Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 317 — Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Unknown Second

Chapter 317: Arifureta After III - Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2 Unknown Second


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Claudia fell into the black hole while being dragged by tentacles, however she was calm.

「――Respond, Holy Cross.」

Just those. With just those words that couldn’t be even called as a scripture, the Holy Cross deployed a radiance in spherical shape around its user.

The tentacles were instantly dissolved and dispersed.

Claudia tasted a strange sensation for a few seconds where there was nothing like sense of weightlessness even though she was definitely falling. The darkness where she couldn’t even see an inch ahead opened up all at once right after that.

What flew into her sight were skyscrapers with flowing river of magma.

It was an amazing sight of a bunch of buildings that should be called as a metropolitan and flowing river of magma at all the parts where originally the streets should existed.

She couldn’t see the horizon, however, seeing that she could see the bedrock ceiling until the faraway distance, she understood that this was an underground city with vastness that beggared imagination.

Claudia seemed to be falling from a hole that was opened in that ceiling.

With the speed of freefalling, she would crash into any of the skyscrapers in a few second. Even if she was lucky and could avoid that, in a few second more she would enter the worst dive into the street of magma.

But, as expected Claudia didn’t look anxious. Right now she was Claudia in exorcist mode. In the middle of work, even the god of clumsy girl was docile.

「――The wings of the summit right here. Please grant me a temporary sky.」

The Holy Cross shined. At the same time, shining wings appeared on Claudia’s back. They flapped loudly and feathers of light fluttered. Those wings that were enveloped in silver light closely resembled the apostle wings that Kaori possessed.

The figure of Claudia enveloped in spherical light while dancing in the sky by flapping silver wings was divinely beautiful in this hell. That sight was truly worthy to be coming from someone who was called a saint, not a single one from thousands of people would be able to deny that.

Claudia traveled glidingly in the sky like that and landed on one of the skyscrapers. The wings softly scattered silver feathers and then vanished.


Her gaze naturally moved above. She had become completely alone. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t feeling forlorn. And as expected, she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t worried about her comrades.

But, the words of a hero that surfaced in her heart immediately cleared away that anxiety.

‘Everyone won’t die. I too won’t die. I’ll bring down Unknown. I’ll accomplish my longstanding desire, save the world, and return home alive with everyone to eat lemon cake.’

‘Fuh’, Claudia’s lips formed a smile.

In that moment, intense impact and ripple spread on Claudia’s barrier surface.


Her sworn enemy was on the rooftop of the adjacent building. The body of deep shadow was around three meter tall. Eyes and mouth of flame, blazing blood vessels that were like magma were running through his whole body. He had materialized even more. His twisted horn wasn’t there previously. The fierce pressure that she didn’t feel even twelve years ago looked like it was distorting the surrounding space.

Ordinary people, no, even the average exorcist would lose consciousness or stiffen and became unable to move just from facing him. He truly boasted a majesty that should be called as “King Class”.

『Claudia. My mother body. You don’t know just how much I have been waiting for this time.』

Even his words had become far smoother. As expected, it seemed that his power had increased considerably perhaps thanks to his worshippers.

Unknown slowly made his body floated and landed on the same building with Claudia.

The group of huge high-rise buildings that couldn’t be found that easily even in earth had rooftop width that was also in different level. The space was around as large as a baseball field.

Thus, there was still quite some distance between them. Although, with Unknown getting that closer, the pressure became so strong it even induced nausea.

Claudia scolded her legs that almost backed away.

Her gaze was sharp and her overflowing dominating aura would make anyone wondered that there must be some mistake of her being a clumsy self-destructing saint. Truly, she was certainly worthy to be called as the “strongest exorcist”.

「I’ve also waited for this time. This time for me to take revenge for father and mother. This time where I’ll destroy you!」

『Kakah. What a pleasant hatred. It’s astonishing to hear that coming from a servant of god.』

Unknown spoke in ridicule, to corner his opponent.

『In the first place, wasn’t it you who summoned me? The death of your mother and father was――』

「Yes, it was my fault.」

But, it didn’t work anymore against Claudia.

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「It seems that it’s fine to hate. It seems that it’s also fine to fight for personal enmity.」

Because that was human heart. Because there was no doubt, that it was an important heart.

But, that wasn’t all. There was certainly things that she had accumulated until now.

「I will destroy you with following my personal enmity and my mission.」

The sense of mission that she held together with her comrades was also Claudia’s strength.

Thinking of him that made her notice that, Claudia recalled his fearless smile and tried to imitate it. As though to fire herself up and push back Unknown’s pressure.

「You want me right? Then, stop with the trifling talk and come at me.」

With the Holy Cross in one hand, her other hand gestured invitingly,

「I am, the “SaintStrongest Exorcist” Claudia Barenberg. If you think that you can make me fall, you can try.」

A war declaration. Killing intent and sense of mission throughout these twelve years were filling it.

