Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 306 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 The Fate of Traitor

Chapter 306: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 The Fate of Traitor

Even though Vatican was in the middle of enormous chaos, after observing that situation, for some reason this man that should be their comrade――Leda went away from the scene.

Kousuke who witnessed that was following him even now.

Leda picked up a taxi midway and began to move, so Kousuke was sitting cross-legged right now on the roof of that taxi.

As always, whether it was when the taxi stopped from traffic light or there was another car running right behind, no one noticed him. He was relaxing leisurely while taking out his smartphone suddenly.

And then, he called the person he wanted to talk with.


The other side picked up faster than the first ring could end. The voice that sounded like an angry yell when calling his name sharply reverberated inside his ear. Kousuke reflexively distanced the smartphone from his ear.

The other party became even more anxious when he didn’t reply and she let out words 『Kousuke! What’s the matter!? Are you safe!? Say somethiiing!』 like machine gun.

The clone that had been always beside her had vanished. 「Well of course she would get worried」, even while thinking apologetically like that, Kousuke hurriedly replied.

「My bad, Emily. I made you worried. I’m fine.」


She was sobbing. He could hear small voice 『I’m glaaad, really glaad』 muttering from the other side.

It caused his feeling of guilt to become worse, at the same time his heart was warmed that Emily was worried about him so much like this. That hellish foreign world was really making his blood running cold. Emily’s voice was like a hearth, melting down Kousuke’s frozen heart.

「How is it at your side right now? Is there any problem?」

『No, I’m fine. Right now with Vanessa’s recommendation, we are receiving protection from the security bureau. Hey, Kousuke, just what happened?』

‘As expected’, Kousuke let out a relieved sigh. The Berserk case was over, and the situation was one where it was fine to think that there should be almost no one who would target Grant family, but it was really like Vanessa to make this careful and steady judgment which paid attention to the worst case.

Kousuke was opening his mouth to tell at the very least about the gist of what happened, but before he could a different voice interrupted him.

『Abyssgate. This is Magdanese.』

「It’s Kousuke, madam chief.」

The way she called him wouldn’t change no matter how many time he told her. Somehow it was turning into an exchange that was like greeting between them.

『Explain the situation, including the matter of mister Nagumo befo――』

『Kousuke-san! This is your Vanessa! Are you really safe?』

『……Agent Paradis. Right now I’m talk――』

『About everyone of Grant family, this Vanessa, yes, this Va - nes - sa-, is securing their protection! Please praise me! Please reward me!』

『Paradis. Stop fooling――』

『Specifically, whisper “You have done really well, my honey. I love you”――』

Right after that, from the other side of the smartphone, *uin uin* the groaning sound of a machine was resounding. At the same time 『Aaah, what are you doing with my jackeeet! Even though I had it custom-made because of my admiration to Kingsm○n!?』 such scream could be heard.

It seemed the chief’s cutting machine was working hard.

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『Abyssgate. I’m turning on the speaker. Please report.』

「Yes, ma’am!」

Chief Magdanese’s “please” that sounded like the growl of a beast with her emotion suppressed caused Kousuke to do seiza on the taxi’s roof and began his report.

He reported only the summary swiftly and talked about the cause of his clone vanishing. A deep sigh leaking out could be heard from the other side of the smartphone.

『What should I say, they are holding an outrageous secret there.』

「I completely agree.」

『And, Abyssgate. What is your impression? Are they too also the same like you guys?』

「That was what I thought but……perhaps, it’s different. It’s similar but……they didn’t react to the wording that I used.」

『Is it not possible that they were covering it up?』

「I think their reaction was genuine. The situation also wasn’t one where they could use such tactic. Perhaps, the route from where they obtained power was different from us. Although, both powers are really similar, so I don’t think that they are completely unrelated.」

From the other side of the smartphone, several voices could be heard talking to each other. As expected, the information that there were actually other people who possessed power that was similar with the returnees was something that even Chief Magdanese could immediately make decision about the plan going forward.

『Hey, Kousuke. And then, what would you do? Can you come back here?』

While the security bureau side was talking, Emily asked him worriedly. Her voice, if Kousuke wasn’t misunderstanding, there was pleading that was mixed in it. There was her wish of 「Come back」「Don’t be reckless anymore」 to him.

