Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 305 — Arifureta After III - Valentine Day Special Program

Chapter 305: Arifureta After III - Valentine Day Special Program

「Yoo, friend Hajime-kun! It’s a great morning too today!」

「Good morning, friend Hajime-kun! Ah, let me hold your bag for you until in front of the classroom.」

At the morning in February with its intense cold. Hajime who arrived at school was greeted by his classmates Nakano Shinji and Saitou Yoshiki who was purposefully standing by nearby the shoe rack, lying in ambush of him.

For some reason they were addressing Hajime like a close friend with amiable smile that looked gross. In addition, they were calling him with his first name, something that they had never done even once before.

Hajime directed a suspicious gaze at the smiling two. For the time being, he confirmed that there was no ordinary student around who was watching……

「Kaori. Recovery magic please.」

「Right, this looks like a serious illness. I’ll go with the highest class magic. ――”Holy Scripture”!」

Kaori who was going to school with him showered down the light of highest class light element recovery magic “Holy Scripture” with pinpoint precision toward Shinji and Yoshiki’s heads.

*Flash* The two’s head shined.

「Who are you calling seriously ill!」

「That’s right! We are acting like usual right? Aren’t we friends――」

This time a divine light showered down on the two’s head. It was the age of god magic that surpassed the highest class recovery magic――regeneration magic.

「Stop it, Shirasaki-san! Stop applying magic wordlessly like that!」

「I’ll also said this in advance, stop looking at us with a pitying gaze like that as though we are tremendously pitiful people!」

The two tried to brush off the radiance dwelling in their head by tapping their hair. Hajime was sighing while changing his shoes.

「And? Why are you two coming at me with behavior that is inviting nausea like that right from the morning? If you two are picking a fight, I’ll respond with the harassment methods that I had thought of until 108 types of them though……」

「「We are super sorry」」

Shinji and Yoshiki bowed their head with beautiful harmony. However, it appeared they had some kind of objective, they were only moving their mouths mumblingly without trying to talk.

「What’s the matter with the two of them I wonder?」

「Who knows? Perhaps they picked up and ate some strange thing? More importantly let’s go quickly to the classroom.」

Hajime urged Kaori to keep going looking terribly uninterested. Shinji and Yoshiki were following after them slowly.

While they were going to their classroom, they were feeling a strangely restless and nervous atmosphere and attention, especially from the first years. Hajime and group getting attention were something regular, but this felt more than usual.

「? What? The atmosphere is strange somehow.」

「H~m, you’re right. I wonder what’s going on……wait, ah, so it’s that.」

It seemed Kaori guessed something from the attitude of the underclassman girls.

「What’s going on?」

「Ahaha, see, it’s that. The thing that is also making Myuu-chan high spirited.」

「……Aa, Valentine huh.」

‘I see’, Hajime nodded. Behind him, Shinji and Yoshiki twitched.

「Yep. It will be tomorrow. Look forward to it, Hajime-kun. I’ll make an extraordinarily delicious one for you.」

「I see. I’m happy to hear that.」

From behind, *gan gan gan-* the sound of fierce collision resounded. When the two looked back wondering what happened, there the sight of Shinji and Yoshiki bashing their head on the corridor’s wall looking like they were going to shed tear of blood was……

Hajime and Kaori looked at each other and,

「Come to think of it, is your father all right? This is you Kaori we are talking about. Surely you prepared one for your father every year right? Last year the event passed through uneventfully because it was right in the middle of the returnee commotion after all. Won’t he hold expectation for this year?」

「Otou-san is really restless since the day before yesterday you know? It’s so embarrassing to watch him act like that.」

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They were conversing as though nothing happened while starting to walk once more.

From behind 「You guys!? What are you doing!? There is blood coming out!? Like waterfall!」, the voice of a creeped out teacher could be heard, but it was like the BGM of a boring morning.

「You know Hajime-kun, Otou-san casually left a valentine special edition magazine on the table. And then, he kept sending glances from slightly far away, checking whether I noticed or not. Geez, as a daughter, my father acting like that is something that I shouldn’t see, it’s embarrassing.」

「To, Tomoichi-san…… Is it because of me, that he is feeling his share will be in danger this year so he made that kind of preparation?」

「Right, perhaps so. Recently he is casually sounding me out everyday.」

The backbone of Shirasaki family seemed to play his hand every day in order to obtain chocolate from his daughter. Hajime let out a dry laugh saying 「Well, I understand his feeling」.

While the two were talking like that, they arrived at their classroom.

From the discussion between the wive~s, it was decided that they would do “going to school with just two of them” by turn, so Yue and others were already inside the classroom.

「……Nn, Hajime, you safe? Kaori didn’t do anything to you?」

「What do you mean by that I wonder!? I wonder!?」

Without even giving any greeting, it was Yue-sama’s “Kaori bullying first thing in the morning”. Hajime headed to his seat while giving a brief glance at the two who were starting their daily morning ritual with the usual ‘gyaa gyaa’.