『Kakah, very well. I’ll make you fall and become pregnant with me. If it’s me with the reborn flesh, I’ll surely be able to trample even those irritating technique users!』

Unknown lifted his hand. Right away, a pressure attacked Claudia. It wasn’t a mental pressure. It was more physical, yes, it was super gravity.

「Tsu――o lord-, please protect thy child! So that all evil will be thwarted by the solid fortress!」

She kneeled while supporting the Holy Cross. Claudia’s prayer resounded. The Holy Cross’s barrier increased in radiance and protected the user from the super gravity.

『Let’s see how far you will be able to endure.』

Unknown increased the pressure further while mixing a scorning laugh.

*Blam-*, the rooftop around Claudia sunk. But, even while groaning Claudia was still going strong. Her strong gaze pierced Unknown and the radiance of the Holy Cross was getting increasingly stronger.

But, it was the building that became unable to endure that intense pressure.

Cracks were spreading in radiating shape around Claudia.

「――Wings of summit!」

A moment before the rooftop caved in, she deployed the silver wings and glided. The high-rise building was crumbling below with a rumble and thunderous sound. During that time Claudia was trying to move to the adjacent building.


『That light is an eyesore.』


Unknown’s figure was right in front of her. His arm was drawn back and then it attacked Claudia like a cannon that was fired from close range.

Terrific impact instantly almost made her lost consciousness, however, the light of Holy Cross, the strongest sacred vessel wasn’t pierced and protected the user fully.

Although, the place was midair. Claudia was blown away along with her barrier like a pinball and pierced through the adjacent building. Without stopping she crashed into the upper floor of even farther building.

「Uh, kuh」

Even though she was groaning, Claudia had endured an attack that normally would turn the victim into a lump of flesh. Her consciousness almost left her once more, but she absolutely wouldn’t let go of the Holy Cross’s protection.

Then, at that timing, a powerful torrent of power outside the building was……

「Tsu――o lord, sever the evil of the wicked and support the righteous to stand firm! What protect me is the shield of god! God saves those with earnest heart!」

The moment she strengthened the barrier further, the space screamed. Her field of vision flabbily distorted as though her sight was blurred, but the next instant the very space itself shook.

The high-rise building that received an impact that should be called a space blasting instantly turned the spot above the floor where Claudia was located into dust.

Even the floor itself was filled with cracks like spider web and it would collapse anytime.

At the center of the floor that now had good visibility, Claudia was clinging on the Holy Cross with a pale expression. Even while the barrier had countless cracks in it, it somehow endured.

But, she had used a lot of power for strengthening the barrier just now. Claudia tried to take out a test tube from her pocket with trembling hand――

『Is that a kind of holy water? I won’t let you.』

Unknown tackled. Claudia who was blown away once more yelled 「aAAAAAH」 while pouring strength into the Holy Cross.

Claudia was blown away as though being pushed while piercing through several high-rise buildings. Before long, she crashed onto an open space near the surface ground.

「Ua, hh, kuh」

She groaned. From outside the barrier, Unknown was looking down with enjoyment at Claudia who was enduring the pain.

Claudia who tried to retreat was stopped by foot trampling on the barrier’s top.

『Kakakah. What’s the matter, Claudia. Is your high spirit only appeared at the beginning? You won’t be able to defeat me by simply defending you know?』

Unknown trampled the barrier while cornering Claudia with words. Claudia glared back wordlessly.

Even now when she was forced into defense one-sidedly and getting shown the difference in strength while being completely isolated, Claudia kept sending a rebellious gaze. Unknown narrowed his eyes and right after that he grinned repulsively and spread out his hands.


『Claire……please, save father.』

『It’s painful, Claire. Why are you tormenting your mother?』

Besides Unknown, the father and mother of Claudia appeared. They were broiled in black and flamed writhed in pain.

It was Claudia’s fault that they were suffering. It was only Claudia who could liberate them from this suffering.

That’s why, don’t be disobedient even more than this……

I beg you, be a good kid……

You are, really a bad kid……


A chuckle leaked out.

Yes, it was Claudia’s laugh.

Unknown narrowed his eyes in puzzlement.

『Are you going crazy?』

「No way. I’m just amused, at how cornered you are.」

『You are saying, I’m cornered?』

Unknown was getting even more puzzled. Claudia fearlessly laughed even with her pale face.

「In reality that’s how it is right? You cannot break through my barrier, but considering the possibility that I might die, you also cannot attack seriously. That’s why, you are even doing this kind of play to break my mind.」

『Just when I’m wondering what are you going to say. The delight of trampling over your heart is――』

「Even though that person is coming?」

Unknown closed his mouth. Claudia’s smile was getting increasingly wider.

