Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 321: Arifureta After III The Hauria Came! First

Chapter 321: Arifureta After III The Hauria Came! First

One day after the problems about Vatican and demons and so on were taken care of and around a month passed.

A strange tense atmosphere was floating inside the living room of Nagumo family house. Everyone was excessively restless.

It was only Myuu who was lying down on the living room’s sofa with her small legs moving back and forth while she was focusing on her portable game but…… Sometimes her fingers would mash the button fiercely while swearing 「Godd*mn! Nano!」 that she learned from who knew where.

「Myuu-chan, as I thought she is really amazing. Her nerves are just too brazen.」

The one who muttered so was the man with thin shadow sitting on the neighboring sofa――Endo Kousuke.

「A, as expected from the daughter of demon king-sama……」

The one who replied with shivering expression was Emily Grant who was sitting stickingly close beside Kousuke as though snuggling up to him.

Why were these two in the house of Nagumo family? The reason was the same with why the people of Nagumo family were strangely tense.

「It’s about time……I guess.」

Hajime muttered while staring at the wall of the living room. Inside the living room, Yue, Kaori, Shizuku, Tio, and also Remia were swallowing their saliva audibly altogether.

Additionally, the two happy-go-lucky two people of Nagumo family who delighted in people’s shocked reaction were currently facing battlefield in their workplace. The two of them were so vexed with a look as though they were going to cry tears of blood because they were unable to stay at home in this day that ought to be commemorated. Surely around this time they were working hard while crying river of blood.

Then, at that timing, the wall suddenly began to shine. Light danced sparklingly in a vortex, and right after that the space distorted like jelly.

It was a gate. A sign that spaces were connected.

The light became even stronger, and before long an illusionary door appeared. It was shining brilliantly while opening along with a solemn music that was flowing from out of nowhere. *Gii*, a sound like the door of an ancient mansion opening was piercing their ears.

Light was overflowing from the gap of the door that was gradually opening.

At the same time, there was even smoke that was crawling on the floor overflowing out. The living room was instantly filled with a lot of white smoke like a sea of clouds……

Everyone’s gaze turned to Hajime. Is this also a newly added show feature? They wordlessly asked. Hajime shook his head left and right repeatedly. It seemed that other than the illusionary door and light, he didn’t know anything including the music.

The Crystal Key’s creator-san was bewildered. Yue-san and others who were even more bewildered.

And then, there was Emily-chan who was muttering 「Ah, that’s why Rana-san said that she was recently working hard on musical performance using instrument……」 with a faraway look, and Kousuke-san who was muttering 「Ah, that’s why that Rana was so zealously asking about the way to make dry ice……」.

Before long, inside the whirling white smoke and the light that was like halo, silhouette could be seen inside the completely opened double-leafed door. The figure wasn’t clear due to the backlighting.

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At first there was one person. The figure was slowly advancing with a swagger and a way of walking that was putting on airs. Also, there were rabbit ears.

Next, there were two small silhouettes that appeared at both sides of the person who was walking at the forefront. As expected, they were also walking with exaggerated swagger. In every single step of the way they were walking, there was refinement that even gave off sexiness as though their toes were caressing the floor. Also, they had rabbit ears too.

And then two more silhouettes appeared at both sides again. The silhouettes of the newest additions looked female. Their hand was placed on their fragile looking thin waist, their unrealistically slender legs were moving forward as though being crossed. That way of walking was like model. Also, they had rabbit ears too.

And then, behind them were four people. They were similarly walking with a swagger (abbreviated)――they also had rabbit ears.

The expression of Hajime and others was twitching. Kousuke was writhing while both his hands were covering his face. Emily was looking up to the ceiling. Amidst that, the figures that appeared through the whirling white smoke that was like sea of clouds were……

「The heaven is calling, the earth is calling, boss is calling」

「No, I ain’t calling anyone here.」

The man in the lead let out a sonorous voice. Hajime’s tsukkomi also burst out. Skill 「Sudden rabbit ear’s deafness」 activate!

The man in the lead meaninglessly lifted up one leg overhead and turned beautifully! The move was truly brisk! There was no doubt that the move was amazingly practiced!