「Short time no see de~su, Hajime-san!」

「Good morning, Hajime.」

While the classmates were saying 「Good morning」 at him one after another, Shia and Shizuku were approaching him, one with a hop *pyon* while the other with a slow walk.

After Hajime returned their greeting, Shia was hopping up and down *pyon pyon* while pressing with 「Please listen to me-, Hajime-san!」.

「What’s up? Did something happen on your way to school?」

「That’s right. Surprisingly, a hero appeared after so long!」

「……? Amanogawa? How did he return to earth……」

If speaking of hero, then it was Amanogawa Kouki who quickly left school after returning to earth and went back to Tortus doing “holy precincts’ monster exterminator”. Now after more than a year had passed, the degree of freedom in “opening gate” was increasing, and yet there should be no way that he was able to freely return by his own power.

Hajime tilted his head looking puzzled. Shia shook her head left and right and answered.

「It’s not that hero, it’s about the people who are confessing to me or Yue-san that recently has decreased in frequency remarkably.」

Hearing her words, the classmates who were nonchalantly eavesdropping were making understanding face saying 「Aa, certainly. To attempt to lay their hand of the demon king’s wife, they are indeed hero」 in agreement.

About half a year after returning to earth, not to mention the students in this school, even people from the neighboring schools, universities, and on top of that even working adult were often doing “street confession” to Yue and co.

Although, they didn’t just get rejected, in the middle of their confession, their words were chopped down along with their love or their ulterior motive.

The number of people with their heart broken, or even their body crushed couldn’t be counted. The rumor spread and the frequency was gradually decreasing. And recently due to their flawless attitude in their relationship with Hajime (there was also the effect of the recognition obstruction artifact though), such heroes were vanishing but……

「Seriously? Why is it happening again suddenly…… Is it that? Are they in need of smash? I’ll pin down their location even right now using the compass.」

The boys of the class all entered defensive stance for their crotch. Their motion that was without the slightest disorder was truly beautiful. Their simultaneous shivering from Shia’s words after that 「No no, if it’s necessary then we will do the smashing ourselves so it’s all right」, it also had a magnificent synchronization rate.

「It must be that. As I thought, because the valentine is close, there must be people who take action with resolve.」

「From the male’s side? Normally it’s the reverse……aa, I see. So it’s just like Nakano and Saitou.」

If they were good friend with Hajime, they might receive leftover chocolate from Yue and co. Such ulterior motive was transparent from the two. The people doing street confession must be also taking action betting on the one in a million chances.

Although, there was no way unknown people confessing at this late would have any chance somehow, but today, there were people doing street confession. Just what in the world they were thinking?

Hajime tilted his head in confusion, however he immediately went 「Hm?」 and looked around the classroom.

It seemed Shia’s mention of 「Valentine」 caused reaction. The girls in the class were strangely restless. They who had survived the scene of carnage in the other world possessed guts and composure that were incomparable with normal high schooler and the like, but now their atmosphere was somehow restless.

Among them, Miyasaki Nana who were talking with Sonobe Yuuka and Sugawara Taeko threw a question casually.

「Hey hey, Shizuku-chi~. Shia-chi~. Sure enough, you two will give Nagumo-chi chocolate right~?」

「But of course desu! Today, when we get back home, all of us will make chocolate together with Myuu-chan too!」

「Yes. Although, this is the first valentine for Shia and others, so we won’t just make chocolate to hand to Hajime, but we are going to try making various things too.」

After Shia answered 「I’m looking forward to it desuu!」 energetically, Shizuku replied while glancing at Hajime looking a bit embarrassed.

The boys in the class were getting a faraway look seeing the two like that. They then let out conversation that sounded like escaping reality 「I think this year it will be just from Kaa-chanmother again I think」, or 「Haa? What are you saying? Valentine will be abolished from this year right?」. or 「Right right, if I’m not mistaken, it will be decided as a violation international treatise in order to protect the dignity of male student or something, so it will get abolished you know?」, or 「There was a large demo wasn’t it? Abolish this unfair system! or something」, and so on. That was the conversation of Tamai Atsushi, Aikawa Noboru, and Nimura Akito, those three.

Exasperated gazes from the class’s girls were poured on those three.

When Nana heard what Shia and Shizuku said, she made a wide grin and poked repeatedly on Yuuka beside her.

「You hear thaaat, Yuuka-chi. Everyone will give chocolate to Nagumo-chi they say~」

「So, so what?」

「It’s not so what riight~. Yuuka-chi too need to work hard. Staying as just a mistre――」

「I’ll send you flying, Nana.」

When Nana was about to say something, Yuuka grasped her mouth *mugyuu* and stopped her. Nana tried to make Yuuka let go with muffled ‘mui mui*, but the fingertips of Yuuka who was blushing faintly were displaying powerful grip like a vise and wouldn’t let go.