「You are fearing that person.」

『What are you……』

「You aimed at him first when we stepped inside hell. Even when you were dragging me here, you sent an intense attack only to that person. Above all else, you yourself said that you have to be reborn. You are aware that you won’t be able to win against the technique users――the returnees right?」

*Creak-*, the barrier made a sound. It was creaking from Unknown’s stepping foot. It expressed the condition of Unknown’s heart more eloquently than anything.

「Even though you were dragging me away here without being able to finish off that person, my defense is harder than you imagined. That’s why, you even did this kind of provocation wanting me to go out into offense.」

Even if it was Claudia, the strongest exorcist, it would be difficult to activate defense and offense simultaneously at the same level. She was able to endure Unknown’s attack right now exactly because she was persisting in defense.

The moment she shifted into offense, Unknown would definitely take advantage of the opening in the defense that would slightly loosen at that time.

「That person said it.」

Claudia showed a bright grin that was terribly irritating for the enemy no matter what and she spoke.

「A demon king will be lying in wait brazenly. You who are running away, hiding, and making petty provocation have declared it yourself through that.」

That was to say,

「That you have no caliber as demon king.」

『……You don’t need any limbs to conceive me.』

Unknown became serious. Intense rage and hatred surged. His feeling that wanted to make Claudia into his mother body unharmed had vanished. As though to say it would be fine as long as she survived while conceiving him until he was reborn, he was going to unleash an attack without holding back.

「I’m grateful that you are going along with my conversation.」


「I’m saying, that I have bought enough time.」

Furthermore, Claudia who was forming a wide smile with loveliness that was unthinkable for someone who was in hell called out with her happiness in full display.

「Right? Kousuke-sama!」



The one who answered to that call was of course, that person, the abyss lord. The invisibility that was working in full made even Unknown to not notice his approach. A flying kick of gravity & blaze from directly horizontal――Jutsui Engeki KyakuFall into the deep darkness exploded. (Note: Gravity Crash Blazing Kick)

The technique that was created by ad-lib blew away Unknown that was hit by it once more. His body pulverized the pillar of a high-rise building and vanished to the other side.

「I’m sorry Claire, for leaving you alone like this.」

「No, Kousuke-sama. I believed in you. Besides, I am someone who introduced myself as the strongest exorcist. It will be out of the question for me to be unable to struggle through just this much by myself.」

「Fuh, I see. By the way, right now call me Abyssga――」

「Kousuke-sama! Please be careful! Unknown is even more powerful than before!」

「Ri, iight……」

Ri, iiight~~~

‘Why won’t you call me Abyssgate? Right now, it’s okay even if you call me Aby you know?’ the lord thought, but he closed his mouth seeing the towering building at the other side of the street of magma collapsed with a thunderous sound and a spire of darkness color pierced the sky.

The lord that felt a sever killing intent directed to him carried Claudia in his arms and attempted to escape to the sky.

Right after he flew up with his pseudo flight, the place where they were at just a moment ago was hit with a shower of countless tentacles like a rain. The foothold was destroyed and sunk into magma.

The lord who flew without paying attention to that landed on the highest skyscraper.

Even though this highest high-rise building that had huge clock attached in it was devastated, it possessed a majesty that gave the impression that perhaps it was the symbol of this city when this underground city was still in good state. The stopped hands of the clock might be engraving the time when this city was destroyed……

The lord let Claudia down, at the same time Unknown also landed on the rooftop of the clock building.

『So you are going to get in my way no matter what, human?』

「I’m going to get in your way no matter what, demon.」

The hero in black walked forward while covering the holy woman behind him.

The saint believed in him and kneeled. She put up the Holy Cross in front of her and held it tightly with both hands while closing her eyes.

『I’ll trample you bastard and your comrades too.』

「Looks like you have no sense of joke.」

*Shan-* with a clear sound two short swords were drawn out.

Of course, they were then held in the awesome cross stance!

「Let’s make it simple. Claire will destroy you. If before that you can kill me, it will be your win. If you cannot……you understand right?」

『That’s simple, and on top of that it’s easy.』

‘That’s not the case’, the lord laughed.

「No need to hold back. Dance with desperation to resist against death, demon. If not, my abyss will easily swallow you.」

――Activated Last Zell v.4

Limit Break!!! The torrent of jet black pierced the sky!

『A mere human, know your place!』

Unknown vanished. He rapidly approached with a speed that made it seemed so. He went toward the center of the torrent and thrust forward his powerful arm that was enlarged like a log.

The sound of destruction was the proof that the speed surpassed the speed of sound. The torrent of jet black was sent flying.

At the same time, blades flew toward Unknown.

Neck, arms, torso, legs. Four lords swung short sword that was enveloped in flame.


