Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 323: Arifureta After III The Hauria Came! Third

Chapter 323: Arifureta After III The Hauria Came! Third


Hajime smiled wryly while entering inside the restaurant with Myuu in his arms. Behind him, Shia also followed inside with the same expression.

「Oo! You guys! So all of you also came here!」

Carm who entered after them opened his eyes wide in surprise seeing his whole family gathered there and his face broke into smile.

In respond to that, one of the Haurias who was assigned to Kousuke & Emily team, “Creeping Decapitation” Jorgandr……――perhaps his name right now should have become something with even more gorgeous feel, so for the time being he was Jor――rushed toward Carm smilingly.

And then, without stopping,

「Die, chief!」

A sharp slash from creeping posture was unleashed! It seemed he was hiding a kodachi on his back.


Carm splendidly blocked it using the short sword stored in the holster on his waist.

*Kin-* High-pitched sound from the clash of metal resounded.


「Go to hell-, Baltfeldt!」

「Hah! Is that all? Anikiii!」

A teenage Hauria around fifteen years old threw knives. The four knives cut through the air. Par intercepted them with quick draw of sling shot. He splendidly shot down all four knives with four simultaneous shots. It was truly a superhuman feat.

Right after that, Nea and Mina, and then Io too had fierce attacks from their comrades rushing at them. The three of them snorted while handling the attacks.

「WAIIIIITTTTT! Just what are you all doing in someone’s restaurant!」

In the place of Hajime and others who were dumbfounded with opened mouth, the one who raised an angry yell was this western restaurant Wisteria’s poster girl――Sonobe Yuuka.

She came out from deeper inside the restaurant wearing crimson apron, scarf, and limp hat. She stood with her hands on her waist and her eyebrows bristling on end. She looked pretty angry.

Jor who fired the first shot answered while locking sword with Carm.

「Chief who is in a good mood after being shown around by boss directly is irritating!」

「Are you a kid!」

Yuuka’s sharp tsukkomi. In respond to that the other Haurias who were launching surprise attack argued vehemently.

「However, Yuuka-dono! Did you see Baltfeld’s face!? That self-satisfied face! I cannot hold back!」

「That’s right! Besides, please look! That bag Neastadtrm is holding so carefully! Neastadtrm won’t make that kind of face if htat is something she bought by herself!」

「Minasteria too! In other words, those are undoubtedly a present from boss![


「So what!?」

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Yuuka who witnessed bloodshed suddenly occurred inside her restaurant raised her voice with extreme anger.

The criminals, no, all the Haurias inside the restaurant who were brimming with battle spirit declared「There is only one answer!」 in one voice.

「「「「We will take it away even if we have to kill them!」」」」


Vegetable sticks materialized from both of Yuuka’s hands. The celery and radish and cucumber and carror that were held between her fingers flew in the air with impossible trajectories like jet coaster.

The vegetable sticks that were thrown using throwing technique that could be called as godlike feat without any exaggeration flew into the mouths of Jor and others who were getting highly spirited and Carm and co who were preparing to meet the attack with a battle cry. It was direct hits to the throats.

‘Hogeeh!?’ Carm and others raised a strange scream and fell on their knees. Yuuka sent them a brief glance before taking out playing cards from her pocket and spread them out in fan shape like a magician.

Like that, she swung them in a horizontal sweep. All the Haurias who were about to advance in order to steal the “presents from boss” from Carm and co got the tip of their rabbit ears *slice-* cut off.


Rabbit furs fluttered midair inside the restaurant.

All the Haurias stiffened with a snap as though they had been frozen. Next *gigigi-* they moved their head toward Yuuka with a stiff movement……

Yuuka-san beautifully caught the playing cards that were making U-turn and returned to her. She then spoke with a grin.