Taeko chuckled in amusement and turned the aim of the talk at Hajime.

「What do you think Nagumo-kun? Yuuka’s chocolate. Yuuka is also good at making sweets, that’s why the taste is guaranteed you know?」

「Wai-, wait Taeko!」

Yuuka stopped her in panic, but it seemed she was curious about Hajime’s reaction, because she was sending him restless glances.

During that time, it seemed she was forgetting to manage the strength in her grip. Her claws were digging into Nana’s lips, causing Nana to turn teary saying 「Hi, higih, it will get shredded-!?」, but Yuuka-chan didn’t notice.

While the class’s attention was inadvertently focused on him, Hajime was staring in puzzlement before his gaze turned to empty space as though he had recalled something.

And then,

「Come to think of it, yesterday, when I went to your restaurant to drink coffee yesterday, you made me ate a test piece choco stick as freebie right? That was certainly delicious. Like, the bitterness was exquisite or something.」

「Wai-, Nagumo-, I told you to keep it secret!」

The classmates thought.

This girl, she damn stole the first move!, in their mind.

Yuuka more or less explained 「It’s a test piece and I don’t know whether to put it into menu, so keep it secret!」 at the restaurant, but seeing Yuuka’s absurdly flustered act, it was highly possible that it was just her excuse on the surface.

‘Doing something like giving it at the big day is impossible, but he came to the restaurant at great timing like this……perhaps I should make him eat the choco that I had secretly practiced to make’, it was something like that.

Yuuka’s shoulder was grabbed hard. If she turned around, that person would be there.


「Hih!? Tha, that’s not it! It’s a misunderstanding!」

From behind, Kaori-san brought her face closer *nuu* with a nice smile. Even though she was making persistent exchange with Yue until just now, and yet unnoticed she had stood behind her.

And then, Yuuka’s two best friends withdrew from that place with similar “unnoticed” speed.

Yuuka was making various excuses of this and that. Kaori stared at her while smiling cheerfully. Everyone averted their gaze from those two and resumed talking as though nothing had happened.

But, there, this time it was Ryutaro who dropped a bomb.

「Then, Nagumo. In the end, which one that will make you happiest when you received it? Will it be the one from Yue-san as expected?」

「Ryu-kun!? Delicacy!」

The composed Ryutaro who would receive chocolate for certain this year, what’s more it would be a serious chocolate. The atmosphere of the boys in the class was like 「This bastard stealing a march like that」 where it felt like they would spit out anytime.

Ryutaro didn’t have even the slightest ill will when he said that, but for such a simple question it was truly lacking in delicacy. The classmates, especially the girls were candidly listening attentively.

Yue brushed up her fluffy golden hair with one hand *fuaasaa-*. The triumphant look on her face was unsurpassed by anything. It seemed that she believed that she was number one without even a shred of doubt.

‘Say it! Now, Hajime, say it! Say the obvious and only answer!’

She seemed to want to say that.

Shia was going 「Mumumu-. Hajime-san, it’s fine to choose me as number one sometimes you know?」. Her unseen rabbit ears were flopping *myon myon* in an appeal.

Shizuku was smiling wryly, but as expected she was sending him a gaze that was slightly in expectation.

Kaori and Yuuka too were also stopping their small judgment and sent glances.

The boys got the premonition of carnage and gulped tensely.

Like that, inside the classroom that was visited with a strange silence, Hajime answered.


「Eh? The one from Myuu though?」

‘Why are you asking something so obvious?’, his puzzled face seemed to want to say that.

In a sense, that answer should be just as expected. He wouldn’t give vague answer like 「Everyone」 or 「Anyone」. 1 or 0. White or black. The demon king’s answer could only be one!

Ryuutaro said 「O, ou……I see」 while his gaze was darting around. While he was doing that, *thud* there was a sound of something collapsing.

「Yu, Yue-san!? Are you okay!? Yue-san falling on all four is super rare though!」

「Wait Yue! Get a hold of yourself!」

Yue was crumbling down on all fours. Shia and Shizuku rushed toward her in panic.

In addition, Suzu requested for rescue to Kaori.

「Kaorin! Recovery magic!」

「Heey, Yue? Just now, how do you feel? Yue who got her first position taken away by her daughter after feeling convinced that she is number one, how do you feel about that? Hey hey, heey I’m asking you?」

「Kaorii, just because you are often get bullied, don’t corner Yue-san by making full use of this chanceee!」

Kaori was speaking provocation just like Miledy while walking around Yue with light footsteps singingly *ranranra~n?*. Yuuka was flustered while sending her remonstrating words.

「……This is-, the taste of defeat! Ah, I’ll call out Kaori behind the gymnasium later.」

Yue-sama reflected upon the defeat while swearing vengeance toward Kaori.

As expected, Hajime felt a bit awkward seeing that and he made his justification.