Unknown thrust out blades of shadow from all over his body like a mountain of swords. The four lords were stabbed, however, they grinned and right after that, they split into eight lords and unleashed a storm of slash.

Unknown who got a part of his shadow cut down greatly rotated his body. His body that was covered with swords and his whip-like tail became a brutal attack to all directions.

The eight lords were shredded to pieces in an instant but,

「I’ll have you stop getting wild near Claire.」

Abyss-style Katon - Futon mixed formation Gouka Beni SenpuuThe dark flame of the whirling abyss――four layers of blazing whirlwinds were activated from the lords at the four directions.

The immense red spire scorched the air.

Furthermore, nine lords that were lined up in a single vertical line charged in a straight line toward the flame pillar.

『Mere flame-』

It wasn’t effective. At the same time when Unknown’s voice resounded, the pillar of flame was burst open.

Because the lord had predicted that, the column rush――Abyss-style Je○ Stream Attack!

Unknown’s tentacles pierced the lord at the lead, then the shockwave that resulted from a mere swing of the arm blew away the second and third lord. A super gravity that was suddenly generated crushed the fourth and fifth lord but……

The attacks couldn’t reach until the sixth. Unknown attempted to intercept with his own fist, but that fist itself was met with a kick that was enveloped in flame from the sixth, and the other arm was also deflected by the seventh.

Like that, the eight’s kick exploded on the torso that became defenseless.


「Fly away」

As an insurance, two short swords were launched into a fierce thrust that gouged even the eighth. The two swords that were enveloped in flame and ice even unleashed further impact and sent Unknown flying literally.

He flew like a pinball, bounced on the rooftop of the adjacent building, and then he crashed into the upper floor of even further adjacent building.

「Claire, can you do it?」

「Yes, Kousuke-sama. From here on, I will entrust my everything to you.」

Claire who opened her closed eyes said that and smiled. And then, she closed her eyes once more.

She was able to recover before the current fight. She had also finished her mental preparation.

Therefore she could chant, the prayer to god, the scripture with the strongest relation to the deed of demon extermination. Once it was used, she would use up all her strength and became unable to move properly. It was the strongest exorcist’s words of power that should also be called a double-edged sword.

――O lord, please listen to the prayer of thy child. Please stop this lamentation in my heart.

The Holy Cross was enveloped in faint light. It was a pure white, fleeting radiance that looked like it would vanish anytime.

『Don’t get carried away, human!』

Super gravity attacked the whole clock building. The high-rise building that was two building away from here was blown away and Unknown flew out.

「That’s my line, demon.」

Gravity magic “Black Vortex” ――maximum activation!

The four lords that were positioned at the four directions of the rooftop formed gravity field at their respective position. The pressure that was coming down on the clock building was neutralized by the barrier of gravity field.

Shadow flew out from Unknown. Aura that was painting out the surrounding black was spreading, even dark clouds were starting to filling up the ceiling.

From the aura of black shadow, great number of demons, monsters oozed out.

Not to mention Gargoyle, Gazer, and Hell Hound, even that shark that could cross through space, a one horned horse enveloped in purple lightning, a crow with woman head attached, a lump of dark red flame……

The number easily reached the thousand.

Unknown spread his hands widely to the demons who filled the space to the brim and spoke.

『This is the power of king.』


「This is the power of the abyss.」

In return, the lord opposed with a thousand lords.

The two armies used the skyscrapers as replacement for stepping stones or clashed in the air.

――God is the righteous judge. Thy, repent. The god sharpen that sword, draw that bow, and prepare the weapon to bring death, turning arrow into fire arrow

Unknown glanced at Claudia who was continuing to pray and raised a yell while gritting his teeth.

『You bastard, just how much power you have!? That’s a power that surpassed the category that is allowed for human!』

A human who was unbelievably opposing an army of demon with troops of equal force.

Unknown joined the battle personally in order to clear away the reality that wouldn’t go as he expected.

「Have you forgotten? It will always be human who destroy existences like you.」

A black hole materialized in the air. At the same time, Unknown’s figure vanished. It wasn’t anything like high speed movement. He crossed over space through the black hole and materialized behind the lord.

The powerful arm struck mercilessly, however, the lord too dodged by vanishing.

Abyss-style Kuuton technique Ban’ei no KagerouAbyss is always unevenly distributed――a technique that used clone, disposable pebble for teleportation, kunai, and so on to switch spatial position.

The materialization location was of course behind Unknown. The short swords flew and shaved away the shadow!

『You bastard, just as I thought you are possessing the power of the royalty.』

Unknown muttered while his eyes of flame blazed up. Instantly, a streak of lightning fell on the lord.

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「Guuh, so you can control even the weather!」

The rain of lightning poured down in godspeed was blocked by randomly dodging while using clones as shield.