「Quarreling is not allowed inside our restaurant. Will you all act as docile customers, or will you get thrown out with lopped off rabbit ears……choose which one that you like.」

The Haurias folded their rabbit ears flat on their head with a plop and slowly returned to their seats. They then sat down on their chair with straight posture like a new graduate coming for a job interview and silently stared at the cup before them.

Yuuka-san nodded in satisfaction. And then, her face turned toward Hajime in a snap. Hajime quickly averted his gaze.

Carm and others who somehow finished eating the vegetable sticks even while choking opened their eyes wide. They seemed to want to say「Boss averted his gaze!?」.

「Nagumo. How long you are going to stand at the door. How about coming in right away?」

「Yes ma’am. Excuse me.」


Even more shock ran through the Haurias.

Respectful gazes were sent to Yuuka who was narrowing her eyes suspiciously at Hajime’s behavior. But, before Yuuka could notice it,

「Yuuka~? The cooking is done so please bring it ou~t.」


From inside, Yuuka’s mother――Yuuri’s voice resounded. Yuuka turned around to respond to that.

Hajime ran his gazes at Carm and others.

「You guys, sit wherever you like. Do that while offering your gratitude to Sonobe Yuuka who someday will become the owner of this Wisteria, the “holy land of us returnees”.」

「!? A, as boss command! You lot! I want to exchange information! Hauria clan is to gather over here! Don’t you dare do anything coarse to Yuuka-sama for the second time!」

「「「「YES SIR!」」」」

Hajime glanced at Carm and others who quietly gathered at the seats deeper inside before sitting beside Yue. Yue looked at Hajime as though she was looking at a slightly difficult person.


「She settled down things right away from the start after all. I’m thinking to leave the disciplining――cough-, looking after the Haurias to her at least in lunch time.」

「Hajime-kun……don’t play stupid. You are planning to push everything to Yuuka-chan right?」

「Kaori, this too is within the category of serving customers. In other words, it’s Sonobe’s job.」

「Goshujin-sama. Do thy know that it looks like Yuuka were working hard to contact the regular customers because we suddenly made the reservation?」

‘That’s why, be kind to her’, Tio implicitly said. Shizuku, Kousuke, and even Shia nodded in agreement.

By the way Emily-chan, right after Yuuka shut up the Haurias, she sent a gaze that was filled with respect somewhere inside toward the kitchen while saying「Yuuka, oneesama……」.

Hajime nodded deeply at such gazes from Tio and others.

「It’s fine, there is no problem. In the end, that girl is a magical girl filled with love and dream and hope――」

「Just who are you calling magical girl」

*Gon-*, a large plate of potato salad was placed on Hajime’s head.

When Hajime looked across his shoulder while skillfully keeping the potato salad staying on his head, Yuuka-sama was there giving him a super reproachful look at him. She had three plates placed on one arm, while her other hand was placed on her waist.

Hajime brought down the potato salad while spreading open the menu. And then without any delay, he pointed at the picture of fluffy and melty egg decorated with this restaurant’s original ketchup and spoke his order with an extremely serious face.

「Give me a special omelet rice.」

「I’ll bring you food scraps if you don’t fix that screwing around attitude.」

「How can a restaurant employee say something like that.」

Yuuka let out a deep sigh「Haa」 at Hajime’s playful attitude while placing the plates safely. And then, her displeased expression toward Hajime changed completely into a soft smile and she asked「Have you decided what to order?」 at Shia and Myuu.

「Please give Myuu the special omelet rice! Nano!」

「Ah, I’ll also have the special omelet rice!」

After Myuu and Shia ordered energetically, even Carm and others all ordered the omelet rice perhaps because it was what Hajime ordered.

「Ahaha, today the omelet rice is greatly popular huh.」

Yuuka wrote the order on the sales slip while orally telling the head chef who was her father――Hiroshi the order.

Hajime’s attitude returned back and he smiled while speaking to such Yuuka.