「No, well, see. It can’t be helped right? That Myuu, she is really getting into it. She is making choco cake since around a week ago. And she even said something like, ‘even though there is quartersfour kinds in one in pizza, ‘it’s strange that there is nothing like that in choco cake’.」

「Haa? Could it be she meant that? She want to make a whole cake that is made from four type of cakes into one?」

Hajime smiled wryly and nodded at Ryuutaro’s words that were meant to say「Oi oi, Myuu-chan’s concept is just too tricky there」.

「She was working hard that wholeheartedly saying 『Myuu will present papa with the best quarters choco cake nano!』 while there was chocolate cream stuck on her nose tip you know? I thought I was going to die in agony there.」

Understanding voices 「Aa~」 came from here and there inside the class. Indeed, it was an overly powerful mental attack from the beloved daughter. Surely it inflicted lethal damage to the father.

Yue also stood up while saying 「……Nn. I too, when I was told 『Myuu will present Yue-oneechan with cherry as crimson as your eyes nano!』, I got nosebleed」 while recounting about her dying experience. Color of understanding was gradually appearing in her face.

Shia and others were also talking. According to their story, it seemed Myuu intended to present each Onee-chan with chocolate cake that expressed each of their characteristic trait.

「That’s, it must be unbearable. Aa~, I also want Myuu-chan’s chocolate now.」

「Right? I’m thinking, that if it’s for Myuu’s sake I’ll destroy the world.」

「What are you going to do destroying the world」

「I’m wrong. If it’s for Myuu’s sake, I can pillage all the cacao and sugar in the world.」

「No, that’s not really different from previously.」

Hajime displayed his doting parent quality. He could actually do what he said, so it wasn’t really a laughing matter. Ryutaro made tsukkomi at such Hajime. Not just the classmates, even Yue and others were also showing exasperated face.




The morning of Valentine day.


Hajime was wordlessly sending a fixed gaze at the breakfast on the table.

On the plate that was plastic wrapped like onigiri, a very bizarre black object was placed.

When he shifted his gaze to the side, there was a letter placed there.

『To my beloved son. It’s valentine choco that is packed with plenty of love from mother. Enjoy it as breakfast replacement. It’s not a failed work you know? This is just a result of not succeeding using this method.』

She was saying something like what Edison-san would say, but in the end it seemed she was just pushing the cleaning up of her failed work to her son.

Them where was the success work?

「How passionate isn’t it, ufufu.」

Remia who seemed to be the one who was making the real breakfast arrived while going ‘my my ufufu’.

Hajime said thanks to her while taking his seat. He completely agreed with her.

The success work, that was to say the actual chocolate must be brought by Shuu anyway within his bag so that he could it in his company while boasting about it, while laughing loudly in front of his subordinates who were bachelor and didn’t have lover.

Shia who was also coming out from the kitchen spoke cheerfully.

「By the way, we have given ours too, so Tou-samafather’s bag is littered all over with chocolates. That Tou-sama, it seems he will line everything up on his company desk.」

「He is really planning to instigate everyone there. Even though some people were just grumbling to him that they got dumped by their girlfriend or their wife return to her parent’s house……」

「It will become a scene of carnage there nano~!」

Myuu was sitting beside the exasperated Hajime while happily saying the words that shouldn’t be said, looking like she was really in enjoyment. Hajime-papa’s cheeks were twitching slightly.

After that, Yue and Tio also arrived and they began breakfast like usual.

「Papa, papa.」


Myuu who was stuffing her cheeks with the swe~et rolled egg exclusive for herself called out to Hajime. There was a scrap of rolled egg stuck at the corner of her lips, Hajime took it while tilting his head.

Myuu tensed her expression and spoke while having her mouth wiped.

「Today, come back home faster than wind, nano.」

「Leave it to me. I’ll even fly across space.」

「No, let’s just go back home normally. Or rather, it will be Myuu-chan who come back later if Hajime-san get back that fast.」

Shia’s tsukkomi exploded.

Myuu had worked hard from yesterday evening until the night, so it appeared her valentine preparation had finished. Myuu’s specially made quarters choco cake and the character choco for all the Onee-chan were slumbering slowly within the refrigerator.

It was a rare chance, so today Kaori, Shizuku, and also Aiko would come to Nagumo family house to accept Myuu’s choco.

After finishing breakfast, for some reason Tio and Remia left the house first. Usually the student group would be first, but were they busy today?

Even while thinking it was strange, it would be troubling if some bunches who were still harboring ephemeral dream for Yue and others were to be crowding around them nonchalantly, so today Yue and Shia, and even Myuu who would be going to nursery school went out of the home together.

By the way, this year Myuu would enroll into elementary school. Hajime-papa had finished producing a backpack artifact that was fully loaded with gimmick like missile, laser, and the like. It could even be used to freely fly in the sky. The functions would make even Tony ○tark-san’s eyes snapped wide open.

