Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 3 — Bullying the Weakest

Chapter 3: Bullying the Weakest

Two weeks has passed since Hajime’s condition was known to everyone.

Currently, Hajime was using his break from training to check out the Royal Library. There was a huge book that was titled “An Illustrated Guide to The Monsters of the North Continent” that Hajime read a lot of. Why read such a book? Because even after training for 2 weeks, his talentless showed even more. Since he was not strong, he decided to study to gain knowledge and wisdom to use.

Hajime looked through the book for quite a while, but eventually sighed and threw it back onto the desk. When the book made a loud noise, the librarian glared at Hajime.

After flinching at the glare, Hajime apologized for the noise. “Hey! There won’t be a next time,” after he received the stare they let it go. “What are you doing!?” he said to himself, acting like his own Tsukkomi, he sighed at that revelation.

Hajime slowly took out his Status Plate and rested it on his palm.

Name: Nagumo Hajime

Age: 17 Years Old

Gender: Male

Level: 2

Class: Transmutation Artist (Synergist)

Strength: 12

Vitality: 12

Resistance: 12

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Agility: 12

Magic: 12

Magic Resistance: 12

Skills: Transmutation, Language Comprehension

This was the result of 2 weeks of hard training. What a big increase! I shouldn’t try to be my own secret Tsukkomi. By the way, Kouki’s…

Name: Amanokawa Kouki

Age: 17 Years Old

Gender: Male

Level: 10

Class: Hero

Strength: 200

Vitality: 200

Resistance: 200

Agility: 200

Magic: 200

Magic Resistance: 200


Aptitude All Attribute

Resist All Elements

Resist Physical

Complex Magic


Herculean Strength

Quick Movement


High-speed Magic Recovery

Sign Perception

Magic Perception

Limit Break

Language Comprehension

His growth rate was 5 times that of Hajime’s.

Just as a bonus, Hajime found out that he had no magical aptitude. What happens if you have no magical aptitude? Let’s explains the concept of ma

gic in this world.

The magic in Tortus is process where magic from within the body is utilized with an aria and magic formation. The magic will then proceed through the magical formula in the magic formation to achieve the results. There is no way to directly manipulate magic in its base form, so you must correctly set up the magic formation you want to use.

Also the amount of magic used is directly related to how long the incantation lasts. The amount of formulas and formations in the magic formation also dictates its complexity and scale of effect. all of this is necessary to perform stronger spells. Even to just cast a simple “Fireball”, that is present in classic RPGs, it takes a 20 cm diameter magical formation to cast it. The basic concepts are: attribute, power, range, scope, and mana usage all of this is required. There can be other things added to the formula like inductivity and sustain duration to create stronger magic.

However, there are exceptions to these concepts. These are “aptitudes”. With this, some parts of the formula can be omitted. For example, if you have an aptitude with Fire, you can skip writing the attribute section of the magic formula. This omission is done because the person can imagine it. Instead of writing it out, the person can imagine the fire when chanting the spell.

Because most human beings have some kind of aptitude, the 20 cm diameter magic formation is about average. In Hajime cases, because he has no aptitude, he has to add a lot of to his formula to get the same affect. He has to add concepts like: speed, trajectory, ballistic-diffusion rate, and much more. For his case, it would take a 2 m magic circle to perform that “fireball” spell. This was totally useless in combat.

For magic, there is two ways to engrave the magic formula, into special metals or minerals that allow for reuse or disposable special paper. The former way is more expensive and more powerful than the disposable version. Since the non-paper version are bulky, you can’t carry around much of them. Both of the variations have their own advantages and disadvantages. The staff that Ishtar has is the permanent type.

Because of how magic worked, it was not practical in close combat, it would be impossible if the person did not have an aptitude. For a manufacturing class, “Synergist” was stuck with useless skills that just process or changed the forms of minerals. There was no artifact that helped with the synergy, just gloves that had the synergy magical formula drawn on it. Well, he can make pitfall and protrusions. Hajime had been able to do it on the ground and gradually he could up the scale. Well, it was useless in combat.

