Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 320: Arifureta After III Yue’s Diary ④

Chapter 320: Arifureta After III Yue’s Diary ④

Month ○ Day ?

Several days has passed since Hajime and Shia went out for a travel date.

Everyday Shia will enthusiastically send a email that said ‘Today we did ~!’.

It’s just……too long. The eemail is terribly, long.

Shia. A diary isn’t a written progress report.

It’s fine to not write everything starting from the moment you wake up in the morning in chronological order.

Ica used Kaori who saw the email to misunderstand 「Uwaa, Yue, you, I thought you were sending them off cheerfully, but you were actually tasking Shia with monitoring Hajime-kun that strictly? That’s a bit putting off you know~」 with a creeped out face.

At that time I sent lightning dragon right away at her though.

Good grief, I wonder just how much Shia likes me. If she has the time to compose that kind of long email for me, it will be better if she use it to flirt with Hajime instead.

That adorable rabbit!

Even so, the photo that was sent from Shia’s smartphone……

Just from which jungle and which local people that photo was taken from? Why were you making a fresh smile while showing body builder pose with a group of beefy men? It’s a bit painful for the eyes looking at it……

Hajime, be firm! Look at Shia properly! It’s no good if she turn into a second Myuu!



Month ○ Day $

When I replied to Shia that ‘It’s fine to send shorter email you know?’, she sent a email that is titled 『From earth version Raisen Great Labyrinth (lol)』 that had a single photo of a trap’s wreckage.

I see, I don’t get it at all.

No, I can imagine it. I can, but still!

Shia. It’s abbreviated too much, Yue-san is bothered about various things.

It’s fine even if you send more detail at this kind of time you know?

Also, Hajime. Even if you sent me a email saying 『It seems Shia now has become able to shot Eternal Shia Fever. What do you think I should do?』, I also don’t know what should I do……

Or rather, what do you mean by Shia firing out great excitement eternally?



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Just now, an additional email arrived.

I was dying with curiosity wondering just what kind of situation that makes them looks like they are conquering a great labyrinth even though they are in earth. I checked the email while feeling a throbbing thrill but……

The email’s content is 『I forgot to mention just now! We are going to hold Nagumo family’s emergency family meeting when we get home desuu! The agenda will be about Hajime-san’s dangerous driving! I think there I something wrong with the thinking that a vehicle has to be installed with weapon no matter what!』

No, not that. Shia, it’s not that, what about the detail? The vampire princes want to ask the rabbit-san about the detail of the travel you know?

Reach her, this feeling!

Also, Hajime. Even if you told me 『It seems that Shia can also do Shia Impact. Now I’m thinking that perhaps I should just create things like Warship Beheading Sword or the Hero With Thousand ○ at this occasion, what do you think?』, in the first place I don’t really get what are you talking about.

Anyway, let’s google it before going to sleep.


PS 2

More reply came. It’s a fast reply. As expected from my Shia. Our mind is connected.

Was what I thought, but……

『Rather than something like that please listen to me, Yue-san! The arachne-sans of Hajime-san are strange! They are absolutely being possessed by something. Perhaps by the apostles even!』

That’s not it~, what Yue-san is curious about isn’t that~-.

No, the arache-sans being possessed by something is also really curious though!

Eeei-, Shia! As I thought, report everything to me without leaving anything!

The vampire princess is demanding a written report that goes into the minutest details!


PS 3

The reply came.

『Everything, you say…… Geez-, Yue-san you are really a possessive woman! This greedy attention seeker! I’ll talk to you when we go back home, so please wait patiently while looking forward to it. Then, I’ll go to sleep already, good niii~ght.』

Wait, wait a second! There are various things that I want to say!

Thinking that I replied immediately but……

The reply, didn’t come.

I sent email three times. ‘Now that it has come to this!’ Thinking that I also tried calling directly.

The reply, didn’t come.

The call, also didn’t get picked up.

I don’t get itt~.

