Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 315 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Reinforcement, And Then Storming

Chapter 315: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Reinforcement, And Then Storming


Director Dime was strong.

Indeed, it certainly was really convincing that this person was even called as “Desecrator of Book” or “Beating Priest”.

The metal book with size of 40 x 30 centimeter wrapped in chain must have weighed for more than ten kilogram. It came flying and swung around with a speed of cannonball, turning into a local and manmade storm, if it was lifted up it would become shield of iron wall toward every attack, blocking anything whether it was sword, knife, or kunai.

Sometimes, the director even rode above the book and moved by sliding around on it.

And then, with incomprehensible physical strength, the director would lightly gripped that book which possessed weight like a war hammer with one hand, and when he swung it around along with spirited voice 「Munh」, the surrounding would be pulverized like a joke.

The art of book fighting which left no opening in close range……

For the time being, Kousuke thought.

‘Read it! That’s a book right!? Read it! It’s a sacred vessel that conceals amazing power right!?’ He thought.

「Woow, Kousuke-san, you’re really amazing. The director’s attack doesn’t hit you even once, as expected from the strangely moving person!」

「Clone technique is it? It’s amazing. It’s truly what you will call the secret technique of the orient. This is the first time I see the director getting subdued.」

Anna and Wynn sent him exaggerated praise.

The place was a church of Omnibus. It was late at night where it would take around one more hour until the obelisk and saint barrier were prepared. After somehow neutralizing the director who was rampaging so that his beloved daughter wouldn’t be taken away, Kousuke and Claudia, along with several other exorcists who were in that place were currently preparing before their storming into hell.

Kousuke spoke with strangely distant gaze.

「To think……I couldn’t subdue him without making clone……I’m simply shocked.」

Kousuke had quite the confidence in his own strength. At the very least, he thought that in a one-on-one fight against earthling, he wouldn’t even need to become abyss lord, to say nothing of making clone to help, but……

Director Dime couldn’t be neutralized without the help of two other clones.

‘The world is really wide huh~, perhaps I was a bit too overconfident huh~’, he leaked out a dry smile.

「Kousuke-sama, the director was rude. I will tell him that it was just a misunderstanding, that’s why」

Claudia was knitting her eyebrows apologetically. But, perhaps something was on her mind about the content of the misunderstanding. Within her gaze that was stealing glances toward Kousuke, melting heat could be felt.

「Even so Claudia-sama. The director, it felt like he was recognizing Kousuke a bit after getting subdued like that you know?」

「Yeah, I heard him muttering. 『So you want Claire that much……fuh, I too has become old』 something like that.」

The one who called Kousuke without honorific was the bowgun user, Lee Mohr. Twenty years old, a half with mixed parentage of Britain and China. His age was close with Kousuke, and Kousuke told him to just talk casually, so he did just that.

And then, the one who heard the muttering of the director that caused Claudia to look down with red face while fidgeting, was Bruce Roer. He was a user of antique rifle, the younger brother of the bald Roer brothers.

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By the way, both brothers had no eyebrows. Their body was also like pro wrestler, and they had sanpaku eyes. When they were wearing exorcist’s black uniform, their appearance was completely like mafia.

「No no, I already said that I have a lover.」

「How complicated……I want Claudia-sama to become happy but, there is also this feeling that want her to keep being our Claudia-sama. Or rather, the majority is glaring at Endou.」

Bruce’s big brother, the battle axe user Bacchus Roer patted his smooth head with one hand while looking around. There, the staffs other than Omnibus’s exorcists could be seen glancing warily at Kousuke.

But, inside those gazes wasn’t wariness toward outsider, but something that was the same like resentment of fans who got their idol taken away, saying 「That bastard, laying his hand on our Claudia-sama……」.

「Geez-, everyone, you all have been saying nonsense since some time ago. I am not harboring that kind of feeling toward Kousuke-sama! Good grief, you all are too relaxed before the important battle!」

Everyone of Omnibus received scolding from the saint-sama.

