Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 316 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Unknown First

Chapter 316: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Unknown First

Amidst the shaking that was transmitted from the ground above, the members of Omnibus underground were running around while yelling in order to accomplish their own duty. While that was going on, Kousuke and others were rushing toward the sealing room where the “Mirror Gate” was located.

「To think that many cultists will launching surprise attack……」

After the previous attack, they had followed the whereabouts of the cultists who succeeded in escaping, they also confirmed whether the cultists were gathering in Rome or not.

Although, because of the considerable numbers of the dead and wounded among the members in the headquarters, the number of their personnel was drastically reduced, so it couldn’t be said that the investigation and security they carried out were enough.

Even so, to think that cultists in the scale of thousands were gathering near……

「Is his holiness safe……」

Wynn muttered with a worried expression. The pope of Rome currently was evacuating to outside Vatican. At the surface it was to deal with the previous terrorist incident, while also to arrange an environment where Omnibus could fight satisfactorily.

Just in case, several exorcists disguised themselves as normal staff while guarding the pope. Even the normal guards who didn’t know about the existence of demon were a gathering of elite among elite in anti-personnel combat. But, the number of the enemy was also abnormal. It was understandable for them to feel uneasy.

「They will be fine. If it goes bad, Yue-san will send someone. Now that she has gone this far, she wouldn’t allow even a single thing that will make the demon side happy.」

It was a fact that Yue had snapped because her family was harmed. And then, Yue was the first wife of the demon king, both of them were similar people, like husband, like wife.

「After all, she is the wife of the guy who protect the whole mankind of another world just because of a reason to not let the enemy feel even the slightest happiness.」

Yes, in the past Hajime protected the people of Tortus because of such trivial reason of because Ehito was wishing for mankind’s extermination. He gathered warriors and super strengthened them, and in the end he even did absurd thing like making the whole battle force to experience Limit Break.

If someone became their enemy, all of their wishes would be crushed underfoot just as many wishes they had. That was how Hajime was, and Yue was also the same.

「I see, that’s certainly what you will imagine from demon king and his wife.」

「In a decisive battle against a powerful demon of demon king class, we are challenging that battle together with the comrade of demon king……you will never know what is going to happen in life.」

Claudia chuckled. Then Wynn smiled wryly while Anna and the others let out a dry laugh that was filled with complicated feeling.

「Claudia-sama! This way! I’m bringing the equipment!」

A youth wearing habit showed his face just a bit distance away from the sealing room and called to Claudia.

When they entered the room, there was a woman with the air of a lady that Kousuke remembered seeing before.

「Maya! Why are you here!?」

「Calm down Claire. As expected, even I wouldn’t be able to protect that room to the death when being surrounded by so many cultists. I completely sealed the path and then participate in the defensive battle here. More importantly, here, quickly put your equipment in order.」

It seemed that general store was also attacked.

And then, just as the lady said, she seemed to be joining the fight too. She was clad in black tight coat, her hair was bundled up, and an ancient looking bow was hanging on her shoulder. It seemed that she was actually an exorcist too.

The lady who was smiling prettily even in this situation where angry yells were flying about everywhere, she looked really calm and reliable.

Putting aside Claudia and others who were putting their equipment in order hurriedly, Maya’s gaze moved to Kousuke.

「Nice to meet you, Mr. Kousuke. This isn’t your first time meeting me, but it’s my first time meeting you, so allow me to give you my greeting.」

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「Ahaha……nice to meet you too.」

‘Her eyes ain’t laughing……’, Kousuke was letting out cold sweat. It seemed the matter of him infiltrating the secret passage that she was protecting was something that offended her slightly.

Was what he thought, but……

Maya-san smoothly closed on Kousuke and whispered into his ear.

「I has grasped your presence somehow. I won’t overlook it anymore. ――If you make my childClaire cry, I’ll shoot you.」

She smoothly parted away from him and grinned cheerfully. 「Please take care of Claire」, this time she spoke in a volume that everyone could hear too.

‘Geez-, what are you saying!’ said Claudia with blushing cheeks. Maya-san elegantly laughed ‘hohoho-‘ in respond.

Kousuke was drenched in cold sweat. The instant she distanced herself from him, her eyes that he could see from close range were something fierce that seemed to say 「I’ll, kill you!」.