――O lord, please descend. My god, please grant me salvation. With that, I will destroy thy enemy and crush the wicked heart

Lightning was also falling to Claudia, but that too was shielded by the clones who used themselves to build an impregnable wall. Not even a single attack passed through.

Claudia too didn’t bother at all with the situation outside herself. She only closed her eyes and offered her prayer wholeheartedly.

Unnoticed, the Holy Cross’s radiance was getting so bright it couldn’t be ignored. The brilliant light was like a sun in the form of cross.

Unknown created a black hole in front of himself. His narrowed eyes was looking through the lord toward Claudia behind him.

『I’ll face you at my leisure for later.』

Unknown vanished into the black hole as though he was absorbed in. His destination was obvious. Right behind Claudia……

「Don’t speak such cold thing. This is a dancesteps of death between me and you right?」

Similary, right behind Claudia――the lord who teleported between her and Unknown thrust the short sword that he held in reverse grip toward Unknown’s stomach while grinning fearlessly. And then, he activated teleportation once more.

It was a teleportation to a different place that also dragged Unknown together.

『You bastard-. All troops, aim for the woman! Don’t bother with the man’s shadows!』

Unknown gave the order to aim at Claudia and disregarded the lord’s clones that would increase with more number than the defeated clones.

The demons also appeared without end. Several hundred demons ignored the clones and advanced toward Claudia.

「I thought you will come like that!」

Multiple clones gathered to where Claudia was.

Like that, they lifted up their hands to the sky as though making a group prayer, and unleashed the trump card that he had prepared since this battle started and was desperately keeping in standby state until now.

「「「「「――Black Heaven Destitution!!!」」」」」

One of the gravity magic’s hidden technique that swallowed the whole area and obliterated everything without a single exception.

A star of calamity appeared near the ceiling, whirled blackly, and released jet black sparks. It was swallowing all the demons that were rapidly approaching Claudia.

The demons screamed while desperately struggling in the air, but there was no way they could escape from the pseudo black hole by doing something like that.

The clones were desperately protecting the clock building by deploying gravity field barrier, but even the surrounding high-rise buildings got their upper floors torn off and swallowed.


For a moment Unknown was dumbfounded. The technique that the human who he was facing right now showed was without a doubt something that could only be handled by the royalty, furthermore it was only by the few minority of them. Even he himself hadn’t reached that level!

『……No way I’ll accept this. There is no way this is acceptable-』

Unknown became indignant and caused severe quake in the space itself.


The lord was sent flying while vomiting blood along with several hundred clones at the same time.

The use of Black Heaven Destitution was a double-edged sword. Because it was a trump card among trump card, it would use up the entire magic power and vitality of the user. It was to the degree that the lord became unable to instantly react against the wide range attack of space blasting.

Ignoring the lord who was sent flying while vomiting blood, Unknown rapidly approached Claudia once more. There was no clone on his way. He didn’t teleport but rushed straight physically to kidnap her right away.

「I, told you, I WON’T LET YOUUUUUUU-」

The lord unusually raised a war cry with his emotion bared open. Using pseudo flight that gave a speed of freefalling, in addition of the acceleration using gravity magic, he cut into the Unknown’s path.

『You’re in the way-, human!』

「The one in the way, is you asshole-, demooon!!」

The lord took a stance of crossguard with his short swords while blocking the Unknown’s rush.

He was being pushed back to where Claudia was, but at that time he had already recovered several clones. They attacked Unknown from all directions and somehow stopped the momentum of his charge.

――Even if evil has no end, even if the battle will last for eternity, my faithful heart too will continue for eternity without end. Therefore, o enemy of god. O existence of vice and scorn. Look, our light too, is eternal.

At the same time when the Black Heaven Destitution vanished, light gathered to there. The pure white light erupting from the Holy Cross was taking shape bit by bit. Yes, the shape of a huge cross of light that pierced the sky.

The demons who were nearby were dispersed without being able to even do anything to resist. Just like how shadow that was touched by the light would silently vanish.

The Unknown that was locked in a contest of strength against the lord opened his eyes wide seeing the cross of heaven.

He instantly understood. That was something that was enough to destroy him, no, all demons. The terrifying act of god. It drew a line from a simple miracle, so to speak it was the very concept of “destroying demon”.

Unknown raised a shriek.



In respond the lord was also commanding with a scream to all his clones.

Unknown directed eyes that were blazing with hatred toward the lord. Right away, Unknown’s last ability was activated.

「-, this guy!?」

Unknown changed shape. Lion’s head, feet and claws that were like dragon, snake tail and hawk wings――yes, it was that monster that once made Kousuke to swallow bitterness――a chimera.

An instant of unrest. But, he barely dodged the approaching claws and fangs due to a clone that took them in his place.

The snake tail attacked, but he severed it with his short sword.