「Crossing over time, crossing over land, crossing over world――」

「We came running. For the sake of the boss」

「Have some self-respect.」

Next was the rabbit eared boy and girl. They were moving with a smooth motion from the pose of a savage eagle to a flowing turn. Even their rabbit ears were flowing savagely!

「Watch, and be amazed.」

「We are the one and only clan of black darkness. The light devouring fang of demise.」

「No, you guys are forest rabbit aren’t you? Rather, right now you guys are absurdly bright. The backlighting is completely covering you guys.」

The two rabbit eared ladies were generously showing off the goodness of their body style that would make even world level model to run away barefooted. They brushed up their hair, curved their waist sexily, and make a tuu――rn-! It was truly the height of refined movement!

Then, the four people at the back starting from the right also one by one (abbreviated)

Kousuke finally blocked his ears with both hands and started with his legs put up on the sofa where he buried his face into his knees to escape from the callous reality with all his power. There was no doubt that he was also running away in full power from his other self.

Emily-chan was rubbing the back of Kousuke with a gentle hand movement.

The man in the lead spread open his arms like a stage actor and raised his voice to a degree that resounded to the whole neighborhood.

「Shrink back, lament, despair! We are the dagger of Nagumo Hajime, the white fierce god crimson demon emperor, the rondo of red scarlet and ruination white, the incarnation of the god of thunder clad in frenzied whirlwind! We are the crawling dark hunter demon!」

From out of nowhere, the sound *DODODODO-* like a drum roll was sounding. The next instant, smoke blew out strongly. Furthermore, due to magic item of lighting that was rolled out below them without anyone noticing, spotlight was turned on from right under them!

And then, a simultaneous tuuuuuuurn-! They took their own preferred cool pose and a proclamation burst out grandly!

「「「「「WE ARE HAURIA-!!!」」」」」

A painful silence ruled the place.

Hajime had covered his ears with both hands and his face buried into the knees that were raised on the sofa before he knew it, running away with all his strength from the callous reality. Surely, without a doubt he was also running away with all his power from the chuuni self that wouldn’t vanish by any means inside his heart.

Yue who was snuggling beside him was patting Hajime’s back with gentle hand movement.

「Yes yes yes! It’s enough already! You all are satisfied right!? Come on, maintaining the gate isn’t easy! Please get in right awaaay!」

‘Hau, ugeh, higii’, such screams rose up. At the same time, the rabbit eared silhouettes were thrown in one after another from the other side of the gate. There were also people holding musical instrument and people holding fan, even people holding case filled with dry ice. Looking from that, they must be the show production staffs at the other side of the gate.

Shia returned from the other side of the gate without even giving a glance at a rabbit eared boy who was screaming due to the dry ice that was sticking on his face. No one mentioned about the red something that was sticking on her fist.

「Hajime-san! I’m back――」

「Boss! “Ominous Hell DisasterRakshasa Oni of Calamitous Realm of the Dead” Carmlite Mors Exdix Hauria, has arrived in your presence! In this chance, we Hauria clan cannot endure our feelings of gratitude from receiving the summon into boss’s world! This is truly our greatest honor!」

‘The name is different from before……’, Hajime thought, but he was busy with shutting himself inside his shell, so he kept being small while not reacting. He didn’t see the strange person beautifully kneeling right beside him, not in the least.

But, such figure of their respected and beloved boss was something completely trivial. The Haurias who arrived here introduced themselves one by one.

「It has been one month, boss! “Abyss CenicientaAbyss’s True Wife” Ranainferina Bride Hauria, is present!」

「”Death RapsodiaCertain Death Madness” Baltfeldt Tirailleur Hauria. Boss! Please kidnap me too this time no matter what!」

「Wait a second Baltfeldt! Stealing headstart is forbidden! Boss! “Kill NahatolOutside Massacre Flower” Nea Stadtrm Adeka Hauria, has arrived! That aside, it’s unfair that it’s only Ranainferina! I beg you please kidnap me!」

「Little kids just stay quiet. My lord, “Reaper the InfernoRending Vacuum Burial Jail” Minasteria Diabolos Hauria, is at your side! If possible, allow me to stay at your side for eternity in this chance!」

「Boss! I will surely be of use-. This “Thunder Blade (abbreviated――”」

‘Anyway’, Hajime thought. ‘They have powered up even more than beforeee’, he thought. ‘I don’t even get what are they talking about anymoreee……’, he thought.

