Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 308 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 The Security Bureau’s Future Is…

Chapter 308: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 The Security Bureau’s Future Is…


Bubble rose up tremendously from the water on the floor as though it was seething.



Disgusting shriek infringed inside the room.


An unseen impact attacked Kousuke. The hand that was holding Professor Littman’s neck was forcefully torn off and he was blown away until the wall in one go.

He collapsed the towers of books while colliding on the wall with an impact that cracked the surface.


The air inside his lungs was forcefully ejected and Kousuke lost his breath.

He landed on one knee. When he raised his gaze, he could see Professor Littman got up with a bizarre movement like a marionette and countless shadows running on the wall.

The shadows with hard to describe shape were running from wall to wall like shadow picture.


An impact hit him once again from the side. Kousuke was sent flying by an unseen existence and he crashed on the wall once more.

(What!? What is there!?)

Something was there. Innumerable things. But, he couldn’t see the figure. There were only shadows reflected on the wall.

At the same time when he fell on the floor, Kousuke trusted his instinct and leaped to the side. Instantly water splash rose from his previous spot and even the wall behind it collapsed.

Desperately, Kousuke measured the timing and threw his kunai at the shadow on the wall. But, the kunai only pierced the wall and there wasn’t any effect to the shadow.



Impact came from right below him. His solar plexus was pushed up and Kousuke’s body folded into the shape of “<” while floating in the air. Right after that, impact came from right above in a flash. Kousuke was blown to the flooded floor without even any time to breath.

Right after that, he was dragged as though his feet got caught and he was thrown away like that with a fierce momentum.

He flew toward an aged and large bookshelves that looked solid. Intense pain ran from his shoulder. The wood that had gone through many years were smashed by the impact and surged like an avalanche along with a lot of books.

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「Hmm. The materialization into this world is successful but……only the shadow. Although, physical influence can be exerted. It’s only a matter of time until complete materialization happen.」

Professor Littman was talking to himself while directing red eyes that were shining glaringly to Kousuke who was buried in destroyed large bookshelf and mountain of books.

Perhaps Kousuke’s damage was deep because he didn’t stand up.

Professor Littman snorted and jerked his chin. Then, a part of the shadows that were running around on the wall, ceiling, and floor gathered toward Kousuke.

They were like poltergeist. The bookshelf was moved to the side and a large amount of books floated in the air. Like that, Kousuke who was buried under the books floated together with them.

「Guh, kafuh」

It seemed that he was lifted up by his neck, so Kousuke held his neck with both his hands and gasped painfully. He was shining faintly from ejecting magic power in resistance, but the strength that was grasping his neck didn’t decrease at all. Blood was flowing from his head, dripping down from his temple.

「Kuh, yo, u-, what the hell, are you-」

「Just as you can see, I am a mere university professor, just a simple researcher.」

「A simple, researcheer? -, that’s, a harsh joke there.」

Professor Littman turned his gaze toward the kunai Kousuke threw. Just from that, the kunai was pulled out by itself from the wall and drifted in the air. Following that, the shadow that was projected on the ceiling was slowly approaching near Professor Littman.

Most likely, it wasn’t that Professor Littman had telepathic power, but the unseen existence received command from him and brought the kunai to him.

His hand took the kunai that was brought to him and he stared at it in concentration, then he started to talk with a tone as though continuing a lecture.

「No, it’s the truth. I just wanted to know. God and demon, heaven and hell. Those concepts, just when and where they were created. I wanted to know the beginning. That was all.」

「De, mon……」

Kousuke ruminated that one word. Yes, the existence that he encountered in the world at the other side of the mirror, and also the unseen existence that was trying to break his neck right now, indeed, they were certainly demon.

It wasn’t an unknown another world or even unknown creature. This was truly what the people on earth knew as the concept of “hell” and “demon”.

「However, you. What is called as record sometimes is something created by those in power for their own convenience, something that is falsified. When I tried to deepen my investigation and interpretation, just who can proof that it’s the truth or not.」

Professor Littman looked at the books scattered across the room with a gaze as though he was looking at a rock at the roadside. The books that were destroyed and turned into tragic condition due to the water or because of the shockwave of the battle were glared with shining red eyes.

Kousuke guessed. This situation, Professor Littman’s conduct. It must be the result of that phrase that sometimes appeared in story being realized in real life.