It was a complete déjà vu.

When Claudia and others finally finished preparing, Maya, with an aura that was filled with affection that didn’t give the slightest hint of the previous pressure that rivaled a certain director embraced the storming party members one by one.

And then, she embraced Claudia last and,

「Accomplish your long-cherished desire and come back alive. When everything is over, I’ll bake Claire’s favorite lemon cake, so let’s eat it with everyone then.」

「Yes, Maya. I’m going.」

Claudia too hugged Maya back tightly. And then, she ran her gaze toward Wynn and others, confirmed that everyone had finished preparing, and then they rushed into the sealing room for sure this time.

While running, Kousuke asked for a bit.

「What kind of person Maya-san is?」

「? Maya is just as you see, she is an exorcist of Omnibus you know? Although, she already retired and now is managing the secret passage.」

‘Perhaps, that’s not what Kousuke-dono want to ask’, the sharp Wynn-san gave an additional explanation.

According to him, it seemed that gentle lady Maya-san was a former partner of Director Dime. While Director Dime would instantly attack demon to exorcism them (physically) with no question asked the moment he saw them, she would support him with sniping using bow.

But, it seemed that essentially Maya wasn’t any different from Dime. When anyone noticed, she would already charge ahead with her bow and arrow. She would use her bow to strike, stabbed using the arrow in the place of stiletto, then while pulling out the stabbed arrow she would nock it on the bow and fired it through the enemy from super close range, the stabbed arrow was pulled out and then fired again……like that she was a person who was carrying out super close quarter combat using bow art.

As the result, the nicknames she obtained were “Absolute Demon Killer Woman”, “The Desecrator of Bow”, “Or rather, won’t it be better if you just normally use sword or blunt weapon to fight?”, “The Ultimate Weapon Against the Beating Priest”, “The Most Terrifying Holy Mother”, etc.

By the way, although she was single she was idolized by the people of Omnibus like a mother. In the past she was the number one person who was even more terrifying than demon who absolutely mustn’t be made angry. And then, the reason why she was staying unmarried could be easily guessed when seeing her sometimes having meal or drinking together with Director Dime.

「So I got two dangerous people setting their sight on me……」

Kousuke’s eyes looked dead. Even though they were going to storm into hell after this.

When they entered the sealing room, there were several people inside the room clad in tight black coat that was the combat uniform of exorcist, and several people wearing habit. From among them, a youth wearing habit called out.

「Claudia-sama, we have finished the preparation of the barrier. ……Everyone, we will be waiting for your return. May the protection of god be with you all.」

「Thank you very much. I’ll leave this place to you all.」

The exorcists here would protect this area of “Mirror Gate” to the death. Claudia sent them a strong gaze while nodding.

That exorcist also turned his gaze to Kousuke and deeply bowed his head while saying.

「Mister. Please, take care of our comrades. You might not need it but, may the protection of god be with you too.」

「Yeah, thank you. It’s okay, everyone will return. It seems Madame Maya will bake a lemon cake for the celebration of our return, so we’ve got to go back no matter what right?」

「Oo, Maya-sama’s lemon cake is a masterpiece after all. If that’s the case then you all have to get back by all possible means.」

The exorcists relaxed their tense expression hearing Kousuke’s frivolous talk.

The expression of Claudia that was slightly stiff also softened.

「Yosh. Then first let’s fired up ourselves.」

From his breast pocket, Kousuke took out the test tube that was filled with grey liquid――the cure-all Pandora’s Hope. Following him, Claudia and others also took out theirs.

Kousuke lifted his tube as though to have a toast. Claudia and others followed suit.

「The enemy is a king class great demon Unknown. What is at stake is the fate of the world. Along the way countless demons, and depending on the situation even “NamedLegendary Demon” will come out. But, those kind of things ain’t matter.」

Kousuke grinned fearlessly. His wide smirk was exactly like a demon.

「This is a revenge match. We are going to beat up the sheetty bastard who is thoroughly looking down on us. This is a battle in order to let those damned bastards of hell just what will happen if they anger us!」

Wynn and others also wore a wicked smile that was unsuitable for exorcist.

That’s right. Right now they were keeping their mission at heart even now. However, the regret of their fallen comrades. What was so bad in dispelling that! They were the protector of mankind. But, at the same time they were the nemesis of the demons!