Myuu was holding hand with Hajime while talking excitedly about the valentine party tonight. Yue and Shia and naturally Hajime too were hearing her talk while feeling warm and fluffy right from the morning.

Like that, the group arrived in front of the station. Originally they would ride the train here, but Myuu’s nursery school was at the other side of the station, so today they would cross the street and went until the nursery school.

The heartwarming atmosphere of three high school students and a little girl caused man and woman, young and old, going to school or to work to send them glances. Their expression loosened as though they had that warmth shared with them slightly.

But, at that time, there were two silhouettes running toward them from behind the cover of a large object in front of the station. It was two girls wearing sailor uniform, one with black hair and the other one with emeral blond hair.

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「Goshuji――Hajime-kun? I wish thee wouldst receive this valentine choco!」

「Uu, Ha, Hajime-san. Please accept this……」

The people at the surrounding opened their eyes wide in surprise at the sight of a young man who was already accompanied by two beautiful girls getting valentine chocolate from another two beautiful girls.

The females were half creeped out thinking 「Uaa, would this become carnage? Or rather, that boy, is he totally popular!?」, while the other half seemed to be in admiration, but the males were clicking their tongues in synchronization.

The heartwarming atmosphere until just now vanished. Now there was the air of peevishness that seemed to really want to say 「Fall to hell!」. Naturally there must be some men among them that also had fiancée or girlfriend, but for every man to be like that without exception must be because of the appearance of Yue and others as expected.

But, for Hajime it wasn’t the time for that. Or rather, the people at the surrounding also noticed something out of place in proportion to the degree that they paid attention.

‘Eh? Somehow, those two……are they really student?’, was in their mind.

「Ti, Tio. Remia……you two, what are you doing?」

Yes, the two who came wearing sailor uniform like adolescent youth, to be frank they were Tio and Remia. It seemed this was why they left the house earlier.

Tio looked triumphant, while Remia looked so red he was worried that she might explode at this rate.

「Just as thou couldst see, we art trying to have the person in our heart to receiveth our valentine choco.」

「I know that. What I’m asking is about this abnormal situation that make me want to escape reality.」

「We too wisheth to try experiencing the springtime of student for a bit.」

*Sharara* Tio twirled on the spot. Her skirt fluttered gently. Her black hair flowed in the air. *Wink* She finished it with a wink, then Tio-san asked.

「How’s that? Mine “sailor uniform look”, it’s really tempting correct?」

Hajime grinned widely and said.

「It’s really creepy, Klarus-san.」

「I’m called with mine family name!? Klarus-san, that hurts though!?」

‘That reaction is just strange!’ Is what Klarus-san seemed to want to say.

‘Rather, it’s your head that is strange’, Hajime wanted to say, but, well, this was Tio. She was a pervert from the start. Blundering like this was her forte.

The problem was,


「Please, don’t say anything……」

Most likely, she got carried away by Tio’s momentum and she thought that this would be a display of her playfulness, but it seemed that when the time came to practice it for real, she was so embarrassed she could die.

It was without a doubt that the uniform looked good on them in a sense, but the atmosphere they were clad in was completely that of an adult, so no matter what they looked like they were doing indecent cosplay. That point was the problem.

Even from among the people around, some were stopping still even though it was a busy time in the morning and began to stare hard at the two. Such people continued to appear from the crowd.

Remia wouldn’t meet Hajime’s gaze no matter what. Myuu briskly approached such Remia.


「Myu, Myuu?」

Myuu looked up at her sailor uniform mother and *plop* she put her hand on Remia’s hand. She then spoke with an expression that looked really like a kind adult woman.

「Mama, you must be tired. Myuu will help out more, that’s why let’s take a bit of rest?」

Remia crumbled. She said 「I want to return to sea!」 while crouching and covering her face with both hands.

「Oops, we wouldst be late if we doth not go soon. Then, Goshujin-sama, these art choco from me and Remia. Please accept them.」

「Aah, yeah, well, that’s. Thanks.」

Hajime’s face was conflicted, however, it was more or less something prepared for him, so he said thanks and accepted.

Tio said 「Both of us wouldst send off Myuu. Now, let’s go! Remia, Myuu!」. She helped Remia stood up and pulled her hand while carrying Myuu in her arm and rushed away.

「Wai-, please wait a second, Tio-san!? Don’t tell me we are going to the nursery school looking like this!?」

「Is there any problem?」

「There is nothing but problem! How will the teachers and other parents look at us!? I’m begging you please let me change~~~~~e!」

The scream of Remia who was mercilessly being dragged away while demanding to change clothes resounded in front of the station.

However, there was no way for seaman race to win against the physical strength of dragon race. The mother and daughter were easily dragged away by the hopeless dragon-sama.

