Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 298 — Arifureta After III - New Year Special Planning Tortus Travel Journal 2

Chapter 298: Arifureta After III - New Year Special Planning Tortus Travel Journal 2

The “World Door” that connected earth and Tortus.

Hajime who somehow settled down the chaos that was produced on the top of the tower that was built adjacent to the palace finally led everyone to go down the tower.

Cheers rose inside the lift that was moving using magic power. The tension of fellow parents heightened from the aftertaste and they talked to each other. Hajime gave a glance at them while opening the door that was connected to the palace.

Then, right after that,


*Pata pata pata* The sound of footsteps and the voice calling Hajime’s name with overflowing joy resounded.

「Lily. That’s quic――oops」

Hajime was going to comment how fast she came to receive them, but before he could finish, Liliana leaped onto his chest so his words were stopped.

Hajime lightly directed away the impact and received her *pofuh* on his chest. There Liliana showed him a wide smile. She was already in a state where she saw nothing else except Hajime. Her atmosphere felt like there were hearts floating up buoyantly.

「……Nn. The person who forthrightly ignored us and charged at Hajime right now is the princess of this Heiligh Kingdom, Liliana S B Heiligh-san.」 (Note: So far I also used Hairihi as the name of the kingdom, now I decided to change it into something cooler sounding)

Yue who seemed to intend to continue being tour guide Yue without change gave introduction while her index finger pressed on Liliana’s cheek and grinded.

「Fuwa!? Everyone, all together! Please excuse my rudeness.」

Liliana kept up the appearance as a lady while it was already too late. Her cheeks were blushing while she gracefully separated herself from Hajime. Then she gave a greeting with a lovely courtesy.

「Lily-chan! Long time no see! You’re healthy?」

「Hahaha, you’re still a princess as ever.」

「Sumire-okaasama, Shuu-otousama. It has been a while. Thank you very much for welcoming me at that time.」

Actually, Liliana had already met Sumire and Shuu.

As expected, although she was one of the wive~s, it would be too pitiful for Liliana if she wasn’t even introduced to Sumire and Shuu face to face until they went to Tortus someday, so although it was only for a short time Hajime called Liliana to earth instead.

At that time, the entrance of a real princess from another world, furthermore that princess was a wife of their son caused Sumire and Shuu’s tension to climb up drastically. They prepared a warm welcome using every method available for Liliana.

Liliana was even more nervous to give a greeting to Hajime’s parents than when she was doing government affairs, but the two’s unexpected reception caused her to spontaneously be moved to tears.

Liliana’s appearance in dress, the refinement that could be felt from her even without her doing anything, and then the tiara that was snugly placed on her head and so on, it was obvious just from a glance that she was a princess. Tomoichi and co, the parent~s who saw a princess of another world for the first time were staring with emotional gaze.

No, it was only Tomoichi who while feeling emotional was also sending glances at Hajime that seemed to want to say 「This bastard. So there is still more girl he had laid his hand on-」.

Hajime smiled wryly while saying.

「……Tomoichi-san. I believe I have mentioned about Lily before.」

「Really sorry, Hajime-kun. When I heard that you have other woman other than my angel, my heart was completely dyed with killing intent then.」

And so, he didn’t hear most of the story. Or rather, he immediately assaulted Hajime at that time. Right after that he ate a backdrop from my angel and his consciousness was blown away.

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Tomoichi-san mumbled about such fault-finding while attempting to calm his heart.

Kaoruko left alone her husband who was like that and walked toward Liliana.

「So you are Lily-chan, no, Liliana-sama. I often heard about you from my daughter. She said that you racked your brains very much for them all in the middle of the terrible situation. Please let me express my gratitude.」

Kaoruko said that and bowed her head. Tomoichi hurriedly stood by her side and lowered his head, and then everyone of Yaegashi family and also Akiko altogether lowered their head saying 「Thank you for what you had done for our children」.

Liliana opened her mouth in panic.