Now I can only throw tantrum on the bed. I even punch the pillow.

This damn pillow-.

I who vented my anger for a while toward the bed and pillow for a while suddenly got a clever idea. I went to Myuu’s room. I thought that if it’s Myuu who called, then perhaps it will be picked up.

The sleeping Myuu is cute no matter how much I look at her. I cannot bring myself to wake her up. But, Yue-san is already too curious about various things that I cannot sleep.

Thinking so, I shook Myuu’s body several times and woke her up. And then, when I told Myuu who woke up while rubbing her eyes that I want her to call Shia,

「……Yue-oneechan. That’s enough already, I wish you will learn to let go of Shia-oneechan nano. Or rather, I’m sleepy. The exit is that way nano.」

I was told like that with terribly cold voice and reproachful gaze.

A crack entered my heart.




Month ○ Day ¥

I who couldn’t even sleep at night wondering whether I’m hated by Myuu stealthily lie in wait beside Myuu’s bed in seiza posture but……

At morning, when Myuu woke up she raised a very loud scream.

According to her, when she opened her eyes, there was me staring with unblinking eyes that had no light in them, it seemed that it was extremely scary……

……Right, that’s indeed scary. It was something that I did myself but, it was completely a horror.

When I kowtowed and apologized, I was forgiven and felt relieved.

Or rather, Myuu was letting out a sigh before in the end she apologized instead with a gentle gaze because last night she was saying too much, furthermore she consoled me.


It’s depressing.

Today I have no motivation anymore to do anything.



Kaori made fun of me about the morning incident, so I teleported only her underwear and let the wind carried it away.

Fly away~, to the ends of the earth~




Month ○ Day ∽

Right now, there are a large gathering of the classmates and their family inside the house.

It’s in order to prepare against the attack of the demons and their worshippers.

Fuh, pay a close attention. At the first wife Yue-san’s “hospitality”!

Setting that aside, those demons targeted my relatives and comrades, on top of that although it was indirectly but they even caused Otou-sama to be injured.

Kill. Not even a fragment of their existence will remain……

Was what I thought but, Endou told me to butt out, so I’m staying quietly in the home, writing diary like this right now.

After Endou said that it’s him who was entrusted with the job by Hajime and so on, I have to let him do it, besides, that girl……she said her name is Claudia? When I recalled that girl’s earnest eyes that are holding back something, it also made me want to let her do it.

Anyway, when this incident is taken care of, I’ll strangle Endou for a bit. Right now, what I should do is doing my house-sitting duty perfectly, and watching over the children who are trying to advance forward with all their might.

Oh? While I’m concentrating to my diary, the inside of the house is turning really chaotic when I noticed.

Yuuka is looking absurdly fidgety. Come to think of it, is this the first time Yuuka entered into Nagumo family house?

Are you curious? Are you that curious about Hajime’s room? Very well. This me the first wife will generously play the role as the guide for touring around Hajime’s place in Nagumo family house.

But, taking home Hajime’s clothes as you please, especially the underwear like our family’s girls is not allowed!

Also, Taeko. Stop swinging whip around inside the house. Stop licking your lips too. Allen is shaking really pitifully there. Also, several of the boys are also muttering 「Queen……」 while looking at you.

Doing strange play in Nagumo family house isn’t allo――

It isn’t allowed other than this family!

Also, Kaori papa and Otou-sama is quarreling and grappling with each other aga……


I see. There are a lot of people so they aren’t quarreling physically, they are going to settle it with fighting game.

It’s a rare chance, so I want to try holding a tournament with everyone.

……Very well. Let’s show them the true strength of gamer Yue!




Uu, Hajimee. Myuu is! Myuu iiss~.

This is totally strangeee. Myuu, she is too strong……I was completely helpless there……

Myuu, could it be, you are still angry? The midnight waking up, the seiza standby in the morning, you are still angry about them? Is that so?

Ah, Myuu is getting thoroughly beaten up by Otou-sama.