「I, see. You, sold, your soul to demon huh.」

「I can buy the truth with that. I think it can be said as a reasonable transaction.」

「From, that so called reasonable transaction……what did you find out?」

Kousuke didn’t struggle anymore. He was asking while looking at Professor Littman with blank eyes that looked resigned.

Professor Littman looked back at Kousuke’s eyes.

「Tell me your root.」

It seemed that even this was a transaction. If Kousuke wanted to know his knowledge, then Kousuke should also teach him the secret of his power.

「……That’s fine. But……you first. It will be unbearable if I get killed right away after talking.」

The opponent was a man who sold even his soul to demon for the sake of his pursuit. Kousuke’s condition didn’t even make Professor Littman hesitate.

「Very well. Then, you. In the first place, do you understand what is the existence that is called demon?」

‘The hell if I know’, he wanted to spit that out, but he swallowed that feeling and told no wit his gaze.

「They are human. Demon is the ruin of what human once was. However, it’s with the attached proviso that they are human of another world.」

Kousuke thought that he had heard a story like this from somewhere. Kousuke narrowed his eyes, which Professor Littman perceived that it seemed he was in doubt. His mouth warped and he continued his words, as though he was feeling really happy to display his knowledge.

「The world that we human titled as “hell”, is truly in a state that is worthy for the title “hell”, but once it was overflowing with nature and it was a world with rows of cities that were developed even further than the current earth.」

From the beginning, the “hell” was another world with existence that overlapped with “earth”. Although there was gap between world, both worlds would occasionally influenced each other――spirited away, supernatural phenomenon, UMA, etc――due to the closeness.

And then, the residence of the world that was far more developed than earth noticed the earth’s existence.

「Miracle, magic, sorcery……smoke won’t rise without fire. The live coals that is the cause for the birth of those concepts was, yes, the technology of them who crossed to earth. You understand now? In the period that is called as ancient era, at the far past, miracle and magic also existed in earth. Because the residence of hell brought them here.」

Magical girl existed. Even magician existed. Legendary weapons, chosen heroes, and also great people existed. The mythical beasts and monsters certainly existed too.

Everything was due to the “god’s magic” that was used by the residences of hell.

「God’s……magic, you say?」

「Yes, that’s right, you. The residences of hell, the demons, they performed miracles. For the earthling――they were truly gods.」

Certainly, for people who only possessed primitive technology, people using magic were equal with gods. To say nothing if they could receive that godly work, it could be said that the natural flow was to worship those people.

For the residences of hell, it might be a part of cultural exchange with another world, or perhaps it was because of their greed to rule, it was unclear which was the reason, but anyway they brought the technology called magic to the earthlings, which resulted in earth also accomplishing rapid development.

So to speak, what was called as super ancient civilization was something like that.

「But, you. Destroyed by a power that is too great is something that is repeated no matter the age. Do you understand?」

「I, predicted that. And there, you understood then?」

「Yes, I understood. Of god and demon. Of earthling and otherworlder.」

There was no clear division. If there was otherworlder who sided with earth, there was also earthling who sided with the other world.

But, it seemed definite that there was outbreak of conflict that crossed the two worlds.

As the result, a power that was equal with the work of god transformed the other world into “hell”, and the losers were locked into that world.

「The demons are the otherworlders who lost the conflict, and the earthlings who sided with those otherworlders, reduced to a mere shadow of their former self. My understanding still cannot catch up with the details, but in order to survive in that changed world, they devised a method to survive with only their soul.」

At the same time, the bloody wind that was blowing violently in hell――that which was called as “the wind of lamentation” seemed usable to form transient flesh body which was centered on the soul.

Although, in the first place the “hell” was a world that wasn’t suitable for people with flesh body to continue to exist. Thus, just like how those ghoul-like things looked like that, the flesh body there was constantly incomplete and ugly. As for their ability to think, people whose soul was particularly of fine quality when they were human would have it to a certain degree, but normal people were only able to act instinctually.

「That is the reason why they are trying to descend into this world. If they are able to materialize in earth, they will be able to maintain definite flesh body. Like that, naturally the rank of their soul will rise and they will be able to take back their thinking ability.」

「Is, that all? It’s not, right?」

「Correct. “That person” is trying to accomplish his long standing desire. That is to unify and rule the two worlds. He wants Claudia Barenberg in order to become even more complete and mighty existence. So that even if the kings who suppressed “that person” like in the past return, he will be able to defeat them handily.」

「Ki,ngs? That’s――guah」

Kousuke tried to ask more, but he was interrupted from having his neck choked strongly.