「Such thing, please lift your head, all of you. We were the one who involved them into our world’s circumstance. It’s only natural for me to do everything that I could. Besides, what someone like me had done were only trivial things compared to the things that Kaori and everyone else had done for us.」

Liliana gently put her hand on Kaoruko’s shoulder and made her lifted her face, she also prompted the others to lift their head too. Liliana smiled sweetly with a warm gaze.

「Everyone’s daughter is this country’s……no, this world’s savior. I should be the one who say thanks. My heartfelt gratitude for having raising these wonderful people. I express my thanks as the representative of this world’s people.」

‘In addition, being able to become friend with everyone, being able to fight together with them, those are things that I will be proud of for my lifetime.’ Saying that Liliana bowed her heads deeply and displayed her gratitude to the parents.

Kaoruko and Tomoichi, Shuuzou and Koichi and Kirino, and then Akiko too, they were staring at Liliana wordlessly. Even Sumire and Shuu who were already given the same words from her were staring at Liliana with an expression that were at loss for words.

Every single one of them felt the surge of indescribable emotion in the back of their heart. It was close to a deep emotion, perhaps it was delight, however, it was a surge of feeling that was bigger that couldn’t be described with word.

This person said to them that she was proud to be able to meet their children. That she was grateful that they raised their children into such people.

As a parent, there was no greater gift than this.

When glancing to the side, Kaori and Shizuku and Aiko were blushing slightly with embarrassment while their gazes were averted to other directions.

Tomoichi and others smiled slightly at their children’s state, and then they lowered their head even deeper than before toward the princess of another world who gifted them with such lovely words and,

「We too, thank you.」

They said.

‘I see. So this is a real princess.’ The parent~s were in acceptance. Amidst that Liliana opened her mouth with bright voice to change the atmosphere slightly.

「And, for everyone to visit here……」

「Yeah, just as Lily guessed, it’s for sightseeing. Tou-san and Kaa-san threw a tantrum asking for that.」

Hajime shrugged his shoulders and replied like that. Liliana chuckled hearing that. And then, 「If it’s something like that」 she puffed up her chest with overflowing motivation.

「Then, I will have to give hospitality to the best of my ability. Hajime-san, what kind of plan do you have?」

「We haven’t really decide anything. If we are traveling normally, then no matter how much time we have available it won’t be enough, so I’m thinking to decide a base and then use gate to guide them to every place.」

「If that is the case then please, stay in this palace by all mean.」

「Yeah, I was thinking to ask you that though……」

「Yes, please leave it to me.」

It seemed that it would be Liliana herself who would receive them, so Hajime’s expression turned a bit worried.

After all, Liliana was super busy. She was the one who practically managed this country. It wasn’t so clear without focusing closely, but there was faint shadow visible under her eyes. It was skillfully hidden using cosmetic, but she should be tired that some sign had appeared on her face.

「Are you all right? You are being pressed with work right? We can take care of ourselves you know?」

「No no, please don’t mind it. After all the work won’t end at all whether I rest for a bit or doesn’t rest at all!」


How could she say 「The work won’t end!」 with such bright voice?

The occupation “princess” seemed to be a really black type of occupation. Sadness was pooling inside everyone’s eyes.

「Now now everyone. First please let me introduce my mother and little brother. Okaa-sama earnestly wished to meet with Sumire-okaasama and Shuu-otousama. Not just to Okaa-sama, please allow me to introduce the family of the heroes to other people too by all means!」

Liliana led them in high spirits. Hajime and co looked at each other with a bit of wry smile seeing her like that, even so they obediently followed her.

Although the capital was in the middle of reconstruction, because the palace was a building that would become the country’s symbol, and then because it was the symbol of the reborn kingdom that surpassed the hedge of race in the new world, its construction was done the fastest with most effort poured into it.

Because of that, although there was no air of history that could be felt compared to the previous palace, it still had impressiveness that would move the emotion, especially for Japanese people who in the first place had never seen the inside of a western type palace.

Like Tomoichi, with his occupation as an architect his gaze was moving around busily with deep interest. His wife and daughter chuckled smilingly at him.