Myuu is desperately trying to rally herself while looking like she is going to cry, but Otou-sama, he is viciously beating her up with nasty combo while laughing loudly.

Aa, Myuu’s character is flying in a beautiful parabolic arc……

Otou-sama stands up while proclaiming his victory 「I’m number o~~~ne!」 with raised index finger.


Seeing you seriously playing to win against a little girl and celebrating your victory wholeheartedly like that caused everyone to get put off.

I too, am a bit put off.

Myuu is falling on all fours below Otou-sama’s feet you know? Do you notice?

Aa, look, Myuu cried, she is wailing.

Ah, Myuu activated the final weapon 『I really hate Ojii-chan!』!

Otou-sama crumbled!

A grown-up man is getting on all fours beside a little girl who is also on all fours……

For some reason the classmates and their family are making a face that seem to say 「I see. So this is the daily life of Nagumo family……」.

Everyone, you are wrong. Nagumo family is, Nagumo family is……right, it’s like usual.

Rather, it’s really peaceful compared to usual with Sumire-okaasama doing her best in giving hospitality to the classmate’s family.

Remia is hugging Myuu and consoling her. Beside them Kaori papa is patting Otou-sama’s shoulder with excessively kind expression. He is saying「You really felt it right? Like this, in your soul. I received such pain, almost everyday」 with a face like an old man that had received enlightenment.

When I looked at Kaori, she quickly averted her gaze.

I see. In Shirasaki family, dispute about Hajime occur almost everyday, and each time Kaori papa will get hit by bullet of words from his daughter until he is on the verge of death.

Nice job, Kaori papa! Do it more! Win over your daughter and pull her apart from Haji――

Ah, what are you doing-, Kaori!




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Good grief, trying to take away the diary while I’m in the middle of writing like that, Kaori is really violent. She is wild Kaori. She is like a beast that is constantly getting cornered. Or rather, even though I’m writing at the corner of the room while hiding, how did she know the content of what I was writing?

She said something like a maiden’s instinct but……fuh, damn Kaori, not bad.

Mu-. It looks like there is movement at Vatican. Let’s finish the diary here. Midway the sweat of my heart trickle down and it somehow become hard to read, perhaps I’ll rewrite it later.

Now then, demons. It’s time for war.

My sorrow from getting thoroughly beaten up by a little girl in fighting game.

You can taste it to your heart’s content-!




Month ○ Day √

The incident finally reached a point where we can take a pause.

The diary is also blank for several days, but I’m resuming it from today.

Even so it was shocking. To think that the people inside Myuu’s Deadly Sin Ranger were actually the kings of the demons.

Before Hajime, the so called Belphegoor (?) said 「No, that’s too insolent in front of the demon king. The likes of us are just mere demons, no, we are just some punk!」 but……

When they showed their seriousness in order to hold back their subordinate demons, their pressure was terrific. Perhaps it was in the level that wasn’t at all inferior compared to Ehito.

They’re dangerous. It’s dangerous that they are in the level that we cannot let our guard down against.

It seems Myuu trust them, but just in case, it’ll be better to display the power of the first wife to them.

Thinking that, today I asked Myuu to take them out.

When that happened, the so called Belphegoor (?) said 「No, it’s really insolent in front of the first wife of the demon king. The likes of us are just some punks, no, we are just the princess’s pet!」.

What should I say, is that really fine? Each time you came out, your “status” just keep getting lower though.

Furthermore it’s you yourself who are lowering it so low like that.

The seven deadly sins are tentatively demon kings who made appearance even in books, you all are legendary demons right?

For some reason it made me felt painful. Just like Myuu said, they aren’t giving me bad feelings, so perhaps it’s fine even if I don’t make a display of my strength. If it feels like they are getting cocky, I’ll discipline them along with Endou too at that time.

Although, that Myuu, getting called as 「Princess!」 by demons of Ehito class, and getting treated with sentiment of deep affection from who knows if it from loyalty or friendship or anything else……

Remia was saying 「Myuu, I wonder where is she planning to head to」 with a faraway look. I think it can’t be helped that she got like that. I also have the same thought after all.

