Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 311 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 The Respective Battle Middle

Chapter 311: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 The Respective Battle Middle


「Uoii! Shinji-kuuunn!? Won’t you revive soon!?」

A voice of someone at his wits’ end was resounding in a corner of the back alley that was away from a shopping district’s main street. It was Saitou Yoshiki.

Right beside him, there was also a figure sitting on the middle of the alley while hugging his legs and burying his face on his knee, weeping *hics hics*. It was Nakano Shinji.

From the bottom of his heart Yoshiki thought, 「This guy, is seriously annoying……」.

After all, right now they were in the middle of assault from multiple humans who clearly weren’t normal and unseen enemy――the so called demon. It was reasonable for Yoshiki to want Shinji to stand up right away and escape or fight. Shinji’s figure that was too unsightly made him started to think that perhaps he should just leave him behind.


(Well, it’s impossible though.)

Yoshiki smiled wryly while firing wind cannon to a foreign man that was attacking by swing metal bat.

The invisible wind ball accurately hit the man’s legs, snapping both his legs to the wrong direction.

Furthermore, the moment he felt unnatural flow of wind behind him, Yoshiki swung his arm while turning around as though he was unsheathing a katana.

「――”Wind Blade”!」

By doing that, a sharp blade of wind flew following the trajectory of his arm, and right after that a repulsive shriek echoed.

Yoshiki ran his gaze alertly at the surrounding while sighin when he saw Shinji who was still weeping. However, he was unable to abandon him. He didn’t even think to do it.

Shadow ran on the wall. He sent wind blade flying there. ……He didn’t hear the shriek of death agony.

Missed, he thought. At that time the wind above his head shook.

Without delay, he kicked the sitting Shinji flying while he himself backed away.

「――”Wind Wall”!」

He felt multiple undulation of wind around him, at the same time he deployed wind barrier that blew to all direction.


A voice that sounded irritated resounded.

「Oi, Shinji! Are you okay!?」

「Shinji is……not okay.」

「Certainly you doesn’t sound okay at all huh, godd*mn it!」

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Shinji rolled on the ground from the kick’s momentum, and then he returned back to sitting while hugging his knees which looked artistic in a sense. Yoshiki’s expression was greatly twitching seeing that.

Really, he was thinking 「This useless bastard, just what is he doing」, but as expected abandoning him wasn’t an option.

……He had already, lost two friends. In the other world.

Furthermore one of them, Kondou Reiichi was killed by the betrayal of none other than that other friend――the man called Hiyama Daisuke.

He wondered if it was only him who thought of that person as friend.

Certainly, their usual action in the past wasn’t something praiseworthy. They were, so to speak a gathering of delinquents.

But, was their relationship, their life so light that it could be so easily sacrificed in order to fulfill one’s own desire……

There was also a time when he shut himself together with Shinji in a room inside the palace, holding their head and unable to move because of how cornered their mind was.

That was why, Saitou Yoshiki was,

「There ain’t no way, I’ll lose even more friend than this!」

In a “fight where it was possible to lose” something, he absolutely wouldn’t draw back. That will of his was firm and sharp.

The wind of Yoshiki whose vocation was “Wind Mage” was filled with his will and it was fired with even more sharpness. With his ability “Wind Perception”, he could sense the flow of wind with even more sensitivity. Even an invisible enemy couldn’t escape from the sharp sense of Yoshiki who was protecting his friend.


「Nowah!? That’s dangerous! Shinjii! You, just now you almost got stabbed by a beautiful blond haired miss you know!? Did you notice!?」

Yoshiki focused too much on the demon’s movement that he reacted lately to a foreigner woman who was approaching from the alley’s darkness.

The knife that the woman was holding had its tip almost reached toward the mentally unstable Shinji who weeping. Yoshiki felt cold sweat drenching his body.

The wind pebble that he fired with the fastest speed because it was the basic of the basic magic barely made it in time, but if he was slower just by a moment, then perhaps a knife would be growing bloodily on Shinji’s head.


――Strengthhh! Hand over, your streeength!!