「My bad, making reservation so suddenly like this. I didn’t think that everyone will come here.」

「Exactly right. Next time I have to give some kind of service to the regulars here in exchange.」

There were a lot of neighbors who became regulars here since a long time ago, so Yuuka knew their phone number. The number of customers who came late after two o’clock in the afternoon was limited, but even so it was painful to contact and told them that the restaurant would be used by a group that was quite large in number.

For the regulars who Yuuka didn’t know how to contact, she prepared a bit of her handmade sweets for them, even so as expected it was painful to make them go back after especially coming here.

Of course, a group suddenly visiting a restaurant which caused the regulars to be unable to come was something that happened to restaurant everywhere. Customer who would complaint about that was just a selfish claimer.

In fact, at this time it seemed there wasn’t a single regular who was feeling dissatisfaction. Rather, their heart was feeling warm that Yuuka had expressly contacted them to let them knew or prepared sweets for them.

This consideration that normally wouldn’t be done was surely the reason why Wisteria was loved.

「But, you really saved us. After all I cannot think of any other place except yours where it’s possible to eat delicious food without feeling any mental fatigue.」

「……E, even if you praise me Nagumo, I’m not going to give you any service.」

Yuuka said coldly, but her fingers were playing with her scarf. Although she was averting her gaze, her lips kept twitching as though they would break into a grin.

The Haurias were staring with deep interest!

「No, I didn’t say that looking for anything. Rather, I need to pay you back somehow in return for the bother.」

「……It’s not like I’m thinking that it’s a bother or anything. I’m happy that you come to our place……ah, just now I don’t mean that I’m happy Nagumo is coming! Don’t misunderstand it!」

「No, I’m not but…… Well, anyway, I owe you one. Tell me if there is something that you want. If you like, I’ll even work part-time here for free when it’s busy y’know?」

「Eh? Nagumo working part-time here? Nagumo……working part-time…………here……」

In other words, Hajime was saying that he would wear Wisteria’s uniform and worked together with her? If that happened, the two of them would be in charge of serving the customers. The two of them would team up to take order, set the table, sometimes they would almost crash on each other and smiled in embarrassment to each other because of that, they would converse with only their gaze about who would be in charge of the cash register……

And then, finally when they closed, inside the quiet restaurant the two of them would sit side-by-side and sighed in relieve. No words would be said with only the sound of the clock’s hand resounding clearly.

Yuuka would brew coffee while feeling strangely embarrassed. Hajime would took the cup and took a sip, then he would only say a word「Delicious」 and thanked her with a smile.

They would spend a quite time once more then.

That time felt unbelievably happy……

「……Perhaps, this is the picture of the future of the two of them, Yuuka thought, the end.」

Storyteller Yue concluded with a triumphant look. It really looked like she wanted to say「How’s that? Right in the mark right?」.

Everyone’s gazes that were directed to Yue who suddenly started talking moved toward Yuuka.

That Yuuka was,

「I, I-I, I’m not thinking thaaat!」

It seemed she wasn’t thinking it.

Though her face was bright red and she was taking a step back while trembling all over. She looked absurdly shaken, but! If she said she wasn’t thinking it then she wasn’t thinking it!

A hand clapped Yuuka’s shoulder. She went *Twiiitch!* while hesitantly looking back. There, that person was standing.

「Yuuka-chan. How about we “talk” for a bit?」

It was Kaori-san who wasn’t smiling even though she was smiling. There was something that was faintly visible behind her.