As expected even Yue and others had expression that gone past the usual wry smile and became twitching expression.

It seemed that because the Haurias were able to come to their boss’s world, they were in a state of max tension……it didn’t just stop there, it seemed they were in the limit break state that pierced through the heaven. Surely, without a doubt they were spending days of sleepless nights to think of their new name. Also, things like the naming’s name or the basis of the naming were without a doubt absolutely noncommittal. They only focused at the impact of the wording.

The blank eyed Kousuke was staring at empty air while saying 「Heheh, can you believe it? I’m slotted to become these people’s head you know?」, Emily was clinging on him imploringly and said 「Get a hold of yourself-, Kousuke!」. Seeing them, Hajime rallied his mind somehow.

There was a person in even more terrible state beside him. Somehow it felt like he could still keep going-! Something like that.

But, there,

「Everyone of Hauria! Good work in coming here! Nano! I am the one and only “demon king’s daughter”, Myuu Southcloud nano!」

Standing imposingly on the sofa, and both arms crossed with cool impression! Myuu’s triumphant look was fixed on her face!

Carmlite――not that, Carm and others offered their loud applauses and praises saying 「Oo! Myuu-dono! What a magnificent introduction!」.

Remia suddenly looked like she would faint. Tio hurriedly caught her body. It seemed mama Remia’s consciousness was getting farther when she overlapped her daughter’s future with the current Hauria.

「Dear-, please! Myuu! Myuu is!」

「Yeah-, I get it, Remia!」

The two’s figure was like a mother whose beloved daughter was kidnapped and a husband who was relied on by his wife and took a stand.

From behind, Hajime hugged Myuu who was making a turn with a triumphant look. Without pause he lifted her up. The Haurias’ eyes were shining in expectation 「Will it be the introduction of parent and child!?」. For the time being Hajime sent them flying and then he scolded Myuu with ‘No-‘.

Myuu was making an unconvinced expression saying 「Even though papa sometimes would also be like that……」, but it seemed she somehow consented. Though her muttering inflicted a deep fissure into papa Hajime’s heart.

After that, Hajime pulled himself together and coughed once.

「Aa~, let’s see. Well, for now, good work in coming here.」

「Thank you very much, boss. Allow me to express our gratitude once more for listening to our request for base searching.」

「This time it will be a preliminary inspection. It will be mostly like a sightseeing, so relax. Shia too, she was enthusiastic that she will be able to give a tour to her family in this world.」

When Carm who heard those words looked at Shia, Shia was making a slightly embarrassed look while her rabbit ears were moving restlessly. Carm too, his seriously ill chuunibyou state vanished and he displayed a warm face of a father.

The Haurias came this time was because their work of hardening their foothold at Tortus had calmed down, so they raised up a new objective of getting useful for Hajime even at earth too.

For that, they requested to search for base at earth (mainly to Shia), but in any case there was also Shia’s request of wanting to show them the sight in the world of this side at least once. That was how the visit this time came to be.

By the way, as expected it was impossible for the whole Hauria clan to come, so it was the visit of the picked elite twenty.

「Tou-sama. How about we go to the city right away?」

「Let’s see…… I’m curious about the base location candidates that Shia and others picked out for us but, we don’t know anything about this world other than some second-hand knowledge.」

「That’s right. It’s better to get used to the atmosphere a bit more. After all Tou-sama and everyone else’s head is like that even at the best of times! Please feel the atmosphere and common sense of this world directly with your skin!」

「Aah, let’s do that. Also, what do you mean by “our head is like that”, Shia.」

Shia papa made a tsukkomi at his daughter’s natural insult, but he was beautifully ignored.

Hajime smiled wryly while opening his mouth.

「Right. Let’s stroll around the city relaxedly and then eat outside. Although, moving around in a group of twenty will be a bit hard.」

「……Do you mean that it’s better to split up then, boss.」

「Ou. For Rana, it’s better to be together with Kousuke right? I called him here for that.」

Rana was moved to tears by the boss’s consideration while leaping toward Kousuke――Emily-chan intercept!