However, the scolding from her whose face was bright red, her gaze kept glancing repeatedly at the man beside him, and her whole body fidgeting, the persuasiveness was nonexistence with zero impact. Rather, everyone of Omnibus only got even more fanned up.

「Oo, a, amazing pressuring gazes here……somehow it feels fresh to be paid so much attention like this.」

Kousuke writhed for some reason. ‘Omnibus, might be a magnificent place……’, his expression loosened thinking so.

「Be, besides……for me to harbor that kind of feeling toward a person who has lover……」

Claudia who entered the soliloquizing time. 「Aa, lord. Please forgive this wicked me-」 She began to pray too.

The gazes of the exorcists who were dining together became warm. The gazes of the staffs of Omnibus became even more severe.

‘As expected this looks a bit bad’, Kousuke who came back to his senses coughed.

「Ee~, aa~, so about the hell, Claire know where the Unknown is located right?」

「Eh? Ah, yes. Somehow I can, it’s a feeling like I’m being called. The cause is unclear whether I’m really being called, or if it was because in the past he was summoned with me as the medium, but I understand where he is.」

「Okay. Well, the other side is also looking for Claire, so it might not be necessary to go looking for him though. And, Claire’s Holy Cross will become the trump card but, is there any special exorcist strategy or something?」

In respond to Kousuke’s question, Anna took out a small cross necklace from her bosom and answered.

「We will use this consecrated cross. This is the most basic sacred vessel, at the same time it’s also something that is like our identification that prove our status as exorcist but……」

Saying that, she muttered 「OmnibusFor the sake of all human」. Right away, the cross that contained faint radiance showed letters of light that read “Anna Folk”.

Kousuke nodded in understanding seeing it like a status plate but without the display of the owner’s status. Anna continued her explanation.

「Actually, it has one more effect. When it’s activated like this, we can hide our figure and presence only limited to demon.」

「It’s a function so when exorcist is outnumbered, they can temporarily hide from demon and call for reinforcement.」

Wynn also added on the explanation. He took out the same cross necklace like Anna.

According to their further explanation, there would be no effect if the demon had already focused strongly on them. If it was low level demon, their focus was already weak from the start so this power would be effective, but against middle level and above, this power would be mostly meaningless once they got found out.

Kousuke nodded 「I see」.

「I see. Using that we will ignore the swarm of low level demon and fight the Unknown directly.」

「Although, just like we explained, the hell is their stronghold so it’s dubious how effective this will be. Even if we are able to arrive until Unknown unharmed, the other demons would notice when we enter battle.」

Wynn groaned with a conflicted expression. Lee shrugged while continuing.

「Well, it doesn’t change what we have to do. It’s really simple. We’ll protect Claudia-sama until she destroy the Unknown. Even if we have to pay with our life. That’s all.」

Words that showed no hesitation to use even one’s own life as shield. It could be clearly seen from his eyes that there was no falsehood in those words. The other exorcists also nodded naturally.

The determination in that attitude wasn’t “for the sake of Claudia-sama”. It was simply a display of their pride as exorcist. They weren’t going along with Claudia’s revenge. They would head to hell because it was their mission.

Certainly that must be their true feeling. But, their friendship toward Claudia couldn’t be hidden. Surely, even if it wasn’t for Claudia, but for Wynn or Anna for example, they would still take the same action.

That was why, Kousuke couldn’t say it, he wouldn’t say it. Telling them to stay put here while he alone would guard Claudia.

「I get the gist of the strategy now. Well, when it’s time for you to exchange your life, call me before that. I have confidence if it’s in number after all. Okay, next, the problem is the “wind of lamentation” though, if I remember it right, the time limit will be harsh if the item to endure it is used for everyone right?」

Clauda and others nodded. With Kousuke’s participation, for the time being the team lineup was optimized so it was formed by the elites among elites, so the share of holy water for each one of them was increased.

They weren’t thinking to hold back the demon by leaving behind their member as sacrifice, so those who weren’t strong enough to fight in hell were reassigned to Omnibus’s headquarters――to protect Vatican and the pope.

