girl.

The leader made hand signal to tell the troops to stop firing temporarily.

A beat later, when the dust cloud and flame cleared up――

There was a metallic globe there.

Similar like Hajime’s variable large shield Aidion, it was a type that unfolded to all directions.

*Kashon kashon kashon* The shield was folded into the size of normal shield while making nice sound. With the Aidion in one hand, Freesia elegantly brushed off her apron.

Not a single scratch. Far from that, whether that pure white apron or her long straight hair that was split at the center also wasn’t dirtied at all.

「-, spread out! 5 to 9, hold her in place!」

The leader left his subordinates to hold back the enemy while the main force would move to accomplish their objective. They couldn’t defeat her, or even if they could, they would receive damage in the level that would become serious hindrance in accomplishing their duty. The decision to sacrifice some subordinates was made because of that judgment.

There was no way the troops would harbor dissatisfaction at that judgment of the leader. They were able to take action swiftly……was how it should be.

「? How long you guys plan to act dumfounded! Come back to your senses!」

The team’s Alpha 5-9 didn’t reply. The leader who wouldn’t avert his gaze from the threat named Freesia raised a scolding voice that was filled with irritation toward his subordinates who didn’t respond right away.

But, as expected no reply came back.

「This is Alpha 4. 5 till 9 are lost-」

「-, 12! Is he there!?」

「No-, I don’t see him! 10 as well as 11 are also lost! Until just now they were right beside――」

The voice disappeared. A cold sweat trailed down the leader’s forehead. He quickly gave instruction and 2 until 4 who were around him changed their formation slightly to cover each other’s back.

「They got us. So you’re a decoy.」

「A sharp discernment.」

The answer came from Freesia, not, it was a voice that sounded more childish. Furthermore, the voice came from the side.

The one who appeared as though melting out from the forest’s darkness was a new maid.

「Nice to meet you. Fleur Knights rank 2――I am called Nemesia.」

「……A, a child? Or rather, ra, rabbit ears?」

The leader’s gaze involuntarily flowed completely toward the new maid.

That was understandable. The girl still looked like she was in her early teens from a glance, and even with overestimation she would only be 15 at most. Her appearance was really cute, but it wasn’t her age or appearance that should be focused at. But the thing above her head, the splendid, fluffy――rabbit ears!

A Hauria.

Her real name was Nea Hauria. A girl the same age with Par-kun, her nickname was “Neashutatrum of the External Murder”, but right now she was Nemesia. (AN: This girl appeared in the LN version)

When Hauria clan heard that one of them would be recruited into a maid group to work directly under the demon king, a great fray among the whole clan (limited to female) that lasted for three months occurred. The result was unexpectedly this Nea repelled all the Onee-san and grasped the glory for herself.

She was rank two from the comprehensive evaluation and various reasons, but regarding secret information ability and assassination ability she was at the top. She put her name in the top 3 even in pure combat ability despite being a rabbit clan, and recently she even made inroad into the struggle for the top rank in femininity. She was young elite.

「Your comrades has been moved. Are you still going to struggle?」

The leader couldn’t answer after Freesia opened her mouth once more.

Right beside him was the maid who most likely drove the force into a state of annihilation soundlessly while the force was attacking Freesia.

At the front, was a maid who couldn’t be harmed at all by firearm.

At this rate, they would simply get annihilated……

The leader looked around his remaining subordinates just for a moment. His lips suddenly twisted and he lowered his rifle muzzle……

「My apologies. My words were lacking. ――You will be crushed even if you struggle.」


Freesia thrust both her hands forward. Right after that, both her arms transformed. *Kashun kashun kashun* With that sound, the arms became gatling gun in the blink of eye. The very arms themselves. No matter how they looked she wasn’t human.

The leader who saw that raised a dry laugh while,

「That’s why, even though I told them this is bad」

Before the mission, toward his superior.

Right after that, the fury of the gatling gun covered them fully along with cloud of dust.

Also, the rank ten Freesia was a human shaped Grim reaper that was fully loaded with a lot of artifacts inside her body――pile bunker, small sunlight convergence laser, missile, super vibration death scythe (large caliber shotgun attached), flying all range ordnance, and so on. She was the grand sum of Hajime’s romance――a maid robot.