「I’m sending clone to there.」

『What about Kousuke yourself?』

「I’m……there are various things I have to dealt with. As expected there are many things in the situation this time that I cannot just leave alone. Right now I’m in the middle of tailing a suspicious fellow.」

『……I see.』

Emily didn’t say 「Come back」 to him even while feeling down. Surely she didn’t want to be a hindrance to the role and will that Kousuke was holding.

Somehow, for Kousuke, it was something that was stimulating his heart terribly much but……

He somehow suppressed the feeling of excessively wanting to writhe and continued the talk.

「Emily. About the matter from here on, can you go to Japan until the situation calm down?」

『To Japan?』

「Yeah. I think nothing will happen but, like Vanessa, this is just in case. With me getting involved with Vatican and the group that attacked it, there is no guarantee that they won’t make a move to Grant family right? I can also send two clones to the place of my family and Grant family, but it will be safer if both families are together.」

He could hear the voice of Emily consulting with her parents and grandmother, and also Vanessa who seemed to be beside her.

After a while, Emily gave him a reply that sounded a bit happy.

『Right, I’ll do as Kousuke say. I also want to meet again with mother-in-law and everyone else, also, the chief is――』

『Abyssgate. We will also come along. Allen, me, Paradis, and several other agents. In case you need help at your side, you can contact Pays.』

It seemed she was planning to go visit Nagumo family house at this chance.

「Bernard huh. Roger. But, you know? I don’t mind if you go to my house but, even if you go to Nagumo’s house the person won’t be there.」

『Right now it’s just the right timing for our side. At worst, we can at least have a talk with one of the wives. That will be enough. Mister Nagumo is a devoted husband right? If we can leave a good impression with his wives, then that will be a good result. If I keep asking for too much, then no matter how much time passed the progress will keep being zero.』

「Well, certainly.」

As expected from Chief Magdanese. It seemed she wouldn’t let go of the chance.

After that, they talked for a bit more, then Kousuke cut off the call after telling his intention to contact Nagumo house about the visit as well as reporting about the case this time.

Chief Magdanese and co would also depart after finishing various preparations, in that case Kousuke was pondering whether it would be faster to send his clone from Roma to join them quickly at London, or to send his clone to Japan’s airport.

While thinking such thing, he tried to contact Hajime just in case, but as always he couldn’t reach him. Not having other option, he contacted the Nagumo house.

From the time, right now it was about eight o’clock at night in Japan, so someone should be in the house but……

After the calling tone rang out several times, the voice of a little girl came from the other side of the smartphone.

『Yes! This is Nagumo! Who is this!?』

An energetic voice. The polite wording might be the result of the upbringing. Kousuke unconsciously broke into a smile and opened his mouth.

「Yo, Myuu-chan. This is Kousuke.」

『……………………Who is it? How do you know Myuu’s name nano?』

「Yes!? Wai-, that’s a harsh joke! This is me, me! You know me right!?」

Myuu’s voice became stiff with wariness and asked once more. Kousuke was seriously depressed thinking that he got forgotten while insisting about his identity.

But, his speech that was too shaken was a miss.

『Mamaa――!! It came nano! Finally it came to our house nano! The ‘it’s me, it’s me’ scam nanoo――!!』

「Wait! Myuu-chan wait! This is seriously ain’t a laughing matter! This is Kousuke you know!? Your papa’s friend Endo Kousuke you know!?」

The telephone in Nagumo house was an artifact. In other words, it also had a function to search the caller, and if the caller was an insolent person, it could do distant attack by making use of the other party’s phone.

Kousuke was trembling with fear knowing that his smartphone could turn into a brutal weapon at any time while making desperate explanation.

Then, it seemed that he got through,

『My? Endo, Kousuke……papa’s friend……aah, Aby――not, Endou nano! Long time, Endou! Are you healthy nano?』

「Eh? What’s with that flow!? Or rather, just now, you almost said Abyssgate……no, for now let’s leave that aside, you are calling me Endo without honorific!? That’s how you are calling me!?」

『Endo, your tension is too high nano. Has something good happened to you nano?』

「There isn’t! Rather I went to hell just now! Wait, that’s not it! Before this, didn’t you call me something like “Kousuke-oniisan”?」

『Myuu is a woman who won’t look back to the past nano.』

「What are you saying! Even if it’s ok to not look back to the past, what’s with the lack of honorific? Did I do something to Myuu-chan?」

『Nope. Endo didn’t do anything. Just, at the virtual space training, Myuu always get thoroughly bashed by Aby at level 1, so Myuu thought that calling with just Endo doesn’t matter anymore nano.』

「So it’s that gameee-!?」

The artifact for full dive into virtual space that was prepared for Myuu’s sake. The item that was previously turned malfunctioning because of Kaori and Yue before they got lost into it.

