Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 309 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Sharon-ObaachanGrandma

Chapter 309: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Sharon-ObaachanGrandma


There was a strange tense situation in the living room of Nagumo house.

One party that created such tense situation was sitting on the excessively fluffy sofa of Nagumo family. Sharon Magdanese, the chief of Britain’s national security bureau.

I’ll die if I avert my gaze……

She was looking down at beside her with a rigid expression as though to say that.

*Jii-*, *Jiii~~~*, the one staring at Chief Magdanese was the demon king――’s beloved daughter.

It was Myuu.



For some reason the two were unmoving while staying silent. The two were sitting with their back straight, both their hands were put above their lap in good manner. It was only their face that was staring at each other.

While the two were like that, the Britain group of Allen, Vanessa, and Grant family were watching over them while gulping their saliva nervously. Yue and others, the Nagumo family were also the same.

They were alternately sending glances at Myuu and Chief Magdanese.

Everyone was thinking.

What’s this atmosphere……like so.

By the way, the talk between Chief Magdanese and Yue who was the representative of Nagumo family ended without any particular problem.

Emily and co arrived from Britain to Nagumo house in Japan instantly using Yue’s teleportation. There wasn’t even any “great dungeon when the entrance was opened” like Vanessa was hoping for. There wasn’t even any sudden entrance from Shuu or Sumire to take delight in the visitors’ reaction.

Also, participating in the talk from Nagumo family side other than Yue were Tio, Kaori, Shizuku, Remia, and Myuu. Only them. It went without saying why Hajime and Shia weren’t included. Sumire and Shuu seemed to be busy with their work, so tonight they would sleep outside and didn’t return home. Aiko also didn’t come tonight.

And, the guards of security bureau right now were standing by around Nagumo house. It seemed they were arranging cars for transport in Japan and also other procedures, but actually, they weren’t present because it wasn’t desirable to put multiple guards on one’s side while having talk for the purpose of building friendly relationship, or rather, frankly speaking they would be meaningless even if they were present. That was the consideration (?) of Chief Magdanese.

The topic of the talk also wasn’t anything like Chief Magdanese demanding anything or trying to set restriction. Till the end this talk was only for both sides to meet each other, and for Chief Magdanese to say that if Nagumo family contacted her beforehand when they had business in Britain, then she would be able to give her cooperation. The topic of the talk wasn’t that much different from the agreement that she had exchanged with Kousuke at the Berserk case, so Yue too wasn’t particularly in objection.

If Chief Magdanese was actually trying to start something, Yue planned to be Yue-sama, so Chief Magdanese’s consideration in that area could be said as expected from the chief of the people who were shouldering the national security.

Her feeling of wanting to build a friendly relationship was certainly conveyed to Nagumo family side. Yue also promised that in the future, she would also pay attention to the other party’s convenience when having meeting, so for Chief Magdanese it was a talk that she could be satisfied about.

Like that, the talk was over and they moved to the topic of how Emily and her family would go to Endo house, while Chief Magdanese and her men would head to the hotel they had reserved, it was then,

Myuu who had been quiet all that time suddenly made a small run *totetote* and sat beside Chief Magdanese. Then she began to stared *jii* at her.

Even when Chief Magdanese asked 「What is it?」, it seemed that Myuu was curious about something, she only stared passionately at Chief Magdanese without doing anything else. Before long, for some reason even Chief Magdanese also stared back at Myuu wordlessly……

It seemed that Vanessa finally became unable to endure the silence and,

「Allen, you are the chief’s aide right? Do something about this atmosphere.」

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She whispered into Allen’s ear. Allen sent Vanessa a gaze as though he was looking at a superior who was going to send him to a suicide mission.

「Tha, that’s too unreasonable! Although she is a little girl, the other party is the daughter of the demon king you know!? If by some chance I hurt her feeling……are you telling me to die!?」

「From the start you are someone who is devoting your life for the country right? It’s fine, go.」

「That’s too cruel! Or rather, if it’s speaking of devoting life to the country then you are the same!」

「My life already belong to Kousuke-san. I cannot die for the sake of country.」

「Even though you are security bureau’s agent!?」

Allen and Vanessa were acting a comedic duo whisperingly, but the mutual gaze of Myuu and Chief Magdanese was completely unwavering.