Although, she only cut in between them really like a cat going 「Fushaa!」. In the end, she instantly got embraced together and became totally flustered.

「That’s how it so, Tou-sama. Please decide――」

‘The grouping’, Shia was about to say, but those words got swallowed back in the middle. She was literally made to swallow those words by the extremely dangerous atmosphere that Carm and others emitted.

「Fumu. Then, this is the clan chief’s order. I will be with boss. The other can decide by yourself.」

Killing intent!

「Chief, you want to die?」

「Rather, I’ll kill you.」

Par-kun made a neck cutting gesture with a smile.

Nea-chan equipped a sunglass! & at both hands short swords stand b~~y-.

Even though the two of them were still around twelve years old, the atmosphere they emitted was that of a veteran warrior.

「Shia and also Rana are unfair! Why was it only me who couldn’t come at the spring! At the very least I should be allowed to serve at boss’s side! I’m not scared at all against the like of Shia! Do your best me!」

Mina-san often listened to Rana talking fondly of her lover, so it seemed her mind was relatively cornered. She pushed aside the chief and challenged Shia to a fight was also because she wanted to serve the boss it seemed.

The other Haurias were also claiming that ‘I am the one that will go sightseeing with boss!’ and they equipped sunglass one after another. They started to take out short sword or knife or the like from who knew where.

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「You bastards……that’s some guts you have there trying to supplant your superior-」

Killing intent overflowed from Carm-san. ‘I absolutely won’t yield the place at boss’s side!’ Such passionate thought was overflowing from the rabbit eared uncle!

A bloody “contest for the spot at boss’s side” by the Haurias was going to start at Nagumo family house.

「……Nn. Hajime, you’re super popular.」

「Papa, you’re super popular nano~」

「Everyone really loves Hajime-san aren’t they~. Anyway, the way everyone is looking cornered like that is terrible……something have to be done quickly.」

「Goshujin-sama. Like this, art not it better to just do a group tour?」

Yue and others directed a complicated expression toward Hajime. Kaori and Shizuku were desperately trying to remonstrate Carm and co. Kousuke too, he was being told unreasonably by Rana 「Now, Kou-kun! As the next chief, tell them firmly with impact here!」. Even though his eyes were looking dead, he was standing up to respond to the expectation.

Anyway, they were at the living room of Nagumo house, so Hajime took a deep breath.

「Etemp-san, Netemp-san. Do it.」

‘Roger!’, the two arachnes that had appeared on the table unnoticed by anyone pushed out their improved front legs. What was shot out from there was super small stun gun. The moment it hit the target, the switched was turned and electricity flowed.

*Chu chu chu chu chu chu*, such strangely cute shooting sound resounded. At the same time, 「ABAA-!?」 countless screams rose.

In less than a few seconds, the living room of Nagumo house was filled with a mountain of rabbit corpses……

Also, the true identity of the two arachne-san still hadn’t been ascertained at this time.

「This is bad. As I thought, something like sightseeing feels like a suicidal act to me. Especially for my social position.」

Hajime’s spasming voice echoed slightly.

Although, he had a rabbit eared wife who wanted to give a tour to her family in earth, so he had no choice but to do his best. There was no option of cancelling since the beginning.

Hajime made a wry smile toward Shia who was looking slightly apologetic while standing up and psyching up himself.




It was noisy somewhere in the downtown.

There was a heavy pedestrian traffic also because it was nearby a large shopping mall nearby a station. The gaze of all those people was fixed toward one place. There were people whose jaw dropped down, there were also people who was watching in fascination, people who were raising voice of despair because their smartphone went up in smoke for some reason when they were trying to take picture using it, etc……

「……Damn it. I was only vigilant of their speech and action, but these guys are the rabbit people race in the end.」

「Ahaha…… In a sense it was also a bad decision to ask Remia-san to coordinate their outfit isn’t it~」

Hajime’s expression looked like he was enduring a headache. Shia was making a wry smile in respond.

The source of the attention was naturally, Carm and co.

After the contest for the spot beside boss was suppressed, in the end it was decided to split the group into four. Each group was composed of five Haurias with two people attached as guide. With that each group would walk around separately to various places and later on the Haurias would share the information with each other.