「About that, I think I can prepare medicine to lengthen the time limit.」

「Is that true!? Ah, could it be, what healed me and Aziz, that……」

「Yes, we simply called it recovery medicine though. We returnees have it in our possession. Well, it’s magic medicine. In the first place it doesn’t neutralize the Wind of Lamentation like the holy water, it’s more healing the body part that get eroded, so I think there will be pain.」

Wynn shook his head and responded 「Mere pain isn’t a problem」.

「That helps. Most likely, the greater demon with their personality won’t use any underhanded method, but the possibility that the enemy will aim to make us “run out of time” isn’t zero after all.」

Kousuke saw that they didn’t seem to have any particular problem with using unknown medicine whether from religious aspect too, so he immediately said 「Then, I’ll ask for a lot of recovery medicine」, and he was going to contact Nagumo house.

But, at that timing,

「There is no need for that, Kousuke.」

A lovely voice that was like ringing bell resounded. However that voice was mixed with tiredness.

Kousuke gasped. When he turned his gaze, a beautiful girl wearing lab coat with her blonde hair tied in side tail was there, a cooler box hanging from her shoulder.


Emily’s expression broke out into a smile *funya-* at Kousuke’s call. There was the radiance of “gate” behind her.

After the phone call which should be called as a decisive battle for Kousuke before this, just in case Yue sent the artifact for space teleportation, “Gate Hole” to be placed near Kousuke. It seemed Emily had just come out from that “gate”.

「Kousuke-san. Your Vanessa is also here you know?」

‘Here here-, look at me! I’m here!’, there was also Vanessa spreading her hands like a stage actress to make an appeal of her existence. Hallucination of wagging dog ears and dog tail could be seen on her.

「What’s the matter Emily? Did something happen? What about Yue-san?」

「Complete disregard! But, even with such cold Kousuke-san, the third wife, this Vanessa is――」

「Everything is alright. There is no attack or anything, in the first place no matter what come, nothing can make that fortress fall. I asked for the gate to be opened because there is something to be delivered. As for Yue-oneesan……right now the play-off of fighting game No. 1 is being held in the house, Yue-oneesan is in the middle of semifinal against Myuu-chan. Myuu-chan……her combo is really nasty. Yue-oneesan got tearful……」

「Wai-, what are they doing playing around in this kind of time!? Everyone in the class participate!? They are getting heated up!? Rather, Yue-san is made to cry!?」

「Fu, fufu-. The two of them are treating me like air……I see, so this is the abandonment play that Tio-san mentioned――」

「By the way, it seems the final will be Myuu-chan VS Shuu-ojiisamauncle. Shuu-ojisama……it was terrific. As expected from the father of his majesty the demon king.」

「The parents are participating too!? That’s too relaxed right!?」

Ignoring the SOUSAKANagent who was wirthing while making strange pose, the members of Omnibus were in confusion at the exchange between Kousuke and the beautiful girl in lab coat who suddenly appeared.

Emily who seemed to notice the situation at the surrounding blushed slightly while straightening her posture. And then, she bowed her head to the people around and put the cooler box on the table.

「Emily, this is?」

「I told you right, Kousuke. That I’ll also do what I can.」

Emily opened the cooler box. Inside, several test tubes were fixed in place. Grey colored liquid was stored inside the test tubes.

「I studied the content of the relic that demon king-sama gave me and reproduced the cure-all that was used in the ancient era. It’s still in testing stage, but it should be useful enough to be used for this time.」

「Eh, it’s that biological weapon excavated from the ruin?」

Emily nodded once. Below her eyes, really pronounced dark circles could be seen.

Actually, after the previous phone call, Emily begged Kaori to prepare “the space where time became slow” and researched the ancient biological weapon she received from Hajime and Shia inside it.

Emily’s research inside the slowed space actually almost reached a month even with her coming out every time there was a call from Kousuke.