After that, the forces of many countries received maid’s attack altogether and they were helplessly annihilated.

The following forces were also crushed without leaving any behind. Fukube and his subordinates who were watching that sight from the surveillance system made a firm oath to not harbor anymore illusion toward maid for the second time.




A few days later.

The top of each country who made plan about Liliana――ten people were gathering in a certain place while they were all cordially sweating coldly like waterfall together.

It was a lineup that would make one wonder if an international summit would begin here, but the gathering this time was completely unofficial.

On the contrary, they weren’t gathering for negotiation or cooperating with each other.

To be more accurate they were gathered. Forcefully. All within these few minutes.

The top of a certain country who had only taken over after his predecessor not so long ago glanced at the cause, or rather the culprit.

「Perhaps you have any business with this one?」


‘Rather, it’s you who got business with us!’ Was how the leader wanted to tsukkomi, but he didn’t want to stir up the hornet nest so he shook his head.

That person――a maid was standing by silently once more near the wall.

Yes, that maid was exactly the culprit who abducted a leader of a country.

Just when he thought that a maid suddenly appeared behind him, he suddenly ate a fist to the guts, and when he noticed he was inside a spacious room that he didn’t know where it was located.

And then, he believed that the leaders of other countries most likely also went through the same thing like him.

Because standing behind each of the leader of each country who was made to sit around a round table, were maids who seemed to be in charge of the leader in front of them.

Every single one of the maids was a beauty who would make anyone to be taken aback in surprise and their breath stolen away. Anyone who was a man would surely got their eyes reeled in.

But, naturally no one had the composure to admire the view.

(Former president Schwarnenegger. I was wrong calling your attitude weak. I should listen to your warning……)

He rubbed his stomach that still felt a bit hurt while murmuring in his heart. When he looked closer, it seemed the other people were also oddly concerned with their stomach. It appeared everyone ate a punch to the guts.

This was where he wanted to say just what they were doing to the leader of a country, but the person who would come after this was a monster who would crush the unreasonableness brought by country with even more unreasonableness to have his own way.

「Forgive my rudeness but, just now, are you perhaps thinking of something strange?」

「N, nnoo, I’m not thinking anything!」

「Is that so……my apologies.」

The maid was too sharp. And then too terrifying. An aura of wrath leaked out for a moment, no it was a killing intent. The amount of his cold sweat doubled from that. It was already a waterfall. It was as though he was getting showered.

When he glanced at the clock, it would soon be the time that was told to him.

*Tick tock*, the sound of clock’s hand was strangely reverberating.

Before long, the time arrived.

Without any advance warning, all the maids moved in front of the door simultaneously. Without making a single sound of footstep, they split to left and right with five people on each side. Their posture was beautiful.

「The lord has come. ……Don’t you all know manner?」

The maid――Heliotrope-san emitted a gruesome killing intent!

The leaders of the countries simultaneously stood up! Cold sweat was flowing from them to the degree that there was a worry of dehydration!

A beat later, Heliotrope opened the door with a reverent gesture. His majesty the demon king who showed his figure was……

「O, oou?」

Leaking out a bewildered voice that sounded slightly creeped out.

He gave the order to gather the ringleaders of the case this time because he wanted to talk to them, but the moment the door was opened, the maids were lining up in good order while bowing their head, furthermore the leaders of each country were lowering their head with face that looked like they had seen death. Especially while they were sweating so much it caused Hajime to be taken aback!

Even the demon king――Hajime-san too was a bit surprised.

*Cough* Hajime cleared his throat. He entered inside after pulling himself together.

There, a spasming voice rose from among the wive~s who were accompanying him together.

「Ve, Venri!? Thy, what art thy doing in this kind of place!?」

「I am a maid, princess.」

Well, of course. She was wearing maid uniform after all.

‘That’s not what I wisheth to ask!!’ Tio stamped her feet in frustration.

Real name Venri. Her true identity was a dragonman. Furthermore, she was Tio’s wet nurse. An existence that wouldn’t be an exaggeration even if she was called as her second mother. (Note: Appeared in the extra story of LN vol 3)

Such existence was being her husband’s maid when she noticed!