「No no no, I’m really not thinking of anything! It’s just Yue-san saying whatever she like!」

「Yuuka-chan! Why is it only the two of you!? If it’s a talk of the future, I think it’s fine even if it’s all of us working in Wisteria!」

「You aren’t listening to me!? Or rather, really please stop that talk of everyone working here! It will be chaos!」

「By that you mean, you want to monopolize Hajime-kun for yourself isn’t it! You want to manage this restaurant with just the two of you forever isn’t it!」

「Words play catch! It’s important!」

Kaori-san shook Yuuka back and forth. Shizuku went ‘good grief’ while moving to tear off Kaori from Yuuka. Shia and Tio sent a glance to that and,

「Come to think of it, when everyone evacuated to our house before this too, Yuuka-san, she was really absentminded like ‘pohe~’ when Yue-san gave her a tour of Hajime-san’s room.」

「Right, after that her face suddenly became red and she slapped her own face. She didst that while making tsukkomi alone 『Are you idiot me!』.」

「How cute desuuu」

「That art truly cute~」

They sneakily talked about such thing.

There, Emily who was the most uninformed about the relationship between Hajime and co asked a question reservedly.

「Say~. Yuuka-oneesama, she isn’t demon king-sama’s wife?」

「I, I’m not. Or rather, what’s with that “onee-sama”? Something like that is Shizuku right?」

Yuuka who somehow escaped from Kaori’s demonic clutch was breathing hard ‘zee zee’ while saying that. Emily fidgeted looking a bit embarrassed.

「That, Onee-sama’s figure when shutting up everyone of Hauria just now, I thought, you look really cool……is it, no good?」

The ongoing battle that Emily threw herself into――the war front of chuunibyou treatment versus Hauria.

At present she was unable to even make them shut up, far from that she only got toyed around as though they doting on her like one would treat a cat. It seemed that from the view point of such Emily, it was no one but Yuuka who was “Onee-sama”.

Emily spoke her wish with an upward gaze, however, Yuuka was,

「No good.」

She completely and thoroughly rejected her. The reason was, if she was treated like a big sister by Emily who would become a member of Hauria, it felt like even her would also get considered as a member of Hauria. It would be unbearable if a subspecies of soul sister got created with Emily as the impetus. That was her reason.

「It’s fine if you just normally call me while adding ‘-san’ or ‘senpai’. Or rather, Emily has also skipped grades right? Then I’ll be happy if we become equal friend without taking our age into consideration.」


There Emily suddenly noticed.

‘Come to think of it, is there anyone around me who I can call “friend”?’, she thought. Naturally she had none in the university. She skipped grades so she also had no acquaintance in the same age with her. She was close with the people of Britain national security bureau, but they were a bit different from friend. Kousuke and the Hauria too were of course different.

Vanessa was……that thing was just a SOUSAKANAGENT. She was in the Hauria category. She often wore rabbit ears hair band anyway.

After that, she had substitute big sisters and big brothers……

‘Eh? I, have too few friend? No, it’s pretention saying that. I, don’t have friend……

「Yep-, friend is fine! Yuuka-san-, nope, Yuuka! Be my friend!」

「Yo, you are really enthusiastic. Of course, it’s fine though……」

Emily-chan’s eyes brightened. She rushed toward Yuuka and tightly grasped both of Yuuka’s hands with her hands and did a little dance while singing 「Friend? Friend?」. Kousuke cried seeing that.

There, a certain rabbit-eared lady who was actually watching the exchange between Yuuka and Hajime with fixed stare of hollow eyes since some time ago slowly approached Yuuka.

「Please become my friend too.」

The person strongly grasped Yuuka’s shoulder and requested with a strongly spirited voice. The sudden appearance of the rabbit-eared lady clad in dreadful aura――Mina caused Yuuka to say 「Ye, yes?」 while tilting her head with twitching expression.

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「I, I don’t mind but……why, so suddenly?」

Shia who seemed to have guessed the answer of that question held her head looking like she was at her wits’ end while Rana was covering her eyes with one hand.

Mina answered Yuuka’s question with eyes that were starting to get slightly bloodshot.