「……Re, Remia? What is Myuu doing?」

Yue was also unusually bewildered and asked for help from Myuu’s actual mother. Remia smiled 「My my, ufufu」……and quickly vanished to the kitchen saying 「I’ll prepare another serving of tea there」 while going ‘my my ufufu’.

「Sh, she escapeth, leaving us behind.」

「……Damn you Remia-. What brilliant withdrawal.」

Kaori lifted her waist saying 「I, I’ll help o――」, but Shizuku intercepted with a firm hold on her shoulder. 「Rather, I’ll do the helping――」 She was in the process of saying that, but Kaori also grabbed her shoulder firmly.

The atmosphere that was brought about by Myuu and the chief had a strange tension in it, to the level that even the veteran wive~s were unable to endure it.

It was unknown whether the two in question could hear the surrounding’s tumult, but finally Myuu broke the stalemate.


「What is it?」

「Is papa scary? And all the Onee-chan too?」


Instantly, Yue and others went 「Geez Myuu, you are making provocation in this timing!?」 while sending her a gaze as though they were looking a terrifying child. But, Myuu’s state that didn’t seem like she was in amusement at the slightest caused them to immediately tilt their head.

On the other hand, Chief Magdanese was at a loss of words. She was right in front of those “Onee-chans”. She wondered what was the correct answer. There was no way she could give a noncommittal reply seeing that although the other party was a little girl, she was still the beloved daughter of the demon king.

But, while she was at her wits’ end searching for the best answer, Myuu took action. Her little fingertip snugly touched Chief Magdanese’s hand.

「It’s not shaking, but it is.」

Contradictory words. However, Chief Magdanese couldn’t say anything in denial. Because she thought that she was seen through.

Chief Magdanese had the confidence that she wouldn’t seen through even when facing foreign country’s top authority or terrorist, but it seemed the daughter of the demon king had far better eyes than even them.

As expected from the demon king’s daughter, she was a bit too abnormal which made her fit to be called that. To think that she even had that kind of ability. Or perhaps, was she also receiving unique tool from her father just like the lord?

If that was the case, she was addressing her at this kind of timing with some kind of aim……

When Chief Magdanese heightened her vigilance to the same level when she was facing Yue, Myuu stared fixedly at her once more while asking.

「Is Chief-san, protecting a lot of people?」

「……Yes, that’s right.」

「Do you have amazing power that enable you to protect a lot of people?」

「No. I don’t have amazing power like all of you.」

「Even though you are shaking, and you don’t have power, you will protect them?」

「That is, my job. But, that’s right. About not having power, I’ll have to correct you a bit on that.」

Against a little girl as her talking partner, putting aside her wording, Chief Magdanese was giving Myuu answer seriously without looking down on her by all means. Her gaze flowed toward Allen and Vanessa.

「They, the bureau staffs who are putting their trust on me, they are my strength. And then, I’m also putting my trust on them. They are exactly the “amazing power” that the chief of the national security bureau is wielding.」

Allen went 「CHIEEFF!」 with tears flooding out from his eyes, while Vanessa took a chuuni pose. Was it the pose of a savage eagle?

The chief acted as though she didn’t see it.

Myuu continued to stare fixedly *jii* at Chief Magdanese. When she heard those words, in a beat, her mouth formed a wide smile as though she was convinced of something. It was a smile which made the previous serious expression that even gave off tense atmosphere felt like a lie. It felt like anyone would break into a warm smile seeing that smiling face.

Even Chief Magdanese wasn’t an exception. Her expression turned a bit surprised.

Myuu spoke to such Chief Magdanese with a somewhat happy expression.

「You see, Chief-san. Myuu too, also has no power whatsoever nano.」


Chief Magdanese’s pupils turned into dot. When she had been putting up her guard wondering just what kind of absurd power this little girl before her eyes had, but she was actually a powerless little girl.

Yue and others also opened their eyes wide hearing Myuu’s words. Remia was secretly peeking out her face from the kitchen.

「Myuu won’t be able to do anything without receiving help nano. Myuu won’t be able to protect anyone, and unable to beat the bad guy too nano.」

That wasn’t true, thought Yue and others, especially Kaori and others who were at that place at that time.