「In a sense, it’s Remia’s figure like that that is rarer than the sailor uniform appearance.」

「Remia-san getting flustered like that cannot be seen that often after all.」

「……Nn. A sad incident.」

Hajime, Shia, and Yue, the three of them nodded to each other with half a smile. Then they entered the station as though nothing had happened.




After arriving at school and going to the shoe rack, a booby trap was activated.

「Hajime-san, this is a really elaborate mechanism. My family will be in admiration seeing this.」

「……Nn. Recently, the technique of soul sisters is rapidly improving.」

Seeing the trap that was prepared near the shoe rack, Shia went 「Hohou」 in admiration, while Yue immediately thought of the perpetrator in her mind and made a complicated expression. Hajime was staring fixedly.

He dismantled the trap, changed into his indoor shoes, and advanced toward the classroom inside the school building that was filled with vague giddy atmosphere. Then at the front he saw Aiko and the vice principal.

The vice principal had his back turned on Hajime and others while facing Aiko. Aiko immediately noticed them and greeted with her gaze. It seemed that she was in the middle of talking with the vice principal.

「――That’s why, please focus your mind constantly in this kind of day.」

「Ye, yes. That’s, yes, of course, vice principal-sensei.」

It seemed Aiko was receiving pointer. Like last time, Hajime and co erased their presence and sneaked behind the vice principal.

「Especially, Hatayama-sensei. You have the tendency to be too close to your students. Don’t do anything like making ruckus together with them!」

Hajime took a fighting pose behind the vice principal. And then, he told Aiko 「This guys is always nagging on and on and on and on every day, let’s send him flying at least once!」 using his strong gaze and provoked with punching gesture.

「That’s obviously out of the question!」

「Wha, what? Ha, Hatayama-sensei! What do you mean by that!? Don’t tell me, you. You have also prepared that……」

By the time Hajime and co were approaching sneakily, the vice principal’s talk only entered from her right ear before going out from her left ear. Because of that she was wondering what the vice principal meant by “that” and tilted her head.

If she remembered right, the gist of what the vice principal was talking about until just now was about being careful so that nothing like illicit sexual relationship or the like would happen because of the valentine day.

And then, because of the returnee commotion previously, the project of making a manual that listed out the countermeasure for every situation carried out. The other day, an instruction was given for the teachers to think of countermeasure that could be put into the manual, about the correct way to deal with the students who would enter a festive mood in this kind of eventful day.

Aiko was convinced 「That’s it!」. She felt terrified of her own deductive ability!

「Of course, I have prepared it! There is no way I’ll forget!」

「What, the!? ……No, you must mean that. You mean, it will be for your fellow teachers right? Well, if it’s you being considerate……」

Aiko went 「Uh」 at a loss of words. “Fellow teachers” ――in other words, vice principal seemed to be holding expectation that Aiko was having several ideas.

But, but still!

「I’m sorry……I only have one.」

「What, the……」

Vice principal-sensei was shaken. His wig was already shifting. Behind him, Hajime and co were watching the exchange between Aiko and vice principal with deep interest. No, it was only Shia who slowly and quietly reached with her hand to attempt righting the shifted wig. What a kind rabbit.

The vice principal pushed up his glasses twice or thrice and asked while getting complicatedly self-aware of the surrounding. Of course, Hajime and co were also continuously moving to his blind spot in accordance with the motion of his gaze.

「Hatayama-sensei. That’s, I’ll ask just in case but……that’s, who are you planning to give it to?」

To who? It was obvious. The one who gave the instruction to think of idea was the vice principal. Then, the one she would hand it to would be,

「Obviously it’s for vice principal-sensei!」


Mayday! Mayday! The wig is going to fall down even now!

The wig was sliding down in accordance with the heavy trembling of the vice principal due to the great shock. The vice principal didn’t even notice the danger above his head while his mouth was opening and closing like fish, then,

「I said it before but……I have, a wife and a child alreadyyyyyyyyyy-」


Vice principal-sensei turned around in a flash and ran away.

Hajime and co instantly retreated to the side, but Shia’s finger that was trying to fix the wig’s position grazed the wig and became lethal instead.

The wig fluttered in the air……

The cool and clear morning sunlight was reflected with a momentary flash on the vice principal’s head.

「Se, sensei! Vice principal-senseii! Your wig-, your wig feeell! Don’t enter into the staff rooooom-! The atmosphere there will be unbearable agaiiiiiin-」

Aiko caught the wig midair and chased behind the vice principal. Her voice resounded inside the building.

「……Nn. A sad incident.」

「Even though it’s valentine, there are a lot of sad incidents.」

「Surely, valentine is made up with nothing but this kind of things that shouldn’t happen.」

Hajime and co looked at each other with a really conflicted look before they headed to the classroom together.

They entered the classroom and greeted their classmates, then immediately after that,

「Gooodd mo~~~rning! Onee-samaa! Your beloved step sister has come!」

The soul sister kouhaijunior-chan made her entrance. The atmosphere ‘she came as expected’ flowed inside the classroom.