「Hmm, just how many hidden route and mechanism are here……my blood is seething.」

「Ojii-chanGrandpa……I wish you will focus a bit more to other aspect though.」

Shuuzou’s gaze was also busily moving around, but it seemed he wasn’t observing the building’s construction, but it was her heart of adventure that wished to discover hidden route. Looking there, Koichi and Kirino were also concentrating with the feeling like 「I will be the one who find out the most!」.

They completely ignored Shizuku’s exasperated face.

Midway, the passed several servants, civil officials, and military officers. Seeing their peculiar conduct, Sumire and Shuu turned grinning expression toward their son.

「Fufu, it’s itchy somehow isn’t iit?」

「Ahaha, after seeing that kind of conduct from close by, you are really the demon king-sama huh.」

「……It’s not like that title is self-proclaimed you know?」

Each time they passed someone, those people would naturally moved aside to both sides of the corridor and lowered their head. After all among them there was Liliana of the royal family.

But, everyone noticed it. The people’s gazes weren’t directed to Liliana, but mainly to Hajime.

The moment they saw Hajime, their body would turn stiff without exception. It was apparent that their stiffness wasn’t caused by fear, but from being filled with awe.

After all, them bowing their deeply didn’t look like they were being forced at all. Every single one of them thought from their heart that they should do so, it was clear just from seeing them. Reverent atmosphere was overflowing from their whole body.

In addition, mainly among the maids, the heat residing inside the females’ eyes was amazing. Although they didn’t make any obvious move of flattery, their extraordinary emotion was transparent to see.

Indeed, if such attitude and eyes were directed toward their son, as parents it surely couldn’t be helped that they would be writhing a bit from pride and also itchiness.

Hajime didn’t pay any mind at all to the attitude of the palace’s people, but as expected he was bothered by the gazes and expressions from his parents and the other parents, so he averted his gaze with a really complicated look.

Then, when they arrived at a crossroad, Hajime’s averted gaze caught sight of a maid coming from the corridor ahead.

Different from other people, she didn’t stop and lowered her head or moved aside toward the wall, but approached near in a straight line.



The woman with long dark brown hair swaying behind her and smooth footsteps approaching them was Liliana’s personal maid Hellina. She was quite tall for a woman with straight posture, her smiling expression was also filled with refinement. As expected from someone who was picked as the princess’s personal attendant, she was a beautiful woman who would make anyone accept it.

The moment that Hellina turned her gaze to the group of Hajime and co, she bowed with a beautiful motion that would also make anyone got taken aback and continued her words.

「Liliana-sama. Luluaria-sama wish to receive a bit of time for preparing right now. If you are going to introduce everyone, then perhaps you should first go to where Randell-sama is.」

「Eh? Ah, you’re right.」

Thinking carefully, something like a sudden visit without any contact beforehand shouldn’t be done when the other party was a queen of a country.

Luluaria was a woman with tolerant and gentle disposition, but as exacted, it would be troubling for her to suddenly meet the family of the heroes who were their benefactor without any preparation whatsoever. As a queen, it was necessary for her to prepare the appropriate appearance. To say nothing of how this would be their first meeting, it would be even more important.

Noticing that, Liliana’s cheeks blushed thinking how she was slightly too high spirited and she casted her eyes down.

「Hellina, about contacting Okaa-sama……looking at you it seems you have already done it haven’t you?」

「Yes. Right away after the bell of the gate opening rang.」

Hellina understood that Liliana would immediately rush away without even giving attention to anything else. She didn’t come together with Liliana despite being her personal attendant was for the sake of arranging all the preparations beforehand.

Truly an excellent maid.

The entrance of a genuine maid (the meaning here was in broader sense) of another world and what’s more a maid that looked like in a class of her own caused Sumire and Shuu’s eyes to blaze fierily. Their tension kept rising up without stopping.

But there, Liliana suddenly showed a questioning face.

「Hm? I’m thankful that you got in touch with Okaa-sama but……Hellina, you knew about the visit of Sumire-okaasama and everyone else?」

Hajime and co had met with Luluaria several times, so if it was with someone among them, Luluaria too wouldn’t prepare her appearance meticulously every single time. They had built such lighthearted relation between them.