「This rotten world is ending! The world is ending! Feel honored that you can become the cornerstone for that!」

「You are living without any worry and inconvenience aren’t youuu!? That’s just unfaiiiir!!」

Voice of desire that was hard to describe resounded from here and there. Man and woman, young and old appeared one after another with bloodshot eyes.

「Hahah. ……Will my magic power, hold?」

The number of enemy caused Yoshiki’s cheeks to twitch with cold sweat. He thought that if only he at least carried his artifact――a stiletto that possessed immense support ability in regard to wind element magic, but today he was only wandering in the city.

Or rather, frankly speaking his objective was to hit on girl. Even though he was going to hit on girl, carrying a stiletto around would be completely bad. Normally he would get reported to police.

Inside his heart he was screaming 「Help me right away, Abyss!」. It was then,

「……Blonde haired, miss?」

Suddenly, there was a muttering voice.

Yoshiki was taken aback and turned his gaze to the side. There Shinji was unexpectedly looking up!

「Shinji! You finally return to your sanity!?」

「……Hey, Yoshiki. Where is the blonde haired miss?」

「Sheet-, you still ain’t sane huh-」

A wind bullet to vent his anger! It shot through the leg of a grandpa holding a long sword that he got from who know where! Did this grandpa just come back from Asakusa? When he visited there before, there was a sword that looked really similar decorating one of the shop there. Why did the grandpa intentionally choose that kind of weapon……the grandpa’s madness could be felt from it.

Yoshiki dealt with the advancing enemies slightly somewhat out of frustration. Shinji sent a brief glance at such Yoshiki before looking around. And then, he found a blonde haired miss reaching out her hand toward him.

With bloodshot eyes that were shining red abnormally, she was exposing an evil face that was just like Hannya noh mask while reaching out a hand that was holding a knife!


「What!? Just now, did you say something!?」

Shinji looked down, and leaked out a small voice that was unclear.

Yoshiki was launched to the sky while screaming 「Gyaa~」, however he immediately killed the demon with striking wind & wind blade while falling. Shinji didn’t even register that in his sight while making words one more time that sounded clear this time.

「My feeling is betrayed!」

「You, what are you saying!?」

Shinji-kun stood up. From weeping, changing into anger. He was shedding tears like waterfall while glaring back at the mad blonde haired miss with mad crying face.

「Yoshiki! I’m sad!」

「Yeah, I’m also sad to have friend with screwed head!」

Yoshiki activated whirling wind to surround him and his screwed up friend. Yoshiki blew away all the demons trying to squash them with number while screaming back angrily at Shinji.

「For the first time in my life, I succeeded at hitting on girl. I was really happy from my heart. I was holding hope from my heart that I might be able to get a college student girlfriend! Because, she was all over me with her body pressing on me mon! When I invited her to karaoke, she said okay with a smile mon! She even gave me her contact number mon! No way, this is jackpot! That was what I thought mon!」 (Note: Sometime in light novel or anime, girl would add ‘mon’ to their sentence when they are sulking or pleading cutely)

「That’s well, I agree. But, stop adding “mon” at the end of your sentence. I’m going to cut my friendship with you y’know.」

To say the truth, Yoshiki and Shinji’s effort in picking up girl more or less succeeded. They saw a single girl college student who looked cute standing alone, so they tried calling out to her thinking that they got nothing to lose.

And when they did that, the girl said that her friend cancelled their appointment at the last minute, so she was wondering what to do now, and then she accepted Shinji’s invitation.

‘God hasn’t forsaken me! Demon king! Lord! Today I will stand on the same stage like you guys!’ That was what Shinji thought.

Well, he almost got stabbed the moment he entered a back alley with that girl though.

In other words, the girl was a cultist.

In proportion with the great happiness that he felt, the despair was also equally great. It was to the dgree that his mind’s equilibrium collapsed when the demon took advantage of the opening and whispered to him.