Myuu who was using it correctly for training faced mock battle in stages from level 1 mode against Kousuke and all the Onee-chan.

And then, in the game world Kousuke was always Abyssgate.

Myuu who was gradually getting irritated by his speech and action there lowered Kousuke’s hierarchy inside herself even at the real world and reached this kind of conclusion.

『Ah, Endo. Shizuku-oneechan will take the call nano.』

「Ah, yeah. Got it. But, it’s not Endo, but Kousuke-oniisan――」

『Endo-kun? What’s the matter?』

「……It’s nothing.」

Kousuke-oniisan gave up various things.

「So Yaegashi is also over there today huh.」

『Yes. Kaori also came. Right now she is exchanging pro-wrestling technique with Yue.』

「I, I see……what about the others? Is there anything happening over there?」

『……Everything is all right. Okaa-sanmother in law and Otou-sanfather in law still hasn’t returned home though. Has something happened?』

As expected from the sharp Shizuku. It seemed she felt a presence of unrest from Kousuke’s question.

Kousuke reported how Hajime and Shia who were in the middle of their trip came to Grant family house the other day, and then what happened at Vatican.

『It’s hard to believe so suddenly……people who can use magic and artifact in Vatican……and also the hellish foreign world……』

「Yeah, I also still cannot believe it here. Although, it’s the truth. Right now I’m following someone who is their comrade but also seems like involved with the attackers. As soon as I find out something, I’ll contact again but……can you try contacting Nagumo from your side too?」

『Wait a bit.』

It seemed Shizuku also asked for confirmation at Yue and others too.

After a while,

『We also cannot get in touch with him here. But, Yue said that both of them are definitely safe, so we think they are fine.』

「Even though you cannot contact them, but she know that they are safe? Is it artifact?」

『……It seems it’s “love”.』

「I, I see……」

Yue-sama. It seemed she was able to confirm the wellbeing of Hajime and Shia with love. The principle of it was unclear.

「Anyway, I’ll investigate some things here for a bit more. I think it will be fine but, it’s the fact that Vatican want our information, and that Vatican got attacked. You guys over there too, pay attention to the surrounding. Can I ask you to contact the others too?」

『Right, please leave it to us. I’ll tell everyone to be on guard.』

The returnee group had dedicated telepathy network for emergency time. Everyone was supplied with artifact that could convey information that felt like 「Directly to the brain!?」 for emergency time.

『Then, what will you do? Is it better if we also go to Vatican? We will head there if you need help.』

Kousuke was thinking for a bit hearing Shizuku’s reinforcement proposal.

「No, I’m still all right. The “mirror gate” something was at least closed already, and there are also still things to investigate. Rather, I think I want you all to stay in Japan yet for now. There are a lot of things that should be protected there, and actually I’m also planning to make Emily and others to evacuate there. Even though Nagumo isn’t there, but if Yaegashi and others are there then I could feel relieved.」

『Is that so? Then it’s fine though……』

「I’ll contact if it’s necessary. With Yue-san there, you all can instantly come here anyway.」

『Certainly that’s true. I understand. But, Endo-kun too, don’t be too reckless. I won’t forgive you if you make Rana-chan and also Emily-chan cry you know?』

「O, ou……roger.」

Kousuke patted down his chest thinking that it was now fine with this while also telling that Britain’s security bureau chief and her agents also planned to accompany Grant family, and how they wanted to meet and greet with Yue and others if possible.

Like that, Kousuke cut off the call. A beat later,

「……nn. Endo, long time no see. You cut your hair?」


Yue-sama, above the running taxi she desce☆nded!

Of course, Kousuke tumbled and fell! The car behind was approaching! Midair consecutive leap!