Once, Hajime despaired and transformed into an incarnation of destruction. At that time the one who stood in his way was this small hero. Even within the storm that would erase her existence just from getting touched, Myuu didn’t take even a single step back.

Recalling that, Yue and others nodded 「Aa, I see」.

The reason of Myuu’s sudden action. That was, surely, because she was feeling sympathy.

She had no power herself. However, she also had something she wanted to protect, something she should fight for.

Chief Magdanese was the same like her, however, this woman had protected far more people than her, in a far longer time.

Thus, Myuu’s interest was strongly attracted to her.

The gaze of Yue and others became warm at the unexpected emotion of Myuu.

Even though she had been presented with numerous artifacts and grew day by day from receiving the special education from the Onee-chans, it seemed Myuu hadn’t become haughty. From tThe lack of failing in her sense of values toward “strength”, she was undoubtedly the demon king’s daughter even though she wasn’t related by blood with him.

「About your question just now.」


Myuu tilted her head. Chief Magdanese returned a straightforward gaze to her while answering.

「I’m scared of your father. All your big sisters are also really scary. After all the “amazing power” that you mentioned is something that can thoroughly destroy what I deem important. I’m feeling really terrified.」

「My……papa and also all the Onee-chans won’t do anything like that nano.」

「Yes. It seems so.」

As long as us, or anybody else didn’t do “something stupid”. Chief Magdanese added that inside her heart while continuing.

「I also think so because of this talk right now. Far from that, as long as our interest matched each other, then surely we will be able to cooperate with each other. Saying this surely won’t make your big sisters feel good but, that “cooperation” will also become my, the security bureau’s strength.」

I came here today for that, Chief Magdanese said.

When Chief Magdanse sent a glance to Yue and others, they shrugged their shoulders with a wry smile. I pray that the “cooperation” won’t become anything like “making use”, for both sides’ sake……Chief Magdanese certainly read such implicit words between the lines and nodded.

And then,

「That’s why, you do that too Create a lot of people who will cooperate with you. All of those people will become your strength. If you do that, surely you will be able to protect what you want to protect, and fight what you want to fight. You are the demon king’s daughter. Then, you should be able to do it far better than someone like me.」

Chief Magdanese finished with a gaze that although strict, contained kindness somewhere in it.

For a while, myuu stared fixedly *jii* at Chief Magdanese. Chief Magdanese also gazed on Myuu. Their expression was mutually stiff without any smile, but there wasn’t any strange tension like before at the slightest.

While no one was saying anything, before long Myuu showed a soft smile that was the same like before and yet even warmer and fluffier.

Immediately after that, Myuu suddenly clambered up on the lap of Chief Magdanese.

In respond to this, even Chief Magdanese seemed surprised. Unusually, she silently accepted Myuu’s cute act of aggression with a posture as though she was held up by a gun.

Allen went 「Awawa, doing that to the chief…… Chief! Please don’t get angry!」 looking greatly flustered while covering his mouth with his hands, while Vanessa was staring hard at the rare scene. During that time Myuu entrusted her back on the stiffened Chief Magdanese and moved around her butt to make herself comfortable.

When she finally found the best position, she looked up to Chief Magdanese and spoke. Along with the finest, dazzling smile.

「Sharon-obaachan! Myuu will do her best!」


*KRAKKATOOOOMM!!* Everyone there hallucinated the scene of Chief Magdanese getting struck by lightning.

「Sha, Sharon-obaachan?」

Chief Magdanese repeated with a hoarse voice. She who had devoted her everything for the country’s protection until now had never been called like that.

Allen went 「Awawa, calling the chief like that…… Chief! Please don’t get angry! For the sake of the country!」 looking greatly flustered while covering his mouth with his hands, while Vanessa kept clicking her camera at the rare scene without stopping. During that time Myuu was sending an upward gaze at the stiffened Chief Magdanese while fidgeting.

「Myuu’s Obaa-chan. ……Is it no good, that Myuu said that?」

「I am Myuu’s Sharon-obaachan you know?」

It was an instant reply. With a tense and grim expression, the chief of Britain’s national security bureau――fell!

Allen’s eyes immediately snapped open in shock, while Vanessa yelled「I, I don’t want this kind of chief!」.