「I who am like the main character of a tragedy drama, don’t you think such me is pitiful?」

「Yeah, now I’m thinking that your head is really pitiful just so you know.」

「And yet, that blonde haired miss, she tried to finish off me who is like this! This is too much!」

「I feel like the meaning of the finishing off you say isn’t really right though……」

「These people, every last one of them is playing with my pure heart!」

「The one who said 『For now, let’s just call out a lot to all the girls. Surely we will land a jackpot if attempt a lot right?』 before we went to hit on girl was you yeah? Don’t you remember? Oi, the self-proclaimed pure hearted man.」

Yoshiki sent a scornful stare to Shinji who was increasingly stamping his feet in frustation while dispelling the whirlwind. At the same time he sent the cultists leaping on them flying with a squall onto the building and electric pole.

「But, but even so, a main character surpass the tragedy and become strong.」

「Ah, you aren’t listening to me huh?」

「The vicious treatment of many women, and the whisper of the demon who is telling me to surrender myself to desire are inviting me to a new front.」

「Certainly, it really feel like a new front. The you right now is unprecedentally disgusting.」

Yoshiki was slowly taking distance from Shinji who was making a fearless smile (?) with ’ehe eheh’ voice. Perhaps even his friendship could only go this far. His resolve from the other world almost crumbled.

「――”Flame Fortress”!!」

Shinji whose vocation was “Flame Mage” instantly created a wall of flame. The demons who seemed to be approaching shrieked.

The brilliantly blazing flame drove away the darkness, and covered the advancing Shinji with a gloom.

Shinji looked over his shoulder to Yoshiki who was watching him dumbfounded from behind.

「Yoshiki, I’ve made you wait huh. I’m fine already.」

「No, you doesn’t look fine at all. Rather you are worsening.」

Shinji-kun whose pure heart was toyed with and received the whisper by the demon wretchedly. Certainly, somehow various things felt wrong from him. His atmosphere was abnormal, like he had gone a full circle right to the perfect form.

The proof of that was how he wholly ignored Yoshiki’s tsukkomi.

「Thinking back now, we already know about the summit. Yes, it’s Nagumo. Our demon king who crawled up from the very bottom. The harem king!」

Shinji’s Flame danced! Dancing like a butterfly, and stinging like a bee! If the demon king heard his words just now, he would surely get shot!

「Even after tasting despair, we can crawl back up. Into that paradise-like world.」

「I think it’s better to not lump the despair that Nagumo tasted and your despair from being unable to get girlfriend together you know?」

「That’s why, we were mistaken. It’s no good if we are satisfied with just hitting on girl or picking up any kind of girl around there! We have to aim high! Aiming at the paradise! The world where we are surrounded by the ideal girls!」

――Yoshiki, I’ve decided

Shinji said with a resolved expression. Yoshiki’s gaze were turned alternately to Shinji who was looking back to him and the whirling air behind Shinji. He pointed his finger and said 「Shinji! Look in front of you! Front!」 but……

「Someday, I’ll hold a shotgun wedding with idol――」

Shinji vanished. He who received the whisper from demon and got unbound into strange direction was sent flying physically by demon and flew to the other side of a far away building.

The wind was telling him, of the raw sound of *gusha-*, and the pig-like scream of 「Pigiih」.

With the specs of returnee, it seemed his life wasn’t in danger, but there was no doubt that he got broken bones at least. Shinji-kun was cornered into a despairing situation really naturally.

The flame vanished and the demons and cultists attacked once more. For Yoshiki there was no problem to endure it using his sensitivity of the wind’s movement, but in the end, could he protect Shinji from the unseen devils……

For now, while defeating the enemies before him Yoshiki was,

「This might be it already for Shinji! Abyssss! Seriously hurryyyy!」

He called toward the lord desperately through the telepathy.

Also, twenty seconds after that, a clone appeared by using gravity magic to perform pseudo flight and safely rescued Shinji. Shinji harbored a new objective in his heart.




「A, are you all listening? I don’t know what happened, but first let’s calm down and talk with each other. I am a consultant. Well, that’s the business I’m running but……depending on the situation, I believe I also can become enough strength for your life planning too.」

There was an amazingly handsome man with intelligent look, sweating a lot like waterfall while pushing up his glasses repeatedly. Perhaps he got foreigner blood mixed in him, because he had smooth brown hair and finely chiseled features despite being Japanese. He was a man around his early thirty.