Then, in the glorious “boss group”, Carm, Par, Nea, Mina, and Io, these five were chosen for it. It would be troublesome if it became a dispute, so it was decided by the boss’s command. Here, two more people, Shia and Myuu were also added as guide.

In addition, the other groups consisted of Yue & Tio group, Kousuke & Emily group, and Kaori & Shizuku group.

「Hou hou. This is also amazing. Buildings like large trees are lining up like this……good gracious, this is truly another world. Truly a magnificent view!」

「To think that boss’s Brieze and Schutaif are spreading through general public like this……I had heard about it already but, seeing it with my own eyes still make me lost for words.」

「Yeah, everything is different from our world. As for the air, well, it’s a bit like that though……」

Carm, Mina, and Io, the three of them were saying so. They were looking around with a surprised and admiring expression.

Each time admiring long sigh leaked out from the surrounding.

There was one reason. It was the good look of Carm and co.

For Hajime and co, they had gotten used on seeing it and on top of that they knew of the Haurias true character, so they didn’t think anything about it anymore. But Carm and co were of rabbit people race. That was to say, every single one of them was a possessor of good look that boasted terrific popularity as prized slave.

Furthermore, their current appearance was dressed to blend normally into modern Japan. No, far from blending in, the great sense in the clothing coordination was suiting them too much.

Carm’s appearance was a classic fashion that looked tastefully casual with a felt hat on his head, which made Hajime wanted to make a tsukkomi that he looked like a dandy movie actor from somewhere. If he also held a cane, it wouldn’t be out of place even if he introduced himself as an old noble gentleman.

Mina too, she was wearing pants look with calm atmosphere on the whole. She was only wearing a round-necked T-shirt with a long cardigan put above it, but because she was a possessor of a figure that wasn’t at all inferior compared to Shia or Rana, her gallantly walking figure stole everyone’s gaze without exception. No one would hold any doubt if they were told that she was a top model from overseas.

Io had a rough appearance that consisted of slacks and jacket, but compared to Carm he was taller and had better physique, so his appearance was truly fit to be called as a good looking man. He truly looked stylish.

And then,

「We are strangely gathering a lot of attention here. Milady, I don’t think there will be anything to worry with boss here, but just in case, please don’t get too far away from us okay?」

「Well, these aren’t unpleasant gaze like from the people of the empire so I think it’s fine but still…… It will be fine, milady. This Neastadtrm will protect you even at the cost of my life.」

Par and Nea were standing in position that were putting Myuu between them while sending sharp gaze toward the surrounding. They were unmistakably a handsome boy and a beautiful girl.

The two of them, or rather the Hauria clan was basically calling Myuu as「Myuu-dono」 or「milady」 in respect and affection.

She was the boss’s beloved daughter, so from their point of view she was like a princess. The way they were calling her sounded like yakuza was for fun.

The dignified atmosphere of the two and their adorable appearance formed a gap that struck the heart. Whether it was Par who was dressed in a jean and white jacket, or Nea who was wearing a miniskirt and sleeveless shirt with a necktie, both of them were giving excessively stylish impression even though they were children.

By the way, all of them were using artifact that was hiding their rabbit ears. Carm’s hat actually had holes opened for his rabbit ears, but it too was turned invisible using a type of illusion.

「My? What is Par-kun and Nea-chan talking about nano?」

Myuu tilted her head in puzzlement. In contrast to the two, Myuu was wearing a loose white dress. She was truly giving an impression like a princess.

Everything was fashion coordination from Remia who was requested by Shia. It seemed that all the clothes were the creation from her company from how she was saying「This will be a great advertisement!」. She really had a strong business spirit.

「……Milady. I am Baltfeld yeah?」

「Milady, please call me as Neastadtrm by all means.」

「? Par-kun is Par-kun, and Nea-chan is Nea-chan nano.」

「Mi, milady~. Please properly call our name there.」

「We are begging youu, milady~」

「Ee~? Because, those names, they’re long. It’s troublesome nano.」

Par-kun and Nea-chan, the two of them raised a groan「Guhah」 together while hanging down their head.