Yue and others thought, 「Eh? It feels like déjà vu……ah, it’s the same like that time with Okaa-sama and Otou-sama」.

Myuu’s expression burst into a bright expression without caring of the surrounding.

「Sharon-obaachan! Stay here for today nano! Talk with Myuu nano!」

「Eh……I, I guess. But, Myuu. Sharon-obaachan has to work in the hotel after this too……」

This was a sudden voyage, and even though it was night at Japan, in Britain it was still daytime. There were various things she had to do, like informing the outcome of the talk and also the content of it to the headquarter of security bureau, and she also had to receive report from there too.

Even Myuu was able to guess that much.

「It’s an important work. Please understand. Myuu is a good child right?」

「……Yes nano. Myuu is a good child.」

Dejection, gloom. Although she was talking understandingly, Myuu looked absurdly down seeing that her invitation to stay the night was rejected.

And so, Sharon-obaachan was,

「Allen. I’ll write my letter of resignation. Please take care of the rest.」


「It’s not chief. It’s Sharon-obaachan.」

A firm declaration! Chief Magdanese who was called as the cornerstone of national security abandoned the country’s protection!

Everything was for the sake of the beloved granddaughter. Chief Magdanese resigned and became Sharon-obaachan!

For the time being, Allen’s eyes rolled and he fainted. It appeared that the chief he respected unexpectedly got overloaded in her heart’s capacity. Even Vanessa was shrinking back in terror.

「Te, terrifying…… Our chief was completely subdued by the demon king’s daughter!」

「Vanessa. I understand your feeling, but be quiet for a bit.」

Even while making such tsukkomi, Emily was also sending Myuu a shuddering look. What was terrifying wasn’t just the chief who was taking impossible action, rather it was Myuu who made her to take such action.

「……Nn-. Ee~rr, Magdanese?」

The situation had became strange, so as the first wife, Yue kept at it and went forward. Sharon-obaachan spoke with a grim expression.

「Ms. Yue. I want to adopt Myuu into Magdanese family. Will you allow it?」

「……Obviously it’s not allowed.」

Yue’s reproachful gaze stabbed forward.

It seemed Chief Magdanese had lost her sanity somewhat from the unprecedented moe attack.

Shuddering gazes were poured once more toward Myuu who had melted the iron woman into flabby level.

「Myu?」 It didn’t seem like Myuu understood what she had done, perhaps that was the minimum salvation that could be taken here.

If she acted while aiming for this, yes, if for example she intentionally acted in order to obtain “cooperation”, then Myuu should already be called as not a witch but a little witch. In a sense she was more of a magician than Yue and others.

「Sharon-obaachan. You are going to stop being “Chief-san” nano?」

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Myuu’s expression turned sad. Chief Magdanese’s expression went like「!?」.

「It’s Myuu’s fault?」

Was it perhaps because she was acting gloomy……thinking that Myuu got dejected.

And so, Chief Magdanese was,

「Myuu, let’s talk again slowly next time. Sharon-obaachan has to work after this.」

She declared that with a tense and grim expression. It seemed she retracted her resignation declaration. Allen also exposed his happiness「Returned! The chief has returned to normal!」 while getting revived.

Myuu’s expression also became similarly tense and she saluted for some reason.

「Please work hard in work nano! Chief Sharon-obaachan!」

Chief Sharon-obaachan’s expression that was constantly cold to the extreme like tundra was collapsing into a slovenly face like a nightmare and returned salute.

Emily said.

「That chief, is making that kind of face……as I thought, in Nagumo family even the little kid is terrific. Isn’t it, Kousuke?」

「What, you only realized that this late huh, Emily.」

Everyone thought.

‘You are there!?’

Even though Yue brought him here, but just by being a bit quiet without talking, even the wive~s forgot Kousuke-kun (clone body).

In a sense, he was also the same when talking about being terrific.




After that, Emily exited Nagumo house and went to Kousuke’s house.

Yue could also sent them off to Endo house using teleportation, but the bureau staffs who were waiting outside had prepared cars, so Kousuke declined.

Chief Magdanese, Allen, and several guards headed to their hotel right away. It was already late at night with the clock pointing at nine o’clock, so they would delay meeting with Endo family for the next day. After they finished with that, they would arrange to return back to Britain through the embassy. They had no record of departure from Britain, so they couldn’t use normal flight.