Though in fact, he was already 45 years old.

「O, Otou-san. No matter how I look, I don’t think this is a situation that can be resolved somehow by talking you know?」

「Dear. Your legs are shaking like a newly born fawn you know? Don’t force yourself and back away.」

The one clinging on the waist of that handsome man while trembling with teary eyes was a super beautiful girl with her hair in twintail. From her slightly young appearance, her age was about the age of a middle school student. She had long and slender limbs and thin waist, however her breast was brutal in contrast with her appearance.

Beside the trembling man and girl was a beautiful woman who was like a model, standing boldly while tapping a metal bat on her shoulder even though she was sweating coldly……long and soft black hair, droopy looking eyes, and yet she gave an impression like a gentle big sister, but the fighting spirit residing in her eyes and her familiarity in holding the metal bat displayed a terrific gap.

It was the very picture of a family of beautiful man and woman.

Ahead of their gaze, there were countless intruders banging on an unseen wall as though they were doing pantomime.

When they were enjoying happy family conversation, the window of the living room suddenly broke and several people came attacking.

The son who went into a trip begged his friend to set up “a barrier that isolated the space” for the sake of his family that he left behind. That barrier was protecting the family but……

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「Yaaah, I can hear it again! There is absolutely something here!」

Shadows that were running on the wall of the living room. And then numerous furniture that were suddenly sent flying.

It seemed the unseen existences also couldn’t breakthrough the barrier, however, for them who were just normal people, this situation was cornering their mind greatly.

The sight of unseen attack causing ripple to spread on the barrier many times was also really bad for their heart.

But, at that time the beautiful girl’s smartphone rang. She was taken aback and accepted the call, right at that moment,

『Mizuki-chan. This is Shizuku, are you all right over there?』


A voice that was filled with sob and joy resounded. From the other side of the smart phone, a groaning voice 「Uh」 due to receiving damage in the eardrum could be heard.

『Err, calm down Mitsuki-chan. We understand the sitaution, and the artifact that Kouki left behind won’t be breached that easily.』

「Ye, yes, Onee-sama. But, the strangeness is inside our house……Onee-sama, can’t you come here?」

Someone who their daughter called with “Onee-sama”. The handsome man and beautiful woman showed a joyful look, knowing that there it could only be one person.

These people who knew well about Shizuku-oneesama was indeed, Kouki’s family. The people of Amanogawa family.

The father who worked in management consultancy, who looked intelligent at the outside but a chicken in the inside――Amanogawa Seiji. Then the mother who was a former yankee who once also climbed her way to the top, and now working as an editor in model magazine――Miya. And then, Kouki’s little sister who even had fan clubfollowers until the neighborhood middle school――Mitsuki.

Because she had known Shizuku since her childhood and could trust her more than anyone, and they also knew about her real strength, Mitsuki implored to Shizuku to come save them.

By no means she merely wanted to meet Shizuku. ‘If I use this situation, I’ll be able to hug Onee-sama tightly and sniff her all over!’ was something that she didn’t think at all.

Even if she was the originator of Soul Sisters, even if she actually loved Shizuku so much that she refused all the confessions that she received in the amount of more than ten per month from elementary school students until even middle-aged man, that she even clearly refused when scouted to enter entertainment industry when walking in the city because of a reason of 「My time together with Onee-sama will decrease」, that she even swore an oath that some day she would absolutely obliterate her sworn enemy “Nagumo-senpai” who actually shaved off her 「time together with Onee-sama」!

By no means she was calling her Onee-sama to come here for the sake of her own desire!


『I’m sorry. My home is also attacked……well, I’m not worried about them at all though……anyway, I think the situation there will be settled before I can go there, so don’t worry.』


The little sister-chan’s yell that no one in her school had never heard. Without a doubt, she was inheriting the blood of her mother the former yankee and former boss. Kouki’s kindness must be inherited from his father.