「Hm. It’s not like I don’t want to continue my lecture for a bit more but, it looks like the demons are impatient. Let’s stop here. Although I am a body that receives the demon’s thought, in the end I am just a collaborator. I’m not in a position that can give them order.」

Now, speak of your truth.

Professor Littman’s eyes that were containing madness inside were insisting that. Perhaps he should be called as truth fanatic. He would sell even his soul to demon if it was for the sake of appeasing his spirit of enquiry, and he had decided that he wouldn’t give a damn to what would happen to earth. His eyes were something chilling even for Kousuke who had struggled through numerous scene of carnage.

And so,

「Thank you for the lecture. As for my truth……please experience it in practice.」

He returned the professor’s words before this right back at him. At the same time, *puff* Kousuke vanished with that sound. The place he materialized was of course at the position of the kunai Professor Littman was holding.



It seemed that even demon was unable to capture Kousuke who crossed through space. Kousuke who appeared before Professor Littman launched a midair spinning kick that caught his face, blowing him away.

The place he was flying at was the large bookshelf that had temporarily hid Kousuke’s figure. But, Professor Littman didn’t crash to there.

「For now, sink.」

The bookshelf that was full of gap from losing books was blown away as though in eruption. What showed up was another Kousuke――a clone body.

Yes, while his figure was hidden by the collapsed bookshelf, Kousuke created a clone body and made it stayed inside the bookshelf. The clone body put on stealth with all seriousness, while the main body Kousuke intentionally emitted magic power to show his existence strongly. It was a gamble but it seemed that the clone manage to hide properly.

A heel drop kick by that clone shot down the flying Professor Littman. A perpendicular drop after horizontal flight. Professor Littman bounced on the floor like reeled up fish.

The demons moved. Countless shadows were running on the wall and ceiling. Presently there were several demons inside the room. They were unseen and their presence couldn’t even be sensed. Most likely because their materialization was still incomplete their state became even more troublesome instead.

Although, just how much time had passed until now. Kousuke of course had the objective of pulling out knowledge from Professor Littman.

But, his biggest reason was to solve this troublesome situation. It was for the sake of buying time, for the technique that he could activate as long as he had time even though he had no aptitude for it……

「――”Absolute Calamity”!」

In order to use the age of god magic!

The black star of calamity formed and whirled in the middle of the room. The magic that he finally managed to activate after chanting for more than two minutes was displaying its tremendous effect amply.

Books, fixtures, and then the demons who were unseen but existing too, anything and everything were pulled and swallowed in.

Gravity magic “Absolute Calamity” pulled in the surrounding similar like “Black Heaven Destitution”. It was a magic that pulled object into it, but different from the final secret art “Black Heaven Destitution”, it didn’t have the power to annihilate the things that were pulled in, it could only compress.

Most living this would be pressured to death by that point so there was no problem, but for demons, especially when they weren’t completely materialized, they were mostly only soul, so it was doubtful whether compressing them to death would work.

And so, just in case Kousuke tossed in flame element magic noncommittally.

「Aa~, ouch ouch-. Geez, punching a person as they pleased like this. Burn splendidly there, you bunch of demons.」

The “water” that acted as substitute tunnel for crossing over the gap of the world should be evaporated too with this, so surely there wouldn’t be anymore demon that newly appeared after this.

Kousuke let out a sigh and let tension slipped out from his shoulders.

「Guh, uh」

「Oops, spare me from watching even more suicide.」

The clone that launched heel drop kick restrained Professor Littman while confirming whether there was any foreign object inside his mouth or if he was carrying drug somewhere in his body. As expected, the clone discovered a small case filled with pills inside the professor’s pocket.

Kousuke quickly took out “Betting on the Pride of Villager” to make the professor’s soul leaned toward his side before the whisper of the demon could drive him into frenzy.

Previously, Kousuke was interrupted before “Betting on the Pride of Villager” could completely exert its effect.

Even if the demon’s whisper had powerful hypnotic effect and brainwashing effect for the receiver, it should be impossible to break the artifact’s effect when the soul magic was completely applied. At the very least, as long as the demon wasn’t a powerful individual like that demon which was called as “that person” who possessed abnormal power.

「But, no matter how I think about it, the demons’ root is similar with the story of Ehito that I heard from Nagumo huh. Ehito’s former world should be destroyed already, so there shouldn’t be any relation though……」

If, the fundamental root was the same, then even the age of magic might not……

In any case, in order to protect the mind of Professor Littman, Kousuke dangled “Betting on the Pride of Villager” in front of him.