「Because I caught the smell of a first class mistress from you! If I’m together with you, perhaps I will be able to casually position myself as boss’s mistress!」

「I take my words back! No way I will be your friend!」

「Please! Let’s become mistress friend!」

「What is mistress friend!? I don’t understand! Or rather your face is close! And scary!」

「I get it! Then let me call you master! One day you will be a great mistress! My sharp instinct is telling me so! Let me study under you from now on!」

「Stooop! I’m not a mistress! I won’t become one! Let go of my haaand! Also your face is too close!」

「Master! I won’t let go!」

「Don’t call me master!」

‘Heeelp!’, when Yuuka who became teary eyed from Mina’s bloodcurling state asked for help, right after that Shia’s fist impacted Mina’s head. Rana caught Mina whose eyes rolled back until the white of her eyes showed. She then bound her and laid her down on the sofa.

Even the Haurias were giving off conflicted atmosphere at the amazingly desperate state of Mina. Inside the silent restaurant, the voice of Yuuka 「It was scaryyy」 who was half crying and the voice of Shia and Emily who were consoling her were echoing overly clearly.

It was at that timing a bright voice resounded to change the atmosphere.

「Thank you for waiting~. It’s the special omelet rice.」

「Hahaha-, it’s always lively around you guys.」

Yuuri brought the omelet rices while smiling wryly at the atmosphere inside the restaurant. After that, Hiroshi who was similarly carrying several plates on his arms also arrived.

Carm had been quiet until now, but as expected he had kept his rabbit eats opened wide all this time even then. He appeared suddenly in front of the parents of Yuuka. Hajime and others directed a gaze to him that seemed to say ‘So it’s you next huh……’.

「Forgive me for the late greeting. This is the first time we met. I am “Omi――”」

Boss’s killing intent!

「I’m Carm. Carm Hauria. I am Shia’s father and boss――Nagumo Hajime-dono’s loyal servant.」

「How polite. I’m Yuuka’s father, the owner of this restaurant, Sonobe Hiroshi. Thank you for taking care of our daughter.」

「I am the mother Yuuri. I’m happy to meet you.」

Hiroshi and Yuuri returned the greeting smilingly. While Hajime and others were looking at Carm who was suddenly giving a polite greeting with suspicious gaze, Carm received the plates from Hiroshi and Yuuri and instructed Io and others to distribute them.

「Oh, thank you. But, you don’t need to be that considerate……」

The Haurias were starting to proactively carry the other dishes that hadn’t been taken out too. Hiroshi was feeling obliged seeing that.

The Haurias even started to voluntarily clean the rabbit furs that were sliced off by Yuuka just before. Yuuri hurriedly said 「We will do it」, but the Haurias refused respectfully.

Hiroshi and Yuuri were a bit troubled at their awfully polite attitude.

Carm said to the two of them.

「What are you saying? Aren’t you two the family of someone who will become the wife of the person who we respected and even offered our faith to? That is enough reason for us to offer our life.」

「Life!? No, that’s too exaggerated.」

「No no, Otou-san! Your tsukkomi shouldn’t be about that! The wife part! It should be the wife part!」

Hiroshia and Yuuri were flustered at the reverent attitude of the Haurias. Yuuka sent them a fierce tsukkomi.

「Yuuka! I’ll teach you! This flow is one that cannot be changed no matter how hard you tsukkomi-ed them! After this kind of atmosphere, usually I will get toyed around by the Haurias!」

「Thank you for the information Emily! But, even if you said that with a face that seem to say 『I wonder if I’m useful as friend?』, the content just make me want to cry!」

Yuuka sent her gaze to Hajime. Although her face was bright red, her gaze pleaded to him 「Deny it!」.

Hajime nodded as though to say leave it to me.

「Oi, Carm. I don’t know what misunderstanding you have, but Sonobe is just my classmate. Our relationship isn’t like that, and it’s not gonna become like that even at the future.」

Hearing that, Yuuka was strangely feeling depressed even though it was something that she demanded herself……was how it looked like.