Kouhai-chan clicked her tongue as soon as she saw Hajime and muttered.

「Chih. Damn senpai, you are tenacious. So you are safe.」

「I can hear you there, kouhai who is making yakuza face right since the morning.」

Kouhai-chan leaked out a murmur that sounded like a confession of being the perpetrator of the morning booby trap.

But just when Hajime thought that, kouhai-chan made a cheerful smile and presented a choco.

「It was only my passion surging out for a bit. Please accept this as my apology, Nagumo-senpai.」

*Murmur*, part of the boys――especially Shinji and Yoshiki were shaken. This man could receive chocolate from even kouhai-chan who was considering him as her sworn enemy!? Was what they thought.

Hajime stared still at kouhai-chan, then he put the bite sized choco into his mouth. And then, after he chewed a few times, he spoke with an expression as though he had just his expectation proved.

「Oi, kouhai. You put too much laxative inside.」

*Murmur*, the classroom was stirred. *Pyuu~* Kouhai-chan was whistling with feigned ingnorance. Shudder ran through the classroom at her terrifying act of serving poison to the demon king.

Thanks to the “Poison Resistance”, nothing happened to Hajime. He briskly approached kouhai-chan. Kouha-chan ran away.

Without moving to cut off her path, Hajime pinioned her from behind!

「Wha, what is it senpai!? This is sexual harassment you know!?」

「Nn~, you, you still have some left right? Come on, I’ll try sampling it a bit.」

With a way of talking that was like a delinquent extorting someone, Hajime put his hands on kouhai-chan’s armpits and shook her up and down. A scream 「stop iiitt~」 came from kouhai-chan, but of course, Hajime didn’t stop.

「Where is it……hm? Is it here?」

「N, noo. Where are you putting your hand into――hyahn. Wai, don’t go theree!」

The demon king-sama flipped kouhai-chan’s shirt, thrust his hand around the stomach area and groped around. Without even being able to escape, her raw stomach was groped around. Kouhai-chan was writhing while turning red.

As expected, Shizuku couldn’t bear to see the super sexual harassment that occurred right in the morning and she cut in.

「Wait Hajime! No matter what that’s overdoi――」

「Oo, there it is. This one is for Shizuku right?」

Saying that, Hajime took away a choco that was enthusiastically wrapped from between her skirt and stomach. Was she warming it by Hideyoshi style……? It was worrying whether the chocolate had melted or not. (Note: The tale of Hideyoshi warming Nobunaga’s shoes by putting it inside his clothes.)

Kouhai-chan went limp on the legs, her face was bright red while she was breathing roughly. She was murmuring 「My stomach that became squishy from sampling food too much got toyed by senpai……」.

Hajime mercilessly tore the wrapping of the chocolate for Shizuku and put the content into his mouth.

「Aa~~~! The serious chocolate I prepared for Onee-sama’s sake! How dare you! Even if it’s senpai, this is unforgiva――」

「As I thought, something is put inside. This is……aphrodisiac right?」

「I don’t really understand what is senpai talking about there.」

Shizuku’s fierce gaze pierced kouhai-chan. Even the classmates were sending her piercing gaze with creeped out expression that seemed to want to say 「Uwaa, this girl really did it」.

Kouhai-chan was starting to trickle cold sweat a lot. Then she ran away like a darting rabbit.

Demon king-sama circled around her. And then, he stuffed the remaining aphrodisiac filled choco into kouha-chan’s mouth, then pinioned her and blocked her mouth with his hand to make her swallow.

‘Muuuh, muuuh’ kouhai-chan groaned, but her resistance ended up in vain and she gulped. Hajime who saw that released her, then right away,

「I, I’ll remember thiiiiss――, this damn brutish senpaiiii-」

She spat out a parting threat and ran away. Perhaps the medicine was a powerful one with immediate effect. She was writhing strangely while walking pigeon toed. It was truly a scene that made one went speechless.

「That girl, where did she get her hand on something like aphrodisiac?」

Atsushi tilted his head while saying that, then Noboru and Akito shrugged their shoulders and replied.

「She is the female high-school student who has adventure everyday. Surely she got involved with something again and obtained it at that time.」

「It’s troubling because that sound possible. That girl, it feels like one day she will get a secret treasure that she picked up from somewhere.」

‘Certainly’, everyone nodded.

After that, Nana distributed chocolates that the girls of the class made to the boys. Shinji and Yoshiki wolfed down the chocolate while crying.

Actually, Myuu also had Hajime brought an assortment of mini choco for the classmates, saying 「For always taking care of papa, nano」. The classmates whether boys or girls ate it with relish.

Yue and others who didn’t know it went 「……Somehow, she is like a good wife」, and they made a slightly shuddering expression at Myuu’s detailed attention.

By the way, about the chocolates that the girls prepared, other than the chocolates for the boys, they also prepared “offering for demon king-sama”. A single bead of chocolate from each of the girl classmates, they were all put together inside a square box.