For Hellina to intentionally get in touch with Luluaria meant that right after the “bell of gate opening” rang, she was aware that Hajime and co arrived with their family this time.

How? It was only natural to feel doubt about that.

The answer to that was immediately showed from the words of the sweetly smiling Hellina after that.

「Hajime-sama. As you commanded, I have arranged for the rooms, lunch, and so forth. Where will you all have your lunch?」

「For now, it will be after we look around the capital in general. We haven’t decide the specific.」

「Understood. Then, please contact me again at that time. Also――」

「Wa-wa-wa-waaa~~~-t a second!」

Liliana-san intercepted.

She cut in with a pose as though she was doing Kabaddi between the two who was conversing like they understood each other as though it was only natural.

「What do you mean by command? Since when?」

「I had received an artifact for communication from Hajime-sama, so right after the gate opening, I took action following the command that I was given. That’s all.」

「Just now I told you that we can take care of ourselves right?」

‘What are you doubting at?’ Hajime and Hellina both tilted their head harmoniously.

「Artifact for communication? Wait, don’t tell me it’s the broach Hellina is wearing!? It has crimson jewel attached and looks like it’s something really expensive, so perhaps spring has also come for Hellina!? Was what I thought but, don’t tell me that’s an artifact!? What’s more it’s Hajime-san’s!? I don’t receive anything like that you know!?」

Hellina-san smiled sweetly to the shaken princess.

「Hajime-sama. About the aforementioned matter, my deepest apologies. I’ve never thought that your arrival will be this fast, the writing of the list is still not finished yet.」

「Don’t worry about it. This is also an unexpected trip for me after all.」

「Much obliged. For the moment, 80 percent of it is finished. I brought that part with me. Will you look at it?」

「80 percent? That’s fast…… Fine then, I’ll take a look at it at night.」

「Then, here it is.」

Beside the ignored Liliana, the two did a transfer of some kind of document. After Hajime briefly ran his gaze on the document, a faint smile emerged on his mouth.

「You did well compiling this. This quality in this short time…… Good work.」

「I’m honored.」

Again she was bowing her head beautifully, the exclusive lady attendant of princess Liliana――Hellina-san.

「E, eeeh? Hellina? Hellina is my attendant right? That’s right isn’t it?」

「? But of course, Liliana-sama.」

It was very suspicious.

Everyone there thought so. Doubtful expression and fixed stare were sent to Hajime from the wive~s, and then grinning face from Sumire and Shuu, sharp gaze from Tomoichi, and for some reason admiring gaze from the other parents.

「Goshujin-sama, if thou wish to hath beautiful woman to abide by thee so much, then look, the best woman for it is here thou see? Give me command to thy heart content without reservation! Now, now!」

The greedy disappointing dragon who couldn’t hold herself back approached with rough breathing.

「……Hajime, as I thought you like maid? Should I wear maid uniform?」

「Papa, do you like maid-san nano? Then, Myuu too will wear maid uniform nano!」

「My my, Hajime-san too is a man isn’t he? Ufufu.」

「Uu, I have been worried about the relation of Hajime-kun with the maids in the palace since before but……to think, he is already progressing until this far. A failure!」(Kaori)

「Hajime, that, it’s not a strange relationship isn’t it? It’s not right?」(Shizuku)

「La, laying your hand on the maids is no good! Hajime-kun! Do you understand!?」(Aiko)

The questioning wive~s.

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Hajime sighed as though to say ‘just what are you all saying’ while storing the document into the Treasure Warehouse. And then, he turned toward Hellina who was waiting with graceful air without being perturbed even by the commotion, then his hand quietly gestured to the side.

It seemed to be a signal that told “Leave”. Hellina quietly bowed her head, then she quietly left.

「Ha, Hajime-san feel more like her master than me……」

It went without saying that Liliana felt down after that.




While Hajime was receiving really complicated look from the wive~s and the parent~s, the group finally arrived at the room of Liliana’s little brother and the next king Randell.