Kind, ephemeral, and beautiful like a moon. Her bearing was like a noble daughter who was na?ve about the world. Mitsuki-chan who was famed as a decorous beauty even in the neighborhood persisted further. (Note: The ‘tsuki’ in the name Mitsuki used the kanji of moon.)

「Bu, buuut, Onee-samaa. I’m, really scared……I want Onee-sama to be at my sid――」

‘I want you at my side!’, Mitsuki-chan was about to let out an earnestly pleading voice that sounded really fragile which would stimulate one’s desire to protect, but……

「DORASSHAAAAAAAA-!! Uncle-, auntie-, Mitsuki! You all safe!?」

A wolfman sent the cultists flying while appearing! Mitsuki-chan’s earnest desire was also sent flying!

「Ryu, Ryutaro-kun! You came for us!?」

「Ou! It’s a relieve that the barrier is working properly. Well, It’s Nagumo’s artifact, it ain’t possible for it to be a defect!」

Ryutaro vigorously threw and threw away the cultists present……he was virtually breaking their limbs and threw them away. Ryutaro who was rushing here as reinforcement warped his mouth into a wicked look with his Mode Werewolf while answering.

The overwhelming battle unfolding outside the barrier caused Miya to be in admiration. Even so she asked worriedly.

「Ryu-chan, is your house all right?」

「Aa, whether it was the bunches with screw looses and even the so called demon there were all taken care off. There is also barrier there, so it’s all right! Even if something happen I can go back right away!」

The Amanogawa house and Sakagami house were at walking distance from each other that could be traveled by walking normally for three minutes. With his Mode Werewolf that was specialized for speed, he could go there in less than twenty seconds.

In addition, his guard dog Karashio and the neighbor old man Fuji were also there, so there was no worry if the opponent was human. The battle strength of Karashio whose sense of rivalry was blazing due to his Mode Werewolf and old man Fuji’s art of fire extinguisher were increasing in sharpness as the year passed.

Ryutaro intentionally rushed here to remove the anxiety of Seiji and his family as fast as possible. Seiji and Miya sighed in relieve while forming a smile……

「Oi, Ryu-nii. Meet me at the backyard later.」


Mode Werewolf’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Ryutaro had been acquainted with Mitsuki since she was born, so he knew really well of her true self. Him getting taken to the backyard by her wasn’t just an occurrence of merely once or twice. She was extremely terrifying.

「N, no, it’s a bit impossible. Look, it’s that-, after this, there are other places that I gotta go to right a――」


It was an evil face that Mtsuki-chan would never show in front of her beloved Onee-sama and the Onii-chan who she liked very much.

Ryu-nii couldn’t win against Mitsuki since the past. He wanted to be spared from getting his fur shaved in the backyard again. And so, he punched a demon flying using his instinct while desperately thinking up a reason to withdraw……

「Suzu! She is stark naked right now! I’ve gotta go there right away!」


Thought of shock and shame was broadcasted from the emergency telepathic channel that was in open state.

Most likely Ryutaro meant ‘Suzu was attacked when she was defenseless while in a bath, I’m worried about her so I want to rush there quickly!’ when he said that, but heard from the side, it also could be heard to sound like ‘Before Suzu can wear her clothes again I want to pay respect to her naked body no matter what!’.

As expected,

『Sakagami, you bastard just fall into hell together with the demon.』

『I agree completely with Atsushi. This is why someone with girlfriend is just…think about the situation right now.』

『Die, Sakagami.』

『Sakagami, Yuuka here. As expected I don’t think such thing is not suitable right now. Suzu’s shame is broadcasted really clearly here.』

『Suzu-chan! You’re your clotehs quickly! Put up the barrier! The big bad wolf is coming there!』

『Is it because of the Mode Werewolf? What Tsuji said is really right on the spot huh.』

Telepathy came from the comrades one after another.

And then,

『Ryu, Ryu-kun you pervert! What are you yelling in open communication like this! I don’t know you anymore!』


The werewolf fell on his knees. At the same time, a demon’s uppercut burst into action.