「……Nn, welcome back.」

「I’m baaaack! But Yue-san, seriously spare me from teleporting in suddenly!」

Kousuke somehow calmed down his pounding heart, but the culprit in question was only tilting her head expressionlessly.

「Or rather, you are in plain sight of the surrounding.」

「……Who do you think I am. I’m putting up a barrier so it’s fine. More importantly, Emirin?」

The Emirin that she mean referred to Emily. With this and that at the first meeting and how Shia was favoring her really much, Yue also became partial with Emily. It was to the degree that she gave her a nickname.

「Aa~, right now she is under the protection of the security bureau though.」

Other than with Kaori, Shizuku, and Liliana, Kousuke fundamentally used polite language or semi polite language to the wive~s. No matter how he couldn’t go against them. His humble appearance looked like a subordinate who was constantly shrinking back in fear against his boss’s wife.

「Could it be, Yue-san come to pick them up?」

「……Nn. We made her cry last time, so this time I come to pick her up courteously.」

‘Also……’ Yue continued,

「……I heard that the chief of Britain’s security bureau want to meet. Now that Hajime isn’t here, it’s necessary for me as his first wife to deal with it so we won’t get underestimated.」

Yue-sama said that with a fearless smile. Kousuke pressed his hands in prayer inside his heart toward Chief Magdanese.

It seemed Yue traced this location from Kousuke’s smartphone. Then she used her own smartphone to investigate the coordinate of security bureau headquarter. And then, she turned her gaze to empty air slightly and……

It seemed she managed to locate the coordinate for the teleportation destination.

「Ah, if you are going to teleport, can I ask you to also bring my clone?」


*Pop* A clone body popped out. It would be teleported together with Yue to Emily’s location.

「……Endo. Contact if necessary. Help will come.」

「Yue-san. Thank you――」

「……From Kaori.」

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It seemed she would forcefully teleport Kaori to here. The image of Kaori suddenly getting thrown into Europe by teleportation, and then getting indignation with teary eyes floated in Kousuke’s mind.

Kousuke nodded 「Tha, that’s reassuring」 while trickling cold sweat. With the situation as it was, he believed that they would really come if he asked but……he felt a bit uneasy.

「……nn, then」

Yue-sama vanished with the same abruptness like when she descended. Instant teleportation that didn’t even need gate. It was as though she wasn’t there right from the start. Yue-sama was Yue-sama. Her way of life that was too freedom was truly like her husband. They were spouses that resembled each other.

「Well, with this Emily will be fine. ……Though the chief’s stomach might not come out of this safely.」

Kousuke was murmuring that while resting his body until the taxi stopped.




After driving about an hour, the taxi stopped at the outskirt of Roma. Midway, the taxi also did meaningless U-turn and detour several times, so it seemed the passenger was paying attention so to not get tailed.

Surely he had never even dreamed that there was someone riding on the roof.

The taxi arrived in front of an old church built from red bricks. They were at the outskirt of a quiet residential area where the surrounding gave an atmosphere that was even more like middle age Europe or Tortus compared to Vatican.

The man who came down from the taxi――a man in his mid-thirties with sharp gaze, Leda was brushing up his black hair roughly while confirming that the taxi had completely left. After that he started walking toward the mansion.

He knocked on the wooden door that was facing the street. After that the church’s door was slightly opened and a man with muddy eyes looked at Leda. And then, they whispered something to each other with a low voice, before the door was opened with creaking voice and Leda got beckoned to enter the church.

The man who was beckoning him in was clad in kinked cassock. Seeing that this place was a church, this man was surely the priest here.

Although, looking at his plump body, his loose flesh on his chin, and the smell of alcohol drifting from him, he was a terribly delinquent priest. If he wasn’t wearing cassock, he would look like a drunk father no matter what.

The inside of the church was desolate. There was no sign at all that there was ever a mass that was held here. It looked terribly bleak, as though it was lacking even more warmth than outside.

Inside such church that already looked unused, at the deepest part――the area around the altar, there were four men.

There was a man who was wearing a suit that was obviously custom made in a glance, a man who was wearing fatigues for construction works, a young man who still looked like a student, and a normal old man who looked like he was only going out a bit for a stroll.

There, the delinquent priest and the suspicious Vatican staff joined them. The members didn’t look like they were related in any way to each other.