The exorcists were getting heated up. Claudia silently closed her eyes, and then, when she opened her eyes, an unprecedentedly strong flame was residing inside there.

「Iron hammer to the demons! Victory for our fallen comrades!」

「「「「「Iron hammer to the demons! Victory for our fallen comrades!」」」」」

Roaring voices thundered so loud it felt like the underground space was shaking.

And then, they drained up the secret medicine with one gulp at the same time, and following the momentum they threw the vials on the ground. The sound of breaking glass magnified the fighting spirit inside them even more.

「We are going?」

A light tone that didn’t have the slightest tension in it.

「Let’s go.」

Similarly, Claudia who responded with a light tone.

Wynn and others nodded, and then,

「――Informing the evil. Be afraid, tremble. The gate of death is opened, thy malice will be crushed by the will of steel.」

The “Key of Holy Cross” that Claudia lifted up shined radiantly. The cool and clear light illuminated the “Mirror Gate” directly. The seal of mercury was starting to flow.

「O lord, please guide us. We are those who believe in righteousness and love. We are the people who will defeat malice and hostility without valuing our life if it’s for the holy war! O lord, please guide your warrior to the battlefield! ――”Open Gate”」

A pure light surged. The mercury was completely absorbed into the relief of “Mirror Gate”. The mirror surface became thin membrane of light. At the other side, there was that red world filled with blowing bloody wind.

「Being advance guard is my duty. Leave the vanguard to me!」


Claudia replied powerfully, while Wynn and others vigorously yelled「Ou-」. With them behind, Kousuke stepped into hell once more.




The air changed. Crunching sound came from the completely dry ground he stepped on.



Kousuke’s body stiffened. He didn’t receive external binding by any means.

(My muscles, stiffened!?)

If he had to speak frankly about his current situation, it seemed he was “paralyzed”. What was bad was that the stiffening was also rapidly penetrating inside him.

「Tsu, Kousuke-sama!?」

He couldn’t even let out any words. But, he could react.

Kousuke suddenly received surprise attack, but his mind was calm. He felt a slight power, or rather a gaze, and in that moment he materialized a clone. And then, the clone threw a kunai toward the other side of the bloody wind.


The stiffening was dispelled along with that faint scream. But, it seemed the opponent didn’t plan to let him took a breather.


Kousuke clicked his tongue, because a presence of death was approaching from behind. From Kousuke’s shadow, a silhouette that looked as though it was made from shadow itself swelled up and lunged with a sharp arm thrust.

At the same time, the nearby rock blew up as though there was eruption. No, more accurately the rock was rising up. It was a giant that was nearly three meter, with a face like a demon and wings like a bat.

An arm thrust from close range behind him. From above was the giant jaw approaching as though to crush Kousuke along with the shadow.

Using KuutonVacuum Release “Ban’ei no KagerouHeat Haze of Myriad Shadow” that he activated just in the nick of time, Kousuke and the clone switched position along with the space.

The stomach of the clone was pierced, and then the clone’s upper body got devoured by the giant’s jaw.

Furthermore, Kousuke who had switched position was assaulted by more than ten dogs leaping through the bloody wind. They had terrifying figure like zombie dogs where part of their body had been bitten off, in addition small fire would blow out from their mouth each time they were breathing.

All of them were aiming at Kousuke’s limbs and neck.

(Ho, how murderous this is oi!)

The moment he stepped into hell, there was concentrated attack as though to say that they absolutely would kill only Kousuke.

「――Pray along with the sunrise! O pebble of iron and sulfur. Lit the sacred fire!」

「――Thy, repent! The god has drawn the bow, firing the fire arrow to destroy evil!」

Just before Kousuke was going to react against the zombie dog look alike, such scripture resounded. At the same time, countless blazing bullets and arrows rushed at the zombie dogs. More than ten targets were pierced through without a single miss.

「Nice assist!」

In respond to Kousuke’s words, the user of ancient rifle Bruce and the user of bowgun Lee gave a thumb up.

And then, Kousuke snapped his finger once. The clone that got stabbed and bitten exploded. With that, the shadow was blown away, while the rock giant got its upper body pulverized in return and it crumbled down.

「Kousuke-sama! Are you safe!?」

Cladua and others dashed toward him in panic.