All his classmates labeled him useless after they saw his stats and his progress after 2 weeks. Reluctantly, he started to accumulate knowledge. He did not see a bright future ahead for him, this caused him to sigh increasingly each day.

Hajime considered, while looking at the blue sky from the library window, whether he should take a trip. It was at the very end. Hajime had begun to be lost in wondering where he wanted to go, while he was learning things that he tried so hard to learn these past 2 weeks.

(After all, he wanted to check out the demi-human country. He can’t really say he went to another world if he did not experience a kemomimi. However, they were in the “Sea of Trees”. Besides the slaves, it was rare to see them outside of the forest.)

To Hajime’s knowledge, the Demi-humans were a race that was discriminated. They lived in the Hartzena Forest that spread north and south on the east side of the continent. They are discriminated against because they do not have any magical power at all.

In ancient times, this world was created by ancient magic that was performed by their god Eht. The magic used in this age is a degrade version of those ancient magic. Therefore, it is believed that magic is a gift from God. Well, that is what the Church of Saints taught everyone.

So, for a race to not have any magical power, it is perceived by humans that they were scorned by God.

Then, how did monster come into being? The monster’s are not to be gifted by God, but rather they were just a natural disaster that occurred. They were only vermin. Hajime was disgusted inwardly by the interpretation people had on them.

The Devils worshipped a different God than the ones that the Church worshipped. This was similar to how the Demi-humans thought too. Devil’s all had a very high aptitude for magic. They were able to perform stronger magic with shorter incantations and smaller magic formations than humans.

Humans thought the Devils were their enemies because they worshipped a different God, and discriminate against the unloved Demi-humans. This was what the Church taught. The Devil’s felt the same. The Demi-humans, just wanted to live in peace. All the races were very exclusive.

(If going to the “Sea of Trees” is impossible, maybe I should head for the west sea. If I remember correctly, there is a maritime town called Erisen. If I can’t see a Kemomimi, than I want to see a Mermaid. It’s a man’s romance. He wanted to try the seafood here too.)

The town is said to be off the coast of the western sea and a group of demi-human fishermen are there. This is the only demi-human group that is protected by the Empire. This is because 80% of the seafood the northern continent consumes is provided by them. It’s pretty much a straight reason. I wonder where the religious reason to discriminate them had gone? When he heard the story, Hajime felt like he was a Tsukkomi at that.

Past the western sea is the large Guryuen Desert. In this desert is the great transist oasis the Dukedom of Ancarge and the Mountain of Great Flames. This Mountain of Great Flames is one of the 8 Great Dungeons.

The 8 Great Dungeons, are one of the most dangerous areas in the world. The previously mentioned Hartzena Forest is also one, and another is the Orcus Dungeon which is located southwest of the Hairihi Kingdom. The reason they were considered 3 of the 8 Great Dungeons is because it was recorded in history. The other 5 Great Dungeons have yet to be located.

One of the proposed Great Dungeon is the Raisen Great Canyon, which expands from the north to south of the continent. At the southern hinterlands, where snow and ice are prominent is another rumored Great Dungeon called the Schnee Snowfield.

(After all, the desert is impossible…no other choice but to look for slaves in the Empire. As expected though I have no confidence in treating someone as a slave.)

When mentioning Empire, it refers to the Hersha Empire. This country is a rising country that was formed by mercenaries that fought a large-scale war against the Devils 300 years ago. The Empire is known for employing mercenaries and is regard as a military centered nation, often adventurers congregated there. Advocates the supremacy of force and is quite the black country.

This Empire thought about the uses for Demi-humans, they concluded that the Demi-humans could be slaves.

The Hersha Empire existed to the east of the Hairihi Kingdom, and between these two countries is the neutral Fyulen Commercial City. The neutral city is an independent entity that does not rely on any country. Using its neutrality, the city was able to exert all of its management into economic expansion. If there is anything you want, the Commercial City is believed to have it.