「I heard. It looks like it failed huh?」

The man in suit said to Leda with a grave expression. The other members were also directing to him gazes that were filled with emotion that wasn’t so good.

But, Leda who was receiving the concentrated gazes that were like bed of nails in a sense only shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly without concern.

「I have done my own role. That Aumale also accomplished his role before becoming a martyr. I don’t know whether those lots fought harder than expected or if their luck was good……or perhaps, if “that person” failed.」

「Watch your mouth!」

The man in fatigue grabbed Leda’s collar. Leda raised both his hands in pose of surrender and spoke even more.

「But, it’s the truth that the damage inflicted was serious. The “mirror gate” was also opened.

“That person” was unable to accomplish the objective even with such things having been achieved. I think it’s only natural to think that “an irregular situation” occurred that caused such failure.”

「He is the person who will become the king of the new world! Such thing, is impossible! You, you and Aumale, weren’t you two cutting corners too much!? Perhaps you got moved by affection――」

The man in fatigue grabbed even stronger as though he was scared of something. Leda let out a long sigh, twisted the hand of the man, and kicked him flying when he backed away while groaning in pain.

The man in fatigue crashed on his back on the church’s long chair. Glimpse of dark flame that showed lack of sanity could be seen inside his eyes.

「Calm down. Certainly the matter didn’t progress perfectly, but the top priority which was “the opening of mirror gate” was accomplished. The “wind of lamentation” flowed out to this world. Now when the strength of “that person” is increasing, there won’t be any significant obstacle for the plan.」

The man in fatigue seemed to be mollified somewhat by those words. The other people were also sighing in relieve and pulled themselves together.

But, at that time, everyone suddenly fell silent. Their movement stopped as though they were machine that was cut off from electricity. They were looking at empty air with vast gaze.

And then, everyone simultaneously twisted their head with a snap and looked to the church’s ceiling.


There, the dumbfounded Kousuke was hiding. His face was filled with shock that said 「How did they find out!?」.

At the same time, Kousuke noticed. Inside the church that was gloomy even though it was still afternoon, their eyes were shining faintly red.

*Click*, that sound resounded. Everyone took out a handgun. In an instant it was clear that they weren’t trying to simply intimidate. Everyone pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation.

「Nuwah!? That’s too much killing intent isn’t it!?」

Firing shot resounded consecutively. Kousuke twisted his body from the ceiling and dodged.

Splinters scattered one after another from the wall right at the side. It seemed that they had none of respect for the “house of God” as something sacred.

Although, just this much wasn’t a significant problem. He had once fought the demon king-sama who should be called as the world’s strongest gunner with his super precise as well as god speed gunshots.

This was just a mere six handguns. Normal bullets that weren’t even accelerated electromagnetically and only got aimed roughly couldn’t even graze Kousuke.

Using the ceiling’s beam and wall, furthermore even the supporting pillar and electric light, Kousuke agilely jumped around inside the room.

By doing that, naturally the moment the bullets ran out arrived.

(They aren’t even covering for the other members while they are reloading. ……Looks like they aren’t trained.)

Even while thinking such thing, Kousuke landed right in the middle of them who were trying to exchange the bullet magazine.



The man in fatigue and the youth took a stance to seize Kousuke, but before they could, a palm strike and elbow strike struck each of their solar plexus and silenced them.

Furthermore, the priest and old man who had finished reloading got their jaw kicked with a midair spinning kick together and they were sent flying. Kousuke hit the man in suit’s crotch with a reverse kick at the next moment.

The priest and old man got their consciousness blown away by concussion, while the man in suit fainted in agony with rolled up eyes.

Kousuke smoothly approached Leda who was positioned the farthest. He entered right into his bosom instantly and moved to put an elbow strike to his solar plexus without pause, but,



Leda lightened the impact by jumping backward by himself. It seemed he still got considerably damaged, but he managed to suppress it with only getting his breath knocked out of him.

*Pan-* A dry sound of gunshot could be heard, but it was the ceiling that got drilled rather than the target. Kousuke approached once more and directed the gun muzzle along with the arm holding it to the ceiling.


A click of tongue. Leda reflexively pushed out his arm. It was a form for palm thrust, but *shan* a clear sound came at the same time and a blade snapped out from his wrist.