「Yeah, somehow. But, just now they were definitely targeting me huh?」

「Yes, looks like it. Most likely, due to the previous fight against Kousuke-sama, and how Yue-sama counterattacked, Unknown is being vigilant against Kousuke-sama and others.」

「Seems so. Unlike the previous ghoul-like things from before, these guys seems like they also have special power. When I suddenly got paralyzed, I was in a bit of panic there.」

「That……must be GazerOne-Eyed Demon of Curse. The others are GargoyleLesser Rock Demon, Shadow StalkerCreeping Shadow, and the last were Hell HoundsHell’s Guard Dogs.」

「They were named demon?」

「No, it’s more like their race’s name. They belong to middle class, so they are far more troublesome than the ghoul-like things Kousuke-sama mentioned――the MindlessUnaware Dead, or other demons that are simply called “Low Class” though.」

Although, it was a silver lining that the great demon that would come out in books didn’t come out right from the start.

If they wanted to kill returnee class by all means, than the most effective method would be by surprise attack from greater demon using unknown sure-kill attack, but for some reason the enemy only used surprise attack by placing multiple middle class demons. He felt doubtful about that.

Or perhaps, it wasn’t that he didn’t send greater demon, but he couldn’t send them……

Kousuke shook his head. It was pointless even if he thought about that here.

「Everyone, how is the effect of the Wind of Lamentation?」

「I feel no problem. There is no pain or discomfort.」

「We also seem to be fine. This is a magnificent medicine. That girl still looked really young but……this is really something.」

Wynn made out a voice of admiration toward the effect of Pandora’s Hope that completely neutralized the effect of the “Wind of Lamentation” and Emily who created it. Anna and others also nodded with a wry smile at the effect that surpassed the holy water that needed a lot of time and effort to create.

Kousuke smiled proudly for a bit while asking Claudia.

「And, Claudia. Where is that guy?」

「……He isn’t nearby. Or rather……I’m being called. He isn’t below, but on the surface ground……in that ruined city……he is waiting for us there.」

‘Chih’, Kousuke clicked his tongue. It was because he guessed Unknown’s motive.

Most likely, the other side was also predicting the intention of Kousuke and co. Pandora’s Hope must be unexpected for Unknown, thanks to that they didn’t have to worry about getting exhausted or running out of holy water because of the “Wind of Lamentation”, but there was no doubt that he was planning to make them exhausted before reaching him.

Even though he was a greater demon but his thought was petty……was what Kousuke thought, even so, there was no doubt that the Unknown was doing this because the strength of Kousuke or Yue and others was a threat for him.

「But, in that case, it’s becoming even more puzzling. Even though he is scheming to lead the force of hell to invade our world without being careless or overconfident, why isn’t he sending named demon our way then……」

「Certainly, that is puzzling――, Kousuke-sama!」

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Claudia gasped and took her stance. The Holy Cross that was swinging her around so much before this was kept in her hold firmly and she swiftly took the fighting stance. Wynn and others also readied themselves with a grim expression a beat later.

「Aa, they are coming seriously huh.」

Kousuke’s presence detection caught a reaction. A battle force with innumerable number.

As though to say that going through the sky with pseudo flight like before wouldn’t be allowed anymore, countless shadows were flitting around in the sky that was filled with bloody wind.

Malice and killing intent pierced their skin pricklingly. A great variety of demons with their red eyes shining glaringly were clearly in fervor to devour the prey that was invading their territory.

Cold sweat was trickling from the forehead of Wynn and others. They were resolved, but the enemy force that they sensed was so many.

Against the number that ought to be expressed like as many as the number of star, their side had Kousuke, Claudia, Wynn, Anna, Aziz, Lee, Bruce, Bacchus, and then three other exorcists, a total of eleven people.

Originally they were aiming to act stealthily before attacking, but Unknown’s vigilance that surpassed their imagination made that impossible. Although it couldn’t be helped, this made them wanted to spontaneously curse 「If you are demon then act haughtily like a demon」.

But, this person came out in front of such Wynn and others.

「Fuh. This is really a passionate welcoming party. If the other side is sending such intense love call, then we have to respond in kind.」

Yes, the sunglass is put o~n! The nimble turning on spot is also being do~ne!