The werewolf danced in the sky. It was a truly beautiful parabolic arc.

After that, the werewolf who became the sandbag of the demons consulted with the lord who came rushing 「What should I do to put her back in good mood?」 with a serious face.




*Gatan-gatan-*, inside a train that wasshaking rythmically.

Two female high school students were sitting side by side in the middle of the train’s carriage. One was looking down while pushing out her hand to the front. The other oen was folding her legs while putting both her hands behind her head.

While their surrounding was surrounded by countless passengers with bloodshot eyes.

「This is horror isn’t iit~」

「Maho, this isn’t the time to speak so carefree like that. What are we going to do now? I have aptitude for light element magic but, barrier isn’t my specialty you know?」

The one who as laughing ‘tahaha~’ while saying her impression with light tone that didn’t match the situation was Yoshino Maho. And then, the girl beside her who was putting up barrier while sweating coldly was Tsuji Ayako.

Maho’s tone and attitude were always unserious. She brushed up her short hair in respond to Ayako’s words while laughing ‘haha~’ that didn’t sound serious at all as expected.

「Now now, surely it will be fine. Look, I’m also strengthening the barrier using my bestowal magic.」

Maho’s vocation was “Bestowal Mage”. She possessed genius talent in magic of bestowal type that was a support magic. Even now she was strengthening the effect of lightl element middle class barrier magic “Holy Wall” that Ayako deployed using her light element bestowal magic “Enveloping Light”.

On the other hand, Ayako’s vocation was “Healing Master”, so barrier art wasn’t her specialty. She also could only use the lower version of “Sacred Severance” as magic to protect from all direction.

The phrase of demon and the horror situation just now.

After playing with Kentarou and Juugo, Ayako set out to go home, getting shaken inside train like this together with Maho, when suddenly the lighting inside the carriage was flickering eerily. Then all the passengers were staring on them when they noticed.

And then, while Ayako was bewildered 「Eh? Wha, what?」, a shriek she had never heard before that caused uneasiness resounded, and the passengers also attacked them.

Her immediate reaction that was trained in the other world let her deployed a barrier in time, but both Ayako and Maho were completely rearguard. They were different with a certain bugged Hannya who although she was a Healing Master, with her wholeheartednessyandere power she could even use barrier type magic and binding type magic that weren’t inferior even to those with vocation that was specialized for those magic, and on top of that she was even able to skillfully use the power of god’s apostle.

Because of that, even Ayako who possessed experience of fighting in war felt quite the strain on her mind in this situation right now……

And then the final blow came.

*Don-*, the barrier shook. Shrieks and the abusive language of the cultists reverberated. Blood was scattered from the fists of the cultists who were punching too much. The barrier became stickily marked with bloodstain. There were also cultists who were slapping with their palm, so countless red hand marks were pasted.

It was thoroughly a horror.

With teary eyes, Ayako averted her gaze with all her strength from a man on the other side of the barrier whose gaze suddenly almost met hers. She looked down so that her gaze wouldn’t meet anybody’s gaze.

「I, if something like this would happen, I would stay together with Kentarou-kun for a bit longer……」

「Hou, hee, “with Kentarou-kun” you say? So Nagayama-kun is unneeded?」

「That’s not what I mean!」

Maho laughed teasingly. When Ryutaro was starting going out with Suzu, Nomura Kentarou was wholeheartedly resolved ‘I cannot stay like this!’, and finally he told Ayako who was the person on his mind since the time in Tortus 「Ho, how about we call each other by our first name!?」.

It didn’t need to be said what kind of evaluation the comrades gave when he didn’t confess.

Although, at present Ayako was already satisfied with just that. In that point, perhaps it should be said that they were similar people……

But, at that time a whispering voice that froze their spine resounded at the back of Ayako and Maho’s mind.

「Tsu――this is」

「Is this that demon’s whisper thingy?」

It wasn’t the whisper of sweet temptation. It was as though its objective was to turn people mad, a whisper that simply fan the uneasiness and anxiety. A voice that disturbed the mind.