And then, Emily strongly insisted 「Demon king-sama! How can you say such terrible thing about my friend! Please retract it!」, and for some reason the wive~s starting with Kaori who was pressuring Yuuka just before this for some reason were also sending him gaze that seemed to say 「That’s saying a bit too much……」.

「……Why are you all looking at me like that?」

「Fuh, boss. No one knows what will happen in the future. In that case, we will just move by hypothesizing all of boss’s future.」

「I want to punch your self-satisfied face that is spitting out words filled with implication like that.」

Carm immediately returned to his seat in respond to the reproachful look from Hajime. Like that when then they began their lunch, the Haurias were giving praise one after another.

It seemed the western food of Wisteria had firmly grasped the stomach of the rabbits from other world. The special omelet rice was especially popular, to the degree that Par and Nea returned to their “former rabbit-eared handsome boy and beautiful girl” once more.

It went without saying that Emily’s respect level and friendship level toward Yuuka were deepening.

After a while, around the time they had eaten about half of their food, their hunger was finally quietening and calmed down a bit, Hajime addressed Yue and others.

「So, how did it go with all of you? You also brought them around to place like department store or downtown right?」

In order to obtain as many information as possible regarding the marketplace and townscape so they could share to each other later, it was decided that every group would basically look around similar places.

Yue put the mixed sandwich she ordered into her mouth and chewed while making a distant look. Tio answered in her place while smiling bitterly.

「We hath also gone to department store, but it seemed they felt let-down because there were only clothes there, so we immediately went to another place.」

「Aa~, there is only one female Hauria in your group so they didn’t get excited huh. So, where did you go?」

「Right. We departed to home center Goshujin-sama.」

But of course. As expected it seemed that place was great for the Haurias. Hajime and Shia could only smile wryly.

「It was terrible…… They said that the hardware store art a mountain of treasure. Everyone was overly enthusiastic. They almost started a gunfight using nail gun, they also bought up the crowbar and chainsaw when I noticed, they asked the store employee which one art the ingredients for explosive and got reported……」

「O, oo……they did everything I feared……」

「Yue-san! Please get a hold of yourself! It’s fine already!」

The Haurias tried to fearlessly oppose the police that came after receiving the report head-on, so the commotion was rapidly growing big.

Yue used gravity magic to forcefully made the Haurias kowtowed and shut them up, but from the outside it looked like a peerlessly beautiful girl who was being obeyed by a dangerous group was trying to buy up dangerous objects. The police officers completely suspected the group as a suspicious and dangerous group (in the end around 20 officers gathered and asked the group to accompany them to the police station) and they received police questioning.

The other side was only trying to fulfill their professional duty, so the bad one was completely their side……because of that, for the first time in her life Yue experienced bowing her head repeatedly while apologizing with her all just like a fresh recruit office worker.

Even with Shia hugging her and patting her head, the eyes of Yue whose pride was greatly injured from kowtowing to the polices were staying somewhat unfocused.

Hajime left Yue to Shia’s care and cleared his throat once. He then directed the talk to Kaori and Shizuku to also change the topic.

However, before he could,

「I’m sorry……Hajime-kun. I was, powerless……」

「Please harden your resolve, Hajime. I think that the Haurias will appear in the evening news.」

「Just what in the world happened!?」

Kaori-san and Shizuku-san had distant look as expected. Perhaps an unpleasant memory was resurrected in the middle of her eating because a piece of spaghetti slid out from Kaori’s half-opened mouth. It was a serious illness……

Shizuku returned the spaghetti back into Kaori’s mouth while answering. According to her, the incident seemed to happen at the sky tower.

「After giving them a tour of a shopping mall, we went to the sky tower. They saw the tower at far away from the shopping mall and said that they really want to go take a look from nearby. It was also a disaster with them in the mall, so we thought that it was convenient. I proposed that we go up with everyone until the viewing platform.」

By the way, in the shopping mall, one of the female Hauria saw the animals in a pet shop and got a flashback of rabbit demi-humans who were captured as slave in the past. She rampaged to free them, and in the end she hugged an infant rabbit in her chest saying 「Please! Please at least overlook only this child!」while crouching down and wouldn’t move at all……

It was like a mother whose child was going to be taken away from her so she was pleading while crying to be let go. Or rather, she was also wailing loudly in reality which caused uproar inside the mall.