Then, just before he made the artifact went swi~ng swi~ng,

「Do you have time to bother with me?」

「My bad, but I won’t go along with your stalling.」

「There is no need for me to stall. Things are already happening. You, returnees. We aren’t underestimating you all. We are on guard against you all, even more than against Vatican. In reality you are really a threat, however, you. As expected, you cannot go as far as differentiating the attention of ordinary people and dealing with them right?」

「……What do you want to say?」

Professor Littman’s face was drenched with nosebleed from Kousuke’s spinning kick. His face warped unsightly and he said.

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「Your comrades, and family. And then……Emily Grant, are they important for you?」

「Tsu! Sleep!」

Kousuke activated “Betting on the Pride of Villager” with maximum effect. The professor’s consciousness was grasped in a flash and then it was fixed into a stupefied state.

Kousuke took out smartphone from his pocket and called Emily’s number.

「She should be with Yue-san. She should be, safe……」

The world’s strongest magician was at her side. That was why she was all right. Kousuke focused on the ringtone while persuading himself like that.

Even the ringtone that only sounded several times felt like eternity for Kousuke.




Returning back in time slightly.

After Emily and others grasped the unique state of Vatican and the situation that was happening at present there from Kousuke’s phone call, the main members of Security Bureau were gathering in the chief office.

Right now Allen was arranging the procedure for the voyage to Japan, while the high ranked officials from each department starting from Bernard who would be staying behind were doing briefing session to discuss the plans while Magdanese was away.

Emily and others were sitting snugly at the corner of the chief office while idly staring at that flurried state of the bureau staffs.

「That’s all. Any question?」

After a while, it seemed the briefing was over. Chief Magdanese said that while looking around her subordinates. Everyone of them were only looking straight at Chief Magdanese. It seemed they had no question.

「Good. Then everyone, carry out your duty.」

「「「「「Yes, ma’am」」」」」

They were the well trained dogs of the queen. All the Grant family members thought of such impression in their heart.

The briefing session was over, but for some reason the bureau staffs didn’t exit the room and gathered toward the Grant family――more specifically, toward Emily with smile on their face.

Just like Bernard Pays who was the person in charge of the assault division, there were also many members of department that engaged in fighting scene, so the sight of tough looking men smiling at her caused Emily’s cheeks to twitch slightly.

「Doctor Grant. Long time no see.」

「Captain. It’s been a long time.」

Putting aside Vanessa and the bodyguards around Grant house, Bernard from the assault division normally didn’t interact with Emily. To tell the truth, the last time Emily directly met and talked with Bernard was at the Berserk incident.

It went without saying what about the other staffs. She had only talked several times with her bodyguards and their coworker, that was all.

Even though they had never really interacted, the atmosphere of the bureau staffs toward her was excessively friendly. Emily was bewildered at that but……the reason they approached her immediately became clear.

「By the way, is that guy Abyss alright? You talked with him right?」

「Aby-san. I heard he stuck his nose into something outrageous again? As expected from him!」

「Missy Emily. When will Abyss come here?」

「How is the lord doing? If he ask to lend him our strength, we are going to fly there right away……」

「Our division is also prepared you know?」

Lord Abyssgate was greatly popular. The chief was massaging her forehead. Her subordinates who were nodding seriously when she told them to carry out their duty, were drawing close to a civilian while going ‘Aby Aby’ right after that. Surely she was getting headache.

「Hoo~. Kousuke is really popular. As expected from the man Emily chose.」

「Wai-, grandma!? What are you saying in front of people――」

「Isn’t it fine, Emily. Mother, is really proud somehow. Kousuke-kun is already like my own son.」

「That’s right. As a father, I’m feeling half relieved and half conflicted though.」

It appeared the tension of all Grant family members was rising up seeing their daughter’s sweetheart was unexpectedly popular among the staffs of the national security bureau.

「Well, that’s because Aby is our, or rather, he is Britain’s hero after all!」

「I’m jealous at Bernard who fought together with him.」

Everyone nodded in agreement at Bernard’s words.

It seemed, for them Kousuke was a hero that Britain was proud of. Nowadays when American comic hero was rising to prominence, their mood was like ‘Even Britain won’t lose! If Iron○an is going to call Spide○man as helper, the Capt○in should call our Lord Abyssgate by all means!’.