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(But, if I want to return I can’t just run away. Crap, it’s almost time for training!)

After all, it was just escapism of his current situation. Since it was almost time for training, Hajime left the library in a hurry. From the library, it was a short distance to the Royal Palace, on the way you can hear and see the bustle in the Royal Capital. There was the voices of children playing and shopkeepers advertising their wares. A distance away you can hear someone scolding a child, this was the picture of a daily peaceful day.

(Since there does not seem to be a war, can’t they just return us.)

Hajime just dreamed of that impossibility. It was just escapism to the depressing times that were ahead.

* * *

When Hajime arrived at the training facility, there were already many students there. Some of them were chatting while others were doing some free practice. It seems like he arrived earlier than he thought. Hajime went to get a western-style sword, that was provided for at the side, and did some free practice while he waited.

Suddenly from behind, something surprised Hajime to cause him to move. By rotating he was able to avoid it but he broke out into a cold sweat at the drawn sword. Hajime looked back while he was frowning, he had a tired expression at this.

There they were, led by Hiyama Daisuke, was the Bastards Four (Hajime made it up). Since their training had started, they have been messing with Hajime whenever possible. They were half the reason why he felt depressed when training. (The other half was his incompetence).

“Yo, Nagumo. What are you doing? Even though you are useless with a sword. Seriously useless.”

“Hey, that’s so mean, Hiyama. Even if it’s the truth~ Gya ha ha ha.”

“Why do you even come to train every day? If I was you, I would be too ashamed to come. Hi hi hi!”

“Hey, Daisuke. Since this guy is so pathetic, why don’t we help him practice?”

They laughed and grinned at that like it was the funniest thing in the world.

“Hey, you are so nice, Shinji. Well, since I’m so nice too, I’ll help out~”

“Good idea. Since I’m super nice, I’ll use my precious time to help. You should be thankful, Nagumo~”

Hiyama would take them to an area where other people would not see, while he acted friendly with Hajime and spoke. The classmates that noticed this would just turn a blind eye to it.

“Iya, I’m fine by myself. You can just leave me to myself.”

Hajime tried to refuse gently.

“Hey, when we are going out of our way just to help the useless you, what are you saying? Seriously, I can’t have that. You should just stay quiet and thank us for helping you.”

As he said that, he struck Hajime in the side. Hajime jerked as a his face turned into a painful expression at the blow. At that point the Bastards Four did not hesitate to get gradually more violent with him. Although it was unavoidable since it was adolescence boys that suddenly realized they had power. Though it sucked to be the aim of their violence. Hajime had no power to resist them with. He just had to clench his teeth and bare with it.

When they arrived at an unpopulated area of the training facility that no one else had vision of. Hiyama bull rushed Hajime.

“Hey, let’s hurry up and start. It’s time for fun training.”

At this moment Hiyama, Nakano, Saito, and Kondo surrounded Hajime. Hajime just stood there and prepared himself.


At that moment, he got smashed in the back from behind. Kondo hit Hajime with his sword that still had its sheath. Hajime screamed and fell down face first, but they continued to press.

“Hey, why are you sleeping? Burn~! I command thee Fire, “Kakyu (Fireball)”.”

Nakano casted “Fireball”. Hajime, who was on floor because of the blow from Kondo, could not get up fast enough from the pain, so he desperately rolled to avoid the spell. However at this time, Saito had completed his spell.

“I command thee Wind, “Kazedama (Windball).”

The wind hit Hajime directly in the abdomen, and he fell on his back. A “blech” could be heard as Hajime vomited from the blow. The magic circle was a simple one at 10 cm in diameter.

Still there was enough power in that spell to knock out a pro boxer. The artifact was one for high aptitude and high magic power was supplied for by the Kingdom. Normally these would have been used in cooking or just making a breeze.

“Wow, so weak! Hey Nagumo, take this seriously~”

Hiyama kicked Hajime, who was crouching to vomit, in the stomach as he said this. Hajime did his best to control the feeling of vomiting welling in him.