「The turn came out! It’s Kousuke-sama of that time!」

「Cla, Claudia-sama?」

「You know what’s this is about, Claudia-sama!?」

Why was he suddenly turning on the spot? Why was he suddenly pushing up the sunglass with one hand and bending his upper body backward while his right hand was thrusting to point ahead!?

Claudia-sama answered Anna’s doubtful question!

「I too don’t know why Kousuke-sama is turning on the spot! But, the turn that in a glance look meaningless should have some kind of meaning!」

There was no meaning.

「The reason is, the atmosphere of Kousuke-sama who is turning around has changed and he become really strong!」

「What did you sayy――!?」

Anna-chan who easily got into the mood. Wynn and others thought, ‘Then, that showy pose also has meaning!?’.

Of course, there was no meaning.

A Hell Hound leaped out from the bloody wind. Kousuke struck it down with an axe kick and without pause he crushed it under his foot and then making one more turn above that corpse!

For some reason cheers ‘Ooh’ were raised. Kousuke’s――no, the lord’s tension was at the peak thanks to the audience!

That was why he said it!

「Now, it’s the start of the party. We are going to enjoy this step of death. Show your welcome with an exclamation that is like thousands of thunder! For this Abyss Lord! For this Kousuke E Abyssgate!」

For an instant the gargoyle that was rising up from the ground looked like it was drawing back.




Against the terrific number of middle class demons, the lords were advancing little by little while forming a circle formation to protect Claudia at the center.

Basically the lord and three clones were protecting the four sides while cutting open the path. Wynn and others were in formation to bring down the enemies that slipped through the lord’s attack.

Claudia was preserving all her strength in order to pour it all for exterminating Unknown.

The number of the enemy was as many as the stars. Therefore, it felt like they were going to be overwhelmed but,

「――O lord, sever the evil of the wicked, hold the righteous firmly in place! The shield of god protect the believers! The god protect those who believe!」

One of the exorcists of the storming team, a middle-aged man wearing glasses, from a glance he looked like a salary man that could be found anywhere――Sharif Yeast was holding a huge shield that didn’t match his medium build.

The tower shield suddenly shined brilliantly and a light dome that surrounded the circle formation was formed. If a returnee saw it, they would think that it looked like the lower version of “Divine Severance”, the “Holy Light” defense magic.

That all directional defense absolutely wouldn’t let enemy’s attack to pass through the last line.

And then, it seemed it was only effective against demon. The battle axe user Bacchus and Anna’s tonfa, and Aziz’s large knife exterminated the demons that were stopped in place. Lee and Bruce attacked from mid range, and then,

「――Conceive the light of dawn and illuminate the world of evil. O lord, the dark clouds are cleared by your radiance, scatter the blazing ash.」

The demons were destroyed by the user of strange sacred vessel that was in the shape of lantern. A woman exorcist in her thirty with intelligent eyes――Ciara Batti’s lantern absolutely wouldn’t have its fire went out. And then, once she chanted the scripture, that light would fiercely blaze up and emitted the light that destroyed the demons.

Furthermore, one of the reasons the attack of the middle class demons that was like a tsunami could be defended was because there was the musical performance of the last exorcist.

Yes, he or perhaps she――TJ’s sacred vessel was a transverse flute. He who was called big sis……but, when he played the melody of hymn, the demons would instantly lose luster, and for the low class they would suffer and became unable to move.

Furthermore, if Wynn and others who specialized in close quarter got injured, the melody would immediately change and healed their wound.

「Close, middle, long range. Defense and recovery and debuff. There is really no opening. It’s the ideal formation, on top of that the proficiency is first-rate. Splendid.」

Indeed, so this was the elite force among the elite of the exorcists from the anti demon organization Omnibus that had existed for thousands of years. It was a strength that truly convinced him without leaving any ground for doubt.

「If Kousuke-done isn’t here-, we would have gotten overrun since a long time ago!」

「Exactly! Kousuke-san, you are too strong!」

Wynn and Anna was yelling while continuing to slaughter the enemy with a desperate look that didn’t show the slightest composure.

Toward such them,

「Right now, call me Abyssgate.」

When in hell, he wanted to be called as abyss. He wouldn’t yield on this. But, if it’s lord than it’s okay you know?