No, she was from a clan that was serving Klarus family for many generations, so it wasn’t strange even if she was serving Hajime now, but still! ‘Still, still, I di~dn’t hear anything about this thy know!?’ Tio argued vehemently, but Venri or rather Fleur Knights rank three Ivy-san only smiled sweetly. (Note: Until now I have been using Claus for Tio’s surname, changing it to Klarus here cause it seemed I have misread the reading until now)

In addition, she was older than Tio so originally she was woman that looked like past her middle age, but now no matter how Tio looked at her, she looked like she was around the middle of her thirtieth. She felt like an attractive mature lady who was overflowing with motherhood and sex appeal. No matter how Tio saw it, her age was rejuvenated.

It couldn’t be helped that even Tio whose mental strength was at cheat level got flustered.

Tio was going to speak further, but before she could, this time it was Shia who raised her voice.

「Nea-chan!? Don’t tell me, don’t tell me even Nea-chan!?」

「I am a maid, Shia-oneesama.」

Well, of course. She was wearing maid uniform after all.

And then Liliana asked further with a gesture as though she was enduring a headache.

「Excuse me~, could it be that you are her highness the imperial princess of the empire, Tracy D Hoelscher?」

「I am a maid, Liliana-sama.」

Well, of course. She was wearing maid uniform after all. ‘I get it. This pattern. I’m used to it already! Even if it’s an imperial princess of the empire, furthermore it’s a princess who is famous for being a war hawk even among the imperial family, yes, that’s right isn’t it! You are a maid aren’t you!’

The maid imperial princess-sama――or rather Fleur Knights rank 7 Torenia was chuckling 「Ufufu」 bewitchingly. In respond Liliana also smiled back 「Long time no see, ufufu~」looking like she had abandoned everything.

Naturally, because Liliana had obtained such immunity that she didn’t make any tsukkomi or anything when at the corner of her sight she caught sight of one other person who she recognized. Even if for example that person looked exactly the same like the captain of the kingdom’s knight order, Kuzeri Rail!

「He, hey, Shizuku-chan. No matter how I see it, that can only be Kuzeri-san though.」

「Kaori, what a coincidence. I also see it like that.」

It seemed Liliana wasn’t mistaken. By the way, she was rank 4. It was something terribly concerning about who was the present knight order captain of the kingdom. Though Liliana wanted to believe that the seat wasn’t empty by all means.

While feeling the gazes that insisted 「Give us detailed explanation!」 from everyone, especially Tio, Hajime returned his gaze toward the country leaders who were looking at each other’s face idly.

「Now then, why are all of you gathered in this place, you all should understand the situation already.」

The atmosphere changed. There was an abnormal pressure that even felt like it was giving physical pressure.

When Hajime moved forward, the transcendental maids who annihilated the force they dispatched and abducted them without regards of the existing security were standing by behind him.

That figure which was clad in black based attire and served upon by combat maid group――

「Demon king……」

Someone muttered.

「Well then, let’s have a talk. Rationally, peacefully, just like cultured people, agreed?」

Hearing those words, the expression of the leaders who thought that surely they would be killed just like this and were seeking for a chance to make excuse became a bit anticlimax. Some had their toughness that was fitting as the leader of a country restored thinking that perhaps there was ground for negotiation.

Right after that, they became aware that it was only their misunderstanding.

「And? Whose relative do you guys think you are trying to lay your hand on huuh?」

Black wind blew. It was an overwhelmingly ominous pressure that made them hallucinated that. They saw the vision of their heart being tightly grasped!

How were they going to pay to settle this?

Nobody was able to answer that “first discussion”.




And then, when the hindrances were gone, how far “Liliana’s aid network” went after that, that would be a different story.

The excellent secretary who was supporting such Liliana from both the shadow and in the sun――Sandra Winchester-san, was actually Heliotrope-san in disguise, furthermore all of the executive staffs who were moving behind the scene of Heiligh Volunteer Association in various things were actually people with principal occupation of maid from another world. That too was also another story.

The combat maid group of the demon king reaching even further growth, was also another story.


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