As for Kousuke, he along with Grant family, Vanessa, and three guards who he knew well from guarding Grant family from close by similarly used cars to head to Endo house.

At the entrance, a woman who seemed like an important authority being surrounded by foreign men with stern look……

That woman treated the people of Nagumo family courteously.

Then multiple black sedan type cars that were procured from who knew where……

The neighbors were properly observing even at nine o’clock at night. 「It’s Nagumo-san’s place again! It’s mafia! Foreign mafia is coming to greet them there! Dear-, what to do!」「Oi, you! I always told you, don’t peek like that! There is a limit even in being impolite……hmm, no matter how many times I see it all of them are really beautiful huh」「……Dear?」 That kind of conversation was unfolding here and there inside the neighbors’ houses……perhaps.

It seemed that Chief Magdanese somehow felt the gazes that were showered at them from the gap of curtain of such neighbors. Her cheeks were grandly twitching. 「There is really no meaning of doing unofficial talk」 She thought.

The demon king palace in the residential area.

Even Chief Magdanese was unable to anticipate only this.

Myuu who came to see her off waved her hand energetically while saying.

「Sharon-obaachan! Do your best in your work nano! Come to play again!」

「Yes, I’ll come again to play. Myuu too, if you have a chance come to visit. Sharon-obaachan will take you anywhere you want to go.」

The chief didn’t come here to play by any means. It was impossible for the staffs whose eyes snapped wide open in shock from witnessing the nightmare of a dere derefawning chief to make such tsukkomi.

「Allen, get a hold of yourself! Protect Sharon-obaachan! Nano」

「Eh!? It’s only me who got called without honorific!? What’s more with self-important tone somehow!? Your “nano” there just sounded like unimportant addition you know!?」

Surely Myuu had discerning eye to look at people. During the brief period of waiting for the cars, there was time for the Britain group and Nagumo family to chat with Myuu as the center, but during that brief time, Myuu seemed to have guessed from her surrounding’s behavior, of the right way to interact with Allen that was.

Am I right?, Myuu looked at Vanessa questioningly. Vanessa sent her a firm thumb up.

「Endo too! Protect Emily-oneechan properly! Nano」

「Me too as expected huh……」

Kousuke laughed drily while beside him Allen was getting on all four while yelling that「Even a little girl-, even a little girl treat me like this-. God! Is there a kind girl for me in this world!?」. He kindly patted the shoulder of the professional killer who was being a bother for the neighbors.

Kousuke was making gentle eyes. Allen smiled with teary eyes saying「Aby-san, my bosom friend」, Kousuke also said「Putting aside being friend, my name, it’s Kousuke」 and returned a smile.

Like that, Kousuke and others departed from Nagumo house.

They split into two cars and headed to Endo house.

In the first car, Kousuke and Emily sat on the back seat, Vanessa on the front seat, while one of the guards was driving. In the second car, Emily’s mother Sophie, the father Carl, and the grandma Sierra sat on the backseat, while the remaining two guards sat at the front. That was the arrangement.

The topic inside the car was naturally the story about the dere dere chief. Vanessa immediately sent the smiling face of Chief Magdanese that she took to Bernard and others in the headquarters. Right about now, the headquarter was surely falling into chaos. How much SAN point of the staffs would decrease……

The main culprit of the cyber terrorist was the SOUSAKANagent their fellow staff.

「If you aren’t doing it moderately, your important thing will be put into shredder by the chief again you know?」

「However Lyle-san. If this kind of important information is kept secret, I will be put to trialsaiban by my colleagues before getting the shreddersaidanki.」

The driver, bodyguard Lyle O’Connor――his age was in the middle of his thirty. A man who looked good with short black moustache――was smiling wryly.

Like that they were driving for a while getting excited. At the point when it would be ten more minutes before they reached Endo house, Vanessa’s mobile phone rang out.

When she looked at the display, there was the letter of “M” there. In other words, it was from the chief-sama. Vanessa’s complexion turned pale in a flash. She wondered if her crime had been found out already.

Nevertheless, this was the call from the absolute queen. She pushed the receive button quickly without hesitation!