The throne was still empty because Randell’s enthronement would be matched with the timing of the festival of the reconstruction completion. The thinking was that it would be a really good omen for the new king to be enthroned at the rebirth of the kingdom.

And so, currently Randell was spending every day immersing himself in study for his enthronement.

Even now he was receiving lecture from his instructor in his room.

「Randell. It’s me. Do you have time right now?」

When Liliana knocked the door and asked, a dubious sounding voice replied back from inside the room.

「Ane-ueElder sister? Of course I don’t mind but……」

Randell was suspicious because even though the “bell of gate opening” had rang out, and yet Liliana came to his place not so long after that. Because when the bell rang, then that “hateful son of a b*tch” was undoubtedly here.

That “son of a b*tch”, basically if he didn’t have business he wouldn’t come visiting Randell by his own inititative. Most of the time it would be Randell who go to where he was to snarl and curse at him.

And so, surely Randell was thinking that this was unusual. Such feeling was oozing from his voice.

In the place of Randell, the old instructor who served as his private tutor opened the door.

And then Hajime’s group came into view. The old instructor’s eyes opened wide and Randell who was sitting at the back raised a shocked voice 「Bya!?」 and his body leaped up.

「Randell, and then Sagesse-sensei too. Forgive me to disturb in the middle of the lesson. The families of Hajime-san and everyone are coming to play so I’m thinking to introduce them.」

「Wha-, the parents of the bastard!?」

「Truly! Then I have to give my greeting by all means.」

Sagesse-sensei showed pure surprise and delight, but Randell was obviously showing vigilance other than surprise. It seemed that his agitation was great that the way he called Hajime inside his heart came out from his mouth carelessly.

Hajime and co entered inside Randell’s study room in groups.

There was nothing particular inside the room, even so Sumire and co ran their gaze inside the room curiously. And then, Randell’s state that was like a completely vigilant cat for some reason caused interested attention to gather on him.

Perhaps because he was in the middle of studying, Randell’s outfit was casual and simple. He didn’t look formal at all, so he only looked like a cheeky rascal. His look was that of a pretty boy just as expected from Liliana’s little brother, that he gave off a striking impression.

Yue came forward like usual.

「……Everyone, the one you can see here is the next king of this country, the little brother of Liliana, Randell-kun. She was head over heel toward Kaori for a period of time, but the king of insensitivity Kaori unhesitatingly ignored him, and in the end without any awareness she stabbed him messily with blades of words, reducing his first love into misery.」


While Kaori quickly turned toward Yue and raised her voice, Randell-kun who got various thing about himself exposed got stabbed by Yue’s blades of words. His hands pressed his chest, he groaned 「guhah」 while falling on all fours.

Shizuku and others who knew about the time that Yue mentioned smiled wryly, but the mothers went 「My!」 with their eyes sparkling from hearing the prince’s first love story.

「Geez-, Yue, don’t say strange thing! That’s impolite toward his highness Randell! Even though she was only looking up to me and Shizuku-chan who were close with Lily. Even I wouldn’t do anything terrible like ignoring him or anything! I thought of him like a cute little brother who is a bit naughty!」


「Your highneeees! Get a hold of yourself! It’s something that is over already isn’t iiit!」

A further blow at this late from Kaori who still didn’t notice Randell’s feeling yet.

Everyone there thought. In various senses, it was you Kaori who was being rude.

「Hmmm. Should I be happy that a prince of a country fell in love with my daughter…… Or else, should I feel indignation that pest will appear no matter where it is……」

「Dear. Before that we have to apologize to the prince first. If the situation was always like that while he was taking care of everyone in this world here……it’s just too much for the prince.」

Shirasaki married couple. Although it was from different angle but they were also made to worry about their daughter.

「Mu, Kaori’s parents…… There is no need for concern.」

Prince Randell. Even though he was trembling like a baby deer that only just got born, but he stood up by his own strength!

「Let me introduce myself once more. I am a man who won’t look back to the past! Randell S B Heiligh! The next king of this Heiligh Kingdom!」

「No, your highness. I always taught you to please properly reflect on your past.」

Prince Randell threw out his chest proudly with a triumphant look. Something like the accurate tsukkomi of Instructor Sagesse didn’t mean anything for him.