Thinking really, really carefully, we――the person who is called as demon king or demon god in another world, an immortal vampire princess who can use even the power of god, superhuman rabbit whose ability is broken at various things, a covert pervert who completely became god’s apostle, a maiden swordswoman who recently became 「There is almost nothing that I cannot cut! ……No, actually there is really nothing at all isn’t it, thing that I cannot cut」, an abnormally pervert dragon, etc. ――too, objectively speaking are people who are treating Myuu with sentiments of deep affection.

While writing on the diary, I got a bit of cold sweat.

A sudden thought suddenly crossed my mind, when Hajime and Shia first encountered Myuu, could it be it wasn’t that the two of them discovered Myuu, but perhaps Myuu was the one who drew them toward her?

This time too, she shrewdly caused the chief of Britain’s security bureau to lose her backbone.

She already turned the next king of Heiligh Kingdom spineless.

As a kid who can restrain the seven pillars of demons, even Vatican can only take their hat off toward her. Rather, in the end it seems that the exorcist chief who looks like he can kill someone with his gaze melted to look like a good-natured grandpa.

……Yep, let’s not think further of this.




Month ○ Day ?

Now, Myuu! Take the controller!

It’s the fighting game’s revenge match!

The true power of fighting game gamer Yue who had secretly polished her skill through days of sleepless night, taste it to your heart content!

I’ll teach you that there isn’t anything like a vampire princess who lose against little girl!




Month ○ Day 〆

Not yet-. It’s not over yet!




Month ○ Day ?日

I, it’s not over yet




Month ○ Day ≠

N, not over yeeet




Month ○ Day @

Myuu is! Myuu is too strong I cannot defeat her!




Month ○ Day ?

Hajimeee. Myuu! Myuu finally won’t play with me anymore!

What should I do!




Month ○ Day 〒

These several days, it seems I’m somehow not like usual. For me to get absorbed into fighting game until dark circle appear under my eyes…… It’s simply, Hajime scolded me, Myuu is looking at me with a really complicated gaze, Kaori completely made fun of me, Otou-sama and others are looking at me with warm eyes……

This vampire princess, is greatly reflecting.

Setting that aside, Nagumo family’s family meeting number ‘……does anyone remember what number of meeting this one is?’ is being held.

The agendas are 「Regarding Hajime’s habit of weaponizing vehicle」 and 「problem of the people inside the suits」.

The former was an agenda that Shia brought up. Also, while she is at it, it seems she also want to overturn the decision 「In case there is passenger other, Shia cannot be allowed to touch the handle」 from the previous meeting.

Anyway, Hajime’s fervent speech was amazing. To explain just how indispensable weapons are for a vehicle, he even expressly brought out a projector and strongly insisted like he is doing presentation for a company somewhere.

Sumire-okaasama who seemed to get fed up in the middle said 「Aah geez, it’s troublesome! Just do whatever you like! Also, Shia-chan’s revocation request is rejected」. With that Hajime made a guts pose while Shia fell on all fours with her head hanging down.

Well, this is Hajime who installed weapon not only in vehicle, but even in Myuu’s bicycle, so I think it’s already too late talking about this now, and until something is done about Shia’s personality shift when she is gripping handle, there will be no room argument for that.

……I too previously met horrible experience when riding behind Shia on a bike.

Now then, it’s the important 「problem of the people inside suits」.

The people inside the Demon Rangers, they are like that. There is possibility that there are also others. The possibility that it’s only Myuu’s golems is certainly existent, but it has to be confirmed to erase all doubt.

Because of that, Hajime tired taking out the Grim Reapers, arachnes, and other things at the vast underground space but……

As expected.

Although it’s mainly with the Grim Reapers, demons with famous backgrounds are possessing them.