「I don’t understand!」

「What kind of fixation that is!?」

「Kousuke-san, why are you suddenly getting strange……」

「Because Kousuke-sama is Kousuke-sama?」

All the exorcists had extremely normal sense, Only Lee and Bruce were making a conflicted expression perhaps because they understood that the lord’s state was “that”. It seemed the two had black history of their own.

Like that, due to the lord that was dealing with sixty percent of the flooding enemy while further cutting open the path, they finally could see the ruined city.

In the battle until now, Wynn and others seemed to have accumulated considerable fatigue. Perhaps it should be said that half of Unknown’s expectation was granted.

Although, the lord who sometimes would be showered with concentrated fire was still going strong. In this point, it could be considered that Unknown’s tactic had mostly failed.

Unlike before, this time he came here prepared, that was why even though the enemies were somewhat bothersome, the current lord was unstoppable.

「We, we cut through……」

Wynn calmed down his quickening breathing and wiped the sweat trickling on his chin while saying so.

Just as he said, ahead of the bloody wind that they had struggled through, no demon was attacking like before.

Aziz and Anna and the others were also breathing roughly, even so their expression looked slightly relieved.

The lord called out to Claudia.


「Yes, Kousuke-sama. The Unknown is――」

「Please call me Abyssga――」

「Kousuke-sama. Unknown is here, at the center of the city. He is calling me.」

「Ri, ght.」

It seemed this kind of thing wouldn’t get through the saint-sama who was in serious mode. Abyss lord faltered slightly. He cleared his throat *cough*.

He pulled himself together and stepped inside the ruined city.

「This place is……the past’s……」

Aziz was muttering while staring at the cluster of ruined buildings with a really conflicted expression. Other than Claudia and the lord, there was no one else who had stepped until this far inside hell.

The ruined state that looked really tragic made everyone imagined the war in the faraway past and the end that the residence of hell arrived at. They gulped.

「Soon.……it will be soon……」

Claudia’s face also tensed in proportion.

They formed their formation and advanced through the street that was filled with debris scattered everywhere. There was no sign of demon. There were only the sound of rumble in the ground and thunder piercing their ears.

The closer they got to the center, the higher their tension became. The dry wind was taking away the moisture from their lips that were already dry in the first place.

Like that, they finally could see a large intersection that was surrounded by half-destroyed building ahead. It was a large open space that was several times larger than even the pedestrian scramble in a metropolitan.

「……Over there is the center of the city.」

Claudia said while holding her breath. The calling voice that she was hearing couldn’t be heard right now. But, without a doubt that intersection felt like the center of the city.

「Chih. If he is putting on air as ruler, he should wait brazenly there instead following the custom of demon king.」

The lord who completely thought that the enemy would be waiting brazenly like the demon king that would appear in RPG sensed the existence of trap when he couldn’t see the figure of Unknown. He spontaneously cursed.

If it was their demon king, he would properly sat cockily on a throne and at least welcomed with 「Fuhahahahah, you have done well coming here mongrels!」. That was the beauty of style. In fact the demon king had really done it at Halloween. He was absurdly getting into it.

「Even though we know it’s a trap, we can only step inside it.」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

Urged by the determined expression of Claudia, they stepped into the intersection with the lord at the front.

Instantly, several things happened simultaneously.


An intense scream of a woman. It wasn’t something that came from among themselves. It was a yelling voice that was more repulsive, stirring up the mind while being filled to the brim with resentment.

Everyone including the lord spontaneously stiffened.

At the same time, shadow was squirming under the feet of all the lord’s clones. It was as though a ripple was traveling through water surface.


Right after that, the lord was sent flying up. A shark appeared from below the feet. Five meter shark clad in muddy aura with eyes of flame.

It opened its mouth like a bear trap and leaped out from below to swallow the lord. In response, the lord dodged using the gravity magic he had prepared just in case by falling through the air.

But, the shark pursued by swimming in the air with great speed. The lord held back the approaching jaw with his arms and legs, however, he was getting washed away by a power that was like cannon ball.


The ground below Claudia who was looking up to the sky quietly vanished. No, more accurately speaking a black circle hole was created. Obeying gravity, Claudia lost her balance from the weightlessness. Her expression was cramped.