Hearing that, Emily turned herself small on the chair. She was feeling embarrassed and shy. A hero was accompanied by heroine. She was turning smaller from imagining for a bit that it was her while shaking *purupuru* from shame.

That figure of Emily that was like a small cute animal caused all the tough looking men to showed a warm smile while they were getting heated up like 「As expected, she is the heroine!」.

Pulsing blood vein was finally emerging on the forehead of their queen. Her eye glint was saying 「Stop screwing around and work」.

In fact, Chief Magdanese was opening her mouth with cold aura wafting from her.

「……You all. I said to carry out your duty――」

But, before she could complete her sentence……

Golden spark surged in the middle of the chief office.


「-, chief!」

Allen quickly leaped toward Chief Magdanese. Bernard and others also pulled out their handgun from their waist and stood up in front of Grant family.

In front of the supernatural phenomenon, everyone moved without stiffening not just because they were trained elites, but the biggest reason was thanks to the precedent of Lord Abyssgate.

The golden sparks intensified further and before long became shining sphere.

Right after that, the light burst into a flash. Chief Magdanese and others reflexively covered their eyes.

After the light settled down……


Everyone was speechless. They who moved precisely even in front of a supernatural phenomenon, and even Chief Magdanese didn’t even twitch. They couldn’t move. They were only opening their eyes widely with their mouth kept gaping open.

What was reflected in their eyes.

That was the perfect form of the concept of beauty.

「……Hello, it’s me.」

Though the first voice was comical.

Yes, what appeared from empty air with fluttering golden hair――was Yue.

Furthermore, she was clad in golden light with halo floating on her back. It was the adult version Yue-sama!

After teleporting away from Kousuke, she didn’t immediately transferred to here. She first teleported to nearby, then she intentionally transformed into adult version and changed clothes. After she finished, she thought of various show and picking the best timing, Yue-sama made her entrance!

Even the word peerless was still insufficient. ‘The molding of god, no, rather it might be the goddess herself who descended’, that was what everyone there was thinking in a daze. The adult version Yue who showed her seriousness with her entrance was just that intense in various meaning.

「Yu, Yue-oneesan?」

A voice timidly resounded inside the chief office that was frozen stil. Emily was staring questioningly at Yue.

Yue erased the halo of magic power light as though nothing happened and she landed gently on the floor. Her loose black dress spread out airily. Her soft and fluffy hair was also floating around gently, so it was as though everyone there was losing their way into a dream world.

Everyone, starting from Bernard were watching Yue-sama’s countenance in fascination while going ‘pohee~’ as though their soul was slipping out from their mouth.

Seeing them like that, Yue who was convinced of the success of 「Strategy heaven piercingtengen toppafirst impression so that the first wife of the demon king won’t get underestimated!」 made a guts pose with a ‘humph’ from her nose.

And then, when she turned her gaze to Emily,

「……Nn. Emirin, long time no see. Did you cut your hair?」

「I’m not.」

‘Nn-‘, for some reason Yue nodded strongly.

「Err, Yue-oneesan. Why are you here……」

「……I came to pick up Emirin. Also……」

Yue’s glance burst toward Chief Magdanese. But, the one over there was the cornerstone of the country’s defense who was even said as the woman of steel who was married with Britain. She recovered herself in a flash and right after that she faced Yue with a straight and dignified posture.

「Nice to meet you. I am Sharon Magdanese. The chief of the national security bureau. Am I not mistaken to believe that you are the “wife of the demon king”?」

It was a polite wording toward a superior, however, Chief Magdanese faced the unexpected meeting with the attitude that wasn’t abased by any mean. Chief Magdanese was looking firm, but Allen and some others saw through her that she was quite nervous.

Her atmosphere was as though she was facing the top leader of foreign country, or when she was attending an emergency meeting where a great disaster for the national security might be incurred if even a single misstep happened.

That tension awakened the other staffs and they similarly held themselves with that tension.

Inside the room that was overflowing with feeling of tension, Yue who was addressed was,

「……Indeed! I am Yue. The woman who is the demon king’s first wife!」

She took a striking pose *sharan* that was filled with dignity. One of her hand was on her waist, while her other hand was making horizontal peace sign above her eye. She tilted her center of gravity slightly. With serious face.

The pose was as though she was an idol from somewhere. Though her face was tense rather than bright.

A painfully silent atmosphere was dominating the place. *Tic tac, tic tac*, the sound of clock’s hand was resounding extremely clearly.