The lynching, disguised as practice, continued for a while after that. Hajime tighten his jaw to endure the pain, while he thought in vexation to himself how weak he was. Normally at this point, even if you were no match, there would be a counterattack.

However, ever since he was small, whenever he encountered something like this, Hajime was not good at dealing with it and just backed off. Hajime would just tell himself to endure it. He thought it was better than fighting.

While some people may think that it was very kind of Hajime, but others would think he was pathetic for it. Even Hajime wasn’t sure which it was.

The pain was getting unbearable, suddenly, a girls voice filled with anger rang out.

“What are you doing?!”

When the Bastards Four heard that voice, they thought they were busted. They thought that because the voice belong to Kaori, who Hiyama liked. It wasn’t just Kaori, the rest of the gang was there.

“Iya, don’t get us wrong. We were just helping Nagumo practice.”


Kaori totally ignored Hiyama, and Kaori rushed over to Hajime, who was coughing up a fit. The moment she saw Hajime’s state, everyone else did not matter, like Hiyama.

“Practice. This is such a one-sided practice.”

“Iya, that is…”

“Good excuse. Even if Nagumo can’t fight, he is a fellow classmate. Don’t do something this again.”

“If you have so much free time, go train yourselves.”

Not wanting to argue more, Hiyama and the others laughed deceptively and hastily left. Kaori healed Hajime with her healing magic.

“Thank you, Shirasaki-san. You saved me.”

Kaori just shakes her head at him while looking teary eyed.

“Have they always been doing this to you? If so, I’ll…”

Kaori’s face formed into an angry expression and glares at the direction the Bastards Four left in, Hajime stopped her.

“Iya, it’s not always like this. I’m fine, so don’t worry about it.”


Hajime smiled at Kaori, who did not seem to be convinced. Reluctantly, Kaori decided to let it go.

“Nagumo-kun, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Kaori will agree to it.”

Shizuku said this with a wry smile as she took up Kaori’s side. Hajime just said thanks to that. However, someone decided to be a wet blanket with their Hero like quality.

“However, Nagumo should try harder. Being weak does not excuse you from trying to get stronger. If I heard correctly, after practice you just head to the library. If I was you, I would use the free time to get stronger. Nagumo, you should take this more seriously. I think Hiyama and his friends are just trying to correct your non-serious attitude.”

How do I interpret that? Hajime was just stunned by it, Kouki was just a person that believed in the good of others, so he did not see what really was going on. He did not think humans were possible of such evils. He just thought that there was a good reason for them to act that way. When he looked at it, Hajime was possibly the cause. It seemed that was his process of thought.

Kouki did not have any malice or ill intent in his thoughts. He was seriously just trying to advise Hajime. Hajime did not have the energy to try to clear the misunderstanding. He thought it would be useless to argue with someone like Kouki, who had such a strong sense of justice.

Shizuku who understood everything just sighed at that and apologized to Hajime.

“Gomenasai ne? Kouki didn’t mean any harm.”

“Ahaha, it’s okay. I understand.”

Hajime replied with a smile. He got up to wipe his dirty clothes.

“Hora, training is going to start. Let’s go.”

Hajime urges everyone to head back to the training facility. Kaori still looked worried, but Hajime decided to pretend not to notice. As expected, as a man, he did not want to be babied by a girl.

When they reached the facility, a deep sigh was released because of the events today. The future looked bleak.

* * *

After training finished, usually they would have free time until dinner, but this time Meld held them back to make an announcement. The students wondered what he would say. Meld used a deep voice to announce.

“Tomorrow, as practical training, we will be venturing into the Orcus Dungeon. All the necessary items will be prepared for, the monsters outside the capital are totally different from training so please make note of that. Get ready! For today, just rest. Dismissed.”

After saying that, he quickly left. The student were hustling and bustling at the announcement. Hajime just looked up into the sky.

(…Really bleak.)

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