Kousuke stepped diagonally inside toward the arm that he twisted up. He evaded the assassin blade while at the same time he twisted Leda’s arm that was holding the gun. Furthermore, he also prompted the movement of body weigth.


With the arm getting twisted to a wrong direction, the body instinctively moved to avoid the danger. That was to say, it became an unintentional forward somersault. Because his arm was restrained, he couldn’t even perform ukemi and his back struck the hard stone floor.

However, Leda didn’t stop moving. He aimed the tip of the snapped out assassin blade toward Kousuke and jerked his wrist.

At that moment, *bachin-* along with the sound of spring popping out, the assassin blade was detached and shot out.

「Get quiet for a bit.」

Kousuke casually dodged the flying blade and pulled up Leda’s arm while putting his foot on Leda’s shoulder. And then, he twisted in a flash.

*Gokin-* Such raw sound echoed. Leda raised a wordless scream.

Kousuke rolled him to lay upside-down and bound his arms with wire on his back.

「Now then, there is various things I want to ask but, for now, how did you notice me? What’s more it was everyone.」


Leda’s face grimaced in pain, even so he sent Kousuke a belittling gaze. He was showing that there was no way he would do what he was told just because of simple pain.

(Well, there is no way he will answer honestly just from getting asked huh. It looks like this guy even betrayed his comrades after all, a normal way won’t work.)

Kousuke sighed while rummaging his chest pocket. What came out then was an artifact in the shape of a five yen coin with string attached.

「It seems you are busy with various things but……won’t you retire here and try becoming a fantastic villager?」


Leda-san was resolved to stay silent, but Kousuke’s words were just too cryptic that he let out a dumbfounded voice.

――Brainwashing artifact “Betting on the pride of villager”

The five yen coin made from crystal was hung down in front of Leda who was unable to move. *Swi~ng, swi~ng*.

「You are gradually becoming straa~nge. You are becoo~ming straa~nge relatively speedi~ly」

「You, just what the hell you are doiing~~」

The brainwashing started relatively speedily. Leda-san’s articulation immediately became odd and his eyes started to twirl around. Even though he was a member of a secret organization and familiar with battle, as expected it seemed he was unable to resist the charm of villager.

But, originally like that he should say out the standard words of 「I am villager of ○○ Village~」, but here an abnormality occurred.

Leda’s eyes that Kousuke thought he was only seeing a trick of light before this――was shining red once more.

「O, oi. What’s with those eyes――」

「No! No more-! Save me-!!」

Suddenly, Leda began to say 「Save me」 repeatedly with agonized voice.

Kousuke was anxiously wondering if “Betting on the pride of villager” was malfunctioning. In front of him, Leda raised his voice even louder.

「Just how many you think I have saved! Is it still not enough! Why won’t you answer!? How many more do I have to save until there is salvation for me!? I cannot bear it anymore-. Human’s, dirtiness is unbearable!!」

It was a scream as though he was puking out blood. Tears were flowing, however, there was no sadness in those eyes but hatred and despair. And then, there was a clear rage in them.

「Oi-, get a hold of yourself! Look at me!」

「No, no more. This world is hell. Human is making it hell-. Why do I have to protect you guys!? That’s right-. There is no need to protect. Something like the inferior race who will fall into temptation already when I noticed no matter how much I sacrifice myself, no matter how many times I saved them, they can just perish-」

Kousuke made Leda to lay down face up and he peered into Leda’s eyes.

Leda continued to act deranged and discharged out incoherent words.

Inside his eyes that showed red radiance, Kousuke saw some kind of shadow. When he noticed, there was the whispering voice of someone who reached even his ear. It was repulsive, words that were obviously different from the language of human. It gnawed into his heart and caused a sound of devouring that soaked like black ink dying a white ground.

Leda was receiving the influence of the unknown “something”!

「Sheet-. Just what the hell is going on!」

Kousuke cursed while lifting up the “Betting on the pride of the villager”.

The fundamental of this artifact was soul magic. It was to be used to do things like changing will in order to brainwash for the sake of interrogation or sever the anxiety about the future, but depending on the application it could also be used for mental recovery.