While no one was moving, Yue silently released her pose and,

「……Emirin, I failed. What to do?」

「You are asking me!?」

Emily who was asked for help. ‘Why did you get too worked up!? If you are going to regret it than act normal from the start!’ She seemed to want to say that. Certainly, when looking from the side at Yue’s face that was subtly throwing her gaze to empty air, it also looked like she was in regret.

From Yue’s view, she was convinced that she managed to give the impression of 「The demon king’s wife is godd*mn outrageous as expected!」 from her first show.

And so, if Chief Magdanese took an attitude that made light of her even then, she would give her cold reception in cool Yue-san mode, but if the chief behaved politely following manner, she thought that she would kindly relax the tension but……

She completely killed the atmosphere instead. Inside her heart she was incoherently trembling with shame. It was to the degree that she unconsciously asked for help to Emily.

Somehow, the gaze of everyone inside the room was focused on Emily.

Emily jerked with a twitch, her gaze swam around restlessly in panic……

She abruptly glared at the staffs. And then,

「I, I am Emily! The wife of the abyss lord, the right-hand man of the demon king! In the future!」

With one hand put on her waist, horizontal peace sign above one eye, and one leg bent with her body tilted forward *sharararan-*!!

She blundered with teary eyes and bright red face.

She didn’t know what to do, so for the time being she thought that she would self-explode together with Yue.

‘We will die at the same time! Yue-oneesan!’

It felt like such voice of the heart could be heard from the trembling Emily-chan.

*Shi~n* The chief office fell dead silent. However, different from the atmosphere killer Yue, now the atmosphere was warm as though the room heater was turned on. Emily-chan’s kindness was softening the adults!

Emily-chan silently became small. She held her head with both hands and buried her face onto her knee. ‘Don’t look at me……’ It felt like such voice of the heart could be heard.

With Emily’s sacrifice, the room’s atmosphere returned. Yue gazed at Chief Magdanese once more.

*Jii-*, with her default stare she observed Chief Magdanese.

Yes, unblinking stare was Yue’s default look. That was her normal state to the end.

But, there was no way Chief Magdanese who was meeting her for the first time knew that. Rather, the sight of a beautiful woman sending her an unblinking stare caused her to gulp her saliva, and her misunderstanding exploded.

「I, I am Magdanese. The iron woman who is married with Britain! That’s what they call me.」

All the staffs cried at the chief’s desperate compromise! As expected, there was no *sharan*, but she was at least taking pose of one hand on her waist! If it was for the sake of the country’s defense, she would throw away all her embarrassment and pride, the woman here was truly an iron woman!

Yue’s face turned like 「Eh, what are you doing suddenly?」, but she somehow felt that Chief Magdanese too was doing her best to revive the atmosphere of the room that Yue murdered.

She suddenly smiled and,

「……Nn. Nice to meet you, Magdanese. I’m inviting you too to our home.」

‘The first wife bestow her recognition! Our chief is given recognition!’ The staffs burst into an uproar ‘waahh’ all at once!

Emily dissolved her state of charism○ guard toward reality and looked at Chief Magdanese with disbelieving expression.

Toward such Emily, Chief Magdanese gave a small thumb up with a clear expression that looked as though she had lost something. Emily cried seeing the spirit of sacrifice of the chief.

After that, Chief Magdanese who was strangely wrapped with a sense of translucency together with Allen and a part of the staffs, and then Grant family were teleported by Yue to Japan.

After they left, there were the figures of the staffs making great ruckus like 「The demon king’s first wife, was seriously bad news! In various senses!」. There were also a part of the staffs who went 「If we can become the demon king’s subordinate, then we might be able to look at that person from nearby again……」 with one of their hands tightly grasping letter of resignation.

The bureau chief-sama who lost something, and the staffs whose soul were stolen in various meaning by the demon king’s wife――especially the senior staffs.

The future of the national security bureau, in the end……

Also, a clone of Kousuke who was made to standby outside the security bureau for the sake of the show was muttering 「A~, yeah yeah. This is the usual, the usual」 when Yue didn’t come to pick him up too. he entered the security bureau with trudging footsteps, got told by Bernard that Yue and others were already going back to Japan, and then he contacted Yue with dead eyes.

Yue hurriedly returned with a bit awkward expression and he was safely collected.

It went without saying that the positivity level of the staffs who were able to see Yue for the second time was raised further toward the lord. Though Kousuke was filled with sadness.

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