「Ye, yes, this is Paradis dessu. Chi, chief――」

『Paradiiis! We are under attack! How is the situation over there!?』

An angry yell resounded inside the car. That was undoubtedly the yell of Chief Magdanese that communicated the emergency situation.

At the same time,

「Lyle-san-! From the right!」

「!? ――Shield 2-! Enemy-! From three o’clock!」

At the same time with Kousuke’s warning, bodyguard Lyle used his radio to contact the car behind him while stepping on the accelerator with amazing reaction speed. By stepping on the pedal swiftly, it was for avoiding from having their route blocked by the opponent.

But, it was a disaster that the car wasn’t the usual exclusive car for the bureau. The car didn’t accelerate as fast as he imagined. It allowed the car that came charging from the right path to crash on the trunk part of the car.



Right after the collision, Kousuke embraced Emily, so Emily didn’t seem injured. Even so, it was a collision by a car that came rushing in high speed. The impact was something terrific.

In addition, because the car received impact at its back, the car of Kousuke and co was grandly rotating. Bodyguard Lyle handled the wheel with a desperate look to right the balance of the car.

They were in a crossroad at that time so the space was quite large. Thanks to that they could somehow avoid crashing onto guard rail or wall. Even with white smoke rising from the friction of the tires, the cars stopped somehow.

「Goddammit. ――Shield 2!」

『This is Shield 2! No problem here! Two headlights at six o’clock! Five silhouettes around us!』

「Roger! We are retreating from here!」

In respond to the angry yell of agent Lyle, the car behind――code Shield 1 referred to agent Lyle, while Shield 2 referred to agent Rob Garret who was driving the car that Carl and others were riding in――sharply reported the situation.

Agent Lyle listened to that while stepping on the gear once more to takeoff right away. Thinking of the the chief’s warning just before this, there was no way this was just an accident. It was out of the question to stay in this place.

Fortunately, the car crashing on them collided on a guard rail and it wasn’t moving. Shield 2 was able to follow after Shield 1 without problem.

But, right after the car of Kousuke and co took off with force that made the tires left behind skid mark, someone came rushing from the front. It was a Japanese person around his thirty. That man came rushing right from the front at the car of Kousuke and co that was moving fast.

Without pause, the man leaped on the car’s bonnet. Without minding that the car was running, he began to strike the front glass with a hammer he was holding.

「What the hell with this guy!?」

「Don’t tell me-, they are in Japan too!?」

Kousuke who covered for Emily looked at the man who was cracking the front glass and yelled. Agent Lyle stepped on the brake strongly while the car was advancing fast, causing the man to be sent flying. During that time Vanessa was yelling into her phone.

「Chief! Right now we are under attack! There is no injured! The attacker is a male in his thirty. A Japanese! The situation there!?」

『Alonso is injured from gunshot. No danger to his life. The attackers are mostly Japanese. One of them is a uniformed police. Right now Allen is suppressing them. Our car is crushed. Currently we are travelling by foot. The number of passer-by and car here are abnormally few. We are planning to return to Nagumo house somehow.』

「Roger. After linking up with Endo family, we will also head to Nagumo house.」

A slightly relieved atmosphere was flowing. Vanessa kept the phone in speaker mode while throwing her gaze at Kousuke through the back mirror.

「Kousuke-san, the attacker’s information. From your reaction just now, you know something correct?」

「Yeah. These guys are――they’re coming again!」

The clone already conveyed the information about this attack to his main body. Conversely, the information that Kousuke obtained from his dialogue with Professor Littman had been shared too. He was going to convey it, however, before he could a mid-sized truck rushed out from the front direction of the crossroad.

Looking closer it was a truck that was famous for moving service. And then, the eyes of the driver were shining red, the same like the previous attacker.

「No good-, the road’s width-. Aby!」

「It’s Kousuke!」

From the width of the road, it was impossible to completely avoid the mid-sized truck rushing from the front. Even if the car moved to dodge, if the opponent felt like it they could move however they like to still crash anyway with the width of this road.

Agent Lyle who concluded so yelled. Kousuke gave his usual reply before pulverizing the window with his elbow strike, then he threw his kunai.

「Everyone, hang on me!」

Kousuke held Emily with one hand while his other hand reached out. Vanessa and Lyle caught on that hand.

The next moment, the light of the truck covered their vision. The truck was approaching right nearby like a wall.