Anyway, Sumire and co read the mood and gave applause 「Oo~」.

The old instructor Sagesse also introduced himself, after that Sumire and co also introduced themselves. When the introduction was over, Sumire raised her hand 「Question!」 energetically asking for permission to ask something.

Prince Randell’s vigilance was heightened. Somehow, it looked like his silky blonde hair was standing on end.

「A, a question to me? Bri, bring it on. I won’t run away! Come at me!」

「Kufuu! Prince Randell is adorable――cough. Honorable prince! What do you think about my son?」

It seemed that the voice of heart that leaked out at the first half was small and didn’t reach Randell. Randell didn’t look particularly offended and his expression became really complicated hearing the question at the later half.

「The basta――cough. Na, Nagumo, do-do-dono-, what do I think about him, is it……」

‘He don’t want to call his name by that much……?’ While everyone was thinking that, Randell was oddly sweating while desperately searching for words.

And then, his gaze glanced at the Hajime in question――


「Myu, Myuu! So you also came……」

It seemed that the shock and agitation from the arrival of Hajime and Kaori’s parents caused him to not notice Myuu who was behind Hajime. The prince’s cheeks were dyed red for some reason after seeing Myuu who showed her face suddenly from behind Hajime.

「Randell~, long time no see nano~」

「Yo, you are still, talking like that toward meee~. I am the next king you know!?」

Myuu waved her hand repeatedly with friendly smile. In respond Prince Randell was surprised again for some reason. His gaze darted around while he spoke frankly.

Myuu tilted her head cutely and asked.

「It’s no good, nano?」

「Eh!? I, it’s not no good but……」

「Then it’s fine nano.」

「Bu, buuut, like it’s too candid, or it cannot be shown in front of other people……in the first place, I am the older one!」

It was common knowledge that Myuu was the beloved daughter of the demon king, so hiding behind his position could be said as strange. And so, by making the fact that he was older by four years old as good excuse, he used it as reason and spoke mumblingly but……

「But, Lily-oneechan told Myuu, “Myuu-chan is more adult than Randell mentally aren’t you”, you see nano.」


Liliana-san averted her gaze aside.

The other people somehow guessed what kind of feeling Randel harbored toward Myuu from his attitude, so the mothers got sparkling eyes once more from the premonition of the prince’s love, but other people were making pitying expression that said 「Again, really what a hardship he got」.

Since just now Myuu was staring at Randell with head tilted in puzzlement ‘Just what do you want to say?’, Randell’s calm was gradually disappearing against such Myuu. *Fidget fidget, fidget fidget*.

Perhaps unable to look on quietly, this time Kaoruko who loved shoujo manga and love story asked a question with the intention of giving timely help to Randell.

「Say Myuu-chan. Is Myuu-chan close with his highness Randell?」

「Yep. We are friend nano!」

「Fri, friend……I’m a friend……」

Randell looked happy, or unsatisfied…… *Fidget fidget, fidget fidget*.

「I seee, you two are friend. Your highness Randell, he look kind, and his age is also close to Myuu-chan.」

‘As expected from Kaori’s mother! Are you a goddess!?’ Randell’s gaze seemed to want to say that.

As though in agreement, Myuu grinned cheerfully while nodding. ‘Good. My time has come!’ His expression also seemed to want to say that too.

Kaoruko who still only knew about Myuu from her daughter’s hearsay knew that Myuu was a child who loved her papa.

But, she didn’t know as far as the depth of that love. She was thinking that it was like 「When I’m older, I’ll become papa’s wife~」 the a little child would often say. She was thinking with common sense.

And so, imagining the love between a little girl in the city with a young prince, she spoke with sparkling eyes.

「I seee. Ufufu, could it be, perhaps there will be a future where Myuu-chan become a queen. That’s if you get even closer with his highness Randell, right?」

Randell’s cheeks became bright red. He was about to say 「Kaoruko-dono! Mo, more than that is――」, but……

Myuu who seemed to guess the meaning of Kaoruko’s words spoke as though to pour cold water on it.