Even though they looked dignified just now, the handsome boy and beautiful girl got depressed by the words from a girl younger than them and looked dejected.

The big sisters at the surrounding were spurting out red shower of happiness from their nose! The station’s front was dyed by blood!

Also, rough breathing of excitement was blowing out from the nose of the gentlemen. Someone, please call the police! It will also be for protecting their life!

Hajime was giving his all to chase out the surrounding commotion from his sight while looking up at the large shopping mall across from the traffic ahead.

They came here first to have Carm and co to experience the common livelihood and marketplace of the people in this world, but right now he could only look at the shopping mall as a thrill ride at a clamoring amusement park.

The schedule tomorrow would be a sightseeing at place of abundant nature using teleportation, but right now Hajime was already anxiously looking forward for that time to come.

「Ee~rr, Hajime-san! Perhaps it will be fine!」

「Right, yeah.」

If speaking about the beginning, the cause of this was because of his devilish remodeling toward the Hauria clan. He was reaping what he sown, his just deserts.

Above all else, it was his role as the host to make Shia’s family had fun.

No problem, I’ll do it. My head has received damage since the entrance scene but, I won’t go down just from this much!

Look, the moment I psyched up myself, the traffic light turned green. Isn’t it look as though the traffic light-san is telling me「It will be fine you know?」. 「Your future is green lighted?」 it said!

Now, let’s go. It will be fine, problem won’t occur that quick――

「Say~, can I have a bii~t of your time? I am from the ○○ television, is it okay if I hold a street interview with you here?」

「!?」 flew out above Hajime’s head.

「Hmm? Are you talking to me, beautiful young lady?」

「O, oh you, calling me beautiful like that……」

When Hajime turned around, he saw TV staff doing street interview there and the figure of Carm and co facing them smilingly.

As expected, it seemed a group of good looking people was really conspicuous.

The female interviewer looked a bit enthusiastic facing the stylishly dandy old gentlemen. She was asking his name with her cheeks slightly blushing. She was also asking about his profession, whether they were a group of model or actor.

Hajime tried to intercept in panic but……

「O, oi, Carm. Something like this is――」

「Fuh. You are telling us to introduce ourselves? Very well. In that case, put up your rabbit ears and listen well!」

The old gentleman smirked! Blood left the demon king-san’s face. “That” would be broadcasted into the living room of houses throughout Japan!

「We are――」

「You think I’ll let youu-」

Boss’s right blow!

「Gahah!? Bo, boss? Even though I was at the nice part just now! Just why!?」

Carm held his side while falling on one knee. Cold sweat was oozing from his whole body.

A beat later, the female newscaster screamed 「Kyaaaaah! A violenceee!」.

Ignoring that, Hajime informed the Haurias smilingly.

「Listen to me, you guys. It’s forbidden to introduce yourself without my permission. What you are allowed to say is only your real name. You get it? Just try introducing yourself with more than six letters. I’ll tear out your prided rabbit ears for eternity.」

「Ye, yes, boss! We won’t introduce our name using more than six letters!」

Carm stood in attention and displayed a beautiful salute. The other Haurias were also turning pale simultaneously and displayed an admirable salute posture.

That harmoniously synchronized movement conveyed clearly to the surrounding people whether they liked it or not.

It conveyed, just who was the boss of that group.

Shia was covering her face with one hand while muttering.

「……Hajime-san. I understand your feeling, I also understand why your body reflexively moved. But, I think your action just now also feel like that enough you know?」

Hajime-san gasped in realization. The camera was firmly recording the figure of the boss and his underlings. The figure of Japanese youth who was being absolutely obeyed by a group of foreign good looking people that stole everyone’s attention was……

「Excuse me~, can I question you mister for a bit too?」

The female newscaster timidly held out the mike toward Hajime.

「Boss! Please, teach us how to deal with this kind of situation too!」

「Please! This Balt――cough-. This Par swear that he will learn it in one go without fail!」

Carm and others raised their spirit. The TV crew looked deeply interested.

Hajime looked up to the sky.

And then, he thought.

‘I hope, this isn’t a live broadcast’, he thought.

‘Also, let’s not have lunch in the shopping mall, let’s do it in Sonobe’s restaurant, yeah let’s do that’, he also thought.

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