In the end, they bought the young rabbit, and right now the female Hauria in question was at the corner of the restaurant feeding the little rabbit with the carrot stick that Yuuka threw before this. Her face looked like a mother.

「And then, we relaxed our attention a bit. Because, you can only look at the sight on the viewing platform. It’s different from the shopping mall that is a minefield.」

「It’s also amazing to hear you call shopping mall as a minefield though.」

Ignoring Hajime’s tsukkomi, Shizuku continued while hugging Kaori who got dead-looking eyes with her spaghetti sliding out from the corner of her mouth once again.

「When we noticed, they, had climbed. The sky tower.」

「Hm? What is strange about tha――」

「They climbed, the outer wall.」

‘Uwaa……’, a put off atmosphere was hanging in the air.

「Kaori immediately chased after them and dragged them down but……looking objectively, it became a scene of a high school student rushing up the outer wall without even using hands and then going down while carrying five adult in her arms. Coincidentally at that time there were also TV crews taking picture with the sky tower in the background……」

With that, the surrounding was showering Kaori with tremendous attention as superhuman high school student.

Fortunately, when Kaori was in the middle of rushing up the tower to bring back the Haurias, Shizuku at least stopped the recording by launching a slash from using her hand as sword to cut little part inside the camera like the circuit or something, so it seemed that most of the scene wasn’t recorded but……

With the location as it was, surely there were a lot of people taking picture with their smartphone.

At the very least, after that they received strict lecture from patrolling police officers. There was no doubt that their kowtowing figure while apologizing was perfectly recorded.

Also, a person who introduced themselves as the producer of the TV crews invited them to appear in TV as superhuman high school student with extremely passionate speech. During the process the Haurias also gathered attention and it went without saying that their usual behavior exploded into action.

「……Well, that’s. I’ll do something about the TV so, don’t worry okay?」

「Yes……thank you, Hajime.」

「Hajime-kun, thank you.」

「Ou. More importantly Kaori, the spaghetti is coming out you know?」

Kaori who seemed to slightly recover put back the spaghetti into her mouth while Shizuku was sighing in relieve.

After that Hajime who heard the name of the TV station left his seat and opened the restaurant’s door. And then, he made arachnes――Etemp-san and Netemp-san to appear on his hand,

「The place is around here. Link your vision with me when you arrive nearby, I’ll guide you then.」

Hajime showed the two a map in his smartphone. Etemp-san and Netemp-san saluted ‘Roger!’ with their front leg and deployed their new function of flying wings. Even though they were spider, they were flying in the sky.

Surely they would descend on the TV station from the sky and infiltrated inside like in spy movie.

「So, how about you two? You two are more used to the Hauria compared to Kaori and other right?」

Hajime who returned to his seat directed the talk to Kousuke and Emily.

For some reason, Emily quickly averted her gaze. Kousuke made a transparent smile like someone who had sensed his death and answered.

「It was carnage.」

「……I see. It must be terrible.」

Hajime returned a kind smile. It seemed he had guessed various things. Kousuke unconsciously stabbed the fried minced meat before him with his fork repeatedly while opening his mouth.

「We went to the city hall. Rana and also the others said that they want to go looking the workplace of Tou-san and Kaa-san.」

「Aa, if I remember right, your parents, both of them are working in the city hall huh.」

「Yeah. Tou-san is at the citizenry department, while Kaa-san is at the department of municipal tax. So, first we went to meet Tou-san but……」

「He, hey, Kousuke. Can you stop telling that story? Tonight I will properly apologize to Otou-samafather-in-law and Okaa-samamother-in-law so――」

For some reason Emily tried to interrupt Kousuke, but Rana who seemed to be opening her rabbit ears in attention smoothly approached.