Anna immediately stretched out a chain of light to catch Claudia. But, a great number of black tentacles flew out like an eruption and blocked the chain of light, furthermore Claudia’s feet were caught and she was dragged in.

In addition, the surrounding was suddenly covered by bloody wind. It was as though thick mist was suddenly generated, their field of vision was covered by storm of red, and perhaps as expected, countless demons attacked.

And then, the black hole where Claudia was dragged into began to close rapidly.


「――O lord! You established the fortress in preparation of the foe! No matter how many, they have no hope to invade the sanctuary!」

With Wynn’s command, the tower shield was stabbed into the black hole and Sharif chanted. The shield shined and the closing hole was forcefully prevented from closing.

But, although the closing was resisted for a moment, the hole was gradually tightening as though it was swallowing the light of the sacred vessel.

「Guh. It’s, impossible…… Aziz-! Ciara! Lend me strength!」

「――The lord had spoken. Thrust thy iron and crush the enemy, with the three swords forged in the hearth of the palace.」

「――Clear the dark clouds with the halo. Look, o believers, the sacred palace towering at the summit.」

Aziz took out two short swords from his pocket and threw it around the black hole. He then stabbed the knife he was holding to the ground below him. After that he chanted the scripture and the three short swords were tinged with light. It strengthened the light as though in concert with Sharif’s tower shield.

There, the light of the lantern Ciara was holding poured down and magnified the light even more.

After doing that much, the black hole’s shrinking was finally stopped completely.

「Kuuh――gather, gather, to this melody! O disciples on earth. Let’s depart together! To the promised land!」

TJ played the tune of his flute fully in order to resist the shriek that propagated the gnawing to the mind.

Aziz, Sharif, and Ciara continued to offer prayer so that the black hole wouldn’t close. In addition of TJ who continued to resist the scream, four people left the battle.

In order to protect them, Wynn and others formed a circle formation, but the swarm of low class demons surged like a tsunami. In this situation where they lost the shielder, rear guard, and also the support, Wynn and others were sweating coldly.

「――Zenha ZekkouRaining Blade of Darkness!」(Note: Thousand Blades Abstain Light)

From the sky, kunais were raining down like a heavy rain. The lord’s attack that was launched together with his three clones dispersed the low class one after another.

The lord landed on the ground and raised his voice.

「Where is Claire!?」

The demon shark just now. Not just swimming in the air, it could also leap from space to space, on top of that it could also bite space into shreds. It was an outrageous demon. It obviously surpassed middle class level. It was a high level demon that it wouldn’t be strange if it was a Named.

Because of that, the lord was unable to prevent Claudia from getting dragged in and his voice became unusually uneasy.

Wynn lopped off the head of the low class demon before him while answering.

「That hole! Most likely it connected to the lower strata! Unknown is over there! Go, Kousuke-dono! Take care of Claudia-sama!」

「What about you guys!?」

「We will protect the return path here to the death!」

Exorcists who wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their life would risk their life here in order to return home. The lord’s eyes snapped wide open. Wynn grinned fearlessly toward that and spoke.

「There is no guarantee you will be able to return to the surface if you fall to the lower strata. Then, there is no way we can lose this hole. Everyone will return alive. Isn’t that right? Then, leave this place to us!」

「We also has received absurd recovery medicines! We can at least protect the path back!」

「In the first place, the fight against Unknown is the responsibility of Nee-san and Kousuke-san. We won’t be hindrance at the fight of you two. That’s the strategy.」

Anna and Aziz spoke with similar fearless grin. Sharif and others also nodded with strong gaze.

「Fuh, very well. If you all are resolved to return alive, then it’s inevitable. I’ll leave this place to you!」

There was no time so the turn was sealed! The lord only pushed up his sunglass and leaped into the black hole that connected to hell’s lower strata.

In front of the flood of innumerable demons, Wynn and others gulped the recovery medicine that was given to them. And then just like when they departed to here, they simultaneously threw the empty vials to the ground spiritedly.

Their fighting spirit seethed so much that the lower class demons spontaneously stopped moving.

「My bad, demons. Right now, we will beaten into all of you one more time, the meaning of exorcistone who cleanse demon.」

Provocative words. Surely the demons didn’t understand the meaning of the words but……in respond to the extremely fierce dominating aura, the demons shrieked as though to rouse themselves and attacked.

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