And then, impact. Terrific crashing sound reverberated. The car of Kousuke and co pitched forward with one side floating in the air. Its front was squashed. The mid-sized truck’s rear part was also floating――

Kousuke and others stared at that sight from a bit far away walkway. It was impossible to include the car, but teleporting four people wasn’t a problem.

The truck and the car bounced several times before stopping. The truck’s driver had his face buried into airbag without showing any sign of moving. They had no time to confirm whether to check if he died or not.

Kousuke sighed while muttering.

「It’s like watching a zombie movie.」

「That’s my favorite genre, but spare me from experiencing it for real.」

People were coming out in drove from the surrounding buildings. From a glance, they were all people who could be seen anywhere. There were also quite a number of foreigners, but around half of them were Japanese. However, everyone’s eyes were shining red.

*Kiki-* Braking sound echoed and the car behind stopped in front of Kousuke and co.

「Emily! You safe!?」

「Father! Yes, I’m fine!」

Carl was unable to contain himself and leaned out from the window, calling out to Emily.

Agent Rob stopped him while raising his voice to Kousuke and co.

「If you need the car then we will remain behind, what are you going to do?」

One car wouldn’t be enough for everyone here. Thus, Rob asked whether Kousuke, Emily, and Vanessa would ride the remaining car while the three bodyguards stayed behind. It was fortunate that the truck toppled and didn’t block the path. If it was now the car could slip through the side.

Figures of people were approaching. There were also multiple cars coming.

And then,



Repulsive voices were reverberating. Countless shadows were running on the surrounding wall and ground. Light vanished from the surrounding buildings when they noticed, and even the traffic light that was a bit far away was vanishing right now.

「O, oi oi……what is it this time?」

「It seems, it’s a fantasy again you know?」

Agent Lyle pulled out his handgun while getting drenched in cold sweat. Vanessa spoke frivolously, but her expression was sharp. There wasn’t the slightest sign of her usual fooling around.

The street lights were unnaturally flickering. They were dying out in turn starting from the farthest. In the night of cloudy sky where there wasn’t even any moonlight, the artificial light going out was as though a wall of darkness was approaching.

At the same time, countless voices resounded inside Kousuke’s head.

That was the telepathic voice from the artifacts that were supplied to all his comrades.

『Oi-, you guys hear me!? It’s Sakagami here-! For some reason I’m attacked by strange guys!』

『Everyone-, can you heaaar!? This is Nana! It feels like there is something strange in my house though!? Someone help!』

『Yuukaaa! Nanaaa! Right now, I’m outside but it’s pitch black around me! I can hear whispering! I’m no good with horrorrrr! Heeelppp!』

『Taeko!? This is Yuuka! I’m also getting attacked here! The attackers are foreigners, also, there is something unseen too!』

『You guys too!? This is Ryutaro! I’m with Juugo now! I can hear disgusting voice here but, I cannot see their figure! Ah, Juugo!? You’re okay!?』

『Atsushi here! These guys’ eyes are red but they ain’t monster right!? Is it bad to cut them!?』

『Someone help me! It’s Saitou! Shinji is strange! No, normally he is already strange but, this isn’t that, somehow he is cackling crazily! Ah, no, normally he would also cackle sometimes but……anyway, something strange!』

『Ee!? Everyone too!? I’m Suzu! When I entered the bath, something came out! Right now I’m suppressing it with barrier but, what’s this……feels like my head is getting strange』

Emergency contact came from the classmates one after another.

Furthermore, Kousuke’s――his main body’s phone was ringing. The clone and the main body was in a state of information sharing, so the conversation was transmitted in real time.

『Kou-niii! Help! Otou-san is!!』

The chief’s voice came from the phone of Vanessa that was still connecting.

『There was a contact just now. The headquarters is getting attacked. Paradis, join up with us quickly.』

This evening, under this cloudy sky, it seemed the demons and worshippers that were possessed by demons were starting to move.


Emily’s voice. The last street light finally went out. Vanessa and others turned on their flashlight, but even that immediately died out.

While darkness enveloped them, the reverberation of shriek stirred up their mind……


「Who do you think you are barking at?」


Kousuke put on his sunglass.

Even though the surrounding was pitch black.

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