No matter how the boys saw it, the dedication put into it was at different level from the chocolate they received. Somehow it gave a “serious” atmosphere, it was an extremely splendid chocolate.

The lightless eyes of Kaori and Yue looked around staringly at the girls, but the girls averted their gaze quickly with a splendidly harmonious movement.


「Ah, this one is from me!」

The moment Suzu said that and pointed at one of the chocolates, it went without saying that Ryutaro then challenged the demon king into a duel.

Of course, Suzu immediately presented him with the serious choco and the two of them brought about an atmosphere that was unique to a couple where they began to act shyly with each other, it was also went without saying that after that the boys challenged Ryutaro into duel.

Also, at the corner of the roused up classroom, Tsuji Ryoko secretly handed over choco to Nomura Kentarou. Hajime and others noticed that, but they pretended to not see anything with a lukewarm feeling.

「? The choco that was over here, anyone know where it is gone to?」

Nagayama Juugo noticed that the mass produced chocolate for the boys that he had secured for himself was gone and raised his voice.

「Ah, sorry. I ate it.」

「Uoh!? Wait, Kousuke huh. So you are here.」

「I’m here. I came normally. I was beside you for about ten minutes already.」

Kousuke who was moving his mouth in chewing motion. With this everyone finally became aware of Kousuke.

Right away, Shinji and Yoshiki were reminded of something and picked quarrel with him.

「Oi, Endo. You bastard, why are you eating choco normally huh?」

「Eh? Wha, what’s with you. Is there anything wrong with me eating it?」

「Obviously! You bastard, you have someone to give you serious choco already. Several of them! Yes, several! These chocolates are for the boys who aren’t blessed! Leave! “Nonchalantly a harem bastard” like you, just leave! Abyss lord, vanish!」

It was as though he was driving away evil spirit.

Kousuke was overwhelmed and backed away while making justification at least.

「No, I haven’t received any chocolate here. Rather, the plan is for me to be the one giving the present.」

A shock ran through the boys. Certainly, they had heard that the custom of “from female to male” was uniquely applied in Japan. At abroad, the mainstream seemed to be “the male conveying their love to female”.

Although, for a friend of them to plan to practice it for real, from their point of view it was a shock as though they were shown the difference of status between them.

「……So, so, this is, the nonchalantly the mankind’s strongest.」

「The demon king’s right hand man……that title ain’t just for show.」

「The abyss of Abyssgate Lord……it’s deep.」

「Don’t call me Abyssgate」

With this and that, Hajime and co were heating up until Aiko came for the morning assembly. After that, they staved off the second and third attack from kouhai-chan and her fellow soul sisters, Hajime got aimed by a strangely passionate male kouhai, and the backbone of Shirasaki family who came until school to pick up his daughter after school was over and got turned away by the said daughter. It was after all of those they finally returned home safely.

Aiko and Kaori, Shizuku, furthermore even Liliana was taken away from the kingdom. That night the house of Nagumo family was bustling with the valentine chocolate party.

Myuu’s quarters chocolate cake was made with splendid workmanship. It was a whole cake, what’s more it was huge. Midway Hajime got heartburn, but he finished eating all of it with the support of chugging in espresso.

It seemed that Myuu obtained self-confidence in making sweets after seeing Hajime’s eating manner that was hearty and joyful. It felt like this would become her hobby.

This activity was very feminine compared to doing war game or having dogfight with JSDF, so Hajime-papa praised himself in his heart that it was the correct move to finish eating everything using guts.

「Hajime. Nice guts there, but wouldn’t it be fine even if you shared it with Tou-san?」

「It was a cake made by Myuu for me. I won’t give it to anyone.」

Hajime who looked somewhat pale and Shuu who was making lifeless eyes.

Actually, in the company when Shuu grandly flaunted off the chocolates from his wife and daughters-in-law with a triumphant look, the bachelor & no girlfriend subordinates (+subordinate whose wife returned to her parent’s home) snapped and caused a coup d’etat. All the chocolates were plundered by them right in front of his eyes.

In the end, he couldn’t eat even a single one and returned home with lifeless eyes the whole time.

Although Sumire said 「I thought that would happen」 and gave him a fondant chocolate that she saved as reserve. After eating that, it seemed Shuu’s mind was mostly recovered.

And then, while hearing about the sad incident in the nursery school from one other person who was making eyes like a dead fish, Remia, the valentine day of Nagumo family kept going on.




「……Nine o’clock huh. When is Hatayama-sensei going to come to give the chocolate……」

Inside the staff room, there was only the vice principal alone. He was doing overtime work until he had finished the work share for one week, but he still showed no sign of going home.

He who was recently rumored to get strangely passionate with work after that was finishing his work for the future one after another until he received a call from his wife who had snapped.

The day he became the headmaster was near……perhaps.

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