Although there was cooperation from Yue and others to magically solve problem like teleporting the research tool or breaking technological obstacle, normally it would be impossible to develop unknown substance into usable stage in less than a month.

Emily’s genius talent in pharmacy, her experience until now, and then, her intense will that wished to be useful for Kousuke no matter what overturned the impossibility.

「It was shocking. I’ll omit the detailed explanation, but this thing, if I have to put it into words it’s something like a pluripotent cell. If it’s used as it is, it will erode cells of living thing and destroy them completely, but if the cell is adjusted well, it will instead replace cells that has abnormality. It will constantly maintain the healthy state. ――I named it Pandora’s Hope.」

In other words,

「If you drink one tube, even in an environment that eat at your body no matter how much, Pandora’s Hope will maintain your body in healthy state. I haven’t test it in hell’s environment so I cannot say with certainty but, if there is no hole in my theory, it should maintain its effect for three days.」


Kousuke took one tube and stared fixedly at it.

Emily threw him upward glances. It was completely obvious to him that she was thinking 「Am I helpful?」. At the same time, he also understood from the fatigue surfacing in her eyes just how desperate she was to finish this in time.

Kousuke wordlessly embraced Emily tightly. Emily raised her voice 「Fuwah!?」 and went bright red instantly.

「Thanks, Emily. This is really helpful. With this I can fight without worrying about anything.」

「Ah, uh……I’m glad……be careful okay, Kousuke.」

Emily was a bit embarrassed, however, she hugged Kousuke back strongly. Beside them, the like of SOUSAKAN who was staring still with a wanting expression while putting her index finger in her mouth was ignored.

The two separated for a bit and stared at each other in close distance……

The exorcists were somehow swallowed by the sweet atmosphere and held their breath.

Claudia who was staring at the two enviously.

And then, Vanessa who was creeping up behind such Claudia without anyone noticing.

With a slippery movement, she brought her mouth toward Claudia’s ear.

「Nice to meet you, fourth. I am Vanessa. The third. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」


Greeting while blowing breath into the ear. Claudia leaped up. She pressed on her ear and retreated from that spot in a flash――or she tried, but she tripped on the chair and stumbled. Her skirt fluttered. A sexy garter belt was,

「Kousukeee-, don’t look!」

「Higiih!? My eyes-, my eyeees!?」

Emily-chan’s hidden technique was executed in godspeed. Kousuke pressed on his eyes while his back arched behind into a bridge shape. It was a bridge of sorrow from the sudden eye crushing.

Putting aside Kousuke who was building a comical and splendid arc, Vanessa helped Claudia to stand up.

「Ni, nice to meet you. I’m Claudia Barenberg, Err, the fourth?」

Wynn and others had splendidly threw their gaze to every other direction, perhaps because of the demonic look Anna sent to them, or perhaps because of their gentleman personality. During that time, Claudia stood up with difficulty while asking in bewilderment.

Vanessa-san answered with a serious expression.

「Yes. You are Kousuke-san’s fourth wife right? I am the third. And so, I am the senior wife. Don’t forget to show the proper respect.」

「He? Eh? Ee? Fourth wife?」

Claudia’s expression turned like a person who had just heart a mysterious language. Wynn and co along with the members of Omnibus who were watching from the distance also showed the same expression.

There was nobody to stop DanessaNo good Vanessa-san who was putting on a patronizing air as senior. Kousuke was in the middle of doing bridge of sadness. Emily was apologizing to such Kousuke while nursing him.

Claudia turned her gaze to that Emily while saying.

「She is, Kousuke-sama’s lover isn’t she?」

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「? Certainly she is his lover, but in the future they will wed so it’s fine to call her his wife. Doctor Emily is the second wife. She is your great senior, so be really respectful.」


Claudia’s expression was rapidly stiffening. She turned her gaze toward Kousuke who was muttering 「I, can see the light……」. The members of Omnibus also did the same. Especially the gazes of female faction with Anna in the lead were becoming bad.