Without pause the lord stepped in and let out a slash with the short sword in one hand――

『You still have some way to go huh, Kousuke.』


The lord got diagonally slashed instead.

The discomposure disordered his swordsmanship and right after the sword was deflected, he got hit by a counter.

The cause of the discomposure was one. The thing that was a chimera just now had become the man who was like an older brother that the lord, Kousuke, still idolized unwaveringly until now.


「Captain, Meld……」

Unknown’s last ability was to read the weak memory of the opponent and reproduced that person. Just like how he showed Claudia her dead parents. However, this time it wasn’t an illusion, he was transforming himself.

『Kousuke. Don’t get in my way!』

「Don’t look down on me-」

A great sword that was held above the head was parried with the two short swords even while being discomposed.

The lord rotated while unleashing a high spinning kick to mow the opponent’s face but,

『Kousuke-, stop-. What are you doing!?』


Instantly, the face that he was going to kick through right now changed into Emily’s face.

Perhaps his discomposure showed in his face, because for a moment, Emily’s lips distorted.



But, the lord kicked through Emily’s face without stopping. Even while feeling discomposure, the lord didn’t lessen the kick’s strength at the slightest. Unknown let out a shocked voice.

「What’s the matter? Come at me. You can do whatever you can.」

It was obvious for anyone who looked. The lord had quietly snapped. He gestured with his fingertip provocatively.

――Arrive at the sacred palace, the gate of consecration opened. Now, let’s gather

The light that the cross of heaven emitted was starting to burn Unknown’s flesh by bits and pieces as though in concert with the lord’s fury. The end for the prayer, and for Unknown was nearing.

「There is no time you know, demon? You naked king who is abandoned even by your fellow demons and cannot even injure a single human without relying on a cheap trick.」

『……-, I am king. I am the true king-. They aren’t responding to my call is simply because they are ascertaining! The caliber of king, exist only in m――』

From his words, as expected Unknown couldn’t gather the named demons. He didn’t know the true reason, but from Unknown’s attitude that laughed scornfully saying 「So what if I can’t」 in respond to that, as expected he wasn’t worthy to be called a demon king.

The lord snorted ‘hah’ and raised his middle finger.

「Keep barking alone like that for your whole life, you loser dog.」

Unknown charged in a state where his rage couldn’t be expressed in language anymore.

The lord met him from the front.

The ever-changing attacks of powerful arms, tentacles, and tail were all taken down by clones that were half deployed as though overlapping with the main body as though there were double or triple layers of blur.

When super gravity poured down, it was opposed by similar anti gravity. His eyes didn’t overlook the sign of space blasting and he prevented it through disturbing the space by activating his own teleportation incompletely.

Demons came attacking. But, the multiplication speed of the clones finally surpassed the demon summoning speed. A single demon would be swarmed by dozens of clones. The number was crushed by even greater number.

Unknown was repeatedly attacking with super speed while transforming into people close to the lord one after another, but unnoticed the balanced battle was……

『You, bastard-. You’re still, getting faster-』

「That is mine Limit Break. This is――Abyss LordAbyssgate.」

The special Limit Break that increased the specs the more time passed――Abyss Lord. Using Last Zell, the lord reached the deepest depth in one go and from there he continued to drink magic power recovery medicine when there was opening.

By doing that, although there was limit for the flesh body, the Limit Break state was unbroken and the spec was increasing even further from the deepest depth. So to speak, it was a path that was leading to the last derivation technique of Limit Break, “Supreme Break”.

Specs that were completely superior. The lord was already becoming a streak of shadow in a different sense from Unknown and danced madly. Far from dodging, even ignoring the lord and aiming at Claudia had become impossible for Unknown.

――What is here is the sacred cross. The embodiment of god’s wish. The absolute concept that bring about the ultimate will in heaven.

And then, the cross that was shining in the sky――its form was completely established. It was truly the Holy Cross of Claudia itself.

The underground city was filled with light until the far end of the ground!


「It’s checkmate. This is far easier than inflicting a single scratch on the demon king.」

There was no more dignity or anything. Unknown was frantically trying to stop Claudia with a deathly desperation.

But, such Unknown was once more sent flying really easily by the lord.

「Now, it’s the closing of curtain. End the nightmare throughout these twelve years! Claudia Barenberg!」

‘Yes, Kousuke-sama.’

Even though there was no voice, such soft words that were filled with determination certainly reached the lord.

And then,

「I command under the name of Saint, Claudia Barenberg.」

Claudia’s eyes opened slowly. The jade eyes shined silver, and she herself was illuminated from behind by a silver halo along with the Holy Cross.

「O residents of hell, o people whose soul are invaded by desire of strife and rule――perish.」

The words of the saint were told solemnly, however, myriad of feelings were filling it.