According to them, it seems 「It’s unfair that it’s only the kings. We don’t know why but for some reason master’s puppets are ignoring various restrictions and are easy to be possessed y’know」 (liberal translation).

It looks like there are quite a lot of fellows who shrewdly got in when Hajime got lost into hell.

Hajime tried to chase them out with twitching face but……

Even when they got hit by bombardment that dealt damage to the soul, 「Stop-, we are going to perish so stoop. We are going to be useful for master so pleaseee!」 they were considerably persistent like that. Do they want to have fun in this world and other world that much?

It seems that hell is a really dull place.

In the end, with Myuu’s intermediation too, Hajime allowed the haunting of the golems.

Fumu. With this Hajime became “demon king” without any way to make excuse about it.

Hajime! Lovely!

Setting that aside, there are around two golems of different disposition.

They are the arachnes. The golems that Hajime named Erst and Neunte to amuse himself.

The two golems didn’t introduce themselves as demon. Or rather, it felt like they didn’t have name and couldn’t introduce themselves.

When Shia tried asking 「Don’t tell me……you two aren’t really apostle aren’t you? You two aren’t Erst and Neunte that I and Hajime-san murdered right?」 with slightly twitching face……

The two golems simultaneously looked toward the far away. They wouldn’t meet anyone’s gaze no matter what.

It was terribly suspicious.

But, for apostles their every single movements are comical, the excessively feels human. If speaking about apostles, it was their default to be cold, emotionless, and expressionless. They were an existence that truly ought to be called “god’s puppet”.

For a test, Hajime took out a certain thing.

After Kaori returned to her original body, I used a secret art and made her able to use apostle transformation by herself, but after that Neunte’s body was stored just in case.

If someone fell into a dangerous situation that made them lost their flesh body, we imagined it would be better if there is an excellent body that can be used for emergency refugee in the same way like with Kaori.

The instant Neunte’s body that was stored inside a crystal was taken out.

The two arachnes dashed fiercely. Toward Neunte’s body.

Of course, Hajime didn’t instruct them to do that.

Furthermore, in the middle Erst took a violent action of tripping the leg of Neunte who was running parallel with her and made her stumbled.

Then, the tumbling Neunte spouted out string and caught Erst’s leg. She then kicked flying the struggling Erst and dashed fiercely again.

Not allowing her to do that, Erst fired the needle attached to her leg and sent Neunte flying……

The two started an ugly scuffle. They hit their opponent repeatedly with their legs, and rolled around the floor while grappling continuously.

When Hajime returned Neunte’s body inside the treasure warehouse while holding his head, the two simultaneously reached out their legs and went 「Aa~~!」, and then they hung down their head.

Hajime. Let’s recognize it? The people inside them are the apostles.

Hajime’s expression was twitching grandly. The expression of Shia and others were also twitching.

Hajime was muttering to himself 「No, impossible. In the first place those guys didn’t have anything like soul, and even if they had soul, this kind of behavior is like that of a human cannot be explained」 with a low voice.

Certainly that’s true but……

For some reason, even when we tried asking for detail, it seems even Myuu cannot hear the voice of the two. Even when we gave them writing tools they didn’t try writing anything.

The instant Hajime muttered 「……Let’s dispose them」, they desperately appealed that they will be useful (it’s only a guess though), and Myuu’s impression toward them is that there is no bad feeling from them, so for the moment their disposal is put on hold.

Since when, where, and how did the arachnes got possessed?

It looks like Hajime also want to solve those questions, so it seems he is going to research and investigate it for a while.

Fumu. It’s also something I’m really curious about.

Anyway, until then Erst (temp) and Neunte (temp), for short they are called Etemp-san and Netemp-san, are the last decision made for today’s meeting.




Month ○ Day ×

The Haurias came!

Starting from tomorrow, it will be earth sightseeing together with the Haurias.

By the way, Hajime. That 「Special attention needed when handling! Hauria Manual」……

Will it be fine?

Yep, surely it won’t be fine.

Let’s also prepare various things for tomorrow.


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