But, before it could exhibit its effect, Leda was,

「Aa, that’s right. Exactly. God won’t answer. He won’t grant salvation. Then, there is no choice but “that person”. Aa, please. Please save me. My god. My king!」

With a broken expression that was streaked with tears of despair……

「? Tsu, you stupid idiot!」

Leda foamed from his mouth and his eyes rolled up. His body was convulsing fiercely.

Most likely there was something like poison capsule that was put inside his mouth from the start. Kousuke immediately took out a recovery medicine and tried to make Leda drank it, but he had a hard time doing that because of Leda’s fierce shaking.

And then, the time limit easily came. *Twitch-*, Leda convulsed with even more intense twitch……and stopped moving.

At the same time Kousuke noticed. The faint groaning voice.

「Wha-, you guys too!?」

Yes, even the people who he made to faint earlier were simultaneously swallowing something. Surely it was a really powerful poison. Everyone expired in less than a few seconds.

The six people severed their own lives while yelling “God doesn’t answer” inside the obsolete church.

「Wha, what the hell……」

Even Kousuke was completely dumbfounded.

But, at that moment, a hand reached out to Kousuke’s collar. The perpetrator was Leda who should have already died. His hand grabbed Kousuke’s collar like a vise and jerked him closer. Leda’s eyes that were nearby were bloodshot, they were turning into something terrifying where only madness could be felt.

Kousuke immediately tried to shake it off, but before that, Leda’s mouth opened. The voice was similar but not from his voice just now, a hoarse and extremely unpleasant voice that was beyond description.

『The equilibrium has collapsed. The door will be opened before long. The king of hell who obtained flesh. His eternal reign will begin.』

A sneering voice that was like the condensed unpleasant sounds for human was resounding as though it was directly scratching and plucking at the mind.

Leda’s eyes opened wide and foam came out from his mouth. He continued to laugh for a while, and then he stopped moving again. The uneasy presence had already vanished too and nothing could be felt.

It was an abnormal and foreign situation that brought about shuddering terror. The silence that returned inside the church was terribly eerie.

Kousuke who was dumbfounded for a while muttered in a low voice before long.

「……This guy is like Nagumo huh.」

The great monster who crawled out from the abyss, who once moved easily made the equilibrium crumbled, could open door that crossed over worlds freely, and ate monster flesh. If he felt like it, something like world domination would be a child’s play.

Indeed, it sounded like their demon king-sama. Right now that demon king was breaking contact.

Kousuke shook his head and chased out the strange thought. Even if they were a bit similar, there was no way Hajime would do anything troublesome like world domination.

His only reason to make a move was only for his important people, especially his family. If someone turned their hand on that “important thing”, what was waiting for them wouldn’t be domination but a trampling down.

「Well, there is other monster that I happen to know huh.」

Kousuke imagined “that” which he faced at the hellish place while he looked around inside the church once more and sighed.

「For now, let’s copy their ID and……I should contact Vatican anonymously.」

He couldn’t do anything like disposing corpses, so he would leave all the troublesome thing to Vatican.

After that, Kousuke rummaged around their chest pocket and took picture of their identification paper using camera. He also recorded their face picture and the like.

And then,

「Now then, who are these guys, what is their point of commonality……h~m, how should I investigate it……」

For a moment, ‘Should I rely on the security bureau……?’ Kousuke thought, but,

「Ah, come to think of it, that guy, he is strong at this kind of information huh.」

Kousuke recalled someone who was suited to it. He decided his next action.

Like that, he hid a letter inside Leda’s pocket and gently closed his opened eyes.

「Who will save someone whose job is to save other……huh. Leda-san, what did you see and experienced, that broke your heart like this?」

Leda’s yell. Surely that was the yell of someone who heart was broken and completely exhausted. Was the other people here like that too?

That repulsive whisper, did it instigate these people who were completely tired and sought salvation and lured them into death?

If that was the case……

Kousuke narrowed his eyes slightly.

He knew about the unreasonable reality that couldn’t be done anything about it. He knew, how was it to have one’s heart broke. He knew the greatness of hope that was brought before one’s eyes. He knew how difficult it was for someone who broke once to pull themselves together and stood up.

That was why,

「Now I don’t want to back down from this case anymore.」

He couldn’t back down, not only that, he wanted to see it through until the end.

Kousuke who stood up offered a silent prayer in front of the corpses of them who wouldn’t speak anymore.

And then, he left the church with a firm gait.


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