「Boss! Please look! I received this marriage registration directly from Otou-samafather-in-law!」

Mina who was restrained and laid down reacted. She moved her body into a posture like a shrimp. Everyone pretended to not see.

「Marriage registration huh…… Speaking about that, Rana, if you are going to tie marriage bond legally in this side, I’ve got to prepare a family register for you too huh.」

「I beg you to please do so, boss. But, I don’t mind if you do it all at once later.」

「Hm? All at once?」

Those words that gave him a feeling of discomfort was exactly the cause of the commotion.

「Yes! Putting aside Emily, Vanessa, and also Claudia, there might be those who don’t have family register like me among the people who will be Kou-kun’s wife in the future! Here, please look! I have properly asked for seven marriage registrations!」

Emily covered her face and looked down. Kousuke raised a dry laugh while focusing his gaze at a single spot on the ceiling.

Hajime imagined that Rana surely asked Kousuke’s father――Eiji for seven marriage registration forms with a bright smile.

Naturally, the city hall staffs should be curious because a son of their coworker was asking for marriage registration form. There, a foreign beauty was demanding for seven of the form……

Surely Emily tried to stop her. And then, there was no doubt that she did something like insisting that if there was only one form then it would be hers.

The place then inevitably descended into carnage.

In the end how would the virtuous citizens and the earnest staffs who were in the city hall thought about such scene……

And then, what would happen to the future of Eiji-otousan there!?

「Sonobe! One drink to heal Endo-kun here!」

「What do you mean by healing drink huh……well, I’ll prepare it though.」

Yuuka who was diligently working behind the counter inside was making a complicated expression.

Hajime turned toward Kousuke with an extremely kind expression.

「Thanks for the consideration, Nagumo. But, your face is irritating for some reason so stop it.」

Kousuke looked like he had shaken himself free from something and put the fried minced meat heartily into his mouth.

It was at that timing, Myuu who was subduing her kid’s lunch quietly (or rather she was really absorbed into it) since some time ago let out a sigh ‘fuii~’ of satisfaction after finishing her meal. And then she asked something that everyone was doing their hardest to not think while escaping from reality.

「Papa~, what are we going to do after the meal nano?」

「Hardening our resolve.」

‘That’s not what I’m asking’, Myuu thought with a troubled look, but everyone starting from Yue nodded seriously.

The latter half of the battle that would test their resolve.

For the time being, let’s just say that later on everyone would have to bow their head and kowtow at least three times to the police officer.




From the next day Hajime and others would set out into a trip to visit several sightseeing spots as well as inspecting the base location candidates.

At the end, the Haurias seemed to prefer the area of ancient ruin and the witch forest in Britain that Hajime and Shia discovered.


Actually, in the middle, some people――Shizuku’s papa and grandpa came and said that they really wanted the Haurias to come looking at their secret training place. The two led the Haurias to a mountain that seemed to be owned by Yaegashi family.

There, the Haurias who participated in Yaegashi-style training seemed to receive deep impression. They ended up sharing the secret place as a joint training area with Yaegashi family and that place also became one of Hauria base.

They also taught their technique to each other and the disciples of Yeagashi-style were increasingly becoming superhuman. It went without saying that Shizuku’s eyes were turning dead.

Also, while staying in Nagumo family house, it seemed that a part of the Haurias were passionately investigating about the subway and underground facility but……

Before returning to Tortus, Carm handed a document to Hajime with a bright smile. No matter how he looked, it was a comprehensive report regarding underground facilities that must be government secret.

He wondered when did they infiltrate the government. Or rather, how did they usurp the facilities……

The day that Japan’s underground, no, the world’s underground got infested by head-reaping rabbit might be near as expected.


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