For a moment the barrier shook unsteadily. Perhaps that was the aim, because a violent roar thundered while at the same time an impact shook the carriage where it felt like the train might go off the rail.

An unpleasant sound resounded in the shaking barrier. *Crack-, crack-*. It was the sound of fracturing.

「Fuwah!? Thi, this is bad-」

「Wawah, strengthening, strengthening!」

The two were panicked, but the demon’s whisper that disturbed the mind made their concentration unfocused. Maho was making a twitching smile saying 「Why did I leave behind the artifact today of all day huhh」 while he immediately began to write magic circle for offense on her hand.

Although she had no aptitude for it, she would at least be able to use basic level attack magic if an improvised magic circle was prepared. Originally, Maho’s artifact――a coin shaped pendant――also had magic circle for offense carved, so she didn’t always have magic circle of attack magic ready other than that. Now she was regretting it.

「I wonder if we became too much of a peace idiot.」

「Don’t speak easygoingly, reinforce the barierrrr~! It’s going to get broken!」

The crack on the barrier became even bigger and the two went pale thinking 「Ah, this won’t hold for even five minutes」, it was at that moment.

*Gashan-*, the window glass of the carriage was smashed apart. At the same time a black silhouette flew in.

The man who smashed through the window of a running train splendidly took a safe landing and performed a turn on the spot! The man pushed up his sunglass sharply, and then took a pose like a warrior who would give punishment in the name of the moon!

「Tonight is a moonless night. That is my domain. For laying your hand on the friends of this abyss lord, at best it――」

「Endou-kun! We’ve been waiting! We are saveeed~!」

「Oh maaan, for a second there I was thinking what would happen. Endou-kun, take care of the rest~」

Tsuji Ayako, Yoshino Maho. Kousuke was once in the same party with them. For the two of them, no matter what Endo was still Endo.

The abyss lord got a bit loss for words 「Ri, right」 while making a turn once more to pull himself back together!

「Here I come-, bunch of the dead! Mine black flame of the abyss, taste it with that bo――」「――”Enveloping Light”! Endo-kun, leave the support to us ‘kay~」

The lord who loved things like darkness or abyss or blackness shined dazzlingly bright from the support of his reliable comrades.

The lord said 「Ri, right. My thanks」 while sharply pushing up his sunglass *Kui-!* to pull himself back together. He created even more clones while,

「Now, the abyss’s――」

「Ah, Endo-kun. About our home――」

「Trampling down is starting!」

The lord didn’t let the girl spoke till finish and began battle.

Of course, the clones of the lord were using pseudo flight to also head to Tsuji family house, Yoshino family house, and also to the houses of his comrades who were being away from their home, so there wasn’t any problem.

In addition, in each house of the classmates, although it wasn’t as good as in Amanogawa family house, the defensive measure of South Cloud Security――it was a mysterious security firm that rapidly expanded in business recently in Tortus. The crime prevention goods were selling like crazy not just to the royalty, noble, or merchant, but even to the average household――was set up, so the people there wouldn’t get harmed so easily.

And so, there was no need to deliberately say 「It’s fine」 and explained. The lord was cutting off Maho’s words wasn’t the result of his indignation, that he wouldn’t endure getting his fantastic introduction and speech hindered even more than this by her, not at all.

If he said that wasn’t it then that wasn’t it.

「Kukuku-. In front of the abyss that is spreading endlessly, even if you are a demon――」

「Ah, the enchantment magic almost run out…… Endou-kun, I’ll send the next one now~. If you have any request for support magic then tell me okay!」


The lord flashed shinily *pika~* once more. There wasn’t any darkness anymore at all. Right now the lord was really shining in a different meaning.

「Later let’s show this to Kentaro-kun and others.」

Ayako who had recovered her calm lifted up her smartphone. A memory that might deal a lethal damage to Kousuke was taken.

The former party members with whom they once entrusted each other’s life with seemed to be an opponent that was hard to deal with in various senses, whether it was for Kousuke, or for the lord.

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