A scream surged out. A scream of death agony.

All the demons in this underground space were illuminated by shining Holy Cross at the sky and vanished.

『……It, doesn’t come true again』

There was already no place where the light didn’t reach.

Far from that, Unknown who was smoking white from his whole body noticed that he couldn’t even activate his own abilities and silently stared at his crumbling hands.

Unknown’s gaze turned toward Claudia who was looking straight at him. When he noticed, the man who was his greatest obstacle was drawing closer to her.

Seeing the strength of the two’s gaze, the determination residing inside those pupils that was shining in this hell, Unknown returned an envious gaze to that for an instant.

But, before Claudia and the lord noticed that, those eyes immediately burned with the flame of hatred and,

『Hell is created from nine stratums. In the lower stratums, existences that are far beyond your imagination can be found anywhere.』

He talked further while half his body was crumbling away.

『I don’t know what those guys’ plan are for you all, but at the very least, I have left behind a command to the dead at the stratum right below here. Even if I perish, every single one of them will trample your world until they are all exterminated to the last. The door to your world are opening in the lower stratum.』

The expression of the lord and Claudia stiffened. Because both of them exerted their maximum strength in this battle, they were mostly spent right now. In addition, if the path was opened, right in this instant Vatican would be flooded with demons.

Unknown sent a mocking smile to the two of them, and then, hatefully, resentfully, Unknown was showing an expression that was filled with such complicated emotions before at the end, with a calm tone as though he had let go of the burden on his shoulders,

『These damn humans』

Saying that, he vanished.

That was the true end of the unknown greater demon who had been scheming to invade and rule over the other world since faraway past.


It was Claudia’s groan. The Holy Cross of heaven melted into empty air and vanished.

「-, Claire……are you alright?」

While vomiting a bit of blood and desperately maintaining his sanity that was almost lost due to his mini self inside his heart that was wearing a chuuni T-shirt, Kousuke scolded himself that now wasn’t the time for that and supported Claudia. ‘It huuurts, my heart huuurtts. But, work hard for a bit more okaay, meee!’

Claudia who didn’t have any way of knowing the inside of Kousuke’s heart that was like that was silently shedding tears.

「Kousuke-sama……am I, does Claire……succeed in getting revenge for mama and papa?」

The Holy Cross fell with a clang. Claudia who was already using up all her strength and feeling was only crouching while leaking out a sob with a feeling that couldn’t be expressed in words.

The divine light vanished completely and only the redness of magma illuminated the underground city. Amidst that, Kousuke embraced Claudia’s head.

「From the start, Claudia’s mama and papa doesn’t want Claudia to take revenge or anything. That’s what I thought. They should want you to live happily.」

The family that Claudia kept thinking about even after twelve years had passed. The parents who poured their love by that much into their daughter must be wishing for their daughter’s happiness.

「But, even so, Claire made your wish came true through the path that you decided by yourself and you traveled desperately. Even though it’s a path that is different from what your parents want, if they two of them are here, they will absolutely say this while thinking about Claire, not for their own sake.」

――You have worked really hard.

She had done her best for twelve years even while vomiting blood. There was no way they wouldn’t feel proud of such daughter.

When Claudia heard Kousuke’s words, she buried her face into his chest and sobbed quietly once more.

The two of them were snuggling close to each other like that in the middle of hell just for a few moment.

「Let’s go home Claire. Right now it’s still the time to run for that sake.」

「Yes, yes-, Kousuke-sama!」

Even though she had used up all her strength and her expression was pale, Claudia who understood Kousuke’s feeling showed a smile that looked the loveliest until now. It was a beauty that was worthy for the name of saint.

But, at that time, a terrific impact assaulted the underground city. It was an impact that was like a tremendous earthquake. Just from that, several high-rise buildings that were in the verge of crumbling collapsed and vanished into the sea of magma.

「Chih. It’s the dead of the lower stratum huh. That damn Unknown, he is irritating until the very end.」

The physical weariness that came as the after effect of Limit Break wasn’t something trivial. It was even truer because this time after entering Limit Break state of depth V, Kousuke forcefully lengthened the effect until his specs were increased to the degree that he entered the state of Supreme Break.

Kousuke became able to move somehow by using the recovery medicine of the highest grade and then he carried Claudia on his back.

「Claire, how much you can still fight?」

「Thanks to the secret medicine I received……if there are five more minutes, I will be able to somehow to deploy the minimum barrier and offense.」

Five minutes. It sounded short but long. Kousuke himself too would only be able to use elementary level magic for a while. In hand-to-hand combat too he would only be able to do a movement that was forty percent of his normal state.

But, even so,

「We are going home.」

「Yes, Kousuke-sama!」

Claudia hugged Kousuke’s neck tightly as though to bury her face onto it.