「There ain’t such a future nano.」



Kaoruko and Prince Randell, their eyes turned into a dot together. Hajime and co covered their eyes as though to say 「Oh dear~」, while the parents other than Sumire and Shuu gazed in wonderment.

That was understandable.

After all, Myuu who was always full of energy with wide smile on her face was now making a terribly serious face.

Kaoruko added on her words even while feeling shaken.

「Bu, but you are close with his highness Randell――」

Kaori tried to stop with 「O, Okaa-san, let’s stop there」, but it was already too late. The blades of words were fired once more.

「Myuu will marry papa.」

「You really like your papa aren’t you? but, his highness Randell is also――」

「It’s impossible.」

The serious faced Myuu. The serious heart that was conveyed to everyone whether they wanted it or not.

And then the resounding scream of heart.


「Your highneeess! Don’t do anything rash!」

Randell-kun, he fell on all fours and said 「Again! It’s you agaiiiinn! I realized it a bit though!」 while hitting the floor repeatedly.

A really complicated atmosphere drifted inside the room.

Perhaps feeling responsible for that, Kaoruko was all flustered.

Here there was one thing. It was a well-known fact how Kaori had natural airheaded characteristic inside her. It was her forte to drop explosive words without any awareness, and she was also a maiden who just charged ahead.

Now then, there was one question. Who in the world she got those from?

The answer was simple.

In trying to help the completely dejected prince somehow, Kaori’s mama merciless stepped forward!

「Myuu-chan. Don’t you think that his highness Randell is a cool boy? Perhaps――」

Kaoruko desperately tried to encourage Randell but,


Myuu bluntly asked back. Her face was absurdly puzzled!

*Crack*, there was a sound like a crack entering a glass. The sound came from around Randell’s chest.

Myuu glanced at the wincing Kaoruko, then her gaze turned toward Hajime, after that her gaze returned to Randell,


Myuu tilted her head and spoke once more.

Inside Myuu, the definition of “cool person” had been fixed along with the person for it. When she used that as the standard, the prince crumbling down before her gaze was……it seemed her evaluation became something like 「Somehow, he look unreliable, just what is cool from him?」.

A painful silence descended.

Kaoruko was going ‘Awawah’ while turning a gaze that seemed to say 「Kaori, what to do? Okaa-san has really done it now」 toward her daughter. Certainly, it seemed she had totally killed the prince’s heart.

Randell stood up while kept looking down.

And then, while everyone was watching over him, he was walking with brisk steps until the door and he suddenly stood still. He opened his mouth without looking back.

「Sumire-dono, about your question before this……」

「Eh? Ah, yes.」

Sumire’s gaze was unusually swimming around. ‘I cannot find any word to say to this young prince! I cannot endure being here!’ Her state was like that.

While everyone was focusing on Randell with the same state, the young prince glared rigidly at Hajime across his shoulder.


‘Reach until the heaven!’ A yell that seemed like it was let out with such intention resounded inside the room. And then he ran out of the room.

Behind him, Instructor Sagesse suddenly returned to his senses with ‘hah’ and chased behind 「YOUR HIGHNEESSSSS-! WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF LESSON YOU KNOOOOWWW-」. With amazing agility. Like *shutatatatatata-*.

Odd atmosphere was drifting inside the room as expected. The color of Kaoruko’s face was bad from feeling responsibility.

But, it seemed Randell too had grown.

After a while, from the other side of the corridor, 「But, not yet! It’s still not over yet! I swear, I’ll win without fail next time! I’ll beat up that bastard for sureeeeeeee-」 such yell could be heard.

It seemed that his fighting spirit hadn’t been broken yet.

「In a sense, your little brother is an interesting guy huh.」

「Haa, that child, geez. The way he fall in love, or something……」

Hajime grinned in amusement hearing Randell’s war proclamation (?). Beside him, Liliana thought of her little brother ‘s suffering disposition or nature. She was massaging her head as though she got a headache.

In the end, Hajime and others left the study room that was left alone by its owner and they headed to the next place.

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