「Oh, you don’t know? From the beginning Kousuke-san has a fiancée called Rana Hauria.」


「She is a bunny girl.」

「Bunny girl!」

「And then, the first wife Rana-san said, ‘The right-hand man of the demon king cannot just have one or two wives!’, we are looking for the seven wives who are somewhere in the world!」

「Seven wives!?」

「Yes! And then, Kousuke-san has found one! In this territory of Vatican! The fourth wife! Right to the point, it’s you! Claudia Barenberg!」

「What in the world!」

The shocking fact that was fired like a storm of gatling gun’s strafing. Claudia-sama’s tension was growing strange! And then, the gaze of the female faction toward Kousuke had completely become one that was usually turned toward a sworn enemy! One of them was dashing away, surely she was going to call the cardinaldirector with idiot parent, blasphemous, and physically violent attribute!

Claudia’s eyes were turning round and round while she turned toward Kousuke whose eyes finally recoverd and stood up. She then raised her voice.

「Kousuke-sama! Are you, looking at me with such view!?」

「I’m not!」

「You are not!?」

Claudia-sama staggered unsteadily. Anna pulled out her tonfa. Her gaze was like a killer. Among the female exorcists, there were also those whose hand reached for knife or spear……

Sensing the atmosphere that was a little dangerous, Emily-chan stood up for her beloved Kousuke.

「Wait a second! Barenberg-san! The one who is fussing about seven wives are only Vanessa and Rana-san! Especially Rana-san, or rather the people of Hauria-clan, all of them are a bit touched in the head! That’s why don’t take it seriously! Kousuke isn’t that kind of frivolous person!」

The desperate Emily-chan, her true feeling unconsciously came out……

Hauria clan that was touched in the head, the battle of Emily who was trying to rehabilitate them would be a long one.

「I, is that so? But, in that case you too, have nothing going on between you and Kousuke-sama? You aren’t his lover, and especially not his wife――」

「Who are you calling unrelated person! I’m his lover! And I’ll become his wife!」

「Then, there is nothing going on with this person called Rana――」

「No, Claire. Rana is my wife I’m telling you.」

Finally Kousuke spoke. And then, Emily who became tearful because he didn’t respond right away when it was her saying it. Kousuke was flustered 「Tha, that’s not it」 while consoling Emily. Emily too immediately smiled happily at his attention.

Action sometime was even more eloquent than words.

Anna’s voice echoed excessively loudly.

「Guilty? Or, not guilty?」

The answer, came from all the female exorcists, and the males who idolized Claudia.

「「「「「Guilty! Go to hell-!!」」」」」 (Note: The go to hell is written in English at the raw.)

It was nice timing that their destination after this would be hell. However, perhaps it would be Kousuke alone who wouldn’t go home.

Director Dime’s face popped out from behind a pillar as though to say 「Someone calling?」. His eyes looked like they were saying 「Even if it cost my life, I’ll KILL you bastard!」.

Cold sweat trickled out from Kousuke like a waterfall. Anna and others were sidling up closer with fiendish expression that said 「Toying with our Claudia-sama like this……」, fighting aura (?) blew out from the director, Wynn and others averted their eyes from reality 「The dessert is delicious」, and Vanessa attempted to sneak into the gate quickly……

「Director! A radio contact just came! I think it’s from the security bureau’s force! It seems they are under attack!」


A youth came rushing. His voice that was dripping with anxiety caused everyone to gasp and return to their senses.

He was holding an old type radio while running toward Kousuke and others.

Why did the communication from Bernard and others came from something like that? Certainly, they were really late from the arrival schedule but……

*Zaa zaa*, within such noise, the sound of gunshots and the angry yell of Bernard and others could be heard.

『――This is Saber 1-. Caster! Can you hear!? ――Answer――someo――』

Saber was the codename that represented Bernard’s squad, Caster was the codename that represented Omnibus. The codenames were created just in case now that they were working together with Vatican’s secret organization. The thinker of the codename could be easily guessed.

「Bernard! We can hear you! What happened!?」

Kousuke raised his voice, but it seemed the voice from this side didn’t reach the other side. The situation that seemed to be the cause was ascertained by the intermittent communication from Bernard.

『――We are under attack――cultists everywhere――armed――communication jamming is――』

「The armed cultist group jammed the communication and attacking?」

「Most likely, they found old radio in a house or shop somewhere and send their voice like this.」

In battle against demon, many times it would cause abnormality in electronic equipment. Because of that they were using old radio equipment even now which bore fruit at this situation. Bernard’s group seemed to succeed in sending their voice using some kind of method, but perhaps because of the other side’s communication method, the voice from this side couldn’t reach.

『The airport’s――we cannot move. The number is too many!』


Bernard who was a calm and collected veteran captain of a special force was sounding uneasy. The communication that became a bit clearer also conveyed Bernard’s resolve.

『It will be great if this voice reach someone but…… We will reduce the enemy number as much as possible here. It’s pathetic when we are coming here as reinforcement but, we cannot arrive there. But, there is no need to send help. We will defend this place to the last and reduce the number of armed group heading there as much as we can.』

「You stupid idiot-. What are you doing making resolve as you please like that!」

The angry voices of Bernard’s subordinates resounded from the other side.

『Kuh, Aby! I’ll leave the rest to you! If I survive then I’ll treat you to a cold bee――』

The communication cut off with a loud explosion. *Zaa zaa*, a somewhat sad sound resounded.

「Bernard, why did you say that line in that timing……」

Bernard who kept raising death flag until the end caused Kousuke’s expression to convulse. A feeling that Bernard might unexpectedly be alright was welling up slightly.

There, Aziz rushed out from the elevator.

「Director! The moon is dyed! It’s the red moon! Outside the rampart, there is what seems to be the cultist group! The number is beyond counting!」

Right after that the sound of explosion thundered until the underground. It was obviously the sound of explosive or even rocket.

「Kuh, I’m going to where Bernard and others are――」

Kousuke was about to say that he was going.

But, a voice interrupted him,

「You idiot, Kousuke, you have your own role right?」

「Leave that to us.」

Kousuke gasped and turned around. There, he found the figure of his two best friends. Yes, it was Kentarou and Juugo. Furthermore, from the gate Ayako, Mao, and then Yuuka, Nana, Taeko and so forth were coming out one after another.

Kentarou and Juugo talked to Kousuke whose eyes turned round.

「Oi oi, what’s with that look. Don’t tell me, you think we are going to ball up at the corner of the room until everything is over?」

「Just because you spoke scathingly to Yue-san, that doesn’t mean you gotta do everything alone right? If you ask, we’ll lend a hand yeah.」

Among the returnees, not a single one would be shivering in fear at safe place. No matter who their opponent was.

In the first place, after Kousuke stormed into hell, they intended to come out to take care of the “Mirror Gate” that was the entrance, and also this battlefield at Vatican.

「……Hics-. Cultists, kill」

「Yue……don’t vent your anger to other just because you got thoroughly beaten up by Myuu. Come on, cheer up?」

「……Hics. Kaori, go to hell.」

「Why!? Right now I’m cheering you up you know!?」

Yue who seemed to be thoroughly trounced by Myuu’s combo without being able to do anything in fighting game arrived while looked like she was going to cry in earnest.

Kaori also came together. Tio and Shizuku seemed to stay behind in Nagumo house, but even Myuu came.

Myuu in her own way was normally crying 「Hics, sniff, I hate someone like Shuu-ojiichangrandpanano……」. It appeared she was viciously trounced by the backbone of Nagumo family who seemed like a demon king without even a shred of maturity.

While the members of Omnibus were dumbfounded by the excessive battle force that continuously came, Kousuke looked at his comrades and grinned with ‘fuh’.

And then, his gaze turned toward Claudia.

Claudia was taken by surprise, but a beat later her expression turned resolved and she nodded briskly.

「Director, we are going.」

「……Got it. The obelisk will be usable in thirty more minutes. Don’t worry about this place――go and accomplish your longstanding desire.」


Claudia gave a hug toward Director Dime who was like her father with all the affection that she had. With that, his gaze became relaxed and warm as though that brutal eye expression was just a lie while he returned the hug.

Claudia who let go of the hug ran her gaze at the exorcists of the storming team. Wynn and others also had finished their preparation and nodded back strongly.

「Kentarou, Juugo. Take care of Bernard.」

「Ou, leave it to us.」

「Don’t mess up okay, Kousuke.」

Kousuke and others touched their fist together and made a fearless smile to each other.

「Kousuke. Be careful. Come back as quick as possible. I’ll bake apple pie when you return.」

「I’m looking forward to that.」

He also smiled to each other with Emily. Kousuke turned on his heel.

「Let’s go.」

Claudia and others nodded at Kousuke’s command, and then they rushed to the inner room where “Mirror Gate” was located.

「Look, Yue. Don’t cry, we too are going up too you know?」

「……I’m not crying. Kaori you idiot.」

「Yes yes, I get it. Look, teleport everyone to their position. Ah, are you the leader here? Can we talk a bit for planning……」

The depressed Yue. However, she properly did her work. She held the hand of Myuu who was similarly depressed and rushed out from home while teleporting the classmates to the ground above. Furthermore, Juugo and others of Nagayama party were teleported to Omnibus’s private airport to as Bernard’s rescue team.

Like that, when they got out to above the ground, the area was teeming with squirming swarms. It seemed the front gate was destroyed and wreckage was scattered everywhere. The cultists were entering inside one after another. Looking closer, even the north side where Vatican’s art museum was located also had black smoke rising from there. It was clear that place was also attacked.

Gunshots and yells resounded everywhere. There were even several drones flying at the night sky of red moon, carrying explosive in their load.

The armed group of cultists were surging in with number that made it seem like they were the dead from hell. In the middle of that, the people of Omnibus were holding a desperate defensive battle.

「Everyo~~ne! We aa~bsolutely must not let them go to the “Gate Mirror”! Let’s do our best until Endou-kun and others finished everything~~~~!! How - e - ver! Treasure your life! Please run away when it’s dangerou~s!」


It was looseness like in the middle of doing school trip. The students energetically replied to Aiko’s encouraging yell with rea~lly lax reply.

But, what happened at the next moment was the sight of the cultists who were flooding in like avalanche getting blown away and vanished outside the rampart like a joke.

「For now, here is the barrier~! This place is the holy ground, god’s enemy won’t pass――”Holy Severance”!!」

A dome of light spread out with Suzu as the starting point. The whole St. Peter’s Plaza was enveloped by a shining barrier.

「It’s fine to shot those down right?」

At the same time with a short yell ‘shih’, throwing knives rushed through the night sky. All of them were clad in electricity, shooting down all the drones flying in the sky. And then, the knives returned like a boomerang to the thrower――Yuuka.

「Then, that place looks bad so I’ll go there.」

Under the red moon, a werewolf howled. The next moment, that figure vanished with its swift feet.

Other than that, colorful magic of various elements danced wildly, and terrific martial arts exploded into action.

And then,


「That’s why, stop with venting your frustration here.」

In the sky, golden light and silver light floated back to back.

One was a bewitching peerless beauty served by a golden dragon.

The other one was a divinely beautiful war maiden spreading her silver wings.

When the lightning dragon roared, the many rockets flying in the sky were sucked in without exception and annihilated. The cultists who were touched by the surging golden light collapsed with white smoke rising without a single exception.

On the other hand, the people of Omnibus who collapsed with the injury from the first surprise attack were illuminated by the silver light pouring from the sky. Whether they were injured or dead, it didn’t matter, they were healed and stood up.

At this time when the fate of the world was at stake, this kind of miraculous sight…… Everyone of Omnibus thought. Even Director Dime thought.

「It’s, god’s miracle……」

Regretfully, they were demon king’s underlings.

While the moon was increasingly getting filled with mysterious red radiance, the curtain of battle was finally opened.

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