The impact that was piercing up from the lower stratum was getting stronger second by second. Other than flooding into earth, the demons of the third stratum must be trying to climb up to this upper stratum that was this underground city, or perhaps they were even trying to climb until the surface. It was possible that their objective might be to chase after Kousuke and Claudia.

They already didn’t have even a minute of time extension.

If there was something that could be called as a small mercy, the hole on the ceiling that they used to come here was still existing. For some reason the hole wasn’t black, it was becoming a hole of light, but there was no doubt that Wynn and others were maintain the hole.

Kousuke squeezed out his remaining little magic power that the recovery couldn’t catch up with and flew right away to the ceiling.

He passed through the shining hole and flew toward the visible exit of light.

「You are back!」

「Claudia-sama! Kousuke-san.」

「I’m glad……」

They tumbled on the ground when landing. When Kousuke and Claudia raised their face, Wynn and others were there. Although they had become wounded all over, not a single member was lacking from among them.

「Everyone, I’m glad all of you are safe……」

Claudia became teary eyed once more, but she quickly pulled herself together.

「Unknown was defeated. But, at the end he made the demons at third stratum to rampage. Surely they are already appearing in our world too. We have to escape from here as fast as possible. If not we will be swallowed by a large swarm of high class demons!」

Wynn and others gulped. But, their discomposure lasted only for a moment. They immediately reformed their formation to surround Kousuke and Claudia on his back.

「Time until recovery?」

「I want two more minutes until I can make clone again.」

Even if they would be able to escape safely, the compensation of forcing himself would be him being unable to move properly for a week. Kousuke thought that while giving an answer. Though of course, if he could get regeneration magic applied to him, he would become better to a certain degree.

「Got it. Leave the two minutes to us.」

With Wynn at the lead, the ragged exorcists started running with Kousuke and Claudia at the center.

They were cutting open the path with great desperation.

Like that, they somehow succeeded in going until they could see the outer circumference of the ruined city. But, there was despair there. At the other side of the street where they were rushing through to escape from the ruined city, at the wasteland outside, low class demons were gathering in fan shape.

The number of the low class demons should be expressed as blanketing the ground. If it was seen from above, the sky was also flooded with the winged low class demons.

It seemed they were lying in ambush.

There, even more despair was catching up with them.

*DON-* An impact came once more. The seismic intensity that far surpassed even 7 or 8 Richter assaulted them. Kousuke and others who were in a state of extreme exhaustion couldn’t help but collapsed or stopped moving.

「What’s that just now!? Don’t tell me, they are coming out already from the third stratum into the underground city!?」

「-, wait, what’s this pressure!? This is far more than Unknown isn’t it!?」

Kousuke and others exposed a lethal opening, however, for some reason the low class demons didn’t attack.

Far from that, they were looking around as though being scared of something. It even looked like they were in confusion.




Impacts came intermittently like the pulsation of a mighty existence. At the same time, there was a swelling up presence which applied pressure that caused even Kousuke to shrink back.

The wind of lamentation, the physical exhaustion from Limit Break, and then the mental exhaustionAbyss Lord’s aftereffect that he was enduring by desperately averting his gaze from it, they were dulling Kousuke’s senses and he couldn’t grasp the detail of the enemy that was approaching from the underground.

But, if that enemy appeared right now, they absolutely wouldn’t be able to win……

Should he resolved the breaking down of his flesh and bought time by using Limit Break - Depth V mode once more……

But, if he did that, the possibility of Kousuke himself going home would be despairingly low.

At the back of his mind flashed the image of Rana, Emily, the people close to him, comrades, and then family……

(Eei, don’t hesitate, me! In any case, no one will be able to go home if I don’t fight! Fight here with the resolve of making this place my grave!)

He silently put down Claudia.

The determined expression of Kousuke caused Claudia to grasp his sleeve spontaneously. She guessed what he was planning to do.

Wynn and others also guessed the same.

That was why, before Kousuke could say 「Leave this place to me and go ahead. No worry, I’ll catch up soon」,

「We cannot let Kousuke-dono to steal the spotlight even more than this.」

「Please don’t underestimate exorcist.」

「This time, I’ll protect Kousuke-san.」

After Wynn, Anna, and Aziz said that, the other members also grinned fearlessly and readied their sacred vessel. Claudia smiled gently and embraced Kousuke’s arm.

「Let’s be together, till the end.」

Kousuke showed a slight hesitation but……a beat. He shrugged his shoulders in exasperation and nodded with an expression of resolve.

And then,

「Don’t give up till the end! We will absolutely return alive! ――Here it comes-」

At that instant, the ground was pulverized――








A rabbit flew up. Along with a giant that looked like a minotaur getting socked in the face.




It went without saying that the eyes of Kousuke and others, without a single